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Wes Peppers

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  • August 13, 2016
    11:30 AM
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It's hot. But it could be hotter. Couldn't it. We might be sweating but we could be sweating more and when we're in the house of God none of that really matters. Does it. Because we're here for him and we are thankful for that. And we're here because he has called us here we're here because he wants us to be here and sometimes people say well how do we get the most out of worship. How do I. How do I engage in worship when we're just kind of sitting there the whole time. Well I want to encourage you friends that when you sing the songs of praise and when you sing that opening song. I want you to encourage you to seeing as if you were the only one standing in an audience chamber with the Almighty. And you're a singing to him directly. Amen. He was close your eyes and envision that you're there with him and lift up your heart's deepest praise to the almighty Amen. We have the ministry moment. Ask yourself the question What can I do for the Lord Jesus. How can I be involved. How can I be engaged how can I do ministry for Christ amen. We have the children's devotional look at the faces of those dear children and pray for each one of them. Amen. Pray for their lives pray that God will become real to them and you are engaging in worship. When we have the call to prayer and the elders on the platform and he's praying don't just sit and listen to him but imagine yourself believe that you're in the presence of God and lift your own prayer requests to the Lord Jesus Amen. When we have the offering recognize and acknowledge before the Lord that all you have and all you possess belongs to him and when we return a faithful tie than a faithful offering know that we are acknowledging his care in our lives and we are worshipping Him It's not just about a drop in the. Late but as we drop out of the play. We're acknowledging that he's the Lord of our lives and were worshipping him and then I'd be grateful think about reflect upon as that offerings being taken the blessings that God has given you that week. Amen. And you were returning that because you're acknowledging his goodness in your life. Yes. When we have the scripture reading let the Word of God speak to your hearts Amen realize that that is the voice of Christ speaking to you as an individual. Yes I mean we have the special music friends sing that song your heart every joist before the Lord yes and just think about his goodness. And as we open the Word of God together we realize that we are entering into the most holy place and the worship service with the Almighty and that his spirit is coming to move our hearts. Yes or no. So we're friends is not simply what's happening up here but worship is what's happening in your heart this morning. I'm here with thankful for that today. So we every Sabbath doesn't matter what's going on. We can be engaged in worship wherever we are you thankful for that today. This morning. I want to ask a special prayer for Justin Klein Judy. Klein she may be watching right now she says she's going to try to watch. She took her to the bird see room this morning she woke up I think I have a correctly were both of her eyes were swollen they think she might have a strong allergic reaction to poison ivy. So they're in the E.R. now. So I want to lift them up in prayer and I also want to recognize today. Marvin and Judy Anderson. Or are they right there to morrow their fiftieth wedding anniversary. C.N.N. and then also Bob and Penny and so are they here this morning. I haven't seen them think they might not be here but July twenty ninth. They celebrated their sixty fifth wedding anniversary. You could say. Men. And there may be others and if I miss you. Forgive me but also tomorrow Bob not Bob but Phil Edgar will be celebrating his ninetieth birthday. So we've got some milestones Amen. And if you've got a milestone if I miss you. Let me know we want to make sure the Lord blesses you with that. Well this morning the message is untitled I will I will. I don't want to focus today on one thing and that is faithfulness. What is it friends. Faithfulness one more time church faithfulness the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness. Of his people. Let's buy our heads together I'm going to kneel last there was a blessing to be with us. Father this morning we come into your presence again we're not just sitting in this room and now alone but in our hearts and in our minds were taken to the secret place of the most high God and song ninety one and we are hidden away with Christ in these moments in this hour of worship the Lord. We are hidden in your bosom. We are in the palm of your hand and I pray Dear God that through the music and through the the ministering of the different avenues of the worship the different opportunities we have to lift our voices in praise and thanksgiving before you I prayed today that it would be our hearts most earnest desire to experience you to be transformed by the spirit of your grace. We pray dear father that you would be in our midst. That she would speak to us by your Spirit and through your words a day that you would transform us and that because of your faithfulness we would also be found faithful in whatever we are whatever you call us to be so dear god be. Our Midst. THIS HOUR. Give us a sense of urgency once again. Give us a sense that you're drawing near. May we have confidence and assurance and the promises of truth and Lord May we yield our lives which are so often weighed down with sin. May we yield them today on reservedly So you and may you be the center of all that we are and they are our lives be only focused upon bringing glory to your name. So our prayer we asked today Lord we lift up those to you who are sick who are troubled this morning and may we be united together and one by your Spirit in Jesus' name we ask that all God's people saying amen. Story of a young man who I met a number of years ago he was the son of a pastor and growing up in the church as many young pastors kids do we ought to pray for our pastors children Amen. I'm just talking about mine but I'm talking about your former pastor and your future pastor and what to pray for all of our children and then. What the devil loves to make a special target on the on the lives of pastors children this young man grew up in the church and had many battles that very few understood and as he got into his teenage years to become very rebellious and very much against his for his parents and at the church scene of a time he was eighteen years old he left the church and was gone and that often happens way too often but this young man began to move into an apartment with his friends he began to live the party. Life and he was drinking every day in and he was smoking every day and he was just using his livelihood to spend on whatever he wanted and his life. Naturally just like the product was sun began to be empty and his he began to wonder is there more to life than this and he was very angry and he was very bitter with his father and he went to his father and he said dad all my friends when they are becoming of age their families are giving them stuff they've given them cars and given them apartments or given them large sums of money. What are you going to give me and his father said Well son you know that I'm a humble pastor I don't even own my own apartment it's rather we have a partner. That's all we have we don't even have our own car. We don't have a lot of money. I don't have anything to give you and his son said I want you to give me something or I'm going to kill both of you. So as father said Son all that we have is this apartment but here take it it's yours. We'll move out. We'll give it to you. We'll move in with somebody else you can have the apartment so he moved into the apartment and he began inviting his friends over and every night they would have parties and they would be drinking and doing their thing and one night after everyone had left everyone was gone out of the. Apartments. He was there left to himself was about four o'clock in the morning and there he was drinking his beer and he was smoking his cigarettes and as he sat there suddenly a the doorway filled with lights the door that would go into his apartments and there standing in that light he saw the outline of a face and he knew from the brightness of it that I had to be Jesus he couldn't quite see the face he could see the features of the face but he knew that this was a power that was greater than an angel and he fell down flat upon his face and he said lure God. And the voice spoke to him from that person believing it was Jesus and said if you knew how soon it was to the end of time to my return. You would turn away from these things and you would turn your heart to me and the young man just laid there trembling and in a flash because of the power of the Holy Spirit of quickening of the Holy Spirit this young man began to see himself as he truly was he began to see his own self righteousness he began to see his own sins he began to see all the all the barriers in his life between him and his God and he said that that person just stood there what seemed like several minutes and he was just quaking and the arm of that person stretched out and said if you will come back to me I will receive you. And when he said those words the light was gone the person was gone and all returned as it was a true story I heard it from the person's mouth. Guess where that young man was the very next Sabbath. Right there in the front row of the church he did gave himself back to the Lord Jesus and he gave his testimony about what had happened. Friends I don't know about you but I truly believe Jesus is coming soon. I say it week after week but you know what friends this week this Sabbath today this moment we are one week closer to the return of Christ than we were last week and we're two weeks closer than we were the Sabbath before and friends the days going to come when there will only be one more Sabbath before Jesus turn returns. I don't know when that will be but that day's going to come and if you look at the world. It's coming soon. Isaiah had an experience that every single one of us must have must have. Must have Isaiah Chapter six and verse one the Bible says in the year that King is iodide I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up in the train of his robe feel that sample above it stood Sarah from each one had six wings with two he covered his face with two he covered his feet. It was two he flew and one cried to another and said Holy holy holy is the Lord God of host the whole earth is full of His glory and the post of the door was shaken by the voice of him who cried out and the house was filled with smoke. Listen friends. If an angel were to appear to you and I today. What do you think your response would be. I'll tell you what the response was if you could think of one of the holiest people in Scripture who would it be a prophet who then you are right and an angel appeared to Daniel and he fell down to the ground because of his unrighteousness. Even though Daniel was probably the most holy person we know outside of Jesus in the Bible still Daniel fell down at the sight of an angel. Are you with me. The righteousness is so great the brightness is so great that even Daniel bowed down his face in shame and the conviction that he himself was unworthy. Are you with me. Yes or no. Now you take that angel who makes Daniel Shane his face and this angel stands in the presence of God The Sarah foam and they as bright and as glorious and as beautiful as they are they also cover their face. In the presence of the Almighty God because of his righteousness because of his glory. Because of his that saltation because of his beauty of character because of his purity of character even the standing in the midst of the press. Sense of God Almighty must also hide their face. Can you imagine we cannot even begin to fathom the glory and the righteousness that exists face of God The words of scripture as beautiful as an inspired as they are can't even begin the Bible says that even at the valise of God the pose of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cries out friends. It is something of great magnitude to consider the fact that one day will stand in the presence of God We like to concentrate and focus upon the the kindness of God in the friendship of God in the goodness of God and in the mercy in the sweetness of God and all those things are valid and one. But sometimes we need to stop and we need to consider the glory of God the might of his majesty and the reverence that we owe him. Because the whole earth is full of His glory when we come into the sanctuary of God's house on a Sabbath morning. We have a bit of reference about ourselves. Should we. Because surely the Lord God visits and is fills the whole earth but especially in his house he loves to dwell in men he did wells here because when his people come and gather here he is dwelling in their hearts and there is something special about being you not. But friends we are to have a level of reverence. We have lost that as a body of as the Body of Christ. We have lost that as a church we have lost it is God's end time run the church and we need to have that sense of all that sense of majesty that sense of trembling and a sense before the all on trembling now. Not just add His Majesty in his might in his power but also trembling at his goodness and His mercy because we dear friends are so on believing and so unworthy and if the angels of God must and do cover themselves in his present presence and reverence act for him how much more are a sinful human being. Come into His presence with reverence and on are the posts of the door was shaken and friends. It's my prayer today that the core of our hearts would be shaken at the voice of the Almighty not just the posts of the door but the core of our hearts. Yes or no. What was Isaiah's response who was also one of the most holy and one of the most godly of profits. What was his response. So I said whoa is me for I am once I am one done because I am a man. And I did well in the midst of a people of unclean lips from my eyes have seen the king the LORD of hosts. I don't think. The State of us. If really any of us have really had the understanding of the presence of God like Isaiah did that day. We don't spend time in his presence like we ought to we don't reverence. His name like we ought to we don't reverence his house like we ought to we don't stand in his presence and tremble and say Holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. We don't do we we need a revelation but only the Holy Spirit can bring we need an experience that's life transforming brothers and sisters. Today we need to be converted again we need to be converted afresh. You know that I say it every week but I'm going to continue to say that it's our greatest need. It's our greatest need we need to enter into the presence of God and recognize and understand and be abhorred by our unworthiness. It's by the loose way and which we approach the throne of gone by the loose way in which we regard our sins and the loose way in which we regard our unfaithfulness we see it as not that big of a deal we see it as something that does not impact someone else. But let me tell you what for us Romans fourteen seven says that no man lives to himself and no man dies to himself and the Scripture is clear that every choice we make every decision we bear has an impact on someone else and most of all our children and our families. We need an eye opening awakening. What do you think today. Whoa is me. He says fry I'm on done and I have a man of unclean lips. Do we recognize today that you may not say even one curse word that the world would call a curse word not all those words that they use. Yes but you can refrain from all those words and we are still people of unclean lips. We're still people unclean lips. Because the lips of those who are converted to God are not releasing words of criticism words of on attitudes and of the wrong spirit but they are releasing words of thanksgiving and of praise to the Lord God We are a people of one can lives yes or no and I did well in the midst of the people of unclean lives some of you know that to be true. He says for my eyes have seen the key. Oh yes. Friends have you seen the king in his glory. Have you sat before him have you sought to go to him in the secret place of the most I have you seen the Lord God high and lifted up. Have you seen the Lord Jesus upon his cross as he draws to himself. Have we had that experience where we have arrested was God until we know that we've been in his presence. Or do we just continue to flippantly flow through life thinking everything's OK I go to church on sad this. I give out a few quote tracks here and there. I do my own thing. But God is with me. God is with me. Reminds me of Isaiah Chapter four if you'll just flip right over there. Isaiah Chapter four it says. And in that day. Seven women women symbolize one church's seven sure they'll be a network of churches that show take hold of one man namely Jesus saying we will eat our own bread bread is a symbol of what the word will pick and choose what we once I will wear our air will have our own decisions. We will tend to ourselves will decide for ourselves. Only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach and to that group of people the Lord Jesus will say I did not know you and God forbid you were I be in that group and then as your pastor. I'm not going to let it happen. I'm going to pray for each one of us. Each one of you that the Lord God would prick you our hearts. Until we have complete surrender to the end we have sweet unity with each other and we see or and more the Spirit of God poured out upon this church upon this community and upon our families like it was at Pentecost. I'm not going to let you rest until our lives are united at one with him and I pray to God that you won't let your pastor rest either. If praying for your pastor that he would be a man of God that he would be a man of the Spirit not the flesh because you know what without your prayers. I'll be a man of the flesh I can promise you that and without my prayers and without each other. Prayers. We're going to be people the flesh for you with me. Yes or no. Good news verse six then one of the blue to me having is in its hand a live coal which he had taken with the tongs of the altar and he touched my mouth with that in said Behold this has touched your lips your iniquity is taken away and your sin is Watts purged. I'm of you know the day that you need a hot coal a coal in the air in this room. I meant so much of a city men. How many of us if the Lord Jesus were to lay bare our life's record before our spouses and before children. We can say and know that God has been leading at every step on of us could be assured that the record of our life would be clear we need a hot cold don't we. We need the righteousness of Christ for our sins and to cover ourselves and the good news is today friends that there is nothing that Jesus would not do to give that gift to you this morning. There is nothing that he would not do because there is nothing. He hasn't done. There is nothing more that he can do amen and Isaiah received that cool when he said prayer and he was just so thankful for it. Behold his touch your lips your new quit he has taken away your sin is purged. Oh how Jesus steady hands and he stretches out his hand towards us to come to him but so often when willing we did come as a church don't we. Friends. Then he says in verse AIDS. Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us and then I said Here am I Send who send. That is the faithful response of Isaiah and I want you to notice something very clear this morning. Isaiah did not know what God was going to send him to do. Did you notice that God didn't say who's going to me he just simply said Whom shall I send him who shall go for us. I say I had no idea what God was going to send him to do but still as a result of what Christ had done for him he said Here I am send me and let me tell you what friends. We have been. Spirits with Christ that will be the faithful cry of our hearts. Here I am God send me and we will seek to be faithful to Christ in all of our lives will seek to be faithful into every piece of the law will seek to be faithful to God in Sabbath attendance will seek to be an in doing outreach will seek to be faithful to God in a faithful tithe an offering will seek to be faithful to God and whatever answer rever era he sends us on will seek to be faithful to him and telling others about Jesus Christ will seek to be faithful to him to go wherever he sends us though it be the darkest places. When we recognize where we came from any place with Jesus is better than that. And we recognize what Jesus has done for us we will recuse to entertain ourselves with the things that have sent Jesus to the cross. We will say Lord God whatever it is. Whatever it is my life is no longer my own my life is not mine because it was bought with a cross with a price. And let me tell you it's there. Never doubt the love of God because the price he paid to your soul was deep God had to reach deep to pay for our sins he had to reach deep to cover the cost of our Nic would tease he had to reach deep and he had to reach why. And whatever the cost is for the air and that he sends us. No cost and no price is higher than what he paid for us. We know it's true but it's rusted liver. Our lives as if we really believe it was true. Time is running out. Jesus is coming soon. And he's calling us to be faithful and not just one means and especially reaching out around us and pulling souls out of the fire and the places where ever we go listen to the statement desire of ages paid six forty nine need to feel that there is no place where they can lay before him millions upon the souls ready to perish bound in chains of bigger instance in have never so much as heard of Christ's love for them were our condition and there is to be reversed. What would be our desire for them to do for us all of this so far as lies in our power. We are under the most solemn sion to do for them. Christ rule of life by which every one of us must stand or fall a judgment is whatever you would do you would that men should do for you even you should do for them. Are you with me. Yes or no. Dear friends when we are faithful to and everything by His grace and everything that he calls us to do including soul winning including reaching out to others including everything that is invited us to do. That's when our spirituality becomes strong. That's when we begin to mature. That's when to become to experience the joy and the depths of heaven. The statement right here it says in order to enter into his joy the joy of seeing souls redeemed by his sacrifice. We must participate in his labors for their redemption. Do you want to reach spiritual maturity. You need to be active in soul winning. Are you with me. Yes or no right when all the time. But friends. It's that if we want to grow. We have to go. And when we go we will grow and then we can't just sit in the church all day and expect them to come the US. Jesus is calling us to go another one. Evangelism page four sixty three as the servants of God in gauging the work of seeing seeking for the lost sheep their spiritual faculties are awakened and energized. Is that interesting notice this those who are most actively employed in doing with interested in their work to win souls to Jesus Christ are the best develop in spirituality and devotion one more strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service. Are you with me. Yes or No it only makes sense that we grow spiritually. When we work for the Lord Jesus Isaiah faithfully said here I am sent to me and God is calling us to faithfully respond. Not just in that area but in every area of our lives here I am send me. How many of you this morning are going to respond to that call. It was a little more lively less week. I don't know if it's the clouds or what but you guys are dead today. You're sleeping under you today want to say with that with Isaiah the prophet here I am doesn't matter where he sends us now friends I'm telling you this is my I'm going to vacation says my last chance before I get back this training right here is what every single one of us need in the church the evangelism training a manual Institute sent eight through seventeen the Lord Jesus is calling. Maybe you can. Go and I'll forgive you for that but let me tell you what friends. If you can do it. It does pray about it and ask the Lord clear out my life clear out my schedule make it happen for me make somebody take the kids make it so that I can be free from work whatever it is asked Lord here I am send me and listen friends this training will change your life for eternity go to the website Emmanuel Institute dot org And consider asking the Lord what he's going to have you to do. God is calling who will go for us and by the grace of God in these last days of verses three May it be the Seventh Day Adventist Church who says Here I am Lord send me. And maybe at the heart of our cry to say Lord Jesus here I am send me. Don't send someone else Don't Pass Me By all Savior. But send B. and listen friends. If we have had the experience that coal upon our lips that will be our hearts dry and if our hearts try is saying you have the pen braids in my hand does the pastor said but I don't really have that desire to go for the Lord Jesus and I'm not just talking about soul winning but I'm talking about faithfulness. If that desire is in our hearts is not in our hearts to go on God's ignorance to say here I am send me then we have not had the experience of that hot coal upon the lips signifying a cleansing and a purifying in the heart and we need to see the Lord Jesus high lifted up. We need to see him on the throne of his temple. We need to see him in the power of His Majesty and so that we can recognize our need recognize arse and fall upon our faces and seek His presence. I pray to God friends on tellin you. I don't know I just don't know what else to say. We've got to wake up. We've got to wake up some of you are awake. And if you're awake prays but whoever we are. We need a deeper experience. We need a deeper experience so we need to be wrestling with God We need to be agonizing with him and saying Lord God give me a born again experience revive me but the Spirit of God fall upon me and let me be broken for my sins that put your song on the cross. Don't be like Esau and sell your birthright. Don't be like so many others in scriptures in the Scriptures who just nonce a lot. Lee let the bussing of God go a reach out today with all your might take hold of the hand of the all. And let him see do him do a work of wonder in your lives and then you want that experience today don't raise your hand if you don't mean it. I'm not even look you don't raise your hand don't mean it but only raising this media was brought to you by Adil first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more service Visit W W W audio or.


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