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Star Wars Crusade, Part 1: The Rebellion

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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for is realized as I saw at him Terry is selling the highlights of her career is defined as as far as what is usually as this is for a senior at all around the scenes artificial we know where that is an error that he will bring everything is font sizing will interact freely losing is only five and the nose is a he and his fleas there is a war that is fine there are only good and evil angels that are rest over at herself in a please let me your range is set the previous diseases e-mail and by evening and see on our welcome to revelations Star Wars those of you is as I caught a young attention we are not going to be showing we are going to be the word of God is what is is is is is is is is better at the office him the story when I suspect yesterday the amount analysis made easy is easy I was walking in the mall one day to my friends and I thought he loved people and being by and as you will notice to center ice Princess minimally who went on as people and I'm not feeling this is our policy is exactly right and here is as myself let me know more ladies create a people wing and I someone that is what he said he you know what was your eyes on this piece is begun is the most incredible thing about going the most incredible thing is I think you will get it on .net and feeling really is I'm looking at ongoing you know what an easy going and is doing this and I and you will is always there for many silent is a all of a sudden I than mine but as the game is really humming as far as he is beautiful he is as amazing I find it annoying and I is you I'll be blunt as long as he is on the and yes I explain this is what you need to read the Bible and a bunch of things that you have to reason I want to share with you tonight will do is want to do for us I is an amazing word is very very high he will be mowing and I are in and him and there is a lot going on in the world today I knew that a lot of people are wondering what in the world is going on him I mean you see in the world Israel is even in the Bible may say something is going on here something is different about the hardware that is we know that September eleventh we eventually moved into another phase of history was was almost identified I live at three hundred and we are now living in a different people are looking for answers I will share with you that is I believe that I is you are looking for on in the word of God I believe they are looking for a sound season is also installed using all Dias so you modify why I believe the Bible is why I believe that Jesus is the only one the only one I have there are a lot of really desire there is Hinduism and Buddhism and Islam it is wonderful what makes Christianity and the Bible differently from any other book showing that short became a Christian I studied with the Nation of Islam and a lot of different religions there was something in each one of them I just think you said you know I'm not so certain about I will let you how I know what I got from being okay as long as you know if you are okay Harris all right do you realize more of the Marina is not really not always easy so you know I was not as I was introduced to the Bible was not brought up Christian engines as I is not there blew my mind will so much that he will contract with EMI records for eight hundred dollars and zero comments to get his record in my brother and his best friend then we got was regularly asked whether he upheld the world no more school and the music industry began recording out for us all in the minimum we began to change in the November and that's cool too while not as we know what were talking about hating away from economy for the person spears music so that the book of Revelation had when we were talking about you read this book is to inquire as to what I was talking about the complaint was that this is the conviction was so powerful that I continue on in that unless he is a star war over my job him a star on the world in a different way is anything that is not a lot new unit is going on over you and is also a necessity not in the top half of the season was happening you will learn about how God feels about each one is unique and finish it with a something that he is a lot different if you return the job is very following is the rebellion never going and I'll explain to you in the amount of time delay in taking these states solemnly as our tonight is not to be overly okay and you will talk about you you will always call controversies in Christ and in the middle and before you create in a seamlessly servicing our customers and see how he is him you know you're out there in a all right analysis is three John chapter three I know it is not so Thursday evening Johnson thirteen verse nine Johnson thirteen verse one what you know is something that he is a don't mind that the reader is all a result there is something very powerful energy is him him aside from an person claiming to be unless you are not as John Gruber 's life is not what I tell you is you speaking now I tell you what the floor meanwhile I will know that it is something you do I have sees as his very own sounds to me as I was somewhat aside from the audible commentary on the so-called Messiah and every other religion I thought maybe I comes at so that when it comes in as you will note that I see I am the one I told you if I do things I would happen is building tonight and a half and we do believe in anything from here on out is done successfully just because I say anonymous Arlington Virginia Nancy Donovan someone was the before and as you may know that I can consider is the Boogaloo chapter twenty one chapter twenty one to twenty one and one of the first twenty five is just a few examples unless so you lose twenty one verse twenty five this is letting the Federal Register on the personal zone twenty one twenty five Jesus said their stop sign and in the morning and in the stars and upon the earth distress of nations with one of these is the way doing him hard in fear for nothing I believe his words on your hours of hands-on savings amount of ethanol is easy and what you are using the zenith of us on the path that you may know I actually using about hypnosis is not to think about what just happened in New Orleans I think about the fact that they are now failing that as I think as part of feeling the fear to be sure September two thousand one crazy they are living on her nose is going on in September a house here in society has become we get an airplane and when the drive are you hearing anything about security because they are all having them this is another fun this is not the case here you fear your doomsday seminar okay you know I this seminar is not about giving the soul in an and is about letting us know that the world is shown again I will school who will lose at least on the air that is Jesus Christ she located here I noticed Matthew chapter twenty four not twenty four twenty four just a few more examples Matthew twenty four noticed verse three not twenty four verse three the Bible says here Jesus and he stopped on the mount of olives and so on the Mount of olives the disciples came unto him him a song he will be solving the sign of life coming in the user 's account is then taking that no magazine you know and I will one day and using the thinking that no magazine you for many common in mind and not Christ himself is that you are in the last ten years has been a game I think about it interesting about all he also called as long as his people he is we see an increase of following persons as shall hear of wars and rumors of wars are hearing the wars and rumors of wars zero twenty century has been the bloodiest century in all human history the twentieth century is been more or less set in war in Los Angeles with living in Beth is an incredible time since I've seen that in the supplemental is immediately not give you how seasons eases you can do anything you know the story line has been struggling because the same it is also essential to my life these are the counters and not to know that I have belongings in the Alfredo here in the social of these things must come in is not good for nation shall rise against nation I comment on kingdom against kingdom there is something that has always been found once and for the world population is in English and is nothing like you got some new crazy bars you all know for sure for you multiply she is waiting in the first place as it was in aim where was that who knows and he was saying things with a regime that is breast-feeding is all possibly the beginning of sorrows shall reimburse the cost in the British found the article of many shall wax cold tomorrow by these two young men walked into a school building cities I said that on that because then you would about the company would begin to why or what role on Saturday August is young girl she was an accounting Gaston in her windshield hanging from her rearview mirror with a sign that says I love myself enough humanity is going all in there is a reason why Jesus when he stole his disciples they were standing through thousands use in the past and Jesus is a bunch of them down the future I want to see what's coming and I suddenly felt an asset when a human being that I will that I can you know what I'm looking at how climate are wasted and ended up with any system nothing on your familiar with the book of Revelation you realize you may not read it which realizes revolution in the hospital John was the author of the book of Revelation is and will you him and God Jesus Christ at aloha you are more and is currently as I have had the announces this is an I and I is now that the reality remained in Iran and only will you I will say any serious in general terms the world comes when and what not there is a nation that will not send measures that will follow you what happened in the economy and also to whom he will continue as coffee time limit is only and is all of a sudden also please is getting abandoned now I need you to know I can do with any that are being fulfilled in Christ Larson was a more sad is is increased this is what the Bible says in the book of Revelation Revelation chapter twelve and was more aware it had the houses not only on the things that come in the future will tell the something that happened alone time the goal in a galaxy far far away as he is not here on our part that we're not seeing the chaos all the shots that were seeing the book is that you find out on on the way he is very beginning the Bible tells that there was war in heaven liberals on the saver 's settings as well and I must have will you I can see the whole world he must have a bureaucrat and his angels were cast out with a cane how did it all begins that unless the Bible says it wanted and how severe is the network 's combat on to unity and having great wrath because he knows he has a sort of time and I misplaced was that it is not soliciting and receiving all home phone he is in the name of the doubt usually they really level with you on this it is not as okay Revelation Star Wars and went to find out what is in on over what is controversy over between Christ and the how do they begin a and how will it end okay on the shots seemed as if I canceled it with me tonight knowing that the superduper fast okay everything else is that the weather is okay rebellion beginning in a place called heaven rebellion to get out of the rat self-efficacy rebellion I will see you at harming when God created angels the Bible says God is love when God created angels and she presented them with the capacity to love which know that God be his love created angels is something called freedom of choice the nasty anti-American he is also married him at all in ourselves and I know we do because I fourth hope I will have in order to know you have to be free someone got hurt in the Angels before he and Angel I know that a hidden Internet have free will that you are so angry I saw in the future is to to read now I see the price of the well-documented unicellular to help myself but if you know what love is like as low as well I don't know me someone to love being a silver to create angels for a long time so I wanted for a long time it was in harmony and I'm sure wanting to hazelnut remained on the Lucifer angel who we will see you I hope all angels something began happening with his angel and this is where the rebellion began turning their lives into the book of Ezekiel twenty eight in this verse is very meticulously because there is a lot here in the meantime if you can get is you have to and you have the foundation to understand how diverse yet another war and wondered what I find over and difficult to understand the conflict if you know what our I would say that many Christians are anymore I have no idea what as a finance and I'm not as easy as we want to know what is birth twelve this person is that on Thursdays and our reason other than Iris but he's using the same and he has sidelined him as he is really interesting is that you read on accessing a single playlist will take on the lamentation upon him and will have some fun with them indeed and was in when he is not has been even apartment on every precious stone was not covering this artist and hope that the diamond directly on suggestions that Emerald will is prepared in the end and not where he is working in the linkage and Edwards Angell and so God was upon the holy mountain of God I want up and down in the coal of fire and explain what is meaningless for being out in the midst of God 's fifty one and in this functional angel me know she was not in him he was created I will send word he was found in the him what are the same while I sit here wondering what he integrity of the person or not seven twenty three and is now indicating the Bible is a professor that I never knew you did for me he will do what is going on and nothing that is as present in that I never knew you may all seem like I is for him when he will not as a woman for me so he will I is in this point is so crucial because what is the same can be assuming that all in a long eyes shining again and I may be a domain name is written on this all was as if he didn't know why this was in a remember when God created the world one hundred angels it was on the principle recently the long haul self sacrificing love with a long okay with all wrong the laws fulfilled in one word is not something I and I myself was based on this principle is the law is not where he was later therefore involved is the fulfilling of law is the law of sacrifice is gone Trinity 's luxury and so is knowing that a name of how she you will die for I was chatting with you on this principle self-sacrificing love you guys are delegated to be the policy usually resenting those was the person he is just not hard at all because I will believe not only by reason on LimeWire is not as human as you know what I think dominantly I know I reason out his life as soon as you know pretty good guy looking me straight in the highest of all Angels I love and adore me I'm training session again corruption is by reason of his life was deleted now with me and I think Chapter fourteen is configured in between these two chapters and fourteen not here already and fourteen the universe will not live setting how hard and will lose further they lose the readings and morning or live in St. Charles Missouri was called the light bearer saw how I wanted from heaven will lose the first son of the morning how about after the grounds of his weakened the nations in the car is how you are going to let angels and he simply said in his heart I was in heaven I will in all my hall in the above is the heart of God although I is in the eye I listened in on the height trial I will be who will try not massive question is the most highlight being caught up to me anything and I think of what God is not as easy merciful what else is he a journal he is always wonderful to listen carefully to what you say when you will is a lesson I needed on all you are is the only God can see that he is remembered as an adjuvant now he began to exercise they are he was later I thought I will need you to tell me what I am already beautiful out already I don't need to follow this law had laid down in order to be perfect I really like you all by myself I'm pretty good there are pretty good I cannot I want so much as I settled in the schools and agencies this sounds familiar that is where they get Eugenie will need to be gutted in our submission to God notice is the twenty first sixteen seasons this is just how is Siegel twenty sixteen the Bible says or I will live my life they have found the men suddenly reminded and how have they not have this file I think you were responsible for the management when he is definitely on what is the way is very simple and total diocese was here to say he is strongly believing the lien which I okayed using the about something wallowing on what you went out on something he is something really doing and where they are there is the people in the following merchandise somewhat so that he was shot while in Madison someone is sending out a strategy is to sell you down I stayed in and out as you know God is all in your free time you need to know what is in the neonatal love you you only need to be in a submission to the will is is this medicine the Angels is losing animal websites of this is extremely important notice is twenty percent and he is here speaking of things I filed by water sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquity iniquity is selfish as to how Hollywood is all everyone I don't hear you what it is very good to know is that he is so significant while this is a really amazing mouth as I was saying even minor Eagles trading you have made your while I is I will read that where there wasn't any something called in sanctuary will show only as nice as well as he cruises so any as a national industrial is not all white sanctuaries will notice your my something to the desert in glorious high row one from the beginning is based on our while sanctuary you want from you roll to roll so that is why the sanctuary he was finding out what he was desecrating the onslaught will not hold them in an existing controversy and gone over notice again the Lord is in his holy one one of the following is the same thing is that all sanctuaries are one and the same day notice again in Isaiah fourteen in verse twelve thirteen is about half that of my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my what all of all the stars of God so in other words God has his throne which is saying she and I renewed my faith is thrown when onions are the nominees are listed I thought I told him about the size of godliness in the law that the Sergeant God is a term used for Angel so it's safe to say what's on and on my rule in my authority over Angels and the names of Allah is all at this present life is always losing that all our facilities job unity leader he is running as fast as I can tell you to not engage in all the time and hope to get argumentative and what is there will and that in mind and you is a holy war you understand that you will not fan will handle the same lesson that we can without being submissive and I will take that as well Kimberly is breaking apart for you that's what Doctor Cecily Sommers precise shot in one session just a note and I will do anyone a name and it actually is so I will lose the photo to see the selection with the masses and was in Samarra CIA to the monolith day a Danish human being is not something that he knew that even that he recently got a letter in our state 's argument is that there was in heaven and the great dragon was cast out devils double and Hayden was missing the whole world he was obscure and his angels were cast out of the room as aforesaid and he is in large part on the heart of heaven and the him I will suffice where you have no reasons are more than I said anywhere else than what they wanted he is well tolerated on the whole armor of God we will slowly mess all know what Brett is not sure anything you are not my enemy is that he we wrestle not against flesh and blood against principalities and government against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high and we are hanging on to say that there was a conflict over some even being here tonight you are talking about is every time you make a move vehicles in the jungles alive and he's angry that he had to stop so we are all conflict is not against flesh and blood but the Oscar-nominated best thing about half an hour of hell and committed to increasing them not to be reserved unto judgment words send me a device is a very simple first John chapter three verse floor you want to meet up with me whosoever committed whilst saying all all for saving his transgression of the loss eliminated in an transfer of all which was the foundation of the government to conversation and had only way to sanctuary foaming at any hands who him okay in the past time they however were very healthily means time they were as friendly as I is and is not fast-forward nonetheless I is moving reading reading the Bible is not the beginning of the creatures on this planet in the beginning God freedom they had any and yet was without form and void in Dar es Salaam the feasibility and a sister-in-law who live on the face of the waters are often in the story of God creating this planet he created an even treated as he treated these as I can turn your mouse is essential and processing when we see something incredible is over seven the Bible says the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground had dreamed his nostrils the breath of life and became a living soul and the dog are getting gone easily and that he has on something amazing that in yes no yes okay well the freedom of choice to do now I is all right with me that he will as in freedom as an argument so I will have one that you saw them I was honestly a first love is not Taliban the meetings of the NEC guy who is streamlined also in the garden and history of the knowledge of good and evil sixteen the financing of any kindergarten on the gate freely but obviously a lot of would enable us on related and educator who saw started guide in unorthodox company is we are told to hold a meeting on the unique domain as they are granting the all self-sacrificing and your handyman is anonymous and all that and was integrating the most self-sacrificing love don't be strangers now is very minor things now the serpent was more startled than any needs of humans along I eighty and he's definitely on and at ease in her seventies online of the Museum of Art and women's of the sermon we may even from the trees of the garden is the momentum of all nonessential lighting is not as you know I is another woman use shall not certain that the link is possible that Angel listing was into the England hate it on and we rebel against God is the source of all life will even impossible is an angel monologue and durability is why we may say until that usually economy without thought as he argued and so no response then again shocking his merchandise he's a Muslim God wants this as well for God does know that in the digging around in your eyes shall behold him and he was on the go knowing what will he you know all the difference between good and increasing human and long to know the difference between good and evil he demonstrated it can be like God not all in all you can pay you want to be able to tour as you are going to enable you don't need to listen to God he is afraid that the industry that he will be just like him when I cannot stay to recognize again and he is in the Israel no story and you know what I was really what I am waiting to make this is when you are away to say and how to solve his own stars of is the Angels being on the ground they were not under Winslow Satan is not staying on her exhaustion he will believe what happens when you will understand when you wonder who having masses who are reasons that you you run the sign of being understood is young enough viruses yesterday the morning news on the Automator and a little not going to do God will raise only this time that we don't understand is what you see you are here and we will address and another on this site is after is the one who become feasible the law was self-sacrificing love when avenues in something was introduced to call the law while he generally leaves who is awesome and that is the Boston says you must earlier finesse I'm not alone you must obey our class at the show itself so don't even try any race there is no way you release his shoes you are all as I said in the law is Satan 's throne and Hezbollah are moderated I even nicer what are you rebelling against the holding criticism as one of God 's sanctuary by you and is in and in that very first leave I will than you you didn't die when I really say anything someone is brought about the sanctuary of God is even the slightest sound the following prerequisite in the coming is not disastrous hurricanes floods tornadoes is not at all because of rebellion against the holy places where it had this is what the controversy is all about Lisa saw was in a war of Rome 's government was based upon the law is selfishness the government is on the self sacrificing the Genesis three fifteen God 's promise to haven't even asked this is understandable and in between you and will release into the sort of violating the state that is why you got that I wanted to go in and him to come on the niche and is in response at my house and everything in between me and her singing a song is something he can't live in Houston eight o'clock tonight are starting to online today is an okay and he gone South Abilene that he was long to put enmity and hatred as they were now this is not relevant of these is going on in the room who will rules an angle that will in all areas several only be able to see how there is no rules or you lose your trust and trust which was around you as soon as I was dressed in the morning and bring it to you these are sort of the Don is going to give humanity a special gift and is regularly cited as an all in the United Nations will get him out and you can phenomenon is that it is abomination enough to know that he is saying about what things are really for the human race I will so slowly struggling with it all is this vessel is contained on things we will possibly make sure that is truly as I contain the real reasons for him and him alone assuming they so much confusion over the Bible will be honest I know your heart is I myself as an associate who will be able to use our believe that is shown in a soft humming RSS is in your possession any as we are losing our specialty is really only received a letter from the law is this is hot on the owner and is revealed the Messiah or ammunition in humanities and another one is run now he is in anyone and especially as we were all in our disposal inwardly of the Messiah as the nation is united so I is identified as one that absolutely is usually revealed the feed must be using the same or something around revealing to see no yes this is a beautiful woman like all the controversy known does not have also visited as he reveals the lost self-sacrificing love this special healing that is what else can you say God is twenty five hundred and eighty he told Moses and they may need in the name reading that I may want alone to remember that the sanctuary where any and all of the government is also what is my world my community is not as I will always on the get in some of my company is in the humanity you thinking about heaven Clinton almost as common as you take your sanctuary that was in Haiti I want to do one job and the other is entering when opening into detail about the wings is overly an overview here was what was called ER visit every year when I was I called the altar sacrifice and Angelina love you and I were to call I is in heaven he is in the very model of the sanctuary into heaven cannot hold more than this department will hear the corner that you want to call the holy place and so that alternates and some rest and then we're going to call the most holy place where there was national box very special box I sat on the site through the miniature model of the government of God this is not the sauce and thirteen nine one day hold on and he is not a massive question on the new measures for longtime how do you remember that God 's ways in the sanctuary located more than one nine five is a large-scale there are people who have never him us we specialize in the sanctuary to Jesus Christ by the way so in the most impressive matters is very simple I is away the sanctuary is my salvation he is awake and reading anyway as I is already on sanctuary just as you say I went and I know the father I mean while already so you is you will get too excited here at your sanctuary yet the altar sacrifice you haven't even ever sought and out of court then you had a holy place as the arthritis is the most holy leads now I have no desire to get a bit so I is the way is starting to show off thousands of years before Jesus died across all selling the feeling that our side is only demonstrated the law of self sacrificing the developers want you to know my sanctuary because you know I is you want it away because Jesus is a sanctuary that is you will and you are confused about my will on your misunderstandings on the Bible and heartbreak so he cheated a sanctuary on your mind the sanctuary also while it's like we've is very long force frequently let this minor was also in Christ Jesus who being a seminar on people to automate himself on well all at serving as commanding as he hung himself and became obedient and then he crossed and taught myself comfort zone on one humble myself to go there and conflict as long as I'm running them that you and you and you want to do my will is gone as I want to a defendant in the law self-sacrifice in the humble myself he is still not going to die on a cross a lot of them when they were come to the place is called Calvary there is an somewhat right-hand and any other item that is you realize that the work of sovereign in the previous tranny on Halloween nothing is you realize that he is leaving another one you frequently and when I contemplate will not call in who is called Calvary window count available data is unable all in time as cool as I say it'll will think that he'll represented across Christ as a sanctuary with him right now in Jerusalem meaning that everything you really is all gone I change in government in Iraq America is linking to Christ that are tall angular exhaustion of all who are being whose line we had one and didn't even realize that he is the air now Paul is crazy a lot of I say Lindsay was unethical Seo I want to say that he is being tried in the lot was even a little and behold available temple was rent in insulin from the Taliban and in the rocks and address will not want to see you when Jesus died and I is the gospel will save my somebody and is in mine I believe in Jesus Christ I only do I lost self sacrificing love and he is truly his shoulder you get what I mean our sanctuary soon as you shall know and I is not that they are doing and doing the sanctuary is also reveals a mission I remember that when Jesus died for independence in the sanctuary all awesome I will swear while was slain once you allow Jesus died on the cross bar three name that he and he and two thousand Jesus Christ is not our high priest in the twenty hello as we have spoken this is all we have such a high priest is not a sanctuary no as I is on the right-hand Hollowell one owner in the end in amen as I sanctuary and on the rulings on the list is not a test center in heaven right now yes at sanctuary will give your mind occupied on whatever else is Yamaha breeze in the heavenly government on the Internet at work in the government of God in you and those not in the whole human race is what this is all pointing what is he is not the most ability was I cannot open strongly but it had to appear in the fourth century revealed in a statement this is the hypothetical in the sanctuary and yelled sanctuary that is wholly working as animal accident earlier this month wife said I wanted to burn the witch 's author is any lower Sunday the fact all the laughs and is all-consuming the small sobbing consume away in the same love and when Ezekiel twenty four hundred and eighty five from the mezzanine at solving the heart of the brain meanwhile Susan Kahane are in the final on the hauling quality and how he will bring our ruler and have here and help out my dominion and eighty five February I started out well I is actually will be what you know and I will bring the taxes feeling illegals when he is in an illustrative not inside the helmet and the recap staff reveals three million him while Mason on our sacrifice until he is not high priest and three and the eradication of singular Bible calls in the conference in twenty fourteen she called the while earnings are in a very simple when you are the most holy place is a little special not upon which God sat anyway to Angels these were covering Angels and Satan in heaven wasn't covering Angel he was in a very friendly guy and he caught a long self-sacrifice and then he turned his back on and I was thinking you will turn your back on here is young along the whole United United Cheyenne because I don't know what I is that you personally size is nothing that is readily saltwater was a war against Americanism one and is actually built and how the war against man is Christ in you and understand heavenly sanctuary were coming the tentacles is is a war against the plan and the renowned now lives in the Bible says how old was he instantly overcame by the non- Latin Bible word on their testimony is why I hate when people say that you and I will save my life very simple in the Old Testament sanctuary is in the process in the beginning that there is no and said no and an animal and put in their hands on the what can I go to the animal representing she is when you want to call them all Jesus knew that he was running again talk about love talk about love now this one is also the animal kingdom they entered into the sanctuary here is that you will not enter into the sanctuary on the love he can not in the name of the person entering the sanctuary we will come down the line and because the blog gives you access to the sanctuary missing here is where I go and we mentioned in his place he is currently speaking we know you will confess my sins are forgiven me for being on the state 's stringent enforcement is broadband I confess my sin to confess to God I invite you to rain on my throne amen it is not that we overcome this about the high-speed high priest of good things become greater and more perfect tabernacle not payment is not as building will or counsel I give all the while he is in place as having obtained eternal redemption for us and then it will say but now in Christ Jesus you who sometimes were far off are made and I are near by the blood of Christ is to have essentially the hot sauce as a near crisis means in the said William Christ is in the volume will see how Wanda Christ throwing any moment his blood the blood is is is him will know where and you see how we would like to enter into the holiest him is not as long as always as common hybrids of the house and thought that a strong meter that she will star in the movie more than once I cannot precisely where we immediately following technologies is where we can be changed and his enemies when we can and when you have a clear understanding of chosen to remain befitting a prepared for the government and give us amazing I thought maybe he was I had an operation will submit himself to the government of God here on what actually is Satan doesn't matter what he did and had memories of the following places as in the book of Daniel I'm really little clothes trust trust is the antichrist the sanctuary this was in twenty eleven and is in the own unit he identified himself to the Prince of the holy principles diseases he is antichrist five soldiers imprisoned the host plays okay that is seen as a sanctuary half now and it is wrong and possibly something that I don't do is punish down and I recently have been delivered to value my guilty figure my sanctuary is a human being not like he is in your mind a sanctuary where a very good for you and you think that if this is the result of element sanctuary is wrong what was the more I thought him the result of being on high sanctuary and his people who will stand as a safe on the part of that who stand in composition to the throne of Satan here is a case of the state here are the kingdom and is in you God hath raised up Jesus Christ and the Bible finds that were in the last phase Nagasaki and as never was since there was an easy thing that I is on deliberate and one that shall be found written in the book addresses regaled on a vague idea what I saw sign as an affirmative turn minimizes as well what are you hi yes I is the revelation is Star Wars fans moreover this is our turn to the right as far as one five zero people in the sanctuary and the throne of God using this all was now you see that I was wrong when they went and they want to run and was a key management on the testimony of Jesus Christ the Bible says because of the recent phenomenon many shall wax cold he got some enjoyment and the same shall be stated in New York and what in the law felt sacrificing the twenty one Jerry's the Bible says that I saw somewhere a sea of glass mingled with fire and then I had gotten the victory over the D and no reason in now with a number of his name 's sea of glass having the harps of God is currently was not okay Xavier Leonard him to him I know no one in Oregon is one we may and he will and will and in the southeast England on social even then Anita and I and are awaiting all tears from their eyes and ears on the one that no more sorrow no more crying not result in any more pain because the former things are not as human values beginning where Satan went down against the throne is certainly as old as I is not only are you being here tonight he's thrown currently under savings this even possible for you to see the self-sacrifice law alone I guess I like you got to stand up for yourself you can include receiving a new trust Jesus as he is the impossible is swollen as I am apologizing I don't know his name twenty five so you will not listen to you as soon as to whether hundreds is annoyed of his angry because I do not want you to know that when I want you to understand that fear is mainly loving that God has provided for each one of these in the sanctuary now as we discussed the market is as we discussed the rapture as we discussed all these different things as human understanding is currently running an anonymous sanctuary him for him to own is a maroon or a mirror and who are in her her and her man to whom him to a new


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