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Star Wars Crusade, Part 3: Escape from the Dark Empire

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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to earn their own there is one shot at Seoul 's prayer file CC so much for your lesson is sliced dress as onerous as its option so maybe not this is relevant to let us in my legally aware of the size of his phrases and then mean that I message is as follows on escape from the time now I just don't want to try that there is coming up there is a way is coming up so I want to pay very close attention as soon as he needs are satisfied not really discussing the sanctuary subject for the last couple of nice and again I want to let everyone know he was at first I hear it is difficult for me to recast along the recap I did last night I will and they are available I also encouraged that you take notes here all right pretty and pretty now I encourage you to do that possesses you need to do that because you need to check everything out as a man and zone physiognomy ureter and the road because we are having a short ways a little while escaping I like to start off by explaining to him very significantly him through the zero here in the Old Testament there were several ceremonial fees in the Jewish year at one of these needs was perhaps the most awesome as it was called the phone when everyone in the game this is unfair especially in the savagery we're going to take a look at one of the sanctuary the purpose of sanctuaries serve during the entire Jewish United ensembles is that the mediation sanctuary that I may dwell among them this century serve a particular purpose now go ahead and meet again and again this year when any use and identify this as the beginning and what you are I am in Vegas and then I thought okay I was regularly with an inner another name I is a beautiful name I like playing is that all right with you in the name of love it seems as bad as it was known as Jessica is a Hebrew living in the time of wilderness and doesn't have a problem seemed to be something that wasn't very nice and nobody knows about but she wants to forget so Jessica get one of her favorite little handsets once he has to do not speak to get forgiveness just gets a little and give you that see all that I shall at her we don't know but anyway comes the sanctuary when I is that we seem to be just a really cool guy I have to take a knife and slit that lands the role okay once the oven after an minimum guy actually have to put his hands upon him and him that when he puts his hand upon it and he confessed his sins and understand on his family what's going on here is our opinion while transferred to the soulless basins or transfer who is now the guilty party the last one since then has become the guilty party then you take a knife and the man is out of the lab and the blood would just come out and you have access that blood example the Bible tells us that the wages of sin is why but God still love the world that he gave his only begotten son so that is that in the last two Jesus Christ I say children's wing I think all three when we confess our sins need technical free but Jesus bore the penalty for our sins now once this was done that that blood was taken into the sex right now have a good point on you know what I think with you but just bear with me this via all the priest would take into the into the hour up to the altar of sacrifice when I was called and he was sprinkled blood upon the altar now what was happening what at the same case is that this family is all that I have a laugh at those things they are what transferred to the lab now the last bonus cut the blood comes out where is that sin now you know what is in them the presentation in Oregon blood on the altar sacrifice and what is he doing he will on the morning Wednesday on the moths are sacrificed what is happening to the sanctuary game I see is that the blog which contains this and want to hurt us is easy to place upon the one on the author so neither is able to her outstanding software in the in the sanctuary now for some people the priest would take the blood of all the way things and the human Spirit upon the altar but he was taken into the genitals or skiing or a minority another priest would take and enter the holy place he was sprinkled the blood upon the veil or before the altar of anything so here you have two records on the altar of sacrifice and one on the altar of incense while this have to day after day one they would take their animals they would confess their sins after they blew out his signing up to speed on these altars now the people went away for the men out there since they were solemnly free but there was still a lot a new accurate obsessions in the sanctuary not on the day is holy this was the day that the high priest be on a what was their high priest could go into what was called the most holy place is called the toned down here the priest can go into this the holy place and on one any area did he go into the most holy place was known among the Jewish people act like they are just as they the priest one of the holy place and he would sprinkled blood on the Ark of the covenant upon which the original covering Angels called what Casper and the presence of God is so awesome because on this day God 's glory mission into the holy place is going to the Jews message will roll around the high priest lay and he will win anyway he would have felt upon him and he was not clean up all guess what happened when you step into the presence of God she got anything back to Dallas stop moving the new priest was not clean while and it was cool to increase out because they couldn't go any so this was a very this is this is a a short strangling the residences this is what the Bible says he wasn't even the illustration here this is only the data is sanctuary was to the way you need to read Leviticus sixteen the sanctuary was to be cleansed on the state claims from what to ask clients on the record of a soul every day of the altar sacrifice there is a birth under the sanctuary the altar sacrifice had looked at on a young businessman who done it but one day out of the year the day of atonement which was I will be here I respond that they went into the most holy please sprinkled blood on the part of the company the law in which the law is broken because he's transgressing on the all but lost out sacrificing her soul appreciably than a C- regulated and they put on your garbage and notification everyday garbage no note losses or whatever it is you don't belong there and and he probably take the garbage out and put it away to the side of the house in question is your kitchen clean once you put the garbage in garbage and integrated nutrition is going on EU he will stop Australia and on all the old-school search engine is not clean right but the car is still what it's still there but as far as I can put to the side of the house now is the wrong technically what yet but it's still what it still there is not enough now to represent a minority in what is the sign of the house now one so we went back Armstrong comes around and seeing the garbage all away after that so we never have to think about it again in as well as the sanctuary revealed that a worse the same way every day they would know to confess their sins doing something waterway free weather all was so in love on down at the garments shall be okay and started the day where the entire sanctuary was on the same as during the analysis that my facility to sixteen thirty four and they shall be in session on see you in the home in Jerusalem Israel for all their life is once here you go and didn't want to send the tone for what he has been over the head of one evening as well as yet what not home yet they walked away free but there was still a matter when you're feeling when we confess our sins we walk away free yes but it's still still exist in this world yes Christ got rid of all same day now we see that in the world Mindanao so that analysis masses here for on a solid priest may only for humans cleansing the unique range from all your sins before the Lord Saindon is very the game until there is another verse that says and he shall make an atonement for the holiday please the company uncleanness of the children of Israel because of the extra rest father says saw some of the tabernacle of the congregation remaining among them in the midst of their clean is so in other words the very thing he's doing a story this is what I arrive every day are rather wherewith okay the only place it on the hot phrase is happening when all essays that were placed there during the year remember there is coming out the high priest was Canadian and already sodden the holy place Sacramento the congregation is not limited to sixteen twenty nine and explains on the ethanol and is only all people learning is around ten and will be confessing their sins they were doing what is in essence they were to make sure that all analog questions during the year the all the things just upon in the last and best facets of the sanctuary attachments in their hearts were right there in the so they had to be there you know around the century while the high priest gone in the ten million dollars fine I'll told me for the year in question when you are not only for the use alliance member the sanctuary was just a little model of how to rig a universal state what you think of final reconciliation the end of the final lighting with Alexis and signify you while you're on herein is when Jesus does away with all evil this represents brothers and sisters in the end of I Corinthians Osman where all receive their rewards okay so when the priest was the naked arm that would be fruitless to make a want at all reconciling the holiday place so and some of the reconciliation yet not want to knows what happened and of the process of reconciliation is twenty three twenty at all whatsoever solely to be that sound not be enough in that same day as amazing as I have no impairment who cares so what are the syllable hang out somewhere around that there is not found in the result sets and therefore clean nor please is there anything wrong that I am not confessed to access my heart rightly viewed and eighty in the same way as vessels he shall be one hot off from among his people what's also in the regulating work and I think they are saying saliva starts among his people he was a holy day when the game was on I cleaned her house things when the high priest came to the sanctuary what happened to us and what not so prepared to even what color is getting shot on very good now just a few days after that season there was another seasonal policies and endlessly humorous for you is okay you on the first available opening trees and apologies for the pastries and well-known liberal and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God seven days this love happiness and in all your VI being Jewish is why the Day of atonement had one had they had received more very the same were all one way you can rejoice question when using this holy name might be symbolic of time when we all get to heaven one day what I rings are saying that healthy so he felt at the Bible says in an window is maximized so we will see that soon the sensory organs also that's how we do now understanding thanks for your help you don't understand other things you may not notice it before Iraq will lead to our tasks because it really does is point animal are not ready for it once you notice three one eight recap here the high priest cleanses sanctuary of all please enjoy the year that was beautiful also when I came out of the sanctuary a seventy five and although reconciliation process was not prepared our nest is why what how I said you know what I'll take your cell phone after the initial two in a high priest came on a sanctuary and they were not prepared it was late and will surely notice he was seventeen the Bible says here wherefore in all things it you who need to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest and things pertaining to God we talk about here Jesus he's not hot for his success to the wine may reconciliation form is for the sins of the people what is Jesus Lebanon sanctuary is what he is making reconciliation for the sins of his people at times in the unit what safer you will start out as a single of Christ she is in the heavenly sanctuary doing what they simulation no article in there and the reconciliation process you are not only makes it all right you will invariably but Christ being come an high priest of living vibrant and more perfect tabernacle not nearly as anonymous building not that I let him go and how I is online again why and how many times Angels unaware in place he is not alone when Christ I live says he ended in one into the sanctuary now if Christ is in one company known as an ideological and visiting once he can only come what out once very good now the Bible says Jesus is vital Jesus doesn't automatically see what I will do what I came out was saying here when I go ahead and booked their place you can pay when I leave work whereby the coming way I'm coming back here again and receive you unto myself where I have rare diseases is very noonday the social season is coming again when he leads nowhere sanctuary he's doing what coming again I asked that where he is very needy also so Christ was offered once once offered to bear the sins of many on then look for himself will set a time and also salvation was living as was first in drums at an solid analysis is done when it is a sensory numbing times and if he is once easy coming out while one hundred million Hong Kong time he's coming back soon receive us the second time now we are ready for our audience how many times will Jesus leave the heavenly sanctuary now is out of our asses arriving and you sure about that on the human background that is somebody instead of influence that I will keep doing this you don't change your mind you he's taken a very good number two landed here is the sanctuary was finished and the answer is that shortfall they hang yourself if housing schemes that headset that is not sure if I was a you know she is DH LH and every other agent to think of asset would you listen to me now because the Bible tells us because we are understanding the sanctuary the Bible tells us through the sanctuary that there was an end of the reconciliation process in a hotel this is one of the century once he's coming out one okay number three when he leaves essentially where's he going Godwin number four what will happen to those unprepared when Jesus you will and him and him will him to the masses for the W and Z is one of the WMDs see if there is a weapon of mass deception a weapon of mass deception and is learning them to see if you disagree with them I have to say will you still love me out inside and then Zogby is a loving a man because I will still love you as human as the sanctuary learned to help us discern between Jews and what are you thinking Satan will do what ever he can to get us to believe again and he will arrive to stay in the same one that everyone believes in me couldn't all in fact the name then you have a PhD in an age and on the pages you can think of talking the wrong maybe wrong records as Oregon and the Bible says God waited in the sanctuary someone a lot in the correct way all we need to do is look at the sanctuary if you pass the test of the sanctuary it is not true that people look at the concept of a senior Russian out of your life I see you tonight I got to the seasonings already got to come to the conclusion we can actually study not only need to go to the refugees in honeys present in Atlanta just a statement of the most in looking at this lazy little secret that teaches one is in school they coming of Christ seven years apart the first is invisible and inaudible the second is visible at all it is no unprepared on the face and I have to business relations at the wrong screen half years of configuration and a half years in relation to their simplicity is in Christ comes back to existing that are ready to go to heaven they have elsewhere that I have seven years to get himself right with God so that when he comes back when she comes second in seven years they'll be right DC the importance of understanding the sanctuary and I am now using the importance of understanding the Holocaust is up to you my sanctuary to keep you from being as the last list and also will say to those who are ready for Christ is the NSC the great tribulation in this video of this secret invisible return that in the seven years time of trouble three and a half years in the middle of the seven years the top so they can pray and then you have the visible return of Christ so secret and invisible so the games doing a half years later visible return for inaccurate later now the question you ask ourselves today if the Bible teach out two days return of Jesus not worth the while anywhere saying that Jesus is coming on here to the second coming the question is a logical you understand what I'm saying at the second coming so is run through companies versus very little homolog is came on and how to save myself the things we saw the design all I coming singer Cingular and everyone is mine and easily as they only knew how one are right Jesus just highlighted on the other skewed to the lightning cometh out of the is even in the West sauce I also know coming of the Son of Man did not divorce is another one so that he come behind the mill he is waiting for the upcoming amount of Jesus Christ is his need for the repetition of directions he is the impression is on order for us to work there and I can come to for yourselves know perfectly that day of the Lord and the Lord so cometh the end and I went out the day of the Lord will come in second Peter three ten I would beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Monica together unto him be he says therefore rendering on the coming of the Lord parenthesis we can read the Bible all New Testament and we will not find anywhere in the Bible teaches eighty two days coming of Christ it is one of the one coming no man knows the day or the hour is a specific event or sisters the also patients that Mister hearts for the coming of the Lord John I now think about the setting him for what she said no man knows a lot day on the hour now that said I thought a lot of interesting but their master happened to take place and I can I know my Bible and the rest is on the powwow today is September eleven two thousand five Jesus please do this calculate the site three years until the antichrist comes and in exactly three and a half years later was that Jesus is not come again I was then able to delete the very day on the second coming what you need to know not so than seven years theory comes out when noninterventionist like this one of the universe is found in Daniel chapter first is that it is he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week one week is how many days seven days not Bible prophecy University rule in Israel applies all the way through that age J eight year in Bible prophecy and now we will see that for long so what we see here is an accessor in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and heal relations is actually overspending of abominations he shall make investments in conservation and sermon software is now the first is taken by many people it seems that he is going well that he is Christ but what people teach something him he actually tries down and quickly find that he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week he realized that when Jesus came to us our mission must confirm a covenant with conical the new company and I can confirm a new covenant in his ministry at exactly three and one half years into his ministry Jesus was one crucified was crucified who tell me what happened to them they will say what I think that the sacrifices and the Koreans were officially over and out Satan would take a verse that applies to this crisis is not like her and you wonder what the overspending of the abominations shall he make a guess this remembrance is your house is left unto you what do they want because they had rejected him he is assaulted on relations because of the overspending of the abominations that the soul is the temple was left was desolate even on feel consummation Mangini had myself here one is the consummation of the day to me as I even until the end of the completion the end of the BN is Jesus here in this prophecy is not because of the rejection of no understanding them will come back to that seventy weeks prophecy when discussing the shoe thing I will be here within a related as you say that this is not speaking about antichrist is making about Jesus Christ are now all is coming being visible or invisible we want to find the rest of the day is there anywhere the wind is coming into the back of the event shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and I saw all the time of the morning and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory that's pretty simple how many Communists want sometimes Jesus in the sanctuary is one soul like Cunningham when he comes on one side and he's going to hear and you shall see notice again and wherefore they shall say unto you both will be in the desert going on for the whole evening sequencing versus fish ancestry is even while she is believe it will not lie what is enough for a boy who are asked the life and the lightning cometh out of the side view nonetheless is visible lightning will apply to know that there's no such thing as the more likely it is also also the coming of the Son of Man be noticing a very good job seating is on him following our editorial says Sophos is offered as many times and then as he wasn't even here an easy sauce I appeared away a second time with policy on salvation that is there is one coming on the lower end we need to be made for that and behold he is coming with a cloth and every eye will see him he also appears in all the more because I even so in another reason why seven one more for the socialism from heaven with a shout was in the archangel and some of God and the one at a low Christ shall rise things are on remains confident in the clouds to meet lording uselessly every Lord not just allowing us to this is in the second time in half into the dead in Christ and I cannot knows what that means when Jesus was resurrected for God rather the Bible says and raised to open and many one needs all the saints which slept the whole thing came out of the graves after his resurrection and when the city is up here is the time Jesus was resurrected somebody just like you saw that they belong to have wrist when he was resurrected when the people see upon Jesus when he was resurrected when the people see a sixties was resurrected and went to the school and his body was filled in their there was a disciples are what are crazy all you will and the Calvary Saints bodily resurrected selling season is coming to the second time and again Christ God 's deed be seen really if you are not ready-made on the heart and yes indeed that is to be one of the lower levels as these are not notice what is this for yourselves know me and the Lord so comes as a season in the night I'm not planning on and so when safety safety and well sudden destruction cometh upon minister to the woman child and based on market statement is empathy comes into your hole in the middle of the night that's a pretty bold behavior must be awake until you're gone my first year that you come in the night well when I turned the whole sympathy than in most like me Texas and do more than you know I may come as a surprise you will wake up and realize that someone is in your home so what is the drum that he will look over the human knife will come after overwhelming surprise to those who are not ready to be a hate is defined in England if even I know is don't listen to the movies our God is the Bible and the Bible only does what it says in Lord will come as they a him at AA always the South has a way to minimize handling a painless pathway something fishy is going on now where is out and install one now everything can be also and so there shall be learned from societal munitions of the last people who has made videos to say what the current unlimited video so that you want to his video if you can't I had been wrapped in a way not been explained he wants that happened during the other seven years said what happened to that taking video can be happen to that DVD homicide he's off his angels with a great sound and strong as the reason is always from one end of the hand is another criticized some bugs this is Jesus South if you want to be a very loud sound the lives of the Lord in social studies are headed in side the voice of York England God and Christ arrives first that is Jesus will allow the wake of the very essence you are not his when the shout in the voice of the son of God and they got here Xiao made available to those of the United Kingdom was himself counseling with a wide range of knowing look out hope you're getting the point are you prepared behind this is that surely dollar question on England appeared that the high and good like that yes they are they don't get what yes they are behind notice will not play for Muslims is an insult to me feel the ones I'll be taking on the other what is actually something run-of-the-mill the ones undertaken and the other one is not Jesus is an example of what it will be like in the Vegas on the nineties of love to see him go to England analysis of water in the day who you know when I'll see what life in the days of Noah what possible nobody cared all people warned and warned of the coming flood and a certain know what I got too many things to do no one you are to broaden the understanding is you is in crisis following Jesus Christ as my friend share Nazis is why I want to get on your day was so serious the more people are getting on the show how come more people don't believe this is happening in the day and in the days of Noah yes that is something just because our multitude recently done making sure people foreseeing is what is no one social also the Son of Man not my former space of the Christ is something that we can regulate the final glacial and OR relate the final language of the days of Noah so what happened in the days of Noah will will arise revenues and allow maximum vaccination shots and all losses than they were before the flood they were eating drinking I'm getting married in getting a narrative until they know what is the art and healing not on Philadelphia by saying me anything what so then who is working on an star silicon is all lay salts sell also coming is clear they need exercise already ninety six yards I is Wednesday as they are out of line was forty days upon your faces in ascendancy but for you on your modest increase in there the art and it was what is on Sunday when using the errors your now happens in those who were left behind they say one man seven more years what happens is that I is a you know some people say this for you to see exactly just bang on the door and then editing window will open up and indicated in an article saying that yes we don't want to become the one I was not Christian I heard about the rest and the second using us in a good and cannot really believe in Jesus but what if I think people start disappearing seven years not been manifestly not at that premises and they are other people out there in the world was singing the same the victim is stealing millions of him and they know a lot what does and how many all flesh died that moved upon the earth all flesh died that the one you thought etc. etc. anything that was a time I got it also says likewise also as likewise also as was the line he a lot resulted in the day when I was found in raining fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed some of that holiday seasons using these two examples can tell us what his second coming would be someone that when the process of reconciliation again actually this is it the looming now because when she leaves the heavenly sanctuary and certain ones coming out once and when he comes out once that means the reconciliation process that handles who are not ready it would seem to me that this teaching was spawned down okay the Bible tells us there were not within his rights you can go ahead and take notice his son Genesis nineteen twenty twenty function relapse on and the more being overthrown about my son in the war were very pleasant season you know nothing about the society that we need today as I think about how just enriched and increased with goods the art known what a nice motorhome got everything that I do not want meeting Jesus what I what I mean even Jesus couldn't wait and I'm a pretty good person was in those days so it will be immediately not notice Jeremiah Jeremiah half of vision in the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah is writing he says something is not as old it was known that at all and I will shoot the place loving love and is honestly there were broken down at the present of the Lord 's anger so when Jesus comes to honor nonentities no biggie coming from such an shot to shot this image represented Sheila on the history of the world until Jesus comes again and from what I saw represents the present of who the second coming of Christ once you notice remember what happened when nationally in a soft cloth so that a stone was cut out of our hands with small units upon his feet and more I'm creating an image of what she should like to check up on the some of the lowest wage in a way that no location was one sound for them is when Jesus comes again this planning will be the meeting you know when I say okay our conversation that I've been living in a moment no one is danger from England in addition no premises is very little danger to humanity to follow the trial there for the United States the majority must be right if they all think one thing him while I following the line because I'm in the having to steal the cigarettes was okay Salim was Jesus seen Reagan know versus what is really phenomenal overseas and Zionist enemy of civilization coming the worst thing as I wanted an opportunity requesting him to lessen muscle unless you set tonight with any answer questions Wednesday night for this past week was another answer questions and so if you have any post right now but in the box and hope you will get the danger well Christians for the Wii before the great tribulation well when he snaps away seven years before television belongs anywhere because we get to a whole lot left behind the tribulation saints and the actual drawback you should how do you feel that your teacher told you you know what I really like starting to take finals how do you feel your airplane pilot was exempt from files and him as Doctor Jesus I really like not means those finals think you're hard time getting to know how you like your doctor did not have to pay fines and realize that God allow his last day people to actually him and him just like a following and one half miles for this English is also out what is in the all who have not been as kind as to the story of Daniel Schouten satellite mission and they those three guys that are a lot brought before this image is not found for the initiative or we are going to children and she is doing at that point in time when they are suddenly not so much the law of the sacrifices of his heart then using she is okay when I found when using their living failures in Beijing but it isn't here from where not how Nathan O'Casey in England into the fire and we do not see this unless you are in a more self-sacrificing love was solved Paul and when they ruled on that in the shower they got so close to the four thousand and nine from from the women who are Saturday Sunday May second eighty guests who appeared in this volume is Jesus Jesus and the storm and then is in the final time Jesus promises the English storm with us if you don't want on the us and him and has fourteen twenty so that we must will show you send is what I do not love us because we go through simulation because he loves Golden Jubilee is in the assignment Charlotte was not as shiny and worst-case instrument is like a fiery furnaces that bring our faith in nothing but another to gain more about what is awesome like that the best players I see those final price to some people cool set you sent how care is not enough why cannot you have software known as the use those who do we as life dedicating themselves to him himself him that I will do whatever it takes to serve my Lord Jesus Christ and in the last facing is not I that she would not steer them into that as you say just like a child still remember the story until saying the state level if you are getting at I was soluble in people who are willing to keep your law and Scott say that in the not so much the way that he is the final controversy unfolds as a people who stand for then I realized that God is all his compositions once we got an environment that the city is in an angle he's any yet sorry some of the more recent columns if you don't you will not be able to buy or sell when I read about that ladies nights when I kill you if you don't want on things that happen in the world will not be able to people who do the sanctuary then Jesus him this is a it is nowhere well I told you are not a year you will then become nothing you'll then be facing out pretty far away so you began practicing to start practicing your fighting skills and their and he is in there anymore I'll use the one-stop is an okay all in one it was not streaming is easy that guy who is not ready to fight this is because you thought that you were not a union not that you were not going to end up in this life you are not a lot on Virginia something who do you like to try to tell you hey don't worry in an era when the wind of these I give you anyway these the session that Satan is trying to pull over this planet as so many people were thinking here I need to worry as we had hold of the Scriptures we find not one shred of evidence that tells what left behind are left behind on these if I spoken unto you that he might have that anyway he's in the world saw how chasing the initiative will come the whatnot was wondering him to other people with verbal countries are not Christians were being killed do you think that they are saying women escape regulation and obligation is out there love very opposite that is God does not limit producing what and what two months God love his son Jesus DEP configuration on our cross-country willing that I is not found nor anything else suffering is the love of Jesus yes he is listening and when the woman enlightening what women overseas women explained that another night but what they do which he commanded them not a testimony of Jesus Christ in the last one is the war is to be between the child is between those who see the self sacrificing law of love and you are you not talk about revelation was evil and there on the startling good start the following guy and the stars that are out to save his own way are you going to be there is exact and identical in their environment for Jesus to do with them that's trying to Microsoft about most much insecure recumbents will close the Psalms ninety one Psalm ninety one and is old old ninety one Psalm ninety one notice what verse one six online one he that will end aware to place on the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will send a lawyer he is my refuge and my fortress my God and him when I chose Charlotte Issa eliminated from the snare of the founder and from the noise somewhat outrageous seasonal company with his feathers and on the what issues are being healed and a song not be in the timeline I know how it flies by day not the one going north of an instruction that is beneath you in this chapter is to explain the experience of God 's people in the great final crisis this is an attack you from the pessimist in seven thousand cell phone and my five thousandth time I had my ninety follows sent to the house please find myself at all as for the dragons as you shall not neither is he knows he is Christ the angle and the speculation that he claims will not accompany them it's just only went on I saw the behold is the one who the wiki because I think the Lord is my refuge even the most half as there is no evil befall you need herself and he played the initial anyone need a shot anymore for a company here by dwelling bonuses were talking about people who are standing in the last great Chrysler carries the point Academy Gina London where I would like to take a wild guess what the secret place means in Scripture and forth in the time of trouble he shot high he is a billion in this agreement he is a natural shot he is him and shot him around that is those who are single and nominated as an wife and I can't ignore the self-sacrifice and all whom she is the testimony of Jesus is on the one that he is so not to decide what is in England he used eight one nine the same as in the heavenly sanctuary and telling them that have not been here for the great tribulation is such a canal you have no clue about the seven sanctuary not while he was away in the night and find yourself in the middle of the greatest causes of the wall and see you when you know how to pay and where you want me to the reconciliation process in an yeah and morning light news I thought you have a century defined as sweet as long as you exhaust me I just like still and he was letting me what is that anyone is still and he that is holy and you still anymore I come to my reward is with me to give how many unanimous court and works only sell something on the everyone seven years later no minors in and we decided Jesus is coming and what is coming he's all right you'll was a voicemail and you will communities and not satisfy many switching things on as they say him us what is Gnosticism and over there was no more there is no science in the heavenly sanctuary probation and close he needs how many times one there is no second chance is our last life that is so shall inherit all one thing that I will be given on Sunday my son he got a lot over comments will can easily overcome something as Jihad overcomes shall inherit a comment on the genuinely sought after destination and as long as he is not well-known another I think about a few things I will need a woman anything is no need to enjoy life we wanted to design for a nano uses his human moment of life practicing than him I know even as I also came and sat down with my father in is you are you ready diseases and that is seeking to see the full ceiling and he was doing on the size of a people and one hundred the sky of theology doctrine is not marked as once as I decide I is the to him there are in their


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