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Craig Gooden
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Craig Gooden

Craig Gooden currently serves as the Director of the PEACE Centre of Evangelism and a Bible Worker in the North England Conference UK. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 20 and has been blessed to serve the local church, the conference and internationally by way of preaching, teaching and training. Craig has a strong passion to see the everlasting Gospel proclaimed to the world in this generation and his favourite topics of study are Faith and Prophecy. Craig enjoys fellowship, reading, traveling and spending time with his wife Farida and their son Izraël.




  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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There are a lot. I thank you. We thank you for your loving kindness your marriage and your strength. I pray that in these few closing words that I have to share. I pray that you will help me to express what's on my heart the desires and the aims that we have for this week and these focus events I pray that they will be fulfilled by what we see take place afterwards father we know it's not easy. Even Jesus felt that the disciples left him but he knew he would not be alone because he said you would remain with him. Father I pray that each person here will know and will be comforted by these words to know that you are always with us and that we can continue and finish this work as long as we remain in connection with you as we come closer to Eucrites you will help us to come closer to others bringing them to you and we thank you hide me and you Jesus. Holy Spirit increase and move upon the hearts here in this church today Jesus's name Amen. I want you to think with me just for a moment. The apostle Paul was his name. Apostle Paul he preached and sent letters this man wanted to persecute the church in fact he persecuted the church. He said amongst sinners he would be classed as the greatest one he was converted. He's made sure he spent time with Christ not just over a few days over many years his influence was so powerful that even when he was coming. Amongst the disciple. As for the first time amongst those Apostles some of them were quite fearful even the one who Jesus asked to go and lay his hands on him said but we've heard of this man this man press accused the church and God told him that I have set him aside as a specific vessel to do my work and he will suffer much for me. You also continue reading about Paul that as he was converted to Christianity and his connection with Christ was going stronger and stronger he could not but help himself to go and proclaim Christ in the synagogues and everywhere that he had access to people to the point that they said watch guards all around Jerusalem so he wouldn't be able to get out. But he did get out through a basket that they let down over the walls important to me and Paul continued but there came a time when an accusation was placed upon him and he was imprisoned and as it reads in the book sketches from the life of Paul and if you haven't read that book I would strongly encourage you to in the book sketches from the life of Paul you read that in his last letter to Timothy Paul was in his prison house in a gloomy cell and these cells they were like how they may be in the prisons today with some people commit crimes just to get back into prison these cells did not have central heating they did not have free access to wonderful water they may have been kept in chains for many days the privilege of washing may not have been allowed and brushing your teeth may not have been possible. Every day I'm trying to let you know that Paul was in a very uncomfortable position and I'm trying to imagine what Paul was going. For a while he was in the cell because for some reason he still he was still able to send letters but it wasn't as people would have you think that Paul was standing in some place out sing out preach the work. Paul was trying to encourage Timothy in his last letter to him but before he wrote that last letter the chapter before that you read that Paul had to go before me Rome a man who was unparalleled by any other leader in the world a man whose flags were based all over the seas of the world a man who when it came to wealth was on arrival. He could be he was unapproachable regarding his power yet the darkness and the depths of sin is in his own heart was in a sea contrasts to Paul himself and the moment had to come and go before me. Ro and give his last defense and I'm trying to consider and think What was Paul going through those days. Knowing that at any moment when he would give his defense he could be killed many of us here may have probably thought well if I have to go and give my defense I. What's the best argument I can give to defend myself. Do I have the best solicitors do I have the best advocate who can plead for me. And at those times what they would normally do they did hire people who could who would cry for them who would plead for them who would advocate for them who would be a public representation for them but at this moment. Paul decided to stand for Christ and nobody else his aim was not to defend himself but to give the people another opportunity to hear about Christ because he already had a connection with him because Paul came to cries. And I. Trying to think what was going through Paul's mind what was he praying. What was God saying back to him when he be praying to him. Maybe God was always telling him that I am with you always even unto the end of the world. If you are with me I will never leave you alone to stand for me and pour stand before Nero and as you read him standing before Nero he say is in second to me to chapter four that no one stood with me he ses he was all alone. Nevertheless he knows that Christ was with him and he knew that Christ was with him because he had already spent time with you with Christ. So Paul begins speaking and he shares with the man and states in the booklet it says. As Paul stands before the Emperor of the world his words strike a cord which vibrates in the hearts of even the most hardened and which thrills in unison with the mission of angels poles words were in unison with the mission of angels yet still working conviction on the hearts of the most hardened criminals that would be listening to him wouldn't you like to have that experience wherever you go. Wouldn't you want your heart beating in tune with God's heart everywhere that you go. Paul was alone in trial but with Christ he he was in an unseen majority and as it says that as Paul left that that opportunity that moment in front of Nero it said that as the door closed and this was certain that Paul was going to die as the door closed on him. The doors of probation closed on Iraq. Your words have power and through your words. Oftentimes God is trying to bring to people. Another opportunity for them to. Come closer to Him and allow them the choice to say yes or no. And Paul went back to that gloomy cell and I'm trying to think what was he thinking when he was about to write this last letter to Timothy on his knees in that damn cold place and I imagine that those those those memories of the letters he wrote to others would have come back to his mind. Maybe in Romans chapter. You know when he wrote the letter to Romans in Chapter one Verse sixteen his remembering that he also was never ashamed of Christ but he saw that in the gospel there is power to all who would believe to the Jews and also to the Greeks. Maybe he he had to come back to his mind with what he wrote to the Corinthians where he said to them that I don't want to know anything coming to you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Maybe Ingle Asians where he said I am crucified with Christ and it's no more me who lives but Christ who lives in me and the life I'm living is a life of faith. Maybe he was thinking about what he he wrote to the Kalash and when he said that Jesus Christ in you is the hope of glory. And then he begins to write to Timothy and in chapter four second Timothy Chapter four of us wanted to he says I charge me therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom. He say's preach the word preach the Word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine and my plea to you all is will you be willing to preach the word and I'm not on about standing behind a pole pit being willing to preach here I mean in your life. In your homes in your places of study in your places of work. Will you be willing to preach. I said to you at the beginning that I was excited about the weekend but I'm anxious about what takes place afterwards. And the aims of these focus events is simply this. We introduce the event to you in the first year and then between the person you are in the second DIA You are supposed to go away and in that time you are supposed to implement and evangelism spiral personally or in your local church personally you can try and implement this spiral by starting small groups in your homes by starting Bible studies in your churches all with people that you know by reaching out to your neighbors in your neighborhood in your churches by presenting this to the church board and offering them opportunities to get the church working together with the one aim of proclaiming the gospel. In line with the three angels messages and then in the second year when we come back together we should not be coming back together just for the event. Again. But coming back together to share the time that we've had throughout the whole year. So when we come back together we are encouraging each other to continue and then it grows because I read that when one person comes in contact with two then those two can come in contact with four and those four with eight until it grows and grows and grows. But if you are looking for times of big majorities then you will fail. Now we was introduced to you this week about this evangelism spiral. How many of you let me see the hands of you that saw this and there was a booklet that was given called the evangelism spiral booklet and in this booklet our instructions guidelines and courage Ment's for sharing the gospel when you leave here and one of the pages it says that success in any line demands a definite aim and we want to help you understand that definite aim by providing you these things so that you. I can make connection with the people and follow God's methods. He firstly mingled with men as one who desired their good he sympathized with them. He seeks out what their needs were he won their confidence and then he said to them. Follow me. Now you all here have said that you have seen this evangelism spiral. But I want to see the hands of you who are saying you want to go back to your churches or your homes and you will do your utmost in Jesus's name to implement this. Can you guys who have raised your hand stand with me now this is no joke when we held the event in Romania e-mails go forward and we reply we send them out asking them how are you getting on. How is the work going forward with the implementation of the evangelism spiral. I want all of you to know now that you are not alone. I want you to know now that we from G.U.Y.Z. Europe will be assisting you and supporting you to go forward in this to implement this in your homes in your places of study in your places of work in your local churches to implement this and go forward. I want you to know you are not alone and whilst whilst we are trying to figure out the best ways and the methods of communication to let you know that we are working together when we call out to you. We need to hear a reply. We don't want to hear it's not you it's me. We need to hear that there's a change taking place. Amen. All of you who are standing. I believe your names are faithfully recorded in heaven to say that you made a pledge to implement evangelism where you go. You may be seated. I don't want to keep you standing for too long but you know who you all are and as you go to implement this spiral I want to let you know that there are times when you also will feel alone and for me there are times when I have felt alone I've gone back to churches and I've tried to work in them and it's not easy. You have to go and present ideas to boards and you have to try and persuade elders and the pastor to let them catch the vision that you have and that vision if it's ordained with God I can let you know that if your will is tied in with God's will then that will becomes omnipotence all powerful. Nobody can stop it. As long as you're doing it. God's way and not your own when we've tried to put things in place to train people to Bible studies and they've said no we still do our best to continue. We will recruit people who are willing and at times when it just takes two people to begin looking for opportunities that will be there. There's times when we've been in churches and we've seen after a Y. S. and sunset does not come till nine parity in summertime and we've seen the you. Leave a Y.-S. and still stay by the side of the church and we saw there's a need the church the youth would be willing to have Bible studies and then they said we open the opportunity for them and we saw a Bible studies grow from two to four to sixty and then all of those people would begin calling others from other churches around the country and they came to the Bible starters and then when the time came for it to be passed on for somebody else to lead and those people may not get the vision straight away or they may not fully understand or other people try to get involved and try to dampen it down and then those things. Stop. We need to continue. And there are times when you will feel all alone. There are times when there are those who you may be with and Satan will try to put you at odds against each other but you need to continue. You need to pray together. You need to be willing to say to each other. What have I done to offend you. You need to love each other so much more and that love can only be found as you first love Jesus Christ because He first loved you you need to be willing to continue. You need to be willing to have a heart that can be molded and formed by God alone and not by people around you. The people you need to place around you need to be people who are willing to follow God also with their whole hearts denying self daily if you ever come in contact with people who will be against what you are trying to do what you need to do is have an attitude to know that from their coldness. I will gain strength because I know that he who is with me would never do that to me. So the more cold that people will be is the warming you should find yourself with cries from people's cowardice. You need to gain the strength to continue and all of you who have stood up. You need to be willing to say that from their coldness I will gain warmth. When everybody seems to be against me I will continue. I will continue. We're going to implement this thing you're going to make changes in your homes in your churches. You're going to help your pastors you're going to let them know that I am here to assist you. I'm here to help you and to work with you you're going to let the other departments know I'm here to support you. Those postcards that we've given you that can be sent out to friends you know if there's any more free available take someone post them to your pastors don't want to pass that them around in that the conference as well and let him know that you love him will give Adam some to send back to you let them know that the work is going on. And it will be finished because he has begun a good work and you will finish it. The spirit and the bride say Come So let's tell the people come. Let's make a difference. So next year we don't just come to any events we come with stories we come with experiences we come with people we come with those who have been coming to our groups in our homes. Those who we have been studying with in our churches those charged members who have been influenced by what you saw or hear those people will see that this can grow and it can grow bigger and bigger and bigger but it starts small it starts with you. So all of you who stood to say that you want to implement this I will ask you again. Can you stand with me as I pray for you dear lord. You see each and every person who is standing here. Father I often hear of the stories when many go to the front for appeals to say that they will give their hearts to mission but only one or two will come back and say I actually did it. Sometimes we are moved by the feeling and the emotions of the time. I'm and I'm praying that we will begin to look past feelings and will look to faith that we will not walk by physical sight but we will walk by faith that our faith and feelings will be known to be separate as the east is from the west and that we will walk by faith. I pray that tomorrow when that temptation comes for all of these who are standing to not continue praying at the time that they've started that you will help them to realize that it's not about feelings but they need to get out of bed and go by faith and go to that secret place and pray to you and I pray that you will give them the strength to continue through the day and as that strength begins to feel as if it's waning that they will find themselves back in that closet of prayer praying to you asking for more and more and more and that they will take these prayers and they will not just pray but they will work and that they will not just be heroes of the word but doers of the word they will share this gospel because they have found you. Father we pray that that times when it feels that we're all alone that again we will walk by faith and we will know that with you. We are always in the majority. I pray that the evangelism Spyro will be received into the churches. I pray that opportunities and ways that we can have small groups and ways that we can have Bible studies with young people and old people whoever it may be ways that we can reach out to our neighbors that these doors will be open to us and we will come back next year with huge blessings to share with others because of the blessings you've given to us and Lord we thank you. Who is the author of our faith. I pray that each person standing will stand on your word and your word alone and we praise you. We know you are coming back soon. Jesus time is running out. But while we have the time I pray that one day that each person he. I will begin praying to hold back. I have another soul to reach out and please move on their hearts I pray that will just stop praying just for one person that they will be converted and changed and we will see the power of your love I pray that they will leave change like pray everybody here goes back to homes with a reignited passion for you. And we thank you. Because you are God in all things impossible to us. You can know that they are possible. Jesus is precious Holy this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen to more service to visit W W W audio or.


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