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Do You Believe His Promises

Daniel Pel
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Hebrews 11 is known as the faith Chapter. It is a chapter about people who lived according to the promises of God yet some of them did not see those promises fulfilled and others waited many years to see them fulfilled. Do we belive God's promises, how do we live as we wait on His promises?


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway




  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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Father in heaven. I'm grateful for a new morning. I'm grateful that I can be here in Leicester together with your people and we're grateful that we have your word and the Lord that in liberty that we can open your word and study it together. But I realize that without you. This is an exercise in vain. And so I pray that you will empower us through your holy spirit this morning. I pray that you will speak to us in a very personal way and that your promises may become very real for this we ask in your beautiful name in Jesus' name amen the title of my message this morning is do you believe his promises. Do you believe his promises. Yesterday we looked at the. Yesterday my title was Does anyone remember. Would you recognize him right. And we talked about how important it is. To behold. Jesus in Scripture. So that we recognize him but not just to be hold him in scripture but also that there is a veil that needs to be removed because it is very easy for us to have a veil on our eyes over our faces. Just like the Jews had two thousand years ago they did not recognize the Messiah because they had false expectations of who he would be and what he would be like and therefore they could not recognize him. We talked about that yesterday and this morning. I want to kind of further go further into this overall theme of coming to Christ because in order to come to Christ. We must recognize him but also in order to come to Christ. We must believe his promises. Last March. I was holding a Bible prophecy series in the city where I pastor the city of Bergen second largest city in Norway on the coast the west coast and. I have conducted many Bible prophecy seminars throughout the last twelve years and basically many different continents and countries and by God's grace and. I say very clearly by God's craze. I have never come too late for a public series or for a public meeting in the evening. But I was getting very close last March. I was on my way to the place where we were going to have the meetings and there are a lot of tunnels in Norway how many of you actually been to Norway. OK Just a few of you know it's the country of the tunnels because there are so many mountains and so they just have to make tunnels everywhere. And so I'm on my way to to the meeting and a tunnel was closed. They just closed that often. And so they were going to redirect the traffic but. It was quite an extra drive and I was looking at my watch and I was realizing oh this might be the first time that I'm going to be late for the meeting and my wife was with me and my son was with me my son is well he turns almost two is going to turn to now in August and he has no idea what is taking place and the stress that is now you know filling up. And he's just you know smiling and enjoying the drive and in the midst of all of this as I'm getting more and more stressed out. He starts pointing to the radio in the car because he has his favorite CD with his. You know his music and so he's just pointing to that like that I should turn it off. And so here I am driving stressful to get on time to the meeting and I have to turn on the radio and listen to this music that he is enjoying. But it happened that I got there. Exactly seven o'clock and I walked in and I walked in and someone just you know they were already there and so they just mike me up while I was walking and I got right up on the stage and few people actually noticed. What had happened. But for my child he had no idea what was going on. No idea for him it was just a great evening. A great experience to drive to church. He always likes to he likes to sing to drive in the car he likes to listen to his music. It's interesting that children don't notice sometimes the stress that their parents go through. I remember I grew up in the country of New Zealand My parents are Dutch and they immigrated to New Zealand and they wanted to just start all over there and as I grew up I remember the very first time as a child noticing that something was going on with my parents and things were not that easy. I was about nine years old and my father was a carpenter and he had his own business but things were not going that easy and several times what happened is he had gotten promises about projects but then things would fall through and the promise would not be kept and so he would be without job. Sometimes he would be in the middle of a project and then there was not finances to complete it was a difficult time financially in New Zealand those years. And so. My father realized or he experienced over and over again until filled promises and I just remember as a child noticing that for the first time that wow there's something going on in the home this. There's a difficulty here. But what happens when promises are not fulfilled. It's one thing for promises not to be fulfilled when human beings make promises but it's something else when we feel that God does not fulfill promises in our lives. I want to take your Bibles and turn with me to the book of Hebrews to with me to the book of Hebrews Hebrews chapter eleven. Hebrews chapter eleven our topic this morning is do you believe his promises. Sometimes we wonder if God's promises are really going to fulfill in our lives want to be very honest this morning. And I believe that we have all been there or are there. Perhaps in a place in life where we wonder Will God's promises will they really come to pass in my life. It's one thing to get a promise from a human being that doesn't come to pass. It's something else when you get a promise from God and you feel that it is just there but it's the promises there but the fulfillment isn't. I want to bring it to a couple of examples in Scripture about promises being made. And then how they were fulfilled and so we're in Hebrews chapter eleven one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. You know how I like to sum up Hebrews eleven. I like to call it The Remember it's of God This is what God remembers about people isn't it. Powerful what God remembers about people. I mean you read in Hebrews about you know David and Rahab and Samson and I can remember a lot about them when I read my old testament but you know what God remembers about them. He remembers their faith Amen. This is the remembrance of God Hebrews chapter eleven. You know and we can all be part of that story right. I mean we have forty verses in Hebrews eleven but it's an unfinished chapter I believe there are many more verses in the heaven and one day when we get to the other side when we get into God's presence into eternity will be able to happen haps have a look at the on the unedited or the on the finished the complete story of Hebrews chapter eleven and perhaps your story in my story will be in there by faith. There's a lot that God could remember about you and I remember about me but he decides to remember our faith when we put our faith in him is that good news. Look at he reached out three lavender and one more thing before I read. It's so interesting that he was eleven is so diverse such a diversity of people such a diversity of expressions of faith. It's like a diamond that you hold up in the light and it reflects to every direction you know you read about able and what happened to able to first person you read about is able and he. He died for his faith he gave up his life for his faith and right after that you read about Enoch never tasted deaths. By faith then you read about you know you read about Noah and he was in one place for one hundred twenty years building an ark and then right after that you read about Abraham had to leave his home and go somewhere else and so you ask yourself the question like is it is is it faith to die or is it faith to live. Is it faith to be in one place of the faith to go to different places on the course and the answer is YES YES YES YES YES and that because Heber is eleven and then it's fascinating. It's every time it's comparisons and contrasts you then come to Abraham and Abrams has a what is it has to have faith that he's going to get our son and then right afterwards you read about how it was by faith he had to give up that son. It's fascinating. Faith has so many dimensions and this is and you and I were though we are not the same none of us here are the same God has a special call for each of us we can all belong to the story of faith a man. Now look at how these promises take place Hebrews eleven beginning in verse eight by faith Abraham obeyed. When he was called to go to the place which he would receive as an inheritance and he went out not knowing where he was going OK so he got the call to go. He didn't know exactly where he was going to go by faith he follows verse nine by faith he dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country. Dwelling in ten with Isaac and Jacob the heirs with him of the same promise I want you to take notice that the promise first was given to Abraham and the promise was that his descendants would inherit the land and first of all he didn't have them any descendants will come to that in just a bit but he was promised that they were going to inherit the land and God would show him that land and so he's taken out of the Chaldean and he makes his way to Canaan. But he lived his entire life. In a tent how many of you like camping. I mean if you like camping longer than a week. How many of you like camping for a month while the hands are going down now how many of you like camping for a year. How many of you would like to just you know sell your house get out and just live in a tent for the rest of your life. OK no hands. This Abraham lived his entire life in a tent waiting for the promise the promise was given you're going to inherit this land but he he didn't see the fulfillment of that promise. And so the promise when he's on his deathbed is passed down to his son. Isaac and so I sick lives his life in attempt not just the month. Not just the year year after year after year after year. Isaac lives in attempt the promise is given the but the promise is not yet fulfilled. Isaac on his deathbed. Passes the promise to Jacob and Jacob lives his life in a tent. Isn't it interesting that we have these men in scripture that receive the promise which we look back on now as the heroes of faith. We look back on these men and we think these are you know Abrams Isaac Jacob. This is this of the patriarchs these are those that live by faith they received promises but my friends those promises were not always fulfilled directly or immediately in their lives. Another promise that Abraham and Sarah received is that they would have a son. They would have a child. Do you know how long it took from the moment the promise was given to Abraham and Sarah till the actual birth of Isaac how many years. Are we talking about here. Does anyone know more thirteen you said more than thirteen. And you know how many years. We're talking about here twenty. Five. You can do the math and scripture twenty five years you're going to have a son you would think that would happen next year maybe the year after maybe the year after that but what about when five years go by start wondering about this promise but is it really going to be fulfilled and then six years seven years eight years nine years ten years is that wanting has God forgotten that he gave me a promise eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen. What is this ever going to happen and then we look at Sarah and we think how Look they didn't really trust God did they look at the plan that they came up with you know Sarah Abraham this plan with Hagar and to have a child and you want and you think. Well that wasn't really having faith was it. Well twenty five years. What would you do what would I do isn't it easy when the promise is delay. To try to help God fulfill the promise. Isn't it easy when you think that the years occurring by I got to do something about this. I mean what do you do in the meantime while you're waiting. And then the story continues. You know. Eventually they do have a child. And I sick as a child. Jacob and Jacob as a child has many children amongst them. Joseph you remember the story of Joseph he sold by his brothers he becomes a slave in Egypt and yet God is with him. And part of first house he becomes an esteemed he gets charge of the of the whole house but then the incident happens with Potiphar's wife and he ends up in jail. And it's interesting when you've just follow the story of these men of faith these women of faith in Scripture that you see how promises a given but promises are not always immediately fulfilled. Do you know when Joseph was in prison. He interpret the dream remember of the butler. And then he says the last things that he said. As to those two men that were going to be reinstated and stated into power by Pharaoh he says. Just remember me when you come back. Just remember me. Do you know how many years went by before the what he called that in English the the one that was in charge of the the wine cup bearer right. Do you know how many years went by before you actually remember Joseph. Two years two years. I mean we talk about two years in prison. I'm not talking about a nice prison talk about a dark dungeon. Two years until he saw the light of day. What about the promise that was given to Adam. You know when Adam and Eve sinned and they had to leave the garden. It is interesting that in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen they were given a promise immediately and the promise was that the head of the Serpent would be crushed by the promise see that would come from the woman or Christ it's a must. It's the first messianic prophecy in Scripture Genesis three fifteen someone would come the one the Messiah would come. That would defeat the enemy. Can you imagine the hopes of Adam and Eve when they received that promise. Do you know that their first son they called what was his name. Cain do you know what Cain means in the original language. It actually means Cain means the man not just a man it means the man indication in the wording in the name is that this is the one that they believe was going to fulfill the promise then they had another son Abel Abel in the original language means nothing. This doesn't matter. We've got the man already. Interestingly enough the V. madman. Murdered the nothingness ironic isn't it a promise was. Then all their hopes rested on Cain and Cain becomes the very first murderer and so they must have thought well. We'll have some more sons. We lost Abel we hoss Cain will have some more sons and they have sons but the promises are not fulfilled and their sons have sons in the promises not fulfilled and their sons sons have sons and the promises not fulfilled and your gold and years go by and decades go by and sentries go by. And Adam dies. After many many many years and died when he was nine hundred and thirty years and you think you're old. Nine hundred thirty years waiting for the promise to be fulfilled waiting for the Messiah and he never saw the Messiah thousands of years the world had to wait four thousand years from the promise to the four film and of the promise we expect God to answer us immediately. We live in a world of instant noodles knowing we don't like to wait. We want a promise to be fulfilled immediately. But look at scripture look at Hebrews chapter eleven look at these men and women of faith. Look at. Walking with God for hundreds of years before God took him look at Noah building an ark for one hundred twenty years. Look at Abraham and Isaac and Jacob living in tents look at these men and women of faith that believe the promise though the promise didn't instantly for fill in their lives. But this is the beautiful thing about a promise it breathes anticipation and it breathes promise. And it is actually something a promise is something that is living it's not dead even though it is not for filled a promise can stay. Live and and is living and it is active because you know what I think is so beautiful about all the people that I just mentioned here and here is eleven. The beautiful thing about each one of them is that while they were waiting for the promise they lived as if the promise was already fulfilled. While they were waiting for the promise they lived as if the promise was already fulfilled. Well of course Abrams and Sarah had their instance there with Hagar but we're going to read in just a moment what actually the Bible tells about them but think about Noah waiting for the promise of building the ark. Abraham waiting for the promise but moving to the land of living in a tent. Joseph waiting for the promise and living to the best of his ability in the circumstances that he was though it was a dark dungeon. Adam. Abel all these sacrificing a lab waiting for the promise and the fulfillment of that lamb a man for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years in anticipation of the fulfillment. They lived according to the promise and they believed that the promise would be fulfilled. Now turning your Bibles to Romans chapter four and I want you to take notice of what the Bible tells us about Abraham and Sarah and the promise that they was good that they were given that they would have a son. Now again we know the story from the Old Testament and how Sarah came with the idea that you know Abrams should have a son with Hagar and Abrams goes along with that and they have a son called Ishmael but God comes again to them and says You're going to have a son both of you and then eventually they believe that promise and then they have a son by the name of Isaac and later. Paul talks about these two sons as the one is the son of bondage and the other is the son of the free woman. Actually example of the two covenants because the covenant that God wants to establish with us is a covenant that we believe in His promises and he does what in us what we can do for ourselves while the old covenant is the covenant where we try to help God but things don't go very well and so you have here these two covenants interesting Lee enough when the New Testament talks about Abraham and Sarah. It is fascinating to read the way they are remembered. I talked to reading about he was eleven being the remembrance of God let's look at another passage where Abraham and Sarah are remembered in Romans Chapter four so Romans Chapter four beginning in verse eighteen this is talking about Abraham OK. And not being weak in faith. Sorry it will start in eighteen Romans four verse eighteen who contrary to hope in hope to leave. So that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken so show your descendants be and not being weak in faith. He did not consider his own body already dead since he was about one hundred years old and the deadness of Sarah's womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith giving glory to God and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was able to perform and therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness. What a beautiful account. What a beautiful testimony. I mean of all the life all the the complexities of the life of Abraham and Sarah all the difficulties the challenges that they went through this is what God remembers about them. I think at the end of our stories. There's a lot that God can remember about you. He can remember your failures your inconsistency your sins your commitments that you didn't carry through he can remember. So much about you. Let me tell you something when you put your faith in the promises of God and you believe that he can do what you cannot do for yourself your accounts will be the same as Abraham he will remember your faith. It's fast and it's beautiful it's beautiful that that God and of God of. Can't really forget anything but he can decide to no longer remember something and to focus on what really matters your connection with him and so we read here. One of the most beautiful definitions of faith is verse twenty one in my opinion Romans four twenty one one of my favorite definitions of faith. Look at what it says and being fully convinced that what he capital H. God had promised he was able to perform that is a beautiful definition of faith. What is faith. I believe that what he has promised all of his promises in Scripture that he is able well able to perform them in my life. It is believing the promises of God though I might have to wait a year though I might have to wait five years or ten years or twenty years or thirty years. I believe that the promise that God has given is a promise that he is able to fulfill. You know back and here is have to rely ven. You find a very simular definition of faith related to Sarah so that was related to Abraham now turn back to Hebrews eleven again and look at verse eleven Hebrews eleven in verse eleven and the Bible says by faith. Sara. Now remember whatever you remember about Sarah doesn't really matter right now because we remember what she did we remember how she went to a room and said you know have a son with Hagar but this is what God remembers OK Heber's eleven verse eleven by faith Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed and she bore a child when she was past the age because look at this she. Him faithful who had promised. What a beautiful definition of face she judged him capital H. God faithful who had promise he had given the promise he's faithful he is well able to perform this in my life and this is the way that God wants us to live. Despite of our failures in the past. Despite of of of us wondering if God is going to fulfill his promises in our life he is calling a generation today that will believe his promises and be fully convinced. Not just ninety percent convinced not just ninety nine percent convinced fully convinced hundred percent convinced that what God has promised he is well able to perform that my friends is truly living by faith and what we do in the meantime is so important because we have these in the meantime moments. Joseph in the mean time two years in prison and Adam in the meantime waiting nine hundred thirty years and Sarah in the meantime twenty five years waiting for their for their promised son. What do we do in our meantime moment we all are living with the promises the promises are you know they're breathing anticipation the promises are showing that this is going to happen. We know it's going to happen. We believe fully that what he has said he will bring to pass but the question is how do we live while we're waiting for the fulfillment of these promises. Let's live as if the promises have already fulfilled a man. Abraham goes to the land who lives in a tent believes it's going to happen. Isn't that incredible. I mean let's live as F. the promise is true. Let every aspect of our life reveal that we believe the promises. What is one of the biggest greatest most exciting promise. That we have in Scripture. I believe it's the second coming of Christ a man she says is actually going to come again we're going to see him in the clouds. Now when that is going to happen we don't know the Bible is clear. No man knows the day or the hour. It can be five years from now it can be ten years. We don't know the time but what do we do in the meantime what do we do while we're waiting for the promise to fulfill. You know I've had people say to me like you know older people in the church that say you know we believe one time that Jesus when it was going to come back you know and but he didn't. And so we just settled in life you know we got kids. Now we have grandkids. You know there's this does this more and more this thinking like don't get too excited about it because you know we've all believed that at one point but let's just get on with life. But my friends this promise. Do we really believe that God is able to fulfill what he has promise. I mean and if it is true which we must believe as Christians as Advent is that this is a truth that it's going to happen. The question is how are we going to live in the meantime are we going to live as if it's going to happen. Are we going to use our money as if Jesus is coming soon are we going to use our time and talents as if he is going to come soon. Or are we going to use our life. As if we're going to be here. Another fifty years. Our last passage of Scripture turn with me to the book of Mark. Do you believe his promises. Mark chapter for. Jesus gives a promise to his disciples reading from Verse thirty five march up to four Verse thirty five on the same day. When evening at Come he said to them. Let us cross over to the other side. Jesus gives a promise. We are going to. The other side of this like when Jesus says something doesn't happen. Oh it happens. I mean look from Genesis to Revelation when God says something when Jesus says something. It happens now. It doesn't always happen immediately. But it does happen. So he gives a promise and the promises we're going to go to the other side and so they get into the boat. Verse thirty six. Now when they had left the multitude they took him along in the boat as he was and other little boats were also with him and a great wind storm arose and the waves beat into the boat so that it was already filling but he was in the stern asleep on a pillow and they awoke him and said to him Teacher Do you know here that we are perishing now not just get this picture before you. They are on their way to the other side. Jesus has said we are going to the other side but in the meantime. While they're waiting for the promise to be fulfilled. While they're waiting to reach their destination. There is a big storm that rises and their waves are beating the boat and it seems as if this storm is going to prevent the promise from actually happening. It seems that the storm is going to prevent them from reaching their destination and so the disciples are wondering now are we really going to make it. I mean or maybe we're going to die here and she says all the while is sleeping in the boat and Jesus sleeping in the boat and they are fighting the waves are you fighting any waves in your life right now has Jesus given you a promise. And you see the promise in the distance like they saw the land in the distance their destination but the waves are beating the challenges and trials of life the disappointments of life. They're beating you beating you down and you wonder. If you're ever going to make it and in the meantime while the promise is breathing anticipation in the mean time Jesus is right beside you. Jesus was right beside them and yet they are fighting and not turning to him and then and then in their desperation. When all seems lost and the promise seems to never be able to fulfill then they turn to Jesus. They wake him up and he said and they say do you not care that we are perishing as if Jesus doesn't care. I mean he came to save them a man. And so Jesus says in verse thirty nine then he arose and rebuked the wind and said to the seas Peace be still and the wind seized and there was a great calm but he said to them why use a fearful. How is it that you have no faith and they feared exceedingly and said to one another. Who can this be that even the wind in the sea obey him. I mean who is this that can speak to wind and the window base there. In all of the power of Jesus. My friends when we are making our way to whatever it may be we're making our way to the other side there's a promise that is waiting. But in the meantime there are storms that arise never forget that Jesus is with you. In that storm and that you can turn to him. And that he has the power he has the power to calm the season when he has the power to calm the waves that are beating her. In our lives and he can he is with us. He wants us to experience his power even right now. So in the mean time. Hold on to Jesus Second Corinthians one twenty last verse it says for all the promises of God in him are yes and in him. Amen to the glory of God through. US believe in the promises trust. That they will take place they will happen. Maybe not this week maybe not this month maybe not this year but the promises of God will be fulfilled in your life every single one of them believe in his power. There are certain promises that we know that God wants to do in our lives right now there's no doubt about that when it comes to the power of that he makes available His righteousness his power to shape our lives his power to change our lives his power to forgive our sins his power to impart strength spiritual strength these are promises that are available available for us right now. And then there are other promises like his second coming. That we are in we're waiting we're anticipating but whether there are promises that can happen right now or promises that aren't to supply a did. Always remember that Jesus is right by our side. Just like he was with the disciples when they were in that storm. Hold on to him cling to him. Don't let him go. The wind in the waves they obey his voice and his voice is more powerful than all the other voices in your life right now listen to his voice. Let's pray Father in heaven. Thank you for this beautiful morning. Thank you for your promises. Thank you Lord that your promises are true. Thank you Lord that you are more than able to fulfill each and every one of them and I pray Lord this morning that you will give us faith faith to believe that you are able to perform your promises the faith to believe that you will not leave nor for sake us that even in the midst of the storm. You are by our side help us to believe in you Lord. The one that can speak to the wind and the waves and they obeyed. Speak into the circumstances of our life our lives their difficulties and trials and I pray that you will speak to just like you spoke to those waves and that you peace and assurance this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to visit or.


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