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No, You Did Not!

Sebastien Braxton
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After giving the early morning challenge to attendees at the GYCEurope Focus event in Leicester, UK, Sebastien Braxton then gives this as a follow up message. It's one thing to get up early in the mornings but what do we bring to God when we come to Him? in this sermon he shares how we can add purpose and meaning to the time we spend with God and exercise faith in Him.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • June 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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Mighty God Everlasting Father we are here. One more time. Some of us got up early in the morning and we've seen your sustaining grace and so Lord all we're asking is that you would show us the power of the Lord Father that we would walk away tonight saying if the Lord ever spoke by a man he spoke by him tonight and Lord this is only possible if we make a complete surrender of ourselves to you that we fear no man and we fear no thing save sin and to be unfaithful to him who has given all of us pour out your spirit upon this meeting and we pray that Jesus would be lifted up and that we would leave this place loving him more is our prayer from our hearts in Jesus's name Amen. When I was a child I was not always a Christian and so when I was a child I was a very violent child and I remember being in third grade sitting in the back of the class as a class clown making fun of the kids in the front because you know back then it wasn't cool to be smart. I don't know why that was the case for some reason it was cool to be stupid. So were sitting in the back of the class clowning around making fun of as a teacher. Her name was Mrs Blaney I'll never forget this lady as long as I. Long as we both shall live. But Mrs Blaney said. Sebastian you know what you're so concerned with Justin why don't you come up here and sit next to him on the for. And wrote I thought to myself what I'm like kicked me out of class. You know send me to the principal's office and I got to sit next to this nerd. So I came up front sat down is like she knew it was going to be worse torture than anything else. As we sat down. We could we continued on in our schoolwork and part of our son it required us to have some scissors to cut out some pieces as I was cutting just didn't realize he didn't have his scissors with him so Justin said ace about should you mind if I borrow your scissors. I'm like long as I get them back. He says Yemen I'll give you back your scissors so he takes the scissors and I'm still waiting to finish my project the teacher says look you guys have one more minute to finish this before. We're going to move on. So I said Hey man I need the scissors back I need to finish she said Wait I said Look man. Those are my scissors. So you're going to need to give me back the scissors. You can explain to her that you forgot your scissors. He said Look man I'm not giving you back your shoes are still I'm done. Oh no you didn't. I said Justin you need to give me back my scissors. I'm at the front of the classroom. The teacher is literally five feet away from us. He says look I'm not giving you back your scissors asked me again not group in Chicago. So you can add people a little gross of you know seven seven eight nine years old. This is normal behavior and so back in my day insults were a little different than they are today. You know you want to insult somebody you put a hash tag on it you know it's like old things great job hash tag average you know people who and then it's all over C.N.N. back in my day you say things like your mama right. Just to date myself so I said. Man I'm not going to ask you again. Give me back my scissors he said you ain't going do nothing. Your mama was like Lord. I just got off a suspension. So I kept quiet. You know like the teacher says Keep calm. So I asked him again politely Justin. If you don't give me back my scissors. He says What are you going to do then I looked at him he looked at me and he said your daddy. That was it my face connected with his face the teacher started screaming. Sebastian go into the office. So she's yelling right I go to the office just so happened I called my mom my mom just so happened to be on lunch break came by the school and in my school they had a room for parents to beat their kids. So you get there. They say Mrs Braxton We're so glad to see you. You can go and take Sebastian over there do what you need to do. So my mom comes in. What happens. Well to this kid gotta My mom said no you didn't. I'm like Mom he know I told you about being violent then come to find out I see my father's face across the window and then about peed on myself. I said this is not right. This is not supposed to be happening. My dad opens the door. My heart is like pumping out my chest. I'm like it's over my head. It's kinda hard. My dad said What happened. Well you know you know when your dad's asking you. Right. You start stuttering and everything you can speak correct English. You can make your subject and verb agree we had what had happened was I. We. Just get it out. I'm like well he said this and then he would give me back my scissors and that other guy and then he said your mom and I tried to wait. He says your dad and I pointed to the face. My dad said oh we started laughing. He said well least we know who he loves. My mom said no you didn't. My parents started arguing I left the office and went back to class. I remember that conversation because of how many times I heard that phrase. No you didn't and it struck me as a kid because you know it was always something you always felt like only girl say that kind of thing right. You know you think of the girl waving her head like this in a zigzag fashion. Right like her stuff is loose like it's like a whip you know and I and I remember growing up and thinking that at the time right. I was I was a victim. You know and I was the one who was shocked because no you did not. Is it is a shock that comes upon a person is the only thing you can say because you cannot believe the person just did what they just did some member when I got older I became the perpetrator and so you know any girl back in the day black girls used to spend a lot of money get their hair done and some member we were all. Maybe they still do. So we're all at the beach and while we're there at the beach. You know we're playing around and this girl she was not there to get in the water. She was just there to enjoy the beach right but of course you know here I was non-Christian Sebastian don't know Jesus. So we got in our minds when we should notice girl in the ocean when we're in the late Lake Michigan. So we looked at her and my friend and I looked at each other we should totally go over in so she's like look you not throw me in. So then we start granted to the water and she's like kicking and flailing and you thought this woman was like possess an enemy she was like whatever it took She was biting people's hands. You were not only in the water you're not so we're like I so we just like so long really high. I mean she popped up out the water like as soon as she touched the ground. You know you. I mean I'm not to tell you what she said. Again it was it was the shock of the fact that she could not believe that we would do something like that but it gets even worse when you go outside of more comedic situations like these and I remember going to a house of an admin is family that was all Caucasian I was the only color in the room. Besides the wallpaper. And as I was there the the people were talking you could tell they were uncomfortable you know I'm not a small black guy would be different. I was like five feet. But you're like taller than everybody you know you try to walk through the house. It's like and you know you just feel awkward and I was a new adventurous at the time so I was there walking around the house and we're all talking and all the sudden you know the moms was cutting up stuff for the potluck in everything and you know Sebastian it's really great to have you here in you know we have black friends. In my mind I was like you know you did not receive it. Why do you feel the need to let me know that you have black friends my We're all adman is that all matter but it's the shock of the fact that you can believe in a person's mind. They got it into their mind that you know what. Here we are a Seventh Day Adventist in a house having lunch after church and all you can think of is the fact of the color of my skin and how that because my skin color is different than ninety nine percent of the people at the potluck table you feel like it helps me to feel comfortable by. Letting me know that you have other black friends you have black people over all the time. Isn't that right. She says to her husband. I remember going up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and while I was there doing call Puerto ministry. We arrived at our satellite location. We were staying with the pastor while we were there with that pastor his daughter had never ever seen a black person before in her life she was six. So I walked in the house this girl's draw just dropped open. She ran to her dad she said. Can he sleep in my room. She made a little bed for me. Right on her floor. She was going to sleep on the floor. I was going to sleep on the bed. So then after this we came back in a person like we're really sorry really sorry so then we in the mornings right when it was time for breakfast before we went Cole Porter ing door to door. The daughter would sit next to me every time and she was wonder stare at my skin and then one time you know after two days of this she was like why do you want to touch. It's OK. She was like What is it like my slight chocolate. So she put her hand on my skin and before you know where we're having a good time we're becoming friends and I'm like you know how kids are right you you big watermelon head and all right so I haven't fun in it she said will you big Lego room. Her parents are like. Oh no you didn't I started laughing at her. Parents are like Come here come here. Took her to the back room as they took her to the back room they started scolding her and letting her know you don't see that that's not kind. This is not how you talk to people like that and I'm like they're like we're really sorry so much. We just we don't know what got into her. I'm like she's six years old she's never met a black person. I don't think she got the correlation. But the parents were thinking oh no you didn't I remember sitting down with a friend and we had this mutual friend was a girl and we all knew how she felt about me but I did not feel the same way and I made that abundantly clear and so my friend decided that when he and I were talking about this situation that he was going to really all of the information not conversations are so I'm walking on campus university and she comes and finds me and I mean obviously she's like in tears. He repeated every single word I said she said I thought we were friends and then he said you said this when I took you Bob about to my church saying no he did not see that. So I had to come find you. This goes of said she was a Christian I was not a Christian and so I remember at the time thinking to myself No this brother did not relate every single thing in this conversation to this person. The shock of the gossip. It was just unbelievable. I remember going to a church that was divided over a doctrinal issues and in this particular church. You had your elder over here and elder be over here and they had their little camps one side here and one side there and then when you get to the church they said Well. Sebastian we're so happy you're here because we need you to settle this once and for all I'm like look I'm not on anybody's side I'm on the side of the Bible. Amen. So I said wherever the Bible Falls is where you going to find me. So they said Well. Sounds good. We'll see what your sermons like so I preach right people come up go to the back in our meeting with the the heads of each camp in the back and they said Brothers Russian We appreciate your sermon but you know we still got some divisions to work out and I said listen. The first thing we need to do we need to pray and the guy said I will not prayed with him I said no this brother did not just sit up in God's house and look at another human being that Jesus died for and said I will not prevail with you. That's how foregone this man was and I can even go into ministry. Every time we go out door to door we usually pray together. So we're sitting there on our way to the streets to bring salvation to starving souls and these people are arguing inside the vehicle and as they're arguing inside the vehicle the leader says you know what I'm going to drop this person off. Sebastian I want you to go work with this girl I'm not going to say a name so I get out the van. I'm sitting with this girl and as we're on the street which shoot feel books. She's still going off on this girl who is like ten years younger than us. So as we're so as we're sitting here talking I said look we don't need a mike you're older than her like why are you acting like this might this girl's like fifteen. She looks at me. She's shocked that I even just basically rebuked her and I said look we do see the prayer we need to get to work and I said Are you ready to pray she said. And she walked on I said Man when you get to this point where you literally doing the Lord's work and you won't even pray. That's a no you didn't come a moment as we build off of what God was sharing with us last night about early in the morning. I believe that there is also some things that may God and angels say no you did not. We obviously know that about sin. I don't think we need to preach on that I think we are all clear that there are certain things that sometimes go on in our lives that God and angels are like no you didn't know you did not just get up there and preach that knowing how you're living back at home. No you didn't just the side that you're going to go to this concert. Instead of going to serve the Lord. No you didn't just take that child and spend it on yourself with a man rob God. Yes you did you would think to yourself that young people always say they got no time to do missions. No time to do evangelism and as soon as they got a vacation they do everything but eventually said no you didn't I got her ass. I got exams. I got this. Now what happens when you have none of those things. Everything but serving God. No you didn't you had the audacity to use that excuse all school year long all work long and now when your vacation time comes up God gets known. Yes you do. When we talk about prayer. I believe that God is shocked. Yes by sin but I think often found God is shocked by our prayers. I think sometimes God is shocked by our lack of persistence in prayer. I think God is shocked by the things that we ask him for someone to take you to a verse tonight just one text Romans chapter eight verse thirty two Romans chapter eight in verse thirty two when you're there you can say Amen. With or. The Bible says verse thirty two. He who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him. Also freely give us all things. So the Bible says that God who did not spare his what his own son. So Paul is writing to the church in Rome when he says listen I want to talk to you about God I want to talk to you about a god that did not even spare his own son when it came to doing everything it took to bring you back when it came to salvation. When it came to blessings that she need God's greatest gift was for our greatest need. He didn't just give Jesus as a happy birthday give Jesus is not that kind of gift. It was. Just I was thinking about you today in the throne room. It's not that kind of gift the gift of Christ. It's because of our need if we didn't get that gift we would make it as the old song used to say if it wasn't for the lighthouse. Where would I be if it had not been for the Lord by my side where would I be. We all know where we would be so the gift that he says God did not even spare his own son he looked at our situation. He looked in our sin. He looked at the mess that we were in he looked at the foolishness that we dug ourselves six feet down and God said well what is it going to take to get these people out of the hole. What is it going to take to bring them up back to where I originally created them to be what is it going to take to take them from the power of Satan unto the power of God and I said God if you're serious about redeeming them. It's going to take even your own Son and God Such OK I'm not even willing to spare my son. I'm willing to give all what ever it takes to see if this is why and what rights and steps to Christ. She says people think it hard to give all to Jesus when Jesus gave all for them. She says I am ashamed to think it. I'm ashamed to even write it that someone would actually look at Christ that would actually go to God in prayer that would actually come to church attend a conference like this and be deciding in their minds. I'm not going to go all the way and you wonder why we have no power you can already tell what we are afraid of we are fraid of being wrong. Christians but God was not afraid of being a radical God he was not afraid of going all the way and saying guess what you're not even going to save all of them. God says that's OK I would even do it for one you talk about radical that's radical and the Bible says Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. He did not even spare his own son. But Paul says the same person who did not even spare his own son he says but he delivered him for us all. He says how how shall he not with him. Also freely give us all things I want you to understand what Paul is saying. Paul the saying listen if God is in heaven and all of the universe is riches and wealth and resources are at his disposal. Even his only Son and God would not even spare his own son who is equal with God who is equal with God in His very nature. If he were not even spare his own son if he were not spared the Holy Spirit from being involved in the plan of salvation. If he were not spare every single angel in heaven. Why would he not freely give us all things. So I believe that there are times when we come to God to pray and are certain things we think God would not give us and God says no you didn't I didn't even spare my own son. What will make you think I will not provide for your when if I gave you the greater blessing. Why would I not give you the lesser blessings because everything is less than Christ. So when Abraham comes to God and says oh I'm going to pray for Saddam because my nephew is in Sodom he comes to God is a god is not desperate to see. Oh if I can just speak with the Lord one more time would have there would have there are fifty righteous I will spare the city. What would you destroy for lack of five. OK forty five hours spare the city. What about forty hours spare for forty you think you start picking up on the train. God says let's see who How low can you go. Let's see what you view of me how far do you think I'm willing to go. How much do you think I value one soul over the wickedness that is in Sodom Abraham got down to ten and he stopped All right. Does a lord I'm not going lower than ten because I don't think God would do it. God says oh no you didn't I didn't even spare my own son. What would make you think that saving this little city and your nephew for five him his two daughters his wife. God says what will make you think I won't give you the lesser blessing you come down to Eliza any life. Praying for this. We don't son. There is a larger kneeling by her bedside and as a larger is there milling by the dead body of this woman as he is kneeling there in prayer. It only makes sense. While the patriarchs and the prophets were confident that God would answer them because all they had to keep in mind was the cross of Jesus that God didn't even spare his own son that God was going to deliver him up for us all how shall he not also within. Freely give us all things. This is what a poor can say you should be careful for nothing. Care for one nothing. Do you understand what this opens up for us in prayer. It's one thing to get up early in the morning but it's another thing to say what kind of requests are we bringing to God or our prayers making Guardian Angels look at us to say no you didn't. Lord help me find my keys got like Listen. You ain't got a weep and pray and say Lord please. My mother she's lost God is like listen you don't think I want to help save your mom. Why are we gonna work ourselves up into some emotion as if we got to convince God to help us when God gave His only Son while we were yet enemies. Now you are His child you call him Father you live for his name you rejoice in his law you have joy in His Word you share his gospel. You have received the grace of God into your life and your walking in the ways of the Lord. What would make you think that God will not give you the lesser blessing. We have to change our prayers brothers and sisters. We have to always remember that the cross of Christ affects the way we pray when we got the cross before us. I cannot come to God and say oh yeah this is too big. This is too hard. This is too deep. This is too costly. How what is worth more than Jesus. That's why Paul could say to the efficiency says listen. He says you know my prayer is for you that you would know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that she may be filled with all the fullness of God Now on to him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly. Above all we could ever ask or think who in this room would even have the boldness even have the conception to come to God and say Would you give your only son for me. God did something that was way beyond what you could even ask or think you would even think to ask a person to give up their only son for you a norm right. We wouldn't even come and God says I gave it and I was beyond anything you could even ask or think it wasn't just it was exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask or think that's why Paul can look at us and say listen you who are Christian who understands the cross of Jesus. You cannot pray like that some of us are coming to God as if God is not willing to answer some of us are coming to God as if he were only answer these kinds of prayers. I had to learn the hard way we need to start coming to God which he prayers because God and angels are like no you didn't he gave all of heaven and won't give and you over here fretting about. I don't want to go to the Lord about this this is why when we sang that song in the beginning I must tell Jesus. I cannot bear these burdens alone. Jesus will help me Jesus alone. What a friend. We have in Jesus all our sins and groups to bear it is so sweet to trust in Jesus. Where do you think these songs came from people who actually took God at His word and they trusted him. They say Lord I've got nothing but your promises which means I got everything I own even got a worry. Because God promised it right here. I remember what it was like to be with no money no. Place to live. No food no job no access to any resources now is the time I ate the best. I'm telling you the truth. If my wife is watching. She'll tell you the truth. Now was the time we ate the best and I sit down and laugh at myself thinking here I am stressing I gotta do this. I gotta do this. I gotta do this and it was the very single time when I couldn't do any of those things that I was the most well supplied. And here I am stressing can't go to God about this when I know why we haven't found that it's sweet to trust in Jesus because we haven't trusted or the things we've trusted him are super small a human being could do that you know the kind of requests we need to bring to God are the kind of requests that only God can answer. We got to bring the things to God that only God can do so. Take a moment inventory on your prayer list. How many of those things can you really do. How many Those things can someone else do and how many those things it would only have to be God. Listen I had to sit down you know I remember before G Y C. When we were driving there. I called every single every single rental car place there like we had no many events of a little zero. I said OK I call over an hour and a half away to two hours away. No Venice. I'm like none there like zero. We are all sold out. Now here on thank you and I got to go to do I feel like. And I'm telling this is like five six months ago so I'm like man Lord I. I know what I'm going to do so then I took my little prayer book wrote it down prayer requests. Lord I need a van and need to be this kind of van with this much space and a crazy thing with someone asked if they could ride with me to G Y C. So I doubt another person. So we got to have space for this and this and this and I need to be able to pick it up on this day and I need to be this price. So I put that there. Then I said All right. I made a promise to base this thing on so I found it there in the book of Acts says God told Peter Paul I have appointed you to appear on to Caesar. So he says look when they were on the ship. He says none of these men will suffer harm. So then I put that promise right next to my prayer request started praying that I would pray until I had peace to confidence that God was going to answer that prayer so I remember the final morning I got up to go to the rental car place. I know of having to get I had to reserve a car but I had faith that look I prayed about this meant. I'm going to get a van just as I'm pulling into the parking lot. I see three vans park there. I'm like yes Lord get inside a rental car place waiting in line get to the desk the ladies like how can I help you. I'm like you have a reservation under Braxton she's like oh yeah you got this car and it's it. Are those vans available. She says you know. Actually we have two vans available one of those is not available shit so are they available to rent. She says Well let me see if there's any other reservations out there as she was saying that another van pulled in she said I don't know what's going on but everybody's returning their car today. I said I know what's going on. I'm not even. Lying God is my witness I said I know what's going on. I was praying and I said God is going to send people back early. I had my choice which Van I wanted. Oh you want to go check the much at which ones was clean or where the most space check all the trunk. Oh they got space under the seats and we don't get this one. She says No problem will have a clean for you. It'll be out in ten minutes and the price was four hundred dollars less got in the car put the keys in I was like yes Lord. You've done it again. I drove home their light weight when I thought there were no vans. No there was a van for us. It's I don't know about everybody else but as for me I'm on house at the time to pack your bags we're going to G Y C. And just after that I remember also it was dealing with a young lady caught up in a bad situation. So I was praying and I said Lord efficient will I said help this girl to call me because I knew I was going to convince or I knew I was going to commit she was already do. She was deep in it so I said lord. The only way is if she calls me and she says look I think I need to get out of this situation. Can you guys house me for a little bit then I remember with you. I see the R.S. kept holding back. R R R Farber one C three status diode still delayed still delayed so I was praying about that to those are all on my list promises right next to them the day G Y C ended. I'm packing literally the stuff in the van. We are about to leave the conference center hold till my phone rings don't recognize the number but the lawyer says answer the phone. Hello hi this is such a search on R.S. I was just calling the let you guys know that you've been approved for our three. I'm like Really. He said yeah just the fax me this I'm like I'm like literally in the middle packing the car. No. Problem. Call me tomorrow call them tomorrow. Send me the letter paperwork done off the list. No effort I've been working with these people for like two years. One day like this just as I was driving home to return the van and I'm already rejoicing I'm talking to the lady at the counter. I'm going after her too. Unlike Listen sister when the law is blessing I mean she's in the neighborhood. So what's your name. Because you might be the next lesson on the list. I need souls. So next thing you know where we're sitting here talking get a text message from the girl. Hey situation not so good. Do you think I can stay with you guys. My response was L.O.L.. Her response a question mark. Now was not a L.O.L. text on the oh I'll explain later. Pack your stuff will see you over there. She's out when I don't know. So I call on the phone. She's like why why are you so excited I said I've been praying for you for two months. That was all in a space of two days he that did not spare his own son when I got that behind my mind when I kneel down to God in prayer. It's not a burden. Sometimes I know who I'm coming to I'm coming to him who says Sebastian I gave all for you. So if you come to a person who's like listen I'm willing to not even spare my own son. How can I not come confidently in boldly before the Lord I even remind gone. I'm sitting there like Lord. Here is the financial situation. You know we need to do you know what's going on. I might make you give your only son for me. YOU GO SAVE ME IN leave me out here to starve doesn't even make sense. So you can redeem me from sin but I'm a diet. Starvation. David said lord. He says I was young and I'm now old and I never seen the righteous forsaken ordered children begging bread. That's what your word says that's what you said that's what David said so work it out in Jesus' name amen. I'm going back to work because I know it's going work out you know what happened. When I was flying on a mission trip to Dubai the government had garnished. My money out of the account because I said old back taxes and I'm like This is crazy. It was literally the day we were buying our tickets to go to Dubai for the mission. I couldn't believe it and I remember being frustrated but God provided a way to get to Dubai. Praise God when we came back and there we were I was praying I'm like Lord I'm never David said I never seen a righteous forsaken does not. You got your only son for me go to check the mail check from the government we garnish too much money here is nine hundred dollars back man listen the government don't give money back. That's the truth and they sure don't give it back quickly but there was right on time. God said the reason lots of that money before Dubai because I needed to save it for today. He was just keeping it in a heavenly piggy bank. Amen. Because he did not even spare his own son. I understand what I'm saying we've got to change the way we pray we can get up early in the morning. They're going to seek to know the Lord. Listen there's no other there's no better way to know God than to test his promises and watch him. Fulfilling people wonder why I'm always smiling laughing and joking I'm like man I got no reason to be sad. None like zero. You could not discourage me people argument this is happening look at this this is terrible. Stuff on my you're right it is terrible. We're still going to heaven. Jesus is still pleading he's still coming still got the grace of God still don't finish this work. Still I'm not to go on and on down the list. Even if the Lord doesn't add any other extra blessings today I got enough blessings in the past to still rejoice. You know your i Phone you got a reminder is out right. You know I have a list. It says reminders everything the Lord has done so I just go and I listen a little time. A reminder. Sometimes you just walk into out the day you even know you needed encouragement. So the reminder thing goes off. Oh my. Wait what kind of alarm is this openness thing I remember Sebastian when the law provided for that point six eight hundred dollars and two days a month you write Lord you good. Let me stop tripping. What kind of prayers are we pray how are we coming to Christ are we coming to him in a way that Jesus says no you did you went to all that had asked me for this. I gave my life for you. What can we ask. I want you to think about the possibilities that people have received in prayer. I love this because when I sit down and think about the fact that do you know what compels people to gamble. Go to Los Vegas. Excuse me cards and all these dice and all this that what causes people to do these slot machines and everything just thrown away all their money. You know what's keeping them there the possibility. Just the possibility. They're like yep the next one might be the jackpot. The next one might be did they just keep going to pull in that thing. So in order money away and people sinner like him and you might want to slow down. You know but he's going facts. No Naaman I've got a good break. I got a good hand blackjack next hand you say what keeps a person compulsively gambling. It's the possibility. Some want you to think about the things that people have received from God in prayer in the past. Listen this quote material to bring this to a close this is from he and downs. He says the sorrow Phoenician woman prayed for the health things in fact the Old Testament is but the record of God dealing with his people through the divine appointment of prayer Abraham prayed that Saddam might be safe from destruction. Abraham's servant prayed and receive God's direction in choosing a wife for Isaac Hannah prayed and Samuel was given unto her Elijah prayed and no rain came for three years and he prayed again and the clouds gave rain has a car who was saved from a mortal illness by prayer. Jacob's praying saved him from Esau's revenge. The old Bible is the history of prayer for temporal blessings as well as spiritual blessings. He says Do you want to continue into the New Testament. Peter prayed for Dorcas and she came back to life at her own funeral. How's that for eulogy. Peter Kay. You can buy Dorcas's then. Oh yeah sister arise. Listen you talk about a funeral being used to convert people the Bible says all city converted that's all they needed and you think Dorcas was complaining. Dorcas was like holla lujah if I got a dollar to win the city it come back to live and let it be. You got people Paul walking through people being healed by his own shadow. Can you imagine you got a man possessed with demons people trying to cast these demons out and the demon said listen. Jesus we know Paul we know listen when a demon knows you by name. He says that we know that our brother will mess with Paul because Paul was a praying man. Listen that's what I want I want so much to be demonically possessed and so much like in the name of the God that Sebastian wear shoes. They bought Yes a bash and I know. Who are you don't you want them you want to have a name that devils fear. Let me explain what I mean. And then I'm going to make my invitation. This is from a man named Samuel Chadwick. He says Satan dreads nothing but for the church that lost its Christ was full of good works activities are multiplied that meditation may be ousted and organizations are increased that prayer may have no chance souls may be lost in good works as surely as in evil ways the one concern of the devil is to keep the Saints from praying he fears nothing from. Prayer list studies prayer list work prayer list religion. He laughs at our toil he mocks our wisdom our wisdom but he trembles when we pray because prayer moves the arm of omnipotence. What's on your prayer list. I have these cards. Tonight and only has one thing on the card to tell you what the card says says I would like to make I would like to commit to a daily prayer list based upon the promises of God and I'm just going to add to this. I'm talking about great prayers. I'm not talking about things that are easy because God will give you those those are the lesser blessings. But I'm talking about praying for a higher lesser blessings because everything's less than Jesus and he already gave it to us. So every hour is about every I is close you want to come up front and say Lord I'm willing to make this commitment. You won't get no book. No book paper pen pencil whatever it is we've already got the cards ready for you and you want to come up missing I have a list of those things that's going to be my prayer list that I know when God sees it. He's not going to say oh no you didn't. He's going to say oh yes that's what I'm talking about. That's a person who has faith daily prayer list based upon the promises. God and that prayer list is filled with amazing requests that if God did it you would see him laugh you couldn't believe it you would say what the Bible says they said when the Lord turned our captivity again we thought we were dreaming. That's the kind of prayer list I'm talking about if you want to make that commitment I want you to come up front. We've already got the cards. I'm talking about an amazing prayer list. If God did this I will be saying to myself. Lord I can't believe it. No you didn't know you did not come you can make space in the middle. Don't worry about that we're all family. Come come crowding together we know each other we love each other we already got the cards they got pens come in fill it out commitment card because it's one thing to get up early in the morning. It's another thing to say you know what this is my list. That's why I'm getting up early in the morning and you know the promises the promises is that if you come to your father in secret Jesus says He will reward you open. You'll get up in that secret place of prayer. I remember when I woke up this morning four thirty AM I only got four and a half hours asleep. I thought I was drunk. Lord I don't know about this but I said you know what I know to some young person in Leicester struggling to pray. So I got to do it. So I started praying next thing I know two hours later I didn't even feel tired I was ready going to jog. Then I set all my turnover in my car. Let me just think about my day. What I need to do then the last hour to give a stop to me changing my seminar around giving me I'm like man this is crazy. And here I am now preaching not o'clock at night haven't slept all day. Four and a half hours of sleep but I had just as much time in prayer. That's the strength. But the thing that makes it more amazing. It's not just the personal contact with Jesus. But it's the answer prayers. When you start seeing him doing. You looking at your paper like Lord I'm running out of stuff to pray for. You gotta go big or. I want to know together as we pray. So you can know where you are possible Father in heaven. Paul said he that spared not his own son. But delivered him up for us. How shall he not with him. Also freely give us. Lord that's why we're here. Lord we're tired of coming before you with prayers that lead to no true genuine Christian spirit. No ways to test improve gone. So we're filling out these cards to make a commitment to God that we're going to start asking you for requests as if you are God we're going to start praying for things that actually sound like we're talking to the king of the universe. That actually show how much faith we have in the power of God. Lord it was your servant that said that God Long says for us to expect great things from him. It was your servant that said God longs to have us reach out after him in faith. Lord if you long for it then we need you to lay it upon our hearts tonight. You know we're going to get up early in the morning. You know that we're already going to be there in the throne room seeking audience with. But now Lord we pray that you would teach us what to ask in the bible promise that the Spirit makes intercession for us especially for our infirmities or because we don't know how to pray as we'll. And so Lord we pray. As we make this commitment and as we make that listen as we come like the persistent widow. Seeking God day after day after day believing. That he's not an unjust judge. But that he's a loving heavenly form. Who already didn't hold back. Even the loss of his son. I know that he's excited to give me less and less. Lord we pray that we would not ask amiss that we may consume these blessings upon us. But help us to pray. Jesus. To come. Not just for our own personal gain and benefit. But to pray for the blessing of those around us and for your name for you. Lord we don't want these answers just so we can brag. We want these answers so that you can be glorified so that we can have testimonies to bring to people and say this is my beloved. This is he who is cheapest among ten thousand. This is the one I love. This is the one that I give all to this is the one that when he calls me I will always answer. This is the one who can expect the world from me and I'll give him the galaxy. This is the one and I want to tell you what great things he has done for me. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sort of audio verse or.


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