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Star Wars Crusade, Part 6: The Force Called Grace

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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to earn their own than this lease is not just as he is so yes Jesus is him and the I Jesus is in force called gratis card an hour before I is a nice offer is what is all about why is a wise and understanding is that humanity must be some in the Bible Jesus Solis in the last phase I believe is as important as the man said he thought I wasn't even know what is in these and he says that is what is needed is knowing there was a lot of talk about loss that in the evening when he just seen before is confidential and is in what way do you are in focus in Genesis that no one great is not science so I'll ask you how was no one to see you it is by are you so I know I saved by grace you have a flattened CSS was in the reason no one knows is the Son of Man then what will those who are saved in the easiest thing my race heritage is our point is not to understand what recently that intelligence amazement as Henry is is unevenly rephrase that a lot of people today on this understand embrace was in the days and know how many divorcees ages that has felt that very few people even know what they does the concept of grace one hundred days in the list also these on a young man tonight is a force called dreams and I'm learning I we are going to do a little recap because it isn't for you to understand the beginning of the customer receiving on in order for us to remain a white racism as it is very recently I guess you remember the minimum over then again again speaking of Lucifer had the heart not one I'm going to show you how great life is so on the holy mountain of God I will not in the mid- 's on-the-fly as he was when he was honestly you are perfect in your ways from the data analysis created by Seattle in which he was found in the everyone what is innately long this is very result Satan or Lucifer then with lawlessness found in his heart was let us know that Lucifer was practicing lawlessness and hang there is a will him a will say that the file student loses and I has the file I sanctuary line and multiline iniquities by an angry online strategies needlessly as he said he wasn't purposely firing God 's sanctuary in the work as sanctuaries represent holy phrases with SCE one of those holy places were in a moment because I think most is a structure resembling the holy places and had Jeremiah as far as I thrown from the beginning usually sanctuary why Satan is behind old the sanctuary was actually defined what the role God 's throne and the holy places that God instructed Moses to build and was a replica of that shoe holding phrases which are found where it had an not remember it was the first call me unwilling to show you how to when you made the most holy place of the sanctuary of what was causing the heart of the one on top of that farm workers who angels who is facing each other with varying over our old artists in the yard cutting loses Word was one of the Angels and hey I have a very high high physician he was nice and I was covering the art of a while beyond of the covenant it is known that he had here was a company that is okay there was a company that was recovering he was covering the while the on coming so he is called covering several at fourteen what does you how I thought heaven O Lucifer son of the morning and I have said in thine heart I decided to head I will exalt my run so no one all the stars of God I will be like the most I remember that is listening he was in the stars of God represented angels to lose your list here say that he wanted to exalt his own feces immediately seizes rule over the Angels of God and I will utilize the most high is the most time like everyone in the merciful long-suffering what was the same as I will be like the most high I can be like God did not have to open a huge lot she is all very good all season point foundation said Islam was against the law of foundation about Stalin remember dog when you could use all the angels saw the light in between the Angels will like representing that my representatives Shekinah glory the very presence of God so the Angels still in the very presence of God based upon the very foundation of the throne of God so Satan 's war one against the law that he was one that he was covering great what you say I don't belong to me holy like God 's on our floor who slays the Angels are actually three and the need for an Oregon Trinity Angels freedom actually sounds really funny all why we all than myself as was the law of self sacrificing love you honestly read by millions is on law all in your freedom a name is Baldwin actually began to become deranged in his mind stating designer to do what she will always lead in the law of God and a designer 's two-out fathers are asked to make a change in the law the government of God he is going on in eighty days understanding business Satan desires a lot of the logon so you exalt his loan about humanity that when he was in the Angels who believed his lies on his mother want to start out on the Angels believed to the case a printer you think is pretty deceitful the latter 's use got away from God to Nassau Senior novice to think of them canceled if you own one third of all Angels because they step away from God don't think that is okay for you uses not to follow his words she so Satan is cast out of heaven and he comes out to the Avenue are created with the same law freedom of choice which means that they are they are all sons were born the freedoms that he is saying but I given the power to resist he seems to listen to Satan because he says he found that while surely you're what he told me him I know that you need a wrong they are sound I shot you have God knowing good and evil what was he saying he is industry you will be able to tell the difference between what good is wealth for your self you will not need attendant one one hundred one son-in-law to discern between right and wrong you'll have to do is go to be able to discern between right and wrong is that anyone can not as good as when using certainly the Gospel as this is able to donate from the straight this is not only going to happen I ensure that you don't have enough the healing ministry then you will have the knowledge and what happens when they need from the trade while one in Sweden were no longer subject to the law who God is the law all say that the Romans to versus who is saying they were not subject to the last and that they were not written down in the law who will not notice from his adversary because the carnal mind is the mind rebelled against God and God why is against God for his nonviolent substitute God dissolved on my review can be stolen anything accomplished and causing me to say because then to be in rebellion against the law of God all right Greta is the as I follow the law of sin and that is also a day to the law of God 's name is as great as we are saved by what great is saying that we are in the government to ourselves and our government when seeing which means that writing is is beginning to want to bring in any suggestions in the law of God which is the law of self sacrificing love this is the purpose of greatest notices Mark says he and he has rained on that that is as a result of seeing the end result is that is what I saw all the end result or even sold my greatest rain through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord solicited is saying leads us to what is the law of sin and death and leaves us to where righteousness which is being associated to the government or the law of God very good now again is raising out of five rating this is Moses speaking in Exodus thirty three he is talking about I honestly says here now therefore I pray me if I have found one grace in thy sight shall mean now by the way that I mean no need that I may find grace and by science according to Moseley 's morning is equally grayish with all the while the way to God so what is breast-feeding was for solutions that will see that God is so the way to salvation is the purpose of the greatest notice again please wear in the sanctuary very good Psalm seventy seven verse thirteen died away all God and all sanctuary who was celebrated on out on the scene when sanctuary of God we didn't have any sanctuary I remember we talked last on August Wednesday the prophecy of what is sending me processing and sell that at any prophecy page one eighty this transition time between the inside Solaris and a sanctuary at the end of the seventy weeks that's when Jesus died on the video in the example was when Lindsay and I anointed as a sanctuary began his ministry they are the highway at all times where in the sanctuary to realize that in making this discussion Wednesday on the on the on the seventy weeks but do you realize how much more is going on in Israel right now has to deal with the same with eight Temple be rebuilt in Israel and no I get his point remember Jesus said at once that something was definitely it will be desolate until way after only a somnolence let's say the women of his body is solved a thing on the whole Old Testament evening elsewhere in him all I was talking about is full in the PR guy is a harbinger was noticeably noticeable body is all the signs in the windows or rings it was long when assigning oxidation on the simple way it is not enough where identifying the medium is in his hotel room in Jerusalem or in the heavenly sanctuary in the heavenly sanctuary is what God wants us to look up Satan wants us to look forward to something that will be rebuilding cost is a lonely desolate for how long until EA is the importance of the seventy weeks prophecy in Iraq are expensive funding currently ahead so Wednesday in the sanctuary in heaven that you may not want to notice he was tenuously not cease about the spirit of grace you knew that racing spirit the Bible says here that he was staring out of the race are in Christ are to receive pricing me that he was wrestling on a cost while not rejecting this area of greatest celebration in the spirit that leaves a bad but if you need to know what everyone places like eczema and if you need a and you are not under the law question if you are not under what all to hear from you you're not under what all the all they are that you want in the Spirit you are no longer there for all human laws they are no longer something to the law that says you must have you precisely printed on the Salida breast-feeding all we know is what lining the model assumed that we are not on the Mount is the really informed about it once you notice something called a throne of grace I have to seem to have a great life for his best to ahead is Jesus the son of God as well that our profession so we high priest which cannot trust the field Parisi wasn't all going in life as we are yet without while Sunnis always tries to this world saying he sought to bring him under the dominion of this throne the law say I is no end he is not something to say I saw this as therefore reason therefore will need to know all on one group is that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the meetings for fourteen seasons eleven there was something that I call her own the grade is what is now exact same place upon which God is in Texas hold 'em I is in mind when I come to the throne of grace how we can embrace thing about it if you be there by this area is where you started what is funny in him than what is so great is the house of the startup raises issues of the lien back to know what all upgrades locate documents of the said company reasonably sure you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ or you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ had known he was amazed yet for your sakes he became poor that he is commonly my be one racing cream is not so great as ours is the thing that's asked for we were poor he was rich he or so that we can Rasul and they that transforms us is also enabled us that we had received about Gray said I received greatest for old media is a fair amount of unnecessary things off I asked him what his race for you and so you need to grade is that they didn't help me be I will be alright great if you want to help me will be only AJ will be in the low grade fossil and how God is able to make all grace abound toward you that you always have all sufficiency in all things may I checked every good second Corinthians nine is a you know what am I doing good works because I find the greatest American United States not as sexy as Cantonese that I made you what well what an awesome I must say nothing is going to say on the ring is off doing the will tell you great and I may announce a hot nozzle is in there what will be digging out as good as writers and when all the hideous things and then we know that's not really raising the right okay now the spirit of the greatest leaders where everyone is throwing all grace unless some words of his own grace on this chart ride here's a look remember we talked about life in the sanctuaries and birds eye view of the sanctuary the most holy place the holy place out of court the first and only come across as we must do what you confess our sins is not a sacrifice one day we move on to what claims in God and that she and he helped us to do those things in our lives that separate us from him and that he has what he says he must feed on my arguments word he means us to prayer reasons in our lifestyle and the wrong one grieves the love you remember we saw across your Jesus as I await industries in the life no man cometh unto the father but by meeting with the father in this chart right human on the throne of grace the same place upon which the two angels standing on the side or are one at night as I see their Windows NT four when she's welcome I think are not very good that CCS is great is that you really that he's not that I that in the wall of salvation so we finally come to a to the throne on the throne of grace where the part of the company he once was the foundation of the government a bass output no mercy C a Harvey testimony in the most holy place Exodus twenty six Frese for so God 's mercy C who is right on top of the art of the testimony more about our weather is also chilling and yes because God told Moses I want you to build a major just like the one which he saw in heaven so this is where God 's throne is in heaven he's on a mercy seat what was called a growing original question is what will happen to the art in heaven that is not also know that everyone already while William was no law or the company with MDR and had that's really all the law is fulfilled in one I very was really means one sentence here even as thou sow love thy neighbor as thyself the law on what self-sacrificing love I believe that he will go ahead and before they are sending pictures to you that are you are seeing one word in there and then what I love the monthly notices because I have any see there is not always allow the evil one this story is not a word on how different they lose their health difference between good and evil history is gotten worse and worse looking than a newspaper using all premiums while José has nothing wrong with her how does losing the ability to discern between that which is good and evil now when God came down and stole some mostly as he was about to do list is exhaustive or to build this is our and TR the same all and I can't solve foolish that God have to do something for them the wisdom God is not in the bigger than and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil they lost that knowledge and not the constant mount Sinai in Babylon Hernandez only one of the tendinitis movies alright here's the answer the ten Commandments days the law of love for our you see the size of Jews and others on Windows for dummies you don't know any better but sometimes in a long time is because you and I think one thing we were not in the first four hundred and seventy eight he him alive so will resolve all that is what he writes this as I thought now I have an okay on getting along well enough on this for you so that you see the apply to your life along the freedom to connect a number one was a sinensis wondrously use NZ now so I have no other gods before me and what this means when nothing else happened on performing he was a business partner law of self while sacrificing it is what one is a menace more later on this when we do them quickly if you are not performing each other and how to have a run in on a out and out you have is you are really what you say in English I is not doing good to do that is going to harm you what a golf performing he also said management tool will not make me anyone craving is another one is when you Marston is written in the speed to open yourself up to our enemies they will delete your harm suffered by so doing the greenhouse online and name on them and they are going to let you you are pushing yourself away from the source of all life will need to your alternate destruction because I will come in and destroy the Jews are going to envision the law was self-sacrificing Margaret he's explaining phenomena before remember the Sabbath taking a holistic labor one hundred percent in the Sabbath of the Lord my God is doing on South and I so want to find this out as needed these all involve when money is and also he says and then I remember that I know what is a renowned creator to remember that I'm the one that needs you to have as many as a place to live on the net is would not be wearing his day I saw Eagles on our bottom-line father and thy mother wife that it is a long long year goodies love love love your enemies he says I guess you stand on this time I got hurt then there is he also says thou shall not show I mean that's pretty obvious don't I will honestly say I've been off as also as also not made about three so now I see you know that sounds off in all weaknesses okay I made her a sound one constant in the ten Commandments or step out the law of love HK is visible as you are you will find is what will you say like this on no matter is announcement or rather set is passed on to those he is your life what know you and the angels in heaven I also believe that Islam these laws are applicable to find living on the folding principle that one word is what is which was in the yard so this is what also see you are rather Peter I have written briefly exhorted in testifying that this is not one so crazy of God brings that question at Seagraves is there something also called fostering me if there is a show that was also the a while of social grace without adjusting sure is the business of the throne of God shall raise really is a section of the law of God which is the self-sacrificing love love which is what we would call today and not hanging and that got rid of a lot of and I heard that grace is greater than the ten commandment to love I never heard that okay this is a very very strong I want something to there is something behind that using that is not the feeling that not somehow cool is that once I will still log on to call you think is on earth that is sent into the very same day stayed very good notice here went to look at something else in the sanctuary grace I think more represent the same vein notice it home we have redemption through his life for the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his life grace and grace were saved by his life by his life he is one process through his bracelets through his sacrifice for us we received notice of the also but is mostly shiny thought worthy who hath trodden under foot the son of God and the company where he was saying by avoiding being done despite unto the spirit of grace is saving me the blood of the covenant of God Christ's sacrifice is easy to do with his greatest this Andrea is so you say that a lot of crime they also rejecting the one the grace of Christ to his blog where exactly gracious offer to us as we are setting the various and price so low that the purpose of the blog is in heaven they seize on what is in line with the purpose of verse two made one too many see as handing him to reconcile all things are things that we see here to me was born at me she is doing what reconciled bringing together and bring into harmony Colossus one verse twenty nine will help lead was used in the sanctuary was sprinkled on the altar of sacrifice known as resulting in the blood of the sin offering with his finger on it upon the horns of the altar of our offering shall pour out his blog on the altar of their offerings and is for twenty five thousand miles plus remember when a person seeing they would need a hands on the head of the animal link is the shielding the presentation of blood and he was sprinkling where the monster of in our sacrifice now also red hair he was related not to represent horns what we just laid about the God wants to reconcile us with a spirit of sacrifice remember in head was all a lot self-sacrificing law once the season on the mound the unattended I don't weigh you how to price the purpose of the receipt of the sanctuary is to bring us back into harmony with one principle which is the principle of sacrificing the absolute last thing the author may try to bring you what I is an inverse now you go ahead and see how to better ourselves so the message on this for me is that we are spirit of self-sacrifice but we deny we are denying the blood of Christ which means we're denying about grace of Christ not only was blood sprinkled upon the altar of sacrifice I was also strangled on the mall to see anything and it frees up with some of the blood on the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the Lord which is in the tabernacle of the congregation that is represented by prayer OR community software with a lot of crimes the blood is not going to reconcile the spirit of sacrifice but to reconcile us with the spirit of communion with God in a God wants us to be able to talk to him went wrong when we say God is my face is hidden from human communications but through the sacrifice of Christ I will also do not have gone the sun and rain is easily a spirit of communion and what they are we can be gone long as he wants to talk to was weaned on IRAs and the kind of father God all the blood of Christ reconciling and easily alienating communication and waiting me than you if you are not afraid I'll talk about what we do not we're not the Christ that's more than I race outcome is likely to write a novel of the bloodstream upon the altar sacrifice on the altar suite and is one of the blood will sprinkle on the mercy is then shot and killed him or listen offering isolated people and bring his beloved in the video stream coming up on what was not to see the father is not in what was on the diversity the company along with an command sole purpose of what love is bringing back the harm in the e-mail of God is that you are which tell the law of God it was fabulously on the entire purpose of raising the blood of Christ 's lead is no law that aimed to the Sudanese rate as you can see why he is widely rated as because I believe this while I said that to the throne of grace he is raising probably does not thought of God he presently does that to the a while all I can't afford rather therefore say to Christ not only been the latest England guy who recently mean change the Navy and so now what we guarantee they were hearing hey we're not in the long run under grade is therefore we don't need to achieve prudently as it was needlessly on to an organization earnestly contend for the same which was once delivered unto the saints for there are certain men crept in unawares in the time that I can find that Julia resigned rather he is same as there are people who have a insurance in your concerns that in doing what turning the grace of our God is is is is am I the only north Lebanon Lord Jesus Christ is there any resource room again as I say raising the license for what was that it is anything is where I'm at right now we are free because if you have a law that would mean that we could not you can't love us we are not slaves so therefore the law suddenly is now Greece is that the company has go ahead and do what you want to do one of the conversation on race I live in loving from the government to save his war was against the law at the foundation of God 's throne and she gave another new year to say we know they are being is not a lot of love you all why on the evening of the law is that he is not as developed as he is in Gondwanaland all winners usually you will this is legal as long as he is and he will say I think I want be able to say something that already one thousand people not as I is not an accident and another we see this in the unique layout in human nature is the even among Christians we don't need at all we are you will instantly Elizabeth said he thought the bombings in good to understand the sanctuary and will not allow you to see one third of the Angels hull on the Angels and all the angels with the IRS and the one you are able but the original intent was low we already know the law of God is what people are saying about it instead he let the law of God has been the longest I will not without the way things with you and I know there is a controversial piece and I must say this is all at once he must come out as flat as to remove the foundation of God 's throne is not as all I had our well-meaning people on the plane these people are yelled in the sense is something fall in love and had a regime even either what we does this all in one of our crazy I know what that means I want to analysis not have anyone in with the Jesus no saying they are safe in the math section fourteen I have gratis nullifies that had collapsed the law of God I call that states are as safe as great as this should embrace nullify the law of love with a biophysicist and shall not have dominion over you when you are not under the law but under grace Romans six fourteen exactly in the lower right on every NASCAR site know what will we no longer under the law of love seeing his beloved city law means you need to see all is all crazy you know I is the time I fundamentalism using bear with me if you're trying and you're going eighty five thousand dollars in a fifty five mile an hour of area are you under the law why because you're breaking the law sledding in your rearview mirror and complement so will you know when you are rather nobody thought of the police officer in somewhere in the yes you are intelligent you have moments when the police officer pulled over yet most and you really want because you are breaking the law if you are on the all lawless feedings you say will ratify you what will nothing more than as soon as he went on a starting point as I all of a sudden I hear it at all what see you you are not part of the commission under the law is laid away he is fine I saw the police officer was your today you know you're in trouble and he said he always offices regional church and him and have mercy on what Morrison on the results of the okay on January the twenty yes you are you under the law are united at all now without it he had been anyone I never see you continue you will read in the blog will see you will still your national son Jesus in his car and not even know your nylon on the race I will I really leave you in July and is also fulfilling his will therefore is a must-read on this lognormal origination fee is I will refrain at your crazy Angelo nullifying any taking the exam and I mean all you need to offer some BIOS is essential happening all over us because we are no longer under the law but under grace recently meaning that I is for you not in Anaheim this is going to no more homework Steve on what is the serial you are not under the lot is all day and she was great in Holocaust to all those Austin and I would like to reason that I is is is open to the laws as precise as Muslims on Muslim as I must say no Gracie and how we to be something the law is thrown at you you are not your throne in a constant rate seems to remove the foundation of God 's will so any time you hear something like grade and eliminate the law of God you know that which is a common form operators Romans existing about is what then shall we say because were not long on the praise God while confident in the Bible says in his transfers from them all still not been some insurance address the law because we are not under law but under grace of God while that's okay but only on that because were on the bracelet more like sixty here's another one we are now under the new company and that has been abolished you will connect well this is what I see will no one is criticizing Christians are not free from the law is only one way and then soon see the law that they are free from the south tomorrow that is according to the laws of the country is free from arrest set aside law but he has found a way that I was not to fulfill the law and still be free from and what I created is a force call raises nominal in the movie when he said the force be one with you beloved we don't need the force that song about what we need is what you may see what we do that we need another set us free from the Boston and that now is the new economy monasticism in the new company is looking at a company wanting to come in and I haven't had five hard and then you go back in the five parts in the singular I don't like this company there there's a couple things in here that a lot of women exchanged two or three elements do not have a new covenant yet I was change the television and you have it he'll become so let's figure out first of all what was the covenant of God me is the covenant I will make with them after those things that the Lord I let my wife is all in their hearts and in their mind for my life in the new covenant God says in the book of Hebrews is that he wants to write his blog where gaining your sign that the new covenant is not as a human aspects of the covenants made with this was the fastest of the old covenant status then what is it on the new company so number one one and they said was accounted to go is a saying in the new company yesterday a very good one nineteen one seventeen real status changed yes it has been the scene and another study that now the Bible says that he is there actual newsreel as he made a little shoeless says in other words anyone can be a part of his new covenant in the Old Testament it was only a short after the one class in the new company anyone who says she's someone I must say we will see becomes part of his all right there was a large companies the weather and laws of the ten Commandments eleven the status is not saying in the new covenant there was a lot of accompanied in the Old Testament in the table above stone in the new company if you change the Islamic thing about the harmony are already coming here have taken an exchange know that there has been evidence of changed all right you know what else there was the blog you'll have your company was all see you with the blood of an animal in new companies is the blood of Jesus the mediator that needed it was cold more than New York was no try there was a sanctuary in the all company a month and the ingenuity and I have been working hard and was early in the new NEDs and him so he will does not mean that all of a sudden but it is recently named there is a company that has changed anything on this about right so the new company does not signify the Nazis is nice in fact we find all the tendinitis right here to in the New Testament is not a lot about seating nothing in the law will dwell on the more they are a number of the Ignacio bearing false witness and coming is all in the new law will visit what it says a lot about handwriting of ordinances out of the game is as concrete was setting out of the way nailing it to do what was cost that no man therefore judge you in the morning drinking or in respect of authority had one of the new moons while some of these which are silently the body of Christ as he thought about a lot in the Bible clearly says that in the New Testament that is all his handwriting was how about you when I know better why the client that allows the ceremonial notice and remember I said he was studying and he shall do what you earned a lot of comment with many for one week and the reading is Giancarlo what sacrifice envy what all is not as excessive widgets who thinks he won he would want confirm with something else you will cost a lot sees the wife that he was unconfirmed and I will write my will in the heart this is Jesus Iannotti Jesus would confirm the covenant twenty one all sacrifices and he always is another word for minimizing design the layout of the Temple was written to signify a all sacrificial offerings what is known as a ceremonial law this Armando law is working with the one who sacrificed me the sacrifice of a no we also talked about training and in the other offerings drink offering any offerings do we need to offer drink any offerings in the sanctuary and know this is long out of the cost there were seven ceremonial status under the ceremonial law they were the Passover unleavened bread for us through his Pentecost season is strongly believes only these of doing English even in these today no loving Jesus when he died in and to the ceremonial law but I'd ask you to Jesus that I is okay to those three covers three is okay I feel you are the ceremonial law will cross the big holiday Jesus Jane confirmed now along with consultation people using it is as definite proof that he is number one for Christ is not what an outlaw for righteousness to everyone out of the building of the Bible said that Christ is alive and will be the lowest and highest finish all while of the only problem with anything the person of you wondering if there's not any of the companion is shattering the bottom of your heart and in the conscience of the same with me when this is not him as all of the magnet is one set is shouting out of your heart I love for Christ is no one that will allow anyone for righteousness to everyone that he is the hobgoblin of the law of God is to be honest to Jesus you I have a lot to me synesthesia law a lot done with an all purpose of the law but again Jimmy's five one the whole economy is your human cases and told me the determination of the Lord and you have seen that one is same as soon as we don't know where you are acting as I know they say you have seen the ball of the Lord or the fulfillment of the Lord is very beautiful tender and first one I is receiving on your faith and salvation of souls isn't meaning the goal of your faith Christ is the end of the law is not saying this is a lot to say at the end of the law the law had rolled that brings us to a human being while long you have been on the yard Jesus and the law written in your file following the spirit of grace and sweetness back to the throne of grace as Christ has redeemed us from the law and you remember everything is on the wrong one of countless testimonials from the one and all along everything is on the law using Windows from Trasylol being made at us for his regular person Monday on its review of the law when he was paying the wages of sin in the Bible say the Salah law is not ours it is long and adventurous someone said that he delivered us from the curse of the law is an easy half for human person is no longer hanging over our head and what to handyman handles things wrong or not saying for the most things you didn't know how he really felt what a upcoming service of God you have your fruit unto holiness and everlasting life for the ways of sin is death and if not Jesus Christ our Lord Romans six twenty one twenty three one one eleven lumens one minutes off on a segregated law school next to the same law school master according to the Bible is before faith came we Wednesday under the law some of the safety which should afterwards be revealed wherefore the law was our a while schoolmasters and draining onto Christ that we might be justified by saying but after that haters we are no longer under a schoolmaster Galatians three twenty five someone is telling him he was a C the law was a schoolmaster is also try and not for over two hundred and twenty he was in your fantasy Monday he's just necessary and is presently he is going and I went to school and unlike teachers but not graduated from whom I be seeing more will will matter as they were inherently and I yell at my final notice of the claim was you really know some really great anything involving out while talking on a subtle not to worry you are hunting I went to school for this but after I graduated everything I learned because the longer under a schoolmaster you will become aware that not many of us hit on the schoolmaster we go out the schoolmaster has taught me she is for life so this is my favorite people in the know of them all is James is forth in your hearing the word and not a doer you might want to a man beholding his natural face in a glass for all people for behold for he himself am going this way and straightway forget about America he was look into the perfect law of liberty she went very very busy indeed not a forgetful hearer but into on the work this may sound in his knees not worth the social law I never never you know what when you make the morning you are what you notice you don't look too good not to talk to the nurse is not automatically be sought in your face in the mirror no workers and their actions and just a lot of outside and turn the water on anyone seem to be handled in the house you to decide if you are ready to announce that all clot on his way to say and log on to the law document in error that we can look into how cause analyses as will not cause not yet I will tell you in my heart I know to me on the cleanly easy and I is that whenever you continue to cause up there is a lot of diseases that crazy way that all right so we can all this rain I want to the testimony of Jesus when I been going to these but this was out of fourteen fifty if you love making my life testing the speaking is something you said you want in life you know what is the best seamlessly I would rather not seen as they sell me don't worry about commands Colorado resident Jesus is worse than the sun professor with she is holding anything in the long because Jesus himself and if you like the Mexican-Americans were so want to check him out from his forty 's and Christ is an excellent command which is love the Lord about it on your heart will never exercise of these that is unique about his representation and know they had below the personal you will notice that the first for commencing the bad are things that a person does not hope John is asked to relate to your neighbors Lindsay is supposed to as he's summing up in our what about the testimony of Paul Romans thirteen policies and was lost unjustified Romans three thirty one is the established law that does sound like getting to me Romans seven twelve civilized only dangerous for anything he says arrives the law is to be fulfilled in us is alive and she him alongside another my brother what he wanted to go socializing the whole I offended how many one point he is counting on how much all the next day do not commit adultery site also do not not commit nor got to get up till now transgressors of the law so sneaky and so delete message is all under the Eureka testimony of John the first time I do know that we know him if we want change to come and see I think I'm going to North America the lighter and stronger as Nottingham Johnson three and four in my casino that we are children of God when we love God and King he is an explanation the love of God and keep his commandments and his commandments are not greedy is all right eleven chemically small disease preparedness quiz this is you please listen I got the follows okay if you get anywhere link not just a little longer you get if you come unprepared for this quiz I will know our revelation Star Wars is the child was wrong the woman went AWOL and regular-season which still seem to come asymptotic test one in Jesus Christ when you decide that you love God and one in the war between what you say when I said in my heart I want us to do and I will exalt my what role of August I will than one amount of contributions is on the side of non- voices is saying is find a way to exaltation remote little over you and his install installing over the is one of him who that room a little more and see the Antichrist whose single artist who is in you shall speak great words against the most high so where are the saints of the most high I think it's a shame she's the one change times and all Danielson twenty five saying with their syllabus to change laws whose law is not how to do something like that is changed on all I have found that seems all coastal are you wondering and say that this human race is coming up this the Bible says in her online shots as first thought about false prophets and priests alone and no one sanctuary may have done violence to the ball sometimes when the sanctuary Michael and what I said about CMS a little more is not one of them came with a little more and what great leaders of the host of heaven and a half ounce and a host of other stars of everyone yet he himself this Antichrist by consultants of the Prince of the host at Jesus and by him the antichrist and the sacrifices segued in place of his wife sanctuary was was what I say it will attempt to have found my sanctuary alone and how how you doing violence to the law doing is not how I think so while saying hello okay is that these Yahoo! News this is a sad saying the horn I also sat on his farm they shall do what low the sanctuary Australia something when you sacrifice access to whom we can go in shocking the antichrist from my family and the people that do know there not some song is what the people who can see the people understand the sanctuary will not be sold by Satan polluting sanctuary machismo my company will not send my covenant what I written nor alternatively thanks on my company but Satan 's purpose is to change the time for all in the top of resident living here is your Queens sound the throne of iniquity who's going to sing this song is one of iniquity that is the wish for in this mission by a long something for you to hear your diabolical plan is into the law of God I come in that seems to be an author of God and guided by God changed by God but is really an honorable see done I think sharing mission as violent crime that is funny and so all the men will think all of his year-long oxymoronic anyone is following this must be something good this is something I've done himself Satan has successfully exalted throne above used by the people the Bible says here's a piece of the saints here the diocese of the medicine done things easier for his tomorrow is this I want to go home in the philosophy and car radios and I think our once one of these commands or to the devil possibly shy to study change so that we wouldn't notice that I know I think part of it I want to finally save me some of my last last I with you without violence death and Louise what commandments that they may have eventually aligned and then enter in through the gates into the city and then it ends by saying grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and you are a it is by grace that is because as long as Satan 's purpose is to change his law activists and you with fostering is another question tonight is you crucify you want everything I


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