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Star Wars Crusade, Part 9: The Truth About Sorcery

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from him since one to share with you before we can have announced earlier we do have a nice in the seminar have in limine these are he wanted this is the night RCRA had you not unusual for you I say this in beginning reading really hinges on having things that are easily one hundred and forty because he got a good foundation is an onus is on names as part of any fine now is nice one when the enterprise needs is one set of editing that number is on the Internet before when I was getting into and this is how long do I into the sanctuary when talking about spiritual is the house is actually in many Christian service is in so many different issues and what I'm talking about the millennial Temple in Romania mother one thousand euros a piece of art is on reparations one had another very special in line months to five dollars and is signifying that this is spiritual in terms Saturday night will be applied so again it is striking to see coming and it is not too late and I very first time they will be taught by a senior news okay so let us our case and I will bless this meeting tonight heavenly father we are so thankful for your Holy Spirit we thank you Lord for what you are about to do for us tonight please Lord let your steroids she just and start this and how muscle as we come to you across in Jesus name you are a name to my message in title is truly a vile sorcery not be made here are some things that set me shocking tonight don't be so shocked this is all coming from the Bible and I just want to say right up front that what we're going to be learning tonight is about socially it is going to be a lot different than what you have heard about sorcery and so is the prepared to see what the Bible has to say about the subject of sorcery on the question really is you know anyone who strengthens us in you know someone who may be strongly sexy are you know someone who was involved in okay I mentioned my sorcery that they are looking again at the rebellion in the Senate help us to understand what I define as sources for some reverse for a verse eight the reason there whosoever comeliness was in his dress is also the all law for sanity to the dressing on the law and goes on to say this is to say she got committed to go for an example and from way in the beginning so this first house here download growth and while the law and when you do that in the beginning and he often has worse and began he is the author of sin the Bible tells us that there was singing in heaven or in rebellion and have Bible goes on as possible we were one of the dominion of the sludge transfer the worst transgressions since it means without the Bible says Satan transgressed in heaven or what about the stress dressing or says chance rest of the law it's another way of saying rebellion transcripts as I was saying easy without according to the international standard Bible Encyclopedia he says the Old Testament has so occurs eighty times rendered and all persons behind what word transgression is meaning is without a social transgression according to the international standard Bible Encyclopedia means rebel all right Satan encouraged rebellion against God 's sanctuary work will remember reading in his twenty first eighteen five oh five sanctuaries multivitamin would see anybody anything would be unacceptable remember again that he is saying another word for transgression or lawlessness so what is the father in heaven the Bible says he filed the sanctuaries and in my nice meeting learned that the sanctuary will not let increase in what is the role according to the pattern the law of God whether the very foundation of throne of mercy C and his lessee will now want to file it had been done and had what they seem to my angel so there is changed the market remains a hearing so when I say that source of perfect harmony in real estate is transgression or is really going she will she's changed her name Angels yes God will will virus is hereby the multitude of thy merchandise we discussed this previously that merchandise simply means that Satan will start things it had no money was selling alive seamlessly he blasted the Angels got to live the Angels Angels ended up leaving him repeatedly you were sixteen one one two merchandise they have field limits of the human body and about half thing when I was originating any unread is for sale fifteen rustling through the Bible tells us for a while now again is not then one which combination went on a little secret here is if you notice the word is that if you have occasioned the Bible and you look at that person above you notice that the word is and as far while I have with them is needed is him were not in the original right what you mean as you might think the Bible saying that window in Islam means similar to what is what is not saying that was a lot in common is here in Mindanao in eighty one West Pratt Sullivan think about these verses we can come to the conclusion that what was new was they called angels to rebel against God was witchcraft and originator of this part of witchcraft and eighty is all sorcery is to put my name down into what the will of God is anything also our street is also a series is to put minds or to place my rebellion against the will of God what is forgotten is that as was seen with having the convention or change the minds of one part of needles and he dated his through the end of my tallest one for the Angels is fading I know one of the Angels through which trap where you see not marketing well possible the word for witchcraft in favorite percent of fifteen twenty three and you need to wish her a staff to whisper a staff now by Danny Satan whisper a cell to the Angels ahead when me I will will will I live in the room Eli was very angels listened again to his knees and his eyes all around what happened in that they will live these angels not again to seeing God in a different galaxy as someone who wasn't and is one of not of God below on our respective was that it is not something I'm not a contract with the minimal level of one early angels are cast out of heaven offender was long headed diseases like cancer Johnson and Johnson thought angels and revealed my face anymore after Green Giant was cast out and also called was to see the whole world he must have thought your angels were cast out with him and know his verse for release as well I was first time we just read in all resources at his jail June the third part of the one starter in the past year or so later angels see through witchcraft and saved lives whispering lies to rebel against God and his own or his sanctuary jihadist nominee is rejuvenated on this there are two types of which are organized having the wind was ice on which craft on NASCAR there is a lot and here is why you okay yeah what is that their civil right I think any roots is old he came to this is an evil no question about the is what I wonder what that he is using needle under a sky of what good so you may hear people say why not take but I pay while his family meaning that items matching for what good is a weapon of five hundred five Lexington had any use of magic become all city English speaking comes from one source and we begun outsourcing is a safe and noticed that her and his members fourteen HR and no marble for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of the life so not only does the devil know how wrong the next two when the horn and explore and go ahead on the devil but he also knows how to appear as the one angel he's Tuesday's tomorrow next evening he is in heaven and we only when I was with not following God vision God without having to submit a huge rules state is not present himself as one was trying to do evil things that I can be life like Don all right how do they get a obvious evil what is seemingly for the purpose of good now available to the revolution is seen that the relevance of sorcery and our day today we just talk about what happened in heaven and I went and looked at a time this University is seeking a all will notice is that a very sneezing versus twenty three sat on the live cattle shall sign no more at all in the voice of the woman on the right side we heard no more at all in the format is one of the great men of the year for why I was the reason where commenting all nations what we need now is an incredible verse that you need to his one hundred visitors actually be chosen because the last letter you know someone who is sorcery and how many I think to the vinyl here tells us that only a minimum easy all nations moving what is he by sorceries so what's going on well first of all we should realize that this is a way of meeting all nations driven down again the way he or the law of God that makes a exciting use our street and had to call the Angels to rebel against the sanctuary on the law of God somehow or another in the last days as goal is to use the same sorceries to convince all nations that they don't need to what they don't need only on quality don't need to follow God maybe he's doing is okay has anything we can begin to see how you perceive on anything but the Bible and would really get into this in terms of what she is doing today known as the Bible says in Psalm seventy ten thirteen by way of God is where in the sanctuary I remember some so say you to get us to stop following ongoing order some walking in the way sorcery is an attempt to keep my mind always from the sanctuary God when Google given the understanding of his voice RCA the remaining workforce sorcery in the same verse Revelation eighteen twenty three in the DreamWorks reseller with me CI GM can remember that the definition of the word sorcery is doing anything that met in the mind so that I will not follow the will of God that the definition of a coordinated assault importance of using a mirror on its concordance is a hot hypotension is uses the Hebrew word and you would look at outsourcing which was formed to you later that sorcery is anything that night he was the mind okay anything that he them I well one of the spiritualism these researchers can meditate the mind so that we will not want to follow the will of God yes indeed another as the Bible says in Deuteronomy eighteen ten twelve yes on the time among anyone and his son or his daughter pass through the fire and he was in his life is more bizarre times when the observer is in fact things in life you can't I will tell you anyway so I want to hold dish our website this is sure by looking at the star of all time he was born so you mamma that I say very often I leave drug September twenty third so I will look in my favorite paper in the astrology section and see what it's supposed to happen for mediation month and you don't really believe in the Bible actually tells us not to do those things because it is a form of sorcery anyone want to know anybody is handling agency times for any sensor or in English or aged armorer or a consultant with familiar spirits that all these things are talking about a note to cite some and oversight because the loving the site is no not how I was while I would like to call the thing when we know we had my credit card number that is what I am going I like the telling my credit card will not be reviewed the young responses don't even communicate and then don't talk about any cause we are actually dealing with vacation time is hosting a momentous father doing these things are sent to the lawyer talking to from minister is another nice there is Sarah is or are consulting with a familiar spirit and only talking to me I will someone who is familiar to you you go to our site for someone who claims are a construct the day I want to know what time I think they are where it is not as durable as there is a reason why all these things are and what abomination is loyal because of these abominations try them out from before the Deuteronomy he is well interesting when you read about Babylon is that he has a golden cup full of windows up domination as these are hard abominations the vaccine is promoting across a process plan and another one on in the entertainment industry and elsewhere we just see the Bible says for all nations elite is not her sources communicating to you how they are rather with the union of the design and being just hot all over people are falling into this on left and right people are reading their signs I hate people like this article of the readers of the future another is the Bible that South is written to ensure a better all these all toddlers are all on the Devils attempt to get us to believe that we don't actually need to get a hand on the old one user we don't need to go to Doctor questions we can go elsewhere however there our thinking to you as well and his assembly a form of sorcery the in that case the mind to believe that God is not the supreme not that is so you get a person who is a hemisphere is also called there and anything I want to read the Bible one for vaccination was very sorry as I was trying to eliminate anyone like that so easy to come up with some other interesting ways is not against flesh and blood and accountant against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world I'm a spiritually high places Ephesians six ten another when you're speaking to me party spirit whom he talking to your needs on my angels you are in communicating with them on Angel 's final southern governors and an angel all life so the best meeting you and I can do is not consult with these people or we these people who profess a half hours how don't get involved with an out all start stargazing in astrology none of the Bible says don't do it because it is you source the patient is not what anything that is the mind so that it will not follow the way your little guy we saw Spears is precisely the question du jour on Medicaid the my so that will not follow the will of Allah and I'm an American really really maybe you know someone who maybe struck sorcery you think that either you can even adjust us in my ad is out of wasted time I think you just go through jobs I will do everything that I people are taking to and from something yesterday from phenol wherever it is what these drugs to the mind is not as many as so much until it is almost impossible for a person to design in all want to have anything to do in God so that I really know someone who was involved with drugs is the one who was struggling with what sources say to you hot pink visual sorcery as someone who is what power is cut off right where you are absolutely meaningless as we usually think of somebody walking is cut off or somebody you know with feathers or stuff like that that is true there are people in the world and here in America war missing some old sorcery I believe that on that Islamist state and lays out how people do see I guess all his sorceress so the outcome of the lesson don't just say that you know just because you're not talking to site for your own will any one in medication my friend will probably want to log on using a form of sorcery so easy to throw many heat of my countless insurance cravings three sixteen and seventeen known enough that you are not one temple of God did you know that you know that is what God made the temple in heaven and also the assembly he told Moses to make a de novo that Temple is also to represent you what is a wonderful example destroy organized by seven other when we will our body is what we know we where doing so is Mark from a source you are saying he didn't have anyone to follow what their father Tim will not arrive until the snow in your example am not an expert on what we knew it was forgot everything will start on the last sanctuary slowly antismoking than holy smoke from a cigarette you don't fill the Temple with the Holy Spirit result was cigarette this is that the lawless one is so loaded from from the now wanted all types of drugs are in town of these which are usually not the spirit of God you are defined in the Temple and got settled in October if any not responsible of God came well done what he's showing the temple of God is holy which temple ye are not what you destroy review continue with the old person is going to own one temple you're doing the same work that is being seen and have some thoughts I want to do it drug is definitely a form of sorcery is a father adding medications online so that it will not follow the will or the law of God now you're ready for the are you ready you weren't going with you and my friend in five respondents to the comments on here and he was in progress as an chat in this so I will him alcohol in my sure I will follow the will of God you can see how C it is seen as successfully defeating the world through socialism why has God not trying to describe my site and what of editing out all are sinners are not even alive as you look at what alcohol does to the bottom of alcohol destroy the Temple you how hot does so many things the again we just become a waste of time to talk about all the physical fact that I'll call have on the body but never mind the physical since joined the litter and all those other things but the alcohol in the mind so that he will not want to follow along yesterday yesterday notice promptly verse one says they are reminded in her strong drink is one raising whomsoever it is PC and hereby is not why one of the Bible say that you love it up apparently it might be easy for me to see I will knew anything about Jesus from my women to talk about animal the Bible condones wireless hotspot and a mauling each other mine is one of the subjects that so many people are easily deceived upon the Bible tells us not to be disease all twenty three Merseyside is favored by the Congress and says who has whole sorrow and is battling who has means without cause who has written as alive as long as the one why do you look to see what now that were in the line is very important because what is coming as he uses the word talking about donating wine in the Bible there are two kinds of wine sometimes so too one was lamented as the otherwise time for making the unfermented wine is simply one that had no alcohol content any is telling us that we shall not go to see what makes it what me and why is not now on the line when it is ready when even his color in the cup winning movement itself a writer is talking about the fermentation process the last eighty seven and in and out in other words the Bible says in an outline that when you joined your finance first what is it does not indeed by any means necessary notice again it will do nothing I soluble strange women and I heart some other perverse means you to know some using my dynamism this is the RSC to live on the top of the map that has stricken these are costly I will not have beaten the Celtic knot when I most need it yet while and without it there is a reason why alcohol is taking the very same reason that draws authority will you are the devil is not a single one mind so that we will not only going to be the hottest articles as we doesn't JAWS is acting up as you partake in these things your desire is for God is in minimize in and yelled one original and unique as something normal online something natural by the loud as we read the Bible as a black hole that seems right when realizing what an utterly novel that I really like large and because we're dealing with something similar national we mathematic against spiritual wickedness in high places meeting constitutions of common people die from alcohol-related accidents and near there's no question in my monitor sitting on your mind that God does not want to see the strong do not drink wine nor strong drink not by sons with you when you go into the tabernacle of the congregation need I is is to forever growing generations in a difference between a harmony and what are the holy and between unclean unclean of the night and say this is a command and they were the priests were told doing are you an artist when you come into the sanctuary don't come a on why because please so that they could one put difference between holy and unholy how many meetings you need to be able to write the difference between holy and unholy one another the Bible tells us that when any part a of is strong and our ability to difference is holy and unholy Islam is a marvelous coming this is why we turn water into wine list for the Linux is about thus the Lord as the new one is the cluster was accustomed as they knew why she I'm financially great as Avenue while some cluster at once it is not for them to initialize my sentencing may not destroy the law is virus a you is UCR is usually written in the Bible known as the apostles with the drink a little wine for your summer and saved a lot of when he says that Wednesday is usually ranges you for your summer evening is not shrinking why is one thing they help your heart another love is Rich is talking about the part of that is the fermentation will destroy your liver and nation what is able to talk without offering so that I was not why he is in all alcohol beverages to his disciples at the Passover when he was about to die this is what it said in Exodus thirty first twenty five DOS unlock all the blood sacrifice with what is now lending in the meaning of this word is usually means fermentation so God saw the children as children of Israel this is when you offer my Passover to all but one of the nice evening Jesus would come on the scene notwithstanding his disciples tormented grape juice access and while as all of their life as a loving notice for five hundred hours out there for the own the media ICR and even Christ our Passover sacrifice for us that was used to represent Hussein Cardenal and television and easy and entertaining medicating my son I will not follow the will or the law of God is weaving a job if you want to come to these meetings living that's an important television so watch at home some important format is important enough of it saying on television on all payment in the form of a source of argument here are many programs and many forms of music in many forms of entertainment that are nothing more than the devil 's sorcery to see you occupy from entering into the temple of God and how to play and she would love notice of filing he was searching to his being forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares the Bible tells us that when we entertain whatever selecting strains because sometimes learning the more entertaining Angels now that I have entertained angels environment and will when God can go in school and just before they went to Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy God and Abraham to Angels there a formal manner Abraham did not know when he was unaware of it but in my I will somehow we can entertain good Angels is also possible that we may you and we can also entertain evil engines unaware at her initially the definition of this word entertainment we just celebrated our earnings while that come in very good and that part of the world means all are those that are not hold possession and we need the state also is possible that some of the entertainment they are not being involved that downhole and his angels come in and take all or possession of our mind and she stated that even some you evidently he's doing into so many young people don't have time for God because they are caught up in the entity instead this world has to offer not all young people but old and young people as well known to use a medium that he see I leave you remember what was the medium was a son and the devil is in so I will call the medium and as a medium one who claims that hard to what to see you communicate with these which are communicating with spirits and so saying he was in medium to see how you need not this is just amazing because when he asked you what you think is the plural of the word medium is media media as the only thing the new media is a a PR two DCE were talking he is channeling one time discount on television and guess what you'll notice when I saw a woman who is using the media had a meeting on to see the will to you on that side of the screen all kinds of and what is thing that will definitely turn our minds away from God will get caught in the in the smile of the world is in the elsewhere and he's using the media and not all media for many of you want to you is you and the law of God and of desperate housewives never seen a single some of these other programs that are coming on the eleventh of these programs will glorify me that which is generally the law of God in the meantime when we should get a Bible says that if you look after a woman who was hurting your where you are GMT this is already so many people don't know into a sitting out there who are finding the adult strategy anyone know how many developers out there that Angel doing right in the balls that you are okay that see you want to think about this is just the television so it doesn't really count how do you see in the world today what is hypnosis at lowest level one mind over matter how many realized that it immediately brought being hypnotized is a anonymous industry and among my my what I will tell you that when I was younger I was somewhat string and older and watch my favorite hip-hop artist known anatomy I'm not doing that we deleted it I'm not doing but you know I started walking anyways and my mom teach you how to walk in a cell and say that again I began to get what you thought of as you look at so many people there were now driving their lives and beginning to look at it I talk like their favorite stars you realize that the devil is using many negativity I will start myself but the damages in many of these so-called stars to VCU defense of their people away from Jesus Christ you know someone who struggle with sorcery while I don't have going on with what's happening me as communicating with evil spirits you know that I can help but think that as we said before letting his dream and we're doing what changing the channels from watching all these different even the devil has to offer us in on these various channels from pornography to join us on Wednesday that are against the law of God I can't help but think that in some way shape or form because communication with evil spirits gone on we don't even realize was an remote control means so while you are not coming at all whatsoever by the sesame the demo has his remote control you guys know this is really interesting because remember the Bible says in his will for you to live there for a while the attendant days where Sunni Arab or any stars like angels on earth because lifesaving they wanted to be like oh my father anymore or more famous than Johnson asked the question the desire to become more famous than your peers come from who is eighty and the desire to do someone else to me that in the AES income and wealth in the causing in my music group and out on stage and in a way to seal movements and doing what and what is this is a form of what there is any anxiety is always not limited we realized that the very desire that was out there with a desire that originated in the heart of all those wayward angels cast out into the air masses the million-dollar question where is the home of the stars eager some of you were in the city of Los Angeles and saw everyone Hollywood Los Angeles and not a lot when sitting as a Hollywood housework column he may certainly slowly and turned the entertainment industry and hardware vitamins now so so what starts talking stars now we are worth loving always start when you were not gotten anywhere shiny just like the stars and were forgetting about the city star which is Jesus Christ so let me say Star Wars without it is something that is very real because worsening out before our very eyes here is the agency 's Harry Potter Harry Potter has a very special long and blonde was made out of guess what the Honolulu Trinity and three was the use of this is a style of me upon people this is one of the nine face reason they seem truly is they were nice for the holiday tree was one of themselves how long was made out of what was called honey will question you need a hobby with just maybe the magic wand in the Devils and that is feeding people always found Jesus Christ leaving no question that he's putting people to sleep astrology or stargazing in the Warsaw the stars it is not only means it is not looking at the stars and direct in our lives for our future according to the worship of the stars are strongly just like these is now aware to the multitude of counselors astrologers the stargazers the month she what I see is us all on the whole result is double the far sovereign vendors shall not deliver themselves on the flame on the twenty seventh twenty twelve is clearly not to be involved in astrology more stargazing one another when we are worse using the stars upon when we are stressing according to the stars and when we are walking according to the start talking like the stars what are we involving a strong worship the stars in the nineties of the notice a lot of beer if you weren't moving me to start very good training definitions for the working motion on this topic in most agencies separated in a motion so when you see is what you say I will start my emotions were not processed here in Colossians one twenty three and continuing in the same as settlor being on what normal away from the whole household Colossus one twenty three I will be moving away from the gospel 's firm wanted anyone to move you away from the gospel of Jesus Christ how many of you know why you movies are called the movies and Trinity in these movies that is putting out stars of the purpose of moving us always from the gospel of Jesus Christ that evening the government you live in the movies anything is putting out that our code was not restless and capable when they say they are being moved their emotions are being started meanwhile in a two-hour will when you might wonder what you know you share with you guys Windows you try mediation morning for two hours and you're going in the lacking meet you crying yelling at your emotions they are meeting will place advantage and what Lori and when you come insurance there is no slows is gone on here and elsewhere in the region his remote control but the English snooze there you go so I remember he was an engineering wide awake now and will surface soon as you say to become more of these the human mind with excitement on this law is not eliminated and then we sent out a report about an hour it is what boring without it you have thing I have seen that revelations always such an incredible need no human being could have bought some and this is way better in mind on my vendor the song was the Bible itself another as far sneeze anything out there that I found which were ever put together so the government will run in the seven signs that the Bible will be one boring amino telekinesis is telekinesis in the psychic ability to move or reform all were with variations you will lose all physical force or someone top companies for the same something more than opting like that for me when I asked him when he is on the thing that through the media is using the power of telekinesis to deform your soul it is interesting that a lot of us saw the connection is Lord have mercy of the white cinema comes from the words and easiest things we need to move to move and another double in moving the form installed many people slowly the media through all the things that he is pushing out there and people of the Bible says that the world is being destroyed or disease I was sources we source of the Bible says raising ways is the forming out of their own shame wondering what starts to whom is reserved in the darkness forever the people who are allowing themselves to be entirely by stating the Bible called stars I was a wandering star I start out as a worse as we weird that we want glory me want on it we want crazy we enjoyed the worst of both people and money on the things of them have to offer my beloved there is another form or another set stars in the Bible Daniel twelve three in the above one I saw a sign at the brightness of the firmament and in turn many to righteousness as the one stars for ever and ever Daniel twelve and I'm glad to say tonight whether I was a wandering star but not by God 's grace I will be a star that shines forever and ever in love with him when he saw Jesus as unreleased song more than that based on what is it about now notice what the Bible says below especially on the wrong level with I did not like to eliminate any point now where regardless is in the last days and he is focusing on the double tonight but the subject is called and she was about Sausalito he said he wanted us on out on the rain is falling on and become the habitation of God will let any files as every unclean and hateful bird for all nations while John on the wine of the wrath of her fornication reparations agency when grading this one the mystery Babylon is described as a woman actually also you weren't this woman represents a spiritual power so here it is Jeremiah six verses that I have likened the daughter of Zion to a company and talking what one again and in Ephesians five two husbands love your wide enough Christ also loved the one starts and he and suffering in my prophecy when you see a woman being described the woman represents in a a search so when we get another revolution and we see that this woman her name is Babylon it's all weird phenomenon what this actually represents and what it starts and goes on to say that this woman or Christian Hauer would be seeing the world through one notice of the virus is about my damn mind speaking about the weekend there why is poison I want to hide in and from or this is not a formal amorphous surface so there why is plenty thing about Dragon what was happening is what is known as the wicked are estranged from the way they go astray ask someone how they are seeking while the eyes why then is not poisonous are the online how to stop in her ear something the community for so the Bible says here that point I opt rations or service translate out the speaking was the highest notice again that there is found like a one starter poison is a condominium in Psalm one forty verse three is an open sepulcher and were very hungry while DCE one is under their case wrongs and thirteen Tonkin no man he is it is unruly needle full of gay poison seems to be sold and then called mystery Babylon seems the whole world is to see the world by speaking the eyes somewhere were speaking this evening I will notice shoreline in the Bible represents the unfermented gospel Jesus when he was just before his lifetime is the car and he said that Hussein's regime tolerated for this in mind while the God of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of twenty six twenty seven twenty when Jesus died out before he died he said he had called the cops on what as I read great Zeus is an excellent lot of life at all online and testament in common in the zany so this live seminar than the new and human love and how to figure why or why must need anyone to remain in God 's you see what the devil has been a company that is okay we're going to while you seen the world was on witchcraft hotter psyches and also seen whether some people want to fall back so we got a life that is in the making a great acting where they can have so underrated now you got it all on consistently over the miss on a nonexistent unless you are that you don't even realize it's magic but nonetheless it is a schematic showing the lines that you will not call the will of God is something like who know we are in a culture war were not going to go over that all however is singular that he says okay in the enough one of the romantic and agreement of the line printer is been a beautiful red magic so would a native Longhorn the one that would want to buy a firm named Katie God 's will that want to circle around the new notice again that he felt about how to accept it eager flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no lot like a United was not talking about his literal flashing was not talking about a literal blood these must symbolism that he was using his you are no life in you what do you say that because the Bible says that the life of the last seat in the law it was not you a lot in the state of Arkansas Louisiana however Jesus you say you have no life in you and she usually comply strictly speaking who so here's my flesh and drink my blood hath eternal life and I will raise him up and pay someone else in life and the lives initialize where you each channel while lying what does this mean how I would mean false while our sorrows another as they had a lesson here is what you don't need this floss my facility slots and you don't need to do certain things you have eternal life already what things are happening you shall certainly what I will have eternal life anyway I was once promised people who are walking and rebellion that they will have life regardless of their rebellion notice this is the version twenty two because it relies with one lives of members of the poisonous Dragon because with lives you have made the heart of the righteous sad whom I have not made sad I strengthened the hands of the wiki that he should not go research on this weekend when a promising head this last great front of the gospel is not to say that I see such is life in the way they don't have to abandon using the Internet is that it is one of the and so all in the session who I say he will doesn't matter the following are all the way anything that is my letter will not follow the will of the love of God was often spiritualism job alcohol television and using a false gospel here is essentially loving you can have eternal life about keeping all what you got people in his session exceedingly used to see the whole world by promising them I usually wear you can have eternal life with keeping all the methods of the automatic I have a lot to do with the more reason begin accepting that I do I is emancipated right to the tree of life and they answer into the gates into the city for wind power are all sorcerers know what that means whatever is outside and Jay's works e.g. that you don't have to while she is NFS Globe con freight for anyone that he is that he only became about God is teaching your former one sources and have mercy all right about it when valuing a facet of what witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry what a rebellion it is like saying anyone in here is anyone know anyone who struggle with Cecily tonight in an ongoing right about now only when we think of sorcery were solicitous of hanging herself like all us how to voice whispering in your own mind he wants to go do some insulation finishing up dinner was at witchcraft as to what was for a start on time not even with all our inability was not audible to those meetings but it hurts something was sent home you know you got such census estimate of how we snare sounds afterward witchcraft so we are not against flesh and blood something silver natural the Bible says because the carnal mind is against God for it is not subject to the logon might engage in any one of us in here is going to the carnal mind so we want to economize for having a cock in the ancient disaster of the carnal mind means that we are on Renaissance power and not a massive question what do you do when if you third world country is focused on you what would you do you know nothing about donating about you you need shared okay first thing he scared as an opportunity your fundamentalists are talking all children shall was the first to you don't know about Jesus being what ongoing working on bonding with your sentiments all aware of involving the Houston offense where there is all now to the solo singing for lack on the almonds I cannot say that was a close call no causes status will show you how many things you need to know the members I knew that you need to know somebody else who is also in possession of supernatural life how come you get one month ago and we are wrestling identification and natural flow niche they are waiting when I told to me to overcome this entity is not going to know who is also what supernatural was that one it is not a ritual we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places Jesus says but how many actually seeing him even than taking the Highlands and the columnist on the unit 's event of an imminent name you would like to come home you realize that not all of your seat in the world can read some of these things is same as we don't have enough hours in her sometimes as you come to me and submit yourself to me that if you are how we need somewhere so is not as trustees you know why they came upon the existing energy the other easy do you do that but that's okay it was any supernatural power we write about something that shows supernatural narrow rule is when you present codswallop and another own United writer is a sign of a converted present lungs on what Islam noticed this as you want where you recognize what you see and is these United partakers while the mind nature having escaped the corruption in the world through the window and on caucuses and races that is to come is the one throne of grace we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need God calls us to the throne of grace where we can get our fight against the enemy you remember the Taliban he was ten twenty nine Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of one the Spirit of crazy reason why long as you reason about his father had gone release does what moves God and through the sanctuary is aware to the floor of green below sorcery is anything that moves in which direction in an is is a wonderful meeting that will long Jesus Christ he saw seen it maybe your job is not assessing the dense mass power to make you think that your job is more important than following Jesus anything you can get a hold of you think that is worn for him wrong I was not arrested him on the go to any doing and turning their backs on time and the devil needs this evening this will all nation to source a mommy loves you tonight is this you one of you going on is not the moving forward on the company when you know the holiday double exercise and use your strong cigarette I guess someone with mediation you want your existing on this the wine tasting what ever it is not the movies will use whatever is your same tonight though I can no longer allow the exercise his power over me Lord is a dongle and the Lord is your operations in Miami that is your desire to have been asking to see on my Lord is I need your power without you I am helpless in the comments in a time when you are like and don't embrace stop until I had that law written on my heart is going through will burn for him and him and him from her and and will from their own


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