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Star Wars Crusade, Part 10: 144,000 Star Warriors

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from a as you slice is this easily see the monasteries is is is is is is is is is so please my dad is one that is very very I mean a message that I hope tonight is necessary identify five thousand dollars and are about a hundred and forty five okay there's a lot of things using going around noise when it comes to the subject and I think it's a son is on environment understanding one of the most misunderstood as ahead and one for your energy for the next five dollars we need your spirit guide is in the US is losing some fun and please you all hearts as we open your word knowing maybe receive understanding Holy Spirit finally I saw this precious and wonderful name of Jesus amen when I begin a high reading about the country and forty four thousand this is found in Revelation chapter seven and the Bible says that after these things I saw on the four corners of the argument exists on some human one thousand there are in the Bible they are not a numbers cinema needed the number four is symbolic of world wide so you think about you how are the four direct north-south and east-west when the Bible says in the angel is standing on the four corners on the earth when the Bible was coming in that it is a worldwide event that's going to happen that examination chapter seven sons and I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the art of the wings is not below on your normally see nor on any street and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the yield on the living God and he can't a lot voice of the four angels to whom was given to her Embassy staying heart not your privacy on the trees on so we have sealed the servants of our God in their fourth case I heard a number of that which was sealed and it was sealed a hundred ad hominem forty four thousand on the slides of the children of Israel Revelation seven versus one to four so here we have one of the verses that is probably the most common in dealing with the one hundred and forty four thousand and were told that there is from the tribes of Israel now is that if you want to go back to the rebellion in heaven because you have seen every night that in order to understand us something we don't understand in life of another the eighty 's so weird when I look at something tonight when the rebellion C how does this sign in window one hundred and forty four thousand we saw yesterday last night the Bible says whosoever committed to answer address also the one golf course and is the transgression of the law to get medicines of the double for the double standard from the line beginning so we realized that in the beginning will say this for what you see what to say which means that Lucifer ruled a all and had our iPhone was first in the beginning he broke the law law wasn't a necessity the lost self-sacrificing wife that was the law of having summed up in one word straight and encouragement dog and I guess the sanctuary and will remember that it is usually twenty eight is the file not sanctuaries seeking a losing run the file life sanctuaries by the multitude of iniquity is not in iniquity on that one strategies Eagle twenty eight verse eighteen so the Bible tells us that it was a four and had a defiled something called Lala the sanctuary and often is seriously looking at essentially the God told Moses to do that sanctuary was a member or a new nation model that she was sexually found where it has been assigned a sanctuary we saw them into compartments called the holy and the most holy at inside the most holy place is where God sat on his throne and underneath the throne was a long that we now know and know what happened and then this is not the law that Satan solely hated because it was the foundation of God 's throne even though it had it was summed up in one word now is going to see one of the Bible says about Lucifer 's fall in this webinar focusing on the professor how are thou fallen from heaven old Lucifer son of the morning how I got cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations about us heart I will ascend into heaven I saw my own about the stars of God and I noticed this last part of the nurse I will sit also upon the mount about the one amount of you guys night on the mountain on the congregation in the size of Delaware North now we do quite a few times on my knife hung again got busy on the first and wondering when talking about okay some of you if you are really take it easy with that came out of the congregation size is not what's all along what will find out tonight because that is going to really help us out in figuring out this one hundred and forty four thousand date of sanctuary the table of silver and was placed on the north side on the north side of the Bible says he and I saw the table without a veil and the candles the over against the table on the side of the tabernacle toward the south and is a chance that wasn't on the south side of the holy place inside the tabernacle and also put the table on what side on the north side according to Exodus twenty six thirty five not appear jaunty song of the sanctuary is one where you kind of this this objects around you can see that the cross clearly understood how the sanctuary really should be viewed at the milliseconds this inch lived at a ninety degrees angle here is the door to the sanctuary UN and there was the heartbeat altar of sacrifice and then the labor and then he went into the holy place and if you have the table of what showbread on the side of the North at some arrest callously and the most holy place and so red is actually on the side on the north by that sole significant correspondence figure out what the tennis children representing the celebrant was also called the bread of the presence is usually called the bread of the presence is called Brenda presents lots and lots of Jesus and Jesus said unto them I found that while the rest of life he that cometh to me shall never hunger and he got deleted by me shall never thirst John six thirty five Jesus said I am the bread of life so the table of celebrate or the bread of the presence symbolized hope symbolizes Jesus Christ but also a symbolize them know of the congregation many actually running the twelve levels thereby when they were twelve locals upon this table of silver and twelve lows these twelve goals he also represented the congregation who die while I say that that's writing out his hunting tribes of Israel twelve tribes so that the laws and not only represented the bread of what the did the president Jesus Christ also representing the congregation or the people the ten or so Greg located in the way our signs on the north is represented in the present of Jesus and the one people on Jesus now notice again they had the Bible says that Lucifer wanted just to so will the congregation in the size of the North we understand that in that in the verse where the talk lasted sitting in the Congregationalists and among the conversation went something about angels in heaven not people so when the Bible says that Satan want to say about the congregation was talking about what everyone Angels and we know that what he says he once exalts himself above the stars of God is already represented the Angels of God notice when the matter further again concerning who's been now are the anointed cherub that Ms. Angel Macari and I have sent a soul that I was upon the whole mountain of God the one that has walked up and down in the midst of the stones of our year before Ezekiel twenty fourteen remember that I was upon the holy one mountain of God and he walked up and down in the midst of the stones are finding out that it is incredible to deny ourselves here great is the Lord and waiting for the praise and know what city of Oregon in the mountain on his wife Holly those liberals honestly beautiful of the situations in July on the whole earth and why not again on the size of the one you are in the vicinity of the Braves who chained us Psalms forty eight and one Hansen was so beloved that we are coming together here so far is that potato showbread which was placed on the sides are not very good that represented not only the presence of Jesus but also the she Wolf on Jesus as actually as symbolic as Sarah is now gone again the city of the greatest changes in the tennis so ready to represent Jesus 's people added this to anyone Mount Simon which was located on both sides of the north and the Kingdom of heaven Psalms forty one into the side of the one-sided when the titles I was thought of as the citronella oil capital of Jerusalem and so basically what we're seeing here is that it has been Satan wanted to take over the one vest grantee or that capital of heaven which was designing or Jerusalem the Sabbath was the head is not inappropriate I told you thought you noticed some things here Jerusalem again is what the motives and names was the music means to be of change something ask you where is the ultimate city of peace it is it is in heaven we can understand a week and a soulmate we will as long as more than an assumption in a moment that Jerusalem was simply a type to Europe and Jerusalem is simply a type of the heavenly city of peace and obesity that Lucifer and the beginnings that I want to roll over the city I want to be the God I want to be the one in control he wanted to have the mouth of the congregation or the congregation worship who came against that of Jesus are right notice again the younger sanctuary is a side horror is really talk about this over and over again on the tendinitis that you are a sanctuary was simply as an mold on the heavenly sanctuary like flies or an angel rules alone once I'm gone exactly what was simply a symbol or a child on what everyone had to leave Jerusalem and Zion notice of the Bible says here you are them online and add on to the city of the living God the a while happening what Jerusalem and so when any honorable company of angels and twenty Hebrews twelve twenty two so there is there in the nice thing is a spatula to come to the conclusion that there is a setting in heaven name Jerusalem yet for the Bible says heavenly Jerusalem notice again and I John saw the holy city Jerusalem County where John Islam who died out of where happened so beloved we understand from Revelation twenty one versatility games twelve verse twenty two that they are wise and in a cDNA has been call Jerusalem Zion 's city this is a great thing that was Vista wasn't about the study on one of the most time I want to be worshiped in the congregation more than Jesus or about Jesus noticing a Abraham desire just haven't decided what is not facing Abraham since earned in a run in the land of promise in a strange country dwelling and tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob Ayers with him on the same problems for the and why is he wants house foundations of women that were there cool down and maker is who God appointed he was eleven nine and ten ancestors Abraham appointed his verse is not looking stall list for an correctly promised land he was looking for a one page thirty comments land they had a Jerusalem and now they may desire a better country that is a heavenly where God is not preformatted not as a synchrony called him not for you prepared for that Asia is on his first shot was that there was an and a place in heaven called the new Jerusalem it is necessary that Cézanne to take control of it had enough on his soul you women is not a miniature picture of the rebellion in the last supper now what you think him going to the Last Supper what might the Last Supper have to do with what we're talking about so far digital economy people twelve disciples and what was before then bread and a stable sound familiar when and not attend the celebrate and remember the war in heaven focus not only around of the art of the company but also this table now once you notice what happens Jesus is about to die and he sends his disciples was to prepare the Passover meal the Bible tells us about a feast of unleavened bread in July which is called the Passover Eagles on a stage and then answer a fool 's day is oh so as I started being on the number on the twelve points of the twenty two versus one is one and three is a large load is eighty eight side of Lucifer Lucifer the strain energy is in heaven are turned against him in heaven stall so it is one of his very own disciples turned against him and turns them over to the Roman authorities of the Jewish authorities for the Bible says that Judas exited or Satan entered into June 's English laws in the same chapter and when the artist he sat down at the twelve apostles with him notice a number twelve were talked about twelve those of bread on the table and he settled them with designer I have decided to eat this Passover with you before I suffer for I say unto you I will not anymore and thereof until a beautiful field anywhere the kingdom of God appointed the twenty two fourteen to sixteen Jesus taught his disciples here that I'm limiting this again with you but it will beware that what we had very good those liberals honestly after he breaks ready just and then it says likewise also the cup after supper saying this cup is in the New Testament and my blood which is what safe for you but on the whole the hand of him that does not betray me it is where everyone to me on the wine on the table another that versus on credible because it points out no tsunami studies so far as I was at his Last Supper Sullivan was way and one who has the faith of Jesus one of who who is Jesus or his newsletter and you strive on hand shrank came right from the very amount of the congregation Charlotte on Jesus and so we find soon is doing the same to him because they can enter in the again and inquire among themselves when some of them it was singularly strange and non-Muslim that sentence as it was awesome I dry among them wings of man should be shown to one hundred following Communists he was going on here after Lucifer enters into Judaism that he starts working on the other disciple and now the very same thing that he wanted to know what happens in the economy what grant is do you find the site that I soon read the sides of the law is now principals went understanding revealed that some the entire controversy not his thoughts on whose nominee the greatest who was the first place in heaven the conscious response he says he that is greatest among NASA arguing he interventions that he that is greatest among you that he and he asked what younger anything that is she asking that was sorry for whether is greater she stated that meeting or eating that started is not invested that means I am among you as he was serving now Wednesday morning the wind had all of himself what is Jesus doing this you will choose humbling himself and that is to uphold the principles and settled on the very same place is not only the most hot I thought myself healed on staging continues to say okay and numerous ends right there we find here is to pray for our two kingdoms at Walmart is very one-on-one the principle of why self-sacrificing love Jesus is our start was another principle the principle of what you are delegating self-centeredness uses irony I don't even reduce ninety nine I believe and enable you to either operate what you need to operate on one of these two principles in the principle of life without him and self-sacrificing love what you operate on the unsung principle of rebelling it had itself centeredness are you operate on the principle of one self-sacrificing love which is manifested in service these artist Sonja got his moral principles happening over the table that's a place in the very same one into place in heaven is not being sold was in a closet close-up view this lasts up Jean continues GR they continued with me in my temptations and how you appoint unto you a wine came down as my father hath appointed unto me that you may be what my wary same old and my single sign-on thrones judging the home trial tribes of Israel Luke twenty two twenty six inverted Jesus of lesson I is the reason why can you not want to bring you back to my that you mean that you may be answering my wife and another question one the end of eating and drinking at price table the ones who exercise the principle of self worth sacrificing love the ones who exercise the principle of rebellion building and into this table know why because as it sounds as because of that what that very principle all right savings on his throne above humanity you remember that when Steve came down to find very useful to Adam and Eve had an even listen to his live savings goal was to exalt his loan about the stars of God intimate into the earth at a munitions and him and installed into handing you have exalted he's thrown over them they are not under his dominion humanity is now understand leadership in essence to turn mankind against the hall in the city of God and its principles and now I am listening to Satan they sensed her entering the hell against that horny mountain in the sides of the knowing they were not in rebellion to the principle of not deciding about the foundations of the law of God Christ came to doing what everyone really I see no can show me and have know-how doing effusions on this wet weather is Christ came to redeem humanity whereas the remaining until you try to bring them back to Charlotte back to heaven but in particular where we talk about the who and what you are a okay on your ass all right by Keyshawn brings that love to the holy mountain of God Shauna bring us back to the size of annoying cellophane now not only were there before we were instant message that long before sin entered to win when the Bible says Christ came to redeem humanity is coming to bring us back into harmony with the head with the study involved with the kingdom of God with the that principle self-sacrificing love knows what the Bible says that when the fullness of time was come God sent forth his son made of a woman made under the law to go remain nameless who now have that were under the law that we might receive the adoption as sons the leases for foreign fossil the Bible tells us that Christ came to redeem who to remain who came out next season crisis country being just like one kind of people that I sent to you today no matter service are you guys because Christ has only come to redeem us as black people and want to say that you say not as kind of conversation at four raises they only know God is not while everyone is racist is not respect a person is so unpleasant he comes in when emu and I want a lot that having one because were all under the law of sin and death so I can do it in the nicest thing a nation and God is not respect a person is in full stadiums he doesn't take himself for us that he might remain who I found out from what he is refined onto himself it usually young people zealous of good works according to Titus two fourteen so Christ came to reading what everyone else on the prisoners by defendant therefore know who we deemed along the Lord shall do what these are commonly staying on to him again and enjoy shopping upon their head they shall obtain gladness in July and sorrow and mourning shall flee away Isaiah fifty one eleven questions he is talking about the Zion or Jerusalem that is over there in the Middle East right now maybe it will go back on that opinion is that Israel is right now thing is the possibility is you go back and filled with such joy no more crying and finally in Jerusalem and not without Muslims were not one of the logo because of all that's going on but this is not talking about earthly Jerusalem wasn't talking about the new Jerusalem I know that because we've been studying out I think I saw the redeemed now who's the redeemed of the Lord at Albany doesn't mean those that believe in Jesus and Don Menzies is all gospel Google on Jesus Christ is to bring the ring games that will wear on Verizon and had very good I may read everything meetings represent RIAA is all who believe in who is very good nice question is what are they redeemed from all right very good and neatly as the short answer all right now within a read according to Revelation chapter fourteen of her social status and licensing the Bible says the number one hundred and forty five thousand and based on as it were a new song before the layer so on and before authorities and the elders and no man could learn that song but hydrogen and forty four thousand which were reading from the way our if we need to all the foundations independently of punishment really before the resource and losing one thing but you know that it who must lose one hundred and forty four thousand which were redeemed from the earth testing a new song before the throne was that represent a car I thought if you want to win late in juvenile foundation displays a him and him who the father is not displaying the walls of which are really dangerous on the car is this people this group of people the one hundred and forty four thousand represent the routine of the art therefore he maintained on the Lord shall return and what saying onto where I is about one hundred and forty five thousand was engaged on the web on the hardware is going to design so cool one hundred and forty four thousand represent times people will any special people that just shows my beloved is holding up along with dozens of friends and these are from the fourth and the twelve tribes of Israel will looking at the next verse says Revelation fourteen adverse forms of these where they are these are they which were not defiled with one my faith when they are very these are they which follow us on people 's needs were redeemed from among men being the first fruits of the God and in and in their mouth was found not often they are without fault before the winner of the people have wondered at how I thought that the one hundred and forty four thousand are one hundred and forty four thousand -year-old male Jews divergence now we just go through and look at this and see if this was the Bible say are the one hundred and forty four thousand one hundred and forty four thousand lives rolled in Jews are synonymous the Bible says that these are they these were not defiled with women for they are not the only problem is the Bible says marriage is honorable in all and then what undefiled by the warmongers and adulterers God will die see restrictions for silver loving being the inheritance are rather being married does not make a person defined in this verse is that irrelevant in the Indonesian one hundred and forty four thousand male Joseph would have to refrain from being what married in order not to be defiled the Bible tells us nothing unless also now dishonorable as often as noted as alternate as noted going on so this price cannot be talking about our one hundred and forty four thousand euros may not being when anyone have been married often when a woman before you talking about notice Revelation chapters seventeen accent is revelation young Revelation seventeen the Bible says here you want to know what the man was arraigned in correspondent Conor and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication and because of what fornication and upon her forehead was a name written mystery Babylon the great is the mother of one harvest and abominations on the part of Revelation seventeen four and five in other words we discovered yesterday in Bible prophecy a woman represents a lot take showers so the one hundred and forty four thousand and one representing a group of people who want at all cc all things that that's what it means they are virgins notice what I am jealous of the Lindon jealousy on this file you want to husband that I may present you have a say in Zanesville who tries speaking about sharks and otherwise the Zionists are CCR and one hundred and forty four thousand represent goals who adheres out here off and on your doctrine mers is that they are not refiled with women not know the mother nor her harness the reason in what follows all knows what Jesus said he said to them all if any man will come after me and do what you deny himself and take up his house and what followed in a nasty something they follow Jesus I follow Jesus gave his policies this year involve quality this is just beloved these men have fallen them instead by big dog and cat walking so we were considered I will follow the lab that house would have to be very simple those who love the life those who love the last soul when I talk about just one hundred and forty four thousand Jews who follow them they are not more people the mother got follow the lab remember we saw that according to the sanctuary grace is that thing that needs a step-by-step Angels and filled the sanctuary spiritually speaking until we come to the art of the company and which is the law of God on the throne of grace these are they not follow that with a certain peoples the Bible says the will fire was on and on this is very interesting this is the fastest on the first foods online and stop playing into nowhere house on the low-end Nikon S is twenty three nineteen when the children of Israel were commanded to build a sanctuary and to do all these laws of the originals one was that when that whenever they got there first was that year will bring the fresh fruits into the house on the north to that symbolical notice in Revelation chapter fourteen again after revelation fourteen tells us that the one hundred and forty four thousand are the first things of God the expanding into heaven on the mountains on Revelation fourteen how they got there and noticed what it says and I and you a white cloud upon the clogged lines the son of man having on his head a golden crown on acting as a sharp sickle and another angel came out of the temple private envoys to him that sat on the cloud and said to us and I was single and do what you mean by the time has come for me to read for the harvest of the earth is ripe with the harvest of the earth at once revelation fourteen thousand one hundred and forty four thousand dollars was standing on Mount Zion and the Bible don't want to tell how they got there they got there because Christ came on the College of psychologists in my single on symbolic single and then what really are the fast food spot brought into the house of God at the laws and he got some compress and his alumni are added was a major revelation fourteen fourteen to sixteen listen the meeting will the remaining number meeting for the remaining north of the Bible says I will ransom them is God speaking I will ransom down from the power of the wine grade I will redeem down from one to all of you because you are with me all that I will need plays old graveyard will be my destruction Hosea thirteen fourteen how do we come to that conclusion after reading equals the remaining notice of the part associated for the South sound risks that can't happen with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and no gay in Christ shall rise first that's happening here Christ is coming to the earth which is what single and he and he and he was the first thing that happens than you had a little guys rise starts to question my husband dead in Christ will rise first I had an issue where my not be a part of that one hundred and forty four thousand dollars on Revelation fourteen yes they must be the only ones are alive and remain shall be brought hot up together with them in a couple in the one in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air so shall we ever be with the board the meeting equals the meeting he noticed that first Corinthians is heartbreaking and frustrating sifting and I'm only speaking of that same event in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last all Shauna Shauna Sasson and the dead job you may have incorruptible and we believe in shall be changed for this corruptible must put on incorruptible and this mortal must put on immortality and does so when corruptible shall have funny corruption and Gizmodo site for immortality readers with me then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written that is swallowed up in victory over death where is thy name Craig where is thy victory first Christmas fifteen fifty two to fifty five straight phone the Old Testament so Christ and he was blocking range is about the one hundred and forty four thousand disabled only a hundred and forty thousand not as happens after Christ reads the Bible says not another angel came out of the temple was in heaven also have a soft single and another angel came out from the vault which had power over fire and cried with a loud cry to him that had sought sickle saying Ross and I start single and gather the clusters of the vine of the yard for her grapes are fully ripe and the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth and the vine of the earth and cast it where Angel of the great wine press on the map of God you may not understand what that means but many just testing here you would like to be a part of this reading that along with everything you like me and the one that is passed to the wine press of the wrath of God okay very good very good what what what part of the the West Wing and affairs since they are sleeping it is not first in terms of time is the same in the one who goes where the house of God and the hot approval received a lot about someone in closing without internal citations the Pharisees were brought into the house of the Lord and that was left over was console and was consumed upon the people that's in the Old Testament type likewise when Jesus comes and remains the fresh fruit for the one hundred and forty four thousand and after that I was consulting upon the earth is all in the one hundred and forty four thousand one the lost only two rooms that I says no child is not in their mouths this webinar to set a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good and evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil for out of the abundance of the heart is what not speaking so the premise that because the one hundred and forty four thousand known out of the dim of the company out of your life if your heart what about your for this is not what covenant that I will name in the house of full show after that was a single loan I will put my wine laws into their minds and write an end there hard and I'm moving to the Madonna based on the two new people he was eighty and the reason why to book your heart of it is because they have the law of God what written at the meeting of the cell sacrificing the cool in the house of Israel because the Bible tells us that the new covenant he made only with the with the house and we just read this new covenant is made the house of Israel should you and I begin to wean because we are not born as a lifelong notice something speaking of the first person to become an Israelite professor he said this is Jacob he said let me go on cloudiness of the Angels is Jacob they are having this rest of this is when the Old Testament Jacob and I was trying to wrestle with God for investing the Bible says and he said let me go over the game greatly anything I will not let people set up last week as Jacobs speaking to the angel and a son and what I mean when he said check out at a certain diamond enzyme called no more exact what is real for a prince hast thou power with God and with men hast prevailed judges thirty two twenty six and twenty eight questions with the stress is reliable and Israelite how to handle common Israelite King wrestled with God and was what is largest Hindu name was changed never the slightest eleven something John the Baptist says he the Pharisees accompany living that I think you know what where Abraham 's children got it also you know when we received me Gottfried into care because we are jellies and notice what's odd about this testament bring forth therefore fruits of repentance and the same within yourself we had Abraham our father for I say unto you that God is in all these dollars to as sounds and also in the stalls out of their representatives and tell anybody who was not born in zoom in on what the Bible tells us that God is able to make anybody's on soothing and what Asia will astonish you is amazing how is the lowest for he is not until it is one outwardly is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh but he doesn't show wedges one one and when the second season is that the heart in this area and not in the letter whose praise is not of men but on God Romans two twenty twenty nice on your question if you are circumcised in the heart and you believe in Jesus Christ will be speaking one on while you are a seed of Abraham you become agile believer in Jesus Christ Northwest and as the Scripture saith whosoever believes in him shall not be ashamed for there is remiss of me not a lot of difference between the old show and agree for the same Lord is all wrong but the same Lord over all is right on top of one call upon him for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved Romans ten eleven thirty you realize how dismissal many talk shows and people speak about the Jews and Gentiles Ice Age and the Jews are God 's favorite people and Gentiles alike especially the ambient agenda no reading of the Jews in general access but you really really love the Jews benefices you will find that teaching in the United of five Hasani eleven five peters saying that as far as I don't respect him as the father sent on the respect of persons in need volume estimate I sat in that person that is my son so don't think that just because you were born here or there while were ever was a disaster father that you have any special permission all you need a little Jesus White House power with God knows again knowing and therefore that families are a lot shiny as they are the children who are somehow when you have faith in Jesus now you're not solidly with what is it alive in oneself as much a child of Abraham I say I was Abraham 's literal children syllabi and the Scripture are saying that God would justify vocal she even threw in preaching the gospel I think Abraham saying he didn't mean he saw all tools been blessed by my friend Hieronymus are you getting the shot was all new nations the last that was nowhere in the strict and yet I find that Abraham is a blessing just what it shows no increase shall all nations be blessed so they went to be health they are faithful Abraham glazes the reason of 9/11 this is so simple and rustic one hundred and forty five thousand euros of his one hundred and forty one thousand literal jewelers never know because they don't understand the entire New Testament teaching on the note the law that Jesus has contingent between Jew and Gentile will we are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus for as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ and unique drive then I knew there is one scene in the corner from the heart is glad to announce that you are not thoughts that shut loving you all God 's child live in and you were there according to the promise was there was another example and surmount another example of connect etc. example of the runs out of his real at all the promises at first you come to the literal who shows you how since Christ has died and resurrected and everything that had a temple the focus is not longer under a literal land of Israel more on the federal Julie on happening what so most of them as an actual history without obvious more than people talking I'm looking at what's going on in the land of Israel in prophecy may fulfill you know no I not apply to be direct on the heavenly Temple on heavenly Jerusalem and Hans Sharon is your candidate runs only are spiritual Israel he sold his last thing that you can no longer be stated not only constantly says Indonesia Muslim zebras will have eternal life it doesn't matter who we logged on as well-respected online persons not coming to a close he will come in after the revelation about a set of outcomes through Malloy state and hired behind me and great voice out of a topic this is John speaking company selling a pattern here shot a few years of great voice and at the time to see the voice that sang with me being turned I saw seven golden candlestick and in the middle of the seven candlesticks one like the Son of Man John Heer 's first team doesn't want that messy he hears and that he is what he is and he still needs money first however now I want to notice that there is not a revelation chapter seven John and I want are the number of them which were sealed there were sealed how many hundred and forty four thousand involved shots of the children of Israel did John see the number knowledge Peter and how modest letter says in verse I believe is fifteen or eleven after this I beheld they held what after Melissa set of four years and then he goes out to all the slides that were sealed and then I said after this I beheld after he hears all this can be hold in other words if you try to love what he first heard and noticed what he sees after this I beheld and low a great while talking to which no man could number of all nations and gingers and people and hounds before the waiter remember where the one hundred and forty four thousand was then noteworthy before the drawing very good at before the nine claws with white robes and palms in their hands and Krylon was saying salvation to our God was upon the throne and unto the land Revelation seven ten eleven to one hundred and forty four thousand in the very same as a great multitude one hundred and forty four thousand aviation college number the Bible is not saying that there is I want forty five thousand people in the console in a row on the road and it is his rest on the whole national number one hundred and forty four thousand now probably know that one hundred and forty four thousand is what twelve times twelve not in the Bible and Amazon about Bible on Bible symbols and in his first install the that the number twelve the first time the number twelve is using the Bible is used in connection with one twelve years and they serve its use in connection with the service service and coincidentally the number thirteen is used in connection with without having to suffer how many tall disciples and Jesus they were thirteen they and one of them went down very good okay but well connected with the number with the concept of stars twelve stands for the self sacrificing service of heaven on the same one hundred dollars twelve what shots in the Old Testament when God called twelve tribes into to start it immediately starts twelve disciples on the white New Testament he called them to do this are twelve times twelve equals one one hundred and forty four thousand combination of the saints who serve God in the Old Testament is to serve God a new testament times this is not something of the Hindi speaking of when God sent Moses to deliver the children of Israel the Lord God of the Hebrews hath sent me unto me saying that Seymour all you may starve me in the wilderness he 's talking about Israel in Exodus seven sixteen F and now Israel what does a large part of me but the fan on high God to walk in all his ways and to allow tenant to Sara I'm not allow my heart and when all I sold Deuteronomy ten twelve she ordained twelve and Jesus that they should be examined and that they might that she might send them forth to preach the twelve disciples were called cerebral corner Mart three verse fourteen now this is nothing in were closing the days when talking about the city and got okay one hundred and forty four thousand and the city of God watching the notices when you read about the city and gone Revelation twenty one twelve says there is at least talking to twelve angels at the gates Revelation twenty one twelve thirty twelve names of the twelve tribes written on those dates according twenty one twelve minutes and twenty one fourteen it says there are twelve foundations in the city the names among the twelve apostles are written on those foundations you see repetition of a number you Revelation twenty one sixteen Sanderson was all inbred and I twelve thousand furlong by twelve thousand photo eleven to twenty one seventeen he is in the walls are one hundred and forty four thousand shootings is almost another article this thing of God is built on this number twelve hereof is still there are twelve manner of fruit in Revelation twenty one Nike there are twelve precious stone in San Antonio Jerusalem is the study South sacrificing the English cities are serving Salomé as any and all who enter our firemen united on the one all on self-sacrificing love this is not the number one hundred and forty four thousand days used to symbolize also stand unmodified and why because they had online the principle of one self-sacrificing love to humanity on their high Aquinas says on the one hundred and forty five hundred on the earth neither see nor the trees until we have sealed the savage upon God and therefore his limitations and read it was honestly in that same chapter therefore they are before the throne of God and sad came day and night in his Temple and he netted to the throne shall dwell among them the moment those who enter the city of God are those who have allowed the principle of self sacrificing love or service into their hearts remember when Jesus said the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them and they exercise authority upon them that are called benefactors when you shall not be sold Gina is greatest among you that in the athlete younger and he that is she has seen that God 's sorrow felt by Rosemary 's election event meteors seen that one SARS is not seen estimates that meet bad among you have seen that settlers the one hundred and forty one thousand in the symbolic name and number from Mount Zion the total number of people will him allow self-sacrificing love written in their hearts who will fill the very places Lucifer and the fallen Angels once occupied do you remember when we read Lucifer was among walk up and down among the stones of fire even under adverse you realize that in the book of Revelation appear I saw has it were a sea of glass mingled with what fire an event that had gotten the victory over the beast and I was innocent overseas market noted the numbers they and on the sea of glass having the harps of God stating what the Madonna in the midst of the stones of fire he was cast out of heaven those who get the victory over the beast those who have lost self-sacrificing love in their hearts stand upon the sea of glass mingled with what everyone trying to make sure you're here for that and that's assisted you find on Saturday night because when I talk about how his people can stand on fire and not burn open and close this principle this thought is souls who are redeemed in heaven are those who haven't principal self-sacrificing love in their heart whom we are in these last days is between two principles the principal self-sacrificing love are the principal self-centeredness you know what it's too much and you sacrificed to follow Jesus right it's too much for me to sacrifice my mother is too much a sacrifice to do this in order to that that the Lord thousands and millions of people are written using the principle of analogy in their hearts even among Christians or is this guy is in the home on the one hundred and forty four thousand fathers name written in their finds in them as you would like to find out and got promised Abraham I'm than making a father and loving when a brush or rises on resurrection one of the object and not so Abraham a number in one nine three hundred and forty four thousand new man of God wears a great multitude which is promised what a man's fantasy knees and remote to let no man could number any time he wanted part of that promise has


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