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Sinner or Saint?

Chris Buttery


The Christian lives his/her life between the two truths of knowing they are a sinner and God's declaration that they are now saints. Neither word feels comfortable. No one wants to be considered a sinner and who feels worthy of being called a saint? What do theses terms mean, and how can having a proper understanding of these truths bring a new and dynamic dimension to our walk with God? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this weeks presentation with Pastor Chris Buttery.



  • June 6, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We. Well this morning's message is entitled sin or. Sent Cinna all sent over the past few weeks we've been talking about living between two true this is under the Suman series the whole truth. Often the Bible presents truths that a PIA appeared to be going in opposite direction from each other. Some might even suggest that they would be contradictory to each other but they really aren't and they're not contradictory the Bible as we know is one hum book with one divine mind behind it the many books within the Bible as Jesus tells us in John Chapter ten in verse thirty five the Scriptures cannot be broken the Scriptures cannot be broken. For example there are some who view the all see the Old Testament and they see the New Testament to be in conflict at all odds with each other but that can't be right if the Scriptures cannot be broken that company run others view the Biblical truth. Let's say of God's sovereignty his rulership over the world and over the universe and and the orchestrating events and affairs behind the scenes to bring about his glorious end and purpose for his saints. Some say God's sovereignty and the equally important biblical truth of man's free will. Al ability to freely choose God has given us the ability to choose whether we want to serve Him or not he would wish that we would serve him but we have the ability to choose God has given us free reign he doesn't want us to be right. Robots. So some say the truth about God's sovereignty and the equally important truth about God's free will is being at odds with each other but if we understand these two important Biblical teachings as hemisphere is that when held together make up a complete Via of truth then it becomes very difficult for us to see these. Truths for example God's sovereignty and man's free will and being at odds with each other we would see them rather as being complimentary to each other. We also talked about the lips of truth. The ellipse of truth. Each the lips. Typically has two focal points whereas a circle has one you've got an ellipse that has two focal points and when they kept close together it makes an ellipse when these focal points however. Separated and you extend them out if I had I just held up my fingers right here and you are looking at my fingers and you are closer to me than where you are and and I move them further and further apart how much easier does it become to see those my two fingers those two focal points becomes much more difficult the ellipse only works when those two points. I kept relatively close to each other as in the picture up there. If we will widen the gap between let's say the Biblical truth of faith and works because there are some who feel and say that those teachings are all odds with each other. You've got the apostle Paul who is a strong proponent of salvation justification by faith and then you get to the Book of James and James talks about being justified by works and so some folks are saying on these things are contradictory to each other and they're really not when held together within the sphere of truth it becomes it's easier to see that we have the complete picture within that particular ellipse. If we move them apart. There's truths apart we have prop one up to the detriment of the other or vice versa then the ellipse is completely destroyed and the last time we talked we talked about strings on a guitar like the string guitar strings that have a healthy tension. So that good music can be played on the guitar or a violin or a hop. Biblical twin truths. Let's say for example light love and B.D.'s because some view and see the teachings of the Biblical teaching of love in the Bible. Taking the billions as being at odds with each other but when we keep those those truths love and obedience I kept unhealthy attention to each other so that God can play beauty. We keep them in healthy tension to each other so God can play beautiful music throughout our lives. We keep those things together this is God's truth. Now we can also view truth and I had a brother come to me after my first presentation he said you know he said the pastor he said you know you're talking about. Twin truths and the lips of truth and the two hemispheres of truth. He said. If we talk about him. We understand truths being connected to Jesus then it's hard to separate those truths if those truths are found in Jesus and so we can also not appreciated that the feedback I got me to thinking we can also view true these truths as two arms that extend from the one who is the truth and namely that is Jesus now. Just as Jesus can't be divided. Neither can these truths be divided now I'm just taking my jacket off for a second because I'm going to ask James and Robert to come up and help me with just a little illustration. I asked him to please be gentle. Please be gentle. Please be gentle. I tell them this may be their first all last and last time that they do this so. Sometimes people have a problem with the two Biblical teachings for example of justification and sanctification are they at odds with one another so my right arm is to your left is justification of my left arm is sanctification Now if the gentleman pull on my arms gently gently. But if I were to pull on my arms my arms won't come off too easily. Will they at least if I keep pull and they might come off but my arms. I'm going to come off my body. They're going to be seven from my body. Let's take the trews for example the Biblical truth of we talked about love and obedience Let's talk about Grace and well as. Grace and the law. Some people say the that God's grace is opposed to God's law God's law as opposed to God's grace. And again if they put a pull these two truths from the body which is my body. It's hard to sever the truth from the body in this case not in my case but in this case we're talking about Jesus. Thank you gentlemen I appreciate that. Now my arms are longer. So you can't you can't separate the twin truth or the truth especially when they stand from Jesus who is the. Who is the truth right. It's impossible to do that we cannot seven just as Jesus can't be divided. Neither can these truths. They're all found in the Word of God they found in Jesus who is the Living Word so the Smalling I'd like to talk with you about another two if you please of truth that cannot be separated from each other. How would you react. I think I know how I'd react how would you react if you woke up one morning to discover that I break away blimp had landed in your backyard. Now some of you have a larger back than others but if your backyard not that big you're going to notice a blimp in your backyard. That's exactly what happened to a ninety four year old woman from Ohio not too long ago I read about it was a one hundred twenty eight foot long blimp that blew that broke free from its moorings in Columbus and broke free from the airport strong winds took it up drifted into the sky and then it headed east wood and it landed in Lilly in Bern Hagan's backyard in Worthington. Ohio. Now while this experience can definitely be rated as surprising. This doesn't compare to the unfortunate and the needless reaction of shock and horror many new Christians have when they discover after having accepted Jesus as their Savior the not everything in their life is taken care of at. I expected. What I mean I can't tell you how many new believers and sometimes even older believers find themselves down and out when they discover for example that certain cravings that they had before they gave to G.'s their lives to Jesus still exist after they give their hearts to Jesus. Sometimes their love for this particular thing doesn't automatically drop off or their affection for certain things and you fill in the blank don't drop off right away they still experience I pull in that particular direction the taste buds haven't automatically switched gears and so the question is asked is this to be expected. Is this normal for a Christian to be experiencing these pools now in Christ. According to second Corinthians Chapter five verse seventeen we are new creatures in we are a new creation in Christ Jesus. And while the old has been forgiven we've given it to Jesus and he's forgiven it he's washed it away. We still and while we've been given new motives. Why we've been given new purposes. And while we've been given new intentions that's what it means to be a new creation. It does not mean that the old won't try and really it's ugly head from time to time. A man could be singing a hymn of praise right here in this church and then be looking a few aisles a few rows down he sees a beautiful woman and his mind drifts or someone else could be helping someone and the same and at the same time. Are you helping someone you're thinking about how good you are or you're tempted to at least think about how good you are that you're helping somebody every child of God has dealt with these types of contradictions in their lives we desire the right. But sometimes the wrong calls us and we often stop and we listen to its coal. We always want to be in the right and right relationship to God and we want to follow is why a. And yet on the other hand there is a pull at times to choose our own way and to be independent of God You've sung it in a hymn Come thou fount of every blessing prone to one the Lord I feel it prone to leave the god i love. Martin Luther the Protestant reformer made the following words famous and I'm not going to share them with you in Latin because I cannot speak Latin but in English. It says at the same time. Saint and sinner at the same time saint and sinner could Luther be right now just whole time clarified definitions will clarify terms in just a moment neither of these words in All Saints make us comfortable but both could be true of the Christian is it true that I could be true of a Christian is a true how the words if it is true. How do the words of the Apostle poll apply to the situation when Ingle ations chapter five and verse seventeen he wrote this for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish. Now there is a new reality for those that are in Christ and in Christ Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to make right living very possible on the other hand there is the old a tendency toward sin which has not been destroyed. God has not seen fit to make us righteous robots and so they are by we have the ability to choose as one person put it he said the old man has been drowned in baptism but the ROSCO can surely swim but before we answer the question of whether Christians are both saint and sinner let's define what these terms mean. Let's talk about sin and sin is to be. Then with Cinna comes from the word sin and that word sin means to miss the mock it means to fall short to do wrong to offend to be culpable to commit a sin. It's basically any deviation from the known will of God either of neglect to do what he has specifically commanded all of doing what he has specifically forbidden as we know sin originated with Lucifer as a result of his in order and it pride and. In the beauty and the wisdom that God had given him and over and over confident desire and jealousy for what God had not given him. Sin entered the earth when Satan. Persuaded Adam and Eve to take that which God had reserved for himself and under the subterfuge that they might attain to us a period wisdom. They accepted his his question. They accepted his invitation. According to the Apostle Paul in Romans Chapter five in verse twelve. He says by one man since sin entered into the world and as a result all have sinned I want you to look at me a verse nineteen of Romans Chapter five as we take a look here. Romans Chapter five in verse nineteen this is what he says. Again we just read verse twelve a look at verse nineteen he says four as one by one man's disobedience. Many were made since many were made sinners. So also by one man's obedience many will be made righteous I love how pole leaves us with hope he doesn't leave us stranded or abandoned or feeling discouraged but he gives us hope and says just as one man's a brilliance through his obedience. We shall all be made righteous talking of course of Jesus but before that he says by one man's disobedience many were made sinners the word Cinna in the Bible is used twenty eight times about thirty. Name times in the New Testament. It definitely has a negative con connotation. You and I do not want to be considered since many times the word is used alongside in the Bible alongside the word Godly the religious leaders. Considered those who didn't hear to Jewish traditions to be sinless sinners were also those considered to be living in the open and flagrant sin the context the word is used in usually helps in determining In what way. The word sin is being used. According to the Bible all human beings are affected by sin we agree there I meant there is no doubt about that any moral good that we have is from outside of ourselves it comes from from God in the Bible words for sin can refer to either our fallen nature. You remember David in Psalms fifty one in verse four fifty one verse four said in sin did my mother can save me. In other words he was talking about man sinful nature that we are we're born with so sin can refer to our fallen nature Romans seven seventeen poll says sinned well as in me again he's referring to our fallen sinful nature so sin can refer to either. I'll fall in nature or specific infractions against God's law for example first John three Verse four for sin is the transgression of the of the law. That's right. So since as violations of God's law and by the way when we break God's law we break his heart. Don't wait there's no doubt about that. So since as violation of God's law can be actions all they can be thoughts. They can be deliberate they can be inadvertent they can even be unintentional. But they are never automatic we always choose if we are going to sin or not. Frankly as you know as well as I do sin is a bad trade some years ago you might be familiar with the story of Roy you went stain. He went to a rock exhibition to bind a gate which is an ornamental stone and he went to buy that again and again for each of his sons. One of the tables he saw a some stones inside a Tupperware container which mean was marked any stone for fifteen dollars. He picked up a potato sized rock and he asked the vendor you want fifteen dollars for this and the man said Well I'll give it to you for ten dollars because it's not as pretty as the other gates Roy bought that particular stone for ten dollars and he could hardly contain himself he had just purchased at that particular time the world's largest star sapphire stone one thousand five hundred nine carats valued at two point five two point five million dollars uncut and valued at about ten million dollars cut. That's the kind of bad trade sin is many give up the priceless sapphire of salvation for pretty A gates of this world that carry little to no value whatsoever. Certainly sin is a bad trade because of the entrance of sin into this world you and I are all born with a bent toward sin and we have all we are all born with an innate pull toward those things that do not please God we drift toward sin and I shared this little illustration with you. It was you know it's a little humorous but it's true. My cousin and his family a visiting from. From a stranger and and so I always like to ask anyone travelling from the country that drives on the all of the side of the road how you would just saying to driving on this side of the road and when I first came to the United States. Because we have a custom in Australia to driving on the side of the road we drive on here. The right side so in Australia we drive on the left side. I forgot. We drive on the left side. You don't want to drive around me when I'm on the road. You will drive on the left side which frankly is the right side. OK I just want to make sure you understand that. So when I came to the States I had to learn to adjust my thinking to driving on the the wrong side of the road which was right. OK So I'm driving driving one particular day I've been in the States for about two years and I'm driving from college to on a work assignment down the street was a back country road and I noticed there was a car coming down down the road and they were driving on my side of the road and I couldn't believe it I said this is not going to get this is this is going to be ugly. Who in their right mind would be thinking about driving on the wrong side of the road there on my side of the road and just before that cock came in he was slowing down and I was slowing down. I realize that the full was me I had actually drifted over on to the other side of the road thinking my mind was thinking that it was back home in a strike. After two years. That's what I'd learned. That's a side of the road. I learned to drive and that's the things that's a that's a habit size of the the way my mind worked and here I was on the opposite side of the road there was no car accident. I don't know if you waved at me or what that was but he passed on by. And we move right along and I learned a very very important lesson I learned a lesson a spiritual lesson because this is how we are born into the world. We have a band leaning towards sin. Like I drifted to the other side of the road our minds our natures drift toward those things that do not please God That's what happened. That's what we inherited from our first parents. Martin Luther again. Martin Luther the Protestant reform I hit the nail on the head when he pictured people as being curved. In upon themselves in failing to acknowledge God people become diverted from God and inverted upon themselves. We become for example like the shavings freshly plain from a piece of wood that naturally occur in or around themselves. We become separated from the source of life. Thinking perception that way of knowing all becomes distorted when we separate ourselves from God poll described the human condition in Romans chapter eight verse five when he said for those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh inverted cold in around ourselves you say to be human. In other words to be human is to be a sinner. We are not born sinners in the sense that we have born conscious violators of God's will. No no we are born with a disposition to become sinners. I would suggest that we become sinners once we knowingly violate God's EXPRESS Will his law and thus his hot because the Bible says that all have sinned in Romans three twenty three all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God then that makes us all. Send us whether we are outside of Christ or whether what we are in Christ. We are all sinners. I want you to turn with me to first Timothy Chapter one Verse fifteen look at what poll said about himself. Just to give clarity to what I'm referring to. And we're going to come back to this verse shortly First Timothy over there by the tease. Of the other tease you've got a theme Titus going to go to First Timothy Chapter one in verse fifteen notice. Paul says this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Jesus Christ came into the world to save who friends aren't you glad that Jesus came into the world to save sinners and what did pole side of whom I am chief of whom I am chief So question. When did Paul write this was a before his conversion or was it after his conversion. It was after his conversion more on that later. Hold that point. Let's talk for a brief moment now. Assigned to talk about being a sinner Let's talk about being a saint and now De the term suggests all stevia something else something unnatural someone who's been canonized or at least something similar to someone who has nearly a visible Halo hanging around their heads. Now. We would probably not want to be cold science because we feel as though we probably don't fit into that category doesn't help to learn us learn either that when you translate the word Saint. It means actually holy. When you translate saint in the King James version literally means holy one holy has no better than St We don't qualify it seems for EVA to think of being I Saint as something akin to earning a merit badge is frankly to misconstrue the biblical term sent when the New Testament describes. People as saints all holy ones. The thought is not only about moral behavior but it's also with regard to their position standing with God. The word holy describes something separated something said a pot. The word sanctified for example is akin to the word holy or saying a set apart for a holy use God is holy and so because he is separated from him. Humans God cannot be grouped with us and be of the same kind is not because he's not the same kind of being he is God He is holy. He is separate from us in that sense. Now Paul he wrote to the Corinthians and I want you to in there with me if you can first Corinthians Chapter one one verse two Paul wrote to the Corinthians and he said something interesting introduced himself introduced himself talked to them and he declared them something very interesting and pull would often use the same phrase when he wrote to some of the other churches for example F.S.S. First Corinthians chapter one. And those too. He said to the Church of God which is at Corinth to those who are law sanctified in Christ Jesus and was called to be was science. So here you've got those who a sanctified cold and cold to be saints with all who in every place call in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord both is and Alice the people who are sanctified. Those who have been set a pot by God The point in all three of these terms sanctified cold and saints is to emphasize the fact that God has separated us to himself and has given us a new standing in Christ to be a saint means to be separated to God as what it means it not only refers to God's action apart from ause we come to Him by faith in repentance. We say God forgive me I am a sinner and God declares that he forgives us and declares us to be his saying he sets us up POV the work of justification brings with it. The work of sanctification God separates us to himself and for holy purposes. So it's not only refers to God's action apart from ours but it also includes a responsibility that is ours to live lives that are also holy by God's grace. However we cannot live separate lives without being separated first because God has separated us to Himself. We have to live in conformity to who he is in first Peter chapter one verse sixteen. Peeta quoting Leviticus writes and commands us to be holy and God says Behold the fall. I am holding That's a come on. Of course. God has given us the Holy Spirit to make holy living possible in many cases in the Bible the word Saint is used to refer to. Not to those who are I completed work but to those who are a work in progress. Look at made Revelation Chapter fourteen of those twelve if you would a familiar passage to each of us and I notice what God declares his last day people to be by the way when Paul was writing to the car Corinthian church and he did and he declares them to be saints sanctified said a pot called to be sayings when you read the book when you read Paul's letter to the Court of the church in Corinth he wrote to lead us to the car current to some of the members in current have a problem. Some of the members in current had a problem and that's what the letter was written to address and yet he still called them saints. Now don't get me wrong and not suggesting here that that sin is condoned all wrong or bad theology is condoned just because you called a saying The point being here is God first separates us to Himself and then and then works in us as I've mentioned before and as of course of the fault of both willing to do of His good pleasure to make us holy he first separates us from the world first separates us from from sin and then he. And then he works in us to overcome sin by His grace through the Holy Spirit you see notice those Revelation Chapter fourteen in verse twelve. It says here talking about God's last a people. It says here or he is the patience of who the saying this. So just prior to this you've got a three point message under the umbrella of the everlasting Gospel that's got to go to every kindred nation tongue and people and there are people who respond to this message. There are people who accept this message in these last days and God calls them his sense here are those who do out keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus does that sound like it's something that already arrived at or is something that is progressive and continuing to. Happen in their lives each and every day it's something that's occurring each and every day is a knot. Surely there's no doubt about that if you're in need of the faith of Christ then have you arrived or are you still on your way you're still on your why you say so if you have accepted Jesus as Savior and you've accepted Him as Lord then you do I say. And you are a saint. OK So let's dig a little deeper here and see if we can answer the question sinless Innes or sinning sentence. We're going to go to first John. And we're going to go to chapter one. And here we have in this book that helps us understand there are there are two passages of Scripture that help us understand the two arms of truth. It's very likely that we are both sin and saying to the same time and these two arms cannot be separated from Jesus who is the truth this these verses help us all these passages help us understand the reality that Christians live with on a day to day basis. This letter is often cause some trouble because the two see sections of the book that we're going to read here often appear to contradict each other but let's take a look first John chapter one. And we're going to restart something with verse six I'm going to read right through to chapter two and verse two. So let's read notice. John says if we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness. We lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light as he is in the light. We have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin if we say that we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us if we confess our sins He is faithful and justified give us our sins and they cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned. We make him a liar and His word is not Innes my little children these things I write to you. So that you may not sin. And if anyone sins we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous and He Himself is the propitiation for our sins and off ours only but also for the whole world. So John makes several points in these verses and just follow along with me here. Number one he says claiming to have fellowship with God while living a sinful life living in the doc ness is a lie number two properly living or living in the light proper living properly living brings fellowship with one another and cleansing through Christ sacrificial death we read that in verse seven and then we point number three that he makes if one makes the claim that they no longer us then no longer a sinning. Then they are lying and are out of touch with the truth full of confession of sin leads to forgiveness and cleansing of San and then five Christians should not sin but if they do. Jesus into seeds for them and and is the means of restoring. Their relationship with God. So these are the points that Paul makes five points that he makes right here in these particular verses clearly John was objecting to the claims of some that suggested they were out without sin and without guilt. He rejects this perfectionism. Let me explain that word to you this. Perfectionism. That's different from character biblical character perfection. Perfectionism the teaching that suggests one has reached a point in their lives where they can never sin with I can never sin versus will not sin. There's a difference. That's what perfectionism is and so he was a part I was opposed to and rejected this this this idea as a possibility and presents instead I theology of ongoing confession forgiveness cleansing through Christ. But then we come to first John Chapter three. Verses fall through ten notice what he says First John chapter three verse is full of through ten whoever commits sin also commits a lawless ness and sin is lawlessness and you know that he Jesus was manifested to take away all sins and in him. There is no sin. Whoever abides in him. Does not love sin who have a sins has neither seen him nor known him little children let one. Let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous just as he is righteous he who sins is of the devil for the devil has sinned from the beginning for this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been has been born of God does not sin for his seed remains in him many cannot sin because he has been born of God in this the children of God. And the children of the devil are manifest whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God nor is he who does not love his brother. All right now this passage on the surface appears to some to contradict the previous section we read earlier John is had said that if we say we we do not sin then we Elias here we find that the one remaining in Christ is not sinning and is not able to sin because God's see remains in him or her. Furthermore the sinning does not say that one sinning does not know Christ but he is from the devil. So have both passages of scripture actually come from the same pay him the same head. The previous John print the problem rather John was addressing contain two errors that we mentioned some people claim to be living in such close fellowship with God that they no longer see in them that they were beyond sinning a heretical perfectionism not again not biblical. Perfection was the result Second despite claims of fellowship with God These people were living as if God made no difference in their lives. So the teaching in first John chapter one verse of six through Chapter two verses two was designed to help readers understand the problem and reality of sin and the need forgiveness and cleansing in Christ but that alone however would not solve the problem for some would still be living lives and he fed a call to Jesus Christ much of the rest of the letter describes the life required by the Christian the purpose of the letter could be summed up in first John Chapter two and the six notice first John two first on to those six he who says he abides in him that is Jesus or himself also to walk just as he walked That's exactly right. So a Christian cannot go on sinning as if being in Christ made no difference if he has been no change so that love that love dominates the life they has been no really both it is this aspect of the teaching that is in view in first John Chapter three verses four through ten. While I sin less perfectionism is to be rejected a new birth excludes a sinful way of life and maybe a helpful way to understand first John Chapter three verses full of three tends to focus on the tenses in the Greek. When the rider. Speaks of sinning. He puts it in the present tense. This would stress the action stressing that the action is continual So when you look at first. John Chapter three and the six first John chapter three and verse six. Let's read what it says here is that whoever abides in him. Does not sin have a sins has made the semen on him. So who have abides in him. Does not sin is in fact whoever abides in. In him. Does not continue to sin and in first John chapter three in verse nine. Whoever has been born of God does not continue to sin. That's what John is writing here. The focus is on a life characterized by sin those in Christ cannot live a sinful lifestyle for rebirth has placed God's seed the seed of his word the seed of the Holy Spirit in them. Those who live a life characterized by sin do not know God and do not know the father's say so. The truth of first John Chapter one The six three two one two three two two and first John three verses four through ten is evident. We cannot we cannot escape the reality of sin. We cannot the denial of sin and its guilt is borders on delusional and evidence of distance from God Sin is to be confessed and forgiven and cleansing out to be found in Christ yet on the other hand. Sin is not to be taken for granted. Nor is it to be practice those in Christ cannot live a life characterized by sin. We we need to know this today the work of God accomplishes our conversion the work of God that accomplishes our conversion is to be continually at work in us changing our lives motivating us to share God's message of love in his own time salvation with others. We are sinners but we are saints as we abide and stay connected to Jesus Christ we need Christ this is the message today we need Christ as we need the air we breathe. We need His forgiveness and we need his power as much as the food that we. That's what this message is all about here this morning the truth. We find in Jesus is that we. Christ's dependence. We are Jesus' dependence. We need him to sustain our spiritual lives every hour we are not safe for one moment if we let go of the hand of God we are in danger of succumbing to the temptation or the temper the old temple of the old man if we don't lean on Jesus for strength. We are no more capable of bearing the fruit of righteousness disconnected from Christ then the seven branch of the fruit tree can produce apples all oranges all peaches that fruit from that particular tree. Now you remember those words in Galatians chapter five those seventeen let's go then take a look at those Let's take a look at those words again elations chapter five verse seventeen going to put all this together here and we are doing that right now elation chapter five of those seven saying for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish. That's what Paul says pole is sensually is reminding us about the ongoing law the struggle between the inclination to do right and the inclination to do that which is wrong. Not that one can overcome the flesh but that they are powerless to do so in their own strength and when he's talking about flesh. He's talking about our fallen nature as you see in the book great controversy page five hundred six and one wife says it is the grace that Christ implants in the soul which creates in man amnesty or hatred against Satan. Without this converting grace and renewing power man would continue to be captive to Satan a servant ever ready to do his bidding. But I like that would but but the new principle in the soul creates conflict where two had been peace conflict way conflict between us and God. Not in a conflict now between you and who but they have all before you just when are you and I just went along with his suggestions but now that new principal put in a hot second version creates opposition to what the devil wants us to do conflict the Paolo which Christ in pots enables man to resist the tyrant and the usurping whoever is seen to uphold a sin. Instead of loving it. Whoever resists and conquers those passions that have held sway within displays the operation of a principle Holy from God powerful words powerful would some people suggest we have two natures in us it would be better to suggest that there are two principles in opposition to each other in us we're born with one an inclination to do that which is wrong to this plays God in Romans Chapter seven Paul says the Condamine is empty against God It is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be and yet we come to Jesus any implants in us a new principle we have born again and that fights and wrestles and struggles against the Connell nature and through Jesus we can be victorious now and forever. You've got to think about saints of all for just with me for just a moment saints of all Moses the Bible says He was the make us man that ever lived his righteous life friend was dependent on his constant connection to Jesus. However in a moment of frustration and exasperate. He unleashed on God's people in IT UP BEING Bob from the Promised Land his pasta victories could not atone for this one mistake and what I costly mistake it was the end of his story teaches you and I say that out of our constant need of connection to Jesus Christ think about that even out there in the hills tending to his sheep the Bible says that David was a man. After. Gods and how would you like to be called a man after God's own hot. He began so well and yet when he took his eyes off Jesus he stooped to take another man's wife and then do away with her husband. Now he ended up repenting and suspending his life to God's will but the story teaches us that apos connection to Christ. Has no bearing on our connection with Jesus. Now we've got to stay connected to Jesus sustaining grace think about Solomon Solomon began his rule of ship well when he answered God's query. What do you want with the words I don't know how to come in or to go out and I need your wisdom to properly lead your people. And yet he drifted from God's will. He turned on himself and sought to satisfy all of his cravings and his desires. The lesson he learned was absolutely better. He turned his life back over to God but it wasn't before he had set the stage for the on doing of that the nation that he was leading his story teaches us all about perpetual need of Christ and His saving grace. That's what Paul was saying when he declared this is a faithful saying in First Timothy one fifteen we looked at it. Earlier this is what Paul was saying when he declared this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the wall to save sinners of whom I am chief. Pole had a sense of his own unworthiness. Even after conversion he does not say I was chief he says I am chief his humility arises from the memory of his past insults and persecution is done to God and to his church as well as his awareness of his present insufficiency apart from the daily path sustaining power that God could give him all God's thanks never lose the sense of unworthiness that they experience when they first surrendered the will to Christ. I know that without the daily indwelling power of God their life would not reveal the graces of Christian Caryl. In Christ object lessons page one hundred sixty eight I have just about finished. It says The nearer we come to Jesus and the more clearly we discern the purity of his character. The more clearly we shall the same the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the less we shall feel like exulting else else. Our only safeguard friends is to remember who we were before we came to Jesus to place. No confidence in self and to gladly submit to the will and desires of God each and every day and although we have both sin and because Paul says I am chief. Although we have both sin and saying that does not mean that we live anxiety ridden lives. The Bible office three strategies to live the life of Christ in time science here they are going to put him up on the screen for you. Number one focus on Jesus that's the only way we can be victorious focus on Jesus Hebrews twelve those two tells us looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we are we know it well we know we are born in sin and live in the sphere of sin and of sinful natures and of sin sin is not to be our focus Christ is to be our focus as we behold Christ we continually grow to be more like Him whom it is said knew no sin for example if we take seriously his acceptance acceptance of maybe society's outcasts we too will find the courage and show the grace and sensitivity to people society would just as soon forget. As we look to Jesus the Holy Spirit empowers us for service his spirit is given to us as a guarantee of eternal life and the means of effective Christian witness the number one focus on Jesus. Number two be honest John Chapter and Verse thirty two. Jesus said The Truth Will Set You Free. We need to be ruthlessly honest. With God ourselves and with each other. Someone wrote on us to requires that we be suspicious about ourselves our motives and Al desires to face squarely that we are inverted around Al selves. We're all too ready to go it alone and forget that God exists we are trying to do this without time and even without treasures How often do we need to consult God about how we spend their time and how money. Do we put God first truth is more the most important ingredient for successful Christian living confession merely admits the truth and worship is telling the truth about God and what he has done for us in Christ Jesus by acknowledging that we have both Cinna. And Saint. We face the reality of our lives on is to require us that we had Mitt that we are always tempted by pride and pleasure. We are capable of any sin honesty causes us to remember that we are temporary that we have brought nothing into this world and that will take nothing out on the sea also requires that we view ourselves as God views us. If God says that we are a new life and we have a new life in Christ Jesus. Should we believe any less the determining factor in our lives is not what we have done. But what our standing is with God we live always by his grace and that is the truth. And thirdly thirdly they stripped the strategy to live the life of Christ in time. Science is we need to rebel against sin. We need to rebel against sin Romans Chapter six verses twelve through fourteen suggests that we should push back on Sam bell again same move from under the Lordship of sin we shouldn't think of ourselves as wondering aimlessly between sin and the right living we ought not give in to sin as if it was inevitable or even acceptable. It is not acceptable and we do not to give in to it. For example it would be easy to say nobody is perfect. Everybody lies a little to protect themselves. What's the matter if what's the problem if I do it but each time that happens we destroy ourselves a little sin is not to be tolerated and Calvary teaches us that when Paul discusses Christian living in Rome in six verses twelve through fourteen. He calls us for an all out rebellion against the tyranny of Sin Sin no longer has the right to rule over you and you and I should not let it being I say it is a change of lordships sin is no longer Lord Who is LORD NOW Christ Christ as Lord. It was disclosed and now in closing. After it was disclosed that President George H. W. Bush had banned broccoli aboard the Air Force One when he was president the nation. Apparently became a brewer embroiled in a broccoli discussion as broccoli got Grow was dispatched ten tons of the vegetable free to Washington the president reiterated his disdain and distaste with gusto he said I do not like broccoli. I have liked it. Since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat all of it. I'm president of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli. Like the former president of the United States who rebelled against broccoli ledge you and I rebel against sin What do you say rebel outlaw against sin by God's grace for now we cannot escape. It's true. Our sinful bodies. We cannot escape our evil inclinations. We cannot escape the sinful temptations. But in Christ. We are science God's people who he is called and has given his spirit to die she designed to be gods and time science. I do to. By God help us by God blesses my daughter empower us with His Spirit so that we march truly Kolo out war against sin is my prayer. Stand closing song for all the saints. You never knew you. Eat eat. It says and when the strife is fierce fierce the warfare long can you hear when the strife is fierce the warfare long still is on the ear and hearts are brave again and strong. May your hearts. Again be bright and you are strong in the battle with the enemy you don't fight alone. Jesus fights for you surrender your wills to him trust in His strength and power to help and though you'll see you're right through until he comes again. Let's pray again Father in heaven. Thank you so much that we don't need to dilly dally between we are cold by God separated by God to live for you to surrender our hearts L. lives our wills to you. Thank you Lord for your strength. Thank you Lord for your power. Thank you Lord that you have put it within us by your grace to rebel against sin and to live for Jesus. We want to be among these last days saying spoken of in Revelation fourteen and I can only happen. As we make a surrender to Jesus Christ. Thank you Father for accepting us. Not as we are not as We Are you want us to be much more you take us as we are and then you make us all that you want us to be we give you permission to continue that work in our lives may we be encouraged. Now hearts be strong our strong ready for the fight as we walk hand in hand with Jesus as we reflect his goodness in our lives and we pray this in Jesus' name.


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