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Free Radicals in Practice: The Good, the Bad, and Oxidative Stress

Todd Guthrie


It is the last hour of earth’s history. Stressful times are here, with more to come. How will we react to these challenges? A short primer on free radicals may provide some spiritual lessons we can apply in our own practices.


1. Review and update of the function of free radicals and their impact on health.

2. Understand good vs bad effects of free radicals.

3. Learn how to apply these principles in patient care.


Todd Guthrie

Orthopedic Surgeon, Mt. Shasta, California


  • October 27, 2016
    7:30 PM


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Title of the time we're going to share together I I can't resist it. And those of you who know me. It's when I see a title for a conference that's other words start going through my mind and I know free isn't in the title of this conference but radical isn't practice so I start thinking of you know how can we tie some science into this. This is actually a C.M.E. talk. Have you ever wondered what Jesus might use as his object lessons today what would Christ subject lessons be. What we now understand through science can be seen as a teaching tool. Can you imagine hearing him say the kingdom of heaven is like free radicals and I oxidants. Notice this quote from Ellen White every phase of experience every act of life she says the Bible is its own exposure to Scripture is to be compared with scripture the student that's each of us. Should learn to view the word as a whole and to see the relation of its parts. He should gain a knowledge of its grand central theme of God's original purpose for the world of the rise of the great controversy and of the work of redemption. He should understand the nature of the two principles that are contending for supremacy. And should learn to trace their working through the records of history and prophecy. And we might say physiology. To the great consummation he should see how this controversy enters into every phase of human experience how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other. Of the two antagonistic motives. And how whether he will or not he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy. He will be found the book Education Page one ninety you're probably familiar with that. And as the song we just heard the words we speak. The actions we take are. Going to have consequences in other people's lives. Will they be there. Well I like to break things down. Let's break down our title. What does it mean to be free. Here's some definitions. Not under the control or in the power of another able to act. Or be done as one wishes our own way. Not physically restrained obstructed or fixed unimpeded. Or as an adverb without cost or payment. What does it mean to be free. What is the only source of truth freedom. Notice the obvious spiritual implications especially of without cost or payment and of course the others as well. What are the costs and responsibilities of freedom both individual and corporate gods justifying Grace has been given to all men as a free gift. If the Son makes you free. You are free. Indeed we should never forget that in all our dealings with our patients and colleagues this principle holds true the rich blessings of the gospel through the cross of Christ are in stark contrast of the bondage and suffering of humanity in Adam these two antagonistic principles. And the blessings in Christ are free to Paul second Corinthians five fourteen and onward tells us that we see others differently in this view of the cross we become ambassadors of the good news the free gift is not like the offense. The one man's offense many died. By that one offense but much more by the grace of God and the gift by the grace of God in the one man Jesus Christ this abounded to many. It's a free gift it results in justification of life for all men do they know that. Well what's a radical. Well it's a noun a group of atoms behaving as a unit in a number of compounds. Very well that sounds pretty dry it comes from a word meaning root or having roots. Relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something or advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change or we might say we might add spiritual to that list spiritual change because as these two principles are contending for the supremacy of the great controversy. We're taking one side of the other and we want to be radical in the spirit of John the Baptist in our own lives and helping others in their lives. Even now the axe is laid at the root of the tree. When John the Baptist is preparing the way he indicates that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be radical in the truest purest sense. The real power of a word like radical has the power of the idea it communicates and I think especially true in terms of the gospel. Most of us here in the practice of some aspect of health care or perhaps in pastoral practice. We all deal with people. All of us expect our walk with Christ to have practical effects in and around us but we're still learning. We're learning what is most important life and in practice and that's a lifelong process. The definition here to read perform repeatedly or acquire skill to learn by repeated performance is especially important for us we're all in this type of practice but. What are we practicing what are we wanted to really become good at habits will. How can we naturally habitually be freely radical in the best sense in the Gospels. Since we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done. Whether good or bad. So these blue highlighted words are all that same Strong's word for. Practice for habitual and what we do is important. And has eternal consequences. The fact that God has given eternal life to all men and his son as we read in first John five twelve means that all including us will reveal what they have done without life whether they have made a habit a practice of letting that life have its way live out the life within me. Or whether they have resisted and rejected that life and gone destructively in their own ways when we look at the Grand discoveries of science with the understanding of some mechanism or property of life or physiology dawns upon us. We feel educated we feel like we know something is still wise to ask ourselves the question what do we really know what does this knowledge Tell us about God as He created all things and it is his power that sustains all things I like how eighty Jones puts it in science without the Bible that by which things are held together is cohesion. But when it is asked what is cohesion the only answer that is that which by which things are held together in science without the Bible that by which all things are held up or held in place is gravitation. But when it is asked what is gravitation. The only answer is that by which all things are held up or held in place but such answers as these are not answers at all. They are simply the saying of the same thing in a different way. Yet it is a fact that such is just the instruction that is given in the books and such as the teaching. It is given to students. But by it. The mind of the student is caused to travel in a circle and is left wandering there ever inquiring and finding no certain or satisfactory answer it is proper for a student to ask what holds in their places the worlds and all things and it is proper enough and is it. It is proper enough to that the answer should be gravitation. It is then proper for him to ask what is gravitation. But it is not in any sense proper to answer that gravitation is that by which all things are held in their places. And he goes on to say the same thing about cohesion. And that's what is taught in science. Apart from God science without the Bible but it's not genuine science. We need to know the reality of the things themselves. In science with the Bible it is altogether different in that when a child or a student asks what holds all things in their places he can be told that it is gravitation and when he asked What is gravitation he can be answered. God made the worlds by his son who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power. Thus gravitation is the power of God manifested in his words through Jesus Christ and he goes on to say the same thing is true of cohesion this is a manifestation of the power of God He who believes the Bible and thus become so acquainted with God in the power of his word that he knows and rests with perfect confidence in the knowledge that God possesses and is revealed in the Bible of philosophy and a science that it is for as far beyond any that this world ever knew as heaven is higher than the Earth is counted as fairly beyond the pale of respectability. But all that makes no difference with the truth and it is the everlasting truth that in the Bible. There is more and better science true. Or and more profound philosophy than this world ever knew or ever can know with out this book got is he is the former of all things he is the only true teacher he has ever ready and is waiting to be the teacher of all he will willingly teach all who will be taught by him and to all such he will teach all knowledge and all wisdom all science and all philosophy for in him or hit all the treasures of philosophy and science and year complete in Him who is the head of all principality and power and so when we look at science we examine what's going on even at the molecular level we might well ask what does this teach me about the power of God about the sin problem and about my own experience it is in that spirit the spirit of the learner the student that I would like to explore our topic. This evening. What's a free radical. Well it's an atom or molecule or iron that has unpaired valence electrons electrons are. Packets of the power that we call a negative charge. These molecules are usually highly reactive they will give or take to gain parity that is they like to have a neutral charge. They can be formed through a process that puts enough energy into the parent molecule such as on icing radiation heat electrical discharges look troll assists chemical reactions with some exceptions these unpaired electrons make free radicals highly chemically reactive toward other substances or even towards themselves their molecules will often spontaneously die or eyes or polymerized. Join to each other. Most radicals are reasonably stable only at very low concentrations. In a vacuum or in some in the media. What about mankind how reactive is mankind in his fall and stay. What's missing from man's experience when he's so unstable. Stabilizing power of God. Well. Our topic was the good the bad and oxidative stress. When you think of a free radical do you think that they're good or bad. Generally you think they're bad but there is a good free radical This is it. There may be others as well but there are others as well. Nitric oxide is a gaseous signaling signaling molecule which is a free radical it signals the end of a smooth muscle cells to relax. What does that do increases our blood flow. Could be formed through nitric oxide sent a store nitrate rich vegetables the health matches comes into play particularly leafy green spinach or beet root and it also inhibits vascular smooth muscle contraction and growth platelet aggregation Leukocyte and. So it's those are all good things for blood flow right. It's also generated by the fact of sites. These monocytes macrophages and neutrophils as part of the human immune response. It is toxic to bacteria and parasites. There's all kinds of things. Nitric oxide also can be produced as an immune defense mechanism and it can. In large quantities in certain situations concept of shock everything relaxes some of the autumn you diseases you'll have that type of. Of behavior. It's involved in insulin secretion modulation vascular tone airway tone peristalsis. Blood vessel growth neural development all of these things and it's just a small molecule. That defuses. Do are words that we speak stimulate a greater flow of the love of God in the lives of others the life is in the blood we're told. We'd like to be diffusive like the Holy Spirit is in our lives we would like to promote spiritual health through circulation and immunity. OK So that's the good what about the bad. This is one of the worst factors of the free radical. Family the hydroxyl radical extremely reactive immediately removes electrons from any molecule in its path turning that molecule into a free radical and so propagating a chain reaction. Can't be eliminated by an enzymatic reaction is dangerous. You know what happens when we're just living as we're getting exposed to cosmic radiation and we're what percent water are we. Sixty something. And when that cosmic radiation hits the water splits that molecule and creates super oxide which is missing three of the four electrons that oxygen usually has. That can combine or go through a reaction you may have hydrogen peroxide or H two O. two which is missing two of the electrons. You may get this one hydroxyl radical which is missing only one there are damaging effects of sin even at the molecular level but there are protections. Available notice here though that this hydroxyl radical has occasionally produced as a byproduct of immune action which is actually good our cells can actually produce this radical at times when it's needed. Otherwise though it's very dangerous it can damage all kinds of molecules. There are some mechanisms some in dodginess and they are accidents melatonin. Dietary antioxidants. So we might think What are the spiritual implications of these protections. Well this is kind of a busy slide but this gives kind of a pictorial representation. You have this damage to the cell the cell membrane can be affected. Notice in the center there those are the defensive ends on super oxide disputatious S O D cattle A C A T or peroxide a switch has that other symbol there. This enzyme family. Has the role to protect the organism from oxidative damage. It reduces the limpid peroxide aces that are formed when the limpets on the outside of the cell or attacked and reduces them to alcohols and reduces free hydrogen peroxide to water. So what's the object lesson here we might say that in Christ all things work together for good to those who love him who are the called according to His purpose. He's able to undo the apparent irreversible damage that sin has caused us and those around us. As the Bible says the Life truly is in the blood the red blood cell is the carrier of life giving oxygen in this study here that you see on the screen. The defense is in healing process as were compromised in atherosclerotic smoking patients the ones who had a rich diet and who were smoking. These enzymes for Hon to do the work that they needed to do to neutralize these free radicals. We also would note that lifestyle choices are playing out of the principles of the great controversy even in these red cells. Jesus is the bread from heaven. What are we eating. The earth is surrounded by an atmosphere of grace as real as the air we breathe. What are we breathing. While nitric oxide is by and large a good free radical the reactive oxygen species that are created. In the cell are chemically reactive chemical species containing oxygen and we mentioned super oxide the peroxides the hydroxyl radical. In times of environmental stress what happens in the cell is that the enzymes may not be able to keep up with neutralizing. These free radicals. So there's Zagunis are outside the body free radicals that are produced from pollutants tobacco smoke there's an dodginess. Reactive oxygen species. And they're the product of normal oxygen metabolism within the cell and they have some important roles in cell signalling and homeostasis or that the health of the cell. But if they get overactive these reactive oxygen species we can have problems with chronic inflammation and cancer. There are times when we would like ourselves to be able to kill other cells right. We have a bacterial infection. We'd like something to get the job done. Or if we have a cell that's no longer functional we have this process called apoptosis to get rid of old cells in our cells make these reactive oxygen species to get rid of these problems. What do we need cleansing from do we have any dead cells. Do we have any dangerous. Infections of pride or selfishness. Or other causes of spiritual death so oxidative stress as we mention is when there's this imbalance between the manifestation of the reactive oxygen species and the ability to detoxify these intermediates and to repair the damage and these can if there are disturbances in that normal state of things called the Redux state we can have these toxic effects damage of proteins limpets D.N.A. even D.N.A. So our very very transcript of who are to be is effected. So what's the application how do we fight sin in our lives. And how do we help other people fight sin in their lives. What's the perfect balance of this activity that goes on. Or maybe we should ask who perfectly condemned sin. Without condemning the center who had the perfect balance of the Redux state can we take any lessons from him. This is a busy schematic. I don't know if you can see much of that but the green is good in the red is bad. You see the process on the right they're going on. This is a battle constantly going on in our cells and these enzymes are able to convert these toxic substances into something that's. That's helpful. Like water or some stable Leopard's that won't hurt us. The lesson here is. There's a constant battle going on in our cells. There's also a constant battle going on in our minds. We're all under attack. By the toxic effects of sin. But this toxicity can be neutralized. If we have the right resources in hand. We need divine and I oxidants. Well here's something that will interest the cardiologists and anyone who treats people with heart disease. The metabolic heart disease due to consumption of a high fat high sugar or Western so-called Western diet causes increased peroxide production in oxidative stress and cardiac mitochondria. Associated with decreased A.T.P. said this is decrease complex to activity it messes with the very physiological physiology of the heart cells they can't do their job it impairs their ability to actually process the energy. How is our spiritual diet affecting our heart metabolism. Are we sharing the word. Exercising. Our ability to. Help others. So as to avoid spiritual metabolic syndrome. This is part of our heart protection. Some of you may not remember the Krebs cycle. I don't think I do but here's where the problem lies in that study. Just look at the blue arrow right. Sucks in a D. hydrogenation anybody anybody who's in their third or fourth year of medical schools to remember that. No shaking your heads. OK. Well if we did at oxidants then how do we get them. How should we get our and oxidants this study indicates that we do need an accident help from outside the body. That's what they say exogamous outside the body at oxidants they do say we need them. But how much and where do we get them. Who or what we reach out to for help and how we take it in is important. Here's their conclusion in this study. The balance between oxidation and oxidation the Redux balance is critical in maintaining a healthy biological system. So they call it the double edged effect. It doesn't of concern just the reactive oxygen species that are actually helpful. You know to some activities but also at oxidants physiologic doses of exogamous and oxidant. Are required to maintain a reestablished redux homeostasis So we need something from outside ourselves. This is also true in our sin problem we need help from outside of ourselves. But I know their conclusion your compounds within plant foods may therefore be considered as being more safe and healthy compared to isolated high doses such as present and supplements they found the best best health was head when you take these An oxygen plants and two factors the low concentration of nutrients and nutrients in the natural food nature sees what they're made of and the additive or synergistic actions of complex mixture profiles of fire the chemicals basically. God designed these plants to help us and it will eat the plants he told us to eat. Will be healthy. Sorry that's science is sometimes simple like that. Right. Supplementation approaches do generally not take into account both aspects and then there's some controversy results and supplementation studies. God has designed a particular way for us to get the Exodus we need plant foods amazing. If we try to load up on accidents isolated from their natural plant environment we may actually cause harm as in the this case in the study where the action of antibiotics are compromised by too many of the any oxidants because the. The antioxidants including oxidative stress defense proteins significantly reduce the key. By antibiotics. So how much you know how many accidents you want. So we might see a spiritual application there as well or in this case where supplements improve survival of the tumor instead of the patient because the body is using the reactive oxygen species to actually fight the tumour and take too many and accidents in the high solution from the plant source and are actually saving the tumour from its destruction. Well on the basis of their conclusion on the basis of our review of the published randomized clinical trials we conclude that the use of supplemental at Oxon is during chemotherapy and radiation therapy people who are treated for cancer should be discouraged because of the possibility of tumor protection and reduced survival. Well. Who's the Jesus is the vine. He's the source of our spiritual and oxidants right. He's the bread from heaven. Feeding on his life promote spiritual homeostasis we cannot safely get these resources. Apart from a living connection with him with an indwelling His into elling presence. We might want to sing that song again live out the life within me. Well maybe there's a perfect supplement somewhere that doesn't cause that harm. I was looking to see if I could find one came across this on the Internet. I'm not recommending you take this OK I just found this interesting. Maybe we should maybe we should and you could research that there's there's papers presented this is actually from a paper that was presented to the F.D.A. as part of the application so that it could be listed as a food product this the people were providing this heavy fall date to make acid in full the Casson they call it or he told me his. Chemically identifiable source of standardized derived HUMINT acid. And this particular product that they're describing. Was found in that Hungary. Near Lake Balaton anybody from Hungary here and it had these interesting properties the veterinarians in the area observed that animals grazing on or near this peat deposit were exceptionally healthy compared to other animals especially the offspring of these animals and this product I guess is used in Europe some of you may know about it and there's a lot of research has been done on that pharmacokinetics toxicology and efficacy. Studies found that the animals consuming the grass growing on these peat deposits experience accelerated growth resisted diseases commonly seen in other regions of Hungary in nearby countries suggest that the animals had ingested something that has their immune function and promoted optimal growth in disease resistance. It was believed that the peat enhanced absorption of minerals found in the plants the livestock was eating extensive scientific research is established that this peat deposit contains it difficult quantities to predominate human compounds human cast and full of acid and then there's some phenolic acid as well. So at least this is valuable for healthy plants and animals that eat the plants or are healthy because of what this material is doing. In summary it appears that for the gases mix similar to the human gas its speed due to their be due to their acid a functional groups and they talk about the car books and like acid in phenolic hydroxyl groups and they're able to react with various species like free radicals minerals and biological enzyme systems so it's like almost the the anti free radical it's the picturing this like the perfect at Oxon doesn't matter what you throw at it it can take it in neutralizing. Make it something helpful and perhaps why these animals were doing so well is because the minerals were being brought to the plants all the trace minerals that things like that like to sate you know bind and hide out of the way we've heard those talks in previous years. However due to the complexity of the structure and functions of the cast and this is a complex molecule. It's difficult to determine the exact mechanisms responsible for its effects seen in vivo that's in human beings further research may help to explain how these subs interact with biological systems. Well. Some mysterious material seems to have a number of helpful properties. I'm not selling it. Nor do I have a multilevel marketing plan for you. It's derived from plants that have died. These are dead plants. They're being processed in a certain way by microorganisms and they're creating these substances. Well maybe think I haven't bought any of this by the way I'm not taking it. OK. But what's the lesson is there. Do we have a perfect and I oxidant spiritually speaking. Christ provided a way in Himself for us to identify with and experience the death. That's in causes. He put to death. Our corporate sinful humanity and Adam that we all share that death provides innumerable blessings for us in this world. What did Jesus say in John twelve twenty four. Most assuredly I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it remains alone but if it dies it produces much grain. There is a rich growth in spiritual strength and maturity as we contemplate the cross and Christ's death for us. Well here are some of the reported benefits of the supplement. And there are scientific studies that support these I didn't go in and. Evaluate all of them as to whether they were you know how legitimate each one of them were but these were all listed promotes electro chemical balance as a donor or receptor you know in this great controversy. The two principles that are fighting against each other have to do with giving and taking right. Lissette for Wanted to what take. And he also wants to give but what he wants to give us nothing else for us. Jesus gave everything. And he was willing to take. All of our sin. This process of giving and taking. Well this substance is a powerful free radical scavenger and oxidant it complexes it dissolves minerals and trace elements and Hansen's Biovail availability and transport of nutrients detoxifies pollutants it's a key later of metal ions enhances cell membrane permeable A-T. increases protein metabolism increases in some activity. So these are some of the reported benefits of the supplement. But interestingly there are some studies. You know people may market Well I found some pate. And I want to sell you this fluid that came from that but it's not always safe to do that for example. This is a great metal later or and or other substances in the water in which it is high in arsenic would you want to drink. Something that had this substance and arsenic. Actually there's area in China where they found that people actually got this disease called Blackfoot disease because of the arsenic that this substance was carrying to them. So the source. Here's the point. The source of your perfect and I oxidant is very important. You don't want to kill later to transport arsenic. For example when we are dead in Christ when we accept his death as ours that our old man is dead in him. If we accept all of those things that the gospel teaches us that very fact makes us a blessing in this world just about all of these purported benefits of fall that acid we could see have spiritual counterparts if we just go through and look at them how we understand the gospel has practical implications are we give and forgivers effective messengers of the love of God. Like I take oxide. How do we best neutralize the toxicity around us that sin is caused like the enzymes that do that in our cells do we have a perfect and I oxygen source in the life and death of Jesus. What is our role in the function of reactive oxygen species. When we're combating sin. How do we apply. The powerful force of the gospel to do away with sin in ourselves and to deal with it in others. Well. I'd like to share a story with you that was a personal journey for me. With what we might call some oxidative stress and it happened. Not too long after. Our last year's conference and after it already been kind of thinking about the topic that I wanted to give so we'll call this patient Chatham clay Mansfield. Because I can't give us real name of course. And that's not his real X. ray that's just grabbed off the internet so you can see. What was going on. This gentleman presented to my office he was in his fifties mid to late fifty's and he had arthritis. His left hip. Quite painful. He also had Interestingly a residual Clubfoot deformities so his feet were not normal feet made a little hard for him to keep his balance and to walk normally. And he was happy to hear that a hip replacement would make his pain feel better but he was concerned because he knew that he would need some rehabilitation. He lived alone. He he wanted some help in that rehabilitation face and so I was happy to explain that at our hospital we have a discharge coordinator if you need to go to a rehab facility. We'll make sure that happens for you and. Everything will be fine. So he had a surgery. And the P.A. that works at our hospital. Came by and I was in the operating room. And it wasn't long after surgery he became quite agitated it became hostile he was throwing things he was. Yelling at the nurses cursing and swearing. Anybody have patients like that that have what's that. Delirious he could have been delirious. But even after he. Well. What do you do want to patients like that. Well North P.D. surgeon you say well given the give me milligram of out of me and see if that helps. Well that's what I did so then I went to see him now I have to be honest with you. I don't like confrontation I don't like conflict on that basis to be happy. And I didn't feel like I could control the situation I went to see him what was he doing. Sleeping. Sitting up sleeping because so I could interact with him so that was OK with me. I guess because I really didn't want any conflict. The moment. Well the next day came I went to see patients in my office the P.A. rounded on him still having trouble giving the nurses a terrible time. And the problem for him was that the nurses that work at our hospital also work at the nearest skilled nursing facility where he was going to be placed. Now what are the likely what are the what's the likelihood that he's going to be accepted there as a patient after this behavior. Even after he woke up and was no longer really confused he was just angry hostile and if you talk to his family. This was not an unusual occurrence. He didn't appear that way in the office when I first saw him but we don't know what lies within us doing. Maybe we're all free radicals that hard. Certainly we are in Adam that destructive force and he refused to go to a skilled nursing facility farther away from home. So what happened was he was discharged home and it was snowing so he was taken home and his ex-wife came and tried to assist him be alienated her he fell several times at home and he was mad he was really a man so he called our office. And he spoke to my staff and he well he yelled at my staff and he called me and I listened and. Tried to explain to him that is on behavior and kind of created this situation for him was in my fall. Right. Well I finally got him to agree to come in for a follow up appointment which felt a little risky to me because he threatened on the phone to sue me. And he sounded so hostile that I wondered if I would be the headline. Some of you remember. Well some of you know I don't know if Bob and Andy here. Some of them some of you know the surgeon that was slain. In Boston and we had one near us in Reno not too many hours away from where I practice somebody on the happy with the outcome of something goes in and kills your doctor. Now maybe you think that's irrational but this is the day in which we live. We're in the eleventh hour where the judgment hour and bad things are happening. So I was a bit stressed when I thought of this man coming into the office. But then the Holy Spirit started working on me. I mean I did arrange for the sheriff's deputy to come and be present. Because I don't want my staff to get hurt but if the sheriff's deputies outside the room and I'm in the room and something happens. You know I mean he'll be able to help me but it might be too late. Well these are the kind of thoughts that came to me in the context of our topic this evening. Christ gave His life for all men including this man. In Christ he died to that humanity. He has and I share the same corporate humanity that he does. I'm no better than he is in the same situation if I've been hurt in my life if I had challenges like he had I might behave just the same way. I started to think well was I responsible for something here. Could I have done something different. Well. Really supposed to be the captain of the team here. And if some how things were working out with them. I'm a bit responsible. So I experienced a bit of what some people might call corporate heads in the face of radical hostility like hydroxyl radical What is the answer. Well I'd listened. I I was a good listener. But he was still hostile I could have tried to respond in kind. Maybe I did by trying to play some of the blame on him what we're trying to help you you know I could be like the reactive oxygen species just let go on and see if that would help. But the question was and it came home in a you know pretty real way am I willing to die for this patient. How was I to reveal the love of God to him. Could I be like nitric oxide a messenger of the covenant of peace. Could he experience some increased flow of the love of God through me. Well like him a full vague. I did recognise that all died in him in Christ and in Him all fullness dwell so he could handle this. What's the promise perfect love casts out fear. He who loves his life will lose it and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me. Let him follow me and where I am there my servant will be also were to be in the trenches with Christ and no temptation has overtaken you except such as is. The man. But God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear. It's OK to die if God says it's time and it can glorify him. It's OK. Who knows how this patient had been heard in the past. How was I to reveal the love of God to him. How could I communicate to him. The life of Christ the true vine. The nutrients of the bread from heaven. Well there is a promise in the scripture as found in Hebrews. This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and their minds. I will write them and then he adds their sins and lawless deeds I will remember. No more now where there is remission of these there is no longer an offering for sin therefore brother and having boldness to enter the holiest by the Blood of Jesus by a new and loving way which he consecrated for us through the veil that is his flesh having a high priest. Over the house of God Let us draw nearer with the true heart and full assurance of faith having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience that our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he a promise is faithful and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works so that sheriff's deputy was out of sight patient was brought back the medical assistant put the patient in the room. And the deputy was not visible to the patient but he stepped. So I just outside the room and I entered the room. And I sat down next to the patient to Adam See we could call him and he said Doc we need to talk he was still frustrated with how things would come I said. Yeah but let me talk first I said A C. I need to ask your forgiveness. You were really stressed after surgery you were concerned about your rehab and I should have come and minister to you forgive me for that you got tears in his eyes. And we had a good conversation. And then he asked me he said Doc would you do me a favor. I forgot to tell you one other thing I did was that God had provided something had another patient come in earlier before I saw you see this gentleman. It's always a bearing gifts and he brought me some organic eggs that they had double the Elks that's like really good right and and some different kinds of olives you know stuff with car like stuff but jalapenos. This gentleman is an entrepreneur and a farmer he helps other people start up a different kind of farming business does and what have you. Then he had given those to me. So I thought Ah. So I asked a C. I said a seat like all it's like a so I went got those and I gave those things to him. Hopefully the cholesterol in an accident problem wouldn't be a problem for him but. But he was very appreciative of that and it wasn't time to Vance him in the health message at this point. But then AC turned to me and he said he would you do me a favor. And he was actually doing better at this point he was walking he was getting around he was making it he said would you call my ex-wife and intercede for me with her because they were alienated because he had in this even at home you know while he was calling us he was calling other people. He was giving everybody a very hard time life wasn't fair and he was a free radical but I saw the effect of my repenting to him and he was immediately. Ready to reconcile and that's what the incest going on with right. Would become messengers we become ambassadors for the Gospel. We look at Christ at his baptism he was willing to repent for all humanity. We look at the nearest of the Savior in his humanity coming close to us willing to minister to us. In our humanity he has done the damage that sin is done in US and in others the Holy Spirit is the messenger of the everlasting covenant. And we can be free to get to the root of the problem without fear. I'm thankful this worked out well I'm glad I'm here to tell you the story and I guess when I started you knew that it would end at least with me. Surviving. But can I make this trust in Christ and ministry for others a habit. That ongoing practice not just an interesting vignette for the game and conference in two thousand and sixteen. Well in closing. As I did. Last year. For you it again an expanded paraphrase of the section of Isaiah fifty eight which follows the one that I shared with you last year. Starting with verse nine. When you call out to me I will be your answer your cry for help will reveal that I have always been closer than you thought how reveal myself to you and in you. Because I have been bearing the sin of all humanity and given them my life in exchange. You can choose to quit burdening others with the guilt of humanity you yourself share. Pointing out their flaws and faults telling them how bad they are. If you receive my heart yearning for those who are hungering for something better who are attacked by the enemy on the every side the light of my level conquer your fear and dispel the gloom enshrouding those around you. I will cause my word to guide you in every situation. My love will satisfy what your soul thirst for. You will have the most solid framework of truth. By never failing love myself listeners will grow on you and freely flow out of you your children those new born in Christ who see this love in action will join you in placing my righteousness as the cornerstone of the church. Where it has always be long. Then you will truly be called my command the keeping people who every store of the path of righteousness by faith revealing my faith and love as I dwell in you. As we behold Christ the master physician the medical missionary in his perfect life in his representative death. May have truly free us to practice radically in his service in this the last hours of hers history of Great Father in heaven. Thank you for the gift of Jesus. Thank you for the lessons that we see at the atomic and molecular level that teach us about these battles that go on in the great controversy. We pray that your energy the energy of your love. That selfless love which the universe runs might find its free flow through it in us and to others may we be messengers of the everlasting covenant as we minister to those around us. May your perfect love cast out our fear to continue your healing ministry this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about listen to more sermon visit or.


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