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Radical Practice

John Torquato


Desperate people will do radical things. The motive which causes desperation will tell of character, influence destiny, and alter your practice of medicine.


1. Learn the essential elements necessary to radically transform a practice into an evangelistic center of influence.

2. Review principles from the Bible that will direct a radical transformation of health care practice.

3. Be challenged with a model of radical practice that will transform your personal life, bless the church, and has the power to transform the way evangelism is done in your community. 


John Torquato

Seventh-day Adventist Physician, Board Certified in Family Medicine


  • October 28, 2016
    11:00 AM


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It's been a full Levon year since I've actually got a chance to talk to this group. About eleven years ago I came and spoke to him in. And at that time I had not been exposed to so many people at the same time in the same place that were interested in using their medical practices their their dental practices their practice of health care to complete the Gospel commission before that I had well let me just say that I felt so good when I when I stood in front of that group of people I felt amazing and felt joy just wash over me because I sensed I wasn't alone. That there were yet seven thousand who had refused to bend the knee. And that's what you. That's what you are you were that to me standing in front of a crowd eleven years ago. God received praise in that moment just as he does right now from me because you exist. Now I believe that a man is a sign. Personally I believe that a man is a sign a sign of the near coming of Christ. Now fall and I'm my reasoning here. We know that the last work to be done in missionary lines is the medical missionary work. And if you don't find a bunch of medical missionaries out there. How close are we to the end. But just like prior to Christ first advent as you see he the world coming into into focus to prepare the way for Christ as you start to see medical missionaries rising up in organizations and. And people organizing themselves around medical missionary work rising up out of the grassroots just like gone prepare the world for Christ's first event. God is preparing the world for his second Advent and because of that. You are a sign of Christ's near coming. How close are we to the end right now. I want to give you five principles today of radical medical ministry that will transform your lives your practice this is not from any book this is from simply the book of my experience so you can take it or leave it. I won't be offended but I'll tell you this is what I have learned I want to share with you today. The first principle that I'm going to share with you is to love radically you see being here. Like I said from eleven years ago makes me think of my my dear friend Roger Ferguson. Roger came with me and helped me at my presentation eleven years ago now Roger was a patient of mine. And Roger was this. Gentle man a kind and loving and insincere person he was the kind of person you'd like to be around because he's so quiet and unassuming and careful of other people and. The way he took care of people made you just feel included. But I tell you look at a secret about Roger and I in our first conversation in my office. Roger came at me like a she bear his finger was in my face. I don't like doctors he said as he stood over me. I don't like doctors and you are one. Give me my prescription and an I.V. here I'll be out of your face. Oh I'll talk about intimidating here I go. He's a six foot four two hundred forty pound University professor of engineering and this guy's leaning over the table with his finger in my face telling me how he doesn't like me and he never met me before. But you know what Roger in time became my friend. I got to know Roger. And I realize that this in your face guy was not that same kind of guy he was indeed a she bear. You see this guy was powerful and radical in his love. And what happened is he radically loved his wife and his wife had cancer that had taken over her body and would one day take her life. And in the process of her illness her interactions with physicians were so poor. And so degrading. And so dehumanizing to her she had been seen treated so rudely. That Roger who loved his wife radically came at anything that looked like it might get in her way like a she bear and that's what radical love will do. Roger was a protector. He was a protector of women he was a protector of children he was protector of the handicapped he was a protector of the disenfranchised any time any of that entered the room. They had Roger watching them because Roger love that kind of person radically and he would transform into anything he needed to be in order to love these people completely. Well you know it made him step out of his comfort zone because that wasn't his natural inclination to be up in your face he could do it but it wasn't his comfort zone but you see desperate people will do radical things and Roger was desperate to love his wife through a series of events. Roger became my friend and truly he became my best friend. You see although we were decades different in age Roger was a kindred spirit. Roger not only became my best friend over time but because his radical love was so respected by me. Because I grew to love and respect Roger Roger so much. And the way he was sacrificial like Jesus was sacrificial. That I grew to respect him and love him and he actually became the godfather of my children to the point where he was there when my kids were born. This is a guy that stood in my face I had no knowledge of him before we got to know each other in the clinic and now he is helping me in my home. That was Roger. That's what radical. Total commitment and love will do for you. So eleven years ago. Roger gave his testimony. Sometimes I go to audio verse just to listen to as a voice again because he died since he's looking forward to the second coming of Jesus he will look into the face of another one who loved him radically. John for first John four seven said Beloved let us love one another. Why because love is of God and catch the word everyone who loves and I'm going to put some parentheses around that like Jesus loves. Sacrificially radically completely giving of themselves like Jesus did everyone who loves like that is born of God and knows God. Roger loved radically sacrificially like Jesus loved in that statement you will find the first principle of radical medical practice it is in itself a radical concept to love people so much that they invade your life. That's nuts. You need to love so radically. So sacrificially just like Jesus did because Jesus wanted to invade our lives. You see this whole concept of loving radically leads to several things down the line. For one thing when you are in medical ministry. You don't lead by authority. You need to know this this is this is key. You don't lead by authority you lead by influence. You see in medicine it's all hierarchical you know it's you know everybody it has its place in the hierarchy but in medical ministry we're all on the same playing field. I don't care whether you're the doctor the nurse the janitor influence then in that kind of scenario is not assumed it is developed. And the way that that happens you can make things awkward for you if you go into things things. Assuming authority in front of people that are seeing you as a minister. You can kind of lead to the following circumstance where you have a staff member who refuses a medical order because they didn't feel like it. You know what had happened and it happened because somebody took authority when they should have taken influence and if you're going to do medical ministry you need to know that that's the kind of thing that's going to happen. You need to know that you're on the same playing field as other people and they'll see it as a power vacuum but it is not you have authority but they'll see it as that and they're not used to it and they'll pursue that as if they're going to take authority because you didn't take authority you advocated You didn't have to K. you just simply lead by influence and so if that's the case how much influence did that person have there. Not much and it was a learning point. It applies to working with our brother in the church in the ministry as well. You see we may feel like many people that I have talked to in the health care fields. Why do I need them anyway. I mean I got the whole package. I mean I can do medicine and ministry even better than they can you tell me you wonder you wonder why they wonder about our commitment to the church and to ministry. When we act like that were equals in ministry and with our brethren and we lead by influence not by authority. We're not going to tell them the way it is you see you want to know how to have influence you want to know how you lead in that kind of circumstance the way you do that. Is you recognize the person who has the most to lose and gives it up sacrificially has the most influence. If they have the most to lose in the give it away freely. Those people that are the most sacrificial carry the most influence and you in the health care fields are set up to lead. If you will sacrifice like that you want to have influence. You'll need to sacrifice and not only will you need to sacrifice between you to love radically the people not just your patients but the people you take care of the patients with you need to take care of them and I'm not just talking about your staff I'm talking about your ministry brother and and it does go beyond that it goes to your own family. You see if you want to lead in ministry. You need to have influence and if you're going to have influence the way you develop it is through sacrifice because you've got the most to lose and you gave it away freely and. Therefore you carried influence. It might be kind of radical to think like that kind of nuts but you know it's easier on our egos probably to deal with our patients radically than it is even our own brother in the ministry. It's easier to deal with our own patients because it's so clear that we are above them. But when we go side by side with our brother in the ministry it is not clear and you see if you you want to address them closely and have influence on them. You need to love radically like that. Loving radically will take you out of your professional Reserve. It will remove you from your disconnected distance that you're perceived by either with patients or our brother in the ministry. It will alter our preoccupation with production. And it will make us leave our comfort zones and regarding patients and our ministry partners. Radical love will place us into relationships and circumstances that we never thought were possible to have a radical practice. You need to do like Roger did you need to love radically principle. Number two. It's often those who are not afraid to die. The women and the also I learned in my life. I learned that when you're desperate you're going to radical things. Now I not been an Adventist all my life when I was a kid I lived a pretty violent life up in San Jose California just to quickly describe that my four brothers and I were once surrounded by about twenty kids and beat another time I end up with a full lay of the lower lip from this point at this point which I still carry a scar for when my teeth went through my face. Another time I had my nose broken and blood from the here to here in down to my waist and unfortunately in that alter cation it was all mine. You see so I lived a pretty radical life in the sense that I was just getting beat up. Now I could handle myself in an even circumstance but it wasn't always that way and those are the times I feared the worst. So I learned that when you're desperate you do radical things. So I remember jumping over the fence one day on this culvert this this wash Culver had about you know those concrete things that go straight down. It was about ten or twelve feet deep and it had a rocky bottom and there's this big clear area you know fenced chainlink against the houses they had their backs towards this culvert and it was just as long as thoroughfare which was a great shortcut between between different neighborhoods and my buddy Jimmy and I we jumped the fence one time and we're about halfway through this culvert area walking right next to this deep culvert this ten or twelve feet. I bet you I was fourteen at the time. And some guys were coming the other direction and my buddy Jimmy he looked he goes something like this dude you know those guys they hate your guts. They're going to kill you. That was Jimmy Jimmy had a way of really encouraging me in those difficult circumstances. All right so as they got closer. They as I got closer they recognized who I was as you can see all Man these guys see who I am and I said Oh man. Well Jimmy. If I have to fight at least two of us in Jimmy has a shocked look on his face he go. He looks at me goes there were two of us and he backs away. Now on. Man and now there's one of me against two guys that are bigger than I am and that hate my guts. And going through my mind. Are these scenarios of my past where I did not fare so well. And I'm thinking I am just really up against it. Now this is the end. As they got closer and closer they said and they were smiling real big they got close enough to talk to me they said I turn Quadro so very nice to see you out here so far from anyone that could help you. What a terrible thing and they began to use expletives to explain how they were going to mess me up and as they came closer and closer they're about ready to lurch forward and I stay put my hand and said Hold on guys hold on. I just want to say this I know that both of you either one of you could do everything you have said about the way you're going to mess me up you and I both know it. But I made a decision today. I'm standing next to this Colver and as soon as one of the two of you gets close to me I'm going to take you by the throat in the two of us are going down there and I'm going to end up on top. So come on let's get this done and they just stood there. And allowed guy said to the big guy. Come on let's go get him and the big guys are cold when they're not so fast. And the loud guy said No no no I'm serious. Come on school get him. We only want to hear he said I'm not going in there man. What are you afraid you chicken. So I said I'm not going and they start to fight back and forth and then very slowly they begin to inch around me way on the far side of the culvert until they were all the way past me as I faced them as I turned and they got to the other side they use an expletive and off they walk. Unfortunately Jimmy was in their path way. He did not fare well my point is this desperate people will do radical things and it's often the one who is not afraid to die. That wins. I learned that lesson I learned that lesson before I knew the Gospel but then when I learned about the gospel I recognized later it was the same risk that our Savior took that he was willing to die to risk it all in a battle to the death. But in the process. He won our salvation. Now want to became a Christian I had a new whole new area to apply this to you see I had to learn how to apply it to dying to self. You see when you're desperate you radical things and it might even include dying to self so good to get an application. Here's an application for medicine. I'm going to say something that you need to understand very clearly and be able to express yourself. That medical ministry is not the gospel. It does not take the place of the gospel. It is a part of the Gospel and there is a gospel of Health which means we're part of it. We're the right arm. But medical ministry does not replace the Gospel our benevolent acts do not take the place of helping people know Jesus and that's a place where we as providers need to learn to die to self. Because we want to be in charge. When it comes to our ministry brothering it's a man. Remember I said I had the whole package you do my way but we are not the head. We are the army. Now some people will try to pursue medical ministry in a bin. Evelyn fashion in a way that excludes the Gospel but I would like you to know that separated from the Gospel medical ministry is not a Seventh Day Adventist endeavor. So let's get another application to this concept. It is often those who are not afraid to die that when we have a saying in my office. We cannot be so concerned about our own survival personally or as an organization that we neglect to do that which is right and it has led us many times to the pathways that are difficult as we practice medicine. We've learned to alter the practice of medicine to meet missionary goals because we were not afraid to do that which is right even if it meant a risk to our own survival. We changed the practice of medicine to meet mission goes. We have to died or own plans our own lives even we have to choose to live a life of the cross as physicians in business. What kind of nuts is that. And even in our own professional lives. I mean how many of us know of the circumstance of a medical missionary who in their own scenario in their own area of comfort. They become keen that doesn't go when you are working for influence. So we need to put aside things like our personal plans and be willing to sacrifice for the Lord in ways we did not consider before even death. We're talking physical death financial death organizational and I talking crazy. This is nuts who talks about creating being willing to die as an organization in order to accomplish the mission of the church doesn't make any sense right. And you if you the Lord can work with or without an organization but he can't work with somebody who will not give themselves fully to him. So the thought me cause some people to freak out a little bit but I need to tell you something desperate people will do radical things and if you are desperate to love people for Jesus. You need to know that if you allow yourself to be afraid to die in any of those ways you will go nowhere. It is time to count the cost of discipleship now in being afraid to die is one of them. One of those cars. Jesus told the rich young ruler. To go and sell all that he had everything and you know for us that might include not just our things our finances. It might include our ego. It might include our our influence it might include our expectation of what the future should hold for us to sell all that he had and then give it to the poor and come follow me that ruler went away sad. So what about us. John twelve twenty four the twenty six most assuredly I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies. It remains alone. Another words you're not taken anybody with you. I mean if you want to go there. You're not taking anybody with you if you don't die. It remains alone but if it dies it produces much grain he who loves his life will lose it and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves me let him follow me where he go on the cross when you follow me that where I am there my servant will be also. But if anyone. Serves me him. My father will honor the second principle is this it's often the one who is not afraid to die that wins talk in radical practice now you know your purpose. My dad used to tell me it this way said you know. A John. If you don't know where you're going how you're going to know when you got there. You know. So what's your goal. What is the outcome that we're looking for. Is a great medical outcomes we're trying to achieve or is it complete in the Gospel commission. You know you see great medical outcomes are a natural part of completing the Gospel commission but that is not the goal. So here's my journey. I start off. I'm in medicine. I decide to do family practice a great family practice preventive care. He knows to do right and does it not to him. It is sin whole you know what I'm going to write there's lots of data out there that says if I simply do preventive care. I will help people live Christ I've come that you might have life and have a more abundantly. I'm doing it right. I'm doing the mission preventive care but I realize right away. I'm making a lot of healthy sinners that are going to burn because I don't even know about Jesus scratch my head go back to the drawing board or then I thought natural remedies. I'm going to natural remedies because then I'm cooperating with the natural remedies of God you know and I can even do trust in divine power and that really hits off a nerve for people you know but then I realize that you could be a new age believer and they would love me and never be challenged with Jesus because divine power to them is inside. So you could be a new age believe or it is to do natural remedies there is great with that. So I can do this thing about whole person care now this is subtle. So I thought this is it. This is it you know I got it now because I'm doing a whole person care every presentation I ever saw on whole person care every power point that I ever saw in a whole person care throughout medical school residency training in accent or a. Ended with outcomes. Less patient days. We ended up with less medical expenditures. We did it with you know improved financial you know bottom line and I was really cool with that because I was thinking man I'm doing a whole person here so I'm doing it but I realize something I've got a problem with that you see it's all great but there's a subtle problem and that is that whole purpose is me using the Spirit of God and spiritual things to make great outcomes. You get me who's in control. Using spiritual things what am I using to get great outcomes. Who's the goal for. Instead of God who's in control using great outcomes what's the method to help then people know about Jesus. What's the goal. It's actually in total reverse of the direction that I meant to go and it was subtle and I thought I had it but I didn't I was doing a whole person care without the recognition that in the end these people didn't know Jesus. So what's the outcome. Now natural. Naturally you want good outcomes and it is part of doing good medical care but that's not the goal. And the thing is I'm not supposed to be in control and I'm not supposed to. I use the power of God in order to get my outcomes in fact there's a story in The New Testament about one who wanted to use God's power and it didn't. He want to use that God's power for his own benefit. It did not go well for him. So the third principle know your purpose. And don't be suddenly misled. So on. The fourth in the fifth principle I'm going to tell you about together. And the fourth in the fifth principle I'm going to tell you in advance. I've got a couple slides here. This is a medical environment. So some of these slides are graphic. I'm going to come up to the to the slide it's a case study in fact it's a case study where the patient himself how to present it to a large crowd. And he's give me permission to share his case study. So I'm going to share this with you when I get to the parts that are kind of grody. That are kind of graphic. I'm going to tell you and you can shut your eyes. If you want. I'm going to blast through them. OK So just to let you know. All right so I'm going to illustrate this the fourth and fifth principle through this case study. So here I have a gentleman who ended up. He was a diabetic seventy one year old gentleman who came into the emergency room with a diabetic foot also that had been present for a week and was already obvious thirteen. So you're talking about August seven ish. We had this problem. And so after that the next day they didn't actually and they saw some possible osteomyelitis. And after the X. ray they they did a C.T. NGO and they identified high grades to know. Celeste left post your typical artery. And on the fifteenth they amputated this great toe. There was no saving it. They decided they would have to take it out. And so that's what happened and this was not so bad but it's all going to linger on just a second. So you can see it. So I think this is just a back in his toe is better. You know he is gone right. So now what happened is on the twenty third. I remember he started having this illness on the seventh and was trying to heal it from the seventh he got to the medical care on the thirteenth and now. Here he is on the twenty third in the first wound. The foot where they had taken off that amputation begins to look necrotic. And the second to toe looks dark and diminished perfusion And the question is about viability. And I have here in front of you. The report. They're talking about whether or not it's even viable and those of you who are surgeons know where this is headed. You know we're going higher. That's right that's what's going on next. So the next thing we have. Is that one. All right so I just blasted past it so that you guys can see a quick. So I didn't warn you. So fast I remember next time. So temper twenty first. So this is over a month and a half after the first wound was an issue nationally noted by the patient. They had a recommendation they had worked with IT WORKED WITH IT work with it. They had a recommendation to remove the second non-viable toe and consider Chopard amputation. Second toe. This is what his glucose looked like two hundred forty seven. Now this guy has three doctors on the case he has a general surgeon who's doing vascular surgery he has been in this disease specialist and he has internal medicine physician who specializes in all those hard cases and they are working with a team that includes a dietitian and with the patient and they all have the radar up in there trying to get his sugars down so they can supply this foot with some profusion in say that foot. He's two forty seven is the best he could do. And so now. We end up with what looks like a need for further. Amputation the second to amputation and possible. Transmitted to our soul foot amputation where we heading higher. We're going up. OK So did the second toe. And what do we end up with we end up with surgical margin that's focally necrotic. Or is it headed. So then we have this second Taishan possibles foot amputation. They took the patient and they put him in the I.C.U. because he couldn't get his sugars down in a last desperate attempt to get him a good start. They put him on insulin drip the shivers down so they could figure out maybe I can keep him there. All right. If you're interested you close your eyes. I'm going to last through it. So there we are second foot his hemoglobin A one C. the best he can do is seven for. Now if you look here November twenty ninth. I remember it was August seven ish. We went through August seventh September seventh to October seven. And now we're November twenty nine and now they're talking about a third toe amputation possible foot amputation and discuss possible future below the knee amputation we're just going now. How long has it been going to August all of August to September. All of September to October. All of October to November and half of November. We've got now three and a half months of this guy struggling to save his foot with all the medical providers doing the best the medicine has to offer. And what we end up with is full thickness of the cross' margins that were viable at the time demonstrated chronic cost my lives in the park. They just took off because they just took off the third toe. They just went up. So now here's the rest of the story that's when I got to know the patient. He shows up in my office. And he gives me the story that I just shared with you and I'm scratching my head I'm asking can I just ask you questions or was that. Why are you here. So I was referred to you by the surgeon. What are you talking about I refer to surgeons surgeons don't refer to me. And he says will. Dr Johnson he said he thought you knew something you know he had been hearing about stuff that you can do and he says I had to give it a trial and honestly doc I have no other options. The knee is coming off if I don't get this done. I can't work on my tractor. If I don't get this done as a real estate officer I'm going to have to find a prosthesis to show my homes. If I don't get this done. I'm going to have grandchildren that I cannot run and play with like I have I need this whatever you have to offer and I'm thinking to myself what do I have to offer because I have no other choice. So I said All right let me just get a question here in what are you willing to do to make the difference. And he used that word any I love the word anything. I love the word in fact Jesus I believe love the word anything so I'll do anything. Doc. So I'm scratching my head. OK Well let me just always go to your paperwork so I go to my paperwork I go as history and I'm going through the history part and I have this form I made it has to do with things that are White talks about she says these things build up your life and these things tear down your life you might be familiar with the state and I don't remember where I found it but I've got a form I built out of it in a grade themselves on a scale of one to seven and all the good things he was really good in all the bad things he was you know there was really low except one thing he came to guilt guilt. So what's this about you know it's always Probably nothing. Maybe it's nothing. But I kind of need to know what he talking about what it's guilt. He says well I kind of feel guilty for missing the mark this and this and the marketing talking about he says well I'm an elder in my church and in my church. He was an Adventist he's my church. We believe that the body is the temple of God. Really. We believe that the body is a temple of God and I knew for a long time I should have been doing better than I did. And that still small voice had been talking to me and I realized I missed the mark because I feel that all these happen to me with the all the surgeries and now many lose my leg. It's caused by the fact that I did not obey what I knew was right I should have watched my diet I should actually I was better but I was too busy because I was too busy and now in this circumstance. He says. So I feel like I missed the mark and I'm sitting there thinking all right so I'm sure from the hip will that I never heard somebody talk about this in the marking off you for so I start to ask myself. So you're an elder in your church and you said you missed the mark. So what does that mean that you missed the mark as an elder I just to be clear through that. He says well what that means is I have seen I said WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT. Oh you're in a doctor's office you realize. I mean I didn't say that where you said that we're right. So yeah I said that we're not what it means. When you miss the mark. It means you have sinned. I never heard that before from a patient. Oh I'm sure from the hip again I just never heard before. So I said OK let me just kind of play along with this. So you missed the mark. You called it sin I DID YOU called it a sin. So in your church as an elder somebody came to your church as an elder and said they missed the mark and it was sin. What would you do as an elder. I would tell them to confess before God. You know look at him sit next to his wife sit in their chairs. He said OK and so he goes I acknowledge that the sin of my lifestyle has caused the disease that's in my body. Jaw drop Did you hear the song. I have never faced dad were that come from and I'm sure kind of scratching my head a little bit where to go at this. I mean I'm really kind of deep in the right. So our eye on thinking all right so you missed the mark. You did this in thing you confess before me and before God that yes this was indeed. You know a sin that you acknowledge. So if you are an elder in your church that something came that missed the mark and they confessed it was sin then way. So well in my church we tell them to repent. OK And so now I gather this. This is the kind of an uncomfortable circumstance for me I'm a little bit off my kilter a little bit. I'm not really on center because I've never done this before and this guy's talking to me like this like I should be a pastor or something and I just called him and I said when he said about this repentance thing I said OK and he just sat there and looked at me for the longest time and this is not the kind of conversation you have in a doctor's office right. I mean this is really kind of Anathema when it comes to medicine and he just looked at me for a long time and looked over his wife and looked at me for a long time and he said to his wife Come on honey. What have I done. I just did it. This guy is embarrassed I hurt his feelings. I pushed him. To far this guy's going to get out. He's going to walk I was place I will never see him again my reputation is toast. This is going to be done and I'll never see this guy again he stands up with with his wife and he gets down on his knees in front of me with his wife and they give the most sincere. Repentance prayer that I've ever heard from a person he repented to God in this confession is that acknowledge God supremacy and asked him to change and I'm like my eyes were bugging out. I'm thinking what in the world just happened to me. I don't even understand what just we just occurred. So he gets back up in his chair and I'm kind of flabbergasted OK now what. So in your church you know we had the thing about you know missing the mark and now C.N.N. confession repentance you know I mean. And repentance. Now way in your church what would you tell people to do so well in my church. We would tell people to turn away. Good good. I like that. OK And so there's NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Doc. Now it's your turn. And I'm scratching my head. OK OK. You bet. We'll do that we'll do that. What are we going to do so is we're going to put you through a lifestyle change program that's going to change your diabetes and help you save your foot. This is great. Doc I'm so excited. Tell me what's it going to be like I said we're going to have a diet and he saw East team visibly visibly disappointed he said Doc I've done the diet thing for weeks to for almost four months I've got the diet thing under control my I got a dietician on the team we've done the diet thing I said well that's not all we're going to use an exercise. You know Doc you don't understand. I have actually size an actual size and that he says I have done the exercise I said sure this is going to make a difference. That was on. What was that on I was on I want to just tell you the rest of the story. I was November twenty nine on December five. He came back with a report from his physician incision granulated Well no infection. Blood sugars very stable. He came back on the fourteenth another week or so later healing nicely good contraction and granulation no need for skin grafting should heal easily. That's two weeks after the day of repentance I want to show you another one. It's not so gross. That's his foot that amazing you surgeons you recognize that he's like beauty to you. So check this out. He told me after his last appointment with his surgeon six weeks after we met I went to saw Dr Johnson today and he stood in the corner of the room as he walked in and he just stared at my foot on the table and he had a tear in his eye. And the patient asked me So why are you was with a tear. He says John I thought I was going to take off your leg and now and send you home whole so if you look here. It was December five the incision was graduating Well December fourteenth healing nicely this January eleven there was a small scab only nearly completely healed. He was by the way walking two hours a day and he was pleased. The doctor was pleased with his recovery. So it was six weeks of he'll. Tell after Sure after that surgery he had gotten to complete wellness not only was he physically healed but his soul was healed. Now this is what he looks like at that point is that amazing the Lord healed that three and a half months of a spiral down take it higher take it under. That's his feeling that was amazing. So here's the thing about this. You guys this is a lesson and this John had a non healing diabetic foot also until he repented of the scene and I'm convinced it was repentance that saved that diabetic limb because everything that he had done prior to that it has gone downhill downhill downhill with the best of medicine had to offer and I don't know why the Lord gave that but I think it might have been for this lesson you see he had repentance and a determination to change because desperate people will do radical things and he said I will do anything but here's the thing if I had not allowed the connection between scene and disease to be explored and led in that exploration in fact I believe that man would be without a leg today. You see I could have been come the barrier to his healing and I believe it relied on his healing relied on the fundamental understanding he had of center of hands. Now I'm not telling you to go and tell bunch people that they're crazy because they're I mean I'm going to tell you to go crazy and tell much people that you know it's because they sin they have all these terrible things that happened but I believe that there is a connection between sin a disease that we know about but we are sometimes in the barest or. If not embarrassed. Sometimes we are offended to say. You see the principle is that will transform your practice of medicine into a radical practice is to acknowledge the connection between sin and disease because there are many Seventh Day Adventist physicians graduates of my medical school Loma Linda University who are offended at the concept and we must acknowledge this connection between we can before we can make a radical evangelist a transformation. Otherwise we become a barrier to patients trying to know Jesus. And we will never really practice the radical way Jesus did because he always removed sin. He is constantly removing C. It's a combine. Clinical and eventually stick approach that makes a radical and we can do it kindly correctly Winstanley gently but we need to do that in our own lives. First we need to acknowledge it because we can the barrier and then after we acknowledge that connection between sin and Izzy's we need to lead the patient to the Savior as the power for change. Those are the two big principles. The two brick principles. Acknowledge a connection between sin and disease otherwise we become a barrier to the patients who already know it. And the second thing is we need to lead our patients to the Savior as a source of power to change. So I want to recap the principles little bit. There's five of them because I want to provide for you a little something a model. So here's five principles we need to love radically be willing to die. Know Our target and knowledge the connection between sin and disease in our own heart. So we don't become a barrier to patients who already know that connection and we need to lead our patients to the Savior as the power that will transform their lives. So I want to give you a. A model of medical practice but before I give you the model of medical practice I want to lay the foundation with two stories from the Bible. First I want to talk about the story of Dale I'm here now remember Beilin was in chapter twenty two in numbers and we're told that King Bellick he was afraid of the Israelites and so because he was afraid of the Israelites he called them was a prophet of God in a nearby country and he said Come in Curse the people of God and Baylen was greedy for gain and decided he would take him up on it. I'll come and curse the Israelites so that I could take off the honor the money and the gold that he was promised. Although he was not on the allowed to curse the people of God himself he found a way he found a way to allow that curse to happen. She wanted the gold. He wanted the silver anyone the power and the honor that was going to come with that curse in the right. So he wasn't just just you know going along with things he was actually willing to see it happen. And so the take home message is this. He was willing to curse the people of God for a buck. You get my point. So that's that. That's a down home message this despicable act of treason against God. This despicable act of treason against God's people was caused by a guy who carried more for the power and the money from his pocket than he did for the people of God Himself himself that he was a prophet for so I'll just go to the scriptures really right quickly case you're right I'm down second Peter to fourteen and sixteen. Speaking of the false teachers of scripture This is talking all about belum says they have a hard training for coming just practice is there cursing children they have for saken the right way and gone astray following the way of Bale and son to be or who love the wages of unrighteousness. But he was rebuked in his iniquity. Judah want to leaven. Speaking of the POS dates from the church Jude mentions. Belum woe to them for they have gone the way of Cain and run greedily in the air of bailing for profit and perished in the rebellion of Korah and then of course there's revelation to twelve fourteen twelve fourteen and to the angel the Church of Perth in this right. These things says he who has the sharp two edged sword. Who do you think that is I know your works and where you dwell skipping a little further. I have a few things against you because you have there. Those who hold the doctrine of bail and what was that doctrine. Who taught bêlit to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel. They wasn't well looked upon. And the scripture tells us his outcome if you look at numbers thirty one eight. And the kings. They killed the Kings the median and the rest of those who were killed. Bale on the son to be your they also killed with the sword. You see Bailey was willing to see the people of God cursed in order to make a buck but he died fighting the people of God. Now just took a look on the other side of things. Let's look at just here's an example here. So just try you'll find him in Second Kings twenty two and one and two. So it says just I was eight years old when he became keen and he read thirty one years in Jerusalem and he did was right in the side of the Lord and you walk in the ways of David his father. This is good stuff. He didn't turn away to the right or the left he was trying to restore the temple of God and the worship of God that was just sire. He was thought well of by God and scriptures hold his name high. And he made efforts to restore the kingdom in the temple of God in the workers in the process of restoring the temple they discovered the law was that amazing. They discovered the law of God Second Kings twenty two eight says then hell Kyra the high priest said to Shaphan the scribe I found the book of the law. It's funny. It was in the house of a war. And Shaphan read it before the king in verses ten and eleven. And now it happened catch this this is what happened when they read the law. The king heard the words the book of the law and he tore his clothes. He just thought I was doing a good thing. And he was trying to honor God he was restoring the temple of God isn't that kind of what you do. And this restraint of the temple of God brought him to where he rediscovered the law of God. And when you read the law he does he does that he discovered he was realizing he wasn't being faithful nor were his people who'll awkward place and look at his response verse ten he read the law verse thirteen. He recognized the problem. He stated great is the wrath of the Lord that is aroused against us because our fathers. Have not obeyed the words of this book to do according to all that is written concerning us and eleven in one thousand it says his heart was tender and he humbled himself before God we being and tearing his clothes. This was his response and then in fourteen. He inquired of God To hold of the prophetess to know what to do about the circumstance and then in verse two of twenty three. It says once you learn about the truth he mediately committed himself to keeping the law. So Josiah found the law of God ways to raise trying to restore the temple discovered that he in Israel had come into the wrath of God. Didn't mean to he wasn't in on the original decision but it happened to him and now he was there and so he could have taken out. What more can I do about it right so here's the point. I want to propose a model medical practice to you. I want to propose a model of practice to you that says this a model of medical practice that will radically transform. Your practice into a practice that is Crazy for God pastors and physician teams working in daily unified cooperation towards evangelistic goals to complete the Gospel commission that is nuts but that's what God will call us to do so now I want you to read this. My brother in the Lord calls for unity. For oneness were to be one in the faith. I want to tell you that when the Gospel ministers and the medical missionary workers are not united. There is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there are medical missionaries ought to be interested in the work of our conferences or conference work or should be interested in the work of our medical missionaries. Do you see the curse that we have been handed down. I mean I wasn't there in the original decision and it happened when I was on my watch. But somehow this is occurred. And if that is the case I need to do something about it if I want God to be honored because otherwise I have a choice. I can end up receiving the wages of bail on. Or I can be known as one like Josiah who we store at the temple of God and the worship of God you know what happened when Josiah began to do all that he knew in his power to do. There was a revival and reformation in the kingdom like never before in the worship of God had been restored like it had never been before. That is the outcome and my friends that's what can be us we can be Josiah The alternative is we can receive the wages of being them. We need to love radically we need to not be afraid to die. You know our target and we need to acknowledge a connection between sin and disease in our own heart. So we don't become a barrier to our patients. We need to lead the patients to the Savior as a source of power that will transform their lives. And we need to be like Josiah not them who receive the wages of those wages of rebellion. So here it is I believe this place is filled with people that are assigned to God and his new coming. I believe the Amen has been called for just such a time as this that they have the opportunity to make that difference. And I call upon. Amen as an organization to help to remove the curse. They came from generations before us. The worst of the evil that has come upon the Church of God because I acknowledge what I see where physicians and pastors are not working in unity where pastors are often intimidated by their physicians who carry too much power and they wonder about their own and whether aware that these physicians are even committed to the Gospel and these physicians who you know hey they're doing their own thing. They really don't care because they're busy we can restore the Church of God like just CYA and receive the blessings of the B.D.'s like just scientists when we you can do this is you could have as many pastors in this room as there are physicians and dentists and practitioners and masters degrees. Except a man is a medical ministry and when you see equal connection between the two here you can become a place where that becomes a a a catalyst to develop the combined ministry. How hard would it be to put together a website that says hey you know if you're a physician interested in ministry and you're a minister in best in medical medical work you can get together here and we can help you to do the. And you know what wink of an eye. We write sermons together we have to be in the same place we get on Google Docs and talk on the phone. It works. Fantastic. So you see physicians and pastors they're a little awkward. They don't know how to get together sometimes not even know about their roles. The physician doesn't know how to work with a pastor the pastor doesn't know how to work with the physician. If you awkward doesn't mean it changes anything about the demand to do so. I'll tell you about the role of a physician and Pastor physicians are physicians and pastors work this way pastors are to work with physicians and physicians were the pastor the past the physician keeps the pastor practical in the work that the pastor does and the and the pastor keep that position. Focused on the Gospel. That's what we need the Seventh Day Adventist Church needs a champion for God. One who will in a B.D.'s and sacrifice help the people of God remove the curse. The worst of evils that has come upon our churches. And in this late hour of Earth's history the Lord is calling upon I believe the Lord is calling upon you as an organization the members of a mint to be that champion to be that kind of radical person that goes kind of nuts because you're not afraid to die to self and because when you talk to people you love them radically even your ministry partners want to challenge a church with a model of radical practice that you can live that you will lead the church not by authority but by influence and you will transform and influence will transform your personal life your practice as well as your church. I believe you can do that. You have a track record for doing that which is great for caring great influences in this church and in the community of physician believers. You have a purpose and I believe that you have been brought into existence for just such a time as this for you are a sign of the closeness of the coming of God and as you work God bless your loving. Voted obedience with radical transformation. Not just of your practices but if your very lives. May God help you do this prayer. Dear Father in heaven. We need you so bad. We are dust. But you Lord have given us great opportunity. We pray that you will change us in our hearts. Please receive our repentance. We weren't here Lord when that decision. We're May was made but we can decide now what to do with it. We pray Lord that you will empower these people give them the strength that they need and help them learn to move forward in your will pray in your name this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio listen to more sermon visit or.


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