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Radical Journey

Andrew Roquiz


This seminar will inspire you as you hear how God's radical call led a young physician from the comfortable living of Southern California to living on a Pastor's salary and moving into a garage. You will learn how the concept of radical margin can unleash your life for ministry.


1. Radical Call: The attendee will be able to define and identify the features of calling and understand its significance.

2. Radical Trust: The attendee will be able to define and identify the features of trust in God and understand its significance.

3. Radical Margin: The attendee will be able to define and identify the concept of margin and its significance. The speaker will demonstrate how a medical practice can be both successful and sacrificial. 


Andrew Roquiz

Family Medicine Physician in Northern Idaho


  • October 28, 2016
    2:00 PM
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In the summer of twenty thirteen and I was pretty good. In the realm I click here. I was entering my last year residency over a Kaiser and certainly California in family medicine. And I was looking forward to getting a good job as many Kaiser residents will typically do and I was also living with my brother my sister at the time which which was a joy it was also the summer when my my niece was born as well and that was bringing me great joy. I was also engaged to a woman and we were looking forward to getting married. Or so I thought. So things started to go bad. For whatever reason she couldn't continue on with the relationship she couldn't see me in her life. And so that was heartbreaking for me I was confused. I was disoriented didn't know what we was up to which at which we was down and it brought a degree of suffering into my life. And I was tend to the point you know it got I've been faithful to you and this is what happens. So maybe I'm just going to turn my back on all this. But there's a voice that said you know it just continue continue to hold on trust in me. And so. I did that I said you know again I'm going I'm going to continue to trust in you. And I find that sometimes God's voice is clear on Sundays and not so clear on others but particularly when her suffering his voice can be quite clear. I remember I was on was driving back from Los Angeles to Loma Linda. And this was a few I think a few weeks after we'd broken up. And I was going over the reasons. Is that still why we should get back together. I was going to talk to this girl I was like hey look at look at all these reasons this is why God thinks we should be back together. And I was rehearsing that in my mind as we were driving as I was driving to Loma Linda and I was going to spend the weekend. My sister brother's house. And as I was doing that I was listening to a sermon by Dwight Nelson from Engine versity. And in the sermon. He had one particular message for me but God had another. He was talking about the school year and how to expect good and great things from God. And as he was preaching this verse came up. Forget the former things do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up. Do you not perceive it. I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. And I heard that before that verse and that Scripture and God spoke to me. In that verse and I began to wonder God are you are you talking to me through this verse and as I thought about that year started to come to my eyes and it was like yes God was saying to me through that verse. Andrew. You've been trying to make things work for months now it's time to let it go. It's time to give it up. And so. I went. I went back to Loma Linda and I shared the news with my sister whom I'm close with. And as we talk we wept. And we prayed. But I knew that God was up to something. I was also setting up my as I was a setting up my electives for for residency. I was wanting to spend some time with a physician who was interested in spiritual care I wanted to see how practically that was going. To be incorporated into their practice. And my sister told me about a position in northern Idaho and he was a physician who labored sacrificially. In fact he was on a pastor's wage but it was not just him who they were sacrificially but the staff that he was with also was heavily interested in ministry and laboring with him. It was enough to pique my interest so I contacted him. And sure enough he called me. And I remember the day he called me because it was the birth of my niece. And he also asked him my testimony asked me about why I wanted to come up there. And I don't remember much beyond a conversation but I knew that this was a man that cared for me that loved me and he prayed for me at the end and at the end there were tears coming down my eyes. So two months later I found myself in a state I had never been before. Northern Idaho. And at the airport. I was picked up by a man with a with a moustache and glasses and a friendly grin. Turns out it was my attending. He personally came an hour away to pick me up. And. He would then take me back to his house where he housed me any fed me and he took me to work for two weeks. I wasn't used to this type of this type of relationship with an attending. But I remember going back that Sunday and we sat on the carpet for this house. And we talked about many medical ministry for hours. We just talked and talked and he basically poured out and self to me. I asked him you know what is it that you do. For medical ministry and his response was well. Medical men. Stree. Is now what you do to people it's who you are in Jesus' mother ministry is not what you do to people it's who you are in Jesus. And he knew the stress that I was going through he knew the difficult times of residency in medical school and he said. In order for you to be in Jesus. You're going out and balanced. And so we began to set up goals for the rotation and initially enough. Those goals were things like I want you to spend time in prayer and Bible study and we'll close to God. I want you to to exercise. I want you to have a breakfast things that basically I've been neglecting in presence him pellicle school. But he was wanting me to restore those things and as I was think I got to see I got out of worship. I got I got a. Extra size I got to have breakfast I was like Well I think I might show up late to work if you want me to do all these things. But is a response is interesting. He said this. This is another principle. We change the practice of medicine to meet ministry goals we change the practice of medicine to meet minister goes and this was very different because I was used to attending. Who are saying hey you know you got to be on time and yeah to be reading up on patients. You got to know your patients and I would be grilled and I had to know answers. Because if I didn't know the answers I would be evaluated and that evaluation could affect my career. This approach was different though this was somebody who was radically interested in my well being. So. What was my experience like. Well. At the clinic. I had a pretty incredible time I I saw patients who were diabetics with blood sugars in the four four hundreds in the five hundreds and I saw how they were normalize with not just medication but also a radical commitment to diet and a lifestyle. I saw that there were patients who were able who were smokers and they were able to quit smoking by calling on the name of the Lord. I even saw patients who were baptized into the Seventh Day Adventist Church as a result of the work of the clinic. And this was something that was incredible to me. When there was a patient that was going through struggles is attending was not afraid to lovingly challenge somebody in fact I remember one of the conversations I was sitting in on and he was talking to a smoker. And he was challenging him a very loving but very direct way and and it was and it came from the heart and I could tell he said you know if your son. Had a truck that was barreling down on him you would not hesitate to push him out of the way even if it meant sacrificing your own life. And when you smoke. You're putting your child danger because forty four percent of children who have children of parents who smoke go on to smoke themselves so you are exposing your child and your son to danger. Well in my mind I was thinking that's that's some pretty heavy stuff you know he's dealing with things that are very very personal here. But that wasn't all he would go on. He would say this. And if you were wise. You would pray with your son. That God would give you the power to quit. Well. He just challenged patients spiritually. That was that was something I had seen before. But he wasn't finished yet he would take it a step further. And if you were wiser still. You would ask your son to pray for you in your presence. So God could give you the power over smoking because God hears the prayers of children. It was conversations like this that was a part of that that I witnessed. And as I was there it was as if there was this heaviness that was in the room. But the heaviness was actually I think it was actually Holiness because it was a physician that was speaking from his heart. With hopes to effect the heart of the patient that was right there in front of him. While I felt patients were having a transformer experience with God I realize that that. The that came at a price. And I noticed that that price was sacrifice. You see this physician sacrificed in several ways. But one of the ways in which he sacrificed was this. He provided each patient with a thirty minute visit each patient get a thirty minute visit. That's thirty minutes. Face to Face Time. A physician and a patient. And that comes with certain risks. If you think about it. And one thing that it can affect is the bottom line it can affect profits. And I saw that I saw how sometimes. Pursuing ministry could affect the profits it could affect the bottom line in fact there were times when this edition wondered whether or not the Bills could be paid. You see what I was seeing was in fact a radical sacrifice. And in this case the thing that was being financed that was being sacrificed was his finances. He was taking his wallet and he was putting it on the altar. And that was moving to me. But here's the thing. His sacrifice bore fruit it bore fruit and I'm convinced that it bore fruit because of this principle. They want to share with you here. Sacrifice is the currency. Of ministry sacrifice is the currency of ministering Galatians re read this I am crucified with Christ. Yet not I but Christ lives in me. And the life I live in the flesh. I now live by the sin of God who gave Himself for me. Now here's the thing you cannot earn God's favor or earn his power in order to do effective ministry but I do believe this though when you sacrifice you actually walk in his power. You walk in His Spirit Christ lives in you. That's what happens. When you walk in the ways of sacrificial love. Is it for me I think the most radical sacrifice the disposition was committed to. Was was the commitment of a pastor in a position of working together. Is he in fact he was so committed to this principle. That he put himself on a pastor's wage. That's a committee. Was this principle. And what a better way to prove to a pastor and to tell them how serious you are about working with them than putting yourself on the same financial footing as them. I remember back then I wasn't sure how much. A pastor made and I was you know curious No and I remember looking it up on the Internet it's not a secret. You know you can look it up there and. While I have to say my respect for Pactor pastors grew passed away. And I wondered could God be calling me. To the same sacrifice. But here's the thing I was with the graduate. And when. Doctors graduate you get the biggest pay raise of your life. Triple quadruple what you have been making You've been slaving through med school you've been slaving through residency. You've been making pennies on dollar and now you're gonna live. Now you're going to make it. I was excited about that. That's what I was looking forward to. Well I was never that I know doing my worship. I came across this parable. Found in Matthew nineteen and says Now behold one came and said to him good teacher. What good thing. Shall I do that I may have eternal life. So he said to him. Why do you call me good. No one is good but one. That is God. But if you want to enter into life keep the commandments. He said to him. Which once. Jesus said You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal you shall not bear false witness on your father and your mother and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. The on. And men said to him all these things I've kept from my youth. What do I still lack. And you said to him if you want to be perfect go sell what you have and get to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me. But when the young man had heard that saying he went away sorrowful. For he had great possessions and I was reading that I realized that this was a man who was faithful. This was a man who was committed. He was a young man. But when God called him to a more radical sacrifice. And to a more radical calling. He could not accept it. He couldn't accept it. And as I was reading this I couldn't help but see the parallels I was like oh my word. This man is among the faithful and I counted myself as among the faithful. This man was young with the potential of life in front of him. And I also had the potential in front of me. This man was a ruler with influence and as a physician I knew I would have potential influence. And this man was also wealthy and as a physician I knew the potential I had to earn money and to build wealth. But I also wondered like this ritual ruler was God calming me also to a deeper radicals calling. A more radical calling and a more radical sacrifice. I have to say that I felt he was doing that I felt clearly in my heart. The THAT is what God wanted me to do. Yes I felt that God was tell me yes this is what I want you to do. This is the sacrifice I want you to make and yes I even want you to be pastors. Salary. That was hard. I could not accept that I resisted. I fought God I had been studying all my life I'd been slaving through medical school through college through residency. I wanted to start living. It was a difficult call for me to accept and I struggled and I struggle and I fought and I fought and I remember being on just the car before us by head pressed against the carpet tears rolling down my face saying God I can't do this. I can't do this but then finally. At the end of that struggle. At the end of their prayer. I came to the point and said. God I still can't accept it. I still can't do it. So I prayed the best thing I could pray next I said I got a cancer render this. But I surrender to my inability to surrender. I can't surrender this. But I surrender to you my inability to surrender this. Later I shared this experience with my mentor. And I share with him. The struggle that I had in my inability to surrender and rather than reprimanding me he said this said Andrew. God will not put you on a path. You don't want to go down yourself if you want to do this your heart will be yours for it if you want to do it your heart. We are in for it. You see. I believe that every person who is called to medical ministry should be willing to take a risk for God because of three reasons. And I think the first reason is this that when you take a risk for God to reveal. Goals. You're trusting God. He reveals your trust in God. As seven as Christians our primary concern is regarding the character of God. And it's not primarily a question that is intellectual or objective but it's actually a very subjective question. It's a very personal question. In fact I would say that the question of whether God can be trusted is actually a clarifying one. It strips away the pretense and it gets right at the issue. Can I risk my finances for God. And I risk my career for God then I risk my love life for God and I risk my family. For God Can I risk my future for God when the decision to go to northern Idaho was presented to me I had to decide what was going to be the most important thing to me was that obedience to God Following his call. Was going to be security and safety. You see facing risk going to have a clarifying effect on your own values and it can reveal the level of trust that you have God. The second thing I believe it does. Is that taking a risk for God deep in your trust in God. It actually deepens trust your God. You see I think God is always in the business of moving us towards a deeper more intimate and more trusting relationship with him. And in fact if you can reflect on your own life and remember a time when you came to a decision point and you had to decide. I'm either going to trust in God or I'm going to go on my own way. If you remember the times that you went your own way. Something interesting happens. God lovingly brings back that same trial. So again we are presented with the situation. Am I going to trust in God or am I going to go on my own way. But when you take the pathway. To have a deeper trusting God. When you take the pathway of have of taking a risk for I believe that it deepens your trust in him. I think for me doing that. Trust meant giving up. Giving up my relationship with my former fiance and trusting that he had somebody else for me. I think giving that trust for me make taking a plunge into a state where I had no family and no friends. And they doing that trust meant that there was going to be a way for my student loans to be paid somehow. Even if I were to take. The wage of a pastor. The third reason. That I think cause us to take a risk for him is because it refines our character. Refines our character when you take a risk for God or brings to the surface. All sorts of baggage for instance when faced with the risk of taking a risk for God You may be faced with a desire to control the future. You may find yourself filled with anxiety and fill with the stress. For instance figure out how to pay my still those just seemed impossible. But I chose to trust God and I think as a result I became a person that was worried less about the future and more and better able to engage the present and be fully fully present with the here and now know that God was going to take care of me. I became more grounded more grounded. And more centered. I headed back to Southern California from northern Idaho. Finish. My last year residency. I can't say that I felt totally different but I could just sense that God's Spirit was doing something in my heart after I kind of felt a little bit embarrassed. People would ask me. Hey were you thinking about work and were you thinking about going after residency. And I would tell them Well I'm thinking about going to Idaho. And the response was usually the person blinking twice. And saying Oh I think they have potatoes they're just pretty much the only thing people know about Idaho it seems. But as time went by I think God continue to confirm that this was my calling. And I remember this because there was this time when. I was with my colleague and he was in a in a pretty good mood. He had just landed a job with Kaiser and he slips his contract to me with a grin and a smile on his face. And there I could see how much he was going to make his first year out of residency or can I. Kaiser and I saw while this is over two hundred thousand dollars a year that he's going to start just starting. Now the old Andrew I think would have been jealous and maybe even envious about that this is what I'm missing out on. But to my surprise I did not experience and he. And in fact. I was at peace with this that if God had something else for me to work on a passage wage. I would be OK with that I knew in that moment God was changing me. He had changed my heart. Fast forward a few months. OK. The clinic had prayed and felt that I was called torque there. I was also praying and felt that I was called to work there and it's it's a longer story that we don't quite have time to go into. But I will say this that I worked hard through high school and I had earned my way into college and I had worked hard through college and I had earned my way into medical school and it felt the same way then I had I had my way to get into the the residency that I wanted. But this was different when the call came. And when they asked me. And when they told me that we we feel as if God is calling you to work here. It was different this time. And the only way I can describe it is it felt like a gift. Most things in my life like college medical school. Things like that I had to earn it. But this was the first time it was like God had given it to me it was a gift. That he had given to me. And I was very grateful for it and the last two years of my life I've definitely been very grateful for what I've experienced. I think God has a radical calling upon each of our lives and he's got a radical calling upon your life. Bonnie Ware who is a policy of care nurse in Australia. She wrote an article on the top five top five regrets of the dying. And at the top of that the most common regret of the dying. Was this. That the person who was dying. Regretted that they had not lived a life that was true to themselves but instead was living a life of core. Adding to other people's expectations they regret it. Not living a life for themselves instead of living a life. According to other people's expectations. I think we have Christians we will look at that and we would say. And we've put it this way am I living a life that is true to God's calling. On my heart and I living a life that is true. To God's calling on my heart because here's the thing nobody starts out in life saying. All right I'm going to not live according to God's call right. I'm going to live a life according to what other people are calling me to do rather than living a life according to what God is calling me to do. But yet the enemy is so good at this. He is so good at distracting us. He is he is good at causing us to be caught up with the things of the world so that we lose focus on our calling. And I think the way to not get struck by the enemy is having a clear sense of God's calling. What is the thing that single thing that one thing that God is calling you to do. And so I want to discuss three features. Of knowing God's call. And the first feature is this God's call is rooted in a relationship with him. God's call is rooted in a relationship with him were commanded to love God with all our heart. All our soul. All our mind. And I think when we do that something happens. Our hearts our lives are transformed. And we take on the heart of God the things that become important to God also become important to us and the things that break the heart of God. Also breaks. Our hearts. The second thing is that God's call is rooted in your own heart because calls rooted in your own heart in Psalms thirty seven risk for says the light in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart and it was like my telling was telling me if this is your calling your heart will year for it. Your heart will hear for it. Are you pursuing something that your heart actually. Yours for. And number three God's call is rooted in the suffering of your own life. God's cause rooted in the suffering of your own life. I'm fascinated by this verse in Isaiah Chapter fifty three that says by His stripes. We are healed by His stripes. We are healed. I look at that because it is God's suffering that was necessary for us to be healed. But in the same way. Our wounds and our suffering can also mean healing to those around us can be healing to our neighbors can be healing to our patients. And I've seen this before where I've gone through a difficult time a trial a point of suffering and I will have that patient who is going through a similar experience of suffering and trial and bring that into my life I believe for the purpose of sharing that suffering and that trial with the patient. And sharing of the hope that I found in God and that somehow by sharing my suffering and trials with the patient that there is a heli that is actually extended to that patient. So I think as a particle I think about what are your pain points are where are the what is the suffering and the trials. And she'd gone. Because somehow I think God's calling is rooted in that. Having a sense of having a clear sense of God's calling maintaining a clear sense of God's. Calling It's not easy. You know we have to be intentional. About this and this leads me to the concept of of margin which is what Dr Noble was talking about. In Luke four. We read at daybreak Jews went out to a solitary place. People were looking for him and when they came to where he was. They tried to keep him from leaving them. But he said I must proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God to their other towns also because that is why I am said. And he kept on preaching in the synagogues of Judea. You see this is interesting because you know that people were probably giving Jesus. A guilt trip. You know please stay. We want to hear from you. There's a there's other people who can be so blessed. Here we need you. There's people that like that need healing. And you know that they were like putting that on him. But I believe that Jesus. Had a clear sense of what his calling was and nothing not even good things in his life. Could deter him. You see even good things can get in the way of God's calling and that's why it's important to create space and that's why I think the Bible says that Jesus actually spent time in a solitary place. You know that's a margin. That is staying focused on God's call and you want to create margin in your lives. So you return to the thing that God is calling you to do you know I think in my story. One of the best. My attorney did for me was he created margin. So I could once again hear the voice of God. He said hey you know what you need to spend time in prayer and Bible study here from the voice of God He had me exercise and as I was exercising you know my mind cleared up and those worships thoughts could percolate through my brain. Without a life without margin left to get cluttered and I want you to to think about your closet and you know many of us are here are busy pastors are busy medical providers right. And so when you walk into your closet or look at your closet. Everything is clean and folded and there's no clutter and you use every item to its full potential. Right. Probably not right. It's it's got more clothes than you need. It's got that high that you haven't worn in years. It's got that sweater that you try to convince yourself every time you know I'm going to wear that eventually. And it gets fuller and fuller and fuller. Well sometimes our lives can be like that closet. They really can be and I think as especially as we're successful there can be things that are stuffed into our lives even good things that can be stuffed in our lives. But pursuing more things even good things I think. Can get in the way. Of God's call. That's why margin provides us with essential benefits in ministry. And I think one of the first one of the things that provides us is is clarity. Margin provides clarity. It allows it allows a space for God to speak. Because God is not going to talk in the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Rather he's going to speak in this. Still small voice and so are you regularly creating margin are you really creating space in your life. So the you can hear from the voice of God. I think the second benefit that margin provides us. Is that it helps us. Stay focused. It helps us stay focused. You see when people get a bigger when when when people's closets get closer. Sometimes the response is OK I'm going to get a bigger closet. Right. What happens with that. Well your stuff more things into your stuff more clothes and before you know it you're going to need another bigger closet. Rather I think the solution is you want you need to take things out of your closet. You take things out your closet as the same thing with our allies when we create margin we again can focus and remember what was it here. What was the reason why I'm here again. Are there things I need to uncommitted from my life. Are there are events I need to cancel Are there things that need to change. So I can maintain clarity and maintain focus on the thing that God is calling me. To do. You may even have to take away some good things. So back to my story. When I moved up to northern Idaho. I had no idea where I was going to stay so I was talking to my mentor about I said Well. Why don't you come and live with me and said OK I was kind of it was insured requests I had heard that from the tenant before but I had said his house for two weeks I was like you know why not enjoy his his his wife and his kids. I said you know I know you want me to come into your house but where am I going to stay last time your daughter was away in Academy and I could stay there. How about her at her room. In her room but she wasn't there this time and were you know how's this going to work out and he said well I want you to just to come up and we'll figure it out. We will take care of it. He was essentially getting me to take a radical trust me trust him. So I took the eighteen hour driver it is from so the California. And I had my packed full of stuff. Pulled into the driveway. He was away at work but I was there with with his wife and his four kids and we sat at the in the living room table and. In the living room and we talked about you know how the trip was things like that. And then afterwards I put my hands together and said OK. I think I'm taking way you kids' rooms which one is it. And so his wife Cherie got up and she's a well. Won't you come and see for yourself. So she got up and to my surprise she wasn't going towards the room she was actually going away from the rooms. In fact she was going to to one of the barns. Which was concerning me. I didn't want a horse as a roommate. But then she made this left turn and and she went into the garage and I saw this they had spent weeks. Building a room for me. They would spend weeks actually building and sacrificing building a room. For me and I actually found out that the church also the people in the church actually had come by and had labored and sacrificed themselves so that I could have a room in their in their garage. Dark in the boxes they came up with. And it was a beautiful room it had a bed it had shelves it had a window it had it had a desk it had a chair. It was all set. I was so moved by this act of sacrificial love for me. Having graduated from residency and still single. My attention turned to what affects many single guys who graduate residency finding a wife and I wondered. Would she be among the potato fields in Idaho. You see I was going from Southern California to a more rural place. And that made me a little bit nervous. You see I sacrifice my finances for sacrifice and my career was a now willing to risk. My love life as well. Well God would put that question to rest soon. And what I find her in Southern California know. Would she be a country girl in Idaho. You know you know you know my mom worried about my saying oh she traveled all the way to the Philippines to look for somebody over there. I mean versus say would she be a girl in the exotic land of the Philippines. No. In fact she was going to be a girl who lived one mile away from the house where I grew up and she would be a girl that I went to school with for eleven years of my life in a walk or a moral Gene Academy and actually a woman who had had a friendship with. For over twenty five years. But that friendship would soon be upgraded. After God hit us both with his Cupid. And on July twenty four. This year. Melanie and I were married in Orlando Florida. And there's a picture of us on the left there and there's a picture of us on the right of us doing a selfie after the pastor said you may now kiss the bride. We took a selfie. I assure you that I did kiss her afterwards as well. I realized that. Yes you can also wrist your love life for God He will come through. For you. At the clinic I had an incredible. I had an incredible opportunities to minister. A clinic partnered with your best pathways to health and Louis and. We were able to take the lead role in. An able to minister to three thousand patients in the city of Spokane. With more than eighty million dollars in free health care poured out into that city. I got to partner with Pastor Winkle Blondel with dinner with the doctor and also my friend and Bible worker Josh Vasquez and provide free clinics. In those in that church and other churches as well. And so the options for ministry were amazing for me. I think the best part about being in that clinic is being a part of the actual change that takes place in a patient's life. And being able to cooperate with God with that realize that it's not just you initiate change you only play a part. But God's people and God Himself is the one initiating the change and causing that change to happen. I think about a patient walk. I will call Jeff and Jeff was an alcoholic. He was drinking ten. Beers a day. And he would drink. At night right before going to bed he would wake up in the middle of the night with cravings for all Kohol and drink. And late in the morning when he began his day he would drink again some more and they all call us trying to have an effect on his life. It was ruining friendships. He had difficulty or holding down a job and in fact. He lost his wife over it. And was divorced from her. But you see Jeff has come to the point where he was sick and tired and he came in and says Doc. I'm sick and tired of this. I'm sick and tired of drinking. And I said to him I said Well. What are you willing to do because this is going to be the hardest thing of your life to actually stop this stuff. I willing to do anything. Anything what it takes. And you know when a patient tells you want to do anything that you can take them to the nth degree. And so K. I want to be taking these medicines. I want you to go into a meetings every single day and I want you to meet me here in this office. And I want you to follow up with me every single day. And so we did that. And I was there to mention medically as well as keep him accountable as well as minister to him and we had conversations we talked about all we talked about how it can affect the frontal lobe and how the frontal lobe is responsible for moral decision making. How it is responsible for empathy. How it is responsible for spirituality. And maybe even hearing the voice of God. And as we talk to them. I label with them I said Jeff. When do you not need moral decision making. Why do you not need to feel empathy with your wife. And when do you definitely not need to hear the voice of God. Jeff was able to stay off the all call for the next few days. And as he did that things began to change. He was starting to become more alert. Morning gauging. He even would tell me that his friends were start to tell him Hey Jeff you're you're actually nice again. And. I was course very delighted to hear this. One day. Jeff came in with another woman. And she introduced herself to me and she began to tell me. Her life story about how she had suffered from all call abuse and how alcohol had ruined her life and how in fact how all call had ruined her relationship with Jeff. You see this woman was actually Jeff's. Ex-wife. But since Jeff had come off all they had reconnected. And I remember what Jeff was telling his like you know it was as if I was falling in love with my wife all over again. You see all call had ruin and broken this relationship into but God was putting this relationship back together in fact in that conversation they told me that he said Doc you want to know something. So what's that we're getting married this afternoon. And so they came back together. You see when you take a risk for God He will take care of your career and when you wish for God He will take care of your love life. Will wrap things up here soon. So what about those student loans. Well earlier we talked about. How those called the Medical ministry should be willing to take a risk for God because it reveals your trust in God. It deep in your trust in him and it refines your character. Turns out there's also a fourth reason why you can take a risk for God and it's this. It opens up new possibilities. It opens up new possibilities. You see sometimes something. Sometimes what has to happen is that seed has to fall of the green a grain of wheat has to fall to the ground and die. So that something new can live. And sometimes that's what happens when we take a risk an act of faith can spring forth new life. And new possibilities because my mentor and I were together and as we talk we we we thought about what would it would what it would take to pay off student loans and still and still labor on a pastor's salary. And as we were studying we found out that there is this program called the public service loan forgiveness. And it's basically a program where if you paid ten years worth of income based repayment low monthly payments for ten years. The government will actually forgive the rest of your loans. The thing that was necessary was for us to be upgraded into a nonprofit organization of five A one c three. And so we talked and we labored at my mentor especially. Labor and we prayed and after a year and a half. We were able as of this month be able to transition into a five A one c three organization a nonprofit organization. And so. I think for the first time medical student graduates. Can graduate from residency and a work side by side with pastors. On a pastor's wage and aggressively pay off their student loans. You don't have to go to necessarily to Africa to make a sacrifice for God and be a medical missionary. Now you could do that here. And we had essentially opened up that new possibility of being a medical missionary right here in the United States. Working side by side with pastors when you take a risk for God You open up new possibilities when you risk forgot. I'll take care of your career. When you take a risk for God. He'll take care of your life if you love life. And when you take a risk for God. He'll take care of your finances. Would risk is God calling you to make. What radical risk is calling you to make. What radical action in your life would demonstrate a deeper trust in him. I believe that all of us here are called to medical ministry. Would you be willing to take a risk for God whatever that is. And that is your desire invite you to pray with me this afternoon Father in heaven. We know that you. Risked everything for us. May we be willing also to risk everything for you. Out of a love and a desire to serve you. And to love you make this clear in our minds father as to what this should be. Create the margin or life necessary. So we can hear your voice this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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