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Sanitariums: How Small is Too Small and How Big is Too Big?

Nicolae Dan




1. Identify efficient size and advantages and disadvantages of small home based sanitariums.

2. Discuss size, advantages and disadvantages of big Sanitariums.
3. Summarize the Spirit of Prophecy view on size of a Sanitarium and identify 
current economical and practical issues related to size of a Sanitarium. 


Nicolae Dan

Physician at Herghelia Lifestyle Center in Romania and Nutrition and Diatetics Teacher at Targu Mures Medical School


  • October 28, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Our Heavenly Father police be with us. Inspire us and help us to understand that we love to you. We can do nothing and the we are in the desperate need for you to reveal your plans your vision for each one of us and for US corporate Lee So be with us and we will read all the presenters to the in Jesus name Amen. In the introduction. I will lay the ground for what I'm going to speak and then I will have a short overview of early how the vision and work of development the held region which the right received just in Kaare just because it was at a time when if you remember Elder James White the worked. You know a whole week for dollar I believe. So they they were the poorest of the poor they didn't have money but it's encouraging to see how much they did without them without money and then we'll go on to analyze three sunny Theremins which opened after nine hundred ninety M. to see so if we can see some common features of these sunny thar humans and then talk about the challenges soft to small or to be sunny. And then the deep an idea of what I believe it's an ideal size for sunny thorium in terms of bats and stuff. And then the you know the in the last part I would try to give several explanation of why we don't have a sunny Tarhouni or every big city of the world. Promotion of a wrong size and model of Sunny might contribute to the already well established opinion that in the US and Europe and almost everywhere. The sunny concept is outdated and not practical. Experiences like lifestyle center of America just bring seemingly every then stew these spined. In these more Those are what means successful Sonny tarring work. Many other eye the plans might pop up. Depends how inventive use our mind but the real question is this what is the lore saying about health institutions. What is he saying about Sunny thorium and the very important the plant changed because our failure. Sunny times are part of God's closing work on earth. Let us remember this is from councils on how to preach to thirty three. Let us remember that the one most important agency ease our medical missionary work never are we to lose sight of the great object for which our sun ITAR Doom's are established the best month of the Ghauts closing work in the earth. So it talks about the closing work not the middle work not one hundred before the work closing work and I believe they are here to stay who invented sunny. The plant to provide the city to shine for the proper care of the Seek the Lord. He has instructed his people that the decency to show should be established Christ corporates we dose when gaijin medical missionary work men and woman who on selfishly do what they can to establish sunny. And treatment room seen many lands will be reached rewarded those who visit will benefit physically mentally and spiritually the wherry will be refreshed the secret stored to health the seem burdened relieved in far off countries from those whose hearts are by these agencies turn from the service are seen right. And this will be her parents giving and the voice of melody but their songs are grateful praise a testimony will be born that will win others agents and to follow she wheat Christ. So the Lord in Him band the sunny towering. And it's interesting how the Lord sees these what he wants them to be all the light of the past which shines on through the present and the reaches forth into the future as revealed in the word Daugaard is for every Saul who comes to our health institutions the Lord designs that Sunny. Established among Seventh Day Adventists shall be seen boasts of what can be done for the world types of the saving power of the truths of the gospel. They are to be agencies in the fulfilling God's great purpose for the human the race. So in the in the posts more that more there are mystics society people are not so much interested anymore in truth like they were in the ages past when they fight for every DOT of the through today you know everything in the minds of the people things we are which are totally contrary they can leave there but they are interested in how they can tell you that these. Sunny times every were in the world sanitariums are to be established all through our world and managed by a people who are in harmony with Gazza loss of people who will cooperate with the Guardian advocating the truth that the term means the case of every soul for whom Christ died. And they are objective is to prepare our people for the coming of the Lord I have been instructed that our medical institution are to stand as witnesses for God they are established to relieve the Sikh and Affleck date to awaken the spirit of inquiry to disseminate light and thought reform the C.C. to show us rightly conducted will be the means. Bringing our knowledge of the reforms essential to prepare our people for the coming of the Lord before many that otherwise it would be impossible for us to reach and one thing you know talking about Sonny to our rooms. I have seen again and again people are so impressed when we come together and we don't fight. We love each other you know they are impressed about a family or a single person who who may be easily will be even more feet. You know as a Christian but really they analyze what happens when we come together and that has such a tremendous. Impact on their lives are the sunny Tarim stink of the past in our medical institution that people are to be brought in contact with the special truths for the start. Sanitariums are to be established all throughout the world and managed by people who are in harmony we gots a lot of people who will cooperate with God in advocating the truth that determines the case of five resource for whom Christ died. We have known too many sunny terms so we don't have enough and there is in our world a great field for through medical missionary work our sunny Tarim sort to be as lights shining on me the more a darkness in them. The Seek and suffering are to behold the miracle working power of Christ as revealed in the lives of the workers. Let your light so shine before men scribes that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew five sixteen let a lamp of light from the Word of God to shine for me stake a bully. So this is from a council on health to four to. These these words were returned in the latter in nineteen zero nine after a long while in there has been both our sunny have been in the past. And will continue to be a frightening conducted a means of blessing and uplifting the humanity the C C two should have been sent to me as a beacon as beacon lights showing for the truth as the Xen Jesus. So when people come to this institution they don't realize they come for the truth. They think they come for the health and but you know what happens there. Prepares them to listen to the truth class came to the world as the great position of mankind our wherever they are established should be should be made into creational forces wonderful has been the working out of God's plan in the establishment of so many healthy situation. Intemperance of every kind is staking the work captive and those who are true educators at this time those who were instructed along the lines of self-denial and subsequent fice will have their reward now is our time and now we saw our opportunity to do blasted work. I believe there are two directions for the health reform. As you read through the Spirit of Prophecy. One is the personal level and we are on moneys to learn and know physiology. Every member pastors laypeople everybody and then to align our lifestyle to the real not the you know. Ian and the young or to the rear and we know so much about physiology today. And then to teach other about the benefits again. CORSI five small car cannot each other to quit smoking and then cooking classes may fall here but then there is another level which you cannot reach with a personal level with what you do you know as a private person and this is an institutional level here is very structured came about sanatoriums about cleaning example at Thore treat more room. And other health and their words which were at that time were you know came like hell to expose and like the pathways. You know a moneys and we involved in and a very important question I want to address in several slides. What makes a plan to be more hospital or sunny. Because it can be called Sunny to our room. But if it doesn't measure with these criteria it's not a sunny work it can be a hospital but it is not a sanitary The first one. It follows God's plan our physical and spiritual healing. If a sanitarium connected we disclose the message fails to leaped up Christ and the principles of the gospel as developing the third dangerous message it fails to needs most important feature and contradicts the very opposite object of its existence. Our sanitarium scene or there the Parliament should be memore IOS forgot. He's instrumentalities for sowing the seeds of truth in human hearts these they will be a variety. Contacted somebody I will talk about that shouldn't be a hospital somebody might get the wrong idea that you know I'm saying that is not the Sonny Terry and the money there is a very complex animal. Because the speed the prophecy says the these things that are many times when when Adam peace will girl to a sunny thorium or to a place to be cured. And he you know they help him or her. There are tendencies to embrace the philosophical or religious view of the physician. It says about Adventist. And so we we need to provide we shouldn't destroy the world we reeled but I think this. These are really cause to refill. Finding reinventing what we are doing and I know discussion with Dr Barron's and with Dr Howard they are they are very preoccupied about these but this needs to be done even to a greater measure what is a true sunny town. It is an educational force sanitarium said to be to be so establishing called active that they will be in character so if he's not a the creation though it's not a sunny thorough every act of healing is an act of salvation. He said work did not start with an exhibition of his spouse or over the seas This is from councils on health he made each work of healing and the occasional planting in the heart the Divine Principle of peace love and benevolence does his followers. Thus he's followers have to work so we have to be intentional the when people come everything we do is connect it to their salvation. It should be for both return poor. And through again from concerts on how these institutions are to be God's memorials were his healing power can reach high and low reach and poor and the Spirit of Prophecy has provision for the poor to get to the sunny terram but we need to work very close to the church in order to these happen. So that this will happen. They have to be made more for sad but an institution which. Is a sunny town of the people who bear his sign are to eat to establish churches and the sea to Shands as moment to him. These memorials. However humble will constantly bear witness against the four say about instituted by Satan and in favor of the Sabbath the stupid by the Lord in Eden when the Morning Star sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy concerts on how to thirty five. What else makes a true sunny Targum the preferential use of natural physiological lifestyle remedies coupled with prayer. So this is a big one which we really need to look in our hospital again. I know I have to discuss Yes the. DOCTOR. And he explained to me that. In the other hospitals. They use a lot of four mentation and these natural remedies up to the. I guess the second world war when they have such a such a great rate of people coming and they had to serve that kind of you know to to do a pain management hydrotherapy Dr Kelly that was so difficult. They couldn't do for us. So they began to give these medication but you know when the war was over they didn't return back where they should have been you know they should have taken from there. And today you can't do so much of their so much literature off of natural medicine and you know it's a pain. It's a pity the National Health has of the paramount for complimentary magazine but we are free in our hospitals to start such or such or the part month for some reason I don't know why. Anyway we should use prefer initially a natural physiological lifestyle remedies which are evidence based. Coupled with prayer. And then prayer is again the thing you know we should not be and this is the message of a man we should not be ashamed to pray with the patients at least. And then at the helm of the work in the sunny. There are God three physicians is very important. And then coupled with these are good. I mean the Straight to be self sustainable so it might be that the rest of the apartments are to do. Good but if you don't have a good on these traitors and you are in red all the time will see that some of the health institution but there is a problem there. And then another thing which is important for an institution to be called Sunny thorough means that it teaches people to understand unlike the laws of got both physical and moral and what happens is that they come. For health and the you teach them God's laws about the body and as we you teach them something happens with their mind that the begin to realize that there might be some governing more. Nature of speech. And they can very open to. God's Law God desires suffering human beings to be taught how to avoid mess by the practice of correct correct. Habits of eating the inking and dressing men are suffering under the oppressive power of seen for practices who might be restored to health by intelligent observance of the loss of life and health by who died that they might have eternal life. This is the knowledge that man and woman need they need to be taught how to study that divine laws. And here is all the laws by Christ for the good of all mankind. This is the work that is to be done in our sunny torus. So that's why we should couple with the pastors we chaplain you know to in these in these work. What makes a plan to be a sunny tower room is not speculative speculative. So it's not for gain we do not establish them as a business but to help man and woman to follow rights habits of leaving again from councils on health to forty nine. Connected with the church not our side not private. I think it's very important. To be very well connected with the church it takes effort it takes maybe there are some projects. But in our observation in the countries we've been working. We we make much more progress and the bigger impact we. If we take time to explain to the church leaders to bring them on and to go together in the public if we would have not this close connection with the church leaders we would have failed. Maybe two or three times. Not First they are not first and foremost hospitals. The purpose of our health the sea to shine these not first and foremost to be that of hospitals the health the institution connected with the crossing work of the Gospel in the earth stand for the great the Gospel in all its fullness Christ is the one to be revealed in all the institutions connected with the closing work but none of them can do it so fully as the health institution where the seek and suffering come for relief and they leave or us from both physical and spiritual ailment. Many of these need like the paralytic of old the forgiveness of a scene the first thing and they need to learn how to go and see no more. It can be medical or surgical we shouldn't thing that our mothers what we have a while ago that we Mari's the end of it. There is a lot of space for improvement. The highest aim of the work in this institution in the health institution is to be the spiritual health to patients. And then successfully vagal eventually work can be done in connection with medical missionary work letter two thousand and two its quarterly in medical me in the street. Page twenty six. And I just thrown in this jam God has given our sunny targets an opportunity to set in operation a work that will be as a stone instinct instinct with life. So a leaping stone growing as he these are old by an invisible hand. So we really need God in these in order to the to accomplish that. Let these mystic stone be set in motion. The Lord has repeatedly given the structure regarding the importance of this institution and the necessity for establishment he desires the sun to be built that we may cooperate with he seems to mentality see leaving the suffering of humanity and the God he seemed to see in these is not is not a matter of money. I heard people saying well a sunny tower will cost one million or two million dollars You know these this is not the right question about money. Very soon. What people leave without money money is not the problem when God Once you know the problem ways are we willing to go forward and do it. But today we are told sanitariums don't work. They are outdated. They are not serve sustainable. They are too sacrificial work. Not enough decency in salaries might work in poor countries well not quite. Maybe in these emerging economies but not in the western world and. And this is exactly when this is a time when most of the principle which through that. The basis of the sunny model are proved and used around the world plant based diet. And these are the plans plan based diets are on top. So everybody speaks about the I don't know if you in the new. Dr will eat from Harvard he's the head of the Department of the parma he's a vegetarian and he's advocating these things physical exercise. Promoted everywhere drug another of the three teeth the speech arrive recognize that he says he has a major impact in how to prepare the same. This is the scientific report of the two thousand and fifteen that Ari guidelines advisory committee. So these are the best the nutrition experts from United States which prepare a four hundred five hundred pages for the U.S. The A and the human you know your medical ministry and so they then discuss with the food industry and the lobbyist and everything and they clean some of the data and then give the ninety or one hundred pages of dietary guidelines for Americans but this is you know I read. More stuff eat these ninety five percent species that prophecy. While we were told you know many many years ago. So there is a five five percent which are not quite there about Alcoa whole but they say no body should start drinking alcohol but they still keep saying about the you know call an hour disease things like those quantitative. This is from this report the quantity modeling research showed how healthy dietary patterns relate to positive Amber environmentalists outcomes that improve population food security for the first time they took in consideration the impact on the environment presume you know that if everybody would eat like people eat in this country we could feed only two billion people more than two strong evidence demonstrates that the healthy dietary patterns that are higher in plant based foods such as better table as fruits whole grains legumes nuts and seeds and lower in calories and animal based foods are associated with more favorable environmental outcomes lower greenhouse gas emissions and more favorable land the water and energy use. Than our current US dietary patterns and they propose three healthy models the first one is the healthy American traditional diet. The second These may be tar and the in. Diet healthy. And the vegetarian healthy diet but to guess what all of them have the same characteristic they are reaching these planned based foods and low in the NEEMO products and as you know I guess probably you know these every time when they're you U.S.D.A. come up with a new guy then Harvard after one or two months. The only party that comes with one and they say it's not affected by the food industry. And a lot of the last one. These THE that my plate and you know that. The U.S. the a plate has me up there which tells that we should drink every day milk or milk products but at Harvard. They took out the milk and they put their water. And also the athlete on the side some olive oil and you know healthy. So this is the time we are leaving and exactly the time when we are saying sanitary we don't work anymore. So other people are doing these and the works and for us don't why Dr Ornish has been able to cover his work with the oriental type of meditation and yoga and we were not able to call means the insurance companies or our sunny Towers why. Just a short overview early Adventists tell the world the Bellemont. You know in eight hundred sixty three the old Sago region in June and then Andrew Speaker picked up of the From there it was in one thousand the sixty four and he said health and strength are among the things most valuable to us and the greatest consequence to those who shall when there's the grand event. Of the time of trouble. This is just one year after the vision in the review October twenty five. And then at the G.C. in the eight hundred sixty six just three years after D.C. in June not keep in mind this was June sixty six. Mrs Weiss says I was shown that we should provide a home for their fleet date and those who wish to learn how to take care of their bodies that they may prevent Cygnus institutionally both e to the successful treatment of the Z's conducted by seven day keeping physicians by becoming quite a bit our people in our real faith their prejudice will be overcome. They will be favorably impressed. Some will not only our pain relief from bodily Pyramides but will find healing banned from their scene six all these years from recession may twenty. One precious source say they will be worth more than all the means needed to establish such an institution. So probably a soul is worth maybe one million dollar maybe two or maybe ten. Does some will become the means Sufi to those who seek our faith in new places where it would have been impossible to gain access. And she said sound will not be enough moral courage to yield to their convictions. They may be convinced that Sabbath he perceived that through but the world and I believe stand in the way of the scene we need they cannot bring their minds to the point to second Faisel for Christ yet some of these last mentioned class will go away with their prejudice removed and will stand as defenders of the faith of Seventh Day Adventists we had the patience she was a lawyer she never became an absentee she was very close and probably she became one but you know God knows but she came to her forty times she was the head of the the lawyer seen her. And she says she send lots of you know S.U.V.s lawyers to us and I believe they would have not come leave. She would have become one of these hokey. Just to straighten a little beat and to kind of seen the center scene the Thais. Reporting from the Rochester New York Region December twenty five sixty five. We go back on the year among many other health P.C. percent on leash and she advocates a healthy situation with two objectives one for the benefit the feet of the these east and suffering them all and the niece who needed the added advantage that could not be found in a popular water cooler cure in another sunny town and second for the means of bringing our views before many who would be impossible for us to reach by the common course of advocating the truth. So both for help and this and all that these. And here you know always the the first verse the more nice for eighty nine in which she says Adventists are at Parent burial are pending Sue cesspool Worley health institution. So this is another reason why we need to have our own health institution is very is very potent is very efficient for folks in both ways. And then here is what. You were asked me to says. In the review and Herald September eleventh one thousand nine hundred sixty eight was May Yeah when she spoke to the G.C. and now it's may see Pember eleven. It's a family of eleven so for months we have only to look back. You're a Smith says four short months now we behold an elegant sight secured. Buildings ready for. Operation and the operation actually commenced in no enterprise ever undertaken by his people has the hand of the LORD been more evidently money Firstly than in the stink at that time who was the president of the conference and they got together all the pastor said we don't have money but we need to joining these and they join and you know the Lord really made me because because they didn't have the sky the money to purchase all that. So in May one thousand nine hundred ccs to establish out institution in June. They bought sixty six. They bought a house and eight acres in Battle Creek in August sixth held three former magazine started. It's important to have a magazine associated. In June sixty six two story EDITION. I don't know how they'd be about the Be very quickly in September five sixty six had three four receipt option under the medical management of Dr H. as early. And one year or later in May sixty seven he was incorporated with the board after trustees almost full our patients and sever the embrace our fate. In seventy six. So about ten years later Dr Kellogg joined as a physician in chief in seventy cease the name change to medical and surgical sunny. In seventy seven increase the man met by building more rooms they built it in seventy eight new main building one hundred thirty six by forty six feet four stories high erected. Scores accepted the light of present truth in seventy seven November. M.G. Kellogg bought the property near Santa Elena in seventy seven though in winter rural health retreat was built. In seventy eight in the spring Europe held her retreat open for patients from seventy eight to eighty five rural had to retreat around or read lost money. So it's not it's not the people who are seen to lose some money in the beginning in eighty five may change in the medical management and they they started again a journal is very important to keep in mind the written thing is very important to promote in June. A B. monthly journal editor G.H. vagal or in eighty six rural health retreat Black started to make profit in one thousand one charity treatment that back Battle Creek sanitarium Dury first twenty five years was one hundred thousand dollars that's about maybe ten million dollars today or less in ninety one March at the conference there was a plea for an offer in each. Orphan each and in ninety four January and our friends who are so open same time open James wide member of the home for age and homeless people. How was the beginning. The health reform E C two that was organizing eight hundred sixty six in Battle Creek two doctors do better than the NZ one there are untrained three or four helpers one patients and any amount top inconveniences and a great deal of faith in the future of the institution and the P.C. person we cheated was these A was the beginning our present and their prices. When he was talking about more than three on their births. At the Battle Creek. And after twenty eight years on the site of the original Dr Kellogg in the medical missionary January eighteen ninety four. On the site of the regional cottage there now stands a building three hundred twenty feet long and one hundred feet deep six stories high which I call more this three hundred guest furnished with every appliance that modern science Council dress for the restoration of the see most of whom are specialists in their respective lies to the medical faculty nurses and other helpers form a family of more than three hundred and the pattern pattern each of the institutionally presents every state in the union and many guests from other lands its doors are always this is I want to stress this is the US are always open to the Missionary Home or foreign. Or whatever name and the family is really without one or more of these guests there was a culture of girl going into the mission. In eight hundred eighty four in July. They started the nursing school for the training our medical missionary nurses one year later in June in eighty five American medical missionary college organized with the purpose to train physician. Open the doors in October first first class of forty medical students in eight hundred ninety five. Besides many employed many nurses employed in Battle Creek sunny and the US fifty three nurses serving in foreign countries in Europe Mexico Africa Australia or China. Or senior. Asia. And then in the yearbook nine thousand or five in thirty eight years there were fifty around the world. They opened for every three years in the United States thirty five Great Britain three Germany one sweetener one Denmark one Norway Sweden South Africa one to New Zealand the one on the island of some or one Old Mexico one in their tracks. One and Two treat more rooms seventeen United States two in Israel. This is interesting one in Hi-Fi and one in Jerusalem. And one in Old Mexico South Africa Australia and twenty six spiritual therian restaurants. Today everything we were told the school for by the Abbey then space a bad bad he's seen the I like I said for the first time they talk about the hell diet and they recommend these. In the next part of my presentation let me and the law use three sunny thorium sweets. We opened after nine hundred ninety and very quickly a few pictures from the first mania for those who didn't see the she's Dr got three. The younger or older. I guess. This is the view here are the farm. Just before I came. What yellow. I'll do called a yellow one on the counter loops. They grow like cucumber. So it's a fifty bat facility. As people who want to like to stay in their rooms probably will will have to decrease the number. There were a lot of health education exercise. We have a stronger guard than the farm program and we try to bring together the medical students in Rumania residence. The first meeting the dean happily has been the main speaker and next. Looking forward for some of the leaders self AMUN to comment to speaking march to the medical students and. Residents the second the. So the hell yeah started in ninety six more double life not center anymore the body probably seen two thousand and fourteen and here you have some pictures this is the main lobby. They have tasty food vegetarian diet. This is the room there are large rooms and bathrooms. And then the last sunny. Means God is my tower of refuge and the seas on the shore of Galilee either was seventeen of September. Just one month ago and in the evening after running all day I was staying on the porch on these terrorists here overlooking the sea of Galilee and I couldn't believe you know I couldn't believe that we have a center in the Israel. And it's just a gorgeous These are the mountains here is the sea and in the back there are ample space where people can walk. This is the property right here. We have six room for the patients and there around here is the mango orchard and the we we plan to buy these pieces of property also it's a piece we will need for for the Belo month and for agriculture. A few pictures. This is the pool. And these are. This is the and friends. Let me show you. Here the five rooms are underneath these the five rooms and we have won the in the main power us. It's a it's a very very nice place and just the thought that Jesus was away and roll up or no. Or maybe when he visited we could all. Maybe he went out to these places to pray there in the night. It's tremendous. OK. Sorry for those who cannot see. OK. The three ideas there die there I was born for eighty nine and it was opening ninety ccs took six years in Moldova died the I was born in two thousand the one then he took thirteen years. In Israel. The idea was born in two thousand and nine by locals. Neither one of these was our idea. And he took another six years to two thousand and sixteen to open. Has a medical missionary school we were told that we should Duran some kind of training H sunny thorium and we started the medical missionary school three years after we started the center in ninety six in Moldova. We did a little bit different. Three years after two years after we bought the property we started the medical missionary school. Has fifty beds the LIFESTAR center in the Moldova has forty five and a nice dollar has twelve. The stuff in there about forty five and some help. Purse. Usually you know in the honeymoon. When you start you can run with. Less than one to one about one to one in they have thirty staff and me in B. dollar. We will start with eight or less to start the week patients served over two thousand twenty thousand people who stayed with us at least eleven days. And in Moldova so far in two years one thousand three hundred. Recently the head of the main hospital in Moldova came as a patient to us in one of our republic. He's a cardiovascular surgeon and he has a hospital. One thousand eight hundred employees. Is the biggest hospital and he said after he's been the year there he said I need to bring my stuff here I need to bring you know at least the leader of my stuff to see how real health system and he you know he's a cardiovascular surgeon. Incorporation was in ninety one for her to get in in two thousand to two thousand and sixteen. Medical personnel so those working in the medical department out of forty five and I put the numbers here so you can remember out of forty five. There are eighteen people working in the medical department in more or less twelve and there will be three. If we have to three in Moldova we have only one many times we have other physician for abroad who go and help and there will be one on and off won't be able to stay all the time so we are extended the invitation for four able members two to subscribe to maybe for one week two weeks to help with the work in Israel. Then the nurses we have to. Seventeen. We have three in Moldova. There are priests. We have five in we have seventy in Moldova physical therapy. We have a two it's very important to keep in mind and many things we do in the lifestyle center is related to for a physical therapy and we really need to update some of our institutional that. Five people working on the station to get more. Cooks we have six scene for our for the guest one for the workers and one is for the bread we cannot find whole wheat bread so we have to do it from scratch and the same person do the so a meal. They have for Cook seen the more I am the one which is the breath and in me there will be two coos are very important by the way very very important. Farmer greenhouses we having three people in Moldova there is one person and then me there will be one actually half of the time. Then we have four people more for Dr Weil driver purchasing maintenance for stories and so on less in Moldova. And we have a chaplain. In. We had one in Moldova. We are looking for one together with the church then in the medical missionary school we have four people working there. Galia three in Moldova the format of the program is seem both eleven days back to back year around in Dalia we will have to do it differently so different country we cannot just take a model and we will try and see if we do physical therapy. We use. So know Graffy who you know in Moldova we don't but as you know in the OR practice as you know we're off we would be like a stethoscope very soon blood testing we do in both Moldovan probably will doing me Dalia proximity to our hospital. We have a teaching hospital twelve miles away. And there we have a fairly good hospital ten miles away from Waldorf. As far as programs we have wait to match months smoking cessation blood pressure control blood Lee peace control method you know for for metabolic syndrome control of the action and music therapy. The same thing in Moldova. We employ three shifts in. And we probably we don't we don't have enough people but somebody will be there overnight. We have two shifts for registration and so important. The person who talks with the US want to register is very important. Bucky sion. In Romania starts at twenty one working days. So it's not bad at all. It starts you know when you start the working in the north for profit that's the beginning. Twenty on working days and Maksim least thirty days for those who stay with an institution more and he's pretty much the same in the Moldova and he's real medical insurance so yes we cover that. In all three places retirement Yes we. Yes legally. You cannot start with the Week. It's legal. So we in the IN OUR a day are arranged for the salaries we cover. Medical insurance retirement and there are other benefits like meal dislike her parents are free. Every two years to come and then there is a three week around Christmas when nobody would come as a patient the steel plate for the workers and then let's take a look at the fantasies because this is important the balance of fantasies. We will compare with wage because doesn't make sense to tell you how much you seem dollars minimum wage the number of staff or on many wage we have tree of them more in Moldova five highest salary in here clearly ice one hundred eighty three percent of the minimum wage. So this is not the like in the world. The greater the scoop Rancy between the world and sunny those highly trained. And really you know we are there because you love the Lord and you decide this. So then more door bar. It's be there. You know the higher salaries to two thousand and nineteen percent from the median wage and we have been hearing of poor people on these highest wage and three in Moldova. How much pay the patience because it's important we compare with meaning wait what. Is minimal wage here. If you go with the main wage for our forty hours a week or seventy a month and somebody should make a calculation. That's minimum wage. Yes So. So for eleven eleven the session. In her Galia people pay one hundred fifty percent off menial wage. So we purposefully from the beginning we before we started we said if the possibility to charge is these you know from here to there. We'll stay or riskless or to the last range because we want to to maximize access of the poor So not only reach but steal you know staying in the level where we we you know we can leave the simply. Well you know after Africa. Your idea of decency kind of change but this is another topic. And what part of the percent each. We are using of the income. We are using for salaries is about forty five percent of our income goes for salaries in more will be more the percent. Very quickly what are the challenges are too small or too big hospitals. I guess from what I said in the beginning you kind of got an idea that these are almost impossible to have a small sunny like after you know calling you know to have something in your home and call it Sunny. I'm not aware of me see. So I thought King about home Sonny Terry was never Mr Wise. Mrs White took sick people in her house but never claimed that these turned her house into a home Sonny Terry. How can we in such a setting make a treatment prescription without diagnosis today to make a to prescribe a three with all done all season for seen you know when when you can and in a societies where you can. If the house is not that of a physician or at least a nurse how to die a. Most even if there are so many specialties and there are some people who come in maybe you don't know about it and you do something on the patients are you know patient die even the sanitary. Who will cook daily seven days every month for years who will be have able twenty four seven four months in the year so will pay when the need of application be that two weeks or two months or for medical leave or for pregnancy and after birth raising the kids and the income. Then patients are up to date with Google. You cannot just because he's got to work or to do. Something and just pretend that you know they know more than you do they Google everything and then. You you really have to be up to. To the task. We cannot treat the using just several more these be them natural Dr Kellogg hair the knot eight hundred ninety S. over two hundred hydrotherapy modalities Mosconi the Z's need a team approach. So we know so much about them. We cannot pretend we don't. Hospitality is dying folks. How many of us will take patients in our homes let's let's be honest in our home. About thirty forty years ago we didn't have a phone. We lose it. We leave the ER the church. We have only two rooms and constantly We have patients not patients we had a guest. They didn't call they just show up. We fed them and never my mother said after they left. Well they shoot em up come. So there but today we are so stressed. We really can't wait to go home and clear up and but not to take here off another patient. You know our hospitality is dying in the end there. That's our fault we should be revived. This is the reality most of the members are only. Than many in the world and I don't know if you notice but how to study to less people or are vegetarian than in the one. There is a ratio of janitors school son ministration to patients three cooks can cook for thirty people or can cook for twelve. It is a big difference in salaries ratio to link up. Burnout the needs to be taken in course see the ration and we had a lecture on that honeymoon may last one two years but then if we don't want a big turnover and burnout we need to shift to eight hour work forty hours a week with Asians for most of the workers. The challenge will be sunny Terence I don't need to speak to that you know that Battle Creek that last season for C.C. Healy hard to maintain a good quality team you loose people hard to integrate Thunder's operation these small groups. It's clear against the plan of the Lord. In my opinion if there should be an ideal number all bets and staff of these should be somewhere between thirty and fifty Best of group dynamics around thirty to fifty patients can go beyond for economic or reason. Depends very much our leadership speech or leadership how much more can go up small sunny tare I'm seeing the Spirit of Prophecy means under one hand there are bats. There are several quotation on these means hope I was skipper because it's looks like I'm with my time is over I was keep for the reasons why we don't have more Sonny. But we probably will just stop with all these presentation and people will be able to to look I just want to to finish with these Christ is no longer in these world in person. But he has commissioned us to care. Forward the medical missionary work that he began and in the said work we are to do our very best for the further and solve this work institution for the care of the Sikh are to be established where man and woman suffering from the Zs may be placed under the care of got the feeding positions and their cease to be established and conducted that they will be at the character. They are to show to the war the bend the balance of heaven though Christ's busy her presence is not the CERN yet the workers may claim the promise. LOL I am we to always even unto the end of the world. May God bless and I pray that this work will floor each I think the best time can be in the future this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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