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Praying with Patients

Mark Finley Brian Schwartz Brock Arms


This seminar will be led off by Pastor Mark Finley. He will share tips on how to initiate a spiritual conversion by offering to pray with your patients. Dr. Brian Schwartz will then share stories from his practice where praying with patients was the pivotal factor to achieving a great physical outcome, in addition to the spiritual impact it has had on his patients and how just starting with prayer has changed his practice into a ministry. Dr. Schwartz was inspired and began implementing prayer in his office after hearing Pastor Finley many years ago at one of the rst AMEN conferences.

Dentist, Dr. Brock Arms will then share his experiences praying with patients after he was inspired by Dr. Schwartz’s “Praying with Patients” seminar given at an AMEN conference just a couple years ago. Together they will share powerful testimonies on how to begin using prayer in your practice.



1. Discuss the value and importance of praying with (for) patients

2. Identify “do’s and don’ts” in clinically based prayer
3. Demonstrate how to begin praying with patients 


  • October 28, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Well welcome to class and in class. We will have three presenters. I always have this great joy when I can be with the physicians and team teach with them and so Brian Brock thank you for the opportunity of being together in fifteen minutes I'm going to look at three aspects of praying with patients first the biblical theology of praying with patients. Second the impact on patients as we pray with them and third how to bridge into praying with patients. The apostle Paul in the middle of the first century was imprisoned in the memory teen prison in Rome member team prison is a dark damp dingy dungeon. It's about seven hundred miles eight hundred miles from Philip and the Apostle Paul had ben to Philip he had raised up a Christian congregation there. And while he was in prison in Rome His heart was longing for those in Philip I they where he was burdened for them and he began to pray for them. One thing about intercessory prayer that is very clear is that intercessory prayer is Biblical and I want you to hear the heart cry of the Apostle Paul and feel the pathos of some of his prayers. We're looking at the book of Philip Ian's chapter one in pull all this in Rome. Paul believes that as he gets on his knees and pray for his friends in Philip his prayers are going to make a difference. He believes that although he's separated from them by my own business prayers ascend to heaven. They'll make a dramatic impact on those who are still in Philip. I can't explain everything about intercessory prayer. Nobody can interest this subject of it is infinite the infinite things don't mean you can. Study them it means that the more you study them you'll never exhaust them. And so the Apostle Paul prays Philippians chapter one. And we look there at verse three. He says I thank my God upon every remembrance of you always when every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy. So Paul says the church of Philip I'm praying for you. I want you to be aware of that if you let your eyes dropped out of verse nine Paul tells what he's praying about he says this. I pray that your love may abound still more and more knowledge in all discernment. So Paul says I'm praying that you love for Christ abound. I'm praying that those spirit will touch your lives I'm praying that God's Spirit will strengthen you. So the first thing we notice is that the Apostle Paul believed in the ministry of intercession and that that ministry of intercession was part of Paul's D.N.A. Paul then in verse nineteen talks about not his prayers for the Philip Ians But the the Libyans prayers for him and this is the text I want to concentrate on as a springboard into our discussion of patience and prayer Paul says Philippians one thousand for I know that this that is this imprisonment this challenge this difficulty I know this will turn out for my salvation through your prayer and the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ. It's a very strange text. Paul says I know because you're praying for me the trial that I'm going through is going to turn out for my salvation wasn't Paul saved by the grace of Christ. Why would he say this trial is going to turn out for my salvation the word salvation is so totally out in the Greek language it can also be translated as my refuge. It can also be translated as this will turn out to be deliverance for me I'm in prison. You're praying for me but this will deliver me from earthly thoughts. It will deliver me. Discouragement it will lift my spirits and encourage my heart. Another word for so it's real. That's an interesting word as well being. So the track text could be translated. I know that this imprisonment this trial that I'm going through will be well be it will turn out to my well being or my therapist. When you pray for your patients that prayer is a mode of therapy for the when you pray for your patients. You are and as you pray for them. It enables them to have well being. Now there are four things that a physicians or dentist prayers do for the patients. I called them. This day the first thing that to do when we pray for a patient. What happens in that patient's heart or life. The first thing is confidence there. The as we pray for them they develop confidence in the health care provider their confidence grows they say this man is a man who takes my disease. My medical condition. Seriously there is that sense of confidence that grows they have confidence that this person is a man of prayer. They have confidence that this woman is a woman of prayer. They have confidence that there's a divine hand guiding in their treatment that it's not simply a human istic mowed down. So the first thing that happens when you pray for a patient when you touch them on the shoulder when you take them by the hand is that there is this sense of confidence that's being built in their heart and mind in their life in you as a health care provider. The second thing that happens when you pray for them is that there is a spirit of peace or calm that comes across over them as you take their hand in your praying they may have felt an anxiety. They may have felt a nervousness. They may have felt a tension but not. Are they building a confidence in you that there's a divine hand guiding if you're a surgeon and you pray for them. There's a divine hand guiding I have friends that are surgeons and will take Nathan grains little postcards that are so beautiful. The the divine surgeon the master surgeon of Christ in an operating room by the side of a surgeon and they'll write a little note or write a little prayer in the say I'm praying for you and give them a text and put that postcard in the hand of that person pre-op and that individual develops his comm this piece this surgeon is not alone two things that happen when you pray for a patient one they develop confidence in you. There's a divine hand guiding second they develop a sense of calm. There's a third thing that happens and that is as you pray God gives you wisdom your praying and you may not be quite sure of the outcome or there may be a medical treatment that you haven't thought of for this particular patient but as you're praying God can give you wisdom in treatment the fourth thing that happens as we pray is this that God works wonders. God works wonders. I love great conversely page five twenty five that says God will do an answer to the prayer of faith that which he wouldn't do we did not. Thus pray or ministry of healing five o nine prayer in faith. Well complex What no power on earth can accomplish. There are some significant studies that have been done on prayer and healing. Now one of the things I was interested I've always been interested in the Dr Randolph bird studies that took place with the patients that had just gone through cardiac surgery and bird studies were done over twenty years ago now and his studies revealed that people that were prayed for. Although they may not even know that they were prayed for had much quicker results in healing. They didn't have as much medication that they needed to take and that their recovery time was quicker his studies of the results were questioned by the medical community for a great deal and recently there has been a study that is taking a look at two hundred studies on prayer and it's a very fascinating study I have looked at it quite carefully and what it's come to the conclusion is that although we don't know everything and why that intercessory prayer makes a difference in the hearts and minds and lives of people that are praying for so there are four things that happen when a physician prays first the patient gains confidence. Second the patient senses that you care and they have a calm and a piece. Thirdly the patient the physician themselves has wisdom that comes from God And fourthly we open the door of opportunity for God to work wonders. Now Dr James Towsley is a palette of care specialist at Duke University and he puts it this way he says to ignore spirituality is to ignore the central piece of what it means for many to be a patient big nor spirituality is to ignore the central piece of what it means for the individual to be a patient. Now if you withhold a treatment because you do not believe that the patient wants that treatment but yet that treatment can help to enhance the patient's quality of life. What do we call that if in your mind you choose not to give the patient a treatment because you're afraid the patient want except the treatment but yet science indicates that the treatment will facilitate healing. What do we call that we call that malpractise right. I probably shouldn't go there but my question probably would be is if indeed. Read the research indicates that spirituality and prayer helps to increase health and facilitates healing and we withhold it because we don't think the patient wants it. What might that be called well we'll let you think about that. Now Dr Towsley suggests a question for physicians to ask for dentists to ask. And here's the question he asked. He said he asked the thousands of patients and not once did he get a negative response here's the question till she asks what role if any does faith play in your life as he's sitting down in talking to them and he's talking to them about let's a person. Suppose a person who listened in with a stomach ailment he'll say Now when did this ailment begin and how did this. Can you trace any life event that where you felt began to feel the sharp pain is the pain in your left side of the stomach of the right. How sharp is the pain is a kind of opposing pain or is it a sharp pain and then he might say something like this to them as they're talking about that he begins to talk about what the possibilities are. And so forth and that he might say something like this to them what role might faith play in your life a question that I like to ask people. Is this where do you find strength in times of crisis where do you find strength in times of crisis. So if I'm talking to a person that's going through a health crisis they've been just a woman has been just diagnosed with a lump under my arm is related and she's been told that she needs chemotherapy. She's frightened she hasn't had her first chemotherapy treatment yet and I'm a pastor sitting there and I don't know whether she's a Christian or not. I've been called to visit her by her husband who is a committed Christian. She is at the hospital ready for a first primo therapy treatment I might say to this I might say something like this you know Joan. I'm really delighted to be able to sit down and chat with you for a few minutes and how do you feel about the. The diagnosis that you've gotten does it does that scare you a little bit yes. Pastor really scares me as your physician explained to you. The ramifications of of chemotherapy. Yes Pastor he's really explain that to me Are you a little bit nervous about it a util bit anxious about it you know I'm really anxious about a pastor. Well where do you find faith. Where do you find strength in a time of crisis when you're going through a time of crisis or some place you can find strength in and we begin to talk about where to find strength we can find it in others in the relationship we have and others we can find it in and then I point out you know all of us go through times of crisis in their lives and I go through a time of crisis in my life and I've gone through a number of times of crisis I may tell about my own health crisis when I went through that some time ago and simply say I find it in prayer. I find of the great strength in God. Now there are there are some interesting studies that have been done nine hundred ninety seven study revealed that fifty provide one percent of all patients want and desire their physician or a health care provider dentist fifty one percent want you to initiate prayer in their life fifty one percent. They are looking for you to do that now a whopping ninety percent believe that prayer will help in times of crisis. So ninety percent of the people that you see in your office ninety percent of them believe that prayer will help in a time of crisis fifty one percent are sitting there waiting for you to initiate prayer. If you fail to do that you have to let down fifty one percent your patients which is rather significant in my thinking there are a few questions that I like to ask patients when I visit with them either in the hospital. Regarding prayer the first question that we ask that we've gone on is a general faith question what role does faith play in your life if any it's a non-threatening question second. The question that I asked them is when you find strength in time of crisis. Now when we bridge to prayer at the end of the visit there are three questions that we ask the first is this. I'll say something like this. Many patients find comfort as I offer to pray with them. Would you like me to pray with you as well. So it's a very gentle many patients find comfort as they often to pray with them. Would you like me to pray with you as well. Secondly I often find renewed strength through prayer as I face challenges in my life. You know we all face challenges and I often find a new strength in my life would you like me to pray for you for renewed strength and then a question that Brian asks all of his patients it's very non-threatening but I really like Brian and that is Brian will say at the end of the visit. I offered to pray with all of my patients may I pray with you as well that's a very nice way of bridging it for this reason. First it doesn't indicate when you say to the person may I pray with you. The Persis man Doc I don't think mice are my sickness was that that I think I was going to die. You know so but when Brian puts it that way or when you put it this way. Many of my patients find comfort as I pray with them. Would you like me to pray with you or I I personally find renewed strength in prayer. So when you bridge into the prayer with your patients it's quite important how you do that that it doesn't give them the impression that they are going to die tomorrow so therefore you better pray tonight. You know you don't want them to be more tense before you pray and I often find offer to pray with all my patients may I pray with you as well Ellen White makes an interesting statement in councils of the church page three o three and she says when human strength fails men feel their need of divine help and women to a never just are merciful God turn from the soul that insincerity. Seeks him for help. He is our refuge in sickness and health when human strength Thank you. Many many seek God for help as you get up every morning and say Jesus. I'm going to see twenty patients today twenty five depending on your practice my son is in dermatology he tells me he sees about thirty five patients a day most cardiologists know to thirty five operations a day but however many patients are seeing if you get up in the morning and you say Lord open doors of opportunity for me to minister to my patients through prayer your practice will have new energy you will see your practice in New Dimensions burnout will be a last of a problem for you because every day becomes an exciting opportunity to share Jesus in the context of spirituality when you pray with your patients Brian. All right thank you Pastor kindly so I know wake up every morning and I do pray Lord please direct me to someone today that I can minister to me when I first started out in practice my ministry was complying to helping the church with a stop smoking seminar or helping the church with up and going on a mission trip for a week or two and my practice was my practice and so I didn't really mix the two I didn't know how to to do that and I didn't really learn how to do have a spiritual conversation. So I can remember about fourteen years ago so I'm a cardiologist I work in a Catholic you work with a team and most of the people I work with are pretty young hip people that you know I felt know if I just stopped and prayed I'd be embarrassed. What they would think I didn't feel comfortable whether I felt that I'd be be embarrassing I thought that I'd be afraid of rejection because who. The world's going to want me to do that and I don't know how to do it. And so there was a lady sixty three years old who had been down in South Carolina had had a massive heart attack. They just quickly stood on one vessel but their doctor called me and says she's going to be back up to see you in a few weeks she needs heart surgery she's got a critical left means to notice we didn't do anything with that. But not having her pictures and and she got back up to us about two months later we decide to repeat her cardiac cath and so in the Catholic ab we engage the corridor artery with a catheter and immediately the blood pressure just dives her rhythm goes almost flat not quite but she just becomes extremely unstable and we were verify once again that that was indeed a critical left main artery occlusion and she needs to go to the operating room. Not in a few minutes but right now. And so the operating team literally comes into our cats Well there is a bunch of nurses office on instead of having four people helping me there's twenty people in the room and the cardiac anesthesiologist came in and he just all of a sudden stood up and said everybody can I just have a silence for one moment I'm just going to say a prayer for I looked at him and watched my staff looked and watched and I just thought I should have done that but I didn't know how to do that and to make it even worse these young hip people that I was afraid to be embarrassed around all said afterwards Wow Did you see that that was pretty me and I really thought boy I should have been doing that and it was just today almost about a month later that I came to the first. Actually a pretty meeting for a men that spring is in Georgia pastor family gave us some tips on how to pray with patients and I became convicted that I needed to start practically applying that. And so when I got back the very next day in my office I began looking of course some patients that might be interested in praying and I just really pick out the conservative looking ones of the home. We live in the Bible Belt but couldn't point out the ones that I thought might want to but eventually it got to the point where I needed. I thought convicted I needed to offer to pray with everyone so Pastor family convinced me that number one it's not an ethical to pray with patients that actually patients really appreciate it. So you're not likely to be turned down in there is a power to prayer so per is the power of people to give up the smoking habit with their own willpower they would have done a long time ago. If they could make lifestyle changes just by working hard at it they would have done it but they need power in their life. So it's a source of power and very much. It opens up a spiritual conversation. So I became convicted after a few months of trying though that I was targeting the wrong people. It was the people dressed like motorcycle gangsters or rough guys with tattoos up and down their arms there the ones that was dark sobbing like a baby when you offer to pray with them they would say nobody has ever offered to do that and so one story I love the Tells of you know and is a patient named Stephen and asked even to give me permission to tell the story. So that's his real name but Stephen came in wearing just cut off sleeves a leather vest bandana around his head long here in jeans he looked like he rode a motorcycle. He looked like a pretty rough guy and he'd had chest pain was seen in the emergency room and from the sounds of it I thought it was probably not his heart but he had every single risk factor and I don't remember all of his values now but his cholesterol was nearly double what normal should be his blood pressure was in the one seventy's over ninety's range it was quite high. He smoked. He drank heavily on the weekends he was under a lot of stress work down in Cincinnati about forty five minutes away but it would take a long time to get there and so to deal with the stress. So they just pretty much partied on the weekends. He had a strong family history of heart disease and he was also a diabetic. He weighed about three hundred eighty pounds and we saw him. We did a stress test so I prove that this pain he had wasn't cardiac pain and I just had one last visit with him because he didn't need to keep coming back to see me but at that at that visit when I met with him for the stress test I saw by the way. Stephen said you're this pain was not your heart. You're not having a heart attack but you are on a track that is going to lead to a heart attack. Very soon you're going to go the same way your dad did in his fifty's you're. At this time it wasn't but you're with all the risk factors that you have you have every single risk factor. You're overweight. You binge drink you smoke. You're diabetic you have high blood pressure high cholesterol all these things are the poster child for heart disease and I offered him a few solutions but the so one of the things I tell people is I want to ask to do anything I'd want to do anything. I don't do myself and they usually breathe a sigh of relief and then I start telling them what I do don't smoke don't drink I'm a plant based diet I don't even drink caffeine are about ready to pass out. But so usually I had to focus on one thing with a patient like Steven let's just work out of smoking. Was maybe just work on his abuse of the but for some reason I just felt impressed at least going to tell him the ideal and so I told him all things I do and I said Steve I just recommend that we united so and we can get you to a dietician them but I didn't really give him any resources. I didn't offer him a chip program. I just told him what he needed to be here's your ideal weight you should go on a plant based diet and you need to stop smoking minute drinking is killing you in you're talking about how your family is your wife's ready to leave you your family's in shambles they said you need to find a church group in hand and so as I end all my patients. Conners I said By the way one of the things I offer to do is have a prayer is that something you'd appreciate you use this big rough guy who immediately starts crying and he says you know I was raised in church. I haven't been back in over fifteen or twenty years. He said that's what I need to do and he held my hand and we prayed and he sobbed like a baby and we scheduled a follow up appointment for a year later because he didn't have heart disease at this time is going to follow up with his primary care doctor. I didn't plug him in any resources a year later he came back he lost over one hundred pounds. He'd stop drinking. He'd stop smoking. He had joined a church he came in a shirt a tie and was clean cut. He had gotten a different job he says My relationship with my wife was great and he was on a plant based diet and at that point I was very shocked and I said Steven how in the world did you make these changes because all support you prayed with me and so that gave me the power to make the changes in his life. It's just because I challenge him and prayed with him that he felt that he could make that difference and I've learned a lot since then and I now target people in the chip and get them into resources that help them and we've got a lot more resources as we've been doing that but that was an example of just the power of prayer to radically change someone's life and I saw him three years later at what we call a home or I am about as were builders build fancy houses and you can go two or four or five of them in a row and they talk about there's somebody that opens the door and invites a large group in and they're supposed to say this house was built by John Brown at seven thousand square feet. It's got the latest and kitchens appliances it's got the best granite it's got an insert in home theater it's got all the stuff and they tell you about the house and you can wander around and see it and so when I got on the one of these about twenty people walk into the door and there's this guy I just kind of recognize don't quite recognize it turns out. He looks at me he does a double take. He says I know you and I looked at it was yeah you know he looks familiar. He goes No this is my doctor and so instead of talking about the house he tells one and people in the room. This is the guy that prayed with me and he got me to I'm no longer diabetic I'm not on medications for high blood pressure. I lost over one hundred twenty pounds and he gives the whole spiel to the whole group there because he can't help but testify to the power of just one prayer to change his wife and so now I end every single encounter with one of the things I offer to do with all my patients is to have a prayer or is that something you'd appreciate if they say you know which has only happened probably less than twenty times in ten years. I write a little impi at the bottom of my chart and I want to put it in the electronic record. So I don't keep haranguing them over and over and over but it has the power to open the door to their heart their thing that prayer does that makes people know that it's OK to have a spiritual conversation we may not have it right. Today. But as physicians as dentists we have access to people of all walks of life. People across town that live in get all that I would want to go to they come to my office but so does the C.E.O. who flies around in his corporate jet he comes to my office. The chief of the fire department the chief of the police department of a couple of towns nearby all come to my office we have access to a lot of people. So I offered to have a prayer with the chief of the fire department no big deal. He said No no it's cool if you want to do it. It's fine doesn't help me but helps you. It's one fly one said you know it does help me so I'll pray. So I said a prayer with him. No big deal. He comes back. I see him a year later in one year later he says dark. You're a spiritual person and I was alone where is this going. So why do you believe that the Bible is inspired that all of a sudden we have a thirty minute conversation my nurse says I'm not. Amador say you're a backed up and you better get caught out and he thanks me for talking about prophecy of him and why I put faith in the Bible a year later he asked me. Doc you know you talked about the Bible you really believe that the earth was created literally just in seven days and we had another twenty minute conversation about that. And so he started going to church now and haven't a church where he started going to church. Just because we were his interest by just be one to have a spiritual conversation. Their story after story after story. I saw a lady just the last time last a week ago when I was in the office who had been referred by another patient so I know she already knows what's going to happen. And so we get to the end and I just kind of pause that's just decided I was in a mood I was just going to see where this was going and I said So is there anything else like to do for you. She looked at me kind of startled must have. Well there's something else and she goes to look at one of the things I offer to do is have a prayer. I said So you knew that right. She was ill. That's the only reason I came in and so it's actually been really really good for business because I prayed with patients. One lady went to one lady who's an elder in her church so that I went to my church and I testified and all the sudden I saw five African-American people in my in my office two weeks later because she testified in church about the doctor that prayed whether she ever brought her daughter back. Who was twenty three years old when I was talking to her on the tables like why in the world is she here. And finally I So while you have the world are you here. There's nothing wrong with you and she said Oh I just wanted her to have a doctor who prayed with her. I don't know how to build that I don't I don't think we did but there is a definite power to prayer the last thing I want to say is that no longer do I see my medical practice as just a job. This has had a huge transformative effect me. Personally spiritually that my mother my be medical practice is now ministry and this was just the start we pray with our our staff now every Monday morning when they look forward to the. We'd try to have Bible studies with patients is just the start of a spiritual process just by offering to have a prayer. So brought you want to come on up the microphone is working. If you do want. It's a pleasure to be with you today just by introduction I have a way. Heidi and three children two boys twelve and ten and a little girl that's five. We live in the country in Michigan and we have horses and other animals and we just feel very blessed to be there. I have a dental practice in Cadillac Michigan and one in Gladwin Michigan and I'm going to talk about my journey up to this point in praying with with patients and sharing my testimony from a dental practice perspective and I know there are a right of backgrounds here today but I hope you can gain something from this as well. Yes I am a dentist by occupation but Inder stand my job is spreading the gospel over the past twenty two years I have be come very proficient in dentistry. But not so much in my job and I joined a man a little over a year ago to become better at my job over the years I've got on many mission trips I have had many spiritual conversations of patients giving spiritual material to patients prayed for patients but prior to amen. I am regretful to say I never prayed with a patient. And when I was presented with the idea of praying with patients it was Brian's presentation. I was that was filled with every henchman and anxiety about trying to imagine how that would work in a dental practice and I had some I had some questions come up in my mind like how how does that work in adult practice I move from room to room very efficiently my generous often provide enters the Asia the patients are laid back. I go in do the procedure and just I could not imagine it happening. Another question I had that came up in my mind is do I pray with everyone or just a few If people are coming to me to address their dental health. Should I be praying for them. I mean it's not like they have cancer or something right and I am of a naturally a quiet more reserved person and you know conscientious about personal privacy and isn't. Praying with patients come in Beijing of that personal privacy so that all these questions are running through my mind because it was it was a significant thought to me to pray with patients that was it was a hurdle. So this this challenge to pray with patients really drove me to my needs. And you know I saw it as a god sized problem and I needed that God sized answer. So through their prayer time the Lord impressed me in the first step. I need to take and that was to focus on my personal prayer time and devotional light and I understood that. That needs to be consistent and meaningful for me to be able to move that to my patients and so I began being persistent in my prayer life and personal devotion time and consistent and persistent and what I found was the more persistent I was the more I felt like it because I you know I know that prayer ultimately changes me it is an act of worship it is that moment where I buy out voluntarily invite the creator God of the universe and to my life and to because you know my prayers are necessarily powerful God is powerful and God wants me to be persistent in my prayer because he knows without his power. I am powerless. You're familiar with that verse in Romans chapter a verse twenty six. Likewise the spirit also helps in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray for as we are not but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered the spirit cannot help in my weaknesses if I do not know him and the foundation of effective prayer life is my own personal prayer and relationship with Jesus and through this prayer time I came to realize one of the things that was very unsettling to me I have practically thirty patients a day five days a week that I need to see in my own way to pray with a few of them. Those who I have time for those who have shared struggles with Doesn't everyone need prayer. I could not see how I could pray with everyone but as a I spent time with God I believe he led me to do this at the end of the work day I pull up the following day schedule and I take a picture of that with my phone as all the patients names on it. So in my morning devotions at the following day I pray for each patient specifically by name and ask that the Lord will bless them and that an opportunity to witness would arise from that and in this way every patient was prayed for and I was feeling better about it but I had to ask myself was I feeling better because I didn't have to put myself out there and pray with the patient. Maybe the next step the Lord asked me to look at was the music in the office and you know what it's like to have a team of individuals who all have different musical tastes and there's always a problem with the type of music that is being played. So I made took executive action and made the decision to play only God outer and music. My family and I listened to a couple of D.V.D. series and we were impressed that you know through the science of music and the effect it has on the brain and spirituality that we really threw a lot of music out and that carried over into the practice and it just gave the practice a very spiritual setting because music affects mood and the wrong music played all day long will affect spirituality in the office and my ability to pray with patients. I have many patients who are atheist and who now do not believe in Jesus and if they bring up that they don't. Appreciate the music I say something along the lines. You know this this music helps me feel at peace and calm and I'm sure those are qualities you want your dentist who is running at high speed you're only a mile and I say that with a smile on my face kind of having fun with the question. And they usually respond with something like yep that sounds good to me. So it really hasn't been a problem. The true inspiration we learn that music is a form of worship like prayer. So I felt it played a very important role in the practice. Ellen White said in paychecks and prophets Chapter fifty eight page five ninety four music was made to serve a holy purpose to lift the thoughts to that which is pure noble and elevating and to awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God and later on in that same verse. She said. Singing is as much an act of worship as it's prayer. This is a critical point. I feel music is very important. We want to direct our patients minds hearts and souls to God. Another point that came out of my prayer time was this yes praying with my patients is important but what about my teen I call them my team instead of a staff because a team works together a staff is an infection and there Iran. I have for a long time prayed in morning huddles and at team meetings I've given my team spiritual materials over the years our church head in eventual Issac series a spring and some of the team came out to hear me present one evening I believe that was. A direct result of prayer and most of all I just I just been more persistent praying for my team and they have and there's a sense of openness for spiritual things really changed there regarding them. I'm excited to see what the Lord will do with that in the future so up to this point. I've shared some changes that have made concerning praying with patients. Other than actually praying with patients. So I felt these were good steps. I was seeking to achieve the goal of praying with patients and ultimately in the goal of fulfilling my job and fulfilling the Great Commission. So this brings us back to the god science problem of praying with my patients in a very busy day where I have to move from room to room. This is a system I believe God showed me to do at this time and it's a simple one. My aim is to policy and pray with each patient before every procedure and exam and patients to know that is what I'm doing because I share it with them during new patient visits or at other points. I share. You will notice that I pause between or before every procedure and if you wonder why it is because I like to commit each procedure to God and ask for His blessing and guidance. This only takes seconds to pray and it doesn't I can fit it in doesn't interrupt the flow. This is a consistent witness. In faith in God independence on him and without saying anything that causes patients to think about their relationship with God and his place and their like and by Silent Witness and showing the place God has in my life. So in most cases you know when I say you know I also during the new patient visit after I share the the reason behind my solemn part silent pause as to pray with them as well and sometimes they are there longer but many times they are short and focused and you know focused on thankfulness. But sometimes they are aligned early when a young man asked me to pray for his country Iraq that it would become a democracy or a man share that his White had terminal cancer and had three to six months to live and very emotionally share the story and we prayed together. It was a very powerful thing and I believe these prayers do and have opened doors for more spiritual witness and you know again serving the purpose of to awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God This prayer system is simply an entering wedge to make a statement of faith in the life of each person in a busy dental practice and praying with patience isn't something I should do any more. It is something that I am compelled to do it is an opportunity to impact someone that not only for this play. But for eternity. I would like to end with a story and being a proud father I have to work my kids and to this presentation somehow. So our family was camping in the fall near a lake and the children came running up to me and said Daddy. Let's go swimming the water is warm and I was thinking to myself. Yes the water feels warm because the air is freezing and I was reluctant but agreed. I try to live by that no regret principle when presented with a decision to make I ask myself two questions while I regret it if I do and will I regret it if I don't in this case I decided that I would regret it if I didn't go swimming with the kids. So we changed the rental a quickly and I jumped in first and the water was freezing and I felt like my no regret principle was letting me down and the guy deep faster made a wave my way out into the water and began treading water trying to warm up and my little girl entered the water and stars going towards me in a life jacket and it was in the evening. The sun was setting there in the West Coast casting this beautiful light on the water and my daughter space. I wish I could have captured it with the camera and it was it was a simple moment. And yet I was I was struck with emotion because as she was swaying towards me she had this expression of pure joy trust excitement and anticipation of you know reaching her daddy and bracing him in safety and as she made her way toward me. She put her arms around me around my neck and we just laughed. And had this very special time together and it was in that moment that I realized that my no regrets principle had let me down as I reflected on that experience. I felt that is how God desires in his heart I believe he would also be struck with emotion. If we came to him with that saying fear of joy trust excitement and anticipation that experiences is what inspires me to pray for my patients through my prayers I am offering an encounter with an amazing God and when I pray for them. I envision that same expression on the patient's face of period joy trust anticipation and excitement as they meet their creator both in this world in their in their time spent with them but also as they are caught up in the air when Jesus comes to take them home my patients are his children who he died for who he wants to spend eternity with it is my solemn responsibility to reach those who God has put into my life. The challenge I want to leave with you today. If you haven't already is not to give up in this call to pray with your patients and to do the job. We have all been called to do with in your profession and to be persistent. So Guy gives you an answer this media was brought to you by Adil first. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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