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Life Changing Dentistry

Vincent Chee




1. Recognize that dentistry is one of the few professions that have the ability to inspire, heal and change patients’ lives dramatically.

2. Understand patients’ cosmetic needs and desires to manage patient’s expectations realistically.

3. Be Familiar with and discuss various treatment modalities that would provide patients with dental life-changing experiences comfortably. 


Dr. Chee graduated from Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry in 1992. In 2008, he returned to Loma Linda University as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Chee has a heart for mission service. He actively participates in medical/dental missions throughout the world including Africa, China, and Central America. He has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and brochure articles including Healing Hands.


Last year he received the Spiritual Life Service Award from Loma Linda University. Dr. Chee is one of the authors for Evening Rounds, a School of Medicine Daily Devotional Book. He is currently co-editing a book “Changing Lives Globally” together with several of his colleagues at LLUSD. 


  • October 24, 2016
    3:15 PM
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Father once again we pause and we invite your presence into this place. Lord we want to know you better. We want to know how you would have us serve. Through the dental profession to minister to those are so much in need. And so Lord I pray that you will. Dr Chee as he speaks today. That we might hear you speaking through him. That our hearts will be changed and we might be transformed to truly be your medical missionaries and in the world in which we serve. So thank you Lord for this time. Dr. Now as he brings us this talk. We thank you. In Jesus' name amen. Well thank you so much Dr Otis uno for that introduction. And I must say now that it is an honor for me this afternoon. To be able to spend the next one hour with you. To talk about life changing dentistry. You know as a basis in zero four for the presentation for dissent. This afternoon. The tricky worse I would like you to be very familiar with in this presentation. The first one is inspiration. The second one is changes. And the last word is healing. I would like to share with you. How I got inspired to bring changes and healing in the lives of my patients. Please allow me to be very vulgar and vulnerable with you. As I share with you. My fear is and my failures. What my patients have taught me. And how and most important of all how God has let me in this life changing dentistry. There is one text in the Bible. That I would like to put. The forefront of my presentation today because it really captures the essence of what I would like to share with you today. It is found in Jeremiah chapter one verse five. Before I formed in the belly. I knew you and before you came out of the warm. I sanctify that you and I or didn't you a prophet unto the nations. I would like you to know that this is God's speaking to Germany and in today's modern neck ular. God is telling chair my ear. Jeremiah before you were born. I already have a plan and a purpose for you now as all of us know whenever God you know comes to someone with a playing and a purpose. There are always problems and issues confronted by this individual. You can take a look at Abraham you can take a look at Moses you can take a look at the larger and you can go down the line. Every time when there is a problem. God always accompanies that with a promise. And so today I just want to share with you some of the struggles that Gemma went to in order for him to accept the call got no Germany or was called to be a prophet. Now as all of us know during that time. To be a prophet is not something that is easy to do because if you are not bearing the message that is a popular message in those days. Your head could be cut off and so can you be in prison for a very long time to come. And I can understand you know why. Jeremiah was so fearful when God you know came to him with this plan and purpose for him because he obviously didn't want to lose his life for some reason. But I want you to notice that. Germ I had a problem with fear and God's promise to him is I'm going to turn your fear into faith. Now Jeremiah was a young person when got came to him and youth in those days is equivalent to inexperience and God said I'm going to change your inexperience into an inspiration for this. And obviously germ I was living in a time whereby there was a lot brokenness from all the way up on top down to the bottom and what happens is that guys that you know to Germany. He said I'm going to turn this broken it's into something that is going to be beautiful and he and I want to make a confession you know to you this afternoon I would like you to know that dentistry was never my passion at least it was in my first passion. I have never you know taught you know that I would become a dentist. And so my journey into a life changing dentistry is really an act of God's grace and his special favor in my direction. And the reason for that is because I have always had failure in my art. Now this is a drawing that my daughter drew for me when she was in kindergarten and I want you to notice you know that this head here and the body here is. A proportion and the reason why I have kept this drawing was because this reminded me so much of the drawing that I drew from preschool all the way down to No two even high school that was a kind of drawing to a hat. Now my daughter has since graduated from this and she has won many awards but in sciences and in all different areas in she has a whole collection of awards you know in her room but I have gone on to you know from this point here and continue to feel art year after year until you know there was one point in time. At a stroke of genius. I receive a distinction for my art which was really rare and totally very surprising and shocking only for me and even for my teacher as well. Now as all of you have known and you have probably know been to this city a convention. You would realize you know that. Dentistry is more in a sense. The art component is so important to dentistry. And aside you know from that I just want you to know that. When I was. When I was in high school my you know my education I have always you know had a problem. You know with seeing treaty and even drawing treaty. And my. If my teacher would ask me to draw a cue. This would be the kind of cute that I would be drawn. I just wasn't able to draw correctly. And my math teacher used to make fun of me in front of the class the kind of drawing that I drew that should not be the case. But. You know when my audiovisual individual did this for me I was like wow you know what if you look at this cute you know from this direction you know down. Obviously it is our purpose. Now. Trust me I wouldn't have been able to see that disk you actually is pretty decent if you look at it from this direction. If you can see. You notice that this cube is actually pretty good. Can you see that. Now if you can see that I don't blame you for that because I wouldn't have been better see that you know before. But now I do because my treaty has really improved tremendously by the grace of God. And so what happens is that. I begin to realize that God is trying to speak to me over here and. God says you know to me he says I'm going to change your fears and your failure into a journey of faith and I'm going to turn your inabilities and your imperfections into an inspiration for others and I'm also going to change your problem that you have with dentistry into a passion for you. And so. From drilling filling and building. He's saying to me. I'm going to from here on help you to change lives changed. And heal the hurting heart. Now before I do that. I just want to prepare. A short clip. About three minutes D.V.D. clip. Of some of the patients that I have actually had the opportunity to bring about the changes in their lives. I do want you to know that the kind of dentistry that you see over here is not the dentistry. That is going to be in the small gallery. There is going to necessary win awards in the CD The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry gallery. Dinner. But I want to show you that this is the kind of dentistry that any one of us can do here in this room. If you can pick up a hen piece you will be able to do this kind of dentistry and so I want you to take a look at this and sit back and relax and. And then I'm going to spend some time. You know to run through some of these cases you know with you. Together and I just want you to remember you know that there is a story behind every mouth. I just want you to know that there were several defining moments in my life. You know as I went to discharge me together with God and the first defining moment was when I first graduated from law school in the university way back to one thousand nine hundred two. I was working in a city comma desk though how many of you know where the city is. Wonderful. So anybody from Modesto or no I'm OK. Or your wife is from Modesto. Oh OK All right. That's wonderful. So well I spent a very short you know one year over there in Modesto I was working in this. Private Practice it was a very beautiful practice it was a modern specialty practice and my boss you know when he hired me it so happened you know that he had some of the latest technological advances in dentistry something like the intro video camera and for those of you who remember you know way back into those days of course now you can find you know that. It's no longer everybody actually have a camera India in the office. Right. Am I right. Yeah. So but during that time it was very rare because not too many dentists have actually had this. You know intro camera. And so. The newspaper reporter wanted you know to come in you know to to do an article and feature as you know in this. In this office and so since my boss in a was in around and he told me he said you know that I want you to go ahead and conduct this interview you know with your do newspaper reporter. And so I said well I've done something like this before. So let me see what I can do and so what happened was. They did such a wonderful you know article this is probably like a fifteen twenty thousand dollar advertisement. On marketing you know for free for the cost of a den a lunch or dinner that even my newspaper reporter you know didn't even accept. But everybody was a static because. They were so excited including my boss. He was really so excited about what happened. However. My position. Sorry. You know my patient over here. She was a very high profile patient because she serves as a director of tourism in that city. And when she saw this newspaper article. She was less than flattered. In fact she was irate. She never told me about this. But I learned from you know one of a colleague's she was kind enough a nice enough to not tell me that she was really very disappointed with what happened. But I can understand why because this is a very unflattering title right here not so pretty picture because she was obviously a very beautiful young lady and to be told that she was not so pretty is obviously not something you know that you want to tell someone you know like this. But that set me thinking you know for a little while because I began to realize. I certainly know that. This is really not what I really want to do. Because my goal is to help my patients feel confident about themselves not to make them feel angry Inmet And so one of the things that I prayed you know during that time was I said lord. You know I want you to help me to change to to help me to turn my patients fear into faith and I would want you to help change the the opinion into purpose and all your hurts into healing. Now there was a very simple prayer and I didn't even remember you know that when I prayed at prayer but I want you to know that God in the hostess you know to our prayers and so. It was a couple of years later when I was in a country or city call Singapore that I began you know to. You know to get involved. You know with some life changing the industry experience. And this afternoon. I would like to share with you. Four cases that take Astrue some of these life changing experiences and I hope that you will be able to incorporate that in your own personal office at some point in time. And the first one that I'm going to talk about is of course direct composite when years and a second one is an OS Aramic cosmetic. And then if we have some time. We'll talk about. Indirect person in winners and then finally using the I.P.S. emacs system which some of you are probably familiar with it. My God this afternoon. Is that. I would like for us to recognize that dentistry is one of the very few professions that can inspire heal and change patients' lives dramatically. And secondly I would I first understand patients cosmetic nice and desires in order to manage the expectations. Realistically and tele. And finally be familiar with the treatment modalities to accomplish life changing industry comfortably. Now the reason why I want to know to go through some of this with you is because a couple weeks ago several weeks ago. I should be medication at school she had some done by a very famous. You know doctor in the world. I'm going to name who that person is but you probably would know his name. If I mention his name because you probably have attended his seminars and things that before. But that position. I think you know that's really very nice you know when you're very beautiful because it was done by one of the top when you're specialising in a country. But she was unhappy. And she had it done again. By somebody else and she was really unhappy and finally she got she got she has gotten to a point whereby she was. OK with it but she was not totally hundred percent satisfied. So that's why it's important for us. You know to be familiar with our patients. You know cosmetic needs and things that in order to manage that you know realistically So Office case you know here that I like to talk about is this young lady over here. And this is the before and this is the after. And I want you to notice you know that when she first came in. Her medical history was on remarkably healthy no contraindications dentity. MN and she had a history of authentic treatment for six years. This is a cheap complaint. She found that there was too much teeth showing when she was smiling. She had irregular stray shins on a teeth including the chipped and discoloration between her interior teeth right here. So the question is how do we change her smile. OK We're going to get into something interactive you know right now because I just want to pick your brains you know to get it with me because I want you to know that I was not totally one hundred percent satisfied you know with this case of how I handle this. But I want you to know that. How would you change this moment if she comes unity office you know. Let's say when you get back to your office next week and she comes to you and she has a situation like this how would you change his mind and I want you to remember that this lady is a high profile patient because one year before that she has won the beauty contests in her country and right here she is representing her country in Japan competing with all the beauty queens you know try to will it is that you were here and now she's seated right in your office with a situation like this. How do you go in changing her smile. Now you you notice you know that her center in size or so. We hear there is a difference in terms of the height. There is a difference in terms of this tooth versus this tooth and the lateral the canine over here is tip. So how we should go about in changing has known. Let's see if we can get some volunteers you know to share your thinking on this here. Because I'm pretty sure that some of you already know how to manage this correctly. Dr Otis you want to take a shot at this. Well she has number eight of a recession there. I mean definitely she could use and recount or. Course composite. Well I mean you could do you know either direct or indirect. I don't know. Help me. You could. Yeah you could. Depending if you're going to do the veneers or not you could do simply Jean. Tell us what you did not pretty. OK all right now I want you to know that I literally freak out on this case over here because I had no experience I have never taken any any cosmetic causes you know before. In every in my life and during the time when I was in school. At that time I think Dr done in a was you know the person who was who was doing all the cosmetic work in things that I but we did a lot of amalgam in a fillings I probably know that maybe one or two composite in mine a tiny little bit of filling here and there and that's about all I did it and so I didn't really know how you know to change this moment but. You know I believe you know that is kind of important you know for us. You know to to really talk about the treatment options you know with her because she obviously you know you need to have authored. We treatment. Right. And so she said I have done this for six years. I'm not going to do this again and so Dr Artis was correct. She said Well you know what. You probably need some. Contouring maybe you're plasty OK that's obvious. And you need it. But she doesn't want that because you know she is afraid of pain and she doesn't want pain. OK so I was hoping that she would choose one of those I can send her out. You know of my clinic so that she can go somewhere else. You know to have it done but she said. No I don't want to be near Cedar. And so she was to hone in on what I could provide for her which was probably you know composite you know been years. And I have to be very careful you know with her because I don't really want to make the change for her permanently and she coming back. You know to me the next day or the next week or the next month later and telling me that I don't like you know how this look can you please you know take this off and give me back my money. And this actually happened. You know to one of my colleagues. Last year she did a thirty thousand dollar case for her patient and she was so happy she spent several days you know working on this and after that the patient came back and sat Please take the stuff. I don't like you know how it looks. I don't want this anymore. Give me back my money and she spent in that. Couple more sessions removing those Lumineers painstakingly and giving back her money and spinning all those time you know for no reason. And so I have to be very careful of course at that time I got in a really impressed me. That I could actually do some. You know there is reversible. And this is what I did and I'm just going to show you right now what I did it. Now you could easily you know take some composite you know that you have laying you know in your cabinet that you never use and it is kind of like all has been explained because it doesn't really matter because you're actually doing a mock up anyway because you really want to understand what your patient is trying to achieve with his mom and so using you know the composite you're able you know to mark it up and so at that time I don't even remember what the composer was using because this is way back. You know to about twenty five years ago so I could remember what he was in my notes I found you know what I use for her in her final outcome but I just wanted to show you that you could even use. OK By the way this is a fifth generation binding liquid. Don't ever use that because it's not good because it causes so much hypersensitivity and the only reason why I put that in there was because because I wanted to show you that you could use something that you have laying over there that you never use and you could actually use that to whet your composite to make it look really nice and you could also use any composite you know this you have that you never use you know that you could actually place it onto a patient to do the mock up you know for your patient. And so this was the first round so noticing that I actually place this tooth a little bit longer than this one here just you know to test to see how you know she would respond and it is something like this. Now this is very reversible. Because I haven't really changed anything. You know yet. I didn't do any and ching. I didn't take off any of the tooth. So it is very versatile. And at the end of it. I actually basically. It all the sixty thing over her. And I tour I said I want you know to go home and take a look at this and come back you know the next day or the next couple of days and let me know what you think because at this stage I could still make audit changes that I wanted to because all I did was I just basically did a mock up with a composite. I put somebody liquid on the top there just to make it look nice and I like your IT. And so if I wanted to take this off. I could easily flick this off very quickly and give her back exactly where she first started. So it was very reversible. And so I thought you know that she would look at this and she would say nah I don't really like you know this. I'm just going to come back and. Not have to do this again. But I was really shock and surprise that when she came back you know to me. She said you know that. That night she spent you know tree hours looking in the mirror and tears were streaming down her eyes as she looked at that smile that she had and. She totally floored me because I didn't expect you know that kind of reaction and she said I want you to do this for me a minute and so that was what happened. And she was very happy. You know since then. Now I didn't even have you know this golden rule for interior statics with me at that time but something that would be very helpful. When you're changing you know your son your patients now it's. Understand the proportions of this. Center in sizes. Because once you know you have establish your center inside laying. You know for sure that you're going to be able to work on the rest of them and I'm going to show you how you see what happens is that the with is something that you cannot control because the patient will come in with that with fix. You cannot change that. Usually it is the length that is the issue because. They they wear down their teeth and so you do sooner to lengthen your right there. So when you follow you know this chart over here. You begin to see that if the patient you know had had a with of let's say eight point five. The ideal length would naturally be about eleventh millimeters. So you would use a ruler to measure you know this length over here from here all the way down to here. If that length is less than eleven millimeters. You can always add to that. And then of course. How about you know once you have that length establish you go to your lighter incisors and as you know the lesser incisors is. How many percent of the central in terms of proportion that anybody know. OK. If I remember you know to go to a proportion is one point six to one two point six So if suppose you know this is one point six. This will be one and this will be point six. Now if we want to look at it in another way. Let's say you you find it. This is too hard for you to understand. Think of it in this way that if this is one hundred percent. This would be. Sixty five percent of the surface of this when you were here and then you would be able to match your proportions correctly. OK Just in case it is too confusing for you at the end of of the session if you have questions I'll be happy to answer them for you. OK. A little bit further right now. But one thing that I want to know to share with you today is the keys to exceeding expectations for your patients which I didn't know at that time but now I begin to understand that it is important for you. Before changing a patient. To understand what the patient is trying to achieve today when longer teeth shorted teeth whiter or brighter teeth. Is it spacing that a concern with or is it closure that they are trying new to achieve. Always give them a visual reversible change or test drive or what to expect to take home with them. And under promise and over deliver. Now your patience will come to you a lot of times and they were answer questions like Will this give me the snow. I have always wanted. How would you answer that question for your patients. World. This gave me the smell of always wanted. Anybody want to take a shot at this. OK wonderful that there is a very good way to put it. I like it. I like the answer. However there are so many different ways that you can answer that question but never answer the question. Yes I believe that there is going to give you the smile that you've always wanted because there's going to trap you for good and you're never going to be a big get out of it and so the way how I would answer that question would be I would tell them. I don't you know it all depends on you and what you really want on my part I would do the very best I can for you. However I cannot promise you anything because I don't know what is going to make you happy. So that answer always will get you out of trouble. Another question. You know that your patients will always ask you when you get to a point you know when you work on the patient and the patients going to ask you what doctor. What do you think. Now remember that DOESN'T a trick question. Never answer and tell them you know what you think. Why because you know when they go home and you don't like it going to say doctor. It's your fault you tell me that this is going to look nice but it is not nice. I want to change. So I would always you know had a patient. What do you think. And the patient says Well I think I like you know this shorter is better than the longer one. I agree with you. Let's fix it. So do you see you know that you can very quickly. You know get into a trap. If you're not careful you know with your answer and I see the odd time even you know in just recently you know like when I'm dealing with my students I see you know that to my students who always answer you know the patients say no no no no don't tell them you know that because it's going to be a trap you know for you you're not going we're going to get out of it. And so you have to be very smart in terms of answering your patients questions. So be. More Movement any further and I just wanted to find out if you have any questions you know to as in relation to what we have discovered so far would you do just years or something like six. That's a very good question. Dr how is mentioning do we do just two or do we do four or do we do six. What would be a good answer for that question. I like the answer. It depends. I would ask my position. What are you trying to accomplish. OK if your patients say this I want you know a smile that goes Clear across you know. With my small line then you could be doing. No ten twelve thousand years maybe to food. Maybe just for maybe just two. It depends on what your patient is trying to achieve and how much your patients want to spend just doctor the patient has no clue. They just want to look better. They don't know why the they don't look as attractive as they want to look. And they have really have no clue. And so if you if you say well the person what you want is what I don't really don't know. Us. I just don't know and I don't like my style. OK All right. And you know that's really wonderful. But remember you know that. There we have you know I've demonstrated or I have illustrated it one way that you could change your patients now with a composite mockup and I'm going to show you. I do down at the center too so just hang on with your question but then I will answer it by saying to OK well if your patient doesn't know. OK let's go ahead and do a mock up. Let me situation. And let's see what we can accomplish. OK. What You Like A What don't you like about your son. OK your patient house you OK. I don't like this. I don't like this. I don't like this. OK we'll change it for you. Let's go ahead and do a mock up. Do you like this. The patient look in a mirror and says I love it less going into it. Or your patients says you know what I don't really like you know this corner you know here and I don't really like you know that this too. FLATOW here. Now when your petition you know tells you debt. Does or a flak you need to start thinking of ways you know to say and refer your patient to the cosmetic dentistry known next door or down town because I can tell you that you're going to be in real hot soup. Because your patients going to come back and tell you hey doctor. You know you did this for me. You know what that corner is just not right. Can you do it a little bit better for me. Now of course you know if you have it in a mock up you could definitely do that but imagine you have cemented you know already been years in order crowns and now your patient comes back and said doctor that corner there doesn't it makes my smile a little bit cook it. Can you fix that for me. That goes the end of your cosmetic case and you have to take off that crown or even that you could even do much more for her because you come back in a few within a problem. And they'll be no into it so I would suggest that you patients know and that picky with you. You think of a way to try a new two whole line you know to do treatment and just tell them you know that. Well when you're ready to do this. Why don't you come back again. Because I'm not sure you know if I can give you the smile that you have always you know want it. OK so. And had a question that. Yes Dr was like a hundred thousand dollars smile for ten thousand or price. That's a very good question. All of these you know cases you know that I've shown to you. Are cases in which that actually cost them very little money. They're not. You know special cases whereby it costs them. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars which you know I mean there are there are actually wanted to patients that spend about close to forty fifty thousand dollars you know getting their small you know make over. But what I'm trying to say is that some of these patients like for example this patient over here. Basically to change her from here to here. It only cost her about two thousand dollars. Which was fery reasonable and of course this was then you know way back. You know to like in the early ninety's. So I probably wouldn't charge you know the patient two thousand dollars in a to do this now if that's what you mean because you're not going to make any many. You know doing a two thousand a little a case who are here. I'm not sure if I answer your question. OK so. So sometimes you know what you can do is you can say OK well you know what if you cannot afford you know to do this you can only afford can thousand dollars. I'm sure we can do something you know for you. You know to do that and I'm going to show you one case and afterwards you know that way by you know the patient actually committed you know to only fixing her teeth and not everything else because she was not financially able to do that but it still made a big change for this will be the last case that we're going to be talking about. OK So let's go ahead and do this over here. Sort of like fast forward this really quickly because I know that my time is up. So this is a female patient. And so I want you to retreat is so here really quickly. But I don't waste. No country indication. But this is a very difficult case. You know to work on because of all the issues that she had right here. How she changes this. It's not going to be easy. So you presented them all the different possibilities. The patients Ace I had a painful jaw surgery. I'm never going to go through this again. At the non-tax. I'm too old for this. Plastic is too painful. And so what I did in a patient was. I recognize that her smile was not where it was supposed to be. Even you know if I may not have the clinical skills. I know that whatever I do for her is going to be better than what is looking over here are great and so what I did was I use you know bio Thames. How many of you are familiar with this product by the Thames. OK Very good. You couldn't definitely no use my attempts as a test drive. You know for a patient. So you send the case you know to your lab with a good impression. So these are things that you need to do. OK And I'm going to fast forward because I do think that we need to run treat this quickly and your lab is going to return you know this is a back you know to you. Individually or splinter it. According to what your prescription in a sense and then after the preparation of the tooth. You want to realign it with whatever you know material that you have in your office it doesn't have to be integrity because integrity happens to be what I use. You can use you can use any material as long as Reza. Bass you'll be OK. And I do like you know to use a time one clear over you know this ten one over here because it's really messy and sometimes eerie leave behind some white residue that is a gleam in a front and so Temin clear you know happens you know to be known as static. But I also expect to recite as well. And so this seems to be a product that I prefer but there's a lot of product out there in it that you could definitely use and choose. And so after you have fabricated. You know DB attempts. You know the patient you know try this out and see what they think and if they like it. Not too much changes you could use the very same situation send it back to lap and have them make the payment in ones and this would be defined outcome. And of course you know the product that we use for her was a prismatic clinic has a cornea which has a very great strength of twelve hundred. PASCOE factual strength and so it is a very good product to use for your patient. It will never break. And so this is a final come. And I want you to see you know her response you know in the letter that she wrote to me. You know she said you know that she had never smiled. You know for thirty years. I calculated it was probably forty years that she never anticipation has imposed upon herself a social prison because you know she didn't feel that she could smoke and she didn't feel that she could actually interact in a with. People her friends. So she always you know kept to herself but. After you know we did this you know for her she wanted you know she was so happy she came back you know she said you know to me she said you know that I said wow I said Jean you are really you know you look like a different person. She says well that's because of my smile. Now I can smile. So I said Wow Tell me more. So she started telling me her story and that was how I came to know her story. It was life changing for her. And so am I TAKE A So here I just wanted you to see right here. You know that this is my patient she's a twenty six yo female in congenitally she's missing number seven. She had history of note added on to treatment due to finances. Her bindings that were done in the past with chipping and anesthetic. She was seven years social anxiety because whenever you know she was asked to to come in friend to talk in class. She would always break up in hives and she would never be able you know to interact you know with with people because. The classmates were all very mean to her and so one of her chief complaint and concern would be she wanted to replace her teeth you know with the menus. But unfortunately her case was rejected by the women is expert in Madeleine because they didn't think that Lumineers was the situation for her. Person in years was not a viable option because she different issues so patient was really crushed and she left office disappointed and dejected. And I nearly lost the confidence because she was making a point when I ready to see the dentist in so then when I called her. I thought I said well listen I know. You were disappointed. Let me show you know what I can do for you and she reluctantly came back you know the next day and I did you know some things you know that I show you maturity I did a mock up you know for her and I told her. Is this. Satisfactory for you is this OK for you. And the patients that I believe you know that that's going to work for me and so what happened was I made some changes for her you notice you know that. These are the problems that she had and she was missing a lateral and this was his cannon and to to really get it to where he needs to be requires says you know to really make some major changes for her when you switch definitely not do that for her. And so this was before this is after. And this is the final She was very happy. You know she came and helped me several times. Tears were streaming down her eyes and then she started telling me her story. Wish we had the opportunity to publish in the evening rounds. And this is what she said it was a very touching story. And she said you know that. Oh by the way she said you know that the only people that matter to me right now are the people who are close to closest to me my two boys makes MISMO. When I'm getting ready to tell me I'm pretty and I look like a princess. So that's that's a good outcome that you think so. I think you know that. We have the option needed to provide a life changing thing history. For operations and we're going to go to our final case over here and this is the last one that we're going to talk about I'm going to go ahead and fast forward this and you can see our issues you know that she has where here trim up chance she decided not to go for that. This was a fine outcome and we use. IP as emacs for her and for those of you who are familiar with I.P.S. It makes you realize you know that there must wronger ground in appear from ground by at least four times. In the way you know how you would prepare a corner. Whether it was a clinic has a cornea or a emacs decided dimensions that you need to follow a good two millimeter idea reduction. But even if you have one point five you know that's pretty good. But minimum you need to have at least one point two five showed emergence preferred but if you do share for matching it we have to be behind it and the preparation was have to be conversion and cut into tree planes. Accordingly to this diagram away here. And so in conclusion. You know I want to know to share with you some of the things you know that we have to talk about this you know this afternoon. First of all. Recognizing the fact you know that every one of us here in this room possesses the same abilities to be able to help make changes in a patient's life. Take into consideration all the principles you know that we have learned you know today. It's going to help us you know to bring about those changes you know patients not. And so before I share with you. You know clip. I do have a clip you know to show you. I just wanted to find out if you have any questions you know do you want to seduce point. That I did not cover. Well that I mean you know today. Any questions anything in relation to this even in the ME GOING. That's what we hear. And this is my patient I've always been a person who's who smiles a lot people commented on my smile or really yours that you've got such a nice smile. What a great smile you have so I've always recognize that's an aspect of my personality that I'm proud of the end fortunate thing is over time. The look of my smile changed the discoloration to my teeth and so for so that when I looked at photographs that was the part I wasn't so proud of that I wanted a better look to my smile. Unfortunately when I was a teenager I I did have an eating disorder which affected the quality of my teeth at that time and for many years later and I had experienced a lot of time in the dental chair as a teenager and in my twenty's where a lot of my teeth were replaced with crowns and I was dissatisfied with that it had been sort of a hodgepodge replacement of my teeth over the years with crowns and it didn't look natural. It didn't look even it didn't look as nice as I would like it to be. I seriously considered what could it look better. Is this something I could change and I'd spend a lot of time in the dental chair and I knew Do I want to spend a lot more time in the dental chair. So at that time I had Dr Chee as my dentist they was really the first person who said something can be done to improve your smile to improve the look. If you're a tease. So that your smile is more attractive and he was wonderful about going through the options with me what it looks like what could you do. How could the crowns be replaced and I was amazed at the mockup when I saw it I thought wow it can look better. I can have a smile that I'm proud of but when that happened and when I saw the difference in the confidence gave me to smile particularly for cameras that really made a huge difference. And that's something I would absolutely consider doing. Because it does make a difference. You often don't realize the extent to which your confidence in your appearance particularly something as essential as a smile. When my family saw the result they were so pleased they said that was worth it. That was worth every minute I really appreciated the time and attention. The doctor. The faculty dental office took to make sure I was a satisfied customer the willingness to go for excellence to really say we can make this even better. I was what I appreciated to be able to go through this to show that it really can transform something that's so meaningful to me and I hope this is my face. You know this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W dot org.


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