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Free Clinics: A Comprehensive Effect

Carlos Moretta


In this seminar we will look at the mindset of the Medical Missionary and how to apply that in the workplace to bring practical lessons to both staff and patients. The cross of Christ will be the key object lesson in our study.


Attendees to this seminar will gain a deeper understanding of how Free Clinics:

1. Affect patients (access to treatment, follow-up care, etc.)
2. Affect the provider (professional ful llment, diversity in setting of care, 
integration of whole person care)

3. Affect the community (surrounding providers/practices, churches, community health stats)

4. Affect the Christian (deeper understanding of the Right Arm of the Gospel, Christ's method, role of health care in this current social and spiritual climate)


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.


  • October 28, 2016
    3:15 PM
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Father we thank you for this privilege once again to be here to learn to be inspired to learn how to minister more for you and I just press special blessing upon Dr read as he brings us this presentation today and your presence be here. We thank you. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you David. Welcome final presentation you've weathered the other two and I'm glad that there was some science a little bit of science a little bit of creativity a little bit of Bob Vila action going on here and all of you know it does a snow cave to have all these numbers and all these if you can apply it. You know if you can turn it into something practical that you can use every day so I just want to thank our prisoners. Dr Chee and my friend Dr Laredo almost escaped me but I really appreciate your presentations the relevance of both of them and I pray I hope that we're all able to take home with us not just one but probably several to implementing our own practices my presentation today it seems like the buzzword is free clinics the last few years I know that. Amen has worked real hard to figure this out and I just wanted to talk a little bit about them their usefulness their efficacy and you know and talk about some of the things that don't work about them as well. Many of you if not all have been involved in a free clinics and I applaud you for that and I say keep doing it because and I'll explain why I believe that free clinics are effective for for us as providers and Christian providers as well. So this is kind of our outline. I'm going to give you know a little introduction. Talk about the the bad in the oddly side of free clinics. There are no right no no. Oddly signs but we might run into a few today. And then I want to talk about how the if the effect what the effect is of free clinics on the community the provider the Christian provider and there's a distinct difference between those two and also the church and of course patience is what I want to finish with so free and charitable clinics are a critical part of the of the health care safety net system here in the United States and all are non profit in serving the uninsured or the under-insured or for free or for a nominal fee most free clinics are primary care based. But small portion provide services such as dental and OP OP though behavioral health is another. But in general free clinics range from small organizations staffed by volunteer physicians offering care once a month or from a church basement kind of like what we talked about with Dr Laredo's presentation. And then they extend all the way to large mall type practitioner facilities with substantial budgets. We of course have free clinics right. Amen free clinics and again this is just a such a small snippet of the ones that a man has done. I am sure there are dozens more that I haven't placed up to how many have we done so far been. Twenty. So clearly they're not twenty up there but we you know every time we do another clinic it becomes a more well oiled machine also within our church. He has a familiar with your best pathway to health. We've done San Francisco San Antonio Spokane Los Angeles and Bakley. How many have been involved with these and will raise your hand soon in about one third of us. Again a very complicated. Complicated process of setting these clinics up making and to make them effective. It's no small no small feat. And so the downside I don't want to I wanted to put this right up front and get it out of the way it's not a it's a long and complicated list. Free Clinics are quick fix and you know there's expense limited budgets depth of the need is overwhelming any of you who have stood who've gone. You know early in the morning you seen the massive lines. You're almost discourteous you almost want to turn around and go back to your hotel room or wherever you came because the look the line is so a so massive finding care providers to volunteer chaos. There's always chaos especially in those first few hours of the clinic you wonder is this thing going to settle itself out. Am I actually going to actually see a patient this morning the long lines demanding providers Yes we are kind of persnickety about the stuff that we use the instruments the materials they're going to be his are going to be this is going to be three M. You know that he said Bond because I only use that you know I get that question and it's like man this show up and stop whining if you like it. Bring it from your office right. So lack of materials lack of privacy. You know those curtains for the ones who come for primary care services. They're not enough. You know and but it's what there is. There's certainly privacy from from the visual but not from the audio medical records is always a challenge. We talked about that a little bit earlier today and reasonable expectations both from the patient from the practitioner. Doing what I want versus what the patient wants right patient comes in he's got a big hole on this one I want that one. Now you know and and it looks a little more complicated than another one that has a hole in it but isn't bothering him you know and so he like I'm with. I think we should take this one out and. Had to deal with putting out a fire one time because that patient got to take it out there was more comfortable for the provider than the one that the patient actually wanted extracted so that guy was not a happy camper. Anyway putting out fires obviously and then on this side limited provision of services licensure local law professional competition which is almost nonexistent there ecstatic that you come into the community and take some of the burden off of the community by taking care of these peach these patients malpractise travel accommodations logistics media material and equipment. I T is always an issue. Constable support and then of course the venue and of course we talked about follow up on the importance of that. So why do this if this list is so long why do free clinics. You know you'd have to ask yourself that a fleshed out a little bit. What's the alternative to doing free clinics you know do we do nothing. You know there been times at pathway or one of our own clinics where I'm like why haven't we been doing this why is this just you know creeping up on us in the last five years that we recognize that this is an effective tool. Why now why haven't we been doing this for the last two decades. But certainly. There is an impact. And we're going to talk about first of all the effect of the the effect of free clinics on the community. Of course. There you know the the scientists are always going to say well let's look at you know some numbers numbers the importance in the challenge with numbers and longitudinal studies and how do you measure impact and we know that free clinics alleviate a decent portion of the access to care burden our current health care system and hospitals can speak very clearly to that but in general the effect is usually very brief especially the way we do it in our in our brief you know Amen Clinics and the long term effect here. Be very very limited in pathways San Antonio. For instance we were able to quantify that over twenty million dollars and consul procedures and studies were delivered in three days and I daresay that if we went back to very next week. We would have been able to deliver the same if not more in the same procedures and services. So one is tempted to ask what was the impact we cleaned and bandage the wound we restored the tooth then we packed up and left and who's there. The following week to do more of the same. So who's there to tally the impact who has the time and the resources other than of course Cleveland Clinic you know we didn't invent this stuff we did invent. Charitable clinics. You know free free clinics we didn't invent this. Unfortunately we we also don't have a perfected you know Cleveland Clinic who they have you know very deep pockets resources they have free clinics established in multiple sites multiple states Ohio Florida Nevada. And look at look at their budget like the community benefit is six hundred ninety two point eight million dollars and they're able because these these clinics are entrenched in those communities and they don't pack up and leave the next day they're entrenched in their able to get numbers they're able to see you to show you how they're funding is distributed. But we don't we don't have that. But outside these larger centers the major the majority of free clinics in the majority of the free clinics you'll be hard pressed to find long term statistics health indices by any of these entities right because the research in and of its own is super expensive. It demands its own funding. We have our own problems. Our faith based clinics such as a man and pathways often fall into the numbers trap and I want to talk a little bit. About the numbers track because that is important but it's not so important and we want to be able to count how many people are treated and how much money was distributed in services but. It's important but it's not what we're all about is that correct. How would the numbers game make us any different than humanitarian free clinics. I would like to think that the way the way we assess outcomes is completely different and unique you see we count souls for the kingdom. Which is extremely complicated. Because everyone has to be on board the provider lay volunteers pastors Bible workers everyone just like that composite you placed there has to be excellent retention for the good feeling. The good feelings from the clinic after the did feel feelings from the clinic have subsided that tooth you feel can yield a soul and that's a great outcome. But the local church has to provide the support and retention it just like your composite of that. So it's a team effort. That's how we measure our success index. But then again it's a very complicated process and a very long term process will talk a little bit more about how how this flash is out on your microscope. So I've often thought at one of our free clinics OK so I pull a tooth. How is this patient's life different now in the long run I'm sure many of you have thought the same thing. So if I get a patient to live longer. That's great. But for what you know as a church we know how to extend life don't we. I mean we're very proud of that National Geographic study and yeah Billy's own then you have the women right but for what. So the concept of face faith based free clinics. Well let's just say like I said weed. We don't own that weed we didn't invent that and we haven't been around as long as other face faith based organizations as I mentioned some faith based clinics are actually right in the community clinic or in the community church I'm sorry what. What is kind of a strong and it's this is a very strong and effective way of of making your church be recognized in that clinic and it's not a mystery about the source of intentions to impact the community. It serves we have done smaller clinics right in some of our churches of San Francisco Lakeport in a few others but we can also connect to the community to a church in. In there. The patients community the way we did it in Texas and Tennessee for instance so attendees to a free clinic held in a convention center a very large convention center or large venues that are not a church had to go to the church nearest to their residence to get lab results and study results which were obtained at the clinic. Often the first encounter with the church in their community was with the members that were volunteering at the big venue free clinic. I'm not going to say anything about networking. We all know the importance of this we all know the importance of reaching out connecting with people at these free clinics connecting with other providers staff patients. Nuff said. We're again we're talking about the impact of free clinics in the to the community. Now this word community as of late has become a huge catchphrase right. And often synonymous with church that drives me nuts is of the word church is somehow become a bad word or something right now what are we were a community of faith. Well today I'm going to use this word but in this context the etymology of the word community is what Tom in unity right. These days. The only times a community comes together in common unity is for some tragedy some political agenda or some block party. So where is the church. What about coming together for healing true healing How about that. How about coming together for the sake of making the entire community healthier and putting them to Hilo who can see who can heal through and through. Let's take a look at the effect that free clinics have on the provider. And there's an incredible blessing and those of you again who have participated. There's incredible blessing and feeling that comes with from giving services and time to people who couldn't otherwise afford it free clinics are perfect way to practice the pure art. Not for personal gain. Without the pressure of schedules insurances and material overhead just providing the best treat treatment available for each patient. We are a global church with a global view and a global reach. Right. And sometimes it's important for us. To make sure that we're seeing beyond our world when you're stuck in an eight to five routine. Day in day out same office same office smell you guys know what I'm talking about. You know the way your office smells you open that door and it's like having a like handle. The same scene over and over again. It becomes your world and your your world view you get through the day you hop in your Beemer. Or you know Toyota pickup truck. You turn on N.P.R. News. Get Depressed about what's going on in the world. And you wonder when are you coming back for us. Jesus then you go home. Free Clinics help us to remember why we went into. This profession. To take care of people and what I tell students you know I remember working at this clinic and this student comes in you know in his brand new key the top of the line thing there that beast with his little latte in his hand and I know this kid described doing it a year ago. And so you know he sits down you know and. And he's home in a tune I'm like Hey man. Do you come from money and he says no you know I said what your parents do they were very blue collar they're retired now and so I was like Do you have student loans and he has like I said how much you pay every month. He says I pay about seven hundred dollars. Was like what your what your balance say is like what are you trying to do. I was like I'm trying to give you a reality check. So he you know punches up is a cow on the computer and he turns computer on four hundred fifty eight thousand dollars. That's twice as much. It's more than twice what it was when I graduate and probably mark what I grout what I graduated with was a lot more than what some of you had right. But you think about I hope you didn't go into this profession for the money. I mean those golden years are gone the golden dental years of the seventy's eighty's in the early ninety's. Well you'd be hard pressed to find him unless you're willing to go to Main Street USA you know and where nobody else wants to go then you'll do. Maybe OK because you're the only shop in town right now but all of those concerns are kind of thrown out the window when you're dealing with a free clinic. Because they help us to go beyond the margins of our little world. And take care of people distant from that world. Here in the US even those that are under insured or uninsured have access to some care and I'm I we're blessed to have in this country county hospitals where. Even the most indigent can go and get some some sort of rudimentary rudimentary care. But when it comes to elective dental care. We find that the amount of patients without any access grows exponentially. Free Clinics allow us somewhere to go and bridge that gap giving someone something they couldn't afford otherwise creates a beautiful wedge that we can easily use to point others to Christ for me free clinics take away that awkward ness of interactions with the in the gent that an easy feeling that you get when you just want to pump your gas but you see in your periphery someone is coming at you. And you know what's coming because you're not dealing with a free clinic you know dealing with funds you know dealing with money or dealing with services and and this is the time and time again proven to be a perfect wage. By all that she says by all that has given us an advantage over another be it. Education refinement nobility of character Christian training religious experience. We are in debt to those less favorite and so far as lies in our power. We are to minister to them if we are strong. We are to stay up the hands of the weak. Isn't that beautiful. Again we're talking about. The benefits of free clinics to the provider. What about this you know free clinics provide. Their perfect opportunity for us to you as care providers to show how to make your faith take action. The ancillary personnel who surround you every day who may or may not be Christian. May know that you're a Christian but have never seen what that really means in your daily living because we're not all perfect about bringing up spiritual things with every single in our patients. Mind you again. I still believe that in dentistry. We have this unique problem. This unique. OK maybe it's not a problem. It's just not as fluid to bring. Spiritual topics in a dental office as it is in a medical office say because nobody ever thinks they're going to die in a dental office but people who go to the physician the doctor the M.D. there's always that risk that you're going over there because some lump grew in your body right. And so you're going to be open to some prayer and a dental office are going to kind of prep you like hey let's have a would appear before we start they can say why do you know what you're doing. Why do we need to we need prayer for this. So you've got to kind of swim against that stigma right. So freaked preclinical how that platform a place where you can. Where where you are your staff can see you pray with patients you can give them literature you can talk very casually about spiritual things. This can also be a wedge to talk about spiritual things with your staff. Right or implement devotions in your practice and you know what your staff loves us. I brought my my assistance they're free clinics and they love them. They even love them more when you pay them to go with you right now but you can teach them a thing or two about about sacrifice. Maybe I shouldn't pay you and you should still come right. And that has happened to you and they are happy to do it you know they've had they had a great experience at least that was my experience with my assistance but not like I said not paying them also gives them a little more depth on this issue of sacrifice and being satisfied with where they are and understanding that there's always someone who has it worse than they do. Free Clinics are also an excellent place to learn what your colleagues are using such as instruments and techniques I've been to a free clinic. I haven't been to a free clinic yet that has a Cone Beam So I kind of put that up there just for giggles right. We can dream right. But I was impressed to see that pathway L.A. had to panoramic radiograph machines there that were donated by Patterson. I believe for the day. So we're getting close. And I've learned. I've learned at these free clinics things a simple as a compound topical anesthetic for more pleasant local anesthetic administration now. Yeah I am an oral surgeon and I start straying away from the simple things. The little things that patients appreciate like topical because it's topical makes ya Goober e in salivate too much and stuff so I start moving away from topical and just saying I'm just going to just bare with me here it's going to hurt but you'll feel the thing after a while. Well I learned this this one of one of the doctors there the dentist said one of the Spokane I believe it was he showed me this little compound that he put together that he ordered his pharmacy to put together and he says it's like it's like Ben's a cane and light it came in one of the cane and you know it's like you could probably extract a tooth with that thing just with the topical because it was that potent they don't feel anything. You know it's that penetrated. Anyway I learned that at a at a free clinic. So it's a great place to learn and about in tried different different materials your your colleagues may be using you may even take some of those back with you to product private practice. Now let's look at the effect free clinics have on the Christian provider. Notice what I want to White says in ministry of healing. One hundred five point five says many feel that it would be a great privilege to visit the scenes of Christ's life on earth to walk where he tried to look upon the lake beside which he loved to teach and the hills and the valleys on which his eyes so often rested. But we need not go to Nazareth to Capernaum or Bethany in order to walk in the steps of Jesus. We shall find his footprints beyond this beside the sick bed in the hobbles of poverty. In the crowded alleys of the great cities in every place where there are human hearts indeed of consolation. It's funny I got this this imagery here ready to serve it's a pretty interesting write you had a kid hanging on to a board and you know a journalist says. So that there Mormon nod. You know there's something about the Mormons I think I write you know a service is a big part of their calling and so this is a Mormon journal but I thought it was a very neat image. Anyway. Don't forget that you are the hands of Jesus. We work with our hands. So that's that's even more important for us. She says in the ministry of healing one of six point three through his human agency he desires to be a comforter such as the world knows not. You know sometimes as as dentists we are the boss in our offices right. And when we say jump they say how high and we need to remember that that we need to be at the beck and call of God right free clinics help us to remember that we are but servants. At his call. Right. Now because our clinics our faith base and this is a very important one because it's really easy to go to a free clinic and be humanitarian and there's nothing wrong with that but like I said everyone's doing that we didn't invent it. People do it all the time because our clinics are faith based we can about actually be spiritual in our care. We are still respectful of other faiths but we also are not apologetic about manifesting a love of Christ right. And the difference. Again I've been to some free clinics that are you know faith based there are other denominations and sometimes our very own and we are humanitarians in those clinics and it's I think it's in the basement of the church. You know and it just does it stand to stand a reason why we. We are not spiritual with these patients when they come into a spiritual place for the care right. Two things you don't talk about at work religion and politics right. But I bet most of us have been struggling the last couple weeks and talk about one of those right. Yeah recently it's been really easy to talk about about politics is as easy as as it is to talk about the weather. And while some of you may have no problem bringing up spiritual themes at work most of us do some of us just can't. I may be an associate I may be an employee the practice might not be mine. Whatever the reason or excuse there may be many details that surround that but at a free clinic there is no hesitation for me to pray to bring up spiritual issues topics with patients. Many of these patients expect it. They expect it and they appreciate it. If free clinic may be a way to bring your vocation directly into support of the church in that particular community. It may not be your church but you are helping to bring recognition to a church in that community and you helping it become a beacon of light. There will be a VERY SOON AND day when the Seventh Day Adventists are Seventh Day Adventists faith is brought to the forefront. Our fundamental beliefs will be publicly publicly scrutinized. Especially in the media and we all know how powerful the media can be right. Especially in light of this election season but at that time. Listen to what I'm about to say when our faith is being there rioted and mocked a patient who you may have treated at one of our free clinics will likely have some recollection of a loving dentist that provided very generous treatment and sincere prayer at one of our clinics orchard. Clinics. And they might think you know but I've been as have only done me good and shown me live. And show me your Christianity. Christianity is all about. Patient for all you know is a pretty Adventist. Whom you may or may not hear surprise find in heaven and a star on your crown. Who knows you could be that dentist. So we can see the value in identifying ourselves now and we don't need to be quiet about it. We go through throughout the day saying open your mouth to patients what about us and we open our mouths. After the woman of Capernaum had healed had been healed by the touch of faith. She is desired her to acknowledge the blessing she had received notice the gifts which the gospel offers are not to be secured by stealth or enjoyed in secret. E.R. my witnesses says the Lord has a a forty three to hand. As a provider free clinics help me to understand Grace. Listen providing a patient with the best of care who didn't earn it can't pay for it and likely doesn't understand or fully appreciate all the sacrifice involved in and in obtaining it does that sound familiar to you. Heal the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out the devils freely you have received freely give Can a free clinic help me as a Christian provider understand unmerited favor in a deeper way I think so. Free Clinics help us to flex the right. Our medical missionary work is the right hand of the Gospel testimonies volume seven page fifty nine. Thus again by doing medical medical missionary work thus you will. Gain access we've heard these before we love to quote him here at the Amen. That's you will gain access to the hearts of the people on the way will be prepared for a more decided proclamation of the truth Welfare Ministry page fifty seven fifty eight. Now you might you might not in your mind feel like you are directly connected to someone who came into the church because of your contribution at a free clinic. Let me tell you something. Free Clinics work in the they bring people into a saving knowledge of of of the Gospel and I'm going to show you a few examples here. I want to talk a little bit about the effect of free clinics on the church. How many churches in your very own community have been absolutely have made absolutely no impression on the I mean I remember when we first moved to Ohio for five. I don't care. China blanked out of my memory. You know but we were in Ohio believe it or not and I remember there was a church on every block a different church different church different church different church which a lark which largely remained silent through our entire three years that we were there. I'd never saw any activity in the parking lot. Never you know never anything outside of church. Never an invitation from any one of them to add to go and to attend anything. So they've made absolutely no impression on the community for or for the benefit of the welfare of that community. Of that community and a free clinic obviously can do that and this is my. My shameless plug. You know clinic with a box of something that a man offers and yes it is a sacrifice. It is a financial investment but a yields souls let me tell you or. If you have any questions just ask then if you want to take one of these clinics here. Your own church just ask even how it can help how you can how you can you know figure out number. There's things like that it works it works and it plugs everyone in the system and listen this is this is a clinic that happened in our didn't you talk. I believe it happened in February this year that USA. This was the contact the initial contact for the patients the patients were invited to a series of Vangelis six meetings. At the time at the end of that if Vangelis tick series eighty people asked for baptism. Of the eighty fifty were ready. And other fifty twenty came into this church because the first contact they had was because of this name and Clinic. It works has a beautiful picture that congregation now. And that beautiful. Everyone is plugged in. It works if you plug in the Pastor it's a good place to heal the rift between the doctor in the pastor that happened in our church long ago if you don't know the history. It's something good to look up. But it's never been the same since it's a good opportunity a good place to do that. There's good synergy between the practitioner in the Pastor. If you can just plug them in and have the same vision. It works. God often reaches hearts through the efforts to relieve physical suffering. Met a Ministry of Health one hundred forty four point two and one hundred forty four point three she says in the ministry of the word I.E. the pastor and the medical missionary work the gospel is to be preached in practice this is this is what this is how you do it. You're not isolated not one is an island. Both are to work together and it works. The Savior has given his precious life in order to establish a church people a church is people it's not a building capable of ministering to the suffering the sorrowful and tempted at tump N E A believer. A company of believers maybe poor and educated and unknown yet in crisis. They may do a work Listen this is this is perfect because when you start talking about a health care and things like that there are people in your church to say I'm not a health person I'm an accountant or I'm retired I don't I don't know how to do anything you know. This is exactly what she's addressing here yet in Christ. They may do a work in the home in the community and even in the regions beyond whose results shall be as far reaching as eternity. Every true disciple is born into the kingdom as of God as a way. As a missionary. I remember one time I quoted Ellen away and I said you know Ellen White One said that you're born either a missionary or a mission field and I was quickly corrected and said you know she didn't say that. I was like well it sounds like something she would have said but. So as as a church we are pretty strong in holding health at health fairs health Expos right. Just Google the word health expos and you'll find all kinds of fliers and many of them are identified with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. And these health Expos church members are able to flex their medical missionary muscles. Even if they are not in the medical field or in the health field. So all me find something to do she says only find something to his followers are not to feel themselves detached from the perishing world around them they are part of a great web of humanity and Heaven looks upon them as brothers to sinners and as well as well as to saints every member is a missionary nonmedical. Non dental church members can still be missionaries free clinics are good place to learn and teach simple remedies and lifestyles we've seen that there's no excuse Who was I talking to the other day came into the church. Because of a massage that she got. Got a massage made a contact got the bible studies came into the church a massage and trust me if you're like me I say I'm a skeptic about everything I question everything. I'm walking into our free clinics and I'm looking at the massage sex and I'm like really really really I'm a beaut. It works it's a contact. It's a good place for church members to mature in their walk with Christ because all of a sudden your faith takes on action takes on a new active phase there's room for I.T. logistics hospital volunteers food preparation delivery organizational we need all of that. And here's another thing that's kind of important in our church too. It's a good place for conservatives and for liberals I don't hear any arguments about that stuff when we are working in a free clinic because everyone usually finds common ground at a free clinic like nobody's arguing about the Great Commission. Nobody's saying well that's not really for us and no where in there. We're in the trenches you're seeing results you're seeing people happy. It's a beautiful thing all across the aisle. All right. Finally I'm going to finish. Well actually I'm running right on time so praise the Lord. Effect on patients this is my last section. So when I was doing my study for this for this presentation. Like I said it's really hard to find numbers. It is really hard to find numbers because even though these are the free clinics that are well established like the Cleveland Clinic. And believe me there are so many clinics. Again this is right here. There are one thousand seven hundred free clinics operating in forty nine states and in the District of Columbia together these. Clinics provide care for approximately two million people the annual budget two hundred eighty seven thousand. It's approximately one hundred fifty thousand to two hundred free men clinics yearly So thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing a little bit more of that over the weekend a men. Free Clinics also do not receive financial support or technical assistance from federal from the federal government. Bear with me here. There's a point I'm talking about access of care and how free clinics a fact the patient. According to Kathleen Sebelius secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services there will be a huge gap between what these people can afford and what's available to them again we're talking we're going to be talking a little bit about Obamacare and how it relates to access to care as a result free clinics in the states that do not expand Medicaid will remain as needed and relevant as ever. Millions of people who are currently uninsured will remain so not only in two thousand and fourteen but for years to come millions more will move from uninsured to under insured status and then that last Exorcist thirty one thirty one million people will be uninsured in ten years from now when the A C. A The Obamacare is in full effect. Given that the existing network free clinic serves only two million people there will clearly be a continued role for these organizations and more demand from uninsured from uninsured patients than can be met by them. So we all know that you know when you talk about people who ask you. So how is Obamacare affected dentistry. Well adults in the United States are not required to obtain dental coverage and so we still know again and again in the current language of the A C. don't cover it is only required for children and even that has several pages worth of of. Of interesting information to read the most free clinics clinic attendees those of you have been to our free clinics. You know that the majority of attendees are adults right. Again there's another slide to talks a little bit about the details of Obamacare and there's many pages and I got almost fell asleep a couple times reading that but dental coverage what you should know is that dental coverage at the bottom. Works best for routine care and it's uncommon to find any insurance that covers major dental work past a certain dollar amount. So it really hasn't affected. Our profession but it hasn't made access to care for the patient any better. Those who are forced into you know forced coerced. No maybe just encouraged to get their their policies expanded or a policy at all through Obamacare. And of course those of us who deal with Medicaid this varies from state to state. There you know I know that in the East Coast Medicaid covers a lot better than it does in California we are a hot mess a disaster here with with any Cal. If you want to make ends meet but just talking about that and most wonderful government plans not all patients qualify. Most of these plans are covering less and less procedures each year at least here in California it's hard to find providers that accept these especially specialist specialists don't take any Medicaid or is not here in California. Very few. And again reimbursement is pennies on the dollar. Policyholders again. You also know that policyholders who have my insurances Medicaid. You know you're going to find that if you're in a Medicaid office or medical office. Denecke ALLAFI should I say no medic how you're going to find that if you are in a dentist office. You have. Bubbly a fifty percent show of patients because for some reason there's a compliance issue. If I don't really pay for it. There's little ownership that I have over my treatment and my responsibility to be at the appointment. So. Again we're talking about the effect of free clinics that free clinics have on patients they know that the dental care in a broad sense does not take priority over at their medical care. And that in most instances they perceive dental care is novelty or privileged care. So we are not surprised when we get this exaggerated show of appreciation. When they receive this care at one of our free clinics. We all know the benefits of a thankful spirit and the importance of giving thanks. And granted we don't always get a pat on the back from patients had a free clinic. But the ones who show appreciation really do it up don't they. Of course we know that these demonstrations of appreciation are beneficial for us as a profession. We have kind of a reputation for a dark cloud over our heads and you know some of these demonstrations of appreciation carries through very dark moments right. Many patients are fully aware of the dental dental costs and dental care and the cost of dental care and many show gratitude proportionally as well. Often in tears of joy. The benefit here is twofold. This is a patient. I don't know if you remember him. David that I. He was this Ross to far guy. That I met in Chattanooga. At the free clinic there that that a man did but you know interestingly enough RAM tag team with you guys right. RAM is a humanitarian free clinic that is stands for Remote Area Medical right. And they have been doing it for such a long time they are such a well oiled machine. It is very high falutin I mean very high. There you know they have badges that they print out they have badges for the patients with their name medical record number and all I mean it's very very high and they tag team with us. They loved a man they were like anytime you need our services you let us know will will come with you. They have a huge Simm semi truck. It's very very like I said it's a well oiled machine well funded. Anyway this is a guy that showed up at that clinic and he was probably late twenty's and all of these teeth down here were black and approximately just really big black spots black spots black spots and he was like I want all my teeth out. And it was just his interior teeth that were like that his I don't care. I don't want to I just want to fall out. I don't want to deal with this anymore. And I said come on. I mean sit down. Let's talk you know and I said What if I What if I could could take care of this problem here. I mean this one was really bad number ten was really bad everything else was like What if I could tell you that I could take care of those black spots you don't have to lose any teeth. And we could take out number ten. And I can get you something to fill in the space right here at this clinic because that was one of the most sophisticated free clinics I've ever been and they had a lab right there on the spot. You can get a set of dentures right there on the spot had see wrecked machines. I mean it was very impressive the Chattanooga clinic was so he says sure. So we we sent him over to refer him to a dentist a couple chairs down. He does all the composites I take out number ten. He gets an impression he has a flipper made. Here's a clip. This guy followed me around the rest of the clinic day. He was he just couldn't believe it. Look who are you guys you know it's this is so impressive I mean he was so appreciative he could not believe that he didn't I had to get all his teeth taken out and he could look like this. He just kept on. Going around with a mirror in his hand looking at his is so happy. These patients experience at a free clinic that someone cares for them accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer and the power of the love of God This work again talking about there is a need of coming close to the people with her personal effort more time are spent it personal ministry greater results would be seen the poor to be relieved the sick or to be cared for the dishonoring in the bereaved comforted and the ignorant instructed the inexperience counseled where do we put those that we have to rejoice with those that rejoice. You know she says that this type of work will not cannot be without fruit and that is true. We've seen it. These patients feel at a free clinic that they have value that they have self worth one soul she says is of infinite value and gospel workers one eighty four point three many people come to a free clinic battle with self-worth and self esteem. Receiving this treatment this very exclusive dental treatment expensive treatment often comes with a shot in the arm and that shot in the arm is a shot of self-esteem. And added value we can also see how the boost of self esteem doesn't just stay with the patient but makes its way it has a ripple effect and makes its way peripherally. Nothing will open doors for truth like evangelise evangelistic medical missionary work. She says in medical and ministry of healing one hundred forty one forty five point one many have no faith in God and have lost confidence in man but they appreciate acts of sympathy and helpfulness as they see one with no inducement inducement a very early praise or compensation come into their homes ministering to the sake of feeding the hungry clothing the naked comforting the sad. In tenderly pointing all to him of whose love and pity a human worker is but the messenger as they see this their hearts are touched gratitude springs out. Faith is kindled they see that God cares for them and they are prepared to listen as his word is open and. I'm going to take a couple minutes here to share a story of a girl and again free clinics work. This is a story of a girl who came for a dermatological reason. So it's not ours. But it's still talking about. About free clinics so the next four minutes I'm going to talk about I'm almost done here. Bear with me some of you have a really hungry look on your faith. I can't seem to bring it up now. I'll bring it up at the end it's a great story. This girl came in she had a massive birthmark very exit phytic sticking out very embarrassing she came to path. Your best pathway to health away and met actually Dr a production of it you sitting in here is a derm dermatologist and through his being able to treat her there. This girl has come in to at least our community. She's from San Bernardino So she's come into Advent hope our Sabbath school there. She comes to Bible studies it's a work in progress. It's not over. It's still but she she loves to come and come to Bible studies and you know again a very interesting character. But again very very beautiful story about how free clinics give us that and that opening wage. So we're wrapping up here in a free clinic we are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live point them to the one who can heal both physical and spiritual disease medical minister. Of healing it was with the same medical ministry of healing one hundred forty four point one. In a free clinic and in all your work. Remember that you are bound up with Christ a part of the great plan of redemption. She also says give to the world so pure and righteous a representation of him that men shall behold Him in His beauty. So Christ stands. Before us as a pattern man the great medical missionary an example for all who should come after welfare ministry page fifty three Christ was a servant. He is my master. Making me his servant. He himself said in John thirteen sixteen The servant is not greater than his master. He served and how can I not. I believe in the validity and the effectiveness of Free Clinics. They're not perfect. But they reflect positively on our church they disseminate biblical truth and they bring souls to the foot of the cross and and to he alone who can save to the uttermost and heal. That's my presentation. I'm going to try to get. The video up here. If I can do that. Please forgive me but it was a nice little snippet it's a beautiful story let me see if I can do it doesn't care. Lena came to us. I think I don't know if she was referred by now this is a sin or she came to the door asking for dermatology we are actually having laser services on this pathway to help this is great. So she was there I was assured that there's hope for her to really get anything done. But I don't see many patients he's done a lot of take time to remove all along the way he's seen a lot of skin problem too many years still felt like hey there's some something that could happen with this case. So I thought. I can maybe handle some of it but most of it needed to be surgically treated so I refer back to Germany or passive surgery she had very very thick lesions that were kind of sticking out and it's basically what we call epidermal Eavis is kind of like a congenital mall. A birthmark But there's they come in different shapes sizes colors and hers pretty much encompass the back of her neck the front and kind of down her child's since I was born I had it when I was born my months I was devastated. She couldn't find a way to take it off you know I heard this on the radio that they were having the come bench and they were it was just the fact that you could do something about it. Try to take it off you know that's what brought me here and we just had to step by step. You know slowly just kind of remove each and every one of one so if you get really down to the base of it and then in conjunction with the laser and other modalities we can be able to kind of clear it almost on a person. I mean she she told me by coincidence she turn on the radio. She heard about it this morning she got to work her boss wasn't even there I can never say no to that woman like I can never tell you know what I'm just not going to come you know never give her an excuse. She wasn't there. Jose can make up that makes it easier. You know like I'm just going to go. She called off and like checked in for ten minutes checked out and drove all the way from San Bernardino which is around the Melinda area to here in traffic to make here to see what can be done and that's after you know twenty plus years coming. I never thought like this morning when I put on my shoes. I was going to come and you know like my life. If so can please me when three sixty's like it's overwhelming. You know like where other people take for granted. You know it's like I'm going to have a now I have a new life. I just I'm really grateful. How everything just fell in order. It's just the to see the impact it had on her motioning for whole long I mean it's all coming out right now everybody told me you know you don't have hope. Like we can help the baby with money right off the bat. They're like yes. Here let's do this. I just feel like these people are beyond angels or really really to be able to offer the services to be able to in Additionally pray with the patients and you know what would better work there is no good enough. Oh that's OK I'll be going home to new life and have a new life and my smiles community figure now you think I just picked myself up to my wedding tries to be able to help me to do Main Street. Being able to go to the beach to study the crew to see you know just being able it's a new freedom for him was to raise me on everything they just think that it's something I'm very very happy. I feel like a person. So. Yeah I wasn't thinking. The concept is still the same. And we are a team. So my my charge to you. Is first of all to support free clinics. Even if you have to travel across the country go. Go support because you are supporting something going on there. It's all part of the same effort. You know we are one church we are we're one effort. We're one team and so I'd charge you to do that and if you want to take that next step. I charge you to take on that challenge in your church doing a clinic for your community your church and let your church be known right there in that community when he say. Men. Let's pray. Oh I'm going to let you go ahead and wrap it up. David. OK All right let's pray. Father in heaven. I thank you so much for the opportunity to share with my colleagues here. Just a snippet of a small probably piece of puzzle in the process of spreading this gospel through that to the world. We thank you for the idea that of course we didn't come up with Lord but we're certainly taking in using to further your this and time message and we just want to ask courage. We asked for motivation. We asked for each person here to look outside themselves and outside their practice and Lord there's not too much that we can give I think you gave it all for us and I think we can do the same for you and I pray that that he would bless not just free clinics but all the evangelist evangelism that's going on in our church all the work that can be done that we need to do. I pray for motivation for our church members and I pray that we wrap this up soon. Lord that you can come home and that some day we may. Might be under the tree of life talking about him and clinics and how they impacted our lives. I ask the cheapest seats freeform and it does and I think you're going to be assured these things are great just this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. 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