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Strategic Mentoring in Radical Times

Mark Finley John Torquato


Strategic partnerships of pastor and physician teams are needed to help carry the health message in these last days of earth’s history. If a pastor or physician cannot  find a team member ready to join them they can begin to work through mentoring.


1. Demonstrate the need for mentoring of pastor/physician teams, as well as students in ministry and the health fields.

2. Identify examples of quality teams and discuss the importance of team members being like-minded.

3. Discuss how to begin implementing these principles.
4. Inspire and call the attendees to invest in mentoring relationships. 


  • October 28, 2016
    3:15 PM
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Dear Father in heaven. We are so grateful that you have given us each other. Lord we cannot be by ourselves. Lord this world is not meant for man to be alone either without his his spouse or the other of his life and we are not singular Lord without our partners in ministry either. So we pray that you give us the humility and give us the wisdom to partnership as you have chosen us to. And then Lord pour out your blessing on that partnership. I want to ask your watch here over these words today in this time we have in your name we pray Ammon. Pastor Mark Finlay please share with us a little bit. As we start. When you look at the New Testament one of the great. Gospel medical missionary tames was the apostle Paul and Luke. Let me give you a background that you may not be fully aware of as the Apostle Paul came across Asia Minor and came up into the air we now know as Turkey the Bible says that the Holy Spirit for bade him to go up into Messina the Holy Spirit forbade him to go into Central Asia Minor and Paul must have been totally confused he wondered what God was going to lead him to do. He came to troll as it was there that the Lord. Had a special call for him a call from Macedonia in Greece to come over and help us and Paul sailed to Macedonia came to what we now know as US Orca Vala in biblical times and there the Apostle Paul put his eyes on Philip Hi Philip I was a city at that time probably thirty or forty thousand it was a very wealthy city was at the. Into the Roman Empire at the end of the ignition way. And the apostle Paul began to work there. The Bible says in the book of Acts sixteen seventeen that he surveyed the situation as any good medical missionary does. And as he surveyed that situation he discovered some interesting things first that there was a woman and a group their little Sabbath keeping group out by a small stream he went out on Sabbath and led her to Jesus and baptized a group there and would eventually start a church in her home in addition to that he was on his way through the city and there was a demon possessed girl that was giving him advertising that he didn't need. And she was walking through the city screaming out these men are of the most high God These men are the most high God does some advertising that you don't want some advertising you don't need in this demon possessed woman certainly was shouting screaming and Paul eventually delivered her and she was converted. He was put in prison. But in prison he was praising God and when you praise God in difficulty that releases the opportunity for God to work a miracle and the Philippian jailer was baptized here the first three converts and Philip a very wealthy woman by the name of Lydia a very poor slave girl and a middle class Roman from the prison. The Gospel reaches all humanity. But because of Poles preaching there was a conflict there. And Paul had to leave home most immediately what you may not be aware of is that Luke Dr Luke was part of his medical missionary team. And when Paul left. Philip Hi Luke stayed in through Luke's medical missionary work and the mentorship that Paul had given Luke Luke watched Paul preach Luke was there when Paul gave a Bible study to Lydia Luke observed what was happening. And Luke spent time in that city mentored by the Apostle Paul as a Godly Christian physician and built the work of God in a Philip high based on a medical missionary model. Now you can read this story in the book X. the Apostles bio and white. It's an amazing story how Paul and Luke work together as a Gospel Mission medical missionary team we find that embedded there in Scripture as time went on throughout the centuries God often used medical missionaries to work together. Let's forward. Fast forward over a thousand years from the time of Paul up until the thirteen fourteen hundreds to the time of the world in Z. and you may or may not be aware of that the wall dense eons taught their children math they taught them science they taught them the Bible but they also taught them simple remedies and the world ends eons. Youth were well equipped in knowing how to treat disease they were true Gospel medical missionaries and made an impact dramatic impact when God raised up the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He raised up the advantage for Rich to proclaim the fullness of the message of Christ. Matthew Chapter nine verse thirty five to thirty eight says that Jesus went through the cities and villages preaching the Gospel teaching and healing Seventh Day Adventists were brought up on this model. It was a model eventually of Health Ministry to the masses and it was a model of physical mental spiritual healing over the Adventists in the eighteen sixty's developed an understanding of that Dennis had message and that continued to develop through the eight hundred sixty S. on to the eight hundred seventy S. and so forth. It wasn't until one thousand nine hundred ten twenty eight one thousand and ten that Ellen White focused her attention she was getting. Older now and she was five years actually from the time that she would die and she was much older now and she focused her attention on working the cities and one night God gave her a dream she wrote that dream out of the February twenty seventh one thousand and ten and she wrote a letter to conference presidents eventually. Initially it was a cause a confidential letter but then it was of course published after that and in her letter to these conference President she said I saw that there should be and I'm quoting her now a decided change in past methods of working. A decided change and then she said there should be teams of workers that were working in the cities and she describes those teams a Cole Porter as and and. Literature Vangelis and nurses and doctors and and pastors young people working together to approach the cities so the vision that God gave to Ellen White on the distinct change and you have to understand the context of this vision in the context of that vision was that in America at that time there was a strong evangelistic movement among non Adventist evangelicals and they would come into a city and hold meetings for three days four days preach on Christ invite people to come forward. Ellen White said Seventh Day Adventists had a different mission that we had a holistic mission physical mental spiritual mission that we would together. Look at the holistic approach to life and it would be life transformational that seventh they have a survey and she was and should make an impact on communities that would that would change the quality of life in that community and change the spiritual direction of the community. At that particular time after that vision February twenty seventh one thousand and ten. There was a student at Loma Linda University at the time was actually the college medical Vangelis his name was John Tyndall and I will tell you about my relationship with Tendo but I need to give you a little bit of. Mystery of Tendou before I do that I had the joy my wife and I had the joy of spending many many hours with Elder John Tyndall before his death. When we were at Wildwood medical missionary Institute we became good friends. We talked together about his life in his ministry he was in his eighty's at the time and I was young in my late twenty's and you talk about mentorship he had a tremendous influence on my life but let me take a little bit about what happened. John Tindall had gone to Loma Linda to take the medical of Angela's and chorus after he was converted he had a lot of background his mind was sharp and day he was out one day assessing in the goldfields of California because that was the gold rush and Tindall was an unbeliever he was an atheist back or I would say a direct atheist but he certainly not a believer at all. More of an agnostic than an atheist and as Tindall was they are he heard a miner because in those days you don't have television we're not one hundred ten. We're not in the forty's or fifty's yet so Tyndall heard one of these miners reading a copy of desire of ages out loud often in those days at night they would sit around the campfire and they would read it. So this miner was reading in a cabin. And Tindall heard him reading desire of ages out loud when he heard him reading that section on Calvary. He wandered out among the sage brush and knelt down and gave his heart to the Lord. And it and the desire of ages section on Calvary just broke his heart changed his life. So he decided to go to Lou Melinda to take the medical evangelism course it was that at that time that Ellen White had the vision and so eventually. Roderick Cohen who is a Bible teacher at Loma Linda and the elder Burton who was the business manager came to John Tinto and they said Ellen White has had this vision we need a student of your caliber your little older to develop a gospel medical missionary team and go out here in California and Demi. Straight the vision. So John Tyndall was the one that was to demonstrate that this. He went to San Bernardino at that time his wife was not a Seventh Day Adventist and they would hold meetings for about six months and Tindall strategy in those days was this he would have usually a gospel meeting on a Sunday night he'd preach on a doctrine on a Tuesday night he'd have a Bible class and on a Thursday night or another night of the week have a health class and so usually three nights a week they would have meetings and they would do this for six months and older tend to would go to the police department in the lecture he would go to the fire department and lecture hit a lecture often on nutrition and delinquency it was one of his favorite lectures that he would give nutrition interlink would see it. Talk about vitamin B. and firemen in the diet and how that stabilize the nervous system and so forth. I'll tell you about some of his evangelist meetings he went to Tulsa Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. Billy Graham Billy Sunday was in Tulsa and the headlines the paper said this. Sunday Mr They talked about Mr Sunday and Mr Saturday. Billy Sunday Mr Sunday and Tindall was Mr Saturday and they said Sunday gets the crowds but Tindall gets the converts tend John Tyndall seven to have his pastor baptized seventy seven people seven at a time and so he would use these gospel medical missionary meetings all across America Dallas Texas. We had very little work at the time. John Tyndall came and they were doing a cooking school in the night before the cooking school John Tyndall went to sleep and he had a dream and in that dream he was fishing and he in his dream he caught a big fish and his line was been way over his row reeling in this big fish. Well the next night he goes to the cooking school and a meat packer walks in three hundred pounds and John Tyndall says in his mind. That's the big fish that is the big fish God's going to give us that man and eventually that meat packer came his prejudice was broken down. He was. Baptized. Lost weight and donated ten thousand dollars in those days to build a new church in the in Dallas baptized one hundred eight hundred ten in Dallas at that time one of his more remarkable meetings was in Indianapolis Indiana he was there for six months to a year he had his school of evangelism there. He had Cole Porter's nurses they would train the church the genius of Elder Tindall's methods were they were following the spirit of prophecy. He would train church members to go out with his Cole Porter Soko Porter they would be physicians that worked with them they would be nurses that worked with them. They would motivate and train the Churchill to tender would preach. One night he was preaching was in a tent actually in Indianapolis and he looked out and he saw in the back row. A well dressed man that came in had no idea who he was the guy would come in just before a little preached and he would leave right after the sermon he would never stay around for music so elder Tendo began to inquire Oh who who is that man and he learned the man's name. And. He got acquainted with the man and the man said My name is so and so and I'm not telling you the name purposely you'll see why at the end of the story. So he said I began to talk to the man in the man said Look I am one of the deacons in the largest church in Indianapolis and you really Pastor didn't need to come and preach in my church. What kind of denomination it's a Baptist church but I know my preacher would love to have you at this point out a tent I had not preached on the Sabbath yet. And so I find that my evangelist meetings they come early and they tell me how much they love me and then I preach on the Sabbath they throw rotten tomatoes No I'm teasing you. So Elder Tyndall said I will only come to your church if your pastor gives me an invitation. The man said Well come to my office and my past will be there and he'll give you the invitation. So Elder Tendo walked into the this man's office and the. Pastor was there. And Elder Tindall and he began talking in the past at your seventh they have a starship not a tent city. Yes I mean that in as well I don't believe I'm under the old law and he said you folk are legal US I'm not under the old law and he just went on and on and on and embarrassed himself so vitriolic against him till now remember Tindall was a lawyer and he just smiled at the end of the conversation and he said May I read you a Bible text and I'll tell you why you're not under the old law Romans eight for seven the carnal heart is empty against God. Neither subject to the law of God can it be. And so the past the carnal heart is Committee against the law of God You see that's why I don't think you're going to go a little and a tinge to. This man the businessman apologized for the actions of his pastor he began attending church on Sabbath in order to made an appeal to him to keep the Sabbath and this man said Elder Tendo they were standing outside this man's furniture factory and trains were coming in with all to pick up the furniture. They were sending out this furniture all over America and this man looked at elder Tyndall and he said. I could never keep the Sabbath impossible to keep the Sabbath. Because if I ever kept it. I'd have to shut down my factory I have trains coming every day they remember Tindall's a lawyer he looks at the man he said to him I said one question what's more important your money or your soul when you figure that out. I'll come back and visit you again. He started walking across the parking lot and over to the home he said this man looked at him and he said Pastor my soul is more important come back. This individual is eventually baptized have any of you ever gone to southern administrators versity Southern administers What is the name of the men's dormitory at Southern admonition aversive. Tallish hall tallish was the man. And an Indianapolis. Elder Tendo baptized at a medical missionary meeting and tells donated scores amount of money to the southern Evans university to build the men's dormitory one day all to tell us describe elder Tyndall described the medical missionary work of Jesus and he described how incredible that medical missionary work of Jesus was sitting in the audience was touting his wife the house his wife had diamond earrings on in a diamond necklace on and you talk about funding God's work when you present to people the ministry of Jesus Christ God impresses people's hearts to fund it. I can tell you that from personal experience. We just built a four and a half million dollar health evangelistic training center. And we've paid off everything except about one hundred thousand and we have most of the money to pay that we have no mortgage no debt. No debt when you do God's work. God's way God takes care of the finances of it. So here sitting in that audience was Mrs Towne. And when Elder Tyndall described to the medical missionary work of Jesus. Mrs Tauscher took off her diamond earrings her diamond necklace drops them in the offering point drop them in the offering plate and that's how they financed a medical missionary clinic on the side of the church they had a medical missionary clinic on the side of the church in Indianapolis years and years ago they did health treatments there they have physician's office there. Why do I tell you this story this story has to do with mentoring mentoring this class is called mentoring I thank God for the people that mentored me early in my life. Early in my ministry. I worked with Pastor O.J. mills in Hartford Connecticut. Pastor Mills was a great medical evangelist he they had many five day plans to stop smoking many cooking schools. I knew little or nothing about health during those years but I jumped into the water. I remember talking with J. Wayne McFarlane anybody know that name. Jay Way McFarlane. He was the founder of the five day plan to stop smoking with elm and folk and Berg and I talked to Dr MacFarlane I said Dr I took theology. I didn't take any health courses. I don't I would be embarrassed to lecture on health. He said Mark hide behind the experts. Never make a wild statement just quote the experts and you'll be OK I jumped into health programs before I knew what I was doing and I will never forget the night that I was in warehouse point. Connecticut and we had one hundred fifty people in our five day plan to stop smoking and I was shaking in more nervous than anybody withdrawing from tobacco because that was my first night that I was to lecture on my own in a five day plan to stop smoking. I had no physician with me and so I had to play doctor McFarland's film and document Farland would have the film then he would introduce Elman Falkenberg and Falkenberg would give the lecture on the Minister's part so I said to the projectionist when Wayne MacFarlane is through turn off the projector because I'll walk on the stage and say that's what the doctor said and then I'll move into Elman Falkenberg's presentation I've memorized every line of it I can know I could give give it. The projectionist forgot to turn the projector off and to my horror I was standing behind the stage and now elder Falkenberg comes on and begins giving my lecture for the next five or ten minutes we got through that crisis nicely. I knew very little the first Stress Management Series I ever held was in Boston Massachusetts and I thought three or four people would come we had a beautiful brochure I had never held a stress management seminar and I knew. Very little about the anatomy and physiology about stress but I studied about it because I'll tell you why when you advertise you're going to hold stress management for business executives that motivates you to study. You jumping into the water and God teaches you how to swim. Now I wouldn't recommend that for most people but I printed a brochure. I came to Boston to the Holiday Inn I saw a twenty five people thirty people forty people with their attache cases in their briefcases business people I said where these people go and we're going to hear Mark Finley lecture on stress and I was stressed out. I would tell you. Through the years I've had wonderful mentors. And older males mentored me. As a pastor how to be actively involved in medical and Angeles and. Wayne MacFarlane encouraged me as a physician. Not only to give lectures on anatomy and Fiz on spiritual things but give lectures on anatomy and physiology and. We my wife and I began holding nutrition classes and she has held two hundred fifty cooking schools and served over twenty thousand people at our cooking schools now and prepared. Three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand food samples. We're right in now Monday nights I teach a Bible class now so I fly over the world but I always come back to our center on Monday night to teach a Bible class. We don't have a lot of people seventy people in our Bible class twenty five of them are not Adventist Tuesday night Steenie does a cooking school we do a health class we've done a magic is something we call imagine a healthy one hundred and we began to develop imagine a healthy one hundred we don't know what it was but we just did it you sometimes you just jump in. You do it you study you get your advertising out you you do the best you can and God blesses it in ways you can't understand. I would rather do something and have five committees tell me what I'm doing is won't work. You know you can have every committee to solve a problem in accomplishes very little I'm not so much for committees I. For getting stuff done. I want to do some I had a friend of mine he said I'm interested in relevance I said I'm interested in effectiveness and so you can talk about relevance but I'm going to talk about effectiveness what reaches people's hearts how does it change their life. We're doing a cooking school now we have how many are cooking school now to one hundred Soma. You serve one hundred eight she does about eight food samples a night so that means eight hundred food samples that night about forty fifty of those people are not Seventh Day Adventists many of them are coming to our Bible class. We don't do great causes this way. Now but we've been mentored by wonderful people. We've been mentored by people like O.J. Mills will be mentored by J. Wade McFarland went mentored by people like Elder W. D. for easy at Wildwood who really was a great blessing to us mentored by elder Tendo And I remember one of the last meetings that Elder tend to attended I preached his funeral sermon I held attendance Bible right now we and his Bible is so precious to us. You should see that Bible marked in all Spirit of Prophecy statements. I have many of his early journals is his the original copy of his curriculum for the San Francisco training school in one thousand nine hundred twenty one in two thousand and two I have all copies of these original documents I have his stereopticon glass slides out of Tindall's that. He of his teams in all the description of his teams and so it's been a great inspiration of the tremendous inspiration. One of the last meetings that Elder Tindall ever attended. Needed a coaching demonstration. I did and Dr Richard Hanson at the time did a health lecture I did a Bible lecture in order to walked up to me put his arms around my neck and his weapon he said you know Mark he said what I saw tonight is what the prophet told me to do he said you're young go and do it. So we've spent the last fifty years of our lives in gospel medical missionary and Angela's And we've seen God break down doors that you would not believe we've seen openings. We went to Poland I negotiated with the Polish government on doing health ministry programs I led a protest march through the streets of good Dion Sq against tobacco that a big rubber cigarette marched through. And walked up on some bridge and three cigarettes into the water. I was younger in those days a little more bold and we saw eighteen hundred people come to our meetings. They are and did cooking schools. We went to Moscow we brought one hundred professionals hundred health professionals with us to Moscow and did eighteen thousand blood samples in a period of two weeks and saw thousands of people and had I don't know how many people come to our meetings eighteen thousand or something and baptized the hundreds and hundreds of people started seven new churches all based on medical missionary and Angelus and when we went to hungry when these are all in the days of most of these are the days of communism Poland Hungary and Yugoslavia were not Russia but Poland Hungary and Yugoslavia were all in the days of communism in Hungary the headlines in the paper came out like this. Billy Graham was here for three days and he preached to us. MARK FINDLAY came with his medical team and it changed our community. They talked about physical health and mental health and spiritual health headlines in the area paper. We just came from China. We were there two weeks ago the Chinese government gave me a ten year visa to come and go as I please to China and I have to reapply for the visa the government allowed us to command to hold meetings we start at nine o'clock in the morning we have nine o'clock at night. This is three weeks ago and. Twenty started with a health lecture from nine to ten weeks they serve plant based diet to a day twelve hundred people we serve at noon and twelve hundred in the evening we serve eight hundred thousand meals in eight days so Tina gave a health lecture I would preach in the morning. The people would get fed they would stay in the afternoon. And go through seminars at night they would come back to another evangelistic meeting they stayed all day we saw hundreds of people come to Christ over two hundred were baptized at the end of that series it's amazing to see what God does through gospel medical missionary in the Angelas and we thank God for the physicians that we work with. Many people say how to pastors and physicians work together. I mean is there this division between them. I've never found a barrier in working with any physician at all. I found are seven they haven't as physicians it's Godly deeply spiritual people that long to participate in the ministry of Christ and so that's where our lives are at now our lives are absolutely a mercy in a center and that we want to teach the principles of gospel medical missionary evangelism. We have classes every other month. There is a major seminar coming up for O.C.I. they're on in November but we are working now with Southern admonish university to develop a master's degree program where twenty seven Hours are taught it Southern nine hours are taught at our facility. We have retreats we sponsor spiritual retreats there. We've had she Y.C. we've had hope. Chantel had our spiritual retreats we study the principles of gospel medical missionary evangelism. And we're totally dedicated at what we call our Living Hope center to the principles that God has given to this church through the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and so I want to thank you as physicians for your commitment your dedication your desire to make your practice something special for Jesus. Thank you. Pastor Finlay you know if he needs mentors. What about us. You know we are all physicians every one of us our health care providers of some kind. We may not have an M.D. we have a D.D.S. who might be somebody that has a master's or or a P.H.D. nurse or whatever it is we need mentorship like he did he had Tyndale. And and and what's a doctor frizzy and these great people you know MacFarlane what a wonderful opportunity and if he needed it. We don't need it any less. Now notice he's a pastor and he was getting mentorship from people that were in. Solved in health it cross the line. You don't need to just get somebody who's a physician to mentor you you look at pastors who will also mentor you. Because you need to know that as. As we are workers. We don't have the whole package. The medical ministry is not the gospel by itself the medical ministry is the void of the Gospel the medical ministry is not a Seventh Day Adventist endeavor. And so we need to have the gospel men toward to us in addition to that. We need to be mentors. There's a whole nother generation of young people that are younger than us and some of them older than us yet. And every person in here can have the opportunity to raise up a new generation of people that need to lead out because you know what one of these days you're going to be dead and gone. That's the Lord come first and if that is the case who is going to pick up the banner that the Lord has given us to share the message through the health ministries. If you are not around. If you have not passed it on to the next generation. You will have nothing to give to this world but you can leave a legacy if you will definitely set yourself aside to be mentors. Now what does it take to be a mentor. I mean sacrifice an interest in somebody else. It means taking yourself and setting yourself aside a little bit to to find an interest in somebody that really. They're not where they may be R.K. maybe they don't think they're worthy but you find worthiness in them and you take them aside and say How can I help you. Let me encourage you. And because of your position the blessing that you have you can give them strength that they would not have otherwise. And you can teach them the Gospel medical ministry and how the three of those message will not just change their habits but will change their character for. Are there for eternity. That is the point of the medical ministry work. It is not to change people's habits. It is to change their character for for eternity. I'm going to talk about really quick to a couple of. A couple of principles. I'm going to share one or two examples and then I want to open this up to questions and answers pastor from the I don't ask about this. Can I do some question answer because there might be some people who would like to ask Pastor Finley some questions about mentorship that could be helpful. So think about that are so the first question I want to I mean first a principle that I want to share with you is this idea. You know in developmental psychology they have this concept of. Parallel Play. Are you familiar with that. Young children when they grow up as they grow up they have various stages of their ability to interact and integrate with other people in their community of little children. And so one of the one of the things that will tell that you can tell that those children are growing up is they don't just play separately but they'll play parallel which means that if I've got a truck. You've got a truck and if I'm driving it down the sand you're driving down if I'm making a city you're making a city we will play together we won't work together in fact I might even use you as part of my track. But parallel play means that we're doing the same kind of thing. Separately. That is often the way medical ministry works between pastors and physicians. We will play parallel. But you know what in in developmental psychology there's a next step. It's the next higher step of development and that is cooperative play that is I have a truck and you have a car. I'll treat you. And let's let's play together. You drive in front for a while and I'll drive in front for a while and then let's go and make a little parking structure and they will make out and that's cooperative play and both the children are playing together at the same the same time with the same per. Doing the same thing cooperative play. That is that is a great goal for a medical missionary because we can work in cooperative play with our pastoral our pastoral counterparts. We can working in parallel play. You know if we need to and sometimes we have to there's no other way to do that people don't get the idea. Sometimes that we're not supposed to just be parallel but we're cooperative and so I want you to have that concept that you work together and that you you make yourself available to your pastoral counterpart Now how does this look what it looks like is this. You go to a church and you're going to do some program with your pastor. And the pastor says I what you want to do. And you say well you're the pastor. What would you like to do you want to shock them on it once or jaw to drop. Because now as health care providers you're giving them the opportunity to lead. And it's it's a wonderful thing when the leader leads. You know it's wonderful thing when when the when the pastor who is in charge of the souls of these people just like you are but there. Their job is to to do that first and foremost they don't have the benefit maybe of the medical ministry but you can fix that because you can give them education taking them under your shoulder under your arm and teaching the medical ministry that they can participate in both the natural remedies and maybe some scientific lectures that they can do that you can teach them. You know what value that would make. For you in their lives. You would be valuable in their lives. If you would simply teach them how to minister in ministry in medical ministry. So parallel versus cooperative play Think about it when you interact with your pastoral counterparts. The next principle I want to share with you. Was this. Sometimes we think that we can just punch the same clock. As long as we're still just working in the same building. Then we're doing the medical ministry. But my experience is this if you really want medical ministry to take off. You need to be social with your counterparts in ministry. You need to be happy just to be there together to share a meal to demonstrate a personal interest to show that you care about the individual and when they're having needs to be met that you can meet you need to meet those needs because you are friends because friendship is the string where medical ministry picks up. It's when things start to happen that are really wild. There's a scriptural example of this you'll see it in David David said to his mighty men one day wistfully. Oh that I might have some water from the wells of Bethlehem. That's all I did he just said all that I might have some water from the wells about him and his mighty men. Risked their lives to break through the enemy's lines. To go grab some of that water and get it back and when they got it back and they showed it to David David in wisdom realized that was too holy for him to drink. These men took their very lives and put it at stake that they did it for hit their love for him because they had connected with him but he poured that water out realizing the only one worthy of that was Jesus was God. You see this is what happens when you have friendships in medical ministry. So here's an example with Pastor Doug then Pastor then was one of my mentors and we mentored each other back and forth and pastor then was in his home one night and I was sitting on his home. He's playing with his guitar and his wife is talking to my wife and his kids are playing with my kids. He says John I just so wish. I so wish that I could get into the the fraternities and sororities here at the universe. If I could only do that. So you want to do that. No problem. So when you have a nice they call me on Monday so Monday morning. I get on the phone with some of the some of the fraternities and I call them up and I said hey would you guys like an H. ID lecture for me from a local physician. HIV. Yeah and I'll do as he's two Are you serious. Yeah. What's it cost. It's FREE. I do it for a free service to the community man we'll take it now. Great. I will send my audio visual guy Pastor Doug then over to your place. He'll be there about a half an hour early and set up for me. Pastor even showed up at their place. I've got this picture that they show up there little provocative bunch of guys hard drinking hard living guys they're walking by they look woah what's this about past events they were going to have a lecture about S.T.D. and HIV pretty soon the room is full and he's hanging out with the guys. And so then I go give a hard hitting lecture on S.T.'s and HIV and these guys with eyes like plates. And when I finish we do this question and answer section and after the question answer session. You know somebody kind of funny comes up with this question on relationships relationships or you know when i'm glad you asked that question. I just happen to have somebody trained specially in relationships pastor Doug then my audiovisual guy here and Pastor Doug then would you come up and talk about relationships now and Pastor Doug then gets up and begins to tell these guys about relationships and draws in his past oral background as he does as he speaks to these guys for the first time that they listen to him very very carefully as he's sharing with them. About the love of Jesus in principle though he's not opening scripture. Then one day he said and he says quietly sitting behind in his house and it's another Sabbath he says Oh John I just wish I could get into the some of the folks there in the in the county offices some of the people in our in our local community. I wish there was a way I could if they want even let me in the Dorset. And talk to these people. No problem. So I called a couple of people I knew somebody in the in the county offices said Yeah hi this is Dr Quanto I was wondering would you guys like a corporate level wellness program. Oh yeah we would love one but man we don't the budget for that I said how about for free free. We could do free. It's a great. I tell you it will set up a health care for just your employees and I'm going to step in and I'm going to staff it with my my assistant pastor Doug then Pastor Doug Van I say yeah that's right. I don't go anywhere without my pastor and he's the guy that does stuff with me. Well are I we know you so come on. So he does this and we do health care for this group of people in the county commissioner's office in Moscow Idaho for over a year we don't like three of them. Well so finally one day the county commissioners come to me and said you know what we have really appreciated the things that you guys have done. You have really helped our King Our office is to be healthier. We're stronger because of it and we're we're really enjoying it but you know Moscow Idaho used to be the county used to be the state capital of the state of Idaho and we're going to have a we're going to have an organizational meeting with all the county commissioners and all the state and their offices they're going to come here to Moscow in are going to take over the the hotel and we would like you guys to sit and give the same kind of presentations and lectures as I like that in the same kind of stress evaluation in the same kind of cardiovascular risk and I ration that we did because we would sit down there. We do these stress evaluations and then Pastor position would sit together and we would give the patient the results together. As they came they would get information from both the pastor in the physician from both of our perspectives. And they said we would like you to do that. I said well you are you sure I mean you've got all these people from all over the we don't know those we know you and we were. We want to and I want to bring my pastor your realize I don't go anywhere without my pastor said yes we are fully aware bring him. So I give a half hour lecture on some kind of health related thing and Pastor Doug then gives a thirty minute lecture on The Seven Habits of Highly successful people from the Adventist perspective and then spends three hours doing counseling and screening with patients as an Adventist pastor to all the county commissioners and their staff from all over the state of Idaho. Do you see were friendship made the difference. Oh that might have some water from the wells of Bethlehem or you want that. You know what it didn't take a lot from me but you know I yearned to bless the man because I was his friend. If you want to make a good mentor ship. You made you need to have friends. This kind of thing is not what you do to somebody. It's something where you involve them in your life and you are involved in their lives. If you do this you will raise them up and they will raise you as well. Strength will come to both of you and the medical ministry will drive the church forward which is your whole purpose that's why you're here in the first place. All right. Next. Next principle. OK. I guess that's what I want to stop right now. Right. So some ministry principles we just shared with you. You see how it's affected both myself and Pastor I will tell you there is one thing that you can do and that is when you talk to your pastor as you talk faith. It's important for the pastors that might hear this to do the same. If you want physicians to come alongside you what you do is talk faith. I know you desire to serve the Lord I know you have the capacity to do this. I am aware that you're capable and I am calling you. It's a gospel call. It's not an authoritarian call. It's not a call in which you state you have to it's a Gospel call. All. And when you talk like that. Two pastors pastors will respond. And when pastors talk like that. Two physicians physicians will respond. And you bring them to the point where they are dedicated to the Lord through this process. I'll share with one story and then I'll open this up to questions. Here's the story. I was leaving my practice at Moscow Idaho. Pastor wink a blond who had asked me to come to court. Elaine Idaho to start a free clinic. At the free clinic I was he asked me this question. He said I'd like you to come to the free clinic. I had just been given a job offer for for a years guaranteed salary plus all the administrative logistical help that I could need in order to start a practice at another city and in as I said you know I've got this offer down there. What are you offering. I said what kind of guaranteed wage do you have we don't have anything. Oh you don't have anything. You have a place for me to practice. No. Do you have any equipment. You know you have any staff. You know any referrals no any contracts. No any anything you know. So let me see if I get this straight you want me to come there with starting with zero. I got a family you want to go up there and start with zero. To do work with you. Starting a free clinic when I have a hundred sixty five thousand dollar contract that's waiting for me. Plus all the logistical help I can eat for an entire year to be able to work in this other city. I think you got it straight. I'll think about it. It was interesting the Lord knew. So I said to this other city I said you know. I want to come down there but I share with you my business plan they looked at the business plan and said you can come down here but I need you to know that we're a public entity and if you work like you say in your business plan. You cannot work with your church. So guess what I decided to move. Quarterly not a home. So I'm moving up to Idaho and I'm leaving my town and comfort and it's painful. It's difficult. There's there's there's relationships that are breaking because I have to go and there was a church member that came to my office at my last day and he came in he had scheduled an appointment for a wellness physical so I did a wellness physical on this guy and I said to this guy I said you're in great shape and there was an elder in the church. So that's that's good. I'm glad to hear that it was but that's not really why I came and said Well it says on your thing you came for a wellness years ago I said Yeah I know but I had to have a reason to come here and so so what you want is John I've come here today to set you aside as a gospel medical missionary. I have come to anoint you with the Holy Spirit. And if you will kneel before me now as an elder of the church. I'll place my hand upon your head and you will be set aside for the mission of God. I knelt before the man who put his hand on my head and set me aside for gospel work. That next year. I almost qualified for Medicaid. I worked harder and I'm a hard worker. I work harder than I think I've ever worked in my life and I almost qualify for Medicaid. I started for six months in an office a five hundred square feet in the back in a physical therapist office that did not even have access to the front desk and I built a practice out of five hundred square feet in which I was the only employee. I had no staff no secretary no back office no nothing and for six months I did the advertising about the patient's back I did the vital signs. I did the medical visit I did the E.K.G. drew the blood sent them on their way call the results and build all for six months by myself. Do you know as I was going through that time time and time. Again. Gordon came back to mind. Being set aside by somebody who had faith in you made a difference. And if you talk faith your pastors if you talk faith to your medical brother and they will have strength that they don't have today. Because of you you will have bent her down strengthened them and given them what they needed to move forward. So. Pastor Finley I have you if you would mind step forward here and take the mike if anybody has questions about mentoring I'd like you to go and ask. Well already questions about medical missionary work we are totally committed to integrating the ministry of Christ at the General Conference we are very anxious to put into practice the principles of the writings of L. and white and the Gospel medical missionary work we're seeing some very remarkable things happen. You may know of our little book health and wellness secrets of health and wellness that Dr landless and I edited that book now has been translated into multiple languages. It has sold forty million copies over the world every place we go we see it. We had it in China as well. Secrets of Health and Wellness something you can give out in your office. Let me tell you a story then I'll give you a chance to ask some questions. I was in Brazil. Actually in Argentina Peru Brazil. In the South American division and we brought all of our physicians together. We spent a significant period of time with our physicians sharing that each physician has a calling. Just like Jesus at the calling in South America. If a physician is a medical missionary physician and they work in harmony with the conferences in the churches they are set up. Side as a gospel minister in ordained and so on this particular Sabbath afternoon we were or deigning at the medical convention a physician. When we ordained that physician he would then baptize a nurse at the hospital that he had led to Jesus. The baptismal tank was empty and it had no water in it. Each of the five hundred physicians in the audience had a gallon of water. The physician who was going to be ordained did not know that his patient had made the decision for baptism after all through his studies we laid our hands upon him and set him aside for the gospel ministry of medical missionary work. His nurse was escorted out and she said Dr as the result of your influence in the bible studies that you have given me over the last year you know I've been attending church and I've made my decision to be baptized. Let us go to the baptismal pool. We began the special music and the row by row the doctors got up with a gallon of water each and poured it into the baptismal pool. The pool got higher and higher and higher and this newly ordained Adventist physician pastor led this young woman into the baptismal pool and baptized her that's medical missionary work and you are more than ministers to the body your ministers to the soul and as you pray with patients. As you look at their needs as you minister to them and so you ask them the question What role does faith play. In your own life or if you ask them the question you know I pray with my patients and many of them have asked me to pray with them. Do you know statistics in. Kate that fifty one percent of everyone walking through your office wants you to ask them to pray with them. Ninety percent would accept a prayer. If you asked it but if you pray with your patients as you say to your patients. On Tuesday nights we have a Bible study here if you're interested we deal with physical mental spiritual health or on Wednesday nights at an auditorium down the street we have a health program as you link your office with a medical missionary out reach it will make a dramatic difference we can share with you all kind of practical ways to do that. And as you mentor your pastor. And as you invite your pastor to come and pray with your patients as you invite your pastor to participate in a Bible class with you as you participate with him and or her in programs in the church it's going to make a difference. I we can stay for a little bit and ask some questions. Any questions that you might have that be helpful. Yes yes yes yes or no that's why it's here. You know it's not so sure how it is. It's a good question. The principles that we find both in the Bible in the writing still in white the principles are solid we can apply the principles we're going to have to adapt the methods we have to adapt the methods to a twenty first century model the way we see that working today there is many ways it can work in many ways it can be adaptable. You have to look at the fact that some churches have physicians in them other churches are very small and they don't have any health professionals at all. So you have to ask yourself the question how can we have a effective medical missionary outreach the vision that Ellen White had was multiple people actively involved in the ministry of Christ. So she saw a Cole Porter she saw a nurse is she saw. The variety of Bible workers visitors. Pastors working together the way we see this working in a church is as follows. If the church has a physician that has and the physician has a private practice we would see that private practice as an opportunity where the pastor could come interface with a physician. Maybe spend time there where the physician would say to the to his patients or to her patients our pastor provide spiritual counseling I know you're going through a chemotherapy now and it's very difficult for you Would you like me to set up an appointment with our pastor to see you to provide spiritual counseling. I know you're going through chemo and it's very difficult. I know you've just gone through the trauma of a divorce and you've told me that that is really stressed you out. You've been having your headaches. Would you like me to provide a Christian counselor for you. So one of the things that we see is the interrelationship between the physician and the doctor at the physician in the pastor at the other thing is a physician's office opened for a Bible study at night or the physician participating in health programming in the church. We are cooking school this past Tuesday night just three nights ago when we had these hundred some odd people in our church thirty or forty my wife gave the nutrition demonstrations and health lectures I give a scientific health lecture is a pastor it puts me in a different frame work with these people but in addition to that we have a dentist that's just begun coming to our church. I interviewed him on sugar in oral. Health. So there is the interrelationship back and forth the so the way I see this working is churches training medical missionary teams of their members. You know Ellen White when she talked about these teams She said the perplexing question yet is how would be financed how they be supported and so we haven't figured all that out yet but that doesn't mean we don't do anything we move ahead as much as we can integrating physical mental mode ality as a practice. That's what we're trying to do now. My wife is a health ministry team how many people on your health ministry team to any. She has nine and her health ministry team they're all church members and they are being trained in health evangelism. And one of her ladies is giving cooking schools with her. We'll have at our church as well or at our center of health expos and in so forth. So we see an integration The other thing I wanted to mention is don't wait to have everything all figured out before you do it just jump in and use the skills that God has given you and He will bless you. I'll take a question here in a question there and I'll try to keep my answers fairly brief Yes So this is coming from us. All right that's right. Oh yeah the worst is all that's obvious but they're all wrong. You know what this means I'm going there you were in the right not so you know this. You know the put there at the principle in Scripture is this in John chapter six Jesus looked at what he had and he. He said to Philip what Andrew what do we have in. And Philip said we have five loaves and two fishes and Jesus said that's enough and Jesus took what he had and he prayed over any multiplied it so what I would say to you is let's suppose you're in Reno or less Vegas I would say look at all of your medical personnel there that already are in private practice what seven they have as physicians already in private practice. Host a dinner for them. Begin to visit them personally visit each one and ask them this question. Say what ways to use interfacing together cast a vision cast a vision cast a vision. So you in what I would do is I'd invite them. I would first visit them personally and I would ask Do you need Bible instructors at all to follow up any interest you're generating in your office ask them the question. Don't ask them what can you do for us. Ask them what can we do for you. How can we be helpful to you in your practice is there anything because many of our physicians are godly they're spiritual but they're working day and night they have to support themselves they're making large contributions to the church they can't follow up all these bible studies develop personal relationships first. Secondly then try in any way you can to cast your vision and tell them what your needs are. But first try to meet their needs. Yes. Just going to comment on the very thing. Pastor from the said about vision is so important. If you can cast a vision which means you have the vision. Then you can cast it and if you have that vision and you're sharing. There are people in every medical community that are Seventh Day Adventists. You know that they're getting those those brochures that say Come and I'll pay a two hundred thousand dollars a year they're going to have no call no nights no weekends for thirty minutes from skiing and from the water and from the hills. Coming in. You can join us and people will put their hands. Bingo. But in the same group. He'll say I would like you to come and suffer for Christ. I would like you to come and here's the vision for Christ to build His Church and his people. I believe in you will somebody come and join me and there will in that same group be one or two who will stand up and come forward. You don't want anybody else. You want those who are willing to suffer and die because those are the people that will give all they have to Jesus. In addition to that there's a continuum that you can explain to the positions they don't need to get everything they can give a little bit and if they say hey look I can I can have you see one of my patients in your office once a month if you will take a gift certificate give me a gift certificate I hand it to a patient I know that you will pray with that patient when you see that get your to pick it. And that's all you need to do. You're in your environment you're in your circumstance you have your own staff your own policies all your insurance and you're just working with me and then you can start working from there into a more specific ministry model. So there's a whole continuum you can use. An answer to more questions quickly. And then our time is up. I had a question. Yes one too. You just want to say it's wonderful how it's going to be so let me meet with you right after the meeting because that answer is going to be a little longer and I see our group is about ready to go so let me sit down he just for a few minutes. Thank you so much for coming. Let's let me pray for you before you go. Father in heaven. Thank you for the opportunity that we can work together with our physicians our pastors we long for the day. That we will see the vision of Christ fulfilled the light of Jesus the ministry of Jesus fulfilled in this generation where with the earth will be lightened with the glory of God and His true medical missionary work will break down prejudice and thousands will come to Christ. We are thankful for that Jesus this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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