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Berenice Cheng


Berenice Cheng grew up wanting to be a revolutionary.  She specifically wanted to do big things for God in the area of mission and medicine.  However, in during her academic journey she eventually started to see the rich young ruler in herself.  Join Berenice as she shares her journey of radical surrender!


Berenice Cheng

Dentist based in Melbourne, Australia


  • October 29, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Happy Sabbath all. Thank you so much for having us in your country. It is a long way from home but we are happy to be with you. I have been tremendously blessed meeting new people and sitting in the center nice. I was sitting in one of the gentle sermonize yesterday afternoon with two of my new friends and three of us are all recent graduates of students and we saw one of our good friends coming in who with significantly more learned than we are more experienced has probably done collectively more school than all three of us combined and we said hey. Come sit in arrow you can bring the average age of experience up to par with everyone else. So you know I am really blessed to see how I am then all of you that have experience are still willing to invest in young lives and to show us what it means to be a living example of your faith in your practice as well. I've been asked to share a little bit today about my experience as a dentist so far only very early in my career but I pray that the story you hear today will not be my story but a story of God's faithfulness and of his wisdom and of this Cree. So on that note I'd invite you to pray with me as we start today. Father we are just so thankful for this travesty and load we think well for the ways in which you have led us even if we did not know in the past and still further pray that as we enter into that hour he would send your holy angels to be with you. Be here with us that your spirit would fill this plea. They ID Create in me you increase and you hide me behind your cross I pray all these things in Jesus and then. If you had met me when I was a nine and ten then asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would probably have looked at you and says I like I have no idea what I want to do something that no one else has done before so. Instinctively I was this kid I was a vicious little tyke than I but I was also very quiet and so I remember wanting to do things differently and wanting to think outside of the box. I remember when I was in second grade and our assignment was to make a model of the human body and so I remember you know all of us brought out a chew sized poster paper and wanted to make a life size model of the human body and I waited until the day before it was due because I wanted to see what everyone else was doing so that I could do it differently. And then when I saw what everyone you know everyone and done the standard you have the now and the nose and the stomach and the liver and whatnot and I decided Well no no one has tried to make it three D. yet so I'm going to run three D. So that whole night I made my mom stay up with me and we made a we six meters of like string or something. So it would stimulate the small intestine anyway. So the point being that I really wanted to kind of I always wanted to think outside the box and as I grew up kind of amalgamated more into career choices and I really wanted sensually Naively I thought to change the world in some way I thought that I wanted to be revolutionary and then with you know growing up as a good add interest kid that went to status quo every week and so forth. My childhood heroes were people like Esther people like Joseph people like Daniel all these characters iconic characters in the Bible that had accomplished so much characters of faith and I thought these are the people that I want to learn. There was one story in the Bible never really struck the is very relevant or very inspiring and there was a story that I want to briefly touch on today and invite you to but turn your Bibles with me to my chapter ten. The march of ten picks up where Jesus is a bit of a hectic scene just as it's been busy all day and he has his disciples trying to manage a crowd of people coming to him and. And here's everything that everyone that you can imagine trying to offer him something the Pharisees are trying to ask some smart questions. So they look impressive. You know parents are trying to bring the cute kids to get a blessing the disciples are trying to look no wall and manage this scene and everyone's trying to impress Jesus. And then in verse seventeen we meet this one character in verse seventeen tells us that when he was gone forth into the way there came one running. And kneeled to him and asked him good master what shall I do that. I'm I inherit eternal life. We all know the story of the rich young ruler and growing up I never really thought that applied to me because after all I was neither rich nor ruler. So I thought that would exclude me from this story and I just for a while. You know this is one of those nice stories that you learn and create a role in and in and that's it. But as I went through. You know schooling as I went through college university and as I went through the early years of my career I started to realize what lessons God had in this story for me to see the rich young ruler came to Jesus and he kind of stood out from the crowd already. He came he was humble he was kneeling he pretty much just us Jesus to name his price I said Jesus what whatever you ask whatever I need to do tell me what that is. And so as or as an Israelite role that's pretty revolutionary as it is you know for someone like him in his position groomed to be stand heater and one day to come to Jesus and say this he was essentially wanting to be a revolutionary you know as I said in the midst of so many doctors and dentists we hear a lot about being the right arm of the Gospel we hear a lot about humble servant hood of medical missionary work of recognizing God is going to cream healer of one. To introduce him to our patients and so forth. We take all the right boxes and we fail all the right things and we think that perhaps maybe if we have the right attitude like the rich young ruler did we can change the world through our work through our. You know we have an unparalleled level of sleep depravation probably more so in the medical field than the dental field and we think maybe if we sacrifice more if we study harder if we are nicer to our patients who pray more for our patients maybe we can change the world. Maybe we can be revolutionaries but God. It was never a question of the rich young ruler sincerity because inspiration tells us that he saw the love for Christ manifested toward the children that were there and his heart was kindled with love for the savior he felt the just a desire to be Jesus's just type what he was asking with in territory and it's this but Jesus unto his invest eighteen with this rhetorical question that really leaves us hanging first eighteen says Jesus said unto him why I call it me good. There is none good but one and that is God and that is the question that faces each and every one of us today. You know we are all Christians we say God is good we respond with all the time. But the question it comes to us what is it about God that you consider good. Why do you call God good. And the same question was asked of the rich young ruler. What is the sincerity of our heart and when I was reading. Well and what has to say about this character. There's a particular sentence that really stood out to me. Only one thing. Did he lack that that was a vital principle. He needed the love of God in his soul to the rich young ruler soul busy trying to be revolutionary for God. He was in All in all ways and manners a devout spiritual per. But he lacked. The Roots. He lacked that deep connection to the person that that he was speaking to he lacked that deep. Of Christianity in his soul he lacked the love of Jesus and Jesus responds is unambiguous It's very simple twenty one. Jesus beholding him loved him and said one thing the lack of just Go thy way still whatsoever that hast and give to the poor and shall have treasure in heaven and come. Take up the cross and follow me. When I was growing up and I. I grew up in a very medical issues sort of family my immediate family my parents are not medically related but a lot of our extended family are very accomplished doctors and so as I started to grow up it. I kind of always assumed that I would go into medicine. It wasn't so much a thing of prestige or status because it was just the norm. It was very suspect it but I always imagined that I would go down the pediatric route and like a kid. To play with them and I thought that would be nothing better than getting to play with them all day every day I'm told that is not so much the case but anyway so I thought. My family converted into Adam says because of the New START health message and I and my parents were Pentecostal Sunday Christians and because of the health message when I was very young. They became Adventist and brought us out that way. Because I was a very ambitious person I was quite driven but I am also a very shy introverted person so I would shy away from competition with other people I would never want people to know you know it wasn't a competition between me and anyone else. It was a competition between me and myself. And so I would always thrive on the. Challenge of diversity. Dr on the challenge of doing something new something difficult. And so I thought medicine would provide me with this opportunity and it would help me to amalgamate or marry the two aspects of my life. Very well I thought I would want to go into Mission work. And I thought that perhaps if I studied really hard and I did well in school and I did Mission work then maybe I could do something revolutionary for God. I like the fast pace of medicine and I knew a lot about what it involved in the training industry earlier at least because of the number of family members that we have in the medical field. And I had kind of already identified OK so when I'm in medical school. Maybe I'll do this for ministry and then when I you know when I become a young professional maybe I'll do this and even when I'm in residency in training. Maybe I can still do these things and I had it all worked out in my head. And come the end of high score so in this trailer you go straight into medical school or dental school from from high school and come the end of high school. God was extremely merciful and I received full academic scholarships to every medical and dental school that applied to the exception to that was to my dismay the medical school in my home state and so on. Like in the U.S. many people going to medical school or dental school initially will stay within their home states to go to high school you go to university and you most probably do residency and develop your career in your home state. So moving interstate is not as common as it is here. And so I faced this dilemma would I move into a state to do medicine and something that I had always imagined I would do or would I stay in my local church in my local state and do dentistry instead. Now mind you I had never imagined that I would do dentistry I honestly put it down on my list of preferences. Because you have to put twelve preferences. Down. And I needed something to put down and I remember going to the first day of dental school and I had classmates from really dental family. They were just really pumped about teeth. And I just couldn't identify with their love for T. you know like oh they Hi How are you my name is very nice and they like hi hi. So do you know anyone in dental school my dad graduated here X. and Y. year and like oh OK. No no I don't I don't have any dentists in my family. They're like oh that's OK You know I've been working my dad's clinic for ten years but you know you get it after a while. Oh OK OK So I go to the next person and next person. It's like hi hi harry. You know you don't have any family in the general scheme either and no no I don't that's OK You know we can make up for it. I personally have bought a compressor from the hardware store and I've been practicing on plastic teeth and my dad's characters are all OK I'm clearly not prepared for this as you are and then you know would talk to upper classman as they came through an hour and day and and then one of my new friends a freshman like me would be like hey did you know we get to make an first denture next week so we are OK That's exciting. I just I went into dentistry and I really I had no natural inclination or love for this. Place that I was placed. But anyway at the time when I was facing the decision between medical school and school. I knew that God had very specific time specific ministry ministry commitments and he had called me two in my in my local church. So at that time I was helping to organize some news conferences I was doing things with public campus ministries in the local church and more importantly there were certain contacts. None and has contacts that God had placed in my care that I knew would be lost if I left for medical school interesting. So the question came to me and this was a question I had to grapple with for a long time and I am going to be a Christian first or a doctor. And so as you already know I picked a dental school. And I went to dental school and so forth and thus began five years of craziness I didn't even know it was possible to put so much into a human brain. But what reminded me of this story of the ruler is that when we think of this rich young ruler. We usually associate the sacrifice that he had to make with his money or his time. And so we would say well let's be more generous let's give to mission or even better yet lead to do mission instead. And then maybe that is what God is calling me to sacrifice. But it took me a long time to realize that my drive and my purse store and dish and. Showed the same skewed priorities that the rich young ruler had that I if I was placing my career and stood in front of what where God wanted me to be that essentially I would lack the love of Jesus that the ritual that to. Matthew six twenty to twenty one tells us where your treasure is there your heart is also and for the rich young ruler true discipleship would mean that he would have to have no strings attached. It wasn't so much the money in and of itself was a bad thing but it was a constant reminder of the the poor that his previous life had on him so to continue the story part of being in such a medically related family was that as as you know I didn't know much about dental school when I went into dental school but also when I graduated I really didn't really have much idea of the den talk to fear of things I always. I knew a lot of Adventists doctors in history. I didn't know very many Adventists dentists so I had no idea what it looked like practically to be an accomplished faithful and vicious and to step to it and so I didn't realize I didn't fully appreciate until I started working how bad the dental market was and so at the time that I graduated it was one of the most oversaturated dental markets in history or particularly in Victoria where I live. And so many of the older dentists were not hiring and so forth because they wanted to keep more work in the house. A new graduate they told us to be prepared to work at all hours of the day and night and anywhere that you could really find work as far as you were willing to drive and the further out the better. And so you know as we said OK and we all applied there were about three different jobs there everyone in the class. You know and it's the students there are these drugs that everyone in the class applies for and you end up seeing a whole class in every interview. So these are the jobs everyone wants because you know that these are the ones with the best mentor ship these are the ones that are going to help you to get some long term employment and so forth and so like everyone else. I applied for these jobs. I was offered several of these lucrative jobs and they promised me a job security. They promised me mentorship they promised me a lot of things. But they all require you to work on Sabbath. And so as a young graduate in an oversaturated market you're not really in a position to say I will take your job for five sixths of the week and you can keep Sabbath. So I had to turn down those jobs and I ended up in this small little country town where God gave me some time to get some experience under my belt. But then came the struggle of all if I say that I'm going to be a. First in a doctor or dentist or whatever second. Then what I'm being so far away from where God has called me to minister me for my ministry. Is a mean that you know I can be the person in church that does the token health presentation once a quarter and then I'm not even there to follow up with the contacts that come through. Or does it mean that the only Ministry I'm ever involved in. On Saturdays when I make it back from the country and then during the week. That's it that's the end of my ministry experience. And so I made the decision to move back to the metropolitan area and as you can imagine the situation was even worse there. So out of maybe one hundred jobs maybe twenty would be open to recent or new graduates and then maybe out of the twenty point five would consider non Sabbath work and so I felt really hamstrung on every side here was a bright I Bush e-tail and little teenager that thought she was going to change the world through holy means and I wanted to develop as a dentist I said OK God you put me in this place well even though I don't really love teach maybe you can teach me how and so I wanted to develop as a dentist but I couldn't get a good job all the courses that I wanted to do to further my development seemed to be on Sabbath and I just felt like I was stuck. It was very tempting to view the circumstances as God not living up to his end of the deal because I said God you know I have been I thought I had been faithful to you. I studied hard I tried to put you first. I gave up my dream career and this is what happens now. I had to ask myself whether I saw God as a transactional God a prosperity God or whether he was just a god that was supreme Was he a god that would only be my God if he. Gave need on to is that I wanted in the way that I wanted and preferably at the time that I wanted. And my asking this showed as much about my heart as it did of the rich young bowlers. To drive ages five twenty paragraph two says to keep back a little on much from God was to retain that which would lessen his moral strength and efficiency for if the things of this world were cherished they will become or absorbed. When I was going through this roller coaster of going from interview. Getting the job turning down the job because of the other thing repeating and repeating the process again. One of my close friends was listening to the story and she looked at me and she said you know you're the type of person that is willing to be everything for God but are you willing to be nothing. Are you willing to be nothing for God. And that question has stayed with me from that day. So God has this most peculiar way of doing things and when the rich young ruler has sold everything and he told them to sell everything at least he says OK so now that you have nothing. This is when you're going to give to the poor. And so he's taken that step of faith in God asked him to take yet another. In our line of work we are fortunate to be able to aid those in physical me. But there is a need that is much greater than that and that is a spiritual need and God had to remind me you are only in your chosen profession so that you're in a better position to meet here people spiritually. So as I had to evaluate the jobs that were available to me I had to ask myself Am I. Neglecting those that have spiritual The first and foremost. And I neglecting those that God has entrusted to my care in my local church first and foremost and I'm neglecting those duties at the expense of this career that I. I thought it would help me to be this revolutionary person for God is my clinic or my workplace as normal as it is my only ever ministry feel or and my open to God's leading in other ways too. So to cut a long story short as these things girl when you get a little bit more experience under your belt and people start to open doors to you. And so these are the three drugs that I had applied for with the lucrative companies that I had turned down about it maybe two years prior called me back and they said hey we're expanding now and we would like you to come work for us. We kept your resume in file we thought you'd be a good addition to the team blah blah blah. So I went into the first interview with them. And it was a practice manager and she was new and so she wasn't familiar with my interview previously and and so I said OK this is the sort of good but I will not be available to work on Friday nights to Saturday nights for religious reasons as a trendsetter. She can look to me and use it. OK. So she she scribbled it down and piece of paper and I thought well you know here goes nothing. That's OK And so I went back to my job and I was content to stay there. And I got a call. Maybe three or four days later and they said look we really like you and we just need to let you meet with the principal dentist and then it should be OK We are happy to accommodate for your tablet requests and so I thought all praise a lot. And then during that week I got another call from the second clinic and the third clinic and it was much the same. They said OK you know we'll work around your study thing. And it will be fine. But we want you to work this and this hours from Monday to Friday. And so forth and I had to take a step back and I said look this is the opportunity that I've been waiting for. And maybe this is the door that God is now opening to me. But when I looked at the hours and the requirement that they were asking from me I realized two things The first was that. I was going to be late every Friday night to the public campus ministries group that I was serving in if I worked in them. I was going to be soul drained from the long hours and the late nights that they wanted me to work that I wouldn't have any time for bible studies that I had to do during the week and for following up those contacts. They wanted me to start in April of this year actually and I had already planned a mission trip. And they weren't going to negotiate on that study. So I said thank you very much but I think. This is not the option for me at this time. And I realized at that point the issue was never separate the issue is about my priorities. And the priority is will you be a Christian or just an a dentist or a doctor or whatever God has called you to be. When Jesus calls up to take up his cross and follow him. Only he knows where he's going to lead you for the longest time I didn't think there was anything significant about my story because after all as as an Adventist you grow up with missions stories of fantastical things people go to Africa. They nearly get eaten by a lion and here I am sitting in a strange you know comfortable life I have a job. I mean I had to turn down some jobs without this but people have died for a Sabbath you know like this and this is nothing. And after all. I didn't have a happy ending it. You know as we are so used to the happy ending of someone gives up their job and God gives them a better job in a big of a minute and so forth or someone gives up something and God gives them a bigger something something something you know the rubric. It's like a formula. And as I'm going to sometimes we forget the End Point is not the happy ending but happiness in Christ and so I thought for a long time that. Oh maybe I don't have anything to share because I don't want to discourage people by telling them that I don't have the happy ending. But as I prayed about it. God told me that is exactly the point you need to learn how to be content. And so I am reminded in contrast to the story of the rich young ruler of the story of stuck here. And so here is was similarly a rich person. Very esteemed or not very well liked. But certainly had positioned in society. But when he sacrificed everything he was never given an assurance that he would be restored to his former glory. He was never restored to his former glory from all that we know unlike someone like Joel. For all we know to Kiev's the story ends when he made restitution and he was happy and cheese but as the whole point of the story was to hear. That it's just the happy ending. It's his contentment. Yet God had another lesson for me and he had to teach me that there's a big difference between ten and complacency. And so the key is is contentment was one that drove him to action and God expects no list of his children today. For all the students that are here I want you to remember that you are only in dental medical pharmacy nursing school whatever so that you can be of better use for the kingdom of heaven. That is the only purpose why God calls us to be educated. When I first started working and after many months of to ing and fro ing and and at that time I was still driving. I think it would have been like one hundred miles one way to work. This rule little town that I was working in I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Story around the and driving gets really tiring and when you first start out of dental school nothing really prepares you for the workforce like actually working so I found everything and work hard and it was challenging and it was so much to learn. I even had one of the people that I was interviewing me wish me luck very earnestly of course but wish me luck for my future career if I wasn't going to be open to working all at least a learning on Sabbaths because there was no clinic according to her or no way that someone with so little experience with going to make it and I was like all this is terrible. And feeling towards sorry for myself but then when I met with that person and when she said that to me I realized we have a responsibility as Adventists. To be excellent in every field not in spite out of our faith but because of it. And there is a difference. So I sat down and I think one of the biggest blessings. God has given me is a Godly stippling and there is nothing quite like it but anyway so my older brother. Let me know for a gracious period of two days. And then he said OK that's enough moping we need to we need to help you get out of this rut and so we sat down and we made a list of things that I could do to increase my usefulness for the kingdom of heaven even though the circumstances were less than ideal in my eyes until I started to join a clinical based research group and I started to volunteer for oral health promotion activities with the Dental Association I became their representative to go to different schools and so forth. And I started to volunteer in this and that I started to develop more a taste for Mission dentistry and to. Organize trips and do all these different types of things but God wanted me to realize that my mission field is not necessarily always only in far flung countries with African animals and cute kids but also where he has placed me right now. And at that time I remember my morning devotions were something along the lines of God I want to be able to appreciate people with the heart that you have for that I want to be able to see people with your eyes. And so I didn't realize how he would answer this prayer. After a couple of weeks I had this new Bible student that I was supposed to give Bible studies to and she was previously a Sunday Christian she had gone to several different denominations and I we were studies in pairs so we sat down on the first day with her and and my Bible study partner who said Tell me a little bit about yourself. Tell us what you'd like to get out of that I was trees etc and she asked her out and she said Well. I've already Googled you. And I really know all the differences between your faith and mine. So all I really want to know is what you think about the Sabbath and what it involves And I'm not looking to join your church so don't ask me to get baptized. I will let you know if and when I'm ready. So that all. OK All right. And then she started to tell us a little bit more. And so she said you know I I I grew up in this very ambitious family. I have a lot of doctors in my family. I've always wanted to be a pediatrician and I'm on track to doing that now I've had my life planned out from X. number of years and I have all K. God this is enough enough parallelism I'm seeing it there. And then she kept going. She said you know but recently I've had some personal events in my life. And my plans have been all thrown of course and I don't know what to do now is it OK So this is or this is really nice I get the object lesson but I don't know how you expect me to help this person if I don't have the answers myself. Anyway so we went into the bible studies and over the next couple months we studied about different things we studied about doctrines and so forth but as she did the biggest sticking point for her was always the Sabbath and the personal implications that that would have put on her career. What who would her family think would she lose friends if she was going to join this cult thing would she be able to find a life partner you know like all these types of things that naturally everyone asked. And I realized as I was going through the studies that the whole point of the exercise and the whole point of me giving the bible studies why God had given her to me as a Bible student was so that I would realize the most important message for her was not to hear that it would be OK. The most important message for her was to hear that even if it is not OK we are faithful because Jesus is enough and if God had given me my happy ending. Then she would not have been able to appreciate that Mitt. And I want you to realize and to appreciate I'm not saying this out of any disrespect to doctors. I have many many spiritual mentors that are devout Christian doctors and I see the way that they balance their personal life their ministry life and they excel in their career they reach out to their non-Christian family members and I have a lot of respect for what they do. I have a lot of respect for Christian dentists as well and I used fire to be like those that I've met some of you here as well and how you're able to use your faith for others. When I was about to leave Australia to come here. The day before I left I was due to give a presentation on a research project that I was involved in to the local dental association branch. So I went to the research meeting and as things go. I was very unprepared for the trip so I was packing and doing all sorts of things and the research project was really the furthest thing from my mind. So when I got of the room. I I realized I was the only one under the age of fifty. So there sat my my former pediatrics professor and there was the former. Professor the former head of research the head of research for the as straightly and dental research found and this whole room and I was the only little one at the back and I was due to give this presentation that I felt very very unprepared for. So anyway I was my turn and I got up to do the presentation and I honestly felt like it was one of the worst presentations I'd ever given. I felt like I was very distracted I didn't have my thoughts in the right place and so I sat down and I thought well. When it's all done I'll just slip out the door and you know fly to America. And so I was out the door. How it was nearly out the door I should say when the the president of the Dental Association came up and shook my hand and said thank you very much for your presentation. Is very good presentation I or I remember you. I just appointed you to the Oral Health Committee of the Dental Association is that your area. They said you know I remember when you first applied for that two years ago and I read your resume and at the time. I didn't have any vacancies for you because it was long waiting list to get into the committee and you only get on when someone gets promoted and resigned. Dives. So so he said you know I just kept your resume there but I figure that we have to find something for you. Now tell me I read in your resume you do all these different types of things you do a lot of pro bono work with your church. You seem to be very interested in aid dentistry you seem to be very interested in research as well. You seem to be very interested in oral health promotion and so forth. So what compelled you what motivates you to do what you do. And I kind of looked at him for two seconds and then I said you know I never ever imagined that I would be a dentist. But now that I am I want to be the best dentist that I can be. And I mean that each and every day I want to be a better dentist and I was the day before I mean I need to learn as much as I can. That means that I want to learn as much about my profession as I can. But it also means that I want to meet the needs of my patients and see their heart and one of the best ways I know how to do that is through my faith. So he looked at me and he said. Well you know if I don't really share your favor. I appreciate your motivation and I want you to keep doing what you're doing because in a few years I'd like you to serve on a council. You are the type of person that we want representing our profession. And I left that their presentation and I thank God that you must send angels to cover his ears or my presentation or something but I left our presentation and I realized this critical point. That when we talk about revolution a lot of us talk about. Us being the change that we want to see you know you've heard that saying a lot we talk about us being the revolutionary us doing the changing but being radical her has nothing to do with us doing the changing in everything to do with us being rooted in G's. And then God is the one that does the changing in and through us. I want to thank the Amen board on behalf of all the recent graduates on behalf of all of the students that are here for your intentional investment in young lives. I am very conscious that there are many students here. But I'm also very conscious of the fact that there are many students are not. And I think a man is so critical because when asked to aspiring bright I bushy tail and twenty two year old graduates come out of dental school and medical school. Always see accolades and achievement and affluence. But when I look at a man I see Jesus. And I think that's so critical for all young people to see today. So as I go ahead in my career. God is leading going as guiding God is providing I am not quite sure yet of where he would have me and up long term but I am excited to see what he has in store. As I was going through this journey there was one particular song or poem that really struck me. And the more I practice dentistry the more I realize there is to learn. Not only and and share but in my spiritual life as well. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this song. It says Teach be father. What to say teach me father how to pray teach me all along the way. How to Be like Jesus teach me as the days go by teach me not to reason why. Teach me that to do or die is to be like Jesus. I would be like Jesus. I would be like Jesus help me Lord to do more then Jesus media was brought to you by Adil to a website dedicated to spreading God's word to read. Sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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