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Doctor Who?

Sebastien Braxton


It was Gandhi who said that 'My message is my life.' The Great Physician, Jesus, was no different. He did not only provide healing, He was a Healer. In this 11th hour, we need more than physicians, we need healers. 


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • October 29, 2016
    11:30 AM


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Good morning happy Sabbath. Why bring you greetings from Fayetteville North Carolina. Where I have the privilege of being the husband of one wife. And the chief of a tribe of Braxton's right now we have three. We'll see how far the Lord takes us. My wife sensor greetings and her prayers with you. It is a privilege. To be able to speak to you guys here at the Amen conference. You know I wondered when our Carlos first talked to me about it and say Would you would you be open to that and do you have a burden for health. I definitely affirmed my burden for health which I will get into shortly. But also I considered it a very unique privilege. Because I believed that there is something very unique about this particular conference. Because of how central and powerful the health message is and has been in so many people's lives. But also because there is a huge context to this conference that I think is important to define and so allow me to share a few things to give context to this particular divine hour before we do that I would like to pray and invite the Holy Spirit to be with us. If you die you had with me. Mighty God Everlasting Father. We are so grateful that we can come into this place and worship in peace. We are also grateful that we have the privilege to worship together and to hear from God we did not. Come here to hear the words of men. Lord there are many medical conferences that happen all over the world but there is none like this one. And we pray that you would prove that by the experience that we have this morning. Father we thank you. That God is willing to use broken people like us. We pray that you would speak through this man who is but dust in your sight and that you would not only speak through me. But that you would speak to me that we all may be changed that Jesus may be seen. And that we and this world may be more prepared to meet the Lord. Because of the time that we have spent here this morning. We thank you for hearing and answering this prayer and we offer it up from our hearts in Jesus's name Amen. There are several contexts to my remarks this morning. Some people may wonder as a good friend of mine said on the way in this morning. She said. Sebastian it's so funny that they actually to speak. You're not even a doctor. What are you going to say and then I remembered when a man was first being introduced to G Y C in Chattanooga that mark my correlation pastor Finley walked on the stage. And my caller said so elder friendly you know people are probably wondering what does elder Finley you know know about the medical world and why does he have an interest in medicine and elder friendly said I'm a doctor of the soul brother. So I want to borrow that one this morning. I'm a doctor of the show. Also as noted by Dr nobody that I serve as the C.E.O. of the new life challenge where we're trying to bring the health message into the hands of millenniums. To leverage technology and mobile phones. And tablets. So that we can make our message ubiquitous as are the devices that people use. And to be able to leverage that to encourage every church to be involved in health ministry. But more about that after this is not a commercial. The third context or remark my remarks is health is very personal to me. The health message was something that impacted my life even before I had a Bible study people don't know that when I was born my mother almost died giving birth to me on the first of seven. Thankfully because of medicine they realized that there was a problem with my mother's blood pressure being through the roof. You guys probably know the medical term for it. All I know is. It was either Syrian or you are born as a man without a mom. So they took me out early in order to save my mother which I'm very grateful for that. Medicine also saved my life but also began to show its limitations. When I was fifteen years old living in Stone Mountain Georgia. As I was sleeping. One night I woke up in the middle the night unable to breathe my throat closed and my body began to regurgitate whatever was in my stomach. After I would regurgitate and ever try to breathe my throat would close again. So I couldn't scream and ask for help. So about one in the morning. Eventually I threw myself on to the landing outside my room to try to make some noise to wake up my family. Eventually my father got up who is a doctor. And pretty much watch me go through the experience eventual it stopped. They took me to the doctor they said all the tests are normal. But we're going to give you some inhalers so I used to take two inhalers three times a day. Till I came to the health message. And when I decided to give up meat and dairy to focus a lot more on me I was a Marine. So I wasn't a completely unhealthy person. But I definitely needed a bigger picture of what health looked like and as a result I eventually got off of inhalers and could run around and do whatever I like completely freely and so I also recognize that I owe a great day to physicians even from my own personal life. One of the final context I want to share is. Recent research that has come out and this is what drives me even in what I'm doing with the new life challenge. It's one thing to travel the world and speak to people about God and about their spiritual health and how they are doing in terms of their emotional life in terms of their spiritual connection with God. It's another thing. To sit and recognize that as a minister when people come to me with a physical element I'm limited simply by prayer or simply by what I read in councils on diets and foods but what I know about health from my own life and experience. But this becomes a problem. Because when you recognize that almost seventy percent of adults in America are obese. When you think about the fact that heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women. Eighty eight million people are pre-diabetic. Twenty two million are actually diabetic. And we know the number is growing not reducing. To think about hypertension one in three people have high blood pressure. One in three. High cholesterol one hundred two million you know it's easy to use these numbers because they don't really. They don't really impact the Cessna members. It's when you have to go to the bedside. Because you're the preacher. And you have to sit there and watch this person's loved one whither away. And they're wondering why their dad when this person smokes. And lives to one hundred. Creates a lot of theological problems. One of the other things that I want to add. Dr David Williams who's a professor at Harvard worked with him from University of Michigan as well as in Boston. He came out a recent research study that discrimination can make you sick discrimination can make you sick. Growing up in inner city Chicago I know what it's like to be racially profiled. Know what it's like for people to make it very clear that Sebastian can play basketball with you and Sebastian can be your friend but you know marriage and all those things are out of the question and he made it abundantly clear to me as well. But even more closer to home to a man. Steven and Katie water Brooke are not with us. Because of health. It's no longer just affecting people who don't follow our diet. It's affecting people who do follow our diet in these kind of situations. It raises the question that you place in your theme that we said. Radical practice and the next word is Huling in the eleventh hour. I can promise you this morning that Stephen in Katie are not looking for treatment. They're looking for healing. They're not praying to be medicated. They're praying for healing. Anyone of us who has a family member that is suffering some physical ailment the driving desire behind anything that we do as medical professionals has nothing to do with a practice has everything to do with the concept of healing. We are in the business of dealing with broken people we exist because the world is broken. This conference is a constant reminder of how broken the world is that you can graduate hundreds and hundreds of people from medical school and nursing school and nurse practitioner ships and dieticians and never ever run out you know many times I talk to people and say why did you go into nursing. Nurses are always in demand and I wonder why that is the case because perhaps the system didn't set it up so that that would never need to be the case in this very room. We have a very unique opportunity. I don't consider this just another medical event. I consider this event as the crime de la creme of the medical events that happens. Because the amount of intelligence and insight that God is given to the physicians and nurses and medical professionals in this room which has come divinely given by God you have a different calling as a medical profession as there are. Oh mentioned in his talk you do not go into medicine to make money and if you did. You're not an administration. We recognize in the medical work the same thing that happens in the ministerial work people ask me all the time. Why are you not a pastor because God never told me to be a pastor you don't become a pastor because you have a gift you don't become a pastor because you have an ability you become a pastor because God called you to be a pastor how many people do you think wanted to be one of Jesus is the cycle. There were seventy but only twelve were called. That is not your calling show for us this morning in this context for my remarks I want to make no mistake about it that we don't come here just to gather impaired ourselves on the back and remind ourselves that we have a message you know we are here to reenergize ourselves. To Never forget who we are as Adventists physicians God did not call you to practice medicine the way every other doctor in the neighborhood practices medicine. He gave us unique understanding of the human body. He gave us insight when everyone else said nothing wrong with smoking but God told us otherwise and Kellog was not known because he was just another physician. Kellog had J.C. Penney and post and all these people coming now because although he has a medical degree from the University of Michigan. It's because of what Kellogg was doing was innovative and all he was doing was what taking what was given to us by God and combining it with medication using the methods of evidence based met. Going to prove the things that God already said. So before I get ahead of myself. We are living in a time where this room can no longer leave here to go back business as usual and are making that statement up front. You can't put the word radical in your theme and expect to hear more of the same. You wouldn't come here to be patted on the back. Not with this team. If it was like a physicians in the twenty first century that would be great. Let's learn about innovation but radical practice and then we add the term in the eleventh hour. That means time is short. We don't have time to keep medicating patients. We don't have time to make sure business continues for the next ten years. All we're concerned as a medical professional should be to make sure that we go out of business. That's a hard thing to swallow. But it's not until I learned. Even in ministry. That eventually the days come where you wish you could be out of business. She early on like Darryl said we live a comfortable life by what we want fly over here most of the world can't afford to pay three hundred dollars for a conference. Most of the world. We could even bring into America. This is a privilege and a luxury in this particular context that we can come and pay this money for what is the value that we're supposed to get out. That we come here to socialize. Connect with old friends. When you've got one hundred two million people grappling with high cholesterol. We should be figuring out how to solve these problems. The great medical problems of our time. Health is not a problem. It is the problem. But we shrink back from the Giants that lay before us. Sebastian can't get dreamy out here. Don't try to push too far. Don't try to push us too high. Don't try to set our ambitions to him too hard because we might be disappointed. That's why we don't attempt to attack those problems but we're not talking about individuals we have at least four hundred people here majority of whom are in the medical work. You're telling me that all of these physicians and nurses and practitioners and surgeons and dentists. And all these medical minds in this room saying to fight to God couldn't solve these problems. My answer is yes I believe we can but it can't be business as usual because whatever we've been doing hasn't solved. We have to move forward. The top of my message is Dr Who and I'll come back to that in a moment as my time is quickly escaping me so take your Bibles school to the book of Mark Chapter five. Because my focus. Which I believe is central to your theme and central to your conference and central to our identity as a men into the word healing. It is the word healing. Mark Chapter five. We will start in verse twenty one when you there. If you can say men the Bible says in verse twenty one of Mark Chapter five it says and when Jesus passed over again by the ship unto the other side. Much people gathered on to him and he was now I unto the sea and behold there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue. Gerrish by name and when he saw him he fell at his feet in verse twenty three and we saw him greatly saying my little daughter in law is that the point of death. I pray thee come and lay down hands on her that she may be what healed and she shall live. Now let's be clear on the request that Jerry says bringing to Jesus. First of all you don't come looking for healing unless you are coming to a healer. Are you with me. Jebus did not go to make a demons and make a dame is according to history had enough money to support Jerusalem out of his own pocket for a hundred years. But he was not a healer Gerry's did not come to one of Jesus's disciples. Because in his mind. They were not healers. But we must begin with the very basic point. In regarding the urgency of healing in the eleventh hour is the fact that. People are looking for healing. Jesus didn't have to look for people that is the unique thing that the health message informs us on evangelism this whole concept of having to chase people down is not necessary. I never find a time in the Bible where it says Jesus ran after someone. Please come back we have a series starting on Thursday. Somebody ought to say man. I never find Jesus nickel and dime ing people trying. Hey let's remember given our free donuts what a low spiritual track in there and never find Jesus shaking hands with people just to trick them into touching him so he could heal them there was no bait and switch. Jesus wasn't chasing them they were chasing him and you know why they were chasing him. Because he was a healer. Ask ourselves this question this morning in the oven is a medical evangelism network from Season physicians and practitioners and clinicians all the way down to first year medical student or aspiring medical student. Or dentist or whatever it is ask yourself this question is your aim fundamentally to heal. And those of us who have a practice is your practice about healing or is it about business. Because I me tell you something. I am a businessman. And the number one goal of any business is the last. Amen. The goal is longevity. Makes no sense making a billion dollars only to go out of business. Try at the end of the day the goal is if this month focus is as a medical practitioner is it healing or is it about my business healing is empowering to the person the person who is empowered in that paradigm is the person who was sick and my focus is not just on healing healing gets to the root of the COS you do not heal me if you only treat my symptoms. It's true. You sent me away more comfortable than when I came but you didn't hear me. If we want to heal. We have to go to the cause you know I discovered something years ago. In Matthew chapter five. Jesus said. If your eye. Causes you to offend. What should you do. He said you should pluck it out and do what. You guys know to text or you guys are physicians right. I just could. He says take your eye out and cast it from you. It would be better that your I perish than that your whole body enter where into hell. So I want you to notice Christ point he says if your eyes causes you to F.N.. He didn't say cast out the sin. Notice he uses very specific language causes. So as they say right in the medical field the a theology and sometimes we have problems where we say the ology on no. But crisis. You know the COS. If you know the cause and this cause is causing you to sin. He says Do you know what the proper medical procedure is do you deal with the offense is that Jesus is advice. Yes or No no that's not his advice. It's causing you to offend. OK my eye is causing me to look upon a woman and lust that's the context of the statement The context is you look upon a woman and lust in your heart. You're already guilty. The next words are if your eyes causes you to offend so Christ is saying listen there's nothing wrong with an I Am I right. It is not an intrinsically evil organ. There is nothing wrong with the our But he says if something good is leading you to do something bad then you got to get rid of the eye and once you get rid of the eye because you don't want to cause there will be no offense to follow. And notice you don't say pluck it out and put it in a jar for reinstallation later on my find a way to fix this. I. That's not what Jesus says He says take the eye out and the next phrases cast it away from you it is no longer useful to us. So when I talk to young people about dealing with sin. If we apply the same approach that we apply to medicine to sin imagine what the problems we would have in our church don't deal with the cause the symptom is guilt don't deal with the cause the symptom is hey you know what. Let's help them not to feel bad about what he's doing. When the very root cause needs to be addressed. And healing is not about saying how do we get rid of the offense healing is about get rid of the aa. And don't keep it throw it away. It's gone forever. You know many people will shouldn't argue well there are benefits to wine. There are benefits to eating certain kinds of meat bit depending on your condition. There are benefits to dairy there are benefits to this from my brother's benefits to everything. In the right context so much in the military we recognize the fact that if I go out in the field and you're like man I got nothing to send a ties this thing with. Shit well use what you got. It's a benefit but I'm not recommending those things as a normal practice at the very root of what we're dealing with as healers is to deal with the cause. Jesus was not generous was not asking Jesus to deal with the symptoms. He was asking for healing and fundamentally if we are going to be radical in our perspective about what we do in our medical practices. We have to take away the scent tragedy of the business and make the centrally about healing. And listen I'm a tell you this as a business person. Do you know how many businesses are following the same model. It's no longer about making money it's about recognizing we want to take care of you as a person. What you need all businesses are moving that direction. And what they're saying is as we move that direction. They are finding that they are more profitable. How ironic. And it's sad that it is money driving other people to do the things that God told us to do. We already know. Imagine what eventually some would look like in our churches when you didn't have to chase people they were coming to your church all the time. Why because that's where you go to get healed. Or is it a place where you go to get judged. That's not healing or it's a place where you go to get ignored. Which leads me to my second point. The second point here in the story is not only you have the issue of dealing with the cause and healing but also recognizing that healing comes from a healing. This was their expectation. Jesus was a healer. There was an old preacher from New York. He said. The best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them. Sure. He said. So the best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them. And here was this point. You can help a poor man. If you are poor yourself a man they found poor how can I help you. Ellen White says such just as much where she says it is by lifting ourselves that we lift other people. So this whole concept of neglecting the Bible. So that I can give Bible studies doesn't work. This whole concept of the glad thing my health. So that I can help other peoples health doesn't work. She says even though Jesus did all his healing. He never violate. One point two pull of shelf. I'm like OK I'm not the process that went. Healing people all night a Capernaum that's not violent clearly was not a violation. You know Gandhi said. My message. Is my life. You know one of the most frustrating things about where we are as advantaged physicians and medical practitioners. Is the fact that many of us do not practice healthy launch them. Before we even get to the issue of healing someone else the question is am I healed. What is my lifestyle like could I say that my life is my message. So now let me share some of my personal experiences. Again. About why this is a burden for me. I used to work for a model for so I worked in the mammography department in a big hospital in Chicago. And I recall when we would come to work it would always be a fascination about what Sebastian was eating. OK What do you have for us today. Sebastian C. OK broccoli and what is this all you're going to eat. Then we go down to the cafeteria they say amen lunches on me. I'll take you down to the cafeteria shall go down with the doctor and the nurse practitioner and a radiologist and all these different people. We go down to the cafeteria hospital. And they go. Philly cheese steak. You know large fries thirty two ounce soda. We sit down at the. Hable I have a salad some soup the likes of national You're making me feel bad. I'm like What do you mean I mean you're just in so healthy on my you a doctor for anyone knows that you healthy should be you because I looked at me and he said. How did you learn to eat healthy. I said I learned from God. It's in the Bible. He said Really. So everyone's listening we have this conversation with the doctor and actually you know I said you know Doc. It's interesting to me that you just told the patient that if they don't stop eating the very same stuff your eating. He's going to have a heart attack. I'm wondering if your heart works the same. So he laughed. He said You got me there. Sebastian. Because what you find is is the fact that we know better. We're not doing better. You see when we decide as medical clinicians and practitioners to practice our own message. We will be able to empathize with people who won't just go telling people eat more vegetables. What vegetables are you eating all you need to add some some fruits to your diet what fruits are you eating all you need to exercise. How many of you are actually sizing you could come to a man go to the fitness center and most of us are not there. So the truth and I took a walk this morning just to see if there'd be any physicians walking around. I didn't see any of you guys out there. There were I saw a few I saw a few I didn't see Dr Rice it was too early. We if we want to talk about radical which means changing something at its fundamental nature complete overhaul radical practice starts with a radically practicing physician. Then when you come to your patient you can say look I am on an exercise regime. I am on a strict diet I know what it's like when it's your birthday and you want chocolate cake and know what is right and your grandmother comes in town and it's Thanksgiving and that German chocolate cake just looks so good. I know because I've been there. Because just like Jesus as a great physician he was touched with the feelings of our infirmities. He understood the struggle to be healthy too and to be disciplined in our diet and to be disciplined in our sleep but it all starts back with us as the medical professionals ourselves and I'm not just talking about general doctors I'm talking about we as the people of God you're not just a doctor your remnant doctor. Not a call to be the same. God is not going to look at you and say well you went to Johns Hopkins so therefore I'm a judge you hire he's going to say you went to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I would judge you higher. And it never ever ever gets any less irritating to me that people think they can become smarter than the Spirit of Prophecy. I don't care what your medical journal says. I'm a tell you the truth. You know many people try to disprove God they learn the hard way. You know what I always hear when I fly on planes. I always ask people when I'm sitting next to them what their profession is and I was asked two questions. I said What's the most rewarding thing about what you do and what's the most challenging thing about which you should be next to a physician one time I asked him those questions. He said one of most challenging things about being a doctor is when you tell patients to do something they don't do go home take this every day. Call me and he they don't listen. He says then the situation gets desperate there no do whatever you say. And he's like we could have avoided this. If you would have just done what I told you to do so. He said it's hard for me and I said you know it's so interesting. I find the same thing in the Bible with God's people. God's like we could have avoided this Babylonian captivity. We could have avoided Egypt and captivity we could have avoided the temple being destroyed. We could have avoided missing Christ coming in eighty eight we could have avoided this just because God's people don't want to do what he says. And it's crazy to think that it is rather cool. Just to render simple obedience and trust to God that is rather cope. Why do you do what you do because the Bible says oh he's a radical Christian. We've been proved on this point time and time and time and time again. I'm like so deviating from my notes right now he's going to let the Lord speak. I read a book called upstream doctors. It's interesting book. I want to share with you. What a concept upstream comes from I'm imagining anyone into public health probably knows the story but for those of us who don't know it. I'd like to share. This is what he says as he introduces the concept in the book. He says three friends approach a wide beautiful river. Far off they see the river leading to a waterfall the idyllic scene is shattered by the cries of a small child in the water. Flailing his arms while struggling to stay afloat. He's fast approaching the waterfall to their horror the friends see other children struggling in the water they immediately jump in to rescue the children one by one they try to bring them to safety. The relief and gratitude from the rescue children buoy their spirits their successful but not always assume the rescuers start to realize that the number of children in need isn't going down. They look upstream and all they can see are more children shrug doing in the water. They get back to work heroically redoubling their efforts. One of the friends focuses on saving kids at risk of drowning right away. Another manages to coordinate floating branches into a makeshift raft or sharing other children to safety but the children keep coming and the current gets stronger after a while. Two of the rescuers look up exhausted the third friend is swimming away from their option. Helping a few children along the way. In despair. One of the rescuers shouts out from down the river. Hey come back. Where are you going there are more children to save the other rescuer keep swimming upstream tired but determined she shouts back to her friends. I know I'm going to stop. Whoever or whatever is throwing these children into the water. He goes on to say in this book I argue that the future of health care depends on growing and supporting more upstream if. Upstream is practitioners who maybe doctors or nurses or other clinicians know that asthma can start in the air around us. They understand that obesity diabetes and heart disease partially originate in our busy modern schedules in the our natural food choices available in our communities and even in the way our neighborhoods are built and designed. They know that elements such as depression anxiety and hard blood pressure can arise from chronically stressful conditions at work and home they see how policies that afford or deny. Opportunity fairness and justice can be reflected in patients faces as well as in their D.N.A. And just as important these caregivers understand how to translate this knowledge into meaningful action the upstream is considers it her professional duty. Not only to prescribe a chemical remedy but also to tackle the sickness at its source is. Amazing to think that here are these people they've been talking about this is in one thousand nine hundred fifty. We've had this message since the eighteen hundreds. But we decided to be downstream ist. And so my challenge is to be upstream was going to give specific recommendations and then finish my talk. One of the interesting things initiatory. And Mark Chapter five. Is Jesus calls the girl or the woman daughter. When was the last time you called your patient brother or sister. This is why I said the context of Stephen Katie is important. Chemotherapy is a painful process and it's hard to watch. I have close friends. Hodgkin's lymphoma stage three. My age. Don't want to do chemotherapy. And you know why they don't because of what they've seen. I have friends having heart attacks at thirty on the soccer field. Skin conditions that were fused to go away. And you ask yourself the question. Why is it that when I talk to each and every one of them. So you go to the doctor. That's the last place they want to go. Because their answer is always the same the doctor's not going to help me. They're just going to recommend this and I don't want to do that. They're just going to tell me go do this but the difference is in this room. We can change that. That doesn't have to be the mindset of people in the public about a doctor or a nurse or are a peer or whatever it is that doesn't have to be the mindset the mindset can be. I want to go to the doctor not because they're a doctor but because there are healer. Their goal is not to sit down and figure out how to milk me for all the money they can get their goal is to say how can I get you a hole and I guarantee you though your budget may just scrape by but the souls in heaven will make all the difference. If you and I want to go to sleep with good conscience. If you are now I want to be able to leave this earth as a physician with all of our degrees and all of our research and all of our accolades and actually be able to stand before God with joy. It's because we prioritize the critical element of why God told us to be in the medical field he wanted to use us to heal. And not only did we heal them physically we healed them spiritually. But it all starts with us individually. And show only have a basic basic challenge to a woman's because I can't tell you what they're practically looks like I'm not a doctor not a nurse I have ideas. But many of you are actually in the patient rooms you'll be back there on Monday so much Allen just to fold every head is about every I is closest. My first invitation is for that medical professional or student in training or resident or nurse whatever it is you know that God is leading you into the medical field. Into the health work and right now. You know that your lifestyle does not reflect the very principles that you seem to advocate. But today. God wants to remind you that it's never going to be possible in your strength. It's only going to be possible in his strength and you are willing to go on a journey with Jesus to say Lord I need to reform. My personal health choices and I'm willing to make that decision this morning. I want invite you to stand to your feet. If you're willing to make that commitment as a medical professional or student or nurse or practitioner whatever I know I'm not living up according to the medical knowledge and the health knowledge that I have. And radical practice starts with me as an individual practitioner. Am I living a healthy life. My second invitation is for that individual that says maybe you have your own practice. Maybe you work at a clinic maybe whatever some individual you have autonomy to affect the way your medical practice works and this morning. You want to say I'm moving from a business centric model to a healing centric model. I don't know what that looks like but I'm willing to explore it with Jesus and with counselors. If that's your decision. I want to fight you to come up front because I want to pray for you because that's a radical commitment. I'm moving from a business centric to a healing centric model. This is going to be the focus of my practice because I have influence. I can change the nature of how it goes. And I believe many more people would do things if they were asked You can come all the way up front. We're brothers and sisters in the Lord don't have to be far away. Anyone else. I'm moving from a business centric to a healing centric practice. I want people to be healed. I don't want you keep coming back to get your teeth pulled. I want you to solve the problem. It's because you're eating canned. Should truth. Stop drinking soda on the plane take water. That's a healing centric practice. My doctor could warn me a long time ago when I was playing basketball and soccer Subash if you would have just done this but no he wanted me to keep coming back doomed me to say. Sebastian one day you're going to be surgery on that me it's inevitable could have warned me when I was young. This is the best way to do this. I didn't do that. Practice was not healing focused. Anyone else. Says I want to change my model from a business centric to a healing centric model. Because you have influence is not for everybody. Those of you join me up front if you wouldn't. I merely want to consecrate our decision and your practice and influence to God. Let us pray together. Father in heaven. Jesus has a name that is above every name and that's what leads us to Bob. We recognize that you've intrusted us with an enormous amount of influence. As medical workers. It is our prayer. That those of us who have stood to start radically practicing in our own personal lives that our patients may see the difference about following these principles means because they seen it in our own lives that this would be the summary of our experience that my message is my life that we would offer patients nothing that we ourselves would not take. And so Lord we pray that you would give us the grace and multiply your mercy to us that we may live up according to what we know at the same time. Some of us have come forward to making even greater radical commitment. Because of the influence that you've given us in our particular areas. We want to move from a business centric to a healing centric approach. And so Father as they kneel here before you. It is my prayer that this would be the beginning of a radical change in medicine that they would see as other physicians before them. As others. Scientists before them have brought great change to the world that has blessed and saved the lives of billions of people because they were willing to swim upstream. Because they were willing to go against the grain. I pray that you would number one four to five them with the courage that only heaven can be so it is my prayer that you would protect their families and their loved ones and you would protect their minds that they may always have clarity of what led them to this moment of time. It is also my prayer Lord that you would prosper their journey that you would take them as far and as fast as they are willing to go. And Lord may it be their collective experience that begins a tidal wave of change. And Father for those that come after them. That this legacy will be passed on. So while other doctors may be asked Do you remember Dr such and such a person will say Dr Who but these individuals do you remember this Dr People say I remember him. Because of the legacy that they left to us not just of medicine. But of healing. We love you thank you for the excuse. We offer this spring from our hearts this media was a website dedicated to spreading God's word and much more if you would like.


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