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Radical Mission

Jeremy Arnall


God calls His Laodicean Church to embrace a radical faith and life in these last days. In these three messages, we will consider the radical implications of such a calling. 


Jeremy Arnall

Senior Pastor at the Greeneville SDA Church in Greeneville, TN


  • October 30, 2016
    7:30 AM
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Good morning. So again it's been a pleasure real honor to be here with a team of ministers. Physicians or ministers just like ministers or ministers. That made sense. That's perhaps for word of prayer. Father we need you. This very hour we need you to speak to each of us. I ask Lord that you would veil me behind your glory. And that you would come close to the power of your Holy Spirit and just as your Holy Spirit placed Jesus inside the womb of Mary. I pray that you would place the Living Word of Christ in us through the power of the same spirit washes Clint's us fill us so that we might go from this place some far into the other side of this great nation. Some just up the road rare for use in this May we be a light. That others might see Jesus. So thank you for what you will do just now we trust and love you. Jesus name Amen. In his retirement. Thomas Jefferson Funt founded the University of Virginia because Jefferson trusted that students would take their studies. Seriously the code of discipline that he put in place was rather lax. And unfortunately his trust proved a little unfounded misplaced and misbehavior of the students led to a riot. A riot in which the professors who tried to restore order were attacked. The following day meeting was held between the university's board and Jefferson. Was a member of such of that board in. And as they were there before the the disgust the defiant students Jefferson began saying. Before the student body. This is one of the most painful events in my life. But then at that moment he was overcome by emotion. And he burst into tears and another board member asked the rioters to come forward and to give their names. Nearly everyone did. And later one of them said this. It was not Mr Jefferson's words. But it was his tears. Yes perhaps moody that great preacher had it right when he said a holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns. They only shy. We're talking about radical mission this morning. Radical mission. Open your Bibles to Isaiah fifty eight. I understand it's a passage that aim in his studied many times. Like God's grace I pray that we can be refreshing reminded of this important passage as we prepare to leave this good conference. As you turn there. I want to just remind you and I'm going to step over so I can see the screen with you. I want to remind you of a few quotations that we are given by inspiration that deal with Isaiah fifty eight specifically just in Rapid Fire notice first. It says the whole of the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah is to be regarded as a message for this time to be given over and over again. She writes What say at the LORD and fifty. Chapter of Isaiah the whole chapter the whole chapter is of the highest importance. I've been instructed to refer our people to the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah read this chapter carefully and understand the kind of ministry that will bring life into the churches Amen. She says portions of Scripture even whole chapters may be committed to memory to be repeated. When Satan comes in with his temptations the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah is a profitable one for this purpose and I don't know if you thought of Isaiah fifty eight in that matter but it's actually good this defense when the enemy attacks notice this. If we desire healthfulness of soul a sunny experience. We must put into practice the rules given us and Isaiah fifty eight. I mean if we want to be able to look out into the congregation of the church in which we worship and we want to see smiles. We need to look a little bit more and fifty eight. Again I urge you to consider Isaiah fifty eight. She writes I think there is no mistaking the point she believes that Isaiah fifty eight is a critical passage for this very hour. In fact two key ideas before we even read the passage because I trust you have many times to key ideas a merge from this chapter immediately. One is afflicting of the soul affliction of the soul and into Sabbath rest. These two key points as you probably are aware are already in Leviticus sixteen and Leviticus twenty three when we find instruction on how to experience the Day of Atonement which makes sense in keeping with the fact that we are in the end to typical day of atonement today that just like God cleanse the sanctuary after two thousand three hundred days in heaven. He is seeking to cleanse our temples. Amen. So that he may do well with us. So this is a very pertinent passage in light of where. We find ourselves in Bible prophecy. So let's go to first one without further ado it says cry cry aloud spare not. Lift up your voice like a trumpet. Tell my people their transgressions and the House of Jake up there since notice that it says that they are he is to Isaiah is to cry aloud. In this context of course God is asking the nation of Judah to awaken to its true condition. And its need. But having just established this passages Raval of relevance to us today. It makes sense that this is a message that we should be receiving today with a loud cry and how interesting when we find Revelation fourteen seven and Revelation fourteen nine telling us that the first and third angels messages are to be given with loudness Amen. And that revelation eighteen tells us that thirteen just message will get a better shot in the arm if you will as a loud cry and earth final hour. This message is for Make no mistake and it's interesting that it says that Isaiah is to point out their sins which supposes that they didn't know about their sins. They had ignored their sins and isn't that in keeping with love. Laodicean Church which thinks it's rich when in reality it's not the poor blind and naked. You see that do you see the relevance that this has for us today. Men. Tell them to their transgressions It supposes that they don't know. And notice first two. Yet they seek me daily and delight to know my ways. As a nation that did righteousness and did not forsake the ordinance of their god they ask of me the ordinances of justice. They take delight in approached. God. Now here's the irony. God has just asked Isaiah to address with a loud voice. Their their sins and yet look how they are described here. And is it just maybe not a seeming quandary a contradiction of terms I mean this profile sounds impressive I mean if you saw a car a geisha with some of these characteristics listed there. You say you know this this church is happening right. This sounds like a church you want to visit they seek Him daily if statistics are still true then we need today are not even measuring up in this because statistics tell us that most Adventists don't even have a daily personal devotion a man. Right. And yet these people say can De Lay. I mean this these these are the type of people that you're going to find at G Y C N A man. Right. Or come on now a man. I'm here to so. These are the people who will say yes I study the lesson this week. Perhaps they attend prayer meeting regular regularly. Not only this they fast. I'm not going to ask for show of hands but. Come on. It says they don't just seek Him daily It says that they did light and knowing him. His way. But catch it. There's very little doing in this passage is their. Right. It's all about what they know notice that doing is strangely as. Absent it appear that they simply like to to just hear about the ways of the Lord to attend conferences on the way of the Lord to to watch programming on television of the ways of the Lord. They don't live in it. It's fine. But where's the doing. You say it's possible to focus more on what we don't do than what we do do right. We don't steal we don't commit adultery we don't eat meat. We don't wear jewelry don't break the Sabbath the list goes on and on and I'm not belittling that list. But if faith was only about what you didn't do then the monastery would be the safest place for all of us. I'm in. How can we show the love of God If we don't step out how can we be the light of the world if we don't shine for us. Notice first three. Why have we fasted they say and you have not. Why have we have collected our souls and you take no notice. In fact and the day of your fashed you find pleasure and exploit all your labors see there fasting again it's about something they are not doing in this case they're not eating. Their fasting. And as far as fasting goes I mean that's that's listed amongst most top three spiritual disciplines typically. Not saying fasting is not importing Under saying by and large it's not it's not as common as some of the other disciplines. But these folks are fasting and. It's like they're living like those who are living on the day of atonement. They're flexing their souls it looks like what God's last days church should. Look like but like Laodicea there's something missing. Notice here a key problems for these professed people of God the fasting the affliction of the soul these things have been done with an expectation for something in return. Right. The fasting and afflicting of souls these things have been done with expectation and when I do something expecting something in return. Well that's called a job. And the Bible talks about wages as Romans six twenty three right. We can never earn salvation we can never earn or our merit righteousness is to behavior was like those of the pagan to carried out various rituals in an effort to to awaken and manipulate their gods to act in their favor. But this form of manipulation God finds repulsive. In fact in speaking of Laodicea it says God wants to vomit. He would call the story of the fair city in the publican in Luke eight team and I don't remember if I have or I'm sorry. Anyway I don't. I don't have that on the screen there but Luke eighteen you know the story that the fairest in the publican and it's here that we. We find a lot of the thinking that's in the church today. In our thinking perhaps. I mean at least I'm not like so and so. Right. I mean we don't think it's consciously we know that's wrong because of the story of a teen we don't we don't want to say it like that but come on. Subliminable you know what I'm trying to say in there. The thoughts pastored on to. It's. Subtle matter but we we think that at least we're not like that. This looking down upon the other is not about whether someone is liberal conservative for regardless of where use find yourself on the on which side of the aisle you find yourself. The reason I can make such an assumption is because of what Revelation three tells us this is our condition. I didn't just come up with this. I don't just assume this. Laodicean church. This is their condition. It's ours. If you're quietly disagreeing with me than. Than maybe you're standing in the need of prayer indeed here in verse three we see a people who are exalting themselves by suggesting that they deserve recognition from God that that when he says they should be humbling reflecting themselves and Isaiah fifty eight verse four we find the solution notice. No distress for he says. Indeed you fast for strife and debate. Indeed you fast for what strife and. We talked a little bit about this yesterday. Lord help us. Strike with the fist of wickedness. You are not fast if you do this day to make your voice heard on high and other words what good is this fasting when you continually have contention in the beit earrings and this is not fast God is talking about this idea of fasting while debating is so disgusting not eating for a period of time while. It looks like it's in some ways perhaps it's made us more grumpy than anything. We fast to clear our minds to make us more in tune with the voice of God Not so. That we can debate more clearly against someone and prove them wrong. And then. Again I'm not negating truth here. Please don't take it that way. These folks seem to be treating their their or their experience as a task that must be done to get God's attention this message is for us. So God says here in verse four if you're seeking to be heard. Please no it's not getting anywhere with me verse five. Is it a fast that I have chosen a day for a man to afflict a soul. Is it to bow down his head like a a bull rush. And to spread out sackcloth amid ashes and ashes. Would you call this a fast and an acceptable day to the Lord. So God then extensive questioning it to God Choose a day for you to flex your soul in other words is it really just about afflicting yourself for one day just one day. Really. It's it. It's not just about a day is it what this word afflict means the same word is used in Deuteronomy eight verse two it says and you shall and you shall remember the Lord your God how he led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness to humble you to test you to know what is in your heart. Whether you would keep His commandments or not. You see what God is asking for here is our hearts to be humble. That's the kind of affliction of soul that we're talking about a man. Not about puffing ourselves up with arguments and to paint as we stand on the borders of the promised land. We too can expect to be tested upon this point it's upon this point the disciples struggled having lived in the press. Of God Why should we expect ourselves to be any less immune. Yes God states very clearly his disdain for the prop and circumstance. Not that these activities are bad. Mind you but without a humble heart it's nothing but a cheap show. It's a charade. So to sum up the problem as stated in verses one of five I'll use one word hypocrisy. Poxy God then offers a solution in the following verses and that's where I want to spend the remainder of our time notice for six or seven together is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of with kindness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free. And that you may break every yoke. Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house. The poor who are cast out when you when you see the naked that you cover and not hide yourself from your own flash. If you notice carefully verse six appears to relate to suppression as it would relate to business. It relates to how we relate to those we've been given oversight of do you see it. We are called to avoid being oppressed if we are to practice in other words the Golden Rule. Verse seven relates to selfless service to those who are outside of our or purview purview. And we may know that in Matthew twenty five that in time picture God gives. God servants are to look what they're supposed to look like and we find that Jesus identifies himself with the poor and needy and that's when we thus we serve them. When we serve them we are in essence serving Christ. This here place and significantly when we try to train. Slate versus thirteen and fourteen. You'll see in a moment. Notice or say oh and by the way that I that I show you versus. Oh you have her say I'll show you what we saw the quote now. Success in our Vangelis to quirk will transpire. When we realize this point. Notice for say. Then your light shall break forth like the morning. Your healing shall spring for speedily. And your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord shall be your guard when when when you correct the problem that has been explained when you embrace verses six and seven. This will be your experience as we see in verse eight and that's where this quote is so powerful Doing good is an excellent remedy for disease. We can be a vegetarian a vegan we can drink wheat grass. But if we don't love our neighbor as ourself we won't be an optimal health. Will be filled with disease. Inspiration says. So this is the health message this is medical ministry and. This is medical ministry. Medical missionary work involves more than just diet exercise as important as that is. It involves service itself doing good is an excellent remedy for disease notice first nine. Then you shall call and the Lord will answer you shall cry and he will say. And he will say Here I am. If you take away the yoke from your midst. The pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness that's what we read about in verse one right. The bait and strife. If you if you take. If you put the finger down. If you extend your soul to the well I will wait over certain. Consider what we just read here in verse nine with verses six and seven. Consider this in light of the message to Laodicea here I can't help but see a striking contrast He's outside the door of our heart in Laodicea But if we respond to the council in verses six and seven. He'll say here I am a man. It's the way we open the door. We will find him standing there and what was his counsel he said we need to buy some things one of which was gold refined in the fire. And there is what inspiration says about the gold. This is the gold mentioned by Christ the true witness which all must have has been shown to me to be faith and love combined and love. Takes the precedence of face. Herein lies a hint as to why the council of Isaiah fifty eight because if the heart isn't touched. If we don't choose to set aside our interest and to seek to tend to the interests of others they will fail to experience the character of Christ we may profess the character of Christ but we will fail to experience the character of Christ we won't be a part of that Great hundred forty four thousand who bore the name of Christ in their foreheads. Looks three. Seven A sixteen but specific I'm going to look at a few verses here just for the sake of time verses ten to fourteen. So the people asked him this is John the Baptist speaking are addressing them. They asked him What shall we do then John the Baptist said to them. He who has to turn it. Let him give to him who has one he who has a has food let him do likewise the tax collectors. Also came to be baptized they said they have Teacher What shall we do and he said to them collect no more than what is appointed for you first six and Isaiah right. Likewise the soldiers asked him saying What shall we do so. He said to them do not intimidate anyone or accuse falsely and being Keep be content with your wages. This is the Alija message. Amen. This is the what is necessary for Jesus to come the first time it's what's necessary for him to come. The second time. If we want the Holy Spirit to fill us then we need to trust God with all of our riches. A man. With our reputation. With our success. Missed point. And we fail. We are no different than those first five persons Isaiah fifty first nine are verse ten rather this is it says first in if you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then your light shall dawn in the darkness your darkness shall be as the noonday it's bore than just reading physical needs though it's also emotional and spiritual as well. Taking away that which burdens and offering what satisfied with satisfies it's personal. It's not something you can delegate to your nurse. Amen. It's about you medical ministry isn't just about taking away the pain. It's about offering joy. First eleven says the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul and drought shrink to your bones you should be like a water to guard. And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail when when you follow an incorporated verse six and seven. It is then that that the above verses are the verses I just read will take place in your life you'll then have the joy of what you've always sung about the drought will pass the darkness will fade. You'll quickly grow and bloom is a water garden become like a spring first twelve says and quickly approach Procida versus thirteen and fourteen those from among you shall build the old waste places you shall raise up the foundation of many generations you shall be called the repair of the breach to restore of the streets to dwell in. So you'll become the repair of the brooch. Because what was missing. Has been found. Now verse two spoke of an impressive people. You know the daily seeking after him delighting in him. Fasting and all all the like but there was a breach in the wall. There is a breach in the wall today. Amen. Ellen White says that that breach is the Sabbath. This passage confirms it. So my question is What does the Sabbath have to do with the he pot hypocrisy that we see in verses one to five. What does the Sabbath have to do with the lack of ministry and service that we see in verses one to five. What this hypocrisy have to do what does the Sabbath have to do with what we see in the church today. Let's look verse thirteen. If you turn away your foot. From the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day call the Sabbath to the light the whole. Day of the Lord honorable. And so honor him not doing your own way. Or finding your own pleasure nor or speaking your own words. Verses one to five summit up pocker see what does this have to do with hypocrisy. This text that first can seem rather heavy don't do anything pleasurable on Sabbath and that's where a bad name in some circles. Really. Sounds rather strict but be careful. Be careful for the sake of your children. Be careful. There's got to be an explanation here remember that there is a rebuke early in the chapter and in verse six we see the idea where we gather the is where we gathered the idea that God is appearing to rebuke those who have taken advantage of those under their command remember verse six. Remember verse six he alludes to this idea of oppressing those under you. This is the remedy for verses one in five or six and seven and he alludes to this oppressing this notion that you are over someone. He asked them to remove that yoke and the heavy burdens. So with that as a backdrop. Notice verse thirteen more carefully. It says if you turn your foot from the Sabbaths now the Hebrew word from the four the four turn away is the same word used to convey the I.D.F. repentance. It means to turn or to bring back. The idea of turning away your foot is an idiomatic expression meaning to stop doing what you are doing and return. Where it says from the Sabbath the Hebrew word for the word from is actually a prefects and is actually trance. At times as on account of. So thus we would read the text like this with that understanding if you stop and return on account of the Sabbath. From doing your pleasure on my Holy Day Now if you look at the English standard version. You'll see a note in your margin that says pleasure is also translated as business you can go and look at the lexicons it's also translated as business which I would argue makes more sense here given the context of verse six given the context of verse six are you following. OK Do I need to go over that again. If you stop and return on account of the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day and the English standard version if you look in the and it's I'm just using that as a reference because of easy and quick for you but you can look in lexicons as well. You will see a note in your margin that says pleasure is also or can be translated as business which is what I would argue makes more sense in the light of verse six which talked about oppressing those under you are you with me. OK then the text says if you call the Sabbath a delight. Which is no simple word think it's Joanne Davidson at the seminary that talks about how the word for delight is the is the notion of an elegant delight in the context of royalty. This is not a cheap word. Then the text says and shall honor him. Not doing your own way. Again the word for away here for a way here can be translated as a customary or usual way of doing business and other words the Sabbath isn't a day for doing your usual business and light on her six I think it makes a lot of sense a man. Moving on we have already seen here pleasure is also translated as business and how it fits here. So when the text says not to find or seek your own pleasure. Could it be that it simply implying not to seek out or find your own business. Lastly where it says not speak nor speaking your own words again the Hebrew word translated words. It's also translated it can be translated as matter or occupation or business. Thus we find this warning again talking about doing business on the Sabbath which makes sense not only in light of verse six but. What we see as a problem in Scripture. I mean think about Nehemiah thirteen it's not the same time period but think about Nehemiah thirteen trying to do business outside the gate. Dr Ed Christianson is is where I first discovered this this notion of business here. Here is a university professor in Pennsylvania. He wrote an article which was published in the Adventist the illogical Society journal back in two thousand and two which he explained these points and offers a more literal trades on translation if you will of first thirteen. Here's how he translated it translates it light of what I just shared with you. If you turn back on account of the Sabbath your foot doing of your affairs of my house on my holy day you call to the Sabbath exquisite delight to the holy day of yah way off and if you make it honorable without doing your customary undertaking without finding your business and. Talking of business. And then notice verse fourteen I'm going to come back to verse thirteen but notice first fourteen. Oh no. Hold on. I want to take a moment here on verse thirteen. You're familiar with that passage you know and why it was she talks about how. Those who are in medical work. When they are required to work on the Sabbath. Those funds that are gleaned upon the Sabbath are to. Go for what. Charity. I'm in charity. I remember I used to work in the nursing home C. after a medical missionary and. Anyway I was the I was a nursing aide in high school and and I remember working with others that there was a temptation a time I never did this I recall but I mean there was the thought that we go through and I know others perhaps would do it. That and I'm not telling you anything new here but you know. There's a holiday of some kind. Whatever you're whatever on Sunday. What if I switch Sunday in and work two Saturdays so I can take a holiday on Sunday and work on holy day. I mean should hopefully that's not a temptation and more you understand the logic right. I think we have been counseled for good reason that that we must guard the Sabbath from business from doing even things that can be good but take away the rest of the Sabbath. Amen amen. OK Look here verse fourteen then you shed a light yourself in the Lord. Then if this is experienced then you will delight yourself and Lord I will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth to feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father the mouth of the Lord has spoken when God says the mouth of the Lord has spoken when when you hear you know it reminds me of Revelation What is it twenty one verse five or six where he talks about the new Jerusalem coming down from heaven and then he says you know write this down. You remember that you got this John. When God wants something to really be noted he you know this. It's coming from the mouth of the Lord. It's a promise. So what does the Sabbath have to do with hypocrisy. What does the Sabbath have to do with the condition we find God's people in verses one to five. The blessing. He tells us very clearly is not something that you've earned it's not a wage. It comes when you set aside your business your work. You see God's people were seeking him and taking delight in the knowledge of him but they were seeking their business their success their reputation. While they did all the others but they it was about them in the end a man. Climbing the corporate ladder taking that name that position taking that job because it was about them. Yes you know Praise God from home all blessings flow but it's about them. Amen. Verse six and seven imply that they were oppressing the weak go home and read Nehemiah five or Amos two occurred but later but the point is still true. What are the implications of this chapter today on the eve of the Second Coming. Much of course more than I can share in the time allotted but for now I want to focus on how to repair the breach which the text implies that the Sabbath. How is the Sabbath a means of repairing the hole in the wall. How is the Sabbath going to fix the problem of verses one to five. I would suggest to you that it's not just about doing more medical missionary work on the Sabbath. Should we be busy about the Lord's work. Should we be ministering to others on the. Beautiful Sabbath sure. But we're not going to find a cure. We're not going to patch the breach by working just in an organization to do something more missionary minded on sadness. Are you with me not saying that's not his plight I understand you understand what I'm saying this is a personal matter. This is about setting aside my business for his business not just on a day but for the rest of my life. Amen. Otherwise we are we are teasing ourselves as though. Oh I got the idea now I got the idea. We'll just we'll just do something instead of taking a mat will do something and then we've fixed Isaiah fifty it's not that simple. We're talking about matters of the heart. We're talking about a shift of thought where I put my trust in him. I can earn it. I can't merits it. I can't succeed in my business unless I give my business to him and only do his business. If that shift has not occurred. I can decorate my calendar. I can decorate my my wallet but I will not be successful in finding the peace that passes all understanding. Come unto me all you that labor. Come on doctors you know something about that. Amen. Come on tell me all you that labor and are heavy laden and we're not just talking about the work week are we were talking about that that haunting feeling that we all know about where we realize we've been going it alone. Or we will where we've walked we've talked the talk but we've not experienced the walk. The first two people are fasting they're seeking Him to. Worshipping him but they failed to love one another as God called them to do. And you'll never never be able to love your enemy successfully. Until Jesus puts that love in your hearts. It will be a show it will be almost in Paris saying. Unless Jesus puts it in there yes. People might say oh my mouth feels better. Oh my my feet feel better. Are you made me feel so much better today. You gave me hope. And they may go home but and last and last the love of Jesus is residing in our hearts they will have a healed foot or a healed in Dallas but they won't have a healed soul. A man a man. I'm talking personal here. Sure we can we should we do these great initiatives corporately Yes by all means blasting aimin and pathways to health price guy. Amen. But if the people that gather to support these initiatives are not experiencing this personally. Then the corporate effort is just that corporate effort while the people in Isaiah fifty eight had the law intellectually but not spiritually was more head than heart. Here and here was the breach in the Sabbath is all about resting in Him. Finally giving up on my success on my reputation on my future and giving it to Jesus and saying I'm not going to worry about tomorrow. I am simply going to worry about surrendering all today to you because you whole tomorrow. We convert Parrott through disinterest believe now. Violence and not a disinterest in the third angels message a man. I hear sometimes this notion that. Well I'm going to give a tract to my patients or are I'm going to are maybe not a truck I'm going to I'm going to have to minister to my patient but I'm not I'm not going to bait and switch and I'm not going to folks it's not a bait and switch if you love your i Phone you're going to tell him about your i Phone aren't you. If you love Jesus is just going to come out. It's not a bait and switch. It's because you know personally personally is the key word here. You know personally that that is what has brought healing in your life. And so yes you fix the toe or that tooth or whatever that's important. I'm not undermining that but. But then you go for the soul a man. I mean I love the testimonies we've heard this week in the powerful testimonies of breaking out to the soul and not just the toe in the. You know all the body parts. Must be disinterested benevolence that this interest is in my own success. My own person. It's interest in this. Disinterested benevolence. It's not a social gospel social gospel is Darryl in. The work of the people she writes the work of the people of God is to enlighten the world in accordance with the directions given in the fifty eight chapter of Isaiah here is presented a plan of work which is to be carried out in every place where the truth takes hold of minds and hearts and connection with the proclamation of the message is to be done the work of relieving families who are in distress. Those who take their position on the Lord side to see in Seventh Day Adventist a warm hearted. Denying sacrificing people who chair fully and gladly minister to the needy. When you self but when you offer up self-sacrifice. When you offer your finances when you offer your home when you offer your car you aren't giving because you say you know I don't know where it's going to be replaced but I know God holds all in his hands and most of all me. Right. It's just total rest in Christ. That's why the Sabbath is the repairing the breach in the wall. We may be keeping the Sabbath by not playing games or working on Sabbath. But if we're not experiencing the Sabbath that our hearts all through the week then the Sabbath was the testimony of of. If not what's in here. It's a charade. I'm sorry folks I get excited I'm not mad. I'm excited. Look here search heaven and earth and there is no truth revealed more powerful than that which is made manifest in the works of mercy to those who need our sympathy and aid this is the truth as it is in Jesus. When those who profess the name of Christ shall practice the principles of the Golden Rule the same power will attend the gospel as an Apple style at times. There's no better barometer of where you are in your resting in Jesus than how easily and readily you're willing to let go of what's in your pocket or what's on your calendar and in. Could it be that way. What it boils down to is that we like those in Isaiah fifty eight to love to seek the Lord but yet we remain selfish caught up in our business caught up in our profit making rather than embracing Christ's life of self sacrificial surface. That's a breach existing God has give it to others. I'll add it unto you. From what has been shown me she says Sabbath keepers are growing more selfish as they as they increase in richer. Their lust for Christ and His people is decreasing. They do not see the wants of the needy nor feel their sufferings and sorrows. So while it is clear that the need for disinterested benevolence why that mention of the Sabbath in Isaiah fifty eight. I would suggest that it is at least part. That it is at least in part because of what the Sabbath is a sign off the Sabbath is a sign of what has already occurred in here and if I am not experiencing this in here then again the Sabbath is a charade. Let me illustrate and I will bring this to a close. We are told for example when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people he then will come to claim them as his own. She is then says the completeness. The completeness of Christian character is attained. When the impulse to help and bless other spring springs constantly from within. We're talking about impulse here. We're not talking about pressure. We're talking about impulse not feeling guilty that you have to do it in order. No it's it's impulse the seal of the Living God will be placed upon those who bear a likeness to. To. Christ in character. Now open your Bible. See I think I have this on the screen a physical nine four Notice this is beautiful talking about the Seal of God here in this is in the the type if you will go through the myths of the city through the mist of Drusilla and put a mark on their foreheads of the men who sighed and cry over all the abominations that are done within it. Allister was saying. Allister he helped me see this. Notice this the seal on the forehead the mark on the forehead. Yes the Sabbaths but notice specifically how it's explained here they sighed and cry over the all abominations that are. Done with it. Notice what she writes in this are of age is about when Jesus sighed and cried Jesus gazes upon the scene. The vast multitude there shouts spellbound by the vision of beauty. All eyes turn upon the savior Xperia expecting to see and his countenance the admiration they themselves feel this is the triumphal incher but instead of this they behold a cloud of sorrow. Catch this let this sink in. They are surprised disappointed to see his eyes filled with tears. His body rocks. That his body. And his body rocked to and fro like a tree before the tempest while I way of anguish Burns burst from his quivering lips as if from the depths of a broken heart. What a sight was this for angels to behold their love commander is an agony of tears. I remember when Wright twin brother died in a crash I remember waking up the next morning. Dark in the home of the of his wife there in my teen and I were in the. In the guest room there and I remember waking up and you felt like a squirrel that was inside of a cage. Even you know what I'm talking about if you've been in that kind of anguish I mean you felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on you you felt you felt like you just wanted to burst out of this torment and the crying that came forth was not just a sniffle it wasn't just the kind of crying that happens when you've seen a rather sad story. This was this was the kind of wailing that Jesus is showing here not his showing for his brothers and his sisters. Amen. This is the kind of compassion. Jesus has for his people. What a sight was this for the glad throng with the shouts of triumph and the waving of palm branches were escorting him to the glorious city where they found. Fondly hoped he was about to rain. Jesus had wept at the grave of Lazarus but it was in a god like grief and sympathy with him and woe. But this sorrow was like a note of wailing in a grand try. I am full chorus. Lord please give us that kind of compassion in. Help us to love even those who appear unlovable for whatever the reason help us to love like that in the midst of a scene of rejoicing where all were praying him homage Israel's King was in tears not silent tears of gladness but tears and groans of it there in suppressed simple agony the multitude was struck with a sudden gloom there acclamations were silenced many wept in sympathy with a grace they could not comprehend the tears of Jesus were not in anticipation of his suffering. It was his was no selfish sorrow the thought of his own agony did not intimidate that noble self sacrificing soul. It was the sight of Jerusalem that pierced the heart of Jesus. Drusilla that had rejected the Son of God had scored his love that refused to be convinced by his mighty miracles was about to take his life he saw that she was in her guilt of rejecting her Redeemer. And what she might have been had. She accepted him who along to heal her wound womb wound he had come to save her. How could he give her up when you go into the office on Monday. The person comes in with an issue of the mouse or heart or stomach or whatever. And they're there to be fixed of a malady of some sort let this scene pass before you. And remember that this is the soul that has the opportunity of eternity in heaven. And may God by His power. May because we say we we bout it. His throne that morning. May His love. So fail us that we see this person not as a person with an ailment. But as a soul who is in dire need of eternity. And if every patient is treated with that that staff. And you can go home at night you can rest. And you can enjoy the coming Sabbath with a rest. That only Christ can afford. I believe is coming soon. Don't you will be called rigid will be called Legal lists. But if we can only love as he left. People will see that we are His disciples faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Your Lord forgive us for breaking your Sabbath. Forgive us floor for. For seeking after our own business. Our own pleasure. Our own vanity. Forgive us for where we have sought to hide your glory behind ours. Lord we are but dust. We are unworthy. But we read a passage just like that in desire of ages and we read of how your compassion. So overwhelmed you in the midst of the praise that was being afforded you. Lord help us to we able to to handle praise like that. Help us to care more for this. Soul of others and for anything else. Lord help us to be like most of us to have that selfless. That selflessness that you so desire from us so that in the end we can enjoy eternity with you help us to embrace the Sabbath Rest help us to embrace the medical ministry that this will of buses go with us and maybe beyond by this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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