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Of Opiates and Stimulants

Daryl Cheng


A young doctor’s grapple with ministry and medicine.


Daryl Cheng

Pediatric Fellow at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia


  • October 29, 2016
    9:30 AM


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It's hard to follow your sister often. My story is nowhere near as exciting. I always wanted to be a doctor and that was where I ended up. I think we should we can finish in first see to the worship service no. Again it's a privilege to be here and to share with you. Thank you for inviting us from Australia it's a long way away there are a few Australians here in the crowd today and I'm glad to say that we too are excited about what a minister to this invite you to say a quick word of prayer. Even as we even as I share my story this morning. Father thank you again for the time you had me behind your cross the things I'm about to share not for my own glory but for us. And speak to someone here. That you have brought to. Jesus me. And when I remember my first day actually was my first night. NATO intensive care unit. Now for all of you who are doctors especially those who are adult doctors. You never want to see a baby again in your life for me it's the opposite. I'm doing pediatrics and so I like to see babies. Actually I like to see babies that are well you know the ones that in the audience that are crying on the plane on the plane if there's a baby next to me I can sleep no matter how loud it's crying when people are walking up and down and scratching and tearing their hair out. I can go to sleep because when a baby cries. I know that they are well when a baby doesn't cry. I wake up when everyone else is sleeping because I know that something is wrong. I remember early in two thousand and fourteen. It was my first. My first ever shift looking after these new NATO intensive care unit babies they give you a pager that you carry around and I think one of brothers was sharing yesterday about his experience today I'm going to share mine. I had this pager and I was hoping it wouldn't go off and you know when you are on overnight the pager always goes off when you're just about to fall asleep three A.M. or maybe four A.M. in the morning when it's getting colder the air conditioning gets colder at four A.M. in the morning. It's you're so drowsy you don't know whether it's midnight or Monday or Tuesday and the pager goes off. Please come to room eight. And so I went through me. And when you go into the new natal to intensive care unit they prepare you by practicing on mannequins you know those plastic mannequins. But practicing on a plastic baby is nothing like practicing on the real baby I mean doing the real thing not practicing. And so I remember I walked into the room in room eight. And the midwife just threw me the baby and ran away and I was like what's going on. And so I soon began to realize that this baby was blue. Was not breathing. Maybe about four kilos and nothing that you practice before hand on those plastic mannequins prepares you anything like your first NATO resuscitation. If you're not a pediatrician or pediatric resident or trainee in the room. You never want to see the situation. Ever. If you're a parent in the room. You never want to see the situation ever. But if you are a pediatric resident or a trainee or a attending You are the one who does not want to see the situation because you have to fix the situation. And so here I was. There's the mom just after twenty four hours of labor. Exhausted on the beard the dad standing in the corner not knowing what to do cry be happy to be sad. Not quite knowing what was going on the obstetrician trying to get as far away from the baby as possible. The midwife we're just given me the baby and run to the other side of the room and me. And it's in that situation. Your face begins to kick and so I remember I put the baby what seemed like hours I put the baby on the resuscitate there and started doing the things you know you go through this algorithm they try and prepare you but nothing prepares you like doing the real thing for the first time in that situation. Baby's not breathing heart rate sun one hundred. OK We're going to start doing something just call for help. Press the button call someone someone to help me. It's three A.M. in the morning. No one has come. So I and she baited the baby the baby had the cornea messed ration syndrome it swallowed its own pool on the way coming out and could not breathe one half minutes heart rate less than sixty start C.P.R. You know I always wondered to myself in that situation that was the first time I resuscitated a baby and in the blinding flash I began to pray. I stopped I remember in the middle of the resuscitation I stopped and I just closed my eyes and I prayed and then I continued. And it was in that split second that I asked myself when you say you have faith in God to save this baby does that mean you just stand there and hope that God saves it or does it mean that you do something about. Six months later the local newspaper featured the baby. That I could save that night I will never forget that experience because it was a turning point in my training as a doctor this morning. Turn your Bible to me to first Kings Chapter twenty first nineteen. I titled my my sharing this morning all opiates and stimulants No I'm not a. Nice assist or someone who does anesthetics I have no experience in prescribe opiates. You should have come to this seminar yesterday by Dr Kim. But I want to share with you what I mean. When I put this statement out the first Kings chapter Twitter nineteen verse nineteen the Bible says so he departed from there and found the life of the son of chief of his plan we have twelve York of oxen before him and he was with the twelve. This is the story of Elijah going to anoint him then allowed to pass by human through his mantle and in verse twenty and he left the oxen and ran after him. I want you to notice some very basic keep points you are not going to labor the point. This is not supposed to be a sermon but I want you to notice that the life is an extremely rich man. Oh at least his father is extremely rich. How many oxen does it take to plow a piece of land. Maybe one oxen sometimes if you are rich. Maybe you have two so you put a yoke across this men has twelve yoke of oxen plowing the field and he was wiff to twelve in like Shia is a rich person. When you are rich and you have a five in Palm Springs. You don't go out into the sun. When you eating breakfast in the sun I wanted to die. It was so hot. Let alone standing in the field. This man in a live show could have easily told or hired a servant to do the plowing for him right and sat in the shade with maybe some air conditioning and looked out over the field and admired his father but instead he was out there working the few we've the oxen. And that is exactly where you live found. Many of us doctors dentists medical students dental students alike in life. We come from relatively OK families we make a relatively good salary. We have some comforts we can afford a car we can afford a house. We are able to live comfortably but I want to challenge you to go beyond that today as doctors we have the ability to work on Sabbath. If we want to. And I'm not trying to say you should work on service to get me wrong. But you can justify it to the rest of your church members that you're on call and you can hide behind yourself. As a dentist. You can lead a comfortable life and go on a mission trip whenever you want if you're in private practice so long you find someone to cover you. We can say I'm too busy. I'm too. Oh I want to have my study. I don't have time to study the Bible. We are a privileged bunch of people don't you agree we can use every excuse under the sun because we're helping people. And like rather should see we have the option to sit in the she. All the option. To plough. The few. My sister shed a little bit about. Our experience. My family became Adventist when I was about two and a half three. We grew up in Singapore and it was of because of my illness that my parents brought me to an Adventist Hospital where a missionary doctor and his wife introduced the health message to my parents we became vegetarian almost overnight and because my illness started to improve it provided an opening for them to share with my family about the Seventh Day Adventists message so if anyone tells you that the health message doesn't work. I'm sorry you are wrong and I would not be standing here if someone did not share with my family not only about healthy living but about the potential for spiritual health. Because of my parents' conversion they felt a great burden to share and to be involved in ministry and so that was the way my sister and I grew up we moved to Australia when I was nine years old and my parents soon began to be involved in the public campus ministry work working to reach university students on secular campuses. They planted a church together with some of the elders in our church a church plot in the middle of Melbourne Australia which is no known as insistent at the age of twelve and thirteen. My sister and I were dragged along or rather just put in the car and brought along and involved in every facet of ministry possible because my parents were involved and so that's the way we grew up and when you're in high school and when you are going through you have time. You have time to go to school. You have time to go and do ministry you have time to help out at church. You can do this that and everything else. And so that's the way we grew up. We didn't know anything else but to be involved in ministry and maybe some of you sitting here in the audience today you think back to those days before medical school before your busy life in attending before your busy life as a running your own practice and you had all the time in the world. You know when they move when I was in high school I used to finish classes three thirty in the afternoon. And I thought that finishing at three thirty was late. Then when you went to university you're finished. Sometimes at five or five thirty and I thought that was late. Then when you start medical residency you finish work at eight o'clock and you thought that was late now as a fellow if I finish work before midnight sometimes I'm happy. And so when I was younger I remember there was a time to do ministry there was time to do this. It was time to do that but as time went along and some of you who are just starting medical school or just starting your residency you're starting to realize that you may not have had or may not have as much time as you used to or want to or wish you had. And so it's that that situation all the privileges of in life should be for the richness the wealth the affluence the choices when Elijah comes and says to leave your word and follow me you're left at this juncture where you have to make a decision. Much like the juncture where I had to make a decision when I was looking after this young baby. These are some of the pictures of campus ministry that we were involved in. I remember I began to give Bible study to people older than me a Bible study pano when I had time before medical school. So there is a quote that goes like this from review inherit January twenty four eighteen ninety three. Faith is not an opiate but a stimulant looking to Calvary will not quiet your soul into nonperformance of duty but will create fav if that will work. You know when you come to this situation. Sometimes when you are faced with a conflict sometimes when you're face of the destructive nature of medical or dental school sometimes when you face with the business of your residency life or maybe you've just finished your training and you're about to go into practice you'll face of this dilemma where your faith becomes either an opiate or a stimulant. Your face becomes sitting and says God I just wanted to take over all God there is something I need to do the reason I bring this quote up. Is that I think. We are at a precipice in the eleventh hour. There's the organizers of the conference have to score. You may not know but four out of every ten Adventists who are ever baptized in your church leave so I want you to imagine that for a minute if you're sitting in this big large room and there's a line that goes down the middle here. Half of this room almost half will not be here at some stage in the future. And I'm particularly worried because there are many young people sitting in this audience today and if you look at the comparison slide that I'm about to show you sixty three percent of them are young adults and I want you to realize that in that bar graph there for those of you who likes to to stick some pictures that there will be some young doctors some young dentists some young medical students some young dental students in that group with you like it. And the challenge that we face the challenge that I faced when I started medical school and I said in my training is the very question I'm going to put to you today when you are not quite there yet and you are in comfort like you have a choice but when you are there your fave is either an opiate or your fave is a stimulant. I want to add to this further by telling you. And sharing a few to startling statistics. When I looked at these graphs. That i Phone. When they surveyed this group of people who left the church who no longer worship whose favor is no longer something that is of prime importance to them almost a third said that they left for no real distinctive reason. So what I'm trying to highlight to you here is that young students young doctors young dentists leave for no real reason it's because their fave has become like an opiate you know when you have morphine when you give your patients morphine. They have they become comfortable. They become drowsy. It's like that same experience. Perhaps another way of reflecting this same idea is when you look at this graph. I took this because I'm speaking here in America today and this is relevant to the now I want to put a disclaimer here I'm not trying to point out. I know the graphs is this is not my own graph I've taken it from the advances statistics department. I'm not trying to point out where the advances colleges are good or not here that are so my focus of my discussion today. To focus on my discussion today is that this describes a trend that worries me because it describes. The trend that people are not making active decisions and not because they are passive because their fave least like an opiate therefore they slowly start to slip and if we are not careful. And if I am not careful. As a medical student as a dental student as a doctor as a dentist. I will fall into that same trap. Even if you don't think you will win forty percent of the Adventist young people think that the advantage church is the room the church. Something is going on and so here was I faced with this particular conflict. In my own experience I started medical school in two thousand and six. That's a long time ago. I just realized. I always wanted to be a doctor much like my sister. Because of the impact that the missionary doctors had in my family. And like she said I still dream which I kind of did I guess. I want to do Pediatrics. Because when you do Pediatrics you reach a family unit. So I can tell when an adult person to quit smoking in a health clinic and they will never listen to me. I can pray and encourage him and help them through the process but the success rate is not as high as if I tell a parent to quit smoking because the kids respect Torrie illness will get worse. And they will quit more you know I have come across families who come into my the clinic that I sit in and tell me that next time they come back. I keep Grandma and Grandpa out of the house because they smoke. OK I didn't ask you to do that. I just asked you to not. But you get what I'm talking about this is how Pediatrics work you influence the parents and the family changes. And so I began to do medical school and I know much. Many of you are going through that same experience high school was OK you separate in medical school and then there's this overwhelming craziness lecture after lecture after lecture exam after exam test after test pressure and more Persia and more pressure. You know I used to joke when I was doing public campus ministries through my university life that every other course you can learn a subject content a textbook lectures and then as soon as you sit the exam you can throw it out but when you're studying medicine and maybe dentistry and other things you can just throw it out right now. I wish I could throw some of it out but I cut because you can't go to a doctor and say Oh I learned that in first year medical school but then I forgot it because it's no longer important. Even a man president still remembers the Crips I call today. And show your face of this dilemma where you're going through this experience much like and I want you to go back to the story first Kings Chapter twenty. Notice what happens next verse twenty he left the oxen ran the lie and say please let me kiss my father and my mother then I will follow you and he said to him go back again for what have I done to you. So Eli should turn back from him and took a yoke of oxen slaughtered them boiled their flesh used the Austins equipment and gave it to the people and the then he rose and followed Elijah and became his servant. When he comes to share and I ask him this question. He says hate leave your work come and follow me and do God's work in life. Sure things about it is counting the cost you. But decides OK I'm going to go kills the oxen boils their flesh gives them to people to eat follows and keeps going and so as I started medical school this same question came to me. Darryl are you going to be one or person where your faith is an opiate or your fave is a stimulant. Are you just going to sit in medical school and it all wash over you and just get caught in the rat race of life and exams and boards and training and fellowship and getting to the best residency program and then doing some research to get a Ph D. to progress your career so that you can get a job in Mayo or Harvard or Loma Linda or anywhere where ever you want to goal or are you going to be intentional about what you want to do with your career and how you want to serve God and you just going to sit there allow the system to absorb you and to take you into this factory where you go in an Adventist young person and you come out someone whose faith is she. I'm not having a go at any particular institution here I'm talking to the concept you understand what I'm saying. And so that's began my journey. I finished medical school in two thousand and ten and in a strangely we apply we do. Everyone does an adult internship we do one year of adult medicine. Even if you want to do Pediatrics to get some basic medical knowledge and surgical knowledge and the agency knowledge etc and then you apply for your residency program. Much like you guys do here. And so I remember because I wanted to do Pediatrics you apply and you know what the process is you talk to people you get the recommendation that you try and figure out which program will suit you better and you do all these things that everyone does. And you have to go through this process and everyone acts like they're trying to be nice and to get this but all you really. You want someone to do is to give you the answer and give you a place in their program. And so I began to apply and I applied to the pediatric residency or training program as we call it in in Victoria this same state where I did my medical school and in my internship. The training program in my state is one of the most prestigious arguably the prestigious pediatric training program in Australia and New Zealand my hospital likes to consider itself on the side of the United States in the top three pediatric hospitals around the world. And so this process of interviewing and going through the match and going through this cycle. Getting your letter and you preparing for the interview in the statements is a rigorous process that stresses a lot of people and so I remember I applied for the process put in the application. And you get three of three hundred fifty people who apply every year and they interview fifty. They take about thirty five. So I go to interview by God's grace and I went along to the interview. Did my thing. Answer the standard questions you know what the questions are like why do you want to do Pediatrics tell me a little bit about yourself share me an example of your leadership here memorize all the answers to the interview in your brain and you hold that God. Well opens the door opens the door to what you want to do. And you go in there and you pray that God gives you the residency program that you want the top of your list. And so two weeks after the results came out and I got a phone call from the H.R. manager from the hospital. To thank you. Daryl for applying Unfortunately you have missed out on a place. In pediatrics. One thing about doctors if you're not a doctor in the room that you may like to know is doctors do not like to fear. Doctors do not like to make mistakes and when you fail and when something doesn't go according to the way you planned it to be your plans you get thrown Do you agree with those of your doctors in the room. And so this was not in the plan the plan was always that God had given me an opportunity to study medicine so that I could spread his gospel and now here was the counting the cost situation much like faced and the question was What are you going to do about the situation. You didn't get in to what you thought you needed to or you should have or what you thought God was leading you to get in to. What are you going to do after much soul searching and praying. God started to speak to my heart. That it's not about Pediatrics It's not about medicine. But it's about where and what. Your priority is that I don't it's needed to decide whether the pursuing a career in pediatrics was more or less important than what I had gone to medical school hoping to do. When you going through medical school or dental school or training. It's very easy to lose sight of the vision of the ideals of the dreams that you had when you went in and then when you get hit by these biochemistry lectures and this and that the ME and quizzes and these. Unless assignments and rotations and night shifts they grind you down to a pulp. And so I asked myself the question What was I going to put strips. And God. Convicted me. That Pediatrics was not in. But instead it would be Ministry. During that time I had the opportunity to be involved in you for movement called a Y.C.. In Australia. My sister and I along with other people. And other young people. One of whom is sitting with us today in the audience. Began to share and to collaborate to unite young people around the stream for a bigger mission. In the same year that I didn't get into my pediatric residency training program. I the opportunity to start by God's grace a three year cycle. A three year cycle that would culminate in young people going back to their local churches and running you fled. You've driven eventually stick efforts that would revitalize and strengthen their local church and we believe that young people should not just come to a conference but that they should go back and serve on a daily and weekly basis. And so we designed a project called Impact twenty forty. Impact twenty fourteen horses concept where they would do exactly what I just explained. And since two thousand and fourteen where we continued to work with these groups we found that out of all the attendees to our conference in this for us. We had one conference thirty five percent are still active in their local church. Just on a little bit of a tangent. Just before I came got off the phone to one of my friends. One of the sites in Adelaide in South Australia has just started a new public campus ministry. They started with eight young people in a secular university campus and what I want you to imagine is to give you some context in Australia there is one Adventist University but it doesn't offer any medical or dental school training. So the majority of Adventists young people I would see. And people in Australia go to secular university campuses. We don't have a choice if I want to be a doctor in Australia. I'd kind of poll to ave. And so when you're faced with this situation you have this context on top of that twenty percent of Australia's economy is supplied or is funded by overseas education. Students from Asia Africa South America come to Australia to study. So we have this tremendous impact and this opportunity to reach them and throughout my early medical training. I had the opportunity to be involved in this process and just before I came I heard that they started the campus ministry that eight people and now they have forty people in the confit them into the lecture theatre seventy percent of whom are known Adventist students at the same time God began to convict me out of that failure. That I didn't get into pediatrics besides just a Y.C. program he began to put on my heart what I'd always dreamed of doing. To study public health. You see in the Study of Public Health for those of you who are public health clinicians in the room you know that public health allows you to reach populations or to design things that will aid populations and so look at things that are a little bit more holistic preventative health and other interesting things that you may want to study about. And my prayer that time was God even though I didn't get into pediatrics and if you're convicting me to go to do public health. I want to do it and everything that I do in this area was only be used for your gospel. And I began to feel you the conviction. Two words to apply to a particular university. Not because any of the universities less capable but because where I come from in the context that I serve in the context of the sherry and. People often respect for some reason. A piece of paper that comes with a seal on it. And they are willing to listen it's not so much that that still of people or that piece of paper carries any weight but simply it opens their mind to listen to what you have to say. So I began to pray and God led me to apply to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore arguably the most prestigious public health school in the world. Again the same process you know I just gone through one experience it goes like do it again. OK fine. Three people for the recommendation is to write a personal statement up live follow the instructions look at the criteria and I'm the sort of person who plans my life. Methodically one year plan three year plan five year plan you know that sort of thing. And so I began to put this package together and I prayed and I felt that God was leading and I put everything into months early before the closing date summited done. I got to e-mail one Friday afternoon. Before my way on my way to K. group might eventually six more group ministry at church check my email before sunset. I got to e-mail seeing the hey you know when you use the e-mail programs they give us a snapshot of what the email is about the preview they don't tell you the four e-mail. It goes like this and then a little bit of the thing. Johns Hopkins University. Thank you very much. Now if any of you have applied for a job before you know when you open a piece of paper or lead there or e-mail that says thank you very much. It's always bad news. They don't. Thank you. If they want to hire you. They only thank you. If they're going to not hire you or not accept your offer you any situation. And so I said OK let's read the email thank you very much for applying Unfortunately you have not been selected. So this is terrible. Two out of to fail. Oh my God you are you would convict me that I should apply to this particular place for these reasons so that I could share your gospel is not even for my own benefit. So that I can do your work and with this. I'm trying to prioritize you and this is the result that you give to make things worse when I look at the selection criteria by chance a few weeks later I realized that at some stage the selection criteria had modified so that my application package was no longer is attractive because I didn't know it changed. I was like that's even one for you changed the criteria really so so disappointed and it was true that time that I began to pray and to pray and pray Gannett God kept reassuring me is your faith and your faith estimate. God convicted me again to reapply. So I'm like OK here goes. Read the theme follow the instruction criteria the new and modified the instruction criteria got the same letters done the person same as somebody that I checked every week to make sure they didn't change their criteria right so if they change their criteria again I can adapt my application package before the closing date. Two weeks before the closing date. I got a email Friday afternoon before going to I should stop checking my emails. Right after the Johns Hopkins University. Thank you very odd as him and the three other three. Thank you very much. We are pleased to accept and offer you a position I later realised when I went to the university that the except maybe three percent of applicants apply for this type of program. So as Dave already cold Maryland winter. Sitting in there. My call. Got into class I sat down in you when you sit down a caution to introduce yourself to your colleagues your classmates I saw I shook the hand of the person in front is the Hi My name is Darryl I'm from a stray who you and all my name is such and such. I'm here at Johns Hopkins I've been sponsored by the government. I'm a U.S. Navy Medical Officer look after two thousand soldiers their family member. One of these commanders ship somewhere is all going to hire Nice to meet you. OK let's try the person my right hi my name is Darryl I'm from Australia I'm a pediatric resident I mean not even a P.R. just like you know just a resident. Hi My name is such and such a sponsor for my government from Saudi Arabia My dream is to become the first female health minister in my country. OK All right. Let's try the person on my left My Name Is My Name is such and such. I'm the leading researcher and I hate in the respect she has been good enough enough enough can't do it. Hi My name is Darryl I'm from Australia from stop. And so I wondered to myself Why did God put me in this situation allow me to go through this process apply fail apply again get it and now when I get in there. I look like an inferior. Young crazy not amongst all these accomplished well established prestigious people in this room is God trying to make a fool of me. Again. He reminded me. Faith is not an opiate. But a stimulant. I put you here for a reason you said you wanted to do public health to spread the gospel and so this is where you're going to do so every time someone asked me about Johns Hopkins in my study in my public health area I would say this is why. God is putting me here. I graduated at the top of my class and every time I or someone asked me how I didn't hold my experience once. It's by God's grace. And for his reason. My time is short. Someone who could share a couple more stories. I eventually got into the pediatric residency program and last year in the middle of our program we do our board exams in the middle or you guys do at the end or some some other we are strains of friends you like to do in the middle. We study for a year and a half of this exam year and a half hour residency Alison not as long I must agree but when you study for this exam. It consumes your life. Monday to Friday you work and after hours. You know you go you do like a seven to five or eight to five shift. We have lectures from six thirty to eight thirty and after eight thirty. We start practicing. It's a clinical exam real patients Monday Tuesday lectures two hours Thursday Study Group. And so I begin to look at my calendar you know month my planning two days of lectures a week one day of study group that's three days. I have one day four K. group and Sabbath after Friday afternoon I'm not going to study so that leaves one day a week which I have a group prayer meeting and a personal Bible study that I want to give to a non Adventist So that's normal weeknights and then I'm not working on Sabbath or go to church on Sabbath and that will that leave Sunday and study out Sunday I'm going to study and so this was my life and one and a half years. Everyone goes through this process. The only thing the only problem. Was there because of this packed schedule they would schedule practice clinical exam cases on Sabbath. Eight to twelve every Saturday morning for three that tendency would come to a practice case on a real patient walk you through give you clinical tips and it was pro bono because they wanted everyone to pass. So when I heard about it. I decided to speak to my director of tree. I said I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. And I for sure won't be able to attend the sessions but I see want to do well so is there any possibility you could move the session to Sunday. You know everyone can attend. He said I'll check for you. So let me check so you went back and checked and came and called me back into his office and said I'm sorry because the hospital gives them some allowance to be on call on Saturday. It has to be seventy morning. So you have to miss them. It's a God God is a sense of humor to get in the first time. Don't get in the second time and now the dream of doing Pediatrics to spread the gospel to share their health message is in jeopardy because I can't pass this exam. And so I begin to pray about God convict me to put ministry first again there's a quote that I want to share with you. It's a little bit further along hoping to find it goes something like this in gauging personal effort to bring souls to Jesus and the knowledge of the truth in such labor you will find both a million and a tonic it were roused and strengthened by exercise of spiritual powers will become more vigorous so that you can with better success. Work your own salvation not work. For yourselves work out your own salvation. Fav if it's not an opiate but a stimulant and so God was convicted me Daryl you have to make a decision all the while I've led you through this process you have to make a decision now whether you want to be excellent in your profession at the expense of your ministry. There's no two ways about it. You make a decision. And so I told my professor my director of training I said I'm sorry I can't attend the sessions. I'll choose not to. In the formation of my study group I told my study group members beforehand I said. I'm happy to be in the study group. I would love to be in the study group but I have one caveat. We cannot meet on Friday night on Saturday at all if we do. I'm sorry I will not jeopardize your chances of passing grades then I will study and while. Director of Training called me back and told me. It's OK I've done some checking for you. Because of what you've done and your conduct in the way you've conducted yourself. There are many pediatric professors will be willing to take you privately to cases. Outside of Southern else because of who you are and what he's done for your favor in the things that you've done beforehand we feel that you are a valid and valuable contribution to our program. So therefore Just ask any of them. I'm sure they'll help you. I would do it for you. And I began to think to myself This is what it's about that faith is not just an option but. As I began to prepare for my exam. Got tougher and tougher with ministry working night shifts working late shifts getting to. Still tired I was going through this process after sunset you know you know when you're studying for exams that's the only time you hold the sun never sets right. Because of the Sabbath last longer. You don't have to go back to your study. So remember allows like oh no sunset OK here we go again study and study and study and go through the process and I began to grapple again God started to speak to me. Darryl you promised me you made a commitment that at the start of your exam study process you would not only stand for me but ministry would be a priority in your life. And I felt it getting harder and harder as the time squeeze got tighter and tighter. And then God gave me an interesting experience. Was sitting at lunch one day in the midst of all this preparation. One of my colleagues came up to me and said he. Darryl. How are you not stressed about this exam period. You don't even go to the Saturday morning thing you know you're always at your church and doing whatever you're doing. How you're not stressed and inside I was like man you told me you know how stressed I was and I said you know I need to take a break. So that's why I have a rest between Friday and Saturday. One of my other colleagues saying having lunch in the lunchroom began to ask me about some. And so there I was sharing about seven in the middle of the busiest exam preparation period of my life. Because I made a stand not to go to the clinical preparation. The person that my sister was sharing about the she had Bible study to was my calling. I spent ten years of my medical school and my residency training inviting my car. Mates and my colleagues and my professors to come to church to come to evangelistic meetings to come to care groups at least forty five or fifty of my classmates colleagues have come on. Not one of them have stayed. That was the first one in the middle of the busiest time period in the middle of the craziness in the middle middle of this whole process the same thing came back east your fav going to be an opiate or use your fee for going to be a sort of you. By God's grace are passed their exams. Never have you never want to do it ever given my life but i told me one list in your life was a faithful and excellent farm but he was also a fit for an excellent prophet. Success in the medical profession does not have to come at the expense of ministry. You can by God's grace be an excellent doctor. And an excellent minister of the course. It's not just about reaching your patients. It's not just reaching your colleagues your cost maids your professors It's to work on this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research in audio and much more if you would like to know more about you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W or.


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