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Star Wars Crusade, Part 15: The Anti-Christ

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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as this is he is not at this is IRS is told he's on what I price is just as there is a Los Angeles shoulder reading all the while things like tonight we're going to focus on word of God is as if I is that you please help us Lord is the northernmost is the area where Jesus and all that is I can know is really in and Ronald Reagan was the anti- layer is is is is is is less little crazy crazy but I will leave you we don't do that I don't want this is the one who is willing to be doing is not as long as he will get it in and he noticed at first I was alive he is Christ Sheila is there not far as they were trying to mean gay or not as I so had he is on a holy Jesus Christ is for him to nursery is there a price and there is an antichrist Florida is in a position towards nothing is given as to how the all understand that I outline the people usually are I is okay the first time in nineteen classes of individuals it is the last time as her that I shall there is everything is in the air and then he where I know is that I is all that is in May he is one authorization in Jesus Christ as well but they are slowly and almost they would know that she is wondering when I will need now is not all of us so talk your talk you see that I ought all will will will us to deliver and how not to see where you are whilst for Christ now what is now in you is worn one is looking for more of an antichrist is what drives the Beasley Muslims are in Christ as there wasn't more and as long as I have been off and he was at you as you might as Microsoft so you have one who is holy war and opposition describes as he writes in antichrist also means that tie in what is remembered as he loses your say is that it off I go in will and will will this be a sign of an owner 's will and is in time to try he also asked rebel against the essay as I cried also he is where he saw as an ally government this is why the role of him at all and see how long will you learn the long as you will is is is is he he I was currently no in he was a the what is your shot is all long as he tries will rise he also holds a bachelor in who is one long page is an thoughtful as this is the sanctuary in hand ultimately the most holy place months as I live hereby fully and the Scottish or English and French to alter and also please which is the law present time is that is what will the law and crime also he is no cross as you will see how long it will for a possible run he said I I and I will HR nine role of Islam God is saying what is on his own or as oh four is is is all I want about angels of God is all-knowing than he is holding his is as old as you think about your dad is saying you are the high angel is one of those Jesus shine bright and beautiful me and I know that I is a controversy between Lucifer and God and he rose and I got controversy or something in between that and more in he calls for local calls with things more on holding all know will see Jesus guy more here or what I said on I know what it do you like the most high is a sacrifice that will fool the most the most time is all he is saying is be like on what many see winner we don't need a long City Hall I was out of the how will you sorry in the numbers sixteen when I is as silly as really laying into one place and not as a horror of horrors and Moses Mullis is he willing to do for a get together and he and he is and will and I will and you and I mean all congregation Allah hollowly in order to wear in your cell will a will is the Lord will will and will article window and he was in all the English game of Holocaust and he will people are will will will will and as we know all the article just as we are absolutely shown off in bowling is why I am off so you what either this guy is a holding of a call out of holy war as aforesaid as soon as their source in your error of Angels we will why is I was a whole is as old as you will it was no way when I go there absolutely is no game is just the more I will go and will understand the what is he the Angels Wednesday by Sheriff Holy Ghost who in my possession is nine one one services will abide in him was life as you want angels the liberals who do you know is will is is when it will arrive as a holiness produced in question is inheriting the Angels do and you know who is 's house became a those who are in one position and how is Islam and is law famous prayers and philosophy to know what was in the philosophy him a while to hate I resorted to voice to enforce change another as are all angels in our style home and forth and resorting to force these on the source I will follow Christ Winslet and Chad are remembered as an evil arise as part those who are we to those who are we God remembers as there are five kilometers is when a controversy arises between two and there is a lot to your heart that is an Angels brought accusations again Angels there is no know there is a is a soccer on and enjoy the women are so the angels were cast out to did not think he is is is is necessary to change the lives of remedies will angels and workers earn less inklings is the Eagles went as far as I do but as far as I can see how the usual everyone saying they will as long as he is will be brought before he will you while Josh is and will start going to quit as simple as he sat there and need it is as follows I remember there is already in him shall be as unique as a guide as you are saying that it is horrors so far is okay why is he on a while you will a will is as old as well and was called out of darkness into his marvelous light and as long as who is losing her as it is no salsa and the first is words as before I saw thrones and is on an engine and an in Christ and our act together and what is the mission of Christ on our wedding it is as a result he stole all the stars or the stormers or a king how he all at the first mission on earth is on the courses are you and I is I will lose us in so that he does and is that HR is scheduled while I buy when you are the other one is you yeah as long as I learned to follow Jesus as you will while I their well-known world who is all he see no reason why they refuse to submit to Christ that I made that will mission on earth is this is all just a infidels love wholly or in no jurist know there are days in the mountains around these off out of all changes and I told you where on earth I will raise up a single and gospel is that people again I is all that is original single whistle language as far as what you are twice as long as credible as you might say you know low or falling is is is is is is is is is is is is is the only and is in this world will know that you are on you you cannot win you said you are force is the worst and he is he is and I is you will is you are and loses all and will is is is is is will and will is the silver and brass they are a ongoing and as I is on his and what I is will is what is written is wrong that he is he represented her heart I clean which is in your letter something about a week and I a according to Fayette is for mercy as those in their file known as to our we are to want to honor your word I even worse is I think I'll be okay to say she is starving who is all truly just and will be raising the requisite posters and I was mingled with him or someone you sure I is or service add in as long as we are all certain what sure as hell and I thought you were as varied as the meeting room service is eighty one the exigency crime not the same as that was in force will increase our horse is the Holy Spirit agreement is in a you is sorry I and two my mood but will he and you are wrong is the mindfully will claim to know what foundation of the spiritual alleviation him is as you are and are as wide as soon as he is thirty and is not as on your team outsourcing will be as long as you are and I think is is is one is there anyone said is that I will say to me and I shall be so grateful liberated for a while anyone is in your job a lot of her fornication in the eighteen one is used to record and show us as well if you are just as my daughter Julie a long weather is why you will serve as an eighties only all in the mind a one-way in Bali update one is one way is he that is born is in is whether a one as I saw her on when I sure as her and his people he was to me I bemoan our or at her and how each of us can have a single offering him on your care is that he is little with who they are in is you want to talk on Union Jerusalem you are in you and I is one time which is all he is he is pulling this is not in service is he a God the great reformers as we seen nothing is as easy as how sure are a dozen and how are these the Hmong is is is is is is is is is only the last thing I was already in the goal is those old and slow below is an easy as long as it is winging people is holiness no as well as far as he is in my home as well he will be cooling all in all our bottle is the goal is hard and where is is is is gone they are not as a team it will select who is not a ceiling price is right as far as you are in Michigan are going to the love are as yard and I saw what was wrong with low as low as almost as he is a shyness that is the one of the same as Hoffman shares as following Jesus is wrong with the blood of martyrs saying is as I say not a single desktop is a woman and how well all is so an old which was about all that I live in is the silver and the bar graph showing another is the and is in all our information than I can know more on what I have finally you have is little more in his eye that is of a shot is is is what everyone is born and that is not seen the horror will serve as military and political life is more in the Accra to arrive at all of the Roman empire and the ten horns symbolize the invasion is on your hall so the sharks are known in the power what arrives I will no longer that we may your grace when the world why is your cat how is your remembrance is a name is what tells all kingdoms are all changing your soul 's size is showing the games out there I love you were looking for and how to Harris is the say of God 's stuff said the teller is little more than enough room for up to ten on previously released hard work is a friend and ally these donations that he and Yasuda and that is my will is will you are searching shots of you who read changing the style you are in no everlasting gaze are you sure in the service that military power is in my would be three hundred and four and one four nine three that is what the officer John five thirty eighty you say you will choose isn't how is an flow is in the eye or below the choice of words universe morning leaving viviparous lizard versus the needs more than will was a case in the entire universe in the wires that are universal principle of following is an BJ when in the units for this files created as a principal is on all fronts schools all and I is he is little more than I is the green wire and the most high selenium selenium is called is regarded as silently as bashful as cannot be mistakes when he's usually in not as young as Jesus Christ at what will I believe but also as long as she and Howard is doing is pretty sitting able to freely as they are all in our shot at it and we are the one side okay already in community as you I is not at all not at all is so as long as I is he is not done any of these flowers is all as far as God is what God called the holy one has to do is only the know but as I headed to the mall will than last time as he was in the most time is holding the soul he is still in the lives of his and her God and of God I is for you to add where one she he is what he is all due to personal call is to go so at the order of our cohort is and is as far as I will when we see the love you are speaking reading or the last scene when he out when one is less likely speaking of Jesus and the God of his God therefore he could do what you say but how all priests are not God not how it do what you say you will know we will start as God all things looking for an old people and say all the time he cannot bring the UK is when my wife is the director is is is is is is she is so prestigious our intellectual and moral order there is is that she had the horse forced to go to college and law on page one point as I see the problem in a prison there in the plaintiff 's official and this is likely to join the holder is English-only fiber removing him as I will also be as time will what is an inverse of life is even talking about things of God he is time and I know what is time is to so I thought I wouldn't be followed as you have used we don't want to see and do in the energy means following is what he already saw this time what is so wrong as to form all these hundreds of years that is the Lord God is using glasses or in size while that is to lose God as God will and you and you will will not and whether the school is usually saw huge reasons was that while he is and is not for years because twelve days and take it all away are there any future the .com to live in the world is the will of their finger was pointing and more time so that you know how important it is a or a liaison and crime in single remark will pay a child was shot as she verify how the point in all this is God Romans is a that I narrowly in his will we are as old as the console will will will will will will will you are in on this goal one of these schools of interpretation and is attempting to do I will change time is not there I find my own he will change what all this is twenty five in the eighty eighty nine and you made me laugh is that he will find a single line of his son is as you say I never said there is really it is satisfied as her divine mission is in change one of the processing is to something well seeing as all as far as she is on we all changed and is now nowhere to go again but as and him are or how he is not what I I I I I I I is is is we ought to hold his cheesy Halloween and be in the meeting is in today is she is not as well by the rolling starts out so I go to an cash is as wrong as is and I was is one the problem is I only know the feeling is having you here etc. while on Limon is is is is sure by all means go back to Missouri although what I is not as absurd as the iPad and I and you is is is is is is an change is what is more important that the word of God and believe in the bioanalyzer only as you believe in the Bible only what is your English is is always someone is in the eye as it is as a knot in my to our all my will and is not alone in our society who is on his law he is no class is the only choice is no I I I I is the action is known as anyone who is in you is holy as we know in our civilized world and will be as bad of a holy church not the spirit is very written as is shown in GSC goal is these you will also want to I sat in the music is also in my eighty five hundred you don't want to see us as a shot because I don't know the little one will looking for the spirit of sound one so I loan their opinion that only losers read on and was later and he even is something I was in eleven hundred and eighty four what is little more according to chapter eighty second 's reign is little more into the holes in the holes of the stars are people on JE I thought you were oh how I is five C Mulrooney and we got quite all and what it really is she okay he was aware and is used as I will need is on the increase in the minister and as I laugh you are the only things I is he won't shoot mediation of Jesus Christ in our little more takeaways and there is your mother may have as being a whole regime of wiki adoption of narrative as a whole review letter in a way almost all I ministry and is not seamless is not the only one I received on the gas is available you should also know as soon as I have shakily and not on what is his will calls Jesus Christ down into the low into the Embraer as I is in the Christ's sacrifice is for how long for something and has also adopted as and when and as someone who is going to begin this keyboard told Constable comes in and the only as smart as is the sanctuary was at the home Place the most holies what is what do you think of English as that is very similar to this the holy and the most holdings through the confessional booth the phrase takes on one side God is in some kind of Indonesians out of your company as he confesses he is a man is one thousand all right by me as violently as I said is who will stop the are all in question so that he God is showing himself that he is gone another as he was sitting in the place of God hath not been known in the area comes alive now is is is is is the one I call the crime because it is training is located in the little power as low as he is a reason that is a little horn is wrong prospering at that will miss you no as well there is a way as cotton a while all and you will and will in all the norm is shot here is as indwelling all forest and as he was in heating word on how to looking for this is an inverse one two three is all is said and I put on an as is as solid as we see human behavior is not long he is the integrated bar is talking while he is and is and is and will be today will question is what I see in that is five hundred eighty when I will and will is is is is is not to be exact following is you have fresh things over he is on the whole and in the halls so and after they got ruthlessly immoral and I was really one of the world is following this is as far off than I will you please is sure is a form of Jay as I sometimes see an annual role how is power Chiron and I is that for me and I will say he was eleven and twenty nine it wasn't actually mostly on that basically she is that there will be a little card sharks they are getting what I adhere to the mother is not a shield in the will is honestly one who is in you is is the will and I is is is is is and he will have all the love you a lot how he carries and holds annual just as you just shall falsely not all Americans is that there is long however as he is a all and he is okay to them was St. Louis and all that is all are the chefs will gain and how over the world during the scene when his mother see the sharks are literally in awe that I went to Boston tomorrow is very easy this will series is that you must have been a number of these in the wild hagiography is is a is is is is is is okay to do what everyone are heartless they want a son of God 's will is here and I told you so I usually apply Roman numerals to wait in a row when one will you all to the number six hundred and five home this evening one of England and he will one day as is as long as I will give you all and if I can and I shall only be on my theory was printed as Christ is and is I is getting better all in all the people not to thought while and while I be Jesus to act what is and what is the cost of the house that should say don't you log on as a is is a God one thousand and one as long as is the way to the number is in my eyes while he is now one is a will is no as you go here you will all is then learned that he and he is trying his own when necessary I went to me that he is what you understand she is a God has given us his Word is that you actually the antichrist is going to reside using what is his start as soon as you are is coming in as little as one dollar and another as controversy will be in no and will exploit was eighty eight Christians is no will him will will and I will read anyone in God are not as easily as our seminar is going to war and those who see the man of God Hathaway 's testimony is that I will all those orders in dealing with the new refugee what may you all are on her forehead a name written is not already in the monitor harness and is your mother what are the which is that this is also there is more teaching and all he will him one hundred is where it all because he is a is out of service the whole earth is going to run as all as one as is are all sorcerers warmongering murderers and idolaters and whosoever will you than a long long as a number is as is and what is him earn my way I is is is an is and who is he is is a format that is what one is one is is is is is is is is is is is is a is getting out of the house and as long as the following arrival is however as he had not been as by their care is to say that as I is gone amazing wonderful beautiful people and is and what you are doing is they're not know where I know I may go as you know what born this way that is there is not as willing to loan is that the individuals saw the sign in to sort it out and is really as I do mean in this name is me as I follow Christ about how he him him that I will go as I watch phone and need and in and him and him and him him now and in and him to


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