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Medical and Dental Student Testimonies


  • October 29, 2016
    5:00 PM


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Happy Sabbath everyone. My name is Ahmed geology when you're in the second year medical student at normal in the California in the medical school there and I'm just here to share testimony with you from one of the ministries called at the door ministries. It's a student run student. Along with other people they're going out into the community and I asked a friend to come up here a really special friend is going to be more and I met you guys this morning and he was and. I mean the off from all the residents see and I met inviting me to share kind of the story of how at the door ministry began. It was previously known as G C ministry back and September two thousand and fourteen in my first year of off the moderates and see God placed it on my heart to. To pass out books like literature particularly great controversy in the community and. Initially I was reluctant like Lord you call me to medical missionary work. I remember that it's not literature of angels and so I'm going to just stick with the calling. But then he said. He basically instructed me you know I want you to pass all books right now. And so I said Lord I'm not going out alone and. Had a pot luck I tried to find my friends who I knew did mission work in the past with me and was one of those friends and we got together a small group of five of us who went out we passed out is actually the book is like in the book about the story of Noah. And if you've got seen that and then eventually we started collaborating with Ivan hope to pass out great controversies and this ministry is this expanded have different branches another branch you'll hear about in the at a future prince a show. DANIEL. But it's just been something of a huge blessing for students and everyone really along Melinda to really have the opportunity to reach San Bernardino in particular and I'm going to give you some testimony from that experience. So one testimony from that area. One of the things that you hear about San Bernardino sounds like the city of I don't know wickedness or something. It's it's just horrible. You hear about shootings you know the hospital helps people who are sick so they get all of the horrible things that happened over there but when we go. I can honestly testify after going to different cities with the previous ministry that San Bernardino the people there are so receptive I'd say it's like a ninety percent receptive rate whereas in other places I've been to they just they don't want to hear it you know but people there are ready for for God and one testimony particular was by a young lady she's not in medical school. She's in she was in behavioral sciences and she came out with us and she may have been a little bit reluctant at first but I wonder if she went to she prayed with the people down. We try to encourage them you know we're we don't know what people are going through at the other side of the door and it's not us doing the work it's God you know. So we really want to pray with the people give them the opportunity and at this particular door she opened the door and the person after receiving the book which was great. She asked. She was asked Is there anything you like to pray for and she talked about how her son went to the doctor and was having seizures and it was really difficult for her. And so. Her name is Katie she prayed for this woman and her son and she left the door and you never know what God will do with the book you never know what will happen later but come to find out later on maybe a month later or something like that she went to an area in San Bernardino where they had a shop and she was able to get fruits vegetables whatever she was getting and the woman saw her there and said I remember your smile. I remember you do you remember me. She's like I don't know and she proceeded to tell her the day you prayed for my son he stopped having seizures. And I'm here in medical school. I'm trying to learn how to you know give the things that it didn't work for this woman. And God did that for her to save her. You know and you know that she's going to read the book. Now you know that something is going on in her. Life and. I don't know it just showed me how much how much God is trying to do to win people to himself and so it's really good to see man when people come together. What God can do and what he's willing to do if we pray. So there's one encourage you guys with that you know whatever gets put on your heart. Just do it. He's he's going to equip you and do what he has to do the same people. And I'm a third here dental student. And I just want to say how humbled I am to stand among my email family. And him and very dear to my heart as you can see I'm shaking up here. But my father once told me. You will never really understand what poverty is unless you've experienced it. And I don't come from a wealthy family. We started from humble beginnings. Both my side of my family were farmers poing rice fields on the rice field and in my mom's a nurse and she brought our family to the Middle East and we lived there for nine years in Sultan of Oman and my parents were one of the founders of the first and only Seventh Day Adventist Church in the country and during that time weekdays were on Saturdays to Wednesday so that means job was to first business day and my parents stayed loyal and true and my brother and I didn't go to school on the Sabbath day and when they started the church they called the General Conference and vice president at that time elder lighter. I believe that was his name came and visited the Middle East and he told my parents. It's so difficult to earn to get a visa as a minister. The only way to panic. The Middle East is through medical missionary. And because of that might hang their lives to bring a mission. And my parents brought us to New Zealand because they knew that there was no future for my brother and I in the Middle East when he went to New Zealand I received my first Seventh Day Adventist Christian education and I so humble and I praised God I graduated dux of my high school and received the president award app until college or seven there's been a scholarship. In Australia but unfortunately my dream was to come to Melinda and and so I declined the scholarship even to approach me because I it was such a great opportunity and my mom took the end. Kleck six pm and passed by the kris of God and I brought my brother a night before we turned eighteen into the country now applying to dental school. I didn't know I was going to become a dentist I was grossed out with teeth and everything but now I love it and I will tell you that. I can't imagine doing anything else but astri. And I know that God has called me in this fashion. So I applied for a dental school and my brother is actually a year ahead of me. He's a fourth year dental student now and I actually applied twice. My first application I withdrew my application because I got into a car accident and that was my house like God You brought my whole family here and now. Why is this happening when I'm so close. And I didn't realise the guard was planning something so beautiful and a man was a part of it. And I said why the second time and what I didn't know. I have a problem with pride. And. I got into the waiting list and I was really angry. I was so bitter. We got. I was like really guys like I tried everything and here I am under waiting lists and I felt like I didn't deserve it because I did everything that I could. And I went to my brother who was a first year dental student at this time was like you know what to get your mind off things come with me to a man free clinic in San Francisco. So I went and what I did in though was. It was I wasn't supposed to be there apparently but God used that free clinic because Danny Kwan was I met Danny Cohen there and he was like Elaine. You know Typhoon Haiyan hit in the Philippines can you speak to Gallaga and I was like yes I could speak to go look. And he was like well OK great. Can you come to our second team the relief team on May fourth to go and because they went on the first time when the typewriter the typhoon hit and I was like Yeah of course I'll go. So I went starkers I just wanted to relieve my mind of the stress of applying to down a school but what I didn't know was that when I where. I knew the devastation on the T.V. and the media but I didn't I couldn't imagine the tragedy and the devastation was just surreal it was. Even after six months and hearing all the stories were just terrifying. But when I came there. A man workers. Dentists medical doctors physicians pharmacists work together and there was this difference I have never seen in health care providers before and that's where I met my spiritual mentor. Dr Steve and I'm sorry I'm like. Really motional but. He actually was there who supervised me to do my very first extraction and it was just so life changing because the first thing he taught me was Ilene before you even touch a patient. We pray with them and ours so impactful that you can just see the God's presence in that place and every patient you touch you know that providing like medical like medicine or extracting teeth something different. There was something more than a man workers were giving these patients and after that medical mission trip dental medical mission ship what I didn't expect was that humbled me it humbled me to the point that I got I came back to the United States and housed like God even if I don't get accepted school. I'm OK with that. Please just tell me more mission trips. And I didn't know that I was so jet lagged I was waking up at one pm In the afternoon and in one three days after I came back to the United States. I at ten eight am for some reason I woke up I randomly just woke up and I saw the flashing on my phone and I picked it up because I had it on style it and I answered it and it was to call it mean. Congratulations. You got accepted to Melinda's school then straight. I just I was just. This is like a dream I didn't know was real. And I ran downstairs and I gave my mom a hug and we the first thing we did was just prayed we prayed together and now I. Still can't believe that thirty year we got through second year guys. And I see a lot of my classmates out there and I just honestly think you could say I know I wouldn't have made it without you and God has been so good in our class. And the thing is we're up in clinic now and one of the patients I met like we're getting patients now I start there and they're like are you student dentist doctor and I was like oh yeah. And he's like how do you know and he's like well I requested for your name specifically to be my student dentist. Like where you are a and he was and that person was like you know the shooting in science Bernardino rate and I was like yeah. Well what you didn't know that I am close to one of the your brother's patients came here. Came and told me that your brother called him during the shooting after the shooting and prayed with each and every one of his patients. And I was just like surprised because my brother never told me this but what really surprised me was that. I needed to follow that too and Amen teaches us not just to become physicians or dentists and diagnose the right. You know come with the right treatments and diagnosis but we can prescribe our patients the most beautiful which is prayer and the power of Perry so impactful and I love him because with that and Amen is just so special. If you guys have I have a lot of other stories mission short stories. If you guys. Come and share. I'm willing to share with you guys but my time is short. I just want to share those few words with you and may you God bless you and may you be on fire for Christ and Jesus is coming soon. Thank you. Good evening. It's been a good. To be here at a man the music the speakers it's actually everything's been a real blessing to be here. So I'm a sure little testimony. It's a part of at the door ministry and called Health at the door. It's a mystery. It started about a year ago and they want to do a ministry that health ministry that was touching the San Bernardino County. So basically this mission was about was they want to do the new start. The New Start program or new start kind of model to give lectures to people in their homes and so the group of basically resin in some medical students they got together and they decide they want to do this so they each time they go to the houses. What's would do is about was basically would give a lecture on you started the first one would be nutrition your lecture on nutrition they would take the vitals of the patient the blood pressure the polls. You know the way along function and then they would also close out with basically seeing how how they can make changes in their life better health changes in their life so and then once a month they would also it's part of basically gives out a cooking class. So at their own house they give a health cooking class a healthy cooking class and see how they can make those changes in their in their cooking. So my testimony basically is a family that we met on one of the occasions that we went out to to find new contacts to see how we could you know any way that it was interesting. These lectures. So we found this family that was really interesting was a father and he was really interested he want to know more. He's like yeah had really liked to see how I can make changes in my health. How you can become more healthy and so we schedule in point. We we went out. So it's to us they go out to to their houses and we start talking to them within the first lecture we did the vitals we did basically a little although she where we can review you know what are some things are important to you as far as health wise how we can. How we can you know educate more and learn more about health and so you know we talked about that the wife at first she was really reluctant she didn't you know cooking classes in the house like on about the. But he was really interested and so he you know. So we start talking to him and little by little you could tell that they were really getting interested so we'd go week after week every week to their house and first to you know the husband was really interested in the wife started being really interested and then pretty soon even their two kids were joining us in the in the lectures they wanted to to to hear about and the parents were like you know you can because they first came just to say hi to us in there like you know you guys can go if you want and know they're like no we want to hear and so this is surprising for the. You know high school high school age kids and usually they don't want to listen to more lecture but they're listening they're really interested. And so little by little we formed this really bond with this family we really bonded and it became a highlight of every week to to meet with this family and you could tell that they've they've wanted to make changes in their life. The husbands. Want to cut back on the meat consumption. He's nursing at you know meats actually not that healthy and he wants to cut back on that the wife has other other she has diabetes and other health issues and she's learning how to make changes in her life but the most important thing or the most encouraging thing to me has been that through this health ministry. They've also we've also been able to touch some of the spiritual side and. He's been telling us you know I go to this church that I've been noticing that it doesn't really go along with what I'm reading in the Bible and so he's like you know there's some things on all about the script true and he tells me he's like you know everything. The Bible says it's like I think that's the truth and I go to church and they say something different. It's not exactly what the Bible says so. So that all that's interesting you know as a little by little you can see that there's this eagerness to learn to learn more about the Bible and even though it's just it started with the Health Ministry. You can see how the spiritual aspect came into into play and it's really been a highlight of of my life to be able to go every week to this to this family so I don't know I'm sure been a blessing for them. I'm not we're not it's two of us actually go to their house and you know not the best lecture but you know I guess I didn't choose myself on a fourth year medical student and and I'm not you know I'm not the vet's lecture on a thing like that but somehow you know there again a blessing out of this and but most importantly I think. They're seeking to to find out more about the Bible and it's been a huge blessing to me there's there's been the last time we went out and so it's a highlight basically So last time we went out. Yeah I can't wait to go out there. We're going out to to meet them. And the car was on empty but I was like no we can't stop. Oh you know we should start to get gas because you know not knowing when you get there. When you get the and so we rush out there and we made it you know it's safe. We give the lecture everything in San Bernardino like he said people were it's incredible how recent December and you know it's like it's I've learned already from from the few houses that we've talked to and stuff. There's been a huge receptiveness of San Bernardino. But so we get there and. We've given lectures. Have a good chat with them. And then in the way back we you know there's Were those recorded ended the whole the whole luck with the gas. So we ran out. I guess we were guessing our way back and as we were pushing the car back to the gas station. We're pushing the car. We have in a car stopped and pulled over and helped us out and this ended up being an Adventist and them to lay person there and to help the so we found out later but that's not that's all or testimony. But anyways this whole this whole this whole thing is to say that it's incredible how the health ministry really opens up doors and it really lets you be able to talk to these people about spiritual things and be able to connect with them. So that was my testimony and sure. And I just want to share that with you guys and encourage you that really people are receptive people are willing to learn more and through health ministry. You can really you can really open doors to to reach that spiritual side. Hello and happy. Thank you so much for letting me speak. Amen. Today and I'm just thankful I'm blessed and honored to be here and I'm pretty sure I can speak on behalf of my classmates as well as their students that are here that we're just so grateful to be given the opportunity to get away from school a man. I don't know but you guys are and during our midterm season and I believe the medical students there during your test week. Yes. So we just would love to thinking men for blessing us with the opportunity to come here and. For free. And we're just because honestly the Lord knows I would not be able to pay you to stay here. So it is just such a wonderful time for us to get away from school and to be able to refresh in the Lord and to be able to speak to others and to rejuvenate one another in Christ. But before you speak why don't we go ahead and bow our heads and close our eyes for prayer. Do you have any father we just want to thank you once again for just busting us with the opportunity to be with you and we ask that your presence fill this room and may your spirit just fill me Lord I pray God that is me who talks but it is of you and whatever happens or that it may just be given to you all the Korean all the honor. We thank you. And you love you in Jesus' name we pray. Amen. So. I'm not going to lie here especially on the Sabbath my classmates. Elaine the one who just so beautifully spoke not too long ago. This is actually your second time. So you got. The first time she came up to me it was that. Woman And I am a thirty year dental student and. She came up to me and said Trina I would love for you to show your testimony. And I looked at her and also like what testimony like what does that even I don't know what a testimony was to be honest with you. And so I remember telling her also like OK you know and hope that she would kind of forget because she said that I was going to speak on Thursday in class. And so I told I remember I prayed that night. And I said Lord if Elaine really wants me to speak. Sure mind me because I'm not when she comes to me there is a morning I'm just going to go OK we're not going to say nothing and let alone will hold alone fifty nine came in and lame text me like thank you so much tearing up or sharing your testimony is going to be such a blessing. Lord. Really. So Elaine again got me to speak today and but this time there was no prayer for me. You know how grueling call me that you know I was really honored for her to come up to me and to ask me to share. But so a little bit of my testimony. If you were here earlier this morning. You heard Karen tell me that before coming to the first conference that I attended for him and I actually was not event. I grew up in Reno Valley and I did grow up in a Christian home. However we weren't practicing Christians we attended Sunday service every now and then but God wasn't really the forefront of my household and I grew up the entire way went to college and you know basically did what I wanted to do. I never I don't really ever remember once praying for God to guide me. I don't ever remember once praying for him to help me anything I really thought it was just me getting myself through school getting myself through college and when I came back from college I went to school back East and I came back to California and I knew I wanted to be a dentist and I remember just applying to school and at that time I didn't apply to Loma Linda to be honest I didn't really know about moment. Because I didn't really I didn't grow up knowing much about the Ventas culture I knew about woman to the city but I didn't know much about the people who were in the city and so I remember applying my first year to dental school again I did a part along and I point to every other school that you could think of and for some reason I did not get in. Didn't understand why because I felt at that time that I had everything on paper that you could possibly want. As a student. So I remember during that time it was one of my most depressed times in my life because I always knew what I wanted to do and I felt that I was basically on pause. And. I remember my uncle came to me because at that time it was months going on and my parents were then asking me you know you need to get a job or what are you going to do and as everybody know when you apply to medical school or dental school. It's a cycle. It's not like you apply and then you can apply the next month. You have to wait entire year. And so during that year I was just really trying to find myself and I remember my uncle came to me and said Why don't you come to me to come with me to church and I said OK so I really had nothing to lose. So I started going to church and the first service that I went to was a church and stammered You know and I remember the preacher just saying you have to look who you are and join the Body of Christ and at that time it just really touched me. So I basically at that moment really devoted myself to Christ and I just continued to study more of his word. I continued going to church and then I actually refocused my mission. And not really my mission for God's mission. I was able to finally hear what he had to say to me and he put it in my heart to start applying to certain schools and normal and it was one of them and I remember during the process of the application. I actually was not going to stand my application to the school because I felt that I was not going to get in one because I was OK. They grade wise but too because I was not a member of the Ventus church and I remember when I would tell people that I wanted to go there like oh you're not going to get in that you're not even really Christian. And that is when you know that the devil's working. Because if it wasn't for God to continue to place it on my heart I would never have taken that step and to put it on my mom's heart to help me pay to apply for a moment. So. Lord willing we applied. And that was actually the first school that contacted me and now it's a first pool that has started me out of the few that I applied to. So fast forward to get to Loma Linda and was really blessed to have people in my life who share the gospel to me and who revealed to me what the character of God is and sat down with me and gave me bible studies and if it wasn't for my classmates who really opened up their heart and their home to me I wouldn't have known who Christ is. And I'm forever grateful to them and forever honored to be able to say that. And I know when Jesus comes when he does come. I would like to mention their names. But not only going to Loma Linda changed my life in that sense but attending my first Amen conference drastically changed my life. And I'm being very honest going there. I didn't want to come to the conference in two thousand and fourteen. I believe in San Diego. But it wasn't until a couple of my classmates one of them is here that I came with. And Elaine again telling our cause she's a she should be the spokeswoman for Amen conference at Loma Linda because she was always telling people about the conference every year so praise God for that that he places in our heart. But not until it came to the conference. I was then able to tie in medical missionary work and dental because going to school I was just always thought that I was just going to be a dentist. I never thought that I could be a dental mission or a missionary that never once crossed my mind until I actually came to the human conference and sat down amongst people such as yourselves and spoke with you all and at that time I was actually really nervous to come because I was an Adventist and I thought I heard that. Oh you had to become a dentist to come to men. So I was actually really nervous like every time someone say my name. I'm like oh my goodness we're going to ask for a membership like what conference I belong to and I really had no idea even what that is until now. So the entire time. I'm just kind of nervous. But praise God that never happened and praise God that you guys didn't show me a way because I was able to interact with people who were just so willing to share their story of where they went. I remember one dentist that I spoke to he went to I can't remember the exact place but he went to this country and he was sharing with me how dentistry was a way for him to actually interact with his patients and to interact with the people and. When he told me that that's when I changed who I am I felt that I am not a dentist. I'm a missionary worker who does dentistry. And I just want to let you all know and especially the people here at Amen. How much that has impacted my life. And how much my whole outlook on dentistry has changed. As a thirty year we're able to actually interact with patients and I have been really blessed to enter. With many patients who want me to pray with them and there's one patient in particular I always tell my intending when she comes in that I need the entire four hours and I know that's a lot for especially dentists who are here who are practicing in the world. That's like oh my goodness I could see a patient but I needed four hours for this one patient because she is she expressed to me how she feels like God has called her to go to the school and that she feels that there's always. For a moment she's heard that people are to very nice. And I so you must not met some people were no I'm just kidding. So I sat down with her and we just prayed. And it brought me back to when I attended the first conference because that's when I remember sitting here. Well in San Diego now in Palm Springs and you go. One of the breakthroughs and there are talk our breakout sessions and they're talking about how to pray with their patients and that just really impacted me and has stuck with me. So every opportunity that I get I try to at least always pray with my patient and it has honestly blessed me because the work its way more better way better than what I could have ever done and I know that is only God that is doing not and I just want to let especially the students know my cost me the medical dental that when we graduate from our schools. We're not graduating just with D.D.'s and D. but you're graduating. With the you're graduating with the highest degree ever and that is Christianity that is for you to be able to spread the gospel to others and like I said earlier for it was a. For my cost me. If it wasn't for people in the community who took me in as who are who I was and I wasn't you know anybody still Tuesday night anybody but if it wasn't for people such as dentists physicians who opened up their hearts to me and shared the word I would not be standing here today. As an event but most importantly I wouldn't be standing here today as a follower of Jesus Christ. So I challenge you all to make sure that even know what the heck knows and the business of life that dental and medical school have to offer take the time to just pray with their patients take the time to hear their story because you never know what type of ending that story may be but you will be able to see the benefits from that story. Once we are all called up with Jesus Christ. And that thing that I want to thank him in poor because I mentioned earlier again. But I didn't get to say it no longer Trina kindred. And now. And by God's grace I actually met my husband here at twenty fourteen conference. So not only was I able to hear about the food of the Gospel from a member. I also got a husband a man of God. So single ladies out there no kidding when I did I told my classmates so my girl classmates they're like oh you guys we don't like him in conference. Oh I'm going to that and I see some of them so. But again before I leave I just want to thank you all for attending this conference and especially for the practicing physicians and dentists for donating up just a portion of your time to come here to speak with us because whatever you are saying to us like that doctor who spoke. To me has really laid such a foundation in my career and in my salvation. So thank you. Amen. For everything that you guys have done for us as students for putting us up in this beautiful place for the subsidy and also for just blasting us with mentorship and I feel after leaving here that I can call any one of the people who are here any of the one of the practicing dentists or physicians here. Who would be willing to help me and I just that is something I believe you need to know that you guys are able to do that for us and I can speak on behalf of all of the people here especially the students there were just so thankful and truly blessed and honored to be able to be a part of such a beautiful God fearing organization. So thank you. This media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through freeing sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about if you would like to listen to more so.


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