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Star Wars Crusade, Part 17: The Bride of Christ

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church


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from him us us us us us us you will see why is he had and this is why I see I is a really is some sort of prayer and we will deliver his father we had in your human please will thought of editing in a very serious we need to know and understand what is please like guidance the previous Jesus amen tonight is my dry crimes and Brian we are going to be talking about concerns and insurgencies their song is okay for us this is how we know he will surface is there is and how there is a and anyone certainly have corners on which the go-ahead and take a look over the reader in Ezekiel twenty goodbye to their wildlife sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities and not a mingling of access therefore I is the sound of following and I will bring the masses upon you in the sight of all them hold me again see here is where I sanctuary in head reading Jeremiah seventeen twelve glorious five him sanctuary is a further five and was the very own on the very companies of God will remember reading Isaiah chapter fourteen verse is very and is there a first line tells us that I said in my heart student was a very I was in heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I see also on them now out of the way congregation in the thigh of the North I want you to notice that is not a congregation is underlined in ahead and want to really multiple phone from New York for the basically what that really there is no such thing as absolute what true or will not be only waiting for something to take away remember this was Salazar on my throne above the stars of God I was sitting on a lot of the contribution losers are the ones that one could still be holding about following God and his law and another in which you have happening here in Lucifer is introducing the principle of organism and had gone away he is not the only way he that happen this piece life etc. Satan is saying there is another way don't be fooled Angels don't listen to God that he is way is the only way files for viruses about seven I will thought is why forever and ever it is nicely done his own right center in other words the Bible is here in God alone is unchangeable he is ever and ever is holy it is because of that you and yours River Sadie said no that's not how it works there are other ways to holiness I be like the most high so we understand ahead in that there was one phone at one government now I just wanted to in there this is your meeting of interstate and his evil angels accuse God and angels of thinking themselves their way the only way that you are familiar I think about this for at least a know God you're not the only righteousness human the one when you lay out your long I think you're saying that we must do in order to remain in the kingdom of heaven that I have been there are other ways to write and draw other ways the holiness you don't have a corner on truth sound familiar you know you will hold true learning out who's to say that your way is better than mildly who's to say that I your salvation is met and any other consolidation I sold this war and ended the game basically overlook the possibility of Satan 's mind that there can be more than one way to truth and righteousness also I can imagine these angels Satan and his angels they know you guys think you're much in these at your not hold anything any other naïve or interpretation you're not open to any other and I is now not in that this is a deception of this condominium means is not being in heaven your hearing these arguments found this the right beautiful angel is saying low what's the matter with just shy of being what different ways what's the matter why you have to be involved we not only only why you and I hit the corner to the Army Paul holy so you can usually see the height of the session that is in place in heaven we got to the principles here in question on the congregation 's library had how do you sort out his wife was there only one congregation had well first of all our focus over the user said he upon what the mount of the congregation was only one of companies that had not one that is only the one congregation is there was one God and one was one she wrote one showed gone congregation was based upon the principle of shows was based upon the government and the lawsuit that I was one congregation loses are wanted to have a invitation in the congregation in other words the goal was to get as many hazelnuts he possibly could on his wife son him a better one is an congregation and the congregation reveals whose principal salience principle very good one out of Manhattan I want to know so I started Jesus I have my father all on what he meant Raymond Raymond Sandstrom saying government same principles same congregation and St. Cloud is not all-inclusive five five oh one but the goal of the gospel according to Genesis seven seventeen eleven Jesus said and now I am no more in the world but these are in the world and I come to the holy father C our main goals and I have given the that they may be well I asked we are one so then the Jesus hears his father and his father are one because they were under the same government under one congregation so sees as designers is suitable to be one where on it while the government in a has-been which would mean under one congregation I want to notice the words your church 's ecclesia in the New Testament and are hauling out that contrary to popular meeting especially a religious customer there congregation I Christian community choice of our Christian community members on our all our say and happen or what bowl assembly you are at one of the Strong 's concordance so then when we meet back in Isaiah fourteen Windows from José I is on the mount of the congregation where we understand that it is a further attempt to divide congregations another as he was doing nothing and by the church that shows where it had when it came undivided service because of the again going where the sharks of the kingdom of heaven it was a revelation that principal local state and was not aware in heaven and for that Satan 's angels were removed out of the city of God Satan do not know congregation and had again will notice there I will sit upon the mount of the way I congregation which means you what means the church is very good heart I want to know is that the vision of the congregation was over the issue of what holiness there are other ways to the holy thataway and possibly our don't be soul how can God don't be such an entity this don't mean that you are we do not already waiting waiting the holy school without following URL remember really fourteen fourteen I will be like the most holy like God would not have to follow God 's law of God 's rules there are multiple paths of organisms on that street is very good all right about it now the sharks on earth it is simply a replica I will service a way and had seen in the memo that way before I gone and her was a little the RFC thirty one search on any searches while assigned on many sources me one is that the weather stays with us in the wrong and we see many strategies all representing different government different systems what can we begin to realize is that it is good that were not beloved I mean I think about that that's a pretty wrong things they lose a how do you what you need anything that only one search the slew by the recesses of his don't be so narrowminded there are many ways to what holiness not another one I sound like a tolerant thing to say to understand the very issues that the police is when you realize all that is good says like it must sound good to one third of holy Angels will end up being what do you see that it is about people today there is all denominations you really don't know you got different views on this one well I'll will serve as our desire to godly loving you want to understand that God is said to this is the way that you get ahead of the method is no no no no no that's not exactly right this is the way he is the principle on which is upon me and establish his church to show people the real way to get ahead but it is not as you say no no no no no you got it wrong God is real when this is what is required in order to get ahead and go down in what you have eaten a nondenominational what you have is a group or a human thinking or claiming to represent the one the kingdom of God the congregation I will say this is the way this is what God requires you to another athlete and what took place in heaven and put them together we see all is going on what he intended to waive it has so the question is are there any to have one to notice what Jesus says in John chapter ten verse sixteen Jesus said I see I have placed online all this fold not stated goals of your own roll or fold angular singular some of it on others here that God has she that are in their souls other CLR which are not of this fold them also I read they shall hear my voice and there is we are all one shatter in other words Jesus tells us that there are many fold out there in the world but there is really only to be one fold and he's got C in many of these other fouls cool man I have outlined are all issues that he wants to get a refill please don't comment here she will because they are being beloved according to all life and all the knowledge that they had what is traditional God facilities here recognizes that he has got she and all holes and all there is not all that does not have sushi and but it doesn't mean that all is so busy teaching autism representing the government of God that they are all right so we want to find out tonight who is little what is the full identify all church to realize that some people will say you know it there is no true church what he's saying when you say there is no true church while will you yesterday in Falls Church and not a liar you are also receiving state is argumentative essay which was that there is no whole one way to salvation there is no more pattern to these him how are you want to know long as a however made me they do not happen because he attempted to divide the congregation I say there are more ways to be likable by then the most common phenomenon is forward I read about this shoot is policy I wanted to and there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman cologne with a sonic boom will under her feet and a crown of twelve stars I do remember it we discovered a woman in my prophecy represents a search here is one that is close with his son which is symbolic of Christ's righteousness the sun symbolic of Christ's righteousness the light of Christ she had some lowly miner please the moment is that which is the norm doesn't have to live in my life of the sun so what is it that reflects or testifies of Jesus Christ in the Bible the word of God this woman is standing on the old and new testament she's very firm on God 's word is slow with Christ viruses is as she got on her head and while twelve stars what was it another twelve representatives the reservoir of service self-sacrificing service at home five is usurious excess eating with child five civilian birth and pain to be delivering that policy was delivered when talking about the Old Testament search was going to deliver Jesus Christ this will verify this lady as she thought him asylum will always is a lot of I heard a song on the dot is no woman in the wilderness where she have a place prepared of God is in all two hundred threescore days now that this woman deliver the child that shops are going to happen that's the price of his death burial and resurrection as the woman was given easily legal that she should sign rather into the wilderness was to have a place prepared of God and his feet are therefore twelve hundred and eighty one four hundred and sixty days as you remember the other we started in Daniel chapter seven that her little arm will prosecute visited the saints of God for how long twelve hundred and sixty days so that shows sharks will Eileen you are reading what we know what the dark ages the Jewish is not available in what I was relieved and visible stars could have been what this juncture is okay great in Revelation twelve thirteen fourteen and far between the visible church was the Roman Catholic Church during those already existing with normal search on God during that time I dominated all others who will not allow her perception of what to what choices you have had you so you got one in five and you got one dominating burn people at this stage etc. Revelation twelve twenty seven and one hundred euros and he persecuted the woman which is what the laptop was the woman was are the sharks at the moment were given to the McGrady will see my file the wilderness into her please wish he is not raised for a guy at half time from the facing of the circuit here is a twelve hundred and fifty euros now curious you had people like Luther and other very famous reformers that began the season as this shows cannot be mutually chosen look at what they're doing is of his system I want to know what is what stays and what in times of this woman Daniel twelve or said is that some leave for a time times and half a time that's entirely little more with the persecuted the woman but now known as what it was honestly when he shot a little more on the antichrist power Wednesday he shall have accomplished to gather the power of the holy people twelve is telling us that it's high time that I have the time period in which this little one power would willingly inventory is carrying who got certain situations how battlefield denominations begin to multiply so what you have happening is that there this this persecution within little more given the starting of the dark ages which is very skilled at SCO that classroom they would come out on the Roman Catholic Church and Islam cannot search by their answer him ha ha that is fallen of the domination of the cylinder had Asia's scattering a one is carrying on the holy people not you have all these denominations beginning to multiply as wealthy as thin as the serpent cast out of his mouth water after the woman that he might cause entirely on the fly because the woman had opened her mouth and swallowed the fly which the driving half out of his mouth to tell you all the time to this God have had each been charged to people who went to notice your days on the market and the Bible tells us here that while the child is completely sought to wipe out the woman did not see this is writer and editor twelve hundred and sixty years that he will know is that during this time during the twelve hundred and sixty years of age and government of God was set on earth using this and our previous life that the Roman Catholic Church set up and how to fix this on a counterfeit governing encounters with sharks which claimed to direct people to the path of salvation but was giving an alternative to the lot to the showings of the Bible you read the Bible say you need to read the Bible to understand salvation just listen to what you say he was sold you the way how to say other than that I went off on the documents that are not in the Bible are part of teachings that are that are not found anywhere in the word of God not want to know is how the sky is so what can one of the seven Angels is the father taught me saying unto me and I was so viewed as they all agree what horror would next Saturday on many waters and I have another woman but now got a sponsor at a hard notice phase which will share something and fornication is the leader in the shop with the wine of her fornication and will not officially part of the way in the Spirit into the wilderness I thought he wanted to start one of these will name the last of the seven ahead on this again is speaking about that dominate charts during the twelve hundred is your you are you the woman was arrayed in our home star is any remember at what coming he is missing the limits of what we learned how to represent and royalties on the sacrifice but the increase of the Old Testament what is long and low this morning is not wearing what will and what is thought obedience to what the company is a God she's not wearing any low seasons shirts that the disobedient to the logon as gold and precious stones and pearls had a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and Hill because of her fornication not only has five things on her forehand was a name written mystery found on the grade there hardly abominations of the earth not as in the mother of heart she asked what daughters will come from what you see in the power of the holy people can all these dollars are in different denominations who was named as the waves you know this is on what you have whether that is to the church can't want to what is their mind is that this is very confusing when all of the word that I mentioned to the worth of confusing confusing what is Muslim or Taliban what say down on the greater confusing confusing and she was in one seven one five oh one service I got a possible AAA I mean just as long on focusing waiting on the way priests and people just get out of the niggling no one gave him on loan to someone they are anything else anymore so than what one products are no as part of the antinational why because without it is so confusing that honestly if you like I is so scary in my salvation is based on one soon there are over three hundred of the denominations that is so down on the green the confusing Australia's principle Wednesday Garrett had a it is now here on our and says that she is the mother of harvest which means that she's got other daughter is born daughters rather than harmless lives him as I saw the quality and she was what is wrong with a lot of other things not of the Morton's egoism I saw her I wondered with great reason there is again only once or say that the mother of hobbies but now what look in these dollars the daughter is really represented multiple what multiple charges in getting our government is based upon what is there is no way in the world that all these churches choose on the half of God because they were then God himself would be the author of what confusion in these charges were speaking on the half that God would be the author of confusion and discharges were speaking on the half God God will be the author of confusion what want to confusion because none of these charges agreement modern so why we know is a hard saying well you know some talking you stated in the requirements for no corner to corner accusing that corner actually than anyone in the corner in a cellular processes they live on earth to know when the humidity the corner ensued God has acquired a sponsor who is in the corner on truth so these the mother or these harness rather represented multiple churches they are operating confusing by holding on to the teaching principle of the mother church is out of the what is my sash season one is this is my thinking there's no reason the Bible that I talk about some sound agency is unable to my teaching is another way they are not gone away our traditions take precedence over the word of God so asked the mother said Sunday sacredness now these the church is that hold on to the teaching of the mother the Bible coffin was heartening these people in the calling people on essentially calling the what is going on insurance is in the system of teaching a system that says this is the way that God operates is what God wants you to believe I got not one of the belief that life is sacred because it is nowhere to be found in his word so as to the churches hold onto Sunday sacredness the immortality of the soul regulatory eternal suffering or a huge or anti- dealings is a human on the other what they are doing is a low this is our mother we may disagree with her on something but on other things which go against the Bible when Adelstein and doctors know when you do that you are living under the principle not only on the mother church the one who was behind the mother church is which is coming out these churches are wrong that's a really egotistical and years and that the government had seen the same thing could him or him feel your way is the only way I'm a lot of things unless his heart because I know I don't want to come across as he came out nor anything or is a heinous abuses while nothing like that I see that I believe that God is not truly sure you are hereby used to uphold the things that are to the same time I want to become alive and well if not young of both of these things that God himself is confusing we know that God is not confusing Isaiah farmers London one thousand and eighty seven was a woman represent seven women fetish or something along what I was amended on April the was a man at all charges this wasn't the old sharks although Ginny is a seventy something one that they mean what you call in when we were younger we talk about the word of God he will will will know what any children William Hamre in a world where our own wife people decide what is right for ourselves on the Internet called by the Navy to take away our children's children as young as I write this is when you decide what we will do with your wit when the word we will read review one one according to what we think of investing column on your name and look at what so many churches are doing I can only say that his birth apply because Nitish is saying hey no suffocating laws were called Chris him a him a all right season I'm sure the Northeast because of the Christian short time prosecuting the same of the most high so there must be the mother one for sure because God is on our one one of the identifying marks and of God shows variable costs charged on earth must be the one that I know the government of God where it has enough of the women's sandals for this whole series on the something of the sanctuary how God is trying to meet is that the sanctuary and I know that my process crazy I really don't know all of many churches that are even talking about sanctuary the failure of his kingdom is Revelation twelve seventeen because we thought it was a long sanctuary about the address was wrong the woman at his church and went in a war with the remnant of her see what is your chief book about so long as I live in the outdoor movement insurance and the last is that you will be doing while keeping the commandments of God I will follow the law and the testimony is not according to this word is because there is not much no life in man soul no discharge on February fourth Kim on another we know he didn't mean she okay and he got a five million and he does not even what longer and it shows is not an illness revelations twenty fourteen when you come out him for this film is entertaining delusions elicited a lot of promise career it's amazing that God 's service if you are a pompous sanctuary upon the law is found within the sanctuary which is the law of God and come out now if we would see these denominations and then you see the law when the entity yes we would take our Bibles and go down the list and single what about the forthcoming yesterday that he is given that of the explanation of another experiment time where I need an explanation on why someone is not allowable limits must be in him my wife is in the anymore so technically speaking the fact that I'm not the woman is not actually know they can look there is no need to already overcome that makes us as an so there is no part of any other explanation as to why some command has been changed now he's already needed symbol as he possibly could so I was commanding I'm not according to these charities to solidify except for one of those strategies none of those key the one the Commandments of God now the Bible says the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two and in so far as possible to move on that Jehovah's Witnesses this is no government insurance one hundred that conclusion at this person actually told me well you know where the only one that went door-to-door I thought to myself okay where in the Bible we see going door-to-door one of them one of the signs that will determine what is not what you guys you will identify people come up with their own test I favorably on the word of God test for same-day sort of life and he is not alone God is the one that is where it is all right and then I was like a little chocolate okay getting tendinitis unmeasured I know while this is not possible even show system of God because of what they are telling me in that old days to bring one of God come and you said about what they had what is give a somewhat counterfeit passport is not the David Hume following a red and peace for devil Jesus and I stress a lot of nice new teams have lost principles in Afghanistan for the people in the same as in okay and when the law is not Islam and when you do this anymore and another in the lives of the Bible says that I keep us connected and a half I eventually live does not have a beautiful wonderful people among the strategies you people that will see before something bad yes why because they are him him I have while some of us are not living up to the life that we those not following the nomination in the two that is not living up to the one in the life that you have a couple other guys God is not available because you are as you can see by the nominating rings true and you say well you know what I wanted to tell you that God is going it doesn't matter as long as our is not going up there is absolutely your wife sure it is over the word of God number two prophetic precedent in the ninja the Jewish is connected on Revelation twelve seventeen and will come back to them only by using Revelation twelve seventeen this is those who see the commands of God and how the testimony of Jesus now while all the Jews at the goalkeeper Magnus God they were exact to Jesus in the meantime they are to that don't reject Jesus but amazingly enough they were exactly the information you become a Christian our means to now he on the Christian Sabbath which is not the same the Christian Sabbath is exactly as he is an organized body and what would seem that God is organizing body and organized government by which he's trying to lead people into zombies in order to the actual that shows how God worked in these last days number two is that a certificate is one of my favorites because him at have a prophetic birth certificate the Bible tells the notice remember we saw that this woman would be hot for twelve hundred and these more years in twelve hundred and sixty years to come I sort in other words she would come back on this thing out come on the scene sometime after seventeen ninety eight and twelve hundred years in northwest as how long something is to sacrifice and is desolation the sanctuary is not what holds for the house but God 's people so there's here are Hamas only within the visit is is is is is is you most sanctuary and a host installment of the person is in how all people in Asia under before they can ride in their rightful position all with a meeting in one five little more power at the sanctuary being desolated and hidden from the minds of people how long before the whole Jeff again I thought Barry Marx again with children and what is this question on the twenty three hundred and eighty days on the sanctuary meanwhile because I remember this prophecy successful for a seventy C the daily decree was given to begin counting the following are the key forty four eighty V in other words what we're being told here is that in one forty and one half oh you are my number one is shown on the head of a sanctuary amendment to the shows I was assassinated the game will see that in a moment but we as previously as well number three bringing that is sad the judge is in your note I explained I cannot study on the twenty eighth a democracy that before eighteen forty four and incredibly needed to get people from various denominations of the historian is a problem in chapter eight verse thirteen fourteen and his people was not speaking to each other on the planet came to the same conclusion that something very special is happening in eighty forty four not because they thought that it was going to be the coming of Jesus you are wrong we saw in that Jesus was not a move from heaven to us but he was on the wall and places who most holy place to begin the work of loving when the place in nineteen forty four and Jesus people get of their faith some people children's all kinds of crazy things happen but there was a group of people who said we were wrong about the Pentagon is where we know what went wrong when they went out and had a study that you realize hauntings were talking about in history as he realized it was a sanctuary that is standard on that this is what had gone and not coming of Christ that is what the ten now that was amazing about this is that this is how the Seventh-day Adventist church was not that is not as had accompanied on you all different denominations I will not assert his for actually believing that anything happened amazing forty four and then I think we know that Jesus has moved into the most holy place idolatrous set I go crazy and not anomalies in this group of people came together and together as the only source of finance for that was long not from one person but for me who almost every denomination coming together as same as is one true there is my heavenly sanctuary the judgment of God Pakistan up to you and connect families for phenobarbital the adhesive that ultimately two thousand three hundred days then some sanctuary the class I want to notice in Revelation eleven eighteen is angry in Iraq and is everyone until I service the property is a saint and a hearing on a small number is to destroy that was destroyed in your speaking amount of judgment beginning at birth and at the temple of God was opened in heaven there was seem to come home not long part of his Fifth Amendment is that you can't actually place where Jesus did not come again and these I discover things began to wonder what will happen spiritually speaking this verse was fulfilled in the fact that those people who said anything the sanctuary is not just our way and a half minute Monday logo based on a sanctuary in heaven they also know it is not part of his business him and the ten Commandments I love you and Colleen came to the conclusion that since I haven't gotten at Hayes on producing what is known as the three Angels messages Revelation fourteen is seven I saw another angel fly that had happened at about the hospital degrees other than dwelling on any nation changes people struggling with a lot more scared autoimmune glory to him for the hour of his job this is this is what is the is again present anything forty four is that God is not untimely off in the future when Obama is going to buttons and has been done and has been encountering they also understood that this is just amazing what can I increase just twelve thirteen fourteen and conclusion of the whole matter is all the while she is in the holy of man from God 's offering every word in the zoo was just me with every secret thing whether it be good or whether the evil they were also in exchange of the company remember that some twenty five G something to do what Shane 's time at all and thirty two thousand and two anyhow just the company is continuing to log on and on the heart the Bible says here such as new widget in your company so I say you'll keep the company in order to be safe and what is not there are I want one way to get it have you seen the long history in Iran who you are manifold and so is he when Colorado my thought is people not to know their God shall be strong he was placed on a million beloved we want to be strong and to exploit God is saying here that in this verse is saying also know that God is the change of the company goal with a change in law and another son administration is the only Sirs I know that is preaching against the exchange on the fourth commandment in particular is forty seven and noticed how a student on the judgment worse of him that made heaven and earth and the sea waters the combat is as outdated unimodal as a labor and while I work on outline seven and so on I have twenty six and similarly in this he cannot have you rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how is this twenty eight June twelve final sign that not only would they have a long time but they would also have the testimony of Jesus Vice President of the twelve seventeen the drive was wrong wrong wrong woman and when committing war with the remnant of her seed which she commands of God and how the testimony of Jesus Christ what the testimony of Jesus Christ help us revolutionizing fan this is what have you dishonestly sell or not this is John forming a team of an angel didn't mean what they are doing I'm sorry I recommend that how you want testimony of Jesus and what is known as gone for the testimony of Jesus is the one sphere is not out of the question world is a spirit of prophecy while I love the spirit of prophecy is nothing more than the holy Barbara say nothing less than the holy spirit that solves progressively the Holy Spirit notice John sixteen thirty how do you see the spirit on what shows this he will guide us all to for he shall not speak of himself and otherwise disparate as you can not be seen as a price not as solid so he shall hear that sound speed and he was selling you seems to come short of it is a prophecy is nothing else that the spirit of Sharon which is whom the holy spirit is the Holy Spirit that has satisfied all who Jesus is called the testimony of Jesus so I wanted a couple versus CSN Chronicles twenty four nineteen and he said who do that and then to bring them again unto the Lord what is the purpose of this restaurant is to bring them again unto the Lord is designed for him will sell no man in the Lord as they filed into the prophets testify against them because they had a testimony of Jesus which was the spirit of prophecy which is the spirit of Sharon which is simply no holy spirit is there anyone who will listen but they were not getting what you hear you have someone you don't get here we really say your exactness across the witches really testimony of Jesus the Holy Spirit notice things that are yet of the all or testify in Israel and Judah are how buy all the prophets all the figures they are saying turned in front of you waving I see my con man and wife vaccines according to all of our type and identify which I think you are my son the property the goal was simply to come to the people as a United God will shine back to return back to the Lord you're not doing no content with getting themselves killed you don't like because they usually come with a knife found flowery messages that people like you notice a significant amount in one location life is nevertheless they know what dystopian nightmare out against me and one hundred of that little conference which is what testified that the him or her how he said I twenty six and twenty five as he testified against them bring them down tonight the whole purpose of a prophet is to bring people back constantly as all that will bring them back into my ball and go probably have to not that I managed in times as wasted on activities and even then she was older and heartened today and would not hear you many as four million and testified against them by who was there nice theory in thy Holy Spirit is not just is what is thy spirit in the heart prompting yet they will not give you initially visited England is another there is a prophet is not meeting the rejection of a property the menu is a topic that really means is every day and April seven the Bible tells us something very interesting because Saddam was involved in God and people of Israel said the one that was not needed anymore sound is pretty good about that s hand that will harm the voice of the people not intensity but they have not rejected the book is exactly me that I is not reign over the beloved one of the quickest ways to bring out the spirit of rebellion in the first is to bring them face-to-face with many top talk about my children you shall understand also the process is he will say the process will say stop sign and when he is in the spirit of prophecy God and when we come face-to-face with the Holy Spirit on the principle that we didn't even know where and how hard you know I want to look at both and that he has me behold twenty three twenty one thirty one Jesus said while on his Pharisees and because you down until the problem is wireless facet of life is he saying you thousands of you you know your models homes in your same old Moses or Moses I wish you were alive today he will races in April I will be in the real estate is in our fathers we were not particularly in the blood of the prophets normally don't use if I were honoring these the judges now because of the province of policy no longer Ron tells like to read as is and for unity as a result anyone shows another was killed in front because Jesus was a living prophet in their time and what do they do with the profit of the children John the Baptist is on the loan principle here in the same is true today and company nothing was or the Bible as they are safe with unlimited profit they will something you know what hard will begin to manifest themselves if we were not right with God and his love is simply reveals the principle of a series of without fossil tries to follow a formula that is twenty one twenty four is as follows false topic is in their arise false prophets in the last phase is is a very restless so that it would be shown copies in the last thing you bastard so not only the shirtless only result is that because I sure as arise in a voice for God says he was an easy win this favorite and when you like her sister see you in a discredited oppositely in you not just a incumbent here was not a happy saying okay now here this prophecy know the spirit of prophecy is given through the will during the call the Holy Spirit in this office is called the Spirit of prophecy so he was restless so that God would keep his last eight starts a pro- for one felt a lot of these matters very much like the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets on the world this is because the love and every spirit but do not strive in a Catholic test that he do what accepted but if they don't then you reject the next day I hear people saying on Bengals in the name any anywhere to profit on it admittedly careful because to reject at the business and profit but it is of exact God is not an idiomatic meeting is not the person is office area .com DNA .ru about an eighty one online that will greatly tell about her tonight because we as if he was not closed but like this was a seventeen -year-old girl year eighteen forty four socialists of the administration was coming together formulating every year on why this move in fact he was a and we see he is from God in which she saw something somewhere in the future she saw the movement of people down through the last these that make that woman should receive her visit in eighteen forty four said Wednesday he is saying here at this time people are given the Commandments of God will not go but also that the moaning of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy in my mind to know misleading it is only one which is of God really well satisfied the one all to the law to the morning without it and I hear you not only solo surroundings on TV and so on so it's also about one questions and then is him on the elimination of all and say hello while I know no one I got analyzed by the Pentagon involved on no mistake about it she thought long gone must you probably got one of our testimony is do not believe that Jesus was a mess of God or someone living she believed that Jesus Christ was God manifest in the last eleven points in these two principles belong to the testimony that she will not learn anything involving the seminar outline sieges and is not an accident here in the news when in the Navy and you my message is seen the use of any other court decide who my know was that seemed on Lebanon simply showing you that my teaching anesthesia lists of investors believe nowhere in the world is upon arriving on this one is partly she has written morals I believe that any woman author in the world not only that he had a very greatly education she has written autism mind blowing the things he has written another high level and all that by the word of God in fact makes meetings is going to be next Wednesday night then I look at what's available suitable to particular one is called great controversy yet what causes are going to the great controversy in particular given that it is finished faxing of what we've gone over in the past three weeks and is often the Bible is nothing that you can verify from the word of God so when my folder is doing all it was an old muscular no doctors don't don't don't fret I sent him her hand by the word of God by the law and the testimony at his line and become outsiders honestly there is a lot of what testing this one driving and they themselves are keeping the one no different than other weird things about the Bible but this is not a profit you cannot if someone are something you must know he is a man to another one of God is really no way to test out actually also a Muslim by the one anonymous anyone within the one that you know all the possible processes through the prophets are subject unto the car when Moses came down from Mount Sinai the people know that most of the habit in limine his face was shining they saw down to be heard on talking to Moses is no doubt in my same as I'm sure you're probably not as when Johnson came on the scene out of the date noted and not a failure to talk to Jeremiah Wright and so now they had to do what she is very simply the weight of the property was last seen delete not so with the constant back pain before then the spirit of the prophets are subject of the problem but I think will do the whole Bible and he was unanimous testimony on the long is not a testimony of how file really is what happens when you die bloody humidifier and she falls right in line with Moses and Jocelyn Isaiah and we had nothing to him when it comes to writing up this morning the ministers losing forty four is a sanctuary by a gathering of people from various denominations the praising of the law that is the changing of the company gently given this very possibility at all this in eighteen forty four to me this is no sorrow in my mind that the remnant shards of God is a apparatus shyness Revelation twenty one hundred handheld entertainment to me one of the seven angels with the mouse lastly the same company that Salida by the last of my childhood when the Spirit to a great high Mountain facility that raising the holy Jerusalem and I phone Don and I thought no temple there maybe for the Lord God Almighty and are the temple on the one of the web is not there all along anything useful in the market not embodied in Jesus Christ and love is the reason why it's so important for us to be in the right size if you got that shirt triggered here is how is way and had if you are not who's good you are here and that he is keeping it in knowledge and my amigos live longer then is likely to have that sleaze watchdog in the history because he wants to show us that he is kingdom is the United Kingdom he doesn't rain for many churches he's got one congregation eleven and selenium of plot holes has many sincere people in every him but he was calling people to come out on those far as that is falling story of Noah human the story how many artists one of them is not a good that was really building many many are churches the art that no one is it was built according to God 's specific are you sure that you would want to take the risk and just jump into any art that when the rain Colin and the floods and the Wednesday integral are you sure that you aren't disgruntled about it I thought go through the Bible over and over again and I have studied many different religions many different Christian religions all cost religions and my deputies try to figure out what was I notified anything clear-cut to follow another how I see without a solid back on the array exchange of people who see the commands of God and have the fee of Jesus that I want to make an invitation right now and then asked all we learned is in my mind mind blowing I've already fill line of the God is calling some of you to make a decision to follow another day you may have friends and it shows you may note that you have good times together it was good times can continue to exist and welfare friends and don't talk to family and I him or him to take Sean what I have shown you what you make a decision to follow me to enter into the heart and help him with his longer there more than one way to salvation is no multiple charges in all blessed by God because while multiple people to be less like normal only black his governing history and another please please do not believe in making a fun nor there is much that we have learned so much more to follow they are people who have come people who have not been here but so many people in so many different places father I just wanted crazy tonight that has your Holy Spirit speaks our hearts not in the spirit of rebellion might not be found alive in us know that we would be willing to make any sacrifice necessary to follow you to keep your word keep your long as we come to a close in these meetings we have to not only becomes will close to the devil deceive anyone that the time to make a decision is gone for about as long as we are refugee was the as for file is thank you for speaking to us tonight is mainly start sorting officers with all our hearts and souls and minds because you told us that we will see you and finally when we starts with our hearts we pray in Jesus name amen


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