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How to Evangelize Using Agriculture- Part 3

David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • August 13, 2016
    4:30 PM
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Father in heaven and I was very grateful that we can be here today that I can share what you really been sharing with me and. I think you how you're leading in the world in all of our lives that you are fully in control. And that you're working in such a way that's in all of our best interest because you love us. Because your heart is bound to and that's amazing. Lord the devil doesn't care about us and even many even many of us as people don't care for each other in the way that we really should but you do you're always reliable. You're always passionately working on our behalf and we want to thank you for that. And again just my my privilege to be able to share what you shared with me. So in our last hour here. We do want to pray for your Holy Spirit and ask that you would guide our conversation our time together in Jesus' name we pray. Amen. So I want to try to go through it will be a little bit darker think you'd be able to see it creates just the background. I want to shift gears in this last hour. And talk about really I want to talk about agriculture and education within the church. I've explained to you why this is important because among many other methods agriculture is one component of winning the hearts of the people in our community around us building public support winning confidence winning approval from the community that's the real objective is is this is all set in the context of our mission as a church and while reaching out to the community that's a really good thing. There's also. There's also a need to reach out to our own church. And to our our young people in particular. And eschatological prerequisite. So I titled this. There's a whole. I mean you know what eschatological. This study of last day event study of last things what it means in Greek. Eschatology is the Greek word for last. And then the study of last things. A prerequisite. Is something that you must do. Before you can do something else. So eschatological prerequisite is something that must be done before. The last things can happen. And what might have gone through this year. Matthew twenty four fourteen is our church's commission and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness then to all nations then shall the end come. I want to highlight one word here I'm going to skip actually a little bit of this for the sake of time. And that's the word witness in the taxed. We often think of evangelism. To academically. We think of it as sharing information. Certain ideas that. Even the cross in the crucifixion the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior can be boiled down to just information but the verse and this gospel of the king themselves preached in all the world for a witness what if there was no witness component to the preaching of the gospel. Would you fulfill the commission the Greek word here you'll recognize the Greek word martyr or the English word martyr. This is a different use of the words the different tense and this is from a Greek dictionary the word Martirio on denotes the proof which can be deduced to confirm a statement or a fact. In respect to the use and meaning are starting. Point must be the fact that unlike Mark Turia the word martyr. Martirio on does not mean the process of giving testimony. It's not the transmission of information is not the regurgitation of ideas or truths if you want to call it that. Martirio even in witness. We are to think last of the content then of the fact that the object of testimony. Whether it be an object act or utterance is primarily a means of proof. What this says is when Matthew twenty four is fulfilled. It can't just be stated. It must be proven. It must not just be stated it must be proven. So Revelation Chapter fourteen is really the same as Matthew twenty four fourteen starts almost identically and I saw another angel fly in the midst of have been having the everlasting Gospel to preach one of them in the earth and every nation Kendra talking and people. It's almost identical to Matthew twenty four So much so that we've actually made a song about it and you're familiar with the song and this gospel of love the kingdom shall be preached in all you know. And then it switches Revelation fourteen. Those two verses go together so strongly that they are actually the same so change gears for just a second. Every time. God did something significant in society. It was preceded by a revival in the principles of education some examples that exodus from Egypt before God could take them into the Promised Land. He had to reeducate them about the law and about obedience and Moses was an instructor to the point. Pharaoh actually complained about the reeducation of the Israelites on a spiritual line. The first advent of Christ was preceded by John the Baptist who was who was to prepare the way and John the Baptist did not receive the traditional form of education. The Protestant Reformation once Luther broke from the Church of Rome. One of the very first things he did was to start a school and that unburnt and many of the other reformers did the exact same thing. The Advent movement for a while the admin is tourch was a little slow in jumping on the education bandwagon so to speak. Because they thought the world was going to end right away. But now that this church runs the biggest school system in the world second only to the Catholic Church and it's growing profoundly I understand in other countries. Although that's not the case here in the US. So what would you expect would happen right before the second coming. If every time. God has done something significant in the world. It's required a revival or reformation in the principles of education. What will happen right at the end to do the same thing he would do the same thing. It's interesting to me that many of God's greatest men. Here's a list of some of the common ones that many of these men were actually farmers and farm based experience. Now Samuel was a priest Solomon was raised in the palace. Daniel were different as well but Abraham farm boy. Joseph farm boy Moses farm boy. Gideon farm boy David farm boy. Alija farm boy. One of paws on that one for just a second. The only thing we know about Alliance was that he was the Tishbite from the land of Gillian. But when you look in the Old Testament the land of Gilead was on the east side of the Jordan River that was really good for pasture and flocks and herds which is where the tribe of Ruben in the tribe of Gad wanted to keep they wanted to possess that land because it was good agricultural land and so what historians think is that a lie just family fled from the apostasy in the northern ten tribes of Israel and moved out into the countryside and farmed and that's the only thing we know about Alliance is he was a Tishbite. In the land of Julian. And by the way one other detail there some people think that he was from which is a town. But there is no in the land of Julian and the word in Hebrew actually means stranger as though he wasn't a local he wasn't native to the land of Dili and he was a transplant of sorts. You can ponder on that. And that may be a little different than something you've heard before but my suggestion is that lives are really grew up in a rural setting. And just like the life of the next guy who was found doing what when God called him is ploughing. John the Baptist grew up in the rural setting. Now the apostles including Paul were were not particularly farmers per se but they they all had a very hands on blue collar sort of background and education. Prior to being called into ministry. When I add one on the list. You may pick up on it. Jesus. And really when you think of Jesus you actually think that that occupation. He was what he was actually a carpenter the Bible is pretty specific. It says he was a carpenter. But you ever noticed that many of Jesus's teachings were actually from the far parable the vineyard parable the slower parable the fig tree wheat and the tears sheep in the goats. Come on to me all you that labor and are heavy laden I would give you rest take my. Yoke upon you and learn of me. The harvest is plenty as but the labors are few Revelation Chapter fourteen after the three angels messages actually ends with the second coming. Described as the harvest the wheat and the tears the harvest motif there again. So no man having put his hand to the plough and turns back is one fit for the kingdom of heaven. Jesus borrowed so extensively from agricultural. Terminology. That it actually betrays a familiarity with it. I mean he wasn't just reading books about this stuff in his free time he wasn't just speaking about things he didn't really know anything about if you look at it sort of logically consistently. Jesus planted the garden. Why would he remove himself from that environment when he came to earth as a man. Why would he recommend that type of background and upbringing. But not go through that upbringing himself. Yeah I totally agree with that's the essential what I'm trying to say well here's the thing about Jesus being a carpenter. I mean you heard of Justin Martyr. You know who just and murder is just a martyr was a Christian that lived in the first century A.D. That is he lived in the two hundred. Excuse me. He lived during the one hundred that lived in the second century A.D. If you follow that I said that wrong. You know the same page with me he lived in the one hundred's which is the second century. Just in martyr actually writes the Jesus as a carpenter in his father's shop made ploughs and yokes and yoke and plough are obviously. Agricultural tools. And he made them but he also used them is the implication that Justin Martyr makes that Jesus was really familiar with agriculture on a personal level. Again you know don't take my word for that you can spend some time contemplating it and draw your own conclusions but in the book education and I want to ask the question why is this the case where a lot of guys that I didn't mention Amos was a shepherd and you think through. Noah. Think of the Advent movement. William Miller. What was he doing when God called him was a farmer. Why is that some of the reformers were farmers. If you look at the wars very interesting period of history. Many of them were peasant farmers. Why is that the god did that that way. And a White writes No line of manual training is of more value than agriculture a greater effort should be made to create and encourage an interest in agricultural pursuits. But the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about agriculture that it was God's plan for man to tell the earth that the first man the ruler of the whole world was given a garden to cultivate and that many of the world's greatest men it's a real nobility have been tillers of the soil. Why that trend though why. Well I don't propose a couple things to you and one of them to start with is the discipline of hard work and I want to get I want to set this in the context of our churches mission. Our mission is the church is to fill to fulfill the preaching of the three angels messages that is our specific role. The church and it encompasses the Sabbath the state of the dead and the investigative judgment. It touches on so many things. I can't boil it down any one specific thing but as a church it envelops everything that our church stands for that is our mission to take the three angels messages to the world but when you think about training people is that information that they need they need to understand the truth of the Bible more thoroughly they need to be able to explain the twenty three hundred days. More convincingly. I want it is they want to you need to understand it but read this next quote here fundamentals of Christian educational White writes the following about Australia. But the working of the land will prove a special blessing to the worker there is a great want of intelligent men to till the soil who will be thorough this knowledge will not be a Hendren to the education essential for business or for usefulness in any line to develop the capacity of the soil requires thought and intelligence not only will it develop muscle but capability for study because the action of the brain and muscle is equalized we should so train the youth that they will love to work upon the land and delight in improving it. The hope of advancing the cause of God in this country Australia is then creating a new moral taste and love of work which will transform. Here's the kicker which will transform mind and character. If you follow me carefully. Matthew twenty four says that the gospel must be preached to the world. For a witness it must be proven. Hard work is transformative. Of a person's mind and war importantly or equally importantly their character that statement right there is a statement of proof that what's being said is true. But in America is that educational systems including our own churches. We have removed from the students experience that of learning how to work. Many of you your age my age. Don't actually know how to work. I don't mean to be offensive. I don't know you personally. Well enough but I think I can take a fair guess and say that even right now many of us don't really know what work is we do things we're busy but do we know what it means to work in a way that transforms the mind and character. If the hope of advancing the cause of God in Australia was dependent upon giving young people a work ethic has that changed so that again. It's become more important in part because we needed more. Number two here to move on is the balance of physical meant. Labor which was really hinted at at the last the last quote. Which promotes physical health and mental performance. I mention this very briefly which countries educational system is ranked consistently first in the world and that's Fenlon now they're a little lower than the last couple of years. There's some reasons for that. Review some things about Finland educational system. Mandatory education. Not till age seven fifteen minutes of every hour is play especially in the elementary level. No standardized testing mandatory education in that age fifteen and sixteen. They can choose between continuing with a traditional academic education or vo tech hands on trade based educational model forty three percent of young fans choose the vocational round. There's a lot of teacher autonomy the teachers actually teach the last per day and have more time for practice and there's all sorts of other interesting things that they do. But when you read this in light of the Spirit of Prophecy. She says that she says that she says that she says that she says this actually what I mean by compulsory education ending at fifteen. Is she talks about people not being in school for a long long periods of time talking about a much faster educational system. This right here is a very interesting number because what it suggests is that young people actually want significant numbers of young people actually want a more hands on trade based educational experience. We want to know that what we're learning is actually relevant to something in life. It's a story. I told the time when I was in high school I was not a Christian that was the this. And my hair was about shoulder length that I dyed it red. Now my hair is kind of dark and I didn't bleached at first so my hair really turned out more. Like in my room so they had a day out. I went to Algebra two class and I go to Algebra two I sit in the back of the classroom put my head on the wall go to sleep and that was my routine for a number of days. One day I walked in and I noticed there was a big red spot on the wall and I thought oh I have made my contribution Algebra two I guess my job is done here and I dropped out of the class. Since I've been on a farm. I realize actually a whole lot of the stuff they tried to teach me in high school actually pretty practical the botany the biology the chemistry. Certainly the math and all many aspects of the math. The writing communication skills so many of those things actually make a whole lot of sense and what we've done is complain kids to a classroom and told them that that's a superior education but the young people sitting there and many of you sitting here have asked the same question that I have asked when am I going to use that. Where am I going to use that what does this mean to me and the answer is to many of us and that nothing some cases still means nothing. So I said this earlier. What Finland is doing is actually doing what God said should be done to a limited degree on accident. I mean unless somebody in Finland read the book education I don't know that they're having a tremendous amount of success with their academic program by actually studying less with the kids and number three is close contact with the natural world. Nature is God's preferred method of teaching use it is the preferred method and won't go into that very very. Long here but a suggestion to you is that Jesus taught from parables for a reason because it's a fact and exposure to nature is a fact of and you know we live in such an artificial world that I tell you this. If you didn't know it but you live in a really fake world. I mean that in the most real sense that we have been persuaded that the things which are real are actually fake and the things which are fake are actually real. What do we value we value Hollywood we value sports we pay people ridiculous amounts of money to play games insane absurd irrational. Illogical amounts of money. To swing at balls and kick them and touch them and other things and look I like sports. I like being athletic. Is dull makes no sense to pay somebody two hundred million dollars to play it. You gotta stop or I'll keep going and makes no sense as much as I like it and makes no sense. What else do we value cars and detainment music we shop at Walmart and not to tell you shouldn't shop at Walmart. But Wal-Mart's like the most fake store in the world. There could be nothing further removed from how food and products are actually produced than a place like Wal-Mart. It is so the real technology social media Facebook you think that the for. Ends on your Facebook account are actually your friends. It's not true in some cases it is. But you all have friends. You really don't actually know all that well on your Facebook page and I'm just using that as an illustration that in our society we are substituting that which is real with that which is fake and I have personal pet peeve against texting people don't want talk on the phone anymore. Send me a text through many emails. No I want to talk to you. I want to real communication I want to hear how you interpret my words and you actually understand my words and that's not lost in the cyberspace. I'm not against texting by the way. But it's the substitution of real relationships for artificial limbs nature is the most real thing in the world the natural processes the act of growing food. The whole natural system is the most real thing in the world. It is the only enduring natural system everything else is is not. And so when you expose young people to nature on a continual basis. You are actually demonstrating to them. What is real and what is fake and maybe something you ought to to chew upon ponder a little bit. But nature of you specially read the spirit of prophecy and the Bible. To give you one example in a spiritual no Psalm nineteen the heavens the clear the glory of God the firmament shows its handiwork day and today utter speak night speech and night into night shows knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard me reinterpret God for you when you look at nature there. Is no language which in nature cannot be translated into that tells you in unmistakable words there is a God and when you remove kids from nature. You're removing them from that voice even Romans says for the invisible things of him from the clear creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made so it says that they are without what excuse that means nature is such a powerful witnessing opportunity by itself that on the day of judgment. Anybody who has been exposed in nature has enough information to make a decision that's really what Romans one is saying nature is so powerful it won't tell you the three angles messages but it will tell you there is a God and that is sufficient. So all of these things combine here in the person that molds the character into one which turns witnessing into proof when you design an educational system that's really removed from the farm. We're talking about is agriculture you're removing kids from kids the opportunity to learn a work ethic. You're removing from them. The balance between the physical the mental you're removing from them. The exposure to nature the miracle of growing something from a seed to something that's out of all you're removing all of that from them. Here's why I'm getting at this redo this next quote. This is from the review and herald one thousand eight writes. I have been shown that on our educational work. We are not to follow the methods that have been adopted in our older established schools there is too. Among Us too much clinging to old customs. And because of this. Listen very carefully. We are far behind where we should be in the development of one because the. Men could not comprehend the purpose of God and the plans laid before us for the education of workers and methods have been followed in some of our schools which is retarded rather than advance the work of God Years have passed into eternity was small results than might have shown the accomplishment of a great and sacred work if the Lord's will had been done by the workers and earth as the angels do it and have been much that now remains to be done would already be accomplished and Noble results would be seen to follow our missionary efforts the usefulness learned where on the school farm is the very education that is most essential for those who go out as missionaries to many foreign fields. That quote right there is the reason for the last two hours. The farm based education makes the missionary useful anywhere he goes anywhere he goes. Makes the missionary useful. Because of his character because of his work ethic because of his capability to provide for people's basic needs because of the openness that it gives to people that he would never be able to connect with on on other levels through bible work through through those traditional forms of evangelism the farmer opens opportunities for a vandalism to the missionary. And if he's good at farming. It also makes him self sustaining and reduces the need for funding. And provides an opportunity to replicate workers because if you have workers that are self-sustaining. Do they need a conference the fun. They don't so. If this training is given with the glory of God and do you great results will be seen no work will be more a factual than that done by those who having. Tain in education and practical life go forth the mission fields with the message of truth prepared to instruct as they have been instructed the knowledge that they have obtained and tilling the soil in the erection of buildings and other lines of manual work and which to carry with them to their field of labor will make them a blessing even where and heathen lands. It's a story real quick here. My my father said my father in law my wife's step dad is a blue collar guy he was a maintenance guy worked in a sawmill is a blue collar guy. I work for the church. I always dressed clean nice shirts and the whole thing there and. He actually thought I was worthless. I'll tell you how I learned it. Since you're up here going to bar you. When I got into gardening for Christmas one year and bided we invited my wife and I invited him and hopes mother over for Christmas and our son had just been born and there are multiple reasons for it but I would work on this little garden project was building this little greenhouse sort of contraption thing. And we were in the in the shop working on this thing with tools and cutting stuff and building stuff and putting it all together and he's a really kind of rough around the edges guy. And this is a really awkward moment he walked around the end of the table. He stopped in front of me grabbed me by the shoulders threw the arms around me and said you're in the thick and it hit me. What do you think I was before. What did I think I was. Before I thought I was great. I was spiritual I studied the Bible. I was a missionary work for the church. I thought I was all right. I didn't care. And cared all. Meant nothing to him the proverb so heavenly minded no earthly God Jesus was a reverse. Heaven that nothing. He came to earth. Heaven meant nothing. He came to earth and on earth life is real life is real. People hurt people work hard to seem to get no where people have stress. People have pain. Heaven's easy. It's easy to be spiritual. Especially when you work for the church in your little bubble. Stay with your friends hang with your friends have your conversations with your friends and Ellen White actually says it requires more grace and more stern discipline of character. To be just one of the guys than to be an acknowledged missionary were half your difficulties are removed by the fact people know you're a missionary and they expect that from you. But when you're a framer Chris the framer guys around your rough the cuss. They drink the look of girls talk about girls. I've been on a few Europe's start churches that have. Then it requires some backbone to be a Christian. And then life is real and Jesus didn't take the easy path. Why was Jesus a blue collar guy. He wanted blue collar people. As he was trying to reach. So our missionaries. One of our missionaries are blue collar normal regular people. Like me. Like you just one of us real pains real problems real solutions. Makes more sense. Even in heathen lands. Because he them's the last time I checked of the exact same problems as everybody else. Before this is the last paragraph we carry the message of present truth in all its fullness to other countries. This is the prerequisite. Before we can carry the message of present truth in all its fullness to other countries we must first break. Every yoke and agricultural symbol there. Which yoke particularly the educational yoke. You must come in the line of true education walking in the wisdom of God and not in the wisdom of the world God calls for messengers who will be true reformers. We must educate educate to prepare people who understand the message and then give the message to the world. As a quote that I did not put up here. On. Your problem in the administering especially in North America. The statistics are well known by most church members many church members certainly church administrators. Educators. That immediately upon graduating from high school more than fifty percent of our young people leave the Seventh Day Adventist Church real statistic. And it's proven by the fact that every weekend when you go to church. Regardless of which church you go to which state you're in which county you're in. If you're in North America. Most of our churches don't have many young people are all gone all gone where they go. They've been educated out of the church. Hold on. Be very careful. It's not because the teachers don't care. Is that because the teachers aren't spiritual Some of course are some of course aren't. It's not because the teachers don't love the students. It's not because the teachers don't work hard. It's because Christ's method alone will bring true success. When our educational model reflects God's educational methods will have true success. And education is such a critical component to the fulfillment of our church's mission there without a change in education. Will present truth go. Maybe nowhere. She says in a different place and if you want this then I give it to you that the school farm and manual labor. Would provide the students with oh you know what I can do this. Real quick. You're done with that. Anyway. You get the time to look this up that way you don't have to take my word for. Christian education here you can read this here. I've been led to enquire must all. All that is valuable in our youth be sacrificed in order that they may attain an education in the schools. If there had been agriculture and manufacturing establishments in connection with our schools competent teachers employed to educate the youth in different branches of study and labor devoting a portion of each day to mental improvement in a portion of physical labor there would now be a more elevated class of youth to come upon the stage of action to have influence in molding society the youth who would graduate at such institutions would many of them come forth with stability of character. They would have perseverance fortitude courage to surmount obstacles and principles that would not be swerved by wrong influence how ever popular. That's amazing. That is amazing. That's exciting amazing that we could produce a class of young people through an agricultural educational model that would make it. Catch this that would make it impossible for them to be swerved by wrong influences. Regardless of the popularity. Regardless of the popularity. I closed it won't do that anymore. My challenge to you. God's calling for reformers and then come here to entertain you and come here for myself. I'm not going to do this by myself. God is calling for reformers God brought you here today to this place to hear this message because he's asking you to do something about it. If we will ever fulfill our mission as a church. We must address the impact in the need of Agriculture. As a component of our schools our churches our ministries God is calling for reformers many of God's greatest men have been tellers of the soil and God's greatest moment. God's final moment in history is yet to come and where will those men come from where will they be trained. How will they be trained. Will they be proof that our witness is true or will they just be educated. When a pause with that for the afternoon we get a few minutes here. If you want to ask questions share ideas. Be happy to entertain anything that you want to ask about what we're doing on the school. At the school or on our farm or about anything else that I've shared here this afternoon so far away here. So one of the unique things about Fresno out of this academy is that there are a school that's in the process of eliminating their sports program to some degree it's one step at a time. OK I'm not in favor of abolishing everything at once but the former football field is now a farm it met the bottom end of a pile and what remains of the goalpost is holding up our weather station. So appropriately. I do believe in reincarnation and I thought it was very appropriate to reincarnate the goalpost as a weather station. So you know they still have sports of the school. But they recognize that it's not getting us there and they're trying to move. In a direction that's more spiritual more mission minded and that includes cutting back on sports. It's hard. There's some complaining from parents or some complaining from. From students and even from some teachers. But it's a conversation that's being had and to throw out one of the line on this actually not worried about sports and White says if the grounds of the school were properly cared for and the land cultivated the love of sports and amusement would actually disappear telling people they need to quit sports is not the answer the answer is what they should do instead. Yeah and get them interested in something else. Yeah. Praise the Lord I heard they had a farm I don't know working. I think you know here's the thing about farming dabble in the subject of education briefly. When you're done. Going to school for four years. You actually still don't know anything. You have no experience you have information in some cases you're given some experience too so my opinion is the best way for you to learn is go do it and do it with this caviar you will not stop except to embrace it. Learn from your error keep going. CHRIS That's too individual of a question start wherever you can however you can start small from away from. Yes more garden. Yeah start however you can. Yeah there are lots of resources on the Internet now what is one thing else threw out on that note is we would start an internship program at the farm and. Then. But he's interested in some time on the farm we'd be willing to entertain that somehow. But you know learned by doing it. I think in this case. Yeah a little bit would like to do more with it. It's very labor intensive. There's a lot of work that Ellen White Tree planting method greenhouses Yes No hydroponics on the farm hydroponics is there not enough water soluble minerals available compared to the plant's needs. So we have a soil entirely soil based system and building so biology to make those minerals available. Hydroponics is OK You tend to wind up with stuff that didn't have a lot of flavor. There is a tough question to answer because it does depend on where you're located at. But I think that and I share the same concern if it's not terrorism. It's going to be a natural disaster. The Bible's very clear they're going to be massive famines at the end. Which I think is why a White says that the ability to grow our own food will be counted a blessing even by are our enemies because I think at some point they're going to be just as dependent and in need as we are for local food. We have a well. And right now. Well it's pretty good. There's other stuff you can do from rainwater catchment you know if you have rain but it has challenging question. Yeah yeah OK Would love to I. Honest question to be honest answer. Aside from the obvious of money time experience are the biggest hindrance is the ability to do it right and certainly the first place to start Good land. Good land water and then you want to push it and say do you want to be a electrically independent you know off the grid solar or whatever. Yeah and the real trick here is. I'm not an advocate of living as far away from people as you can possibly live. There's no ministry. When you're as remote as a penguin in Antarctica. You got to be as close to the people as you can get but far enough away as you can get to there's a balance there. Yes there are big questions yeah. The big question. Here's what I want to do and of the Texas Scripture in a promotional I told you that I was studying the book education and why it's writings in general. And it started about seven years ago and I started. Everything that I study I compile notes. It's actually kind of annoying sometimes because I can't just sit down to read something I'm going to take notes and takes me forever to read a book. But. Sort of compiling this compilation of L.-Y. it's writings on gardening agriculture farming whatever you want to call it's the same thing on different scales. And I put this together for my own personal purposes in the Holy Spirit kept impressing me printed and printed and printed and I kept saying that we're going to read anything by me and no we don't read anything by me on farming. And so I kept kicking the can down the road and Lord kept impressing me and. Finally I was driving one day I could tell you where I was but you know spare the details. So find the Lord or call the printing press the Tell Me No it will be all over. So I did call the printing press and they actually asked for a lot more. And were very interested and the net result is the publishing of the first. Praise the Lord compilation of alliance writings on agriculture. It is. And again that's gardening farming. It's all synonyms for the same thing. It is a good question. It is I don't explain this. So I put the quotes together in chronological order many many things that a White writes are repeated throughout her writings. I went back and found the earliest of that writing of whatever paragraph I was reading and I put them all in chronological order and along the way there are some historical notes. That help make sense of some of the context and the reason why I did that was for the context and to give you one little thought here early in the book L. White writes that in past generations we should have done more with wiring in education. She wrote that eight hundred seventy two. The problem is there were no Adventists Cool's an eight hundred seventy two. And she was speaking to education on the most broad foundation possible that all education should be done in this type of way and so when I put it in chronological order you start to see these things that you don't see when you throw things in a top topical type arrangement. I have a few copies with me after Sabbath if you want to visit our booth. There was a printing error is the first time ever done a book and the printer took my file and converted it to his file which changed the paging which threw off the page numbers in the topical index in the fact I have twenty seven of them. I think there were. We brought with us for about that you can order them on Amazon and we also have a P.D.F. version. If you want to get a digital copy of it you know my encouragement to you is this in the words of Paul my request is that you take the time and think for yourself and study for yourself and contemplate for yourself what I feel privileged to have been able to share with you for the last three hours. You have to make the decision your own lives. Whether we will follow Christ method alone or we will follow our own methods whether we want true success or some other form of what we try to call success. We have had a lot of fun on our farm on the school and this is just the beginning and I think God's calling you all into farming. But I am saying follow Christ method alone. You will have a lot of fun doing it. As you can understand as an Adventist the stand before three hundred Jesuit educated boys was absolutely on the real experience and God wants them multiply that type of thing all across this room multiple times over. God will not close his work with less of a manifestation of His glory and he began it with. We do it his way and it's going to be a lot of fun. And we pray with you. Father in heaven. Thank you so much again for the time that we've had here this afternoon. I've had a lot of fun and it's Yet the beginning of the Lord as we've been here to talk about evangelism the talk about sharing and reaching out to the community. I want you. I pray for you to captivate our hearts first and foremost that we would be wildly interested in you as an amazing C.V. or. And secondly that we would passionately. Share that same interest. Your love with the people around us mingling with them as one that desires their god. Giving them our sympathies earning their confidence and then asking them to follow the last this group here and everyone their individual. It's my prayer this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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