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Total Member Involvement- Part 2

Heidi Carpenter Ranela Kaligithi



  • August 13, 2016
    4:30 PM
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All right let's pray Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the hope that we have that you will pour out your spirit upon our church and that you will come home. You will take us home and I just pray God that as we continue to talk about total member involvement that your Holy Spirit would be here that you would inspire us that you would teach us train us give us tools so that when we go back home we can make a difference and we ask for that you would bless us with your presence in your name Amen. So I just wanted to review just a little bit here before we go into the next. Aspect of total member involvement. How many people were here the last session. There's been an overall several of you guys so let's think back all the way to the very beginning. What is the first thing we talked about when it comes to total member involvement does anyone know. Revival. That's number one we talked about the importance of experiencing the Holy Spirit's power in our own personal lies and having a power outside of ourselves to help us to even want to do ministry because it is so unnatural for human beings to actually want to witness it must come from outside and above us so that was the first thing was revival and just reviewing here the second aspect was inspiration. And with inspiration we talked about the importance of sharing your testimonies from up front and inspiring people and helping other people see that it is possible. One little aspect we shared about that was the importance of having not just the pastor and Bible workers or testimonies but you as just a normal regular wonderful church member sharing a testimony peer to peer testimonies and the third thing that we talked about was evangelism and training right. The importance of training and making it simple practical and making sure that there is at least a little bit of training because it can go a long ways in helping people feel confident about doing. Angeles and and of course we talked about of angels and synergize in those things making sure you're reaching for a goal. We want to show you one video here before we move on to the very last aspect before our panel and the highways going to get that going. Total the involvement for those of you that just came in this session is actually initiative of the General Conference. Isn't it exciting and encouraging that the leadership of our church is pushing for total number involved that if you see you can. You'll actually be able to see in this video our church leadership that's so excited about getting every single church member involved and they're really pushing it. I encourage you to take on the personal burden of spreading total member involvement at your church you when when we give you these this resource card you can get from us videos and resources and things that you can show at your church and get them excited about total number involvement to we're going to show you this video and then Heidi is going to share with us. One last aspect. All right we're going to move on to our final final section. Of this total member involvement seminars. And we are already discussed that it is discipleship the much overlooked aspect of total number involvement. Because oftentimes we can look at poll number involvement and think it is a lot of events and a lot of doing. And yet it may be something as humble as sticking with one person. For ten years and I think a lot of times we don't we don't recognize that we want it to be over quickly or we want to be able to see the reward quickly. Right. You know someone coming into the face. And within a few months. It's a powerful experience and yet discipleship like the way my friend Rinella says it's getting into the mess of someone's life and being willing to stay there and tells the. We have been able to experience the overcoming power of Jesus and when you think about that discipleship takes on a whole new meaning. So how can you as a young person disciple. Have you ever felt maybe as a young person or young at heart I know we have some young at heart in the room. That discipleship is is maybe not your gift. You're sixteen. You're thinking how am I going to disciple. Someone else when I need to be decided let's put on myself and and I want to go through how Jesus disciple of his his disciples really quickly because it will give you a big picture of discipleship as we think about how Jesus did it he is the ultimate disciple or right. And so if you want to turn in your Bibles go to Matthew Chapter four. We're not going to take a lot of time because we are going to have a Q. and A panel but I do want to just highlight very quickly. This is how Jesus discipled and and you'll be able to tell that it's something you can do once you reach a certain stage in your growth. It's powerful to see what God can do so. Matthew Chapter four when you're there you can say Amen. OK Matthew four and we're looking at verse eighteen. This is the first aspect of discipleship and this is where Jesus called his first disciples in Matthew Chapter four and verse eighteen it says and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two brothers. Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were what they were a fisherman. Then he said to them. Follow me. And I will make you fishers of men then they immediately left their nets and followed him. So here they are Jesus has just called them to be his what his disciples. So this is his first step in saying come and be my disciple. Now there's a lot of history behind this that I'm not going to go into but I will tell you if you research it in great depth. If a rock. By Henri teacher came up to someone and said Follow me it was a huge sign of their belief in that individual. They believed in that individual to be able to fully imitate that. And so as a disciple this disciple was going to go with this rabbi everywhere they would go and watch everything that they do and learn to be just like them. Rabbis generally were asked by a follower. If they could if they could be their disciple. But Jesus if you notice cold each and every one of his disciples and He also called people who were already in their walks of life and work. He called fishermen he called people who had trades in occupations and if you look at history Jewish history. If they were in an occupied an occupation it's because they had been rejected by maybe other rabbis or other teachers and they hadn't been able to make it to that higher level of applying to be a disciple for someone so they were kind of the rejects are the ones that that others had not believed in because see at age six. They were given the challenge of memorizing the first five books of the Bible by the time they were age fourteen. They had generally those who had made it to the second level had memorized the entire Old Testament. And then they could apply to be a disciple under rabbi. And the rabbi would grill them and ask them all these questions about the prophets and about history and about this and about that. Why because they just memorize the Old Testament right. And if they were good enough then the disciple then the rabbi would say Come follow me and yet here we see Jesus talking talking to ones who had been let go you know rabbis would say Why don't you go in and and do your father's trade Do your family trade. You know and they would send them. Back in here Jesus is his first thing is he believes in them and. So as you're thinking about discipleship as you're thinking about the people in your church or the people in your school. Do you believe that God can transform their life. And that is the first question are you sitting there saying in a negative mindset my church is never going to change. I'm never going to be able to get out of this that person will never come to Jesus. I don't think that they can have victory I don't think that I can help them. That's not the place to start Jesus started by believing in people. And when you see this. It's amazing. It says in every human being he discerned infinite possibilities what is infinite mean an ending possibilities. So when when Jesus looks at you or Charlie he sees infinite possibilities. Powerful to think about when when Jesus looks at you. He is like there is a never ending list of possibilities of what God can do it says he saw men as they might be transfigured by His Grace looking on them with hope he inspired hope looking meeting them with confidence. He inspired us. So first aspect of the ship. Do you believe in them. Do you believe in them. Do you believe in God's ability to work in their life. You know it's again a faith a trust issue right. Discipleship now the second thing that's really interesting if you look in Matthew. And I don't want to spend too much time on this but as soon as he called the disciples. It's really interesting what he does Jesus then he shares the Sermon on the Mount he feels a sentry and servant he heals Peter's mother in law. He heals many in the evening that were demon possessed others asked to follow him he calls the winds and the waves he heals to demon possessed him and he forgives and heals a paralytic. He calls another disciple he restores a woman a girl to life. He raises someone from the dead to blind men are healed a mute man speaks and then we see that powerful experience where Jesus. This sees this group of people. And he's moved with compassion because they're like sheep without a shepherd and he says the harvest truly is right but the laborers are few. So Jesus calls them and then he does something really powerful he models for them right. So discipleship the first thing he calls them and then the second thing that all talk about is he gives them what I call the advantage of his own companionship. It says right here to them the disciples above all he gave what the advantage of his own companionship is that powerful. Now it says through personal association he impressed him self upon these chosen co-leaders one of the first things is believe in them. Number two what is it spend time with them. If you want to have a disciple one person each one reach one right. Spend time with them will talk about what you'll do in that time with them in this next section but but spend time with them. Listen to this in the training of the cycles of the Savior fall of the system of education established at the beginning of the twelve first chosen with a few others who through ministry to their needs were from time to time connected with them formed what. The family of Jesus isn't that awesome. What is family see I mean they see everything right. The family or Jesus says. So here listen to this they were with him. Where in the house at the table in the closet in the field. I don't quite get that in the closet part but I think that means in the innermost parts of your life. There with you in everything. Jesus gave them the advantage of his presence and he said Come with me into the most intimate parts of my life. If you're wanting to disciple someone else. Number one believe in them. Number two spend time with them and bring them into your life and your family. I know of the most powerful impactful experiences I've had have. Ben with people who have invited me into their life. They've they've invited me in to watch how they deal with the hardest experiences of their life and I've been able to watch that and grow there by. Oftentimes we want to keep evangelism at bay a little bit right. It's like all all work with you for a few hours but then I need to go home and have my time. Right. And I'm not saying you don't need to have time to reflect I'm not saying you don't need to have time to retreat. But Jesus took them with him everywhere. And I think that's really powerful. So then of course we see in the scripture that he modeled for them. He gave them an example and he also gave them evangelists to copper to these if you look in Matthew Chapter ten and verse one it says. And when he had called his twelve disciples to him. He gives them power over unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all kinds of sickness. And all kinds of diseases. Verse five of Chapter ten in Matthew these twelve Jesus sent out and commanded saying do not go into the way of the Gentiles and do not enter a city of the Samaritans but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And he and he says in verse eight heal the sick cleanse the loppers raise the dead cast out demons freely. Have you received freely give. So what is Jesus calling them to do Master disciple or here. He first believed in them. Then secondly he said Come with me and he had you know twelve of them right. Twelve he said Come with me and then then he did all these amazing things he modeled for them and then and in chapter twelve what does he do. He says go out and do what go out. He didn't say make disciples yet what did he say to do go out and do exactly what I just did. You see that he modeled it and then he said Now go out and do exactly what I just did. And there's power behind you living your life of evangelism. You're living your life of of healing and touching others. And as you have your friends with you and they're seeing what you're doing you will come to a point where you can say now it's your turn and. You. You talk to those verses and go talk to. Reitman come door to door with me. OK it's your turn to talk I'm going to pray. Right with you know doing your Health Expo OK it's your turn to help out with this. Right. Giving them that opportunity giving them that push they've watched you and now it's their time to try. And that's another one part where I feel like God is taking out the pride in us and building up the humility. Because it's not what you can do it's what we can get done together. It's not what I can do it's what what can she do you know if if you train others to be better than yourself. That's a huge success. Huge success. The disciples form the inner circle of Jesus. They were has a ton of listeners. This is what I was there the disciple ship principles. If you're disciple even one person I like the theme of my it is each one reach one lose none disciple all that's what the total number of all violent theme and motto is it's each one reach one lose not in this life all can we say of the other each one reach one lose not disciple all. So that's how this discipleship really comes in because you can be doing all these events. And yet people can come in one door and out the other right. Why because there's not discipleship there's not that one person in the church the saying Come into my family become a part of my family. Watch me learn from me. I'll give you opportunity. You're going to be able to do this and I. Even years so believing in them. Dedication having quality time with them. Modeling a Christian example I didn't talk about this really but Jesus was full of biblical Christ centered teaching a man. That's a huge part of his discipleship was his teaching and it was biblical in Christ centered so how do you want to disciple there's given biblical Christ centered teaching it's powerful evangelistic opportunities and then I love in March after six we're not going to go there but he says Come rest a while. And they came to him and it says they told him everything that they had done and everything that they had experienced. And I look at the son like is Jesus getting richer you know as the disciple or Jesus is still mentoring in that moment but there relaxing. You know beautiful picture of the disciple or that we that we love and know as Jesus Christ. And so as we're thinking about discipleship maybe maybe you're a young person and you've got to ask yourself where my in this stage of the game. Have you have you heard. Do you know that Jesus Himself your disciple or believes in you because before you can disciple someone else you must first be a disciple right. Before you can disciple someone else. You must first be a disciple. That's why maybe as a young person you're like oh. I don't know if I can disciple someone else yet. Well look at where you are look at where you are. Have you heard without a shadow of a doubt. And you know that God Believes in your ability to work for him. Do you know that has he showed you from the Bible has he showed you in your devotions has he shown you in your work. Yes. How do you have that assurance that God is on your side. Secondly have you have you given up your life and your time to spend quality time with Jesus to follow him wherever he goes. Have you spent time in the word beholding how he lived his life and watching his his model example and. Seen his biblical Christ in a teaching. Have you experienced that and has he sent you out of Angelus to go over to Nea's. You sent me out on some of around Alyssa Gover to these some of us maybe just finished a ten week of governs interview right. And now we're going back. I sure like Jesus I want to tell you everything I did. Maybe you know where you out in this section because after all of this in Matthew twenty eight. That's when his last words come out and he says OK go and make disciples of all nations teaching them about the low I am with you always. He didn't tell them to make disciples at the beginning he disciple them first and then he said. Go go and do what I just showed you how to do. So I don't know where you are in this process but know that this takes time and first be a disciple of Jesus but recognize that God wants to take you. He wants you to hear those words ringing in your ears goal and make disciples He wants you to multiply yourself you may not be able to do it tomorrow but he wants you to still go through those steps with him so that you can experience that discipleship in your life where you can truly bring one and see their whole life changed. I have tons of stories I mean we have one sitting in the room right now. Cedric principle you have to have your quick to stand up for next three partial example set your testimony I'm just going to tell you in thirty seconds. Cedric was forced into Bible studies by your aunt. Yeah yeah well you know his aunt forced him into Bible studies. If you saw a picture of this guy or how many and maybe a year and a half ago two years ago. Ok year. You're doing a year ago. Right. He's nervous I'm sorry I'm told you're out there yet on this boat. You know he had long hair beanie on you know looks really dark clouds your blood you're in like not excited the you know all this kind of stuff forced into Bible studies about first Bible study he realize. God truly was love and he continued and he decided to continue to have Bible studies and through those Bible studies. He was discipled by ship kindness by JR counsel ya mean the list goes on but he was Disciple and now what are you doing your dislike of doing others Yeah and it's always nice thing to see it it's so exciting. I want you to know that that God is in this process with you and he wants to take you and he wants to turn you around so that you can make more disciples for him. And thank you. I just love them to see your face but I believe that that God is calling us to start to see these cycles and maybe it's going to be five or in one year maybe you're going to see six in another year. Maybe you can see one but but taking that personal time with people with all these events and all of these amazing strategies you can never underestimate the power of this quality time. And this discipleship in someone's life so nominated by the panel up we're going to do some Q. and A at this point to finish off those those five strategies. When we look at it the first one is what starts with an R. revival. The second one is what inspiration sharing testimonies fresh testimonies the third one is what you remember. Ciara Amy training sometimes we can be inspired. But we just seem to be taught how to begin and then after training we have a Vangelis take opportunities send them out right. And last but not least discipleship and really taking that one on one time to see them through because God's God's work in someone's life doesn't just you know happen overnight. It's something that happens over years and years of time and so now we're going to have a panel I want you guys to be thinking their heads. What are some questions about total number involvement and how can I experience this in my church. What what are those questions do you have the thing you know. OK. And I'm going to ask this amazing panel to. Speak up loudly and express who you are to our group your name and what you do for work very quickly and then we'll move into the Question Time we'll start with A.J. here on the lot. So she is a church planter. All right so we have quite a group of people up here. I want to tell you all of these people have been actively engaged in this concept in churches and they have practical advice and ideas but let me let me ask Are there any questions right now that come off the top of your head or should I start with one that I have thought of anybody have a question just to get OK All right I'm going to repeat it in here just so you know because it may not answer. So yeah go ahead. That. OK So the question is how do you know when you're ready to disciple others. High. And so. So yes you do not have to have a time factor connected to becoming a disciple blur. You just have to be willing to be used by God. Many many of the at its very basic level. If you if you know a simple verse like John three sixteen and you understood you grasp the meaning of that and in the gospel and you go to your friend or whoever it is and you share that verse with them and explain what it means your disciple in them. All you have to be to be a disciple. Disciple or is to be one step one step ahead of the person that you're disciple and so that's that's you know the very basic simplistic version of it. You know I just want to add on to that I agree completely with what A.J. said if the. Something that you know that they don't know you can share and in that way you disciple. Does that answer your question. OK. Prescott Are there any other questions. You want to say something else. A.J. you know what I mean you could tell the problem. What we have is that we know so much. But we don't share we don't lead other people to do to do the same that's that's where we break where the breakdown is it's not that we don't know something. It's just that we're not willing to share it. Even if it's simple. Right. Are there any other questions. Yes. OK So the question for audio verse listeners is if you know I've just come back from school in Tennessee and I'm back in a church that a lot of young people are gone. Most of them are older members how do we get them involved what ways can we are engaged them in this total member involvement and how can we inspire them again. So I used to use a pastor of three churches in Ohio that were very small and one church at one point before we got there only had about three people that all had white hair and which is wisdom. Grey hairs as and but there were only three people in the church and you know it's discouraging and really what ended up happening is we first of all you. You definitely want to pray. I think we just underestimate that so much like you know take the people who are really willing to be involved and spend time in prayer and just like or what should we do with the people that we have in the area that we're in what is something practical that we can do and just seeking God for that was Jim but also there are there are several things that come to my mind for. First of all there are a lot of simple things that elderly people can do especially when it comes to glow and if I'm just going to be really practical. There are a lot of things and and all you have to do is take the resource card that we give you and contact one of us. And there are a lot of things that will get older people excited about glow because very simple something small that they can do a lot of the people that have actually gotten activated and the churches that we've been working with are seventy plus in Bible studies they are retired they're older they have a little bit more time than the average person and they're and they're very knowledgeable school because they've been avenues for a long time. So get them involved in that with the resources that we gave you and of course I would say that you as young people even if you're the only young people there. Approach your pastor and say what can we do to reach out to our community more because you don't obviously just want to maintain what's there. But you know taking that bold step how can I go out there and whatever it is passing in doing surveys door to door anything or some type of event that you can do at your church to get more and more people from the community to come through your church know where your church is and what it's about. So those are a few practical things you men just want to add that I think in your churches. If you're a young person and you step up to do something. The older people will really respect that. And they'll be inspired by it and you may not happen immediately. But it will happen and the ones that are really truly have a relationship with God They will come they will come on board with you because they'll be like oh wow you know these young adults are are willing to be courageous and step out and so they'll come with you and you'll you'll actually change you can change that church. You have more power as a young adult to change a church than an older person. So never underestimate what God can do through you if you're just willing. And you may not feel like you have the skill or the ability but just step out and and offer yourself and God will God will give you an opportunity and he'll bring people to help you think you know when one may be practical piece of like where do I start now that I when I go home tomorrow or next week. That helped me was I just went to the prayer meeting and does your church have a prayer meeting. OK good because whoever is leading that prayer meeting whether it be the pastor or if there's just two members there. Those are the ones who are at least spiritually convicted that something needs to happen and if you just say hey can we pray about maybe what we can do. You'd be surprised. I know there's sparks in a church sometimes it may look dead but there are some people who saw the spark and prayer meetings as opposed to the church so that's one place you can start. Quick testimony while working in Arizona with churches where there was this one churches called the quote unquote Snowbird church because they do about in Arizona during the wintertime and usually it was just barely any members during the whole entire year except two word the search for the winter months and when I went there to train with glow. Only to church members who are in their seventy's. Were really on fire about the idea of reaching out for souls and it didn't matter. You know God doesn't need a great army. It's just a willing heart and we what we started going out with this Church week by week as we set up the time and friends to the glory of God This church went to being a snowbird church that's what it existed floor and it's now a church where we're having to how to service it and it just started off with two church members who are like we have a burden for all community and we just went and worked with this church you know and so your desire to. To do that God can do great things he just needs again a willing heart and a willing mind. Thank you. Any other questions that come to your mind as to your thinking about where you're headed what you're doing potential struggles that you may face as you think about total member involvement and if any of you need a follow up question maybe you know this these these questions of are these answers have given you more questions in your mind. That's fine if you have a follow up question. Anybody. Right. OK because I have some here to you better like awesome. OK So the question for audio verse listeners is how do you young people involved in church and how especially do you get them involved in a church that may be more traditional in nature and it seems as if they are unable to integrate and participate. All right. Who wants to answer that one. Yeah. Awesome. You know I think one thing with young people and I think we're mostly young people is we like community and there has been at the high school in the town where working in right now we were like how do we reach this high school and so we took pizza to the high school and you would be surprised. There are twenty one young people coming out just to hear a Bible study you need some pizza. Are they coming for the bible study or the pizza I don't know maybe but what the behavior one of the other but the reality is young people desire community and fellowship and it's then when the you gain their trust that you can integrate the Word of God and so. Even if it's young people in your church together. You know it start doing something Saturday night together I would say that's like a prime time to get people together even if it's a game night if there's food and there's only three of you play some games you'd be surprised. People will start coming to that the other thing I would say is consistency with young people it. You have to be a consistent presence or else they'll just go away in the end. So I want to agree with what she said and never underestimate the power you can have to engage a young adult in the life of the church and just by being a friend. You know just by being a friend and providing an opportunity to for them to fellowship with you and even you may think you know my church is a bunch of old people. But the older ones can have a huge influence on bringing younger ones in and empowering them for ministry so and also I would say give them. You know this is a diff You asked about the music and those kinds of things I think and this could be a longer longer topic but you know we don't want to take the standards down but we want to empower people we need to empower young adults with ministry opportunities we can't just churches have a hard time letting go. Sometimes And we need to give young adults the opportunity to serve. So that would be something that a church could do you know don't be afraid to put a young adult in a leadership position I mean make sure their test make sure their you know but with prayer and wisdom. It's OK to give them responsibility and to so they can create it creates ownership of the Church for them. I don't know if there's any sort of thing I would say is that I think the older people sometimes are a little intimidated by interview which is it sounds funny but I think it's true because you know there's just a generational gap and you know you just didn't live in the same time that they did or whatever and it's just like there's a lot of things that you don't have in common but it's really incredible for a young person especially in these days. Young people don't have sometimes the parents and the older people that were the. There for them and you as an older person just spending time with young people like I mean I have several people that come to my mind really quickly older people that they just take an interest in me and my heart actually is like very bonded to them just because they just for that. You know they just have an interest in me and even when I was younger I still have pictures in my mind of different church members that would actually ask me how I was doing and sit down next to me and just like talk to me and even though like we did we were normal really what we're talking about you know is just it's just that quality time that we could have and it helped me buy into them more at the McLean high school and there's a ministry there that is similar to Patterson where they take you know pizza to the young people there and these people called the guy that comes they call him Uncle Mike actually his wife is sitting right there and he has really attached their hearts to him because he's like a father figure to them and he goes and he like you know talks to them just like hangs out with them and and they listen to him and so that's just something that's really valuable as a young person to have those older people that really just take the time for them and from there you can continue to lead them on a journey to introduce maybe of interesting opportunities and other things but one thing I don't think we can over look at in working with young people is is this. I think all the times we think we need to give them what they want and as a young person I will tell you what they want is not always what they need. I will tell you that it's not always what they need. And as you think about it. It's not just oh let's give them everything so that they're happy. You know what I'm saying. There's power in simple community and food like that of course that makes them happy and that's not bad. It's not it's not a port decision. To pull us together and give them free food. They'll love you. But but when you think about it. My husband tells the story he. He grew up in this youth group they had a great youth group culture they did a lot of fun things together. But when he looks back there's He's one of the only ones that's really still administering and really still going to church and he looks at it and he has P.. He's like picked through Y. and he's like but we had I mean we had the coolest band we had this we had that we had friends we had food we had all of this. Why are we not still active. You know and and all of these people had split and they had gone to churches that didn't have that to offer them. And they decided you know I could find that somewhere else and they went somewhere else and he said we weren't rooted in solid biblical Christ centered teaching. We didn't have that. And so I think there's power in just recognizing that God God is calling us yes to pull people together yes to you know to hang out and sing songs with kids and give them food but remember without that biblical Christ in a teaching all of that community and fun will really mean nothing in the end because they won't have that solid foundation and that was just something he really found and he's like wow you know they don't understand even why why they're administers And as we start to understand why we're Adventist it gives us a huge purpose. A huge mission when we start to understand what the cross is you know as I've seen just in one young person's life. You know sharing the meaning of the cross with them and having them experience that that transformed everything they didn't need anything special at church. Because they had had an experience with Jesus. So I just think without that all of the other stuff is in vain but just to share something with you that I did I also you know see the gap in our churches there's a big gap or a big you know empty space place for youth leadership there's so many classes and so many youth at our churches that don't have a shepherd they don't have a youth leader. I went to my church as a bible worker several years. Ago. I also was feeling a challenge to connect with the youth and like. You know I really had a burden for them because you know you can see how much energy and enthusiasm they have and I'm like What can I. What can I do and I I prayed about it. And God God gave me some special connections some friendships with certain youth youth in the class and I realized hey you know what I can't influence this whole group I can't get them all to think I'm you know cool and want to do what I want to do right and follow me right. But I found there were certain key youth in the Go out in the class who are in this youth class who really became my friends. I told them I said OK guys. This is what we're going to do. We're going to start doing. Hello. I need your help to do this to get the rest the group on board and these these youth were like us do this and so I said when we go to when we go to I'm going to teach Sabbath school class this coming Sabbath this Sabbath. I'm going to say are you guys put down your Bibles. We're going out and hitting the streets and we're going to do glow tracks and we're going to knock on doors. We're going to pray with people. We're going to do surveys and when I say that I want you guys to be like yeah. And so and so all of these that my my my key people you know strategically placed in the class I said this is what I've got to ourselves we're going to do and they had there they were like pumping them up and motivating them. We marched out of class there like at nine forty A.M. right after Sabbath school started. We went out we hit the streets up we knocked on the doors we we distributed glow tracks and we signed up people for bible studies we came back and I had it set up with the pastor and we got the youth group to go up there and say hey instead of you know here's what we did for SOB school today. And then they shared testimonies they were so pumped. They were so they were bonded with each other they were high five each other like yeah we did this and I realize you know like I realized by God's grace you know I think of Jesus. He had he had twelve disciples right. And then he had the seven. As well but that he ministered and he led the seventy through the twelve and he led that you know he was even closer to the three Peter James and John if we can find those key people and really build connections with those people we can we can lead the group through them. Our time. Yeah. As we as we wrap this up. Thank you everyone. Those are really powerful I wish we could sit here for hours and just talk about it right when that be great but as as you think about these these things if you have other questions on on the back of the card that we are giving out at the door this great card total number involvement strategies and resources at the bottom it says her further questions about implementing T.M.I. because literally we could go on for hours thinking about how to implement it in your church specifically. And how to implement it with your youth groups with civically or you know every context is so different. And so if you have additional questions. Our emails are on there. Kyle myself and a couple others that you haven't met but if you have questions e-mail us we would love to interact and also as we close. I do need a few people to help out with this. Can someone help with this and I don't know if there's more someone on but for those of you who didn't get a card. We would like to be able to interact with you on Facebook later so if this is just raise your hand if you don't have one of these cards already. It is a resolution card and we would love your info just so that we can give you the link. Once the Facebook page is up so we can interact ask questions and share testimonies of total member involvement here in North America because I believe that that will encourage and inspire us with what God is doing just like we need to inspire others we need testimony that was right and so. So that's what we want to do we want to be able to interact and follow up but really want to. We will pray together for the end. Thank you for coming. We hope that this was in some way scratching the surface of beginning to think about the key ways to get involvement in your churches. And of course we did barely scratched the surface. This could take a long time to think about but as you have questions and as they come up or we're here and we're excited to talk to you about it. So we're just going to pray to close out the session and praise God Father in heaven. Thank you for your love for us. Lord we thank you for this session and God We just pray for an inspired church Lord we pray for total member involvement in our schools in our homes in our churches Lord we plead with you to help us. Lord help us to be faithful disciples of you and to learn how to disciple others. Lord we pray that each one would retry on that we would lose none. And that we would disciple all we pray for your presence to guide us and to lead us as we go from here. Father in heaven these printers and well I'd just come before you recognizing as we said in the very first session that all that we've talked about is so incredibly impossible. Without the Holy Spirit in our own lives. Lord we need more of your spirit and we need a deeper hunger and thirst for total member involvement we we need to want you to come back more than it is for a god that you would break down our idols that you would break down all those things that are just separating us from you or the things that are sapping our love for you. Lord the things that are taking our hearts and minds away from spiritual things and placing them upon the world Lord we acknowledge that we're just pilgrims here but we get settled too often and Lord I just pray for everyone. That is attended these seminars and that is here. And I share. So you do something special in our lives as we leave this place that we would spend more time in prayer that we would devote more days to fasting that we would give ourselves more fully to you and that we would be always hopeful that our churches can be churches that are full of life and that are doing something in their communities and lord me just give ourselves to you are willing servants use us in any way you can think you for being in this to this media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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