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3. Creation Preaches the Glory of God!

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • March 19, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Morning. Happy New Year and happy savin God is good the bill that let me see men men this morning we're continuing our series here this morning on all of the Dark Ages studying a book The Romans were doing Bible studies I'm going to turn we mean your Bible through Romans Chapter one Verse nineteen is because by was in the pews in front of you on the side of you Romans on the one verse nineteen is our opening tax third sermon in this series and then titled creation preaches goodness of the character of God which up to one verse nineteen. Now what kind of God is our creator God is that God doesn't respect a persons is a God that plays favorites with certain people or he ignores certain other people is a God that chooses to save a few while making sure that the majority is lost is this survey Sion only confined to birds who come to church and hear the spoken word is a very important questions as the answer to these questions were affect our perceptions of God and our perceptions of God will lead us to either love God or to hate him so this morning as we study for the Word of God May we be able to see a new dimension of his character and thus may we gain a clearer picture office massless love for us this morning. Let us pray Father you know we need you this morning and I need you to pray. For you. Holy Spirit your submit to me I submit to your word this morning we thank you. And Jesus name him in remission up the one verse nineteen What has dad may not want to Everyone knows the Bible says the verse nineteen as we continue our study here about is it because that which may be not are gathered. Is manifest in them for gather showed it on to them. So in other words God is sure. We viewed and made known to everyone in the whole heard of who he really is because it is crucial for us to know who God is because if we believe God to be someone he is not a mean cruel God we we hate him and therefore we would not love and we would not want to serve him right. But if we see got to be a loving God God who cares about us. We love him and we would then want to serve him because we do love him this morning. So God has mean there to everyone who hears his share to the heavenly host that he is a God of mercy has shown to every single person on this earth that he is a God of love. He shared to all the UN family was all there that he is a God who cares this morning and he green with me this morning that God is a God a lab. Let me use. Amen amen. Look at the next verse Romish up the one verse twenty NO I WAS GOD me no one is character to everyone knows the Bible says further the what kind of things invisible things. Now invisible things like God is invisible the game is invisible only spirits are visible when you. Visibility visibly what your eyes see invisible things that are visibly we can see that saw things another with things that are invisible. We cannot see is that clear. We cannot see things the visible so let's go on one twenty says for the invisible things are things we cannot see up here I'm from the creation of the word clearly see above the same here that both things that are visible or things that you can then see the bias is the things you can't see you can see a man and only when men things are impossible with the Bible and God all things are possible. I mean many of the balances the things that you cannot see no only can you see but you can. Well. Cluley see the Bible says that I make sense. So Ben says that things you cannot see you can actually clearly see this money believe what the bar was saying when you see men. You clearly see that this morning the things we came to see you can really clearly see the Bible says that's how a crazy. This is be understood or understanding it seeing it on the being understood by the things that are well may need what they God. Make in this world creation everything nature writing God create the trees out there. The grass the sun the moon the stars he created all those things. In other words and then he goes on even his eternal power and Godhead was eternal Paul what you cannot see his god head. The Father Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit. You cannot see but the Bible says these invisible things out there but you cannot see you can clearly see that you can clearly understand it by the things the Gaunt is made of through His nature His creations out there you can understand another word you can understand how broad works in the invisible will of retention one hundred we'll see how God works him our love of God works and your life how God changes you how bad changes mean we can clearly see how it works and understand how he works by looking at the things that you can actually see out there called nature that makes sense. It's MORNING. So invisible things so the God moves and is more reckless angels and everything all around us we can understand it by God's grace by looking in studying it meditating upon God's beautiful creation love going out there out in a water surfing those you surf out there surfing in the water sitting on your board watch the new waves early in the morning six in the morning. I like this city on the beach and this. Listen to the waves rarely and crash hearing the voice of God to that when I going up into the mountains in the snow capped mountains right now seeing God's beauty His character His love for you. God is revealed in the things that he made you can tell you know those people who could tell who made certain things. This is a has made a birth a certain way a certain style right there. Not so unsold cooperation company made that house but they come across a house that perfect a cuss certain style of a custom home where built one was still thinks there's an old soul and sold me that. In the same way. When you see how nature is and you go whoa that's God's character review and the things that he made it reveals who he is this morning. And that's where the battle says in verse twenty and then it goes on in verse twenty at the end it says so that they are without excuse they meaning the hey what is with all the excuse because a chill out there teaches about God in some way. Let's go more into that turn to Psalms Chapter nineteen the Book of Psalms Chapter nineteen in the Old Testament or Psalms Chapter one thousand verse one what those the Bible say that creation does some stuff the nineteen verse one balances what cushion of our says the heavens are a creation for nature the color is or another word for the Clear is preaches teach is the glory God's glory is His what character or declares the character or who ordered the goodness the law of God In other words. Adam H. or are there is preaching the goodness of God this morning. Amen. When you rise in a man in a bird to sing you are the same we asked the all that one of the birds singing this morning the singing praise God Praise God Her answer praise God because their nature is preaching about the goodness of God This mornin when you go out there you see God's goodness. All the Bible says that the heavens all of nature preaches the goodness the glory of God This morning when those creation preach knows what it says it grows in the firmament sure it is on the work rest too says. Day and to day it other speech it preaches and then tonight is shows knowledge as they are today. Nature is preaching this morning. Amen made up tonight. Nature is still preaching you see creation doesn't stop preaching the character of God I may get tired. My voice may get Horace my body may give Bob or me a nature were never quit. It's life continually preaches the glad God this morning. LEAVITT in the same way you may not teach Sabbath school class or any Sabbath school class. You may never preach a sermon up here on a platform. You may may never even give a Bible study but if our lives on are flaring of the love of God then like nature we would never stop preaching the glamour of God this morning. Amen. I lives can be a continuous sermon just like watching the lives of the creation of God out there. People can rot your like this morning. I mean creates the love and the goodness of God This one this by watching what else is creation able to do burst through the Bible says there is no speech. No language would the voice is not her nature preaches beyond all cultural and language barriers this morning. Amen. You know I've been to different countries and I've spoken different countries P.G.D. Mexico or what the Mala Venezuela. Speak in these countries but I'll always need a translator The beauty about nature is that nature preaches about God and it doesn't need any translator at all it needs no interpreter because it preaches about the love of God without anyone interpret it for soft twenty four hours a day every single day and I offer to creation's message go look at verse four. The Bible says their line is going out through all the earth the routes to the end of the room in them. Has he set a tabernacle for the sun nature's mess is gone through and the earth who haven't ruled the ends of the world so many so that everyone who has ever lived in this world has in some way or another heard the gospel preached to them through the vehicle off nature that is why every single person who has ever lived has been given a chance to hear the Gospel and to either accepted or rejected God has given every single person is worth a fair chance to get to know him in this world even though they may have never come to church even though the mere name of God in the Bible even to me had never heard a sermon but we see the truck every single person has been given an opportunity to choose between right or wrong based upon the mess is being preached to the things God has made this morning. And that's what Gav I am God this morning is a fair God we can assert. Well he never went to church and how can God make a person be lost forever. Dad has chosen different avenues maybe not the church building. Maybe not a written. Or maybe not. The sermon but all of the Word of God is allowed to nature are there to minister to the needs of people to speak to their hearts this morning as he has used it to speak to your hearts this morning. Twenty two Psalms shop to ninety seven percent. What else does the heavens declare nine hundred seven verse six Psalms ninety seven same book for a six when as to the heavens declare the Bible says the headbands nature declare that is again the clear preaching is here is what is that word Serve and we had a few weeks ago last one righteousness. Who's right in this my right is this yours is all gone. Why just this another was we learn about the righteousness of God which are through Jesus Christ and within the gospel is the right is the Son of God in the Gospel is the cross one with another words the heavens a nature preaches the cross of Calvary the on suffer snus the goodness of blog revealed on the cross of Calvary all of nature preaches about the on software is love of God revealed on the cross of Calvary Amen. For the gospel of the cross has converting power this morning the gospel of a cross has power to change your life here this morning. It has the power to make you to a new person this morning and this power to transform you to make you to become something better and it is this power which is we build and which the things God has made of their. What is the same part which is founding creation that works in the hearts of save us from sin and death this morning that same Pollard below the created the snail callup mother care mother living up there right now in the same parlor that can transform you to become a new person that same possibly live this morning The creates off a hundred barrels them poems Pacific bloom where oil can crucially create with a new a new clean heart this money men the same plan they created the plan and said there in the night sky is the new look upon some of Buston huge can surely create with the same power or something better. This one. Amen the creative power of God can transform your life. It has come burning pyre this morning through the preaching of nature are there that not only gives you the knowledge of who God is but it also gives you an experience of who God is this morning. Amen. Not only intellectual assent Yes God is good God is love. But Dad wants to give you through his creative power of nature of a new life within an experience with God a change you like to make your life better. Whatever length he may have at this time your head in life. Maybe relationship with your wife your husband your girlfriend your boyfriend your children your parents your brothers or your sisters. It can change your heart to make you a new person to give it a lab in your heart that is not there a point you can careen something out of nothing. This money men can give you that love then maybe you learn you do about how this morning the has left and transferring you to labs. Like he loves us this morning the converting power of God doesn't look at the life of Jesus trying to march up the one verse thirty five marked up the one verse thirty five in a new test of Matthew more what did Jesus do every morning knows that the Bible says. It says end in the morning rising up a great while before the day when the sun still so hasn't risen yet. I mean like there we rise before the sun rises. I love it. You know I never used to be a morning person lay person all the way but I really appreciate now the beauties of the morning saw beautiful the still the birds I mean even start singing at the be outside in nature is so powerful you can hear the voice of God This is one thirty five it says in the morning rising up a great rabbit thirty talking about Jesus. He went I preferred day he went out and departed. He went out into nature when out of the departed into us solitary place or by himself and there trade between his saw and his God his father poor out his soul before his father being out in nature. One way God his Father and that's where he got the strength to go on day by day you see Jesus knew where the power of God was to be followed. There is found in the solitary time out in nature hearing in the very place in the things which he created. He knew would minister to his soul because the best reflected the glory of God to him. And if Jesus felt the need to spend out in nature to commune his saw with his god. Shouldn't we. This one. Only blessed and Amen believe that let me say amen only bless with the beauty out here to take it for granted. Not to make food use of the beauty reviewed in Hawaii. What a privilege it is to be here. Look at the papers here this time. The first beautiful inspiring quotation to share with you from the book ministry of healing. And says all who are under the training of God need the quiet or are all full communion with their own hearts with well nature the nature preaches and with God going down. It says we must individually hear him speaking to the heart and this is my love this next sentence is beautiful. It says when every I have a VERY says hushed inquired Miss we wait before him. The silence of the Slayer all makes more distinct the voice of God Amen. You see we live in a world that is so busy this morning very hectic. We're in a rush saw caught up in a work of Business Research busy a mind is racing. A thousand miles an hour of mine is this racing racing things you have to do things not done yet. Things you have to go place you have to go so many things that need to be done and yet that's the very thing that a server needs to do. Is a very thing that the seller does not want to do right or you do not want to do I did not want to do WE DID NOT to sit still. Inquired this to me is too irritating. It's too boring. It's too painful to be in silence. How about to be able he's sorry for the amount of bias out to sit there in the ether for two three hours truly that is hard to say in their minds racing in racing but you don't want to mind to be racing over so many things about us. I mean this is well you know that when everybody says when your mind stops racing and you finally get to play it and question is you know you hear it over the cars or the wall around you. Way before him. The son is of the soul you funny able to hear more distinct God's voice Don't you want to hear God's voice this morning believe it. I do I want to hear is very sense to his beliefs you must very smushed be silent. Whereas their own use voices must be silent. He bids us be still whatever that I am God this is the effect of preparation for me before God a minister hurting throng the strain of lice and Insectivora these he who with this refreshed research around him with that ministry of light and peace we receive a new indomitable physical and mental strength his light for breathe out a fragrance and will be a divine power that we reach men so how do we need God the buying power this morning we love it or we do we need human power this morning we had enough of human power this morning. Amen. We want divine power this morning. Look at another example First Kings Chapter one thousand verse eleven twelve first kings and your testament right after the first Kings Chapter nineteen verse eleven into all. Rumors that you lie just run away from just a bell run to Mt horror and was actually up there in a cave hiding out from God ran away from God Finally when his high wind finding would stop racing and you got to slow down. God was able to get his attention and know what God did first one thousand verse eleven. God said He said when the family can stand upon the mount before the Lord. And behold the lead passed by he passed by right be fun of Elijah and the great and strong wind when the mountains and brink in pieces the rocks be further more like is the song when I was a very strong hurricane at the time in it. The devastated the mountain but the balance is but the Lord was not in the wind the strong wind and then up to the when a new earth quake but the Bible says. But the Lord was not in the earthquake and then after the earthquake a fire but the bad was his but the Lord was not in the fire but after the fire a still quiet peaceful small voice and the Lord was in that small voice. The lad passed by the light there was a great earthquake but the land was not in the earthquake. Neither was he in the fire. Neither was he in the strong wind he was not on any of those things. It was in the still small voice of hearing God You see although God is present in the big things that happen in the churches over God. It is their presence in the Big Island Convocation is not truly normally found there and their goal is then a spiritual retreat. We can buy the cab so whatever is not normally found there and the God is present in inspiring worship services. We love or he is not normally found there he is found in the individual worship between your soul. And your god in his still small voice is what he meant in your personal time with God you will be inspired and maybe inspired by the worship services but that is not enough to keep your server growing in your intimate connection with your God amen. You must be individually connected with a God and hear the still small voice with him every single day that clad peaceful time with God when no one's talking to you this into the when God speaks to the wind were to say if they're turned off right palm pilot and laptop are just you and God and nothing between eleven that's where the power is fog this morning. Look at the second quarter here in the pink paper. It says here. There are times when we should get a week from the sounds of earthly Torah and human voices get away from other people human voices and the retired places listen to the voice of Jesus. Now our family we have Morny worship every morning we pray with seeing that we have a scripture reading and we study. The word but that is not to take the place of my own individual relationship well with Jesus Christ this morning. You must have your own time alert and individual with God every morning. Otherwise. And I'll say to my wife. I don't know this. What is so crazy is getting more crazy or I don't know how my own family makes it without God every day I have no idea how people make it. I know how people make it not depending upon God today and make it an unknown what's happening. That's what's a secret I say that must be a secret because I don't know how really doing it because all I know the only god I can make it through in my life every single day and maybe that's why people get so much problems. That's why they get a lot of fighting in their homes and that's why maybe they're getting the bourses and separations and arguing but only with a polygon look at it continue on a Says here in both print. I have not time you may say that I don't have any time but when you consider the matters it really is you lose no time. Amen. There are days when I have made the best I have no time and all of a sudden God clockwork since everything in place and he says Pollan before even address them and then the rest of the day I look back in the hole then go well and I praise God to give him all the glory go a while I can't believe how many things that I got done today is a familiar to me days if it is a God I did all of this like a whole checklist and more you had the time but if you consider the matters it really is you lose no time you know when you are in the spirit and you connected and you actually you know in a practical sense even if you have a store you need to get things done. Just a very spirit Miss soften the heart of this worker who is having a bad day who is demurely with a hard time but is the first where your spirit in the summer is what is called the nice guy and the put him first. Bob everyone else right in the proper course sends just spirit a fair. Everyone all around you you lose no time for you when you secure the pyre in Greece the come and learn from God You do not accomplish the work. It is Jesus who is the real worker Amen. So they grabbed a savage glory he's a well they gets all the glory. I realize that and I want to be effective. I need the power of God in my life this morning. I cannot depend upon my knowledge I cannot depend for success to success. I cannot depend upon my experience I can or pen upon even my past successes there anything there being true success is the paragraph in my life this morning and that path to receive only through an intimate connection between my soul and my God found in the silence and quietness of nature nature preaches the message of the cross and as this message of the Cross that we've used to us what we need to do at Calvary you see in Calvary it reviews a century service in the Jewish they had to bring a lamb and they brought this lamb before the priests and what did they do they had to bring it. They have a knife and then there is the person who sin at the put his hand over the head of the cab of the Lamb and then they confess all the sins on top of the slab after them confessed the sit in there was but the priest but it was a sinner that took the knife and had to slit the throat of the Lamb and kill it. It was this they were to land they give salvation. In type to repentance and in the same way we love it. Use Christ is dilemma God slain right from the foundation I will do this craze is the ladder and on the cross a cadre is where his bed took place. So when we come we painted sinners and we remember is that we have sinned and we done wrong. We had to go in our mind to Calvary. We had to go a new year before because of Calvary and realize we loved that it was you that put him there and it was YOU that killed him up on the cross and there you go to Calvary you to newbie fair Jesus on the cross lay your hands on him and then confessed your sins on to Jesus after you compare since you take to you were to take that knife. We love you have to go next. And you know step in the cross of Calvary. And you take then my life and you have to slit his throat upon the cross of Calvary for the Bible says those who sin crucify him afresh really isn't a reason the slim do is they kill Jesus on the cross it was in the Jewish people to kill Jews and a cross to love it. It was you and me who killed Christ up on the cross of Calvary. And there's no use in the meantime we going to Calvary we have to go through your mind through the same steps and go up and got personal sins and slit the throat of Jesus and what his life fade from him as he dies up in the cross of Calvary every single time and we're happy his beloved comes a point that you don't want to go to Calvary anymore to confess your sins. The man of Beijing to hurt you to muster you don't want to. New rather than I've been sent in see your savior heard who made you so much that the Senate had to go through the same which all over again no motivation to serve him is now love and as he will be able to use a little straighter than you see there is fading away you hear the very nice father forgive her for she doesn't know why she do it and you go again the next sense that a third and the siege is like Fade out from him. You hear the voice into the hands I commit my spirit as you go the next time insisting his life is fading away. You hear the voice. It is finished. The only motivation for serving God this morning is love the love is not fear of going to hell or being punished on this earth is not a we were going to heaven or be we were there by God here. The only motivation for serving God is the motivation of love but you don't want to hurt just save it because you love him too much to want to hurt him because you had because you sin. Many of us have heard already heard the Gospel of Christ preached to us through His creation. But this morning. You hear in the gospel preached to you through the spoken word that is given many as a second chance and third chances to speak to us through different mediums and means this morning. What will you do with the extra opportunity given to you this morning. How are we respond. What we do this morning we love it. Why don't you submit to God and believe in His great love for you this morning he loves you so much. He's willing to die on the cross of Calvary so that you will be see is willing to be slain. By a sins because he loves you too much think I have because heaven will be a a happy place without you this morning he loves there every single person here this morning with an everlasting love and maybe what he led is we're transforming change your life if this you desire. When you age. 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