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Disillusioned with your Parents

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 7, 2009
    2:00 PM
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this was the place where you cringe a special musics I appreciate them here thank you very undersigned I hope you will sell you a brief story another one was not time in a land not so very far from here there was a lady named Vivian this happened around Pascoe here in Washington and that she had she was a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist who had the aim when she was about eighteen to be a missionary to Lebanon which be quite a self-sacrificing position to take of all places the work that would be one of the more difficult but she was thinking to go there to give her life to them and down to make a long story quite short the man who she has set her sights on who she thought was mutually interested in her and adopted away mocking her in public when she was about twenty one years old and she was already a super sensitive lady who had had health any guy would ever like her and when that happened it nearly made her well relation to entertain suicidal thoughts for some time after that and it's in the context of that even though several years later that she came to teach in a little Adventist elementary school in the past foot area and there are a lady management needs of Pruitt had us glad to was not really an Adventist daylong but he was single and it needs had neat idea to guess Vivian and blend together which you pray guess where my parents and it worked excited to hurry up with the story that was the beginning of a downtrend in the values that my mother held my father pretended to quit smoking so when her hand in marriage she wasn't slow enough in the recording process to see through that deception and so she'd been married for several weeks and she found out he never really had quit smoking I think I told you this morning that he died of lung cancer and mentioned that in this a few follow up to do realize that that never really change during the entire time of their married life so there was the time my mom was aiming to be a missionary and have high values she her first child which was late in her life I think she was about twenty nine was a miscarriage in her first pregnancy and I was her second pregnancy her firstborn child when I was raised in my home when I was a child there was no television and often there was family worship my father was involved in that that was my mantra to carry on on her own I can't stay together I think the fact that I have made it spiritually to this point my life has a lot to do with my mom and dad being faithful to each other despite their super different Susan so many fundamental things I tell you being married is for children from my experience is much better even if the marriage is a lousy one but you can just wait out out in some other situation and think it through some other place and psychology my mom carried on family worship and read I was raised a vegetarian we didn't have TV but that was all I was like one through six years old when I got to about age eight a television came into our home by Thomas Kander watching whatever by time I was ten there was meat in the home and was being served and I was just watching the tailwind of my mother 's change in values rigorous in some and go through trains like that values so that's what I was watching them on the low end of it it really is hard to carry on a one person find the two-person family to hold up values that can make a sense to its difficult my mom fought valiantly in many ways but she didn't keep it up perhaps fortunately for her and perhaps unfortunately it's both when I was eleven God brought someone else into my field of vision was a consecrated man and in some time maybe you can ask you for one hour version my testimony to try to finish this one three minutes I was thoroughly converted at age eleven 's from outside influences and I began to read the spirit of prophecy books that were sitting in our bookshelf and it didn't take me much reading to find out that my mom was I assume the things that were in these books and I regret this for my testimony intensely but I became really twice arrogant for eleven -year-old in high related to my mother I mean I was thoroughly disillusioned with her spirituality I felt like she wasn't holding up the standard and I think in many ways I broke her heart can you match outfield to love someone dearly and try to raise them up the very best you can than to have them in a way turn on you emotionally I would feel and so part of what I want to share this afternoon in the next few minutes is to prevent a repeat of the one on my test when I regret because the rest that I don't regret and if you could have my testimony minus the part of regret I would be so happy for you in your Bibles to Ezekiel chapter twenty Ezekiel chapter twenty if God had made a plan for taking the gospel to the world that was dependent on the faithfulness of his people the gospel never would go to the world that God has a lot of foresight that's an understatement to make a point and he designed a plan that would take the gospel to the world generation after generation after generation for thousands of years despite the unfaithfulness soliciting phone here in Ezekiel chapter twenty what you're looking versa speaking about the children of Israel while they were in Egypt are just leaving then said I unto them cast she away every man the abominations of his eyes and I'll knock yourselves with the idols of Egypt I am the Lord your God this is God 's call to bring them out of Egypt he set about to lead you into Canaan and does not require turn away from your idols verse eight but they rebelled against me and would not hearken unto me they did not every man cast away the abominations of their eyes neither did they first sank the idols of Egypt then I said I will pour out my theory upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the midst of the land of Egypt as God led them out yet another still barely see in the verse there in Egypt you call them away from their idols today except his call they do not accept his costly sanity was to punish them they are in the land of Egypt with fasting passive but look at verse nine but I am wrought for my namesake that it should not be polluted before the heathen among whom they were in whose side I had made myself known unto them and bringing them forth out of the land of Egypt God had already worked mightily in Egypt showing himself favorable to the Israelites and now if you destroy them just before bringing them out say in those flags for example Iran Egypt it would look like that God was not able to accomplish what he wanted or that may be a good Jew is the Jewish religion wasn't right somehow it her to is carried out his justice on this people look at verse ten wherefore I caused them to go forth out of the land of Egypt and brought them into the wilderness of foreign answer the question why did God lead lead the people out of Egypt despite their unfaithfulness you would have to answer it wasn't because of their faithfulness it was because of God 's own reputation God could have destroyed them right there in Egypt but it wouldn't have gone well for the Egyptians say this again God led Israel out of Egypt for the benefit of the heathen Egypt didn't bring the Israelites did not deserve to be given a kind of special treatment look at verse twelve verse eleven and identify statutes and show them my judgment such as amended we shall even live in them more overall so I gave them my sadness to be a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them is interesting how we've known verse twelve for like twenty years never read verse one through eleven out of that makes a sense when you view but that was what it was for me for a long time so the south was given as a sign estate vacation to the people had put refused initially verse thirteen but the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness they walked not in my statutes and they despised my judgments which if a man do you shall even live in them and my sadness they greatly polluted that I said I would pour out my fury upon them where in the wilderness he was going to destroy them in Egypt but he did not do it for the benefit of the Egyptians but now they're out of Egypt and now the rebelling against me down and now he says and I destroy them where in the wilderness let's read what it says verse fourteen but I rot for my namesake but it should not be polluted before the heathen and whose side I had brought them out to see that the reason they were spared even the wilderness was not for their own benefit it was for that least I should say it wasn't alone or primarily for their benefit it was for the benefit of the human now God managed to meet both goals he did destroy all of them in the wilderness but instead of doing all in one moment where it would obliterate the nation he did over such period of time that the nation always continued to exist but didn't he destroy almost every one of them there he deprecated in such a way as to spare his own reputation in the sides of the heathen that he cared for so much joy and incredible storyline here Ezekiel twenty to save time was going to verse eighteen but I said unto their children in the wilderness while he not in the statutes of your fathers neither observe their judgments nor to file yourself with their idols I am the Lord your God walk in my statutes and keep my judgments and do them some people when they read from a five to understand the same when when God says that I didn't make this covenant with your fathers I may connect with you not your fathers that they get the idea that that was the first time he ever made such a covenant it's totally not what God is saying he saying I made a covenant with them and they didn't keep it the kind with them this account for you I'm making a covenant with you that you need to keep an application is if you don't keep that I can make a covenant with your children in fact that's the Josh was about and Joshua God makes a covenant with their children so this theme perhaps of the short talk as verse eighteen December seeking very plainly that sometimes God intends for young people to be disillusioned with their parents pregnancy but maybe too had I said that I'm into heads nodding subs can tell it to it is God 's intention that at some point the young people of parents who are not towing the line spiritually realize they need to rise above the level of their parents it is God 's intention that a generation of a chance to do better than the generation before it burst nine verse twenty and follow my sadness and they shall be a sign between me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God verse twelve in verse twenty but we didn't realize I think I recited realized that the reason you have the idea and are twice as because it was once to the fathers and once to the children verse twenty one nevertheless the children what to say rebelled against me they walked not in my statutes neither count my judgments to do them which of the men do he shall even live in them they polluted my sadness then I said I would pour out my fury upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness can you guess what verse twenty three is going to say twenty two any nevertheless I withdrew my hand and rot for what to say my name 's sake that it should not be polluted in the sight of who that he'd been in his side I had brought them four why not spare the generation after the wilderness was because they were better than generations before them he spared them for the benefit of the heathen I guess I'm just an essay that if you read the rest of this chapter you can find the same thought happening again if I could try to summarize Ezekiel twenty a short way it would be that God doesn't harden a generation of people the ignored his councils and his directives I mean if they repent you certainly will pardon down but they don't just get a wife get away with it the many Adventist today like in the eighteen nineties and nineteen thirties have realized that you could find enough evidence that a generation has done this in our system that we have turned away from his councils and from his judgments and from his statutes and the many class of men concluded that because you can prove this that this really happened that therefore God has rejected us as a church I hope you can see in Ezekiel twenty the day got one idea right but missed another one but got rejected was the generation what he didn't reject was the next generation what is he due in his the next generation a chance did they get off light if they don't do it they get rejected to but then he gets a chance to another generation and the reason that our generation still has a chance is in the customer more favor than forbearers yes if we don't respond we get destroyed to but it doesn't mean that God then rejects the denomination our kids get a chance that's a deep thought for you to consider and study later night I hope you will do that comes when your Bibles to Romans chapter fourteen Romans fourteen and were looking at verse five oh one man esteem in one day above another another esteem and every day alike listen carefully let every man be what's that word fully persuaded in his own mind as a good some River that had to say in the first two talks have given this weekend really it just sums it up beautifully what God is asking is not that every man a default fully concluded in his own mind but that every man gathers enough data enough information that she has a reason for the conclusion he comes to you understand you can be fully persuaded by your impulses persuasion involves the thinking process of looking up information and that's what God is asking every man be fully persuaded in his own mind this was so good for me when I became a thoroughly converted to a person this happened in Alaska and in the winter in Alaska in the winter in Alaska it was very dark very cold in the normal daily activity routine for me was watched television allow and part of the lie conversion experience which was mind-boggling to my parents was that I was convicted by the spirit of God that I should stop watching television and I did stop watching it and with a little bit of exception being that I discovered to my consternation that if there was a television that was on and the room I was in despite my very best attention I would end up watching it so I found the only way that I could keep the promise I made to myself was to avoid rooms that have living televisions and then the damage assessment saying and the way our house was set up was that the television was in the same room with the dining room and living room with the same rooms divided by nothing but Finnair add-ons it I mean is easily outhouses like that it was such that the television was very plainly visible when you're eating meals and I concluded as a twelve -year-old man house after a thought I concluded that I would not eat meals at the television was on that's when my parents went from being been used by my fanaticism to annoyed by my mom member there had been time she was against television to remember that and it I found out you are well read her she will do this I didn't sneak generator diarists I found that it had really hurt her feelings when she brought television in your house but the reason she did it was because I saw liked to go to the neighbors for homes that have televisions and she did not she couldn't stand it and I didn't like to be home with her wasn't a television so she decided it wasn't a lot anyway on my floor watching at home when I'm not trying to do is to say that she reasoned well I think that was a mistake like you trying to say is that she was trying to do the right thing and what would help me in my disillusionment stage would've been a good dose of merciful thinking can't describe what I mean by merciful thinking is thinking about people who are doing the wrong thing giving them his many benefits of the doubt as possible thinking like this it's possible that they had a very hard life the devil has been under track and has really done them a lot of wrong veteran for my mother 's car you can tell from my story was true for her it's possible that they have been worn down by a series of trials and temptations that if I had faced and would've worn me down much quicker than a war that it's possible that they've never had a true type of education that they were never given the right kind of instruction at acting on possible I talked to this morning about how weak we should start from scratch how we build upon the generation before us the goddess taught them it's possible that they started here Aaron and I about here and then I was born and I got to start quite a bit higher than they did give her some illustration and in now and I don't look down and feel hard feelings to them because they're not where I am you see how how inappropriate that would be how mean away thinking that would be that's what I was doing talk about merciful thinking merciful thinking is related to the gospel I mean blessed are the merciful for they shall and with what measure you charge it shall be measured to you again I am really talking about spiritual principles here I think it's legitimate to say that no one taught me respect that I was twelve but it didn't make my attitudes less hurtful to my mom and she was incapable of teaching this tends to make her she didn't know that because no one had ever taught her anyway since teaching you you have nearly as good excuse and on these are important things so everyone should be fully persuaded in his own mind but when you come to your conclusions you need to add your conclusions a healthy dose of merciful thinking campaign people relating to them as if they are the victims of the devil rather than as his cooperative agents when you think about them that way they seems to become the enemy and it's much easier to maintain your warmth toward them one of the most fascinating chapters in the spirit of prophecy as in the book him Christian education is a chapter that talks about it on page four thirty eight four thirty eight four forty one for those of you who do the right thing and read the signs are told to read and in meetings elsewhere for pages in fact you could commit the entire chapter to memory without as much trouble as it's easier to memorize connected thoughts preprocessing as some the things you find the Bible page four thirty eight four forty one it discusses the educational choices that Jesus made as a child in this I did memorize myself so full of fascinating things to me I'm a tell you five ideas that come in that chapter manual twenty six the mother of Jesus was not a homeschooling mother I mean that her stepchildren went to school and Jesus would've gone to school but he refused to go in the chapter the chapter brings out five reasons that Jesus refused to go to the schools of his time one of them was because he didn't want to get into premature conflict with the religious rulers of the day that is if as a fifteen -year-old had a reputation as a know it all that would carry over so that when he began his ministry at age thirty he could be in this mess like that all we know that Jesus did you hear about when he was fifteen he is partly thought he knew more than all the teachers in the Sanhedrin the described system processing the chapter she did not want to prematurely cut short his work by in his student age in becoming an conflict there was another reason there GSS had a strong enough grasp of the principles of truth that he could have gone to those schools and not have lost his way but he knew that I was coming after him and it was for the sake of his followers that he didn't go so they would not feel authorized to go I felt this principle thoroughly through I think for myself I think for example to I could probably go and the pursue a PhD degree I don't have the way said that you think are the masters or something I don't even have an Associates I think I could go pursue something like that and probably get away with my spiritual life but when I understand the reason Jesus says that if I go doing someone that has left up to me as a spiritual guide is likely to try the very same thing and it might not work out so well for them in Jesus kept that in mind and making his own educational choices is quite selfless reason another reason that he was given a chapter that Jesus knew that young the schools there was a continual enlarging upon the sayings of America and by continually enlarging upon the sayings of what this man taught in this man taught and your herdsmen say you can find what you're looking for this chapter really undermines the idea what it indicates is that if this is the volume of truth that you could get in school that out three every piece of meaningless material than just sent to you this places us some real content that you can't have gained and that even if you manage to not be harmed at all by this material you would have been benefited to an extent that you can't even estimate had material been replaced by solid content Jesus refused to go assessing that chapter as another principle that he shot he was trying to show that it's better not to last error get a foothold in the mind than to try to eradicate it after it has been given a chance there that flies in the face of a common reason of the double that you have to give it a chance even learn best how to combat but that trick the devil ignores the fact that the first and major part of that conflict the error is in your own mind you can't afford to lose any there the last pundits in that chapter the libretto to you is that Jesus knew that the quantity of output this I forget outward of their quantum information that was being fed them besides they did not have time for their private piety that is that the busyness of the system squished out their devotion and Jesus refused to sacrifice a few years of quality devotion for the formal education he could've received at those schools I really think that if you'll read through the chapter to find that many of his own reasons have quite an application to our own day some summarize what I said already it took longer since I thought it would ensure through a few brief misconceptions are mentioned in the Bible and will close this when I sat is that it's appropriate that we aim for something higher than our parents if our parents as a generation had gotten it right the world would have ended and God says we read in this age of twenty eighteen do not do after your parents don't follow their principles follow my principles not there are judgments that my judgments really is Uganda's very same counsel to the next generation in Yemen to the first generation was supposed to hear in this generation it's getting the next chance and like me as you begin to stymie your just incredibly disappointed in your forebears I mean is that why have they fallen so low then keep in mind that blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy and if you hadn't been given opportunities that you have you don't know if you would of come to the conclusions that you have if you had been lifted by some providence how you know that that truth ever would've come your direction you don't know the struggles your parents have had other troubles I did not know until my father was in the ground very that he had been repeatedly unfaithful to my mother during our married their married life I was growing up do you think that was a struggle for her a hard one of intense I'm so glad that I never learned about it and that that's just an illustration of things that will never come out you don't know how hard your parents have had or anyone else for that matter than animals were moving forward we must give everyone else a great deal of latitude in the case of my mom you would be happy to see how her life has been bouncing back to those values she held in yesteryear with some freshers off it ever since and was weighted down the pressure comes off it out it rises again turns in your Bibles to Matthew chapter three Matthew chapter three and were looking at verse nine and things not to say within yourselves we have Abraham to our father for I sent to you that God is able of these stones to raise up children under Abraham I could preach for ninety seconds on the verse in a conservative environments like this church feels to me to be the most common way this verse we get preached on would be that being a member of the church won't save you and I would like to maybe read it to you a little differently than that of the less certainly true him a number of the privileged group will save you I mean if you're part of the group that feels this way are things this way are has to set of values or has come up higher than the rest really that kind of situation is more analog is in some ways what this verse is talking about and even denominational membership and this is a common misconception of being part of the right group is Jesus and on and think like that was John the Baptist John the Baptist talking John the Baptist said don't think like that this is a common misconception of being part of the right group is his area of worthwhile aims out of North Elizabeth way to conclude I thought I can feel good but it included so read the verse again at some point see which understand turn for the page or two to chapter five verse seventeen five in verse seventeen think not that I come to destroy the Law or the Prophets I have not come to destroy but to fulfill you my noticing the word thinking on the first verse that's how this relates to our weekend just Jesus John the Baptist and a few others are talking about improper ways to think and this is one improper ways to think of the religion of Jesus releases us from moral obligations asked Justin if that's a common misconception that Jesus put to rest turn forward maybe less than a page to chapter six verse seven but when you pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking this is a very common misconception that a root you have a prayer if you don't put your mind and heart into it will benefit you but it just isn't true routine prayer isn't even hard it is sent are speaking the Regina that is the communication prior communication is important turn for a couple pages to chapter nine verse four chapter nine verse four Jesus adjust all the man that he was forgiven as says in Jesus knowing their thoughts said wherefore think GE four end there in your hearts it's a common evil thoughts to think that Jesus can forgive you and young people often are persuaded that way my dad was persuaded that the young man and he never gave up on not misconception to feel like because you been so evil are done so many wicked things that you're just too far gone or lost forgotten to help you is the same thought that the Pharisees had that Jesus can't forgive someone well he can breathe easy chance to believe that you can't let it's wrong it's erroneous it's evil turn forward maybe a page of chapter ten verse thirty four think not that I am come to send peace on earth I came not to send peace but a sword of six common misconception that the religion of Jesus doesn't cause arguments and someone confront me on this this weekend as if what I was saying was saying that if people were arguing or something like that could approve was the right person anyway place the servers and the person misunderstood me by learning to set everything straight if they are is contention and argument that's raised by telling the truth it was the intention of Jesus that would be raised by the truth and not in any sense by the spirit in which the truth was delivered it wasn't the spirit of Jesus that caused the division it was the truth of Jesus the cause the division and waste soul band lead paint the truth when we defend it with hard feelings and unkind thoughts and without that kind of merciful think you described just a few minutes ago turn forward to be five or six pages to Matthew chapter eighteen Helsinki Jesus asked if a man half a hundred sheep that Congress verse verse twelve Helsinki is a man have a hundred sheep and one of them be gone astray does he not leave the ninety and nine and go into the mountains and seek is that which is gone astray it's a common misconception that Jesus cares less for the people who are more out-of-the-way but it isn't true and Jesus appealed to an illustration of caretaker of sheep to shawl but it wasn't true Jesus illustrated the fact that he cares more for those for out-of-the-way this look at one more will be enough right now turn to Luke chapter thirteen Luke chapter thirteen and looking at verse four Luke thirteen four or those eighteen upon whom the tower of side loan foul and slew them thinking that they were sinners above all men dwelt in Jerusalem just in a leave that for them to answer because they might've said yes so what you say in the next verse I tell you Nay it's a common misconception to think that those who have particular suffering are particularly guilty Jesus indicates that a lot of people are particularly guilty of a lot more than the number that particularly suffer these last eight politics shared are hardly related to the first things have shared all that they have something to do with proper thinking you can find a lot about right ideas in this book when I sent this afternoon the biggest and most important idea is that when we talked about earlier how God builds of one generation of truth upon another how he's working it generationally to get something done that he does hold every generation accountable and if a generation that doesn't do right the generation dies if your question is how were your grandparents punished the answer is there dad I mean they didn't get to see Jesus come back that's how the generation was punished and eventually the all stand before the judgment seat of Christ my generation is going to judge the same way individually broader standard for the judgment seat I would really like for our generation to see him in person and to that and it worked to have to rise higher than our fathers but the devil is ready for every young and middle aged person here the moment that we begin to rise above those around us in terms of moral development this is a begin to rise by practicing his statutes his judgments that's residual was about was not as in all his councils that's how you rise in a practical sense as soon as we begin to rise in that way as soon as we get a blog average in any sense he's ready to give us mean this in how we relate to those who are not there and if he succeeds in giving us meanness of that point what ever reforms we might have made progress in terms of character we have just sunk to the depths and that won't do it so the proper way to be disillusioned your parents to realize that they are not your example they are one of God 's intended sources of instruction but Jesus is your example your parents are suffering centers were likely doing their best but maybe not even doing that you need to give them the benefit of the doubt to pick you the ways that the double may have conquered were perplexed number harassed them in the past and believe that God can finish the work in them like you can finish the work in you when you show mercy to your parents you set yourself up in a good way to receive mercy yourself and surely you know you need that when you're rising higher this isn't sure if some not so formal I believe would appear to be knelt for closing prayer the snail our father and have I ask that you would save the heathen I thank you for the care that you've shown for the first thousands of years by preserving your rebellious people that are associated with your wonderful truth and I asked if she would teach us how to rise above the councils and judgments of our fathers to do your councils in your judgments give us the gift of mercy give it to us in our heart that we would be merciful to others and I ask for this gift because we have a great need for it so I ask in the name of Jesus and


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