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What in the World is Going On?- Part 2

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Chris Holland is speaker/director of It Is Written Canada. 



  • November 5, 2016
    11:30 AM
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The beat has stood the test of time with God's Book the Bible is still relevant in today's complex world. Sure it is with messages of hope around the world with questions unanswered a world spiraling out of control does the Bible provide any word of hope. Is there anything that we can place our trust in is it possible. That many Christians are looking for answers in the wrong place. In order to find answers we turn to the only dependable source when it comes to answers for our day and our last program we left off and Daniel Chapter eight with the symbol of the goat wondering what that goat represents the angel of Daniel Chapter eight makes it very clear what that goat represents in Daniel Chapter eight. And in verse twenty one. The male goat is the kingdom of Greece the large horn that is between its eyes is the first king. Now in an amazing prediction of the prophetic word we once again find the Greeks. The Greeks are symbolized by this goat the symbol is the same as the mid-section of brass or bronze from Daniel two it is the same as the four headed for winged leopard of Daniel seven and that large horn is the first king. That first King was Alexander the Great. And what an amazing prediction. As we see the Greek empire would rule from three thirty one B.C. to one sixty eight B.C.. Alexander the Great as he called her the Middle East plan to rebuild the city of Babylon he wanted to make it a prevent capital and for two months he assigned ten thousand men to work and clear away the debris for the rebuilding of Babylon. You know when we look at history it is very interesting to note you see in history. There were two different Persian kings Derrius the first in four ninety B.C. and Xerxes in four eighty B.C. both of them would unsuccessfully try to subdue Greece and they massacred many. The Greeks would not forget their national humiliation. You see the Persians attacked the Greek empire. They went to this small place called Macedonia there in Macedonia there was a king by the name of Philip of mass and on they tried to subdue the Greeks they tried to conquer the Greeks and in so doing they killed many innocent men women and children the Persians happen to be a very harsh people when it came to war. There was a young man amongst the Greek empire. A young Greek man the son of Philip of mass a don who lived there in Macedonia. His name was Alex. Young Alex would not forget the Persians and their attacks young Alex would become Alexander the Great and he conquered the known world with such incredible speed. Marching all the way to the Valley of the Indus River in northwestern India and how rightly symbolized by this go to win across the surface of the earth without touching the ground. The Greeks pushed that push to the east. Pushed to the west that pushed all the way to India conquering the known world faster than any other entity had ever done. There are many stories in history. But one of my particular favorites in the history of the Greeks is a battle. A battle where Alexander and his army were on one side of the river and Xerxes and his army were on the other side of the river now. Alexander and Xerxes were facing off and Alexander began riding his horse up and down the bank of the river. You see his troops were outnumbered it depends on the estimates. Some estimates say two to one other estimates say ten to one but the most important aspect of this is this. Alexander's armies were outnumbered least by two to one. And Alexander began riding up and down the shores of that river and his armies began to get welled up with excitement and they all began to roll for and then they crossed the river toward the Persian armies. And at that time the Persian armies who outnumbered them two to one turned and ran. Alexander was almost a mythological type individual but the Bible says that His Kingdom would break. In fact it says he is a king would break. Now the goat was a familiar figure and it was found on Greek coins and the original capital of Macedonia was A.G.I.. To which Alexander the Great belonged then there is similarity between the capital city word A.G.I. and the Greek word A.G.S. which is the word for go and it is no accident that God would use this symbol of a goat to represent the Greek empire and so on an amazing. Prophecy of such particular detail we see once again this book this book the Bible can't be trusted. We can see God putting his name on the line saying I am God and there is no other I'm God and there is none like me knowing the end from the beginning and things not yet done. You see in amazing fashion this book this book is seen to be true. It demonstrates its truthfulness over two centuries before the Greeks began to conquer the world the prophecy of Daniel eight protected that Alexander and his kingdom would be cut down while they were at the very height of their power. You see because while lags Alexander had an amazing mastery over battle tactics. Alexander did not have mastery over himself. Alexander died a drunken mess and his kingdom was broken. Daniel Chapter eight in and verse eight says these words. Therefore the male goat grew very great but when he became strong the large one was broken and in the place of it for notable ones came up toward the four winds of heaven when Alexander was dying he was asked by his generals who shall get the kingdom. Who shall lead the kingdom Alexander and Alexander answered he who is strongest Needless to say the Empire was defied between the four generals Sandor list Simak us. Ptolemy and Salusa Yes The mighty mighty empire of Greece would simply be divided because the king was broken. Just as the Book of Daniel predicted. In the book. Alexander the Great by Theodore Munson it says these words each one what had the sword against the other and the empire went down in a tangle of strife. You see the generals could not communicate with one another the generals could not get along with one another and so the kingdom was divided and in strife. It would go down but the Bible goes on to say that something happens to this now broken and divided Greek empire. Daniel Chapter eight goes on to say. And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south toward the east toward the glorious land and it grew up to the host of heaven and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars of the ground and trampled upon them. He even exalted himself as high as the prince of hosts and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away and the place of his sanctuary was cast down because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices and he casts truth down to the ground. He did all this and prospered. Now the angel would go on and tell us exactly what all of this means a king shall arise having fierce features to understand sinister schemes he show even rise against the Prince of princes. And what is happening here is very interesting. It wasn't until recently that it was understood that the Roman Empire actually emerged from the western Greek empire the Roman Empire comes out as a horn power of the western portion of the Greek empire and then out of this western portion of the Greek empire this new Roman Empire which we have seen in other prophecies would simply divide out of that comes a church state. Union and here in Daniel Chapter eight. You have the Middle Persian RAM you have the Greek goat and then you have Rome and the horn coming out and then once again a little horn entity this little horn speaking blasphemous words against God fighting against the Prince of princes fighting against God's people. This church state union that goes against God. But the dream was not complete because then the angel visitor told Daniel and Daniel Chapter eight verse fourteen for two thousand three hundred days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed. Here's the problem that Daniel faced and we now face. The angel visitor gave to Daniel the interpretation of the RAM and the interpretation of the code but he did not explain to him this mysterious two thousand three hundred a prophecy. As a matter of fact the Bible says as it is as it concludes Daniel Chapter eight in verse twenty seven and I Daniel fainted and was sick for days afterward I rose and I went about the king's business. I was astonished by the vision but no one understood it the angel did not explain the vision to Daniel of the twenty three hundred days. Daniel did not understand it. However God does want to understand His Word He doesn't want us to be in the dark. So here and Daniel Chapter eight. God gives some remarkable clues as to what this mysterious two thousand three hundred a prophecy. What it might mean. Now as a reminder. What kind of animals did we have here in Daniel Chapter eight. It's right. We had a ram and a coat. Then Daniel Chapter eight in verse fourteen speaks of the sanctuary being cleansed. So I want you to look at that. Now you have a RAM you have a goat. You have the same ship very. It is an intriguing thing to see this reference to the sanctuary. You have the RAM and the goat. Why is this all so intriguing we see the ram in the GO were animals that were used as a part of the sacrificial system in the sanctuary the very sanctuary that God asked the children of Israel to build as recorded in Exodus twenty five. But then you fainted and he was sick because he did not understand it but Daniel would have been processing this saying RAM goat sanctuary. What was this all about he would have. He would have thought about this and then he would have said offices sanctuary imagery. This is Temple imagery and Daniel in his mind would have said this RAM goat sanctuary being cleansed book Gone. There is no sanctuary because Solomon's temple was destroyed. Lord when Babylon conquered Jerusalem and the Bible says that Daniel indeed was confused that Daniel did not understand he was a star gnashed by the vision our ram a goat sanctuary being cleansed. But no sanctuary on the earth. That left Daniel wondering well the temple of Jerusalem be rebuilt. And is this the temple is this the sanctuary of concern in Daniel Chapter eight. Is this the sanctuary is this the temple. That is the focus of our attention in the last days. What is this twenty three hundred day prophecy all about. What is God trying to tell us. I want to give you a little hint today because I'm not going to be able to answer that question with the time we have left in today's program. I will answer it. However and. Coming programs. But here's the hint I want to give you. Although the earthly temple was destroyed in Daniel stay. Although the earthly temple was rebuilt and then again it was destroyed in seventy eighty after Jesus had been crucified. After Jesus it died and after Jesus had been buried and rose again. And today there is no existing Temple in Jerusalem. What is all this mean the bible answers with absolute clarity. And here is the reality. God is actually directing our eyes to another temple a temple. That is not on this earth a temple that is recorded in the book of Hebrews in chapter eight and verses one and two. Now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man friends is it possible that Christianity has been duped that Christianity has been duped into looking for a temple to be literally rebuilt in Jerusalem. But God is actually trying to draw our attention elsewhere. Could it be that Daniel writing. Five hundred and fifty years before Jesus would come to this earth. That he was giving us a hint into what Temple we needed to be looking to could it be possible that the fulfillment of this RAM in this goat and the sanctuary being cleansed. Could it be that God is speaking to us and telling us there is hope for our planet and that hope is to be found somewhere on. Or than the literal Jerusalem where many eyes seem to be looking today Jesus has shared with us once again. An outline of the history of the empires of this world filled an exact position. To date God to say you can trust my word you can trust my word and if you can trust my word I know the kingdoms of this world. I know them before they came to power. And if we can trust his word friends we can trust. That Jesus is who he said he was that he did what he said he did and he will do what he says he's going to do and that is to come and take us home. Jesus today is appealing. Through this prophecy of Daniel eight in the question simply is this Will you listen. Now we will fully answer the question of what do these twenty three hundred days mean and I will tell you my friends. What you have in store is one of the most hopeful message. In the entirety of the Scriptures today Jesus reaches out his hand and says you can trust my word and if you can trust my word you can trust me come to me come to me and I will save you come to me and find rest in me come to me and I'll rescue you from all the troubles that you face come to me all the trials all the tribulations the problems that we face the financial struggles come to me and I will give you hope for today. Come to me and I will give you rest come to me and enjoy life to its fullest come to me and experience life and life more abundantly. The abundant my friends. Is it that Jesus offers the bond life of experiencing the joy of Jesus saving us from ourselves today would you like to say Jesus. I want to experience this life of upon us that you offer when I see when I see you know we see each. See ya ya ya ya. Let's pray together Heavenly Father. We are so thankful that you have given us Jesus and that you have given us these prophecies and at the very central core of understanding Mito Persia and Greece and Rome right at the core is the promise that Jesus is coming soon to rescue us from all these problems and challenges old we pray that Jesus would come soon. But most of all we pray during the work that you. Prepare you would prepare to be ready to be. Hi everyone. Parents. What are you packing in your child's lunch box. One of the hot topics in the news lately is childhood obesity. There are many reasons why our children are getting bigger weight too wise for one thing children are driven everywhere. They just not moving as much as previous generations of children as well with all the technological advances we've embraced as a society such as dishwashers and laundry machines our children don't have to do the same kinds of physically demanding chores their grandparents may have had to do. I said and Terry lifestyle at home a school and work is simply creating a larger population. Plus serving sizes of food have increased and our children are consuming more fast food which means more calories more fat more weight more health problems. Most children are not eating enough vegetables fruits beans or whole grains. So when you're packing your child's lunch box. Here's some great tips from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. One of my favorite healthy lifestyle organizations. First of all sandwiches are always good try. Hummus or another bean spread with sliced tomatoes cucumbers and shredded carrots in a pita bread. I've got here half a PITA. Well put in some lovely hummus and then just add the tomato to that. Going to put in some of the cucumber. And then some lettuce and some nice curly carrots look at that it's so pretty. There you have it the veggies in a blanket. It looks and tastes so good and or you know what you could also stuff in some falafel balls to add more protein. Many stores are selling a vegan deli slices that look and taste like bologna roast beef and turkey. You can serve these on whole grain bread with soy cheese condiments of your choice lettuce and tomato like we have here. Peanut butter is an old standby. Or you can try another night butter such as cashew almonds or hazelnuts with sliced bananas and whole wheat bread like a guy here. Do you know how delicious that is or try an avocado and tomato sandwich like we have here. So good for you. How about a hot meal fill a wide mouth thermos with leftover pasta and tomato sauce or rice and beans or how about a nice vegetarian chilli. Now a soup is so comforting warm your child with a hearty bean and vegetable soup or stew. If you're short on time trial low sodium Instant Soup just or hot water into the soup mix and pour it into a fair mass and add some side dishes choose a couple of the following suggestions to complete your child's meal individual boxes of soy or rice milk soy a yogurt such as I have hay or you can add chopped vegetables and hummus like we've got here or bread or crackers homemade muffins rice cakes pretzels or fresh fruit in fact always include a fresh fruits. For more ideas visit the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website at P.C. R M dot org. They've got lots of great resources including their nutrition for kids. Booklet with delicious recipes your kids love like the veggies in the blankets piece of pizzas and very snooty for you next time. You know French sometimes understanding prophecy can be a difficult thing and we need the assistance of Bible teachers and what I offer to you today the focus on prophecy lessons these lessons will walk you through the prophecies of Daniel and the prophecies of Revelation that in addition to the focus on prophecy lessons I want to offer to you a magazine called Daniel and Revelation the secrets of Bible prophecy revealed this magazine goes step by step through the major prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Here is the information you need to receive today's offers to request today's offer. Just log onto W.W.W. dot it is written canada dot ca that's W.W.W. dot. It is written canada dot ca and select the T.V. Program tab for Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage paid for viewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer. You may call toll free at one eight eight eight call that's one eight eight eight call you call any time lines are open twenty four hours daily. That's one eight eight eight call or if you wish you may write to us at it is written box twenty ten Oshawa Ontario L. one age seventy four the Book of Daniel is filled with hope and the prophecies that we have studied and the prophecy of today. Daniel chapter tells us God has a plan friends if you would like to know more about God's plan. We want to give you a resource. Is to build your spiritual library to draw nearer to Jesus and to see his plan and invite you to go to our Web page. It is written canada dot ca and there you'll find a number of different resources Bible studies that will help you to see that Jesus has this world in his hands. I hope you enjoyed today's program. I want to encourage you to join us again next week until then remember it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


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