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Love and Courtship

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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Leafed of the drum period unload lead reading Jesus is Cohen being again a serial O.B.B. Agrium is be Jolo Poland's new. Jesus is close. They. This is the boy some prophecy voice crying in the wilderness of these modern day prepare you the way of the lone moon. Oh me oh meeting again Jews this is close be a voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration at music described with the king's arrows L. Del clear red Brayley and H.M.S. Richards. Life's a prophecy speak of cold Jesus loves who the slope is thrown through do a bit fails I know my load. Of Stephenville games there's a load of. Where no single game. Well Osun clothes roll over a still my Jesus to rule look clothes away. Is to Los Logies us to. Me day by day like views of us all over a its job of slug is grid mole. Oh oh. Luxury conceive of Jeeves those load of old his carrier and ten to. Fold to school a low fold mobile home to zoom in and when and where a lens you. Love clothes over a period stone slug views of us through home look loads away. It's sort of slow going views of us to keep me day by day is Joe of Jesus loves all over them. It ain't me. It's job of the slug he's grid. Load of old our Father in heaven we seek guy face in prayer today we pray that don't blush this broadcast to everyone who lives. And especially guide us in all of our social contacts in our friendships in our love this. We ask in Jesus' name quote as near to the on its own kind on the on finance would seem to know more than just mere on and on going on. Oh Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from the heart of gone old US before with the near to the hind of gone on. Let us listen I was Bob Edwards our first tenor Rex our thoughts to Jesus rose of Sharon was on my life from a. There's a risk. Oh so they are a lot. Loon a little up. This is very low when everyone. Oh the tone of research say hello when you hear the same loaf you. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker his subject. Love and courtship the young poet obtained a letter of introduction to a well known editor. And when granted an interview told him that she had written simple ones that she would like to see published in his magazine. Part of the about all about love. What is love. Tell me loves of the young woman. Turning her eyes upward gazing on a lily pond at night. Billy's are in full bloom in the shimmering moonbeams Stop cried the editor. You're all wrong. Yes very very wrong. I'll tell you what love is love is getting up cheerfully out of a warm bed at two o'clock on a cold winter night to fill a hot water bottle for a sick baby. That's real love. I'm sorry but I don't think we can use your poems in our magazine. After all that editor was right. For real love is doing something for others at some inconvenience to ourselves. At least that's the way Real love is manifested. Love manifest itself in many strange and beautiful ways. It doesn't come in the same way to all people of course nor is it manifested in just the same way for individualities and personalities are always involved. True Love sees its duty in a hundred different ways. Yes The night has a thousand. I guess and the day but one yet the light of the bright world dies with the setting sun The mind has a thousand. I was on the heart. But one. Yet the light of a whole life dies. Yes. When love is done. Falling in love courtship marriage. That's the proper order courtship is the getting acquainted with each other and assurance that love is present. And that the one loved is desirable as a life partner. Some people can damn what they call love at first sight but why. One may not true love come at first sight and then grow and grow into its own perfection. We're speaking today about Christian love Christian courtship. Christian marriage certainly young people who belong to Christ. Should be sure that their love is directed toward one who is also a servant of his. There may be exceptions. But as a general rule the marriage of a Christian to an unbeliever cannot be as happy and cannot have the approbation of God to the same extent as Christian marriage would. Remember these words of Holy Scripture there found in Proverbs a fourth chapter to keep the I Heart. With all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. If you do not wish. To have a home from which the shadows will never be lifted. Then do not give your heart's affection to one who does not love your Savior. No one can lay down absolute rules for courtship. Strange things happen unusual events take place people become acquainted with each other in ways that are stranger than fiction. We think of the romance of Loretto Melcher the great Wagnerian tenor. When he was young music student in Munich. He was sitting in the garden of his boarding house one day studying one of these rows. According to his own statement he was saying the lines come to me my love on the wings of light. When to his utter astonishment a young lady literally dropped out of the sky and landed at his feet. This heavenly visitor was none other. Then Maria Harker a Bavarian actress who had been doing a stunt for a movie thriller. She had actually parachuted from a plane right into his arms a strange introduction but the prelude to a happy life for they were later married. But usually people need time to get acquainted. It's not generally best to follow the example of Edwin Hill. The journalist and radio commentator who ponies first arrived in New York at a strange experience. He splurging a city you took a sightseeing ride on the elevated railway. He's I was attracted to a charming young lady who was seated across the aisle from him. Near Columbus Circle. He ventured to move over and strike up a conversation. They found an astonishing con geniality. At last they reached the city hall. Got off the train went over the marriage bureau and were married. But most people could learn a little of each other in such a short courtship. There are certain traits which True love will always manifest one of them that should be remembered is the true love secrets not her own. As we read in first Corinthians thirteen five. It's on selfish. Another rule to remember is to avoid the appearance of evil. As the Apostle urges us in first testimonials five twenty two. Here are three of four sentences from someone who knew what she was talking about. Love is a precious gift which we received from Jesus pure and holy affection is not a feeling but a principle. Those who are actuated by true love are neither unreasonable nor blind. Taught by the Holy Spirit. They love God supreme Lee on their neighbor as themselves. In first John four eight it is written. God is love. And the command of the Apostle is that you love one another. Love for God The love of God in the heart of man love for our fellow beings and especially the love which leads to marriage are all in God's plan and originated. In the mind and heart of God. Of Jacob's love for Rachel we read in Genesis twenty nine. And Jacob served seven years for Rachel. And they seemed not to him but a few days for the love he had of her. That's the sort of love God wants us to have in true courtship and marriage I love the years cannot kill a love that is stronger than time. Love that bare earth all things believe it all things Hope us all things. Endure us all things a love that never failed us. The next suggestion young man and woman is this. Don't be in a hurry. If in doubt. Wait. It's better to wait now than we later. Take a little time. And that's important. My friends in a true picture of love. We must know where we're going following principle and the light of God's word and he love it will not match such a test isn't true love merely an imitation of it a counterfeit in Proverbs fourteen twelve it is written. There is a way that seems the right unto a man but the end there offer the ways of death. Some questions that one might do well to ask are these. Is this person in whom I'm interested selfish. Is he careless with my reputation does he suggest anything it degrades or would cause me to lose honor or virtue is the earnest sincere does he have ambitions. Above all the zero Christian believe or does he desire to home and children is the faith in little things I see Lester bond in one of his very fine messages to young people suggest ten rules for courtship and marriage first love those best to love Christ most. To marry early after physical and mental growth is go. Pleated. Before the mind is set in a rut. Three select a partner with good heredity. Remember you're marrying not only an individual but a family. That's why courting should usually be done in the hole not merely in an automobile for Choose someone who sympathizes with your interests and aims in life. Someone whose habits and plans are compatible with yours five. Make as careful and intelligent a study of the things necessary for success in marriage. As you would for the setting up of a business or profession six cultivate good health. Many a home has been wrecked because one of the other of the persons concerned has not guarded his helped. Seven remember love is a fine art the greatest in the world. Its a plant that needs cultivation eight have some outside interests and recreations in common nine Agree upon the handling of money plan a budget. The misuse of money or misunderstanding about money has broken many a love affair and astroid many a marriage tan and last but not least remember that courtship should not end with marriage but be continued on as long as life lasts one should not plan merely to win affections. But to keep them. To me one of the sweetest memories of boyhood is the continued courting of my mother by my father. He never left home without looking back and tipping his hat. And when he was away from home he wrote her a letter or a postcard every day. He always called her sweetheart and meant it. Most of the time we were as poor as poor could be but there was always some way in which father could show mother's love some little gift but especially by kindly attentions and acting the part of a lover which she always did one day our voice of prophecy Broadcasting Group visited the famous Hermitage home of Andrew Jackson near Nashville Tennessee. After winning the great victory over Wellington veterans of New Orleans and serving two terms as president of the United States. He retired to the Hermitage to end his days he had great memories to enrich his mind yet. In his sunset hours those great events in which he had taken part did not occupy his thoughts. They did not bring him comfort and consolation for visitors who entered his room said that they would find the old gentleman sitting before the fire with his Bible in one hand. And a miniature picture of his beloved Rachel in the other there in the realm of the heart not in the realm of things he found as we all must find the real and abiding satisfactions of life. Of Andrew Jackson and his Rachel It may be said as Holy Writ says of Isaac and Rebecca and he loved her and may it be said of all of us in our relations with those we love that we really did truly in the Christian sense love one another in that way courtship and marriage will lead us on to that greater love and that greater life beyond the dawn of eternity. Was was almost. Lucky for us. Through the exit luck was Joelle my mum mum. Remember we deeply appreciate your prayers in helping us preach the word to the millions. May we miss you as together we keep looking up and go forward in faith. Have faith in God from him through and face in God within with the above have faith in God shows heart of love have faith. DEAR FRIEND In God We hope to transcribe program of ours has served to give you shares full strength and we invite you to join us again next week at the same time for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy. Lord bless see him keep see the Lord make his face shine upon and be gracious on to the north lift up his countenance of laundry and give leave.


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