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Getting Married

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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Leaped out of the drum fear then lowered led it relieved to Jesus being there. Garrett. Bujold of Poland sir. Jesus is coming to carry and. This is the body some prophecy. I'm always crying in the wilderness of these modern day prepare you the way of the lone moon. Oh no there's no me. Just told me a voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music and scribe of the king's arrows are read Wally and H.M.S. Richard's voice of prophecy speak. Let's begin our program today by joining the quartet as we place our trust and confidence in God leaning on the everlasting love joy and love live a love letter as it may be says mine leaving all of a. Leave a leave and leave a loaf Oh my leave a a. Leaving Oh and live a load. One hundred. Live. Leave. So I'm secure. I've used live here now it's Miss Dell DELL carrier with a song that is a description of music beautiful land was come down was our. View was. A A. Our Father in heaven. We thank thee for another day of life. We thank thee for Jesus Christ our Lord and His salvation. We thank you for redemption in him. Bless this broadcast to help people everywhere but we ask it in Jesus name of quote as near to the. Players words the last. Phone Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from one heart of gong to hold us before near to the heart of gone. The son. Say. And now here is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker who subject today is getting married. In her book The real home Vesta Farnsworth tells the story of Archbishop Ryan who went to a mining district one day to administer confirmation to a class about one of the Catholic Church during a service a nervous little girl was asked what matrimony wives own she said it's a state of terrible torment which those who enter are. To undergo for a time in order to fit them for a better world. No no. Interrupted the assistant you're thinking of a definition of purgatory letter alone so the old archbishop. What do your I know about it. Maybe she's right. Whether married life becomes a blessing or a torment depends upon the persons who enter that sacred union. Many seem to think that marriage is a state of bliss whether they try to make it that or not. They painted imaginary picture of married life lovely as a summer day. But they soon awake to the realities of their dream. And sad indeed is their experience if they are not prepared for storms and tempests. After the honeymoon has passed the trying hour comes if any deception has been practiced. Now the persons really become acquainted in the business of adaptation and faces them. They must learn how to live happily and peaceably and successfully together. This is certainly a great attainment for two imperfect human beings. We know that two different musical instruments are not easily kept in tune. What then can be expected of two human harps each with a thousand strings needing constant adjustment and tuning to keep them in harmony. The husband must do his part. The wife herders one young wife said confidingly to her mother. You know mom and woman has to be very generous when she's married she has to care ever so much more about someone else than about herself or her work in the world. Or even about how much your husband cares for her. She must like helping out better than being helped out or she can't be happy. What a test that is to caring for someone else more than we care for ourselves or our work or even about what the other party cares for us. Helen Hunt Jackson expressed it this way or love is weak which. Counts the answers and the games. Weighs all the losses and the pains and eagerly each phone the word drains of joy to seek. When love is strong. It never Terry's to take heed or know if its return exceed its gift in its sweet haste no greed no strife the law. You hardly ask if it be loved at all to take so better and seems when it can make such bliss for the beloved sake of better tasks so much. We may say if love is weak so much we gain if love is strong. God thinks no pain too sharp or lasting to war deign to teach us this. This is one of the important ingredients of happiness and married or single life. If the husband obeys the scriptural command Husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it is five twenty five. He will be all that a wife can desire. And if the wife will fill in the same Apostles picture she that is married care of how she may please her husband. She will be going a long way toward a happy and successful marriage. God did not create mankind to live in loneliness and solitude. In the very beginning. Adam had been brought forth and placed over the works of God's hands. The creator said it is not good. That man should be alone. I will make human help meet for him. Genesis two eighteen he needed to help me to our proper our standing opposite or equal to him. So Eve was created. One of America's best known and successful ministers Clarence Edward McCartney suggest the following five don'ts to young men contemplating marriage. Since people usually can remember a negative more easily than a positive the admonition to the young man is don't marry a woman who does not pray. Don't marry a bad tempered or jealous woman. Don't marry a woman who loves public places of pleasure and entertainment more than her home. Don't marry a woman who drinks. Don't marry a woman who cannot cook or learn to cook for the young woman McCartney says don't marry an unbeliever don't marry a man of bad habits. Don't marry a coffin man a man who hides away in a room by himself and no one else with him. Don't marry a peacock man a conceited man don't marry a man of low moral standards the marriage of Mark Twain with a levy a Langdon illustrates how belief in a husband may affect a believing wife in marriage. She was a simple devout Christian. During the first married days and had grace at meals read a chapter from the Bible every day but this was soon abandoned. Later on the young wife confided to her sister that she had given up some of her religious convictions. Her husband's philosophy and views depressed her and finally shook her faith in the providence of God. At last the day of terrible be reason that came and she was facing the dark valley. Then the great writer said to his suffering wife Livy If it comforts you to lean on the Christian faith do it but she answered I can't you. I was always her name for husband. I haven't any thought that he had destroyed his wife's faith even though to him it was an illusion was a terrible trial to Mark Twain in his later days. Why Christian friend not take the advice of the Apostle and marry only in the Lord first Corinthians seven thirty nine. Christians should marry Christians. Marriage is an important business. It's for life. The Good Book says keep the I Heart with all diligence. For out of it are the issues of life reading Proverbs four twenty three. That's why it's so important to be careful in getting married. For Jesus said as a. Read in the nineteenth chapter of Matthew. Have you not read that he which made them at the beginning. Made them male and female and said For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife. And they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more Twain but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together. But not man put asunder. Young people or the greatest love care and responsibility for their parents and should do everything possible to see that they have proper care and loving assistance. But it is very important that every young couple have their own home if at all possible. At least for the first years of married life. Until they become accustomed to each other. No young husband or young wife should have the added difficulty in the first years of marriage. Of trying to learn to get along with a whole household of in-laws as well as with a new partner in the life of a ship. Thousands of otherwise happy marriages have been broken up and destroyed by in low influence. And in most cases there was no such intention at the beginning. So let me say again it is of paramount importance to have your own home. Especially in the early years of marriage. Later on when parents are older. Elaine may be a benediction and blessing to the home for another thing. No man should get the idea that his wife is a personal possession. She's not his property. She's his partner. And husband. You hold your wife's love by the same means that you won it before you were married you took care of yourself you shaved you had a hair cut. When needed. You kept your clothes pressed you brought her little gifts you spoke kindly to where you expressed your love. If you wish to keep our love. Continue to do the first works be her sweet heart and lover. All through life and she will be increasingly yours as long as life still. Last. The building of a home not merely a house is your first business. And you are to cooperate with your wife by establishing family discipline don't nag your wife about dieting. It will certainly bring discord into the household harmony and will do no good enter the house with cheerfulness always remember that the wife assume she has married a man and not a bear. Never allow anyone to criticize your wife in your presence and get away with it. Not even your mother or father brothers or sisters or any relative. Don't take your wife for granted. Don't let little misunderstandings grow into big ones make the first move toward a reconciliation. Talk together play together. Pray together live together. And as the Scripture says let the husband cheer up his wife. And now wise just a word to you. Be sure to honor your womanhood. That your days may be long in the house which you call home. Don't expect your husband to give you all the lectures that your father was able to give you after many years of hard labor in economy. Don't be extravagant with money for the wrong use of money is broken up more than one home. Don't forget good humor smile a lot. Man will give a lot for a woman smile Don't nag but coddle your husband for every man likes to be fussed over. And remember this. Frank words of approval of your husband are worth more than all the side glances of strangers. Don't forget to be clean and neat in your dress about the house. Learn to cook the things he likes and cook them. Don't let anyone run your husband down in your presence not even your mother or sister aunt or any of your kin folk and here's a commandment that should never be forgotten that we shall keep the home with all diligence for out of it come the joys of old age. Commit your ways to the Lord pray for guidance and someday your children will rise up and call you blessed. Your husband also and he will praise you. This is a big and important subject to every one of us we could not exhausted in many hours but time is short and life is fleeting. So we should just say that love must be expressed in the home marriage must be a constant lifelong expression of love and. Let every man love his wife even as himself. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that love of his wife love of himself declares the Apostle Paul any fees in five twenty eight and in verse twenty five the same as Husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it. And this love must be mutually expressed grandma what makes your silver sugar bowl so black ask the little girl why it's been standing in the cupboard for ten years I haven't thought it worth while to bring it out for family use. And there hasn't been a great occasion in the family for years. So in some homes the golden love and the silver affection are hidden away for rare occasions. The funeral of a loved one who still heart has been yearning for words of appreciation and love and the knowledge that someone cared if you do care show it say it. Yes friends. If we love each other we should manifest it. We should put it into words and actions that will make the marriage happier and safer and better only once we make this mortal journey daybreak on to sunset glow by your side a comrade travels. If your lover. Color so. When the road is bright and cheery health and fortune. You may know no one like a wife to share it. If your lover color so the other way be dark stormy and the tears of heartbreak for she has shared your loss and sorrow. If you love or are still say the words she waits to hear them as you said them long ago faithful then and for ever if you love or term are so close load. Load. They are loads. Load to close. It's close all over. The we do appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for the voice of prophecy broadcast as it reaches out to all parts of the earth until next week. This is awful. Iverson associate minister of the voice of prophecy urging that you keep looking up as you go forward in faith. Before leaving the air the king's heroes return with a song that they want you to sing in your heart throughout this next week anywhere with Jesus. I can safely go back and say. Leads me. And say Oh. Other friends made me. Rich. Have faith in God to bind your hearts together. Have faith in God through every kind of weather have faith in God to day and gone forever have faced your friend in God we hope you've enjoyed our transcribed program today. And so we say a lot less the and keep the The Lord make you face shine upon the and be gracious on to the the Lord lift up his countenance upon day and give the peace.


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