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5. Glorifying God, But Not as God

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • April 2, 2016
    11:30 AM
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This morning we continue on our studies in Romans and we're in stone women shop the one thing but you turn to me to open in sex and romance of the one verse twenty one. We're looking at just two texts Romans. This is all five sermon in a series. Number five. And it's going to go on for a long time I will study the program and the gather this is a Bible study and who would be learning what God wants to teach us the message of the righteousness by faith and how we are know and we want to and desire to fair in love with Jesus. Amen. And that's all going to focus on the foundational basics of Christianity one to one is forming a love with Jesus because if we do everything we're turned out. Yes right. The servant of this morning is Laura fine God but not as a god we are what we behold whatever God is to us is what we were turned into that we think in our hearts is what we will become unfortunate as we learned in the last sermon many of us have a distorted picture of who God is and that's. We have been grossly affected by our fads and feelings about God You know I think a bad the sermons I've ever preached in the last almost twenty years in this church. I think I've gotten the most positive responses from last. So when I preach here and I think. You see the importance of the love of God you haven't heard it I encourage you to get the sermon CD from Josh back there but you understand you see desire to want to know and to love God don't you. Right. This morning. Amen. So that's what the series on my of my purpose of the series is that you are fair surf only love with Jesus by the end I'm by the end but before we reach even half way to Sirius that you feel safe only love or Jesus that will be nothing that you would you would not do for him. Amen. The question to us this morning. Is this how do we ever end up with our or your I picture a my picture of God that you have in your mind this morning and why is it that some of us this morning have sets where the use of God is my question. The answer to this question although this is crucial to us and I have asked to have a completely Christian experience of the many posts I was having. This morning. So this morning as we continue our study of the program and since May al-Harbi when it comes to the cabin choose the grass roots today. Let us a favor. We have to be a Holy Spirit to teach us does me you know your servant here that you words may be simple and easy to understand more in his own humble prayer Jesus name in Romans Chapter one Verse twenty one but that underwrites his people nor the past talking about what it says here the Bible says and twenty one because that when the way was the next word was that word knew. God When religious people that pass talking about here are at run time and neither God nor God this morning for me to John Chapter seven goes to meeting John Chapter seventeen births three and use it to know God knows what it says here about it says and this is eternal right. This is eternal life your beloved this is this is a big picture right here this is eternal life when we turn our life bad very minute. What is I learned was that my beloved Nando be the only true God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son of God whom you have said so eternal life salvation the same you told life is this based on this women or it is based upon man being God. Right. You see that God. How is the state with the soul. Well the good God. If you like the character of God which is God's character uses Mary which is pots and is feeling especially who is also in his feelings but he has told you this morning said peace the Bible says right back to them. The last thing love towards you this morning. If you want to get agreement so I understand it especially for me to remember that God has for you this many send his feelings toward you this morning. If you don't. Stand it. Then you will in turn have him right there to them. God is to love God first. John says. So that's what true love is based upon Mary because if you God you are made of God and if you love God then you will serve God right and the role of a big God We see the progression step by step. Some of us want to serve and I believe God or the loving God ever been there I have one of the miserable experience. Let me just going to this really could be said of this world turned to John chapter one verse ten. John chapter one verse ten. John chapter one verse ten the sense here he wants what is when Jews came to this world. What could be said on this world everyone in the world knows the Bible says Jesus. He was in the current and the will was made by him and the word. Well knew that word again him knew him the bonus is that even though Jesus had come into this world and which he had created the world still didn't know him. Could this be true of some of us here this morning is my question. Could it be that Jesus has come into our very presence this morning. And yet many of us still do not know him. Could it be that he has repeated Lee pleading with us this more. Me and time and time again. But again he is not known among us. Could it be that the very ones we have created who created us in the very ponds of his hands who created us in our mother's womb has been unknown to many of us this morning much we need to know all Jesus Christ and his father this morning. Amen to nail God is eternal life. Now let's go back to Romans. Even though the people Romans Chapter one Verse twenty one. Even though the people knew God they still went ahead and glorified gobbler says even though the people in power they knew God what did they still do says certain God notices the basil because that when they knew God what do they do they're going to have five here. So you know they knew God is still glorified here ourselves but not as God I fall into that so glad I'm used to characterize or the giver. So the characteristic so that your thoughts and feelings are Barbara to God. Today many of us have done the same thing to God even though God has revealed Himself to us and has had lessons in the many wonderful things for us rather being thankful we still go ahead and make him out to be a God that he is not we learned the last time right. We are making God to be a God that he is not to give to God character traits that are contrary to the will of a god right. Why do we do this in order to find the answer this question we need to go back will add began on this. We are in the Garden of Eden. So when you turn to meet please back to Genesis chapter three verse one Genesis chapter three verse one is look a little story here this morning. Genesis chapter three verse one. What's going on in the story not what it says here. The Bible says now or the circuit. Now I'll come to Revelation Who is that serpent the member the devil dragon sated Lucifer So Satan was more subtle now that word. So it also means crafty receiving one subtle than any beast of the field which the lead. God had made and known as what Satan did not of the Bible says Little Satan strategy and he said to the woman. Yes. Nay as God said You should not read every tree of the garden. He's trying to insinuate that within this within even his first engagement he was the asses question that question that authority of God But I want you to notice these answers. We're going to cheer for ye or her answer verse two or three and also she says she says and the woman said into the serpent We may eve of the fruit of the trees of the garden where the food of the tree which is the missile but guarded brother said You shall not eat of fear. Neither shall you touch it lest she die. She she was quick and firm to her answer to say that it said Bob has given us many church bells in the trees within the garden. He's been generous he's been loving he's given so much. There's so much we can eat from it is this when she the winter is not allowed to eat in a very firm She was trusting and dependent and believe me in God's world. She trusts a God where she believes in him every word that he said was truth to her. Bad business sponsors. Even Bill two things number one by a quick and certain response she shared that she trusted God and she believed in His Word. That's what she's revealed. Number two by saying that he was gonna give us a good if he didn't you know Bernie. That God has a generous God the God of the sun sets his glow that God has a loving God That's what she would be. Oh but what it say then Satan even knows what it says here versus four and the serpent said unto the woman you will not surely die. Satan says even if you not even this fruit you would in Balad all. Now this scene was completely contrary to what God said right now there was a thing trying to accomplish with the statement. But was he really saying about God's character or is he trying to say bad is allowed. God is a liar. Now can you trust someone who is a liar and we can trust of the liar are lying to you. So he's a simulating the brother his neighbor trustworthy is a lawyer see what he's trying to do with her mine. Well maybe God he's a liar is not trust really can't trust him when he thing happens to a relationship with doesn't have any trust. Husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend. If there's more trust between one another when happens to their relationship. It is sad that this is the story so Satan's plan was to destroy the relations between even the goal. Breaking the pound Asian all bases of the relationship with his trance. He was trying to do you see. Satan's goal was to painfully easy a different picture of God's thoughts and feelings of love toward her and I had to do this first was to create a mistrust between Eve and her God You see that this morning. Was the second thing that happened. Remember her first even assure that I believe God's word he said I can do this not what I'll say to diversify or what to say to do next but your birthright and Brad was no better than a dream. Even the rabbi bring you out. I am sure he did and you should be as well. Grads knowing good and evil. So if you eat this food if you can only eat this food you become a god just legs and then remember God told you not to eat of that fruit it because rabbit the out you to be like him. He wants it. For himself. So what do you think what kind of picture do you think that Satan was trying to paint for even bad at the time. What kind of picture that God of Rudd solved. I mean not only that he wanted to keep you subjected to him and the fierce as a slave human to his God So brother is not safe is a God he's a problem is an oppressive girl you see that. He's changing her thought pictures of her gotta. What happen next person knows what happens. Alice says. And when the women say all that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be his desire to make on the rise. He took up the food and did eat and give acetone to has been with her and he did not do this as a balances and when the red men solve understood I saw I see which is saying I see sassy understood she believed the serpent and the rules but there was a change in Eve's mind lab this morning that she didn't really believe in God's Word enough she believed in the lies of safety. She had finally come to the realization that God could not be trusted and that he was a separation a cruel Bob. A barrier that says they eat the fruit. Now wanted in Merthyr they were the only wouldn't even speak children grabbers change that she ate the food you see since his main goal. He was going to come to even the food and say eat it. Food he sold girl here you eat it and you think she would eat it and she would eat it sink in womb. The only way he's going to get her to eat. Therefore the only way to get her to disturb the only way that is going to get her not to serve God was to change her mind picture change the mind of her picture go our first and when your copy is done and he knew that he did to her then he knew that he had other then he knew she would eat the fruit. So he knew that was his only hope with the change the picture of the dog the men intrinsically good and. If I'm any good God I'm just really say fish and God then he had her and when we sin. Look at your papers right here because pink paper the same in the background so you give me a see where the simpler have something works and how are all the natural progression of cause and effect works not what it says when we have God we have a picture of God that the Bible does say God is well and that we have a hard time comprehending that what they are there is love. We are toothpicks of God Then when man hears to laugh and we will live right. Naturally. And because we love God actually and serve God right not to be servant obeyed only but if we have our fans picture of God but God is not really love. We were fear of despise God and you and about this is being serving God You see that this morning. You see the progression some of us like to focus just on serving and a big God right there where we are not the point where we're not serving we're not being I would look at the the effects of it but to rediscover probably got a reason from cause and effect another gratitude I found based in the beginning back to the basics right which is the Lamb of God That's the question you really have to ask yourself this is assigned in systems I use it here to go back to go to I love God do not love God. Now what did Adam and Eve do now. When God came into the garden in Genesis chapter three verse singing as the Bible says. And the boost from a gravel ranking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam is mostly hidden themselves from the presence of the land grab amongst the trees the garden the balance has been here they run away from God You see faith is heard below. Whenever I believe the voice of God they didn't run away from him. They meant to him to be a lot because they love him but now they are running away from him and I wanted to run away from God didn't God change this about X. I put it on here on this paper so you have to turn to them but not what it says he was shocked at thirteen percent the Bible says Jesus Christ is the same list as the day to day and for ever amen. People are sick says the mayor changed. Not a man. Please come have a God but he doesn't change a man God didn't change been changed. It was Adam and Eve who had changed then were the runs sent the ones who as if they nine themselves will die because of the sins it's setting themselves from God. They were the ones who have changed now really the reason that I don't go in for running away from God nobody says in Genesis three first one through ten. The badasses in the land grab a candle to Adam and said to him. Where are you. Adam and says and he said I'm your voice in the garden and well as well. A free trade of God and the never been afraid of God before as ever enter into the thoughts of the mind the planets. The reasoning their feelings have ever been scared and afraid of God before. With sin changed their lives and in moving the whole earth with them to really see even clearly the love of God Only the eyes to seeing God's law. Member of the already seeing God and change the minds of chains the scene of the brothers once loving and trusting to God who is a liar selfish and cruel in the natural sponsor's how can be for the buying change first then the sin. You see the progression. They did it then in the senator said the mine was changed first then the sin and the mind still say the same in fact he got worse after sin the best serve God has been more cruel and mean and oppressive and that's why they were afraid of God at this time do we do the same thing today. Believe in something his lies about blabber the brother someone to be afraid of since the lies of my brother. We cannot trust him. We cannot trust or believe in a swear word we believe in Satan lives about gravity after suffering the living when three was a God that so God we believe in Satan was a bother serving Satan in this womb is the same about healing and serving God. Now you may say that was then and this is the same thousand dollars going to ten in the making. Can't evaluate then he never comes through a means of assessment that's talking and could be talking to me to eat out of your food to the guy when you write. He's not going to do that but when you come to you through a different means. Now you have the final What is means Were they want to separate you from God or make you not God If you do the final read on wells that are going to make you not God. Where will you do to the thing that made you not know God stay away. Would you breaks it trying to the willingness of possible from the thing that made you man. I'm not God right turn with me to have the one verse twenty two read to the people as they do Romans Chapter one Verse twenty two but the people they do the Bible says professing themselves to be well wives have the knowledge to have wisdom and learning they became what fools. Even though these profess people who profess to have one lead with though they are in reality didn't know anything I ever met anyone like that. They profess a lot they act like they know everything but really didn't know anything but a bunch of more people here first and then have wisdom but really don't know anything about also foolish. Now how dangerous was it for them to have this worldly wisdom Turman to first Corinthians Chapter one Verse twenty one first. Quentin Chapter one Verse twenty one. Have been is was that they had was merely was a not the Bible says not to bad. In the wisdom of God the will by well we're is the new not there. We that again after the wisdom of bad but who is know by the way only wisdom but then all grasshopper is at the AM given the Jesus Christ in them but the character God was a paranoid. Worldly wisdom. Now words wisdom or knowledge or learning or teaching. Where is normally taught in all schools. So never was the Bible saying that the education didn't know Rob you see Satan to do this education as a means to change that persists is God so that when what may have it right in the pan in the beating. He used the serpent as the teacher or the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as a text book and use the bit in food as a member mentioned to learn it. Today he no use this family educated teachers in the home school parents as the serpent truth and experts at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and higher education as a member of the nation of the forbidden fruit. My question to you this morning is have you come to a point in history where we have the nations our lives. A knowledge of Blood think about this the United States of America. Some of the pond principles Christian principles of biblical principles but maybe this nation is so grueling in such a short time we load bearing the young nation and God has blessed us Nations tremendously and we first can have all this nation's power and upon Christian Biblical principles that made us great but what you're doing. According to statistics and we people in the pink people here really live in a time of Baha'i As percent as on church Americans and when history this quotation is from administering it seven it says just seventeen point five percent of Americans today are not any other students. No look at the church on any given weekend. That's less than one said Let there be one Grams to church when they want to spiritually minded and even other people who do go to church. How many of them have a knowledge of a picture of the labor grab that is supermodel rather not of the duty of a bird. Think about that a nation founded upon Christian principles and the pathetic state that we are in is as a nation today. Cannot be said to her that our nation by its wisdom does not know God today and the type of education was it the pervaded the educational system have a look at it collapse in chapter two verse eight twenty two cops in chapter two verse thirty is writing this letter again not what it says here passage where. He's lending us has given us winning scientists to be where miss an immense new through battle that learned from Ross a feeling and don't even see the tradition of men after the rudiments of forward and not after crisis. Then when they were ruling knew that turning out the traditions of men rather than the traditional is the root of God and not the Christ who span you and deceive you through the philosophies of the believe into education and I'm a believer in true education this morning. But the same time he was against the dictation. That was martyred afterward and the law bottled up to Christ and to Derby lot of our educational systems today and including many of the Christian educational systems and school curriculums today are hardened after the Greek educational philosophy Plato about twenty three hundred years ago after an occasional system was patterned and modern after the loss of the system that was back then. Dating until it is in our systems today. This is not only concerned about the content but being tolerant is also going to turn its concern about the methods and which is taught and you have to start the question weapons doesn't make him a bad learned in the education system. Adding up to the world. Well let me show you something. So in the statistics I'm going to share with you as a process meeting and a whole lot Hopkins' work as a meeting with all the pastors and was mentioned to us in a meeting that according to the call in the conferences in the home you know. This thing is the more educated the members are we need the agrees that they have been less and the less spiritual they become within the church interesting should have a passes me the family of general Coppens president of seventy families church came to meet us and give us our Apoc to us all the pastors This is from the officials and leaders of the church and I can tell untruths the sense that it is between one error of churches and another error. He found that the churches which are the educated see the masses within the churches. You see the connection the church as well as its when they're not educated the first generation that come in and then fired a greater than the inspired word of God and the man the next generations that will respond and education. The next generation comes in the church the churches buying and it comes the same growth bring as I'll be other churches see blobby let me look at this kind of way here a true education. Picture of God That's true. If you have a true indication it leaves your true picture of God that is law right. And if you see the God is Love You were moved all. And if you live God you are serving the big guy. We learned that right let's take it one step further beyond having a true picture guy when we get his tools picture of God and then we learn if the horrors of the kitchen sink the system uses the best education he makes in so that you deliver for your children later if picture of God God is mandala so that you will feel or despise God you have him hating bad and leaving the church becoming atheist the rest of your. Living a lifestyle twenty contrary to what you've grown up in and they end up disobeying and serving God. So his methods today. This is getting us to not lie about God That's his main goal and he's using the methods. He's using the system of education teaching philosophy of Plato Aristotle. SOCRATES to using the methods to get us and our children not to meddle and he's been very successful within our own church this morning. There's a man named Ysabel there who are considered one of the greatest educators in the administrators and then his words and we see these words like your newspaper on the pink paper. He's paying these words and this was really a shock to me out because this. This man was up to the present Jesus a very good man. I read all of his books is a good author on education. He said I've read what use is the preaching of the gospel on the linear the reading. Well six things that are seven paganism God is the intellect of it. Church and the culture when he says dreaming that haven't we been spending money. The possible way our evangelism attempt anything of the same thing. Same goes where pagan education leaves your door and then the children by the hand and the reeds the bad the mind and then the theories was brought in their audience to spiritual truth does that make sense. We live we built to them then we can sell the school in the tower and sell the school we think with a chance. And six days of revealing the playing in school education in public schools where there were. This Christian School is a modifier Christian school with the same paper have by their parents and prayer before classes. We think they were transparent in the eyes of our children we can if they even listen to the sermon. We think we have a chance then the roused and then we may wonder we wonder as the church is out children not coming to church has been a bad hand for them and they're not coming to church anymore. I mean they're coming to church but they're not even spiritually minded and this is there because we're fighting against a system the Satan is use to make sure that your children do not narrow their level go off that is. If you remove those care not to leave God's people. He first have to spend thirty years out in the nature to learn what he meant when he jumped in schools of education before the brothers able to use him to lead out his people from the land of Egypt to Cain and the same a bit of damage he wants us to manage and we can do a study on a little bad him in his shoes and his LOL and his character family wants us to live in doubt about him but he also wants us to live on very little in the past a bad thing or bad even him school parents are running educating the parent children to have green and all and I try to step on any terms here for the loss of a larger home school but they're trying to teach the true number rather than teaching from the experience the teaching from the blamer and in school so they really process they may learn to do it with children in a different way this morning our perceptions of God need to be changed. And we don't need to be huge from the structure to be fair to us and God is the only one that can do this for us this morning. Is anyone who can think healing to another direction is only when the complete with an order first attorney completely different picture of grab this morning he's going to be in the can transfer him off for years for the boss is perfectly cast as Arlo and while fears. This morning the moon will not be afraid of bad members many of them. She went to but she moved to me live here this morning the see above. Even with perspective. He really is. But you were caught just then this simply because this office melts lists chimes this morning. Whenever I want to do that this morning. How about you. Amen. This morning we've been playing for our minds been in the room by Satan and about our educational system. I've been tainted. I remember my education in the past when I received has messed me up where I have a hard time seeing the lever grow and the minute you are a public spirit is that experience also when the grass I refer back into this saying psycho. It's a burden to serve God. Because the world by its education. Knew not God and knowing God is eternal life this morning below this morning one of the truly for love of God to nourish him that he may create a new a new thought a new mind to fell in love with him then why don't you let him come until my wife's reveal to you that God is love with this you desire. When you A.J. Hammer it is more than this mediocre. As brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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