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7. The Law Written in Our Hearts

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • April 16, 2016
    11:30 AM
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A servant of this morning is a law written in our markets the law of written in our hearts. I believe that the last message that is to go out throughout the world is a revelation eighteen is a revelation of His character of what revelation of God's character of love is the last message has to go out throughout the world as we study Romans may we truly fall in love with God beloved god is a reflection of God's character in other words God's law would be you who God is but this law though it reveals who God is is not enough for this lacking give to you. No power no love and no peace for there must be something more that can transform the life there must be something more that can give you love this must be something more that can give you peace and love in this morning that something Murray is Jesus Christ a man who would use those Pyar to trans found a life with Jesus. There is now of to move the world reduces there is peace too soon will stand field service morning. Remember what this where nice to them by the never before. Where is Jesus Jesus Jesus if you believe what I'm saying let me say we men. So this morning we study the Word of God we unified hearts. Maybe our realize the importance of Jesus within our lives. Let us pray Father we pray that you may. Help me to be weak that you maybe Shaw when you were you made simple is a prayer in Jesus' name in the study. I'll continue Bible study this morning and Romans chapter two verse twelve. If you look at text in a battle as the man we going to run was the man we have to ask for God's Holy Spirit to help it to be simple to us that created it be easy for you to understand but it's going to get more in depth but we pray for God's Spirit that make it simple for us. How everyone be judged Romans chapter two verse twelve knows a Bible says. Well as many as had sinned. Without Lachelle also perish without law now without law means without God's law or without the Bible. So just as we learned as many people who received right to heathens without God's law. Why because everyone has been given a chance right to know who God is and to choose without God's law. So as many of sin without law without God's law without the Bible is still going to perish without the Bible study that in Romans chapter one and then it goes on to say as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law in the law in God's law in the Bible so well how the Bible will still be judged by what they have been shown in other words you would be judge by what you know if you know little you'd be judged by the litter that you know if you know a lot you can be just as bad a lot of things many things that you do know that's why we turn in the Bible to twelve first forty eight and the green paper that says there aren't to whomsoever much is given him much will be. Required. Now it is about it's about God's love Romans chapter two verse thirteen not about I would say the says for not the here is the lead just before God But the show be justified. You see the Bible says that just hearing God's law. There's not enough then we must be doers of God's law how having a knowledge the knowledge of God's law does not mean that a person is right before God is said to do were gone flat says is what really called same in another words when one is justified. There must be a chains. So the two hairs close together justification and sanctification always goes together must be together. You can never separate the two. So you know from this Texas says that we must believe the man of God you must be our beat into God's law but there is just one problem and that problem is this we have power to a bird or last god I say that again. We have absolutely no power or to have bury the name of God No matter how strained my desires are no matter how intense our cravings are no matter how deep or to her baby love. We have absolutely no power to have big gods live this morning and you believe in and say let me hear you say amen. Now if you are you able to a big God Lal rule supposed to be God last but we have no power to obey then what are we to do what is look at example we almost have to to verse fourteen. Was it about assess when a gentile hours would somehow not the law of don't have God's laws will have the Bible but they do by nature there are things contained in the law bestow able to do the things in the law these Having not the law and not the Bible are law unto themselves the Gentiles the heathens those who don't believe in God out there. The Bible says that even though they don't have gods not even a little heard of the Bible. This still they do. Did people out there who still do and a big God's law out there not only that but they have the man all unto themselves according to the Bible. Now how is this saw hands of these heathen or doing what the Bible says even there they don't even have a Bible. Oh that's so not about us and Romans two fifteen The Bible says Rich Cher. Burn work after lay all written where in their hearts the conscience as bearing witness and the facts. The Meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another in other words the he then who don't have a Bible able to do what the Bible says because they heathens have the mail written in their hearts there is money men and because game play is written in their hearts then they have God's Spirit guiding their conscience either accusing them or excusing them according to by one other words granted spirit is done in a conscious whether the actions are wrong and whether the actions are right. See Bill LOVE IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE THE HELL ARE the law or you don't have the law that really matters is the how the law written in your hearts this morning. Amen. There's a man with you Howard. The truth. Oh. Then how the two really matters if you have the truth written inside of your heart this morning. Amen. You see beloved dad one sister bird his lab Mallow but you also want to realize that in our sinful flesh on the recant not obey this man all no matter how strong our desires may be. And there's a mean when he finally realizes that we're turning to God solution and God solution is this that he were right. His law within our hearts this morning. Now went to the Jews the having to plan going to chapter two verse seventeen something about that as I don't believe a word I have to say but believe what the Bible had to say this morning. Amen. We go to the bad grammar of the two verse everything. Bible says what they do do the best to be heard Barack or have a Jew and rested in the law was talking to these Jews who rested in the law and not in Christ. Another was this son righteousness not by Philly. But by the roots up the law and the other words there are some right to this by the letter of the last part talks about another was the Bible in the mail was just let in to do list. Are you failing me and God man is written there for her to have me do to do list them you see hands out there. I do have my to do list every day and I scratch out ever finish it. All right. It's got an excellent research custom to make it to do list right all the time and sort of happy we chance more to do this into our Christian experience and therefore we live the letter of the law. We are living we make our To Do List we like number one I'm not going to steal them but to I'm going to be nice to my neighbor even there. Oh he's mean to me. Number three. I'm going to be nice to my wife when I get home number four hair ready to make out to do list and search these Jews the poles talking to he was saying you are making a to do list your family your resting in depending upon the layout for your righteousness rather than through faith with springs righteousness world what I have to happen. You're called a Jew and rest a little ball and you make your better use of God Now is not talking about Benson and God for what God has done in his life their lives. The best thing the Jews are best of because of this appear or knowledge of God that they had over the heathens and the arrogance of pride for arrogance within their lives did what they had. And believe it. Have we a seven Dramatis are Christians then the very same thing this morning every sometimes prided ourselves over our subpoena knowledge of God and better sort of how we have the truth. We love can we feel like our superiority is shown by our actions and how we treat people also preorders is shown how we talk about how much we know but as to the Jews do look at verse eighteen balances annoyance. Thank you know Jews say you know his will. You know God's will approve the things that have been accidental you you determine when you study you prove the things that are that are true because you've been instructed all of the law. You know the truth. You know they are the there would you know to split a prophecy you know they are the things you know is what it says in verse nineteen and you are competent as a Jew but you are saying. Only God of the blind. I learned of them with joy in darkness the Bible says instructor of the foolish or the ignorant. A teacher a big a teacher bends her newly come into the faith. That's all the things that you as a Jew but not as a passive but the ends of the senses which you have the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law. The Bible says that possible. You only have a faith if the knowledge of the truth and remember was they only had an appearance on your side off a righteous character beloved You see the Ten Commandments is like a picture. Now look at your picture here and I made a picture for you in his green paper that his picture and went through something with his picture. So I hope you can understand. Now imagine this is your house. OK this is your house. This is a picture of your house. Now let me ask you some questions. Now if you had this picture of your house. Is this picture of your house really your house. No is not your actual house is the real thing isn't it. Right. Not that pic not this picture right here and no matter how perfect this picture may be. This is still not your house right. Well perfect and I will not as perfect as a computer design but it is not really your house you know that picture of your house. This picture here is just an appearance. Of the reality right there is not. Real thing. Are you following me your house is actually that you have is actually the real thing. But if you have the real thing. If you go to your house and that's the real thing you know only is that the substance of your house because it is your house. The real thing but it also has substance all actual has really appearance of the House or the looks like your substance actually has a real thing and it looks like it has the appearance of the house where this picture only has your house has two things the real house the real thing. The substance and also the appearance office. This is not how the real thing only has the appearance of it. Are you following me so forth in the same way. Really Hurd's written in the book the Bible or grave you know the tables of Stern's this morning beloved have no life. This is only a picture of the care to have gone. Do you follow me but Christ this morning. Who's the truth who live by the living near perfectly but perfectly is an embankment off the character of the living character of God this money men and that is why whosoever has the life of Christ dwelling within them has a perfect glamour of bad living within their life and the person who has crazed in their life. No one has built the substance and therefore I'm beloved here this morning the real thing and then the appearance of the person when he has the picture of Christ which is only a knowledge of the truth a living up to the letter of the law has only the fame of godliness the appearance of dollars but the nun in the post. The OP with his crazy love Amen. Now if you had to choose. Between this picture of this house and the actual hearts itself which would you choose. I or that. Well I would bet you. Well are a definite choose the house maybe a nice the house. Wouldn't you. But it is an unfortunate fact today that many Christians are selling for just the picture of Christ rather than Christ himself. They rather have a knowledge of the truth then have Christian say of who is the true beloved this morning. But rather live out the bed letter of the law all the how question so who is the embodiment of the living layer of God but rather how the picture was the appearance of Christ then the real thing which is the life of Christ here this morning. I believe in this morning we need to have the reality rather than the appearance. We need to help the substance rather than affirm we need to have the real thing. BILL of this morning. Rather than the picture and we believe what I'm saying let me hear you say amen. Now the question is Paul going to US and women shop or to verse twenty one. It's going to Bible says twenty one and twenty two goes on and says they are there for teaching another teaches not yourself and others and teaching others how you ever thought you need to learn something yourself first. What the parent and to learn for us know the Bible says that our that. Preaches a man should not steal. Do you steal do Sarah mention not committed battery. Do you commit adultery rather than abhor his idols those don't commit sacrilege. Now you look at his question you probably thinking to yourself I don't commit adultery. I don't worship. I you know I don't murder. I don't steal. I don't do all of the things the fact I'm a pretty good Christian right. Pretty good Christian pole dancing or this question you teaching others not to steal don't tell people don't steal. But you are you stealing people not to murder. Are you murdering telling people not to worship idols or you worshipping idols. But there's a problem. You see you can live in respect to bare life in this world and stir break and of God's commandments. Now you want to be how is that possible. In fact opposing a break. All of God's commandments and still be a shining light in the best society. How is that so what is look at this look at the green paper here Romans seven verse fourteen. I put it down. So now they flip back and forth in the air that they lay all is what spiritual The man was just the letter of the law when many Christians will have no need for something nearer than the letter of the law. We feel we have no need of something higher power who is Jesus Christ Himself and the first of many Christians today and seven down to living the letter of the law and that's why we feel so complacent. So comfortable as Christian because that's what we're living up to is the letter but the law is not just the letter law is spiritual beloved It goes beyond it pushes us to face us is the. I realize I need a crisis because the laws must more higher than what is written on pages paper lawyer paper this morning we love to look at what the Bible says here and the next one. Matthew chapter five US twenty seven twenty that's why Jesus said If you ever heard that it was said of them by Earth time. You shall not commit a battery but this is the spirit of the law not what it says but I send to you That whosoever looks so no woman to last that there has committed a battery with her already in his heart. Another words if you lust after another person that's not just false. If you were meant to size about being with someone that you're not married with you're thinking about being her be like married to that person we married to someone else even though you didn't you did not commit the physical act after barratry because you did it in your mind you still committed adultery the law spiritual is not just the letter of the law. Another example. No didn't like it first. John three fifteen you say maybe didn't never murdered anyone Balor says anyone who hates he his brother is a murderer and you know where that name murderer has eternal life in Him He will love this because you never killed anyone. You never met anyone but if you have hate for a brother or sister you committed murder just as likely as the person who killed someone and took someone's life away with a knife or gun the LOL is not the letter of the law the law is spirituals must more higher than just the letter of the law. You see believe the fairy sees had only the appearance of being good. They look right just by their internal thoughts and feelings we're only full of hypocrisy and sin and red gather want to do things for us instead is a PUT HIS righteousness within our hearts this morning. Amen. But needs to be Miller powered in an outward behavior that looks good to everyone else they need to be inside transformation of the thoughts and the feelings and the maidens so only shows that only God can do something like that not us this morning. Amen. And so is the spiritual change spiritual this morning will also be broken the Ten Commandments and this one to focus on a little bit more this morning Malakai chapter three verse eight in one chapter three verse eight in the Bible says members and Romans you who say you should not steal do you steal. Why don't we have a robber story lately. And that's what it says here. God says we are men. Rob glad you have robbed me and those of the people in those days responded first or God said you have grabbing producer when have we robbed the In other words the people in these days the Malakai as they when God asked them you have grabbed me and they said that God's people at that time said We have robbed you. Where have we robbed you then look at the letter of the law you have been in robbed any stores we have to rob anything for stolen thing from my neighbor or my family members haven't done anything like that and in the same way beloved how we answer the same question do we look at the letter of the law and say well we have been steadily anything from anyone but Gossage you have stolen from me. The spirituality of the law the law is spiritual. You have robbed me yet. You have rather we say when have we robbed you and God said in pints and what offerings and those because it is that you are cursed with a curse for you have grabbed me even this whole nation in the same way I believe there are many of us who feel maybe don't know that we have robbed God Also we're not returning pints and offerings. Now the fear groups who rob God. There are some of us who never knew of this tax and therefore we never return any ties and offerings and we rob God that we write good number to those people who know about returning tithes and offerings to God in spite of knowing it. They still rebel against God and not return then is good number three. And good number three interprets this tax as saying chapter three verse eight look at we're women men right granted you have grabbed me but you say a word have the rugby and all they read is in tides. In other words someone must misinterpret it to understand the Bible says just pies we take out the word offerings from the Bible and we only return times of this ten percent of our income but if you read this. God says there do you have robbed me in what pies and offerings beloved this morning another word God always return how it is means ten percent growth was returned at least ten percent and at least one percent profit and on a loose eleven percent. We love this morning. Lastly there are some people misinterpret these tax and they look at this and his say we're. And how we ran of the and are they can see is in Africa us leave out the word tides You see unlike the offing the tide was very restricted number one. Unlike the Often the tide was meant to be used for a specific purpose of supporting Levites number two unlike often the tire was meant to be a specific amount or ten percent the offer you could put any amount any percentage number three. Unlike the offering the time was was meant to be gathered only in a sterile house with often could be gathered anywhere Pacific with strictures that was placed upon the thigh. So my question to you this morning. Is this. Have you rendered to God that which is due. And your pies and your offerings is my question we have when we answer when a when a girl comes to asking you the question you do teach others a steal. Do you still remember if you haven't start returning tie the militias start thinking about returning and if you are not returning and you are returning time really to start think about starting an offering and maybe only doing a tiny little bit off the meter thought so I think about maybe offering to God I know we are facing financially uncertain times at this time and you may be thinking to solve that I need to hold on to my money just in case the beloved is actually made a safe to trusting God who owns a wealth in this world. Amen. And when you give it to go out to various who need help or to trust it. How about veterans who need help. Possibly they who may be or even greater need than even yourself this morning beloved Irby a special blessing that are ten to you. Garrison on his blessings and head back the curse is that Satan will come your way. So we are told in God's word that it is more of blessid to give than is to receive Amen. Even before I started to walk with God. I returned to God and you know what. It was what Paul was talking about here. It was just a fair minute periods of righteousness. I guess like many Christians today I just did it anyway but that was a lie gave and then that time I did he realize I was actually robbing by God by not returning offerings. It was only and get this was only when I became a minister of the Gospel that I finally hit me like where those offerings that I have been robbing God are so badly that the M.P. offerings or whatever don't feel bad as a minister. Even though I hear their pain tied first. But when I finally began to learn about God's love for me Beloved I began to love him no matter with each passing day and I came to realize ation that I was returning to God the man made is the reason why I want to return tired because I had run did we see the blessings I was talking about here Malakai right and around and not to be received the curse is there for I mean this makes sense right now to fear or hope we were there so I want to serve God and give the tides. But if I came to realize it when I saw to work with God and to love God that I would return tyrants and often so God regained us a blessing. Rigolette sought the curses beloved later I felt the calling the come up high. As a minister and. Decided to return by the way in the ancient Jewish church as a history historian say that the Jews paid at least one third of their income to Thais and offerings. That's a lot of money and I know that there are theocracy. But even some of us without ties and offerings in our axes we still haven't come close to that that some of the game so that study this I realize that while my really robbing God of pain is like one percent often saw and share my personal testimony as I was saying God And I realize a god was big to me and said You know I need to give more and we turn to God while his do. Other want to be robbing God so to say OK God I'm going to give ten percent of my tied all my gross income and also ten percent of my gross income for also offering for a total of twenty percent believe me just recently within the last few years because of what I have seen how glad has worked in my life my found my ministry because of the experiences and color to regard it and when he has done for me my love and appreciation for him has grown tremendously beloved his in many may of course for me has brought me through and my family through several hardships. Is beyond me. All of the money clear for spiritual depression that I was in for many years is give me as a young minister a tremendous blessings that people with told me the cone is an honor and because of that men's labor they experience with God I decide if you use a car that are start returning ten percent of my income for the time and twenty percent of my income for offering never know the began thirty percent of my gross income to devote it sacred and religious purposes. And I can tell you with a young family. I could tell you that has been extremely difficult in living a life of simplicity and for Gallatin but with each temptation to give up. I'm reminded how much God has blessed me and my family has blessed me with a calling to the ministry. I wonder for a wife and a beautiful daughter with food on our table. I refound my head and most importantly a happy home webmail can we ask God for for yours truly bless us. Exactly. Above all we could ever ask or think you know as this recently I finally realized the greatest blessing that God has gave us for making this decision to give back to return to him so I felt recently I may be God's calling me to maybe another place or to start a school of the Prophet in my burden and so I started I thought to my wife when evening and I said to her. If God was a color somewhere else. Mission field or start a school of the prophet. I asked the would you go to my surprise he said Yes I said to her. You mean you wanted to give her the salary you willing to give her and then we had to sit. She said to me what will we lose. He said. We've been living very simply for this interview. But only those you know we live in a travel trailer off the grid I mean isn't maybe electricity up there. There's no coffee rather there's no fair lines there's no cable. There's no Internet. We don't turn the T.V. really eat out. We don't buy any clothes she said to me an affair Carol's had been held me downs were given to us as gifts. And it wasn't until that reply remarked that the greatest blessing the God has given me in return for returning cars and offering was that he use our giving to strippers are far safer sinners that our soul ran the life for so many years. We learned to be happy and content in alliance with the very little that we had been love and it's not that we were forced to by choice. We designated as money and by choice freely gave it away and chance to live a simple life. So the night is adjusted up to sleep I came to realize ation that I was chilly blessed. I realize that every day. I have failed to lead the experience in our family in our hearts. I remember is that in the evenings I heard the laughter bareheaded echo through the still ninth's I realize that every Many worship. I have seen the bench in the fall of our son with the family worship to see my precious daughter singing those beautiful songs and praises to her God and content and happy with what she's taught me love to be on our side or it may seem that we may have lost much but to me and my family. We believe that we have lost nothing that had gained everything beloved this morning. What is really important to you whether you are appreciative all agree for the you have a knowledge of the truth or you grieve for the God is written is more within your heart. Are you thankful that you live up to the letter of the law or you think for the craze is living out his lair within you or you please that you don't break the ten commandments or you please a guard has given to your brilliance and thought and in spirit or you could ten we just have in a pink. Your choir is all you enthusiastic about having the very life of Christ here this morning live in a way I don't you look race coming to your heart this morning. Whether you live his spirit or serve sacrificing love come into your life when he left he will tell you his tremendous love that he has for you here this morning. To love you want to be truly happiness wrote the well why don't you let Jesus come into your heart. What a savior is waiting to enter your heart. Why don't you let him come in. There's nothing in his way to keep your part where it is your answer to him time after time he has meant to be fair. Now he's waiting again to see if you willing to help in the door or how he wants to come in we need Christ to chains our insides of parts of feelings and a medicine rather than just the appearance on the outside and they believe in and say let me use Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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