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9. Righteousness Without the Law

Keala Thompson


For every counterfeit, there is a genuine. In this Series, the darkness of Righteousness by Works from the Dark Ages is paralleled with the darkness that is seen in our Churches today! But as the light of God’s true salvation shines, may we experience the truth that “God is love”! 


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • April 30, 2016
    11:30 AM
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There is a writer says that we need to in order to be justified if I believe that I need if I believe that I myself can produce that right. Just ness in order to meet the requirements of God the righteousness of God Therefore I am considered to be so might use the following That's what I saw right as you trying to fulfill the requirements of God's law and you own your self righteous but only God is able to fulfill the righteousness of the law we study about I remember only God's righteousness came for field the right is of the law only he can do that this morning. And so whenever this morning we try to fulfill the requirements of the law. What would really do is we're trying to make ourselves just as God we're making ourselves as God the only one who can fulfill the writers of the law when we say we can fulfill the writers of the law in order to save ourselves and also Nami them but we make ourselves above the law. Now there's an entity that believes as very same thing. And that's the papacy the papacy also believes that they are above God They are like God is God Himself and they also believe that they are above the law they think to change times and law as the Bible says and then you're right and they changed the different Ten Commandments. So when one is sort of right is what is really saying is you're identifying yourself with the papacy. Every soft righteous person is part of the principle and the spirit of the papacy. Now what is the purpose of the law. Look at Romans chapter three verse twenty mother by was says. The Bible says. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall not all flesh be justified in a side knows what it says here this is the purpose of the law than what the law the same it was the purpose of the law. Here's the purpose. This two purposes those one is here for by the law is the knowledge of what is a say sin. So another words the law all this morning helps us to realize that we are sinners this morning. Amen. The law comes into our life. It shows us the word of God We've used to us. It cuts asunder it. It shows us that we are sin for sinful people. There's many people out there who are living the life and doing whatever they want to do out there because they don't realize that what they're doing is wrong but the law comes to us here this morning and he reveals and it tells us this morning that you and me this morning we had sinful flesh and were sin for this morning. So the purpose of the law it we've used to us that we are sinners. Now look at the people. One is. Well Laodicea has a problem. Look at this people right here and focus right here on this paper where Revelation three verse everything that was handed out to you. Was live this is promises here. Following the paper the purple papers handed out. It says because Revelation three seventeen because thou sayest I am rich and increase we goods and have need of what. Nothing. And nor is not that dull or wretched. And miserable and poor and blind and naked. You see Laodicea of feels that they are good. Good. That they had known me but in reality they are sick they are spiritually sick they have a truly a need but they only see or feel that there is no need for anything. What is the cure see Laodicea needs to realize their true condition and the thing they were bringing live to see it to his knees is beloved this morning the law of God Amen. You see Lucy is Sophie's see the thing I'm not a sinner I'm OK I'm good but the wretched miserable poor blind in make it what they need is more of the Word of God the Word of God will come to Laodicea my heart and your heart and then you were give me a knowledge of my sin and when and sinful I realize I am a sinful person it reviews to me that I am spiritually sick this morning and following the process and spirit of the sick and when and spiritually sick then I'm going to feel a need for spiritual doctor to be here this morning. Amen. And there was the law. This morning leads us to Jesus Christ. The only answer Amen. The law cannot save us. But the purpose of the law as it comes into our life. It shows us our sin and reviews to us our need and it leads us to Jesus Christ who is the Divine Physician for Sensex all this money men. And that's the word of God does for us the Law of God We've used to you and me what is my need what is your need here this morning the law is perfect it converts us saw it is a beautiful thing that God has given to his people to show them that they are sinful wretched poor blind in naked this morning. And that's why Beloved I believe that we need to uplift and exalt the love of God here this morning. Amen. That was a little bit weaker out there. But we love it really need to exalt and up live the love of dog here this morning. Amen. But the law will help us to realize our need for Jesus this morning. Amen. I know some people like to throw away the law some churches like to throw away the law but the very thing the throwing away the in the sense of saying is the precursor to them sensing the deep need for Jesus Christ's you cannot throw away the Law of God. We need to exalt and live this is problem and I believe all churches problem today is that we have not exhausted and uplifted the law of God in the requirements of God high enough for there's not a sense of a need for people for Jesus Christ as one because we have failed and I have failed to uplift the law of God higher now is very discouraging of course. To lift up the law but not present a savior. Is even worse to do that. But this morning going to see the whole balance of this whole picture as we study this morning. Now what the Paul says Now we do look at verse twenty one. We know the law is the knowledge the sin in verse twenty one The Bible says so. First of all the law comes and reviews on the sin in our lives in a sense but now that the law comes. Now the right just miss of God That's also a nation because only those our writers get to have in their rights is this of God. With alt. The law and you follow me. The boss is the right isn't bought without the law is manifested or as we build revealed where within us the right is a God without the law is revealed within my soul my heart and your. Hard. We've been in my life in your life without the law. So there we have it the right is a god. Apart from the law is revealed within us. But how you may say is the we can i get right is this out of us doing the works of the law. We cannot this morning. It must come from another source. Well just look continue on in our study look at verse twenty one at the end what if we did again but now the right is of God without the law is manifest as the revealed. And look at the second purpose of the law. It says here been witness or proved by the law and the prophets. So the law of God. First of all reviews our sins in our lives. It shows our need of Jesus Christ and then it says here also that the law of God comes back in. And then approves of what we have received in our life in Jesus Christ the righteousness of God So I want to show you this people here is a diagram and I'm a picture person so if you're like me you want to see how it looks like on how according to this text here that we just study to simplify it. So first of all the three points that is Plan of Salvation here you can follow along. First of all the law comes when a first we're out in the world living in sin then all of us are Kater prophecy seminar Bible study in the law came to life in the reviews that the path we were ahead it was the wrong path right. We've built to us to give us our knowledge of sin and with that is it gave us is supposed to give us a need. Now if the people presented didn't give the answer which is Jesus Christ. You're worse off than before but it gives your a need for the right is this of dog within your life. So the law is another sin. So. Gives your knowledge of sin the second step is the current to the Bible. That the righteousness of God comes into your life apart from the law the law comes through first shortly need then is need the right is of God the last steps aside with a dog the right is a God comes into your life and then the law comes back that will learn and it when this is all approves of the right is a God that you have received within your life so that makes sense to love. So when you go to this why there was in heaven the law. God is at the gates of heaven below and not your own works now. But when you enter the heaven the law of God is standing there and they will not allow anyone who has not received the writers of God within their life. That's the process. Here's the problem. You know Minish I really believe that under this first one just talking to people. People think that religion is that check lists religion I have my list of good things to do and I follow them. I'm a Christian but is totally contrary to what the Bible teaches the law of God reviews on mean and this is how they live a life here that they refuse a need and it turned to the right is of the law. The second one and it try to fulfill in their own. Works. The deeds of the law but what happens is the law comes back and the law witness is not what they have the right is of God but we do it when this is against the works. A man that they have within their life and their only answer they may look good but the inside a witness is against the pride because see then there's the arrogance the selfishness that is within everyone's heart and that's what the purpose of the law three steps and shows is our need then we've shown these. Just to the right is of God and it comes back and it approves or disapproves whether we truly have the writers of God or the writers and some man this morning. And this is clearly me is here. You say Amen amen America let's move on. Verse twenty two. But how do we get the right is nice of God is a question you may ask. Listen to this even the righteousness of God which is by. Faith of who Jesus Christ's unto all and upon all them that believe you see God Now when he passes his faithfulness to us. God wants us to receive Jesus Christ within our lives because when we receive Jesus Christ into our lives we are also receive his faith. In other words all the faith that he exercised two thousand years ago he exercises within another words when you see question your life you are receiving cries who then exercises his faith within your life. This morning in men. So then it is Christ was exercised his faith within you and in a crisis. Exercise is paid within you. Then at that time to love brings the right is of a board into his life which is living you bring the right is of God inside of your life and then it is shown he revealed within your life and my life here this morning. Besides cries about eternity paper again. Philip in three Verse four a. Besides Kreiss there was never a better man than Paul. If anyone ever did a good deed. It was. All I want you to follow what the Bible says about Paul the Bible says. The law might also have confidence in the flesh This is Paul speaking of any other man things that he had the world he might trust in the flesh. Paul said I more he said circumcise the eight day of the stock of visual the tribe of Benjamin and Hebrew of the Hebrews. Alyson were possible as touching the law of fair receive process before I was converted I was a fair see or into the law is a concerning zeal persecuting the church and then it says here touching the righteousness which is in the law. What does he say. What is a church. Blameless. So Paul saying here that before I was converted. Touching the righteousness of the law doing that. These are the right in the law apostle. I was bringing this before he was converted. Is it possible to look blameless according to the writers of the law according to the Word of God This morning without being converted is a possible to look that way or think that you are haunted by what is he said I was blame is one knows what he says but that word by means in negates everything before but what things were gain to me. Those I counted loss for Christ's the eight dollars and I count how many things all things he said but alas for the excellently of the knowledge of Christ years my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but dung is nothing worth this that I may when crisis morning Amen. All that grace in the liver to the law. I may look blaming. Going to church every week. It didn't bother all or so before I was converted all the right things. I went to church every week I gave my ties and my offerings. I did all my good works all those good things I called every single thing as nothing for me to gain Jews crisis one in all those works before he was converted beloved He said it was worthless in his life. And we love it when one becomes truly converted even though you may be considered blameless or perfect. You can at all be a loss you leave it all behind. It's worthless and here's the thing. And then we tell you this is a very humbling experience to realize that your whole Christian experience was worthless very humbling. Can you imagine someone who's been a leader in a church five ten twenty years in a church an elder Deacon a church board. Can you imagine the Word of God come down and bought speaking to them and telling them that your whole Christian experience was worthless is that not a humbling experience but love this morning. But unless you come as a child the by was says Home ball starting all over again. And here's the thing when one becomes truly converted. You have to start all over again. You become you're born again in other words your baby again. You become a spiritual baby all over again it doesn't matter. Thirty years within a church forty fifty years barren and raise sixty seventy years old in the church it doesn't matter. You may be seventy years are going to church for seventy years and you'll come to the realisation that my whole a Christian experience was based upon the wrong premise. The writers of the law are and I need to be born again. And the truth comes to you and this is the thing when you're baby you're not expected to walk in the walk and run immediately. So in other words you can be stumbling all over again and people be looking for you like what's going on with you and this girl this into this beloved It's going to look look like you're compromising because you're really starting all over what you never really had. And the last testifies that approves it when this is that you never had the right is of God alone in the first place. It was the writers in the band was human works. It was nothing him or nothing really the power of God is all human and that's what people are looking for their rights is our God here this morning. The criticism flippin three nine on this purple paper again. It says then Paul continues on and he says not having mine own righteousness and following that which is not the law but that which is through the face of Christ the right is this which is of Dawoud by faith. This morning. We're not to have own righteousness through our own obedience to the law and I look at his next course you're going to be diffused Tex. How did the first seize appear on the outside knows what about says in verse twenty eighth chapter twenty three verse twenty seven to twenty eight. Jesus is speaking to the leaders of the church. He says want to you. Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites. Why are they hypocrites for you are like unto what is separate curse which indeed appear beautiful outward. But a within full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness see looking over the at this tombstones these big tombstone that actually big cave that they bury people in and the yellow so I was a beautiful white more bow and say you just like there you look beautiful any outside one in the inside is all dead bones on the inside and then he makes a parallel He says Even so you all saw our worldly appear. What is that word. White chips unto men you look right is on the outside. But with then you are full of hypocrisy and sin this warn him and the world of darkness is on the outside you look beautiful. You look holy you look writers but the only inside you are still full of sin and working as an evil. And Jesus rebuked the leaders of their time for what they were trying to do but what does God want is righteous his truth. His righteousness look at the next sons that the one verse six the Bible says Behold our desire is truth in the what our word inward parts is truth. His righteousness and in the hidden part DOL shall make me to know wisdom. God wants His righteousness in the inward parts on the inside. Now what is God clothes with talking about writers as you look at Isaiah sixty one verse ten on the next one are a greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul shall be joy for my God for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation. He has cover me with the role of well righteousness. That's the right is that we need this morn is and will not human writers PNAS we need the wealth of Christ's righteousness which is the right is sufficient for us to make it into heaven this morning. Amen. What about human rights is and this is what is in the city for over six and the next Texas says here but we are all. How many of us. As an unclean thing and all our what righteousness are as what. The role filthy rags. Turn me to Matthew chapter twenty two going to go through this parable. Parable at this time. Matthew chapter twenty two story in verse one. Remember that we just talked about the righteousness of God the role of Christ's righteousness that we need to get into heaven rather than our own righteousness which is actually filthy rags. In this go to the store in Matthew twenty two verse one. Jesus answered. It's big unto them again by parables and said This is what he said Jesus said The kingdom of heaven is like unto asserting King. So the kingdom of heaven or hell you are see there's like the story. Let me tell your stories are. So thinking was made a marriage for son and sent forth His servants to call them. There were bidden to the wedding so he called Senate service God and call those people. I already sent the invitations out this remind them there already been I called A certain people a special people for special time for special place to do a special mission I called a special group of people telling the comm Bible says and they would not come the are they given. Special Group. In the last days a special message to be given to the world. This is common time is ready as now to calm but the bosses but they would not come. The question with the knowledge the some of the ominous who knew the truth who understood the messes dog they call them but the boss said they would not come there when our step of them to the plate. They were not fulfilled the mission and the call in the gall to call them to do. And then the Bible says here. Again he sent for other servants saying tell them which are bidden Behold I have prepared my dinner my oxen in my feelings are killed and all things are already come unto the marriage. Again the messages came from the king he made the messes look attractive. They made the party look very good. This made it look like all the blessing that will attend to the love of God is calling us this morning and he's making the messages more appealing. He's making it look good. He's making it look the blessings of gold are coming down and the question is would be faithful to what God has given in the showing to us at this time in the history. Come to the marriage but notice what they did the second time the king in his mercy gave a lecture time for a special group he invited were spices. But they made light of it and went there ways one to his farm another to his merchandise. And the other was they made light of the messages that were given to them and time and time and time and time again they made love didn't they took it for granted that if you really care about the messages and the messes came shoulder. They still made light of the messages. And they went about doing their home things the farm the merchandise another Was this a beautiful find their homes and working hard at their businesses to make more money to enjoy the luxuries of this earth. My question to us a Seventh Day Adventists do we do the same thing. The messes keep coming and coming more beautiful more merciful and more loving to us and we reject the messes we make light of the message. And we go. Bob beautifying own homes and working for what we want this earth. And knows what it says here below. When I read this should mean it says and verse six and what. Was that word. You heard that before rather than means that which remains as last a people and the remnant it says is talking about us to love the remnant this parable was written two thousand years ago for God's last day people specifically to you and me this morning the buses and the remnant What about the remnant the boss of the remnant took his servants the King's servants and intreated them spitefully and slew them did away with the servants and beloved today. God's remnant dollars call his people but time and time again they rejected the masses. They rejected the messages they rejected the messengers time and time again. And God is calling us to wake up that now is high time to be serious with God. You know people. Is a tell me passing I believe Jesus is coming soon. I never believed it. I mean just this my own acts is my own experience because this knowing Bible prob. To see how things going to end were far from from it. But you know this. Recently I realize the things have just started to happen. God's working and in the line is getting clearer more there is one above on drugs side the more those on Satan side becoming more clear and I believe that God has started his shaking. The remnant I can believe the use that word the remnant and you believe that the remnant. Just like our church. Seven. But when the king heard their offer he was wroth he was angry and he sent for his armies and destroyed those murderers and burned up their city. Blub it we are now free for to the mess is that God is given to us as a people. God will have a sticking out of the way we love this morning. He would take us all of the church your loss in or take us out of the church he allows Satan to take us out of the way you allow said it to take us out of the leadership positions that is given to us if we are not fit for. The remnant. Then it burst eight. He says then said he to the servants the wedding is ready but they were bidden were not worthy. They were not worthy for the message is a goal you therefore into the highways and as many as your fine bit to the marriage. So the servants went out into the highways and gathered together all as many as they found. Well good and bad bad and good and the wedding was furnished with gas falling this and other was below. God's going to replace the remnant. With. Those who are willing this morning he men and thus we are told in a spirit poverty. As you read in the spare prophecy in a testimony read as word the remnant in other words. Most of the people who compose the DOS church will not be there in the final hours of the last days be allowed. Now because God in a intreat when they went messages and give them what they want to and they did what they needed to do because they were not willing be love God allowed it to be taken other way and God replaced the remnant beloved this morning and gone replace the women unless we are faithful to him this morning. Amen. God will we place the remnant he will find people who are willing to serve Him with all the heart and he will find people who are willing to serve and give all that they got to him rather than the ways of the world. That is what God is looking for this morning he looking for a faithful people and I pray I am one of them this morning. I pray that you are one of them. But have not one in twenty is ready we're looking at four people in this church beloved goes according to the Word of God when it's going to disappear in God's only place that those are willing and those who went to heaven if these were taller than those are by our says it says they found both good and bad it didn't matter on on the outside people look on the outside in the last days the See this is going to inspire people to look at God's people as as as if they're bad then a trouble maker is right there are wicked evil people so they all want to period to look at they're the bad people and the world things that the good people who are punishing these bad people when really they're the bad people. So good and bad isn't heaven and God is a man because what he did was he clothe them with their rule book righteousness Amen. They had the robber gods character and it transformed a life it infused with a life and it transformed in chains their lives. What happened were celebrity and the king when a king came in to see the guess he saw the man which had not on a wedding garment he had the robe of righteousness on. Nor does it wasn't that this man wasn't good enough because good and bad all in their were really mother was that a little of little to the light they knew that this man had the right wedding garment of the rule of Christ's righteousness and not isn't it. Seventy a friend. How came you in here. Not having a wedding garment the person was speechless. You see who's wearing his own rags or righteousness. But we love our rags is worthless and heaven. A man. Only there where we're Christ's righteousness would get us into heaven and keep us there. The love God would testify whether we have the red for Christ's righteousness or the red of my own works through the season thirteen when the king said to the servant by name hand and foot take him away cast them into outer darkness there should be weeping and gnashing of teeth for many are called but few are chosen many are called to where the rubber Christ righteousness but few choose to wear this morning. Don't you want to wear the robe or Christ's righteousness on the inside rather than the rags of your own right as us on the hour. Inside. On the outside. I mean I want to wear the rover Christ red zone is I let me see hands. A man. Gallina says not seen today because we love Christians are doing the works of the law rather than receiving Christ's. Within. I want you to turn before you seeing turn to your closing song for one two. And I want to read to you a few verses. For one to only read to you. The first three verses. Four one two and I hope that after this sermon you have a better understanding of what this song is actually saying. In reading your minds with me. It says look upon Jesus sinless is he. Father impute his life of righteousness unto me. My life for Scarlet my sin and will cover with his life whiter than snow rest to. The poor the wombs transgression has me where the water stains my soul is afraid. All to be covered. Jesus with the fall of this next line. Say from the law all that. Now just as me. He met the law Khans in review is a sin and it judges you. But Jesus Christ saves you from the judgment of the law and he gives you freedom this morning. Amen. We're three long in the joy of pardon to know. Jesus holds out a what. Role. Why this no. Lord. I a septet leaving. My own rags. Lally I wear the pure life of a man. We need to wear his mule. And that's why our lives we want to say let me say amen. 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