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1. Significantly His

Janice Watson



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C where we're delighted that you're here. We're not going to lock the door. We're glad that you got in before we started for those of you who don't know my name is Janice Watson let me tell you her second about me. I currently teach at Oakwood University in Alabama. Something that was a great surprise to me I never thought I'd ever be living in the south and I'm going to enjoy some things about living in the south after New York and Minnesota and Michigan. It is a great joy for me to be here and to be with you in a minute I'm going to tell you briefly about the miracle of my being here and I'm going to tell it to you. Not because you need to know about me but because I want you to understand that God has planned something special. I don't know what he's planned. And I don't know why you're here but I know there. He has something he's about to do and I'm excited that we can share this experience together. Can you hear me clearly can you see me in the back. So I don't have to get up on the podium back from then let's start let's start with where we're going to pray to begin. I'm going to share something with you. And then we're going to pray together a little more. And then move into what it is that we're about to accomplish over the next. What is it four sessions today and few more sessions Thursday or Friday. So let's pray for you. We are here. We're here as your daughters. We are here as your children. We are here Lord because we are your beloved. And we come to you. Grateful for the opportunity to be in your presence grateful for your word and what it is you're about to share with us and what you want to do in us Lord send your Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is already here but we're asking for a double portion. Reign on us all that you have for us prepare our hearts make us receptive. Mord I stand in your presence use me. Empty me. Clear me. Make me transparent so that what you have to say and what you have to share will flow freely through me to your people. And we give you all the honor and all of the glory and man. It has taken me. I think. Well six seven years to get here for this session today. Several years ago. They invited me to come into the session and I said I would. And I planned for it and I prepped for it in all kinds a wonderful thing and about three days before I was due to come. My father had been on about three days before I was due to come. I felt very strongly that I should go home to my parents in Ohio. And I called them and I did something I've never done in my speaking career before. And I canceled. I said I cannot come. I NEED TO GO TO DAY. I went today and I was going to speak on Friday and on Sabbath and on Sabbath afternoon my father. Died. And it was a blessing for me to be at home and with my mother at that time with my father as he went through that part that stage of his life and so you know I was worried I missed it. I'm so sorry I told my let them down and so forth and so on and last year they invited me again. And I thought how marvelous they had chili as we effect at the time. And at the beginning of the summer it was December fifth. My mother had a stroke. She had a major stroke and so we spent that period of time in the hospital so forth and so on and I called them and I said I can't come. My mom had a stroke. And they called me again this year. And I have to be honest that I had to think about it and like you know really learn this example when they called me to come to the wife and I said OK I'll go I'll go third time you're asking me again I'll go and it was interesting to me because this is not the area that I study this is not the thing that I spend my life doing. Like OK Lord. I'll do it I'll do it and I told them I'll do it and I you know all that prayed my way through the fear and so forth and so on what I'm going to come early in the summer this year. My mother by the way had been on hospice and so forth and so on was doing better and early this December. My mother to be taken to the E.R. if you had a couple more strokes. And I thought geez Ruth do I stay. Do I go Do I. You know we prayed and prayed and I decided I'd come and there are people in place who are praying and looking in they're going to go and visit her and so forth and I'm calling in and so on and I thought OK. We're ready. This is a prep be ready. Well you know I spent the last three weeks at the hospital. So there's not a lot of prepping in a sense that you're doing there. But then here is what's really interesting in the last three weeks the told that I broke a month ago suddenly started doing crazy things on fun there. I suddenly got sick and on Monday the world the spinning and on Tuesday the Lord allowed me to get on a plane and come. I am delighted to be here. When I say that I mean man I'm delighted to be here because I believe God designed for me to be here at this moment with you. And I believe God designed for you to be here at this moment. And I don't know why he sent you. So I don't know what you came to get or what the package is that he has wrapped and more evolved and put your name on for the session. But I'm eager for you to get what he has for you. I'm eager for unity take away whatever the gift is that is wrapped for you personally. And so we're going to take a moment. I'm going to ask you to turn to a woman next to you and we're going to do very very short prayers. What I'm asking you to pray for in addition to my voice are going around the world what I'm asking you to pray for is that God would prepare us for what he wants to give us. And that each of us individually will get the gift that God has for us. So if you would just take a moment. Pray with someone next to you and I know there. At times when we do these wonderful beautiful long and extended prayers. Could we do this while I'm in a couple of sentences if there are times when I LOVE for us to just pray freely but I would like to share some things with you that I believe God has for us but let's take a moment and just fill this room with our prayers and our prayers to God let's pray. If you preferred in the all please do and. Father. Each woman in this room has come with a particular need. With a particular burden. Some of us came in knowing why we came and some of us weren't sure why we came but we're here by your spirits prompting and leading. Word gift us. You love to give good gifts. Gift us with the gift that you have in store for us. And May each of us may each heart in this room walk away from these sessions. Blessed and changed. Not because of who we are because of who you are we thank you. And we love you. Amen. If I ask you what are the biggest issues. The biggest concerns that women have today. What would you say and yell out loudly. Men Some will say I was little bit of a bad mother this morning where we were what else. Identity. That Are you self-worth. Share a purpose. Notice that all of those things circle around the same issue. And it's not just an issue for Christian woman. One of the most interesting things. If you follow what goes on in terms of women's issues. In general in the world. One of the things you'll know is that they're now talking about the third wave sadness I'm OK first way feminism is passe second wave feminism is passe. We're now into third wave feminism and third wave feminism is almost all about identity about multiple identities about negotiated identities and about the differences that differing identities make so Woman all around the world are concerned with the question of identity. Why. Well question why why why. And then today important. If you know who you are everything else falls into place. Would you agree. Now some of you don't have no paper and we were going to have index cards but I don't see them. So if you don't have something to write don't pretend for a moment if you would maybe use your finger on your hand and pretend our I am a how do you complete that our I am a what yourself how would you identify yourself. I am a but if you come up with I.M.A. mom daughter daughter of the king anything else for me struggling Christian and sisters in the room I am a sister. How many Americans are not around any American citizen that. Any not American from us. Right. The many different ways in which you could talk about yourself and one of the things that literature looks at right now is the idea that people have these multiple identities. We are not just one thing or another or another and the problem is that in many cases those identities conflict and so people and I read a really interesting piece recently where the guy said you know what we can talk about having a set identity. You can talk about this is who I am your identity me this needs to change. That's how it functions you need to keep changing and you change based on love and then you have a really interesting argument is that you know work because if you love someone. When you have to change. The fact that if you are fighting for a cause you have to change to fit that and I thought that could be very very interesting. And lots of causes of my life that I worked with and if each time I have to change to fit that that becomes problematic. Let me argue that as Christians. It pays to have one or identity that all the other identities roll out off and are informed by that if you hire a quare a sense of who you are that does not change that can vanish in for my it being a daughter my being a sister my being a teacher my being a lawyer or whatever it is all those other identities including racial and national identities can be built around that or identity. Where is your core identity come from and what is the basis for who you are where would you start. Let's say that you know I met you on the street and assuming that I was just stopping people on the street and I said Tell me about your core identity as a Christian woman. Where would you take me. Proverbs thirty one The Christian woman chapter. And those of you who have heard some of my previous work know that I'm an interesting relationship with Proverbs thirty one. But we'll get to that a moon or could we go. Perhaps a genesis to start to build our sense of who we are going to Genesis for a moment. And where would you go in Genesis to talk about your identity as. So woman. You're looking at me you are. As if what in the world is she talking about two hundred. One twenty seven which says. Genesis one twenty seven. So God created man in his own image male and female created he that was I mean why is that a good place to start. Now this that we didn't start as some people suggest with God creating Eve to be a help me for him. We started with God created man and woman in his own image. What does it mean to you that you were created in the image of God What I mean and why is it important. If I'm suggesting that we are based largely on that fact that it ought to mean something because remember I say we build our lives around our identity beyond around our sense of who we are and our sense of what we are worth is built around our identity card created them in the image of God What is God look like when we talk about his image when we don't YOU were talking about his character. We're talking about his gifts. We're talking about how who he is. And we are created in His image. So tell me one thing about yourself as a woman when you were created. Tell me something about God that you were created in His image by which you. We're creating with feelings. What we know about God and his feelings. We know that he has them. We know that he loves passionately unreservedly with abandon. But we also know that he can grow and I will said Jesus. Well we know that God has feelings. What do we know about God and his feelings that are useful to us as women. He's tender and he has feelings that are under control because we're trying to get very excited as women about the fact that we have feelings. And I love that we do and some of our feelings are blessing. And some of our feelings leaders places and in ways that don't work for us and when we talk a little bit later today about beauty one of the things we'll talk about is self control. And emotion management. As part of the way that we slept who God is God is brilliant. God is creative God is artistic God is musical God created us in His image. And what that means is so much wider than I originally thought. When we talk about being like God you list all the things you can about God and know that He created us to be like that. So for people like me who struggle to sing. It's useful to know that God is musical and created me in His image and will fall. Me. The enjoyment of music. The ability to work with them. So one creation. Who I Am is a result of the fact that I was created as a woman in God's image. Adam was not the only one created in God's image. I have all the value because in a sense a mini me the story is still mini me God created me in His image. This is why it says there. The purpose he has with education and with us in life is to restore that image so that we live to be we stored to that average of God to be to work to act more like him and that by itself gives us worth that by itself gives us value but that's not all of it. Where else could you go to talk about your identity. God created us He made us an image. He would us as simple as that sounds a friend of mine loves to talk about and you know and that was to die for sure he was a really good lookin. The guy to die for my planning advice for anybody but when you think about yourself. Do you understand that you are a woman to die for and God proved it by dying for you and he says that's who you are a woman to die for. Let me take you to wildfire. One of my favorite books in the Bible and a passage that if you were around me for very long. There's a chapter in that you've probably heard me. Talk about a quote but when you think about who you are and what you're worth. We take you to Isiah forty three. Now this is what the Lord says in verse one. He who created you. Remember he created you. He who formed you fair not for I have redeemed you. And when he talks about what that means I have redeemed you. I have summoned you by name. You are mine and the text that many of us now when you pass through the waters are be with you through the revelation of man over while you got a verse for since there was precious in my sight. I was born on Robo and I have loved being there for will I give men for the. And people for their life. Understand something. We take this passage. Little by little and apply it to your name. I don't know your name in many cases but what does it mean that God I have redeemed you. And I have summoned you by name. Now in general all women. By you. By your brain. Someone tell me your name. Angie. So angry. God says I created you. I redeemed you. And then he says. Angie. I called you. Because our I wanted you and I love you. You know want to self like with somebody who loves you. Calls you and calls you made how many people been in love. How many people think when I when somebody loves you and they call you a dame you know it's not like when other people call you and I you know I get that feeling all the new back home. You call me lose. But if I can take it out of that realm for a minute think about your mother your father your grandparents people who love you and who want to be close to you. And when they call you by your name and sometimes by a special name that they have for you something happens. It says something about who we are when my mother says Jan. It's the right tone of voice there's a different Jan in that she uses a different voice when my mother says yeah I know you than from last I just know perhaps. When you hear God Call Your Name. Can you hear God call your name specifically. In that voice that says you know where your precious your special your mind you I boarded current What would the world be like if every day I was hearing God call my name. I would me and we making sense here that God says I HAVE WE DO YOU. I have some a new by name because you are mine. You know warm to me. And the Bible was our of many different ways in which we belong to God daughters and those of you who know me know that I like to talk about Daughters of the King and I to talk about princesses who are princesses by right by birth by adoption over and over and over he grabs level says you're mine. You're mine. You're mine. How many different ways. Can I get you. How many different ways. Can I pull you how many different ways. Can I tell you that you belong to me. Do we live like that every day. Do you feel that in the morning when you get up and get dressed. Do you see that at work are we living in that. Because I'm not telling you anything new. Emma. You've heard it before. So let's move from I heard it to her one day. What does that be. How do I live in that as my primary identity. When I was thinking about this and preparing this and praying United that all kinds of reading and stuff like that and it came back to something that I hadn't necessarily thought about that is why are we in our own living. In the identity that God has given us. And I read some very well Susan Gregory Road and it blew. My whole head. She said. We have laws and we practice trying to love God but many of us do not do as well at receiving love from God and never thought about it. I've never thought about the fact that perhaps I sometimes don't feel my worth because I'm not receiving operating as somebody who loved. And I went to the book of was there you know the story was there and I went to the book of Hosea because suddenly I'm looking at Hosea differently. Originally. I've always looked at Jose as wife and the fact that she keeps running off. Going to you know well she just promiscuous. That's a problem. She looks like a man. So she doesn't want to be with them. It's an entirely she runs also have conspired if she comes back and it was all about in a sense Jose and how he had done this and then suddenly something occurred to me as I was reading in this passage again. And I was talking about how his wife keeps leaving and he needs a lot of her and bring her back. And I thought to myself. Could it be that hose the wife was having trouble accepting being lost. That somehow she didn't think she was really worried me of being loved and so she could take in. I mean I had somebody love you who you didn't really care for me you know how that feels when I was a teenager. There was a guy who just but I was wonderful really great. And I thought he was OK. And so he bought me. Valentine's Day appox of truck with a little heart shaped box of truckers. And I thought thank you. And I put the truck with their own armor counter and three or four days later my mother. What's that. And I said oh it's the box of chocolates the seller so gave me and she said that you open it. No I have eaten it. No no no no no it's not that big for me and so what he gave me I had not received in college. There were now there were some guys that love me that I though in college. There was a young women and he would give me things and come behind me in the car in the cafeteria and I was kind of. I mean my brother. Was there at the time. And I said to my brother this boy he was bothering me. I have no idea what my brother said. I don't want to ask what my brother said to him in the ever bothered me again. People. Trying to love us and us able to receive that love. I was God trying to love you and you having trouble receiving it. What gift is God trying to give you that you haven't taken what box filled with goodies is sitting somewhere on the side while we don't open it and get it and we're speaking with someone for what would your life be like if you refer he used everything that God wanted to give you give you a little example this morning I got up this morning and I'm prepping things and I'm doing all kinds of stuff and it's time to get up and I went in to have a shower. And I went into the bathroom and I turned on the shower you know turn on water and stuff and I had actually changed on the shower so the water was. Knowing in the tub. Was what I was feeling I suddenly realized something. This is a real bath tub. It's false eyes I care by them. A lot about my names as they can. You know halfway out of the water if I suddenly hit me. This is a part time job a full length bath towel. Now that you know I have to get ready for this. So I need to take a shower and suddenly have you know where the lord know that you too. Buried in. Perhaps the water is already filling in this bath up. Could you not turn off the water and behave and I did. I took a mile long. It wasn't that long. But I thought that in Alexandria it and I felt better and I enjoy there it was wonderful and I thought you know what. There are little gifts that God wants to give to us and we are so busy running or trying to serve him that we are not receiving Yes. If that's the only thing you hear me say today. Part of our identity is shaped by the ones that we love us lot of psychological literature about that that identity is shaped partially by the ones who love you. Because they help to define who you see yourself as being so the more that we let God love us. The more that we understand who we truly are the number one like God love you the way that he wants to love you all over Scripture. He keeps telling us how much he loves us and we've made it all about. But all kinds of other things. There's a place for the rules and there's a way to respond in love to love given by first he loved us. Let me tell you something. God did not love you because you were cute. You may be stunningly beautiful and many of you are but God does not love you because you Q. God does not love you because you're smart and some of you are brilliant. But God doesn't love you because you're smart. God does not love you because you serve him and do the right thing. God loves you. Period. And we need to start saying to kids. God loves good little girls. God loves little girls when the good. When they're bad when they're confused. God loves them with give bad theology to our children. God loves you. If you hear me say one thing today. Hear me say that God loves you and calls you by your name. What name do you call yourself. When you talk to yourself What name do you call yourself when you fail yourself about yourself. Are you calling yourself what God calls you a man as you raise your head. And in finance. How many of you score yourself I agree. But we don't. How many of us call ourselves dumb. Or slow or bad or any number of things take a moment. Write down. If you've got something to write on and write in your hand if you don't. With your figure think of a better way to the name that you call yourself that God does not call you what is the name that you call yourself does not call you in and call you dirty he doesn't call you broken. He doesn't call you trash. He doesn't call you unfinished incomplete. He doesn't call you have you are not a half. If you are not married. He doesn't call you undesirable. And unmarriageable have I hear you as yet. Somewhere in that list and if I hadn't had the others. So we can add them to believe. What is the name that God calls you. Look at that specific issue and ask yourself what is the name of God calls you. They call you princess. Does he call you my child does he call you daughter. The woman with the issue of blood who had been bleeding for what twelve years who was totally unclean as far as Jewish tradition was concerned. The woman with the issue of blood when Christ comes to her he calls her daughter everyone else calls her. I am clean and he called her daughter. Do you get that do you get that that whatever name. Is that Saint has allowed us to call ourselves needs to be replaced and lived in the name that God calls us. One of my students for her e-mail account and the e-mail account that is I just a dire. And I injured Diamantina. And you want to explain your e-mail account and she you know how people just bless you out of the blue you don't feel coming. And she fair Jedidiah means beloved of God. And every time I check my email. It says I both love of God. Some have a password. Stranded I. Because sometimes I need to be reminded that I am beloved of God as you go through for richer and you see the things that God calls you precious beautiful love we write them down. And call yourself by the name that God calls you if you don't know what he calls you ask him to show you ask him to tell you the name that he calls you remember Sarah. Sarah's name was my princess and God changed her name. Princess of promise you'll change your world. If you let him change it. You'll change. And once you understand how God calls you do not let anybody call you outside of your name. Because identity is about where we come from. We talk about creation. It's about what we're worth. We talk about redemption. It's also about how we see ourselves and how others see us what princesses look like when they walk. Erath confident. How beautiful woman walk you what pretty woman walk down the street. What I want. There's a sense of where I am. And the world is mine. And they often come by it. Naturally I have a gorgeous sister and she was a gorgeous baby. People used to stop and look in the. In the pram and see who looked really wearing that. And so when she walks into a room. The world is hers and she can do that with style. Believe me she can do it with. What would happen to us if we walk through our lives as princess. And beauty who God when He created in the beginning Fed it's good. And you know he never took her back in after all of the things that happened in the fall. God knew that he had created someone it is image. Yes Mark. Yes this stored in. But restorable. I'm urging you to walk in that kind of god conference where we talk about beauty in the next session we'll talk a little bit about body parts and things like that and how that relates to this business of walking with confidence. And have only. Foundational for us is not letting others treat us outside of irony. When God says to us you are mine. Don't. Let anybody say something. Other to you when God says to us you are precious how there someone else. See me as if I wasn't but I have no control over you. So if you choose to treat me as not precious Do I have to take that in one of the Bible say about the devil. He's a liar and he's the father of lies and feel free to call it. Let me say something here about identity in men for a minute. The man in your life needs to Maine new and treats you the way that God. Names and treats you if you aren't able to do so that may not be the man in your life. Are you with me. We build our identity so often on things that are ephemeral our relationship with someone. Our careers our social standing are all things that can change in a moment. And when they change. What happens to our identity. What happens if you're brilliant and you have a Ph D. or four or five. And then you have an accident and you can't think can't I'm going through a journey right now with my mother. And right now. She doesn't move herself she doesn't talk. She basically all those things that she could have identified herself by the R.N. the Sabbath school teacher the. The well dressed blab about well dressed doesn't matter when you're a hospital gal. So one of the question is this Who will we be if all those things this appear. What will be left and the only thing that will be left is who God tells you that you are. The only thing will that will be left is your perception of yourself in light of Calvary. We're having a problem on our campus and all colleges campus have this problem with suicide. And we have problems with addiction. And we have problems with abuse. What is the relationship between suicide and identity is there what. So someone help me. What's the relationship between suicide and I mentally. If indeed I'm not worth anything. Why should I be here. I talked to somebody yesterday and I don't think she'd mind my sharing it. Who said that her four year old came home one day and said I want to die. What do you say when your mother and you for your home said I want to die. And she said what most of us would have said that I don't say that also that. And it's often our response but the question is why what is it that. Years thinking four years old. Assuming that he will is not just parroting something. What is it that he's thinking. What have little kids said to him. What is going on. That leads them to feel that way. And what is it that God fails that could speak to that. What is it that God tells us about who we are. That could speak to that. What's the relationship between identical addiction. No I don't know. No connection. Identity and addiction. I'm sorry. Escape if I have trouble living with who I am. Then I look for other things to make it manageable without all kinds of addictions about substance but you also have our sexual addictions shopping addictions. So forth and so on. If I'm not enough when I need something. Do you understand the gift that we as Christians have for other people. Do you understand the treasure that we have to share with other people some of the issues that we want to address in terms of fixing Let's do this let's do this differently may indeed be issues that can be solved by Jesus because Jesus helps us to know who we are and if we know who we are and we can stand in that then we can talk about doing. Then we can talk about doing. If we're trying to teach people to do right. When they're struggling to find out who they are that's a whole different issue. And so when we come back to that early song. Jesus loves me. Decide now what is the Bible thing. The two basic mammaries. Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and. Love your neighbor as yourself. Can I ask you about how much you love yourself. Is it the same. To love yourself. I'm going to pay for what I mean you've. I think it depends on what I mean some of the been trying really hard to love ourselves. I think it depends on what that means. And if it means that I see myself. The way that God sees me. Then that's a whole different thing. If it means that in looking at God and seen God that way. I then am able to do you know that the more someone is loved a better able they are child love. And that one of the things that we worry about with children. Is them not being loved sufficiently to be able to give us some of us who are struggling in relationships. Some of us that are concerned about how lovable we are in relationships. Might it be. Not receiving. I'm not receiving. I'm not feeling. I'm not hearing what God says in so many different ways in so many parts of scripture. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. I really really really was. Really really really love you. Now I'm going to ask you to talk to someone next to you. If I decide to walk in this identity. What would I do differently. This is a real question because I believe that sometimes we look at Scripture. And we feel good and we walk away. You don't come to you. I see for that you came to G Y C to change. You came to do you will see that God would grow new push you out of your comfort zone. And get you ready for what it is he wants to do with and through you and so for this moment and this topic. Let's do it take away my question is all about what's the take away. What's the takeaway. What chord ward must might change for you. How might this make your life and your world different because I don't want to talk about things like Beauty and sexuality. And some of the other topics we're going to address until. We've settled this one until this one has registered. So take a moment think first. And then share just for a moment with someone else. One thing. That might change one thing. That might be different about our life. It might be as simple as I'm going to carry myself differently. To lift my head up a little more who my shoulders back. Small. Now because beauty is here. What do you think when you walk into a room beauties here. I probably shouldn't tell this but I well I struggled for years with the idea of you know I'm not really that beautiful I'm OK I'm not ugly but I'm not really that beautiful and I was going through this this whole think with God. And he said you know you can call yourself the way I call you. So if I go to a restaurant and they ask me for my name. And her beauty. And you know how interesting it is to be standing waiting for a seat and they come out and they say beauty. I have a friend who says peace joy. We're learning to answer to the name that God calls us. Take a moment think I'm going to stop talking. So that you can think and you can share. What would you change what would you do differently. How would your world change. What can you do what is the spirit of it. Share with someone. Be bold. You not just princesses your warrior princess be bold. OK let God speak to you and it's OK to feel it. Do we have one or two people who would be willing to share with the group and this is not a requirement but if there is something you'd be willing to share with us and bless someone else. There are. A couple of places to go. When we do these kinds of sessions but the lists of things that women talk about tend to be really consistent. We want to talk about beauty. And we want to. Talk about our parents always I say I was over all you know we were there we have questions about that we're going to do that. We're going to have a session this afternoon. Our next session is on Beauty and the parents will talk about and we'll address some of those issues that some of you have brought with you about the modesty pieces and I suspect we might be approaching it a little differently then you anticipate we'll have to see. This afternoon we will do a session the talks about purity in a brand new world. And in that session. We're going to be pretty direct about some things that I really believe we need to address. And so be prepared for this this afternoon. And I'm going to talk about leadership. I believe and in that discussion we're going to talk about the S. word not the one you're thinking the other one. The other one. We're going to talk about submission and submissiveness and what does it mean I don't know where your head was. And will continue tomorrow. I don't know we started with What did you come or what do you need. I don't know what that is. But I encourage you. If the Lord sent you. To stick through the process and see what is it Lord that I'm supposed to get some of you have gotten something I hope already this actually. Well let's see what else. God has in store for us and we'll move from there and my watch tells me that we're bad at that point. So let me pray with you before you go. Father. We ask you to send your spirit. We asked you to speak to us would we believe that you have. I ask you know the plans in our hearts so that takes you. I mean the message that you have given to us we continue to be with us in the various I was floored by the things that you wish to say through each one of us and with you this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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