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6. Significance that Lasts

Janice Watson



  • December 31, 2016
    4:15 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. Web. Welcome back. I haven't seen many of you. So there is a sabbath so I trust that your Sabbath has been going well. And that you have been blessed and then Rich and filled. I know that much of what I've listened through today has just fed myself. Deeply and challenge me in ways that I needed to be challenged. So I pray that that is true for you as well. Let's pray and will be good father. We're grateful. We've been here with you in several sessions. And we ask that you would guide us we ask that you would send your spirit. We ask that you would bless us and Lord I believe that you have done that I hear from different women the things that you are doing and have been doing in their lives and in their thinking as we try to hear and listen closely to what you have to say. So we're asking you want to do it again. In this session. Send your Holy Spirit. Send your spirit Lord not just to comfort us but also Lord to challenge us centers where Lord not only. To be with us. But also to help us to understand and to move us in the direction that you would have us to go. Lord. I stay. And in your presence. I know that you have a message for your people. May I be a channel for that message. Lord empty me. Cleanse me so that all that we say. Will come from your throne and flow clearly to your daughters Lord. So that they my people less. And Lord when you do what you do because you say if you are lifted up you will bring others to you when you do what you do will give you all the honor and all the glory. A man. For many of you and some of you have been here for all of the sessions that we've been together for many of you you know. Where we've been and what we've tried to do some of you are here for the first time. So allow me very briefly to go through some of the things that we've talked about so far and set that as a context for what we're going to do today. In our first session. We talked about women and their identity. We talked about the fact that one of the things that God did and does for us is to create us in His image as women. To create us in His image and when that image was marred. God continued and said you know what I still want them to be in my image and so one of the things that he did was to make it possible for us to be restored to his image to be redeemed. And that makes us women of worth. Daughters of the king who were created. We deemed adopted and through all of it infinitely loved the fact that the God of the universe loves us and died to save us makes us Werman. Worth dying for. Women to die for and we can live in the light of that identity. So we talked about identity. And we talked about beauty. That one of the things that God created us to be is beautiful and being made in the image of God means that God is willing for us to be developed into that beauty. But that beauty comes from the inside out. So those of us who are concerned about how we look at what we have and how it works. Can be reminded that God is designing building an arsenal through us beautiful woman and that beauty is based on who you are in your reflection of Jesus Christ and we talked a lot about specific characteristics that beautiful woman have and we also talked about how beautiful woman who are beautiful on the inside can then have an outside that matches the inside. So the way that we dress the way that we carry ourselves also reflects that image of God. We are His witnesses and we show it in the way that we dress and the way that we carry ourselves that was session one session two who was there for a session three anyone. What we do in session three. When we talk about. Purity. We spend our whole session talking about that calls of purity we base it in James one than we are pulled away by our lust. Our uncontrollable cravings for things that often lead us the same and then sin leads to death and we look very specifically at some of those cravings that seem to be either unique to women or developing more greatly among. Women than they used to in the past. And we talked about the fact that the God who made us is also the God who can protect and preserve us. From those addictions from those loss from those cravings that take us in the reactions that take us away from him. With Spencer fashions talking about leadership and submission. What it means to submit to God What it means to say Yes Lord because women of God are women who are growing and doing what God has for them to do and in order to do that you have to be able to say Yes Lord. And that means submitting to him a wide range of things our dreams. Our desires our expectations and allowing him to give us and lead us based on his dreams for us his goals for us his desires and his expectations. And then we did a session on singleness notice that we did submission before we did singleness. So that we understood the ability to yes Lord in the area of our relationships our desired relationships so forth and so on and we connected that in some ways to that question of lust and fantasy. How we bought into in many ways the fictional story about relationships. About our inability to exist without a man in our lives are being incomplete. If there is no man in our lives and so we spent some time talking about what is it to live a full abundant life as a single person because God calls us all to abundant lives married or single. And so we spend some time. Dealing with what we'd like to do in our session this evening. And you know how you try to decide what would be the best way to end. OK. And you're praying and you're studying and you're looking at it how Wardour we to put it together and I had a sense that we were going to end with this tremendous charge for you to go out and do ministry and so forth and so on. You've had that charge today have you not. And it was brilliantly beautifully done as the Holy Spirit spoke to us which is why what I was given to do with math that is what I want to do as you prepare to go home. I'd like to spend some time talking about sinkholes. And those of you who read a little description was significant that last. Thing calls and scaffolding would like to spend some time talking about think holes. Imagine that you're sitting on your porch catch a lemonade. You're enjoying the day you look out and there's the morning. It's a beautiful warm and your neighbors next door doing wonderful things and so forth and so on. And then suddenly a whole appears in your lawn out of nowhere just a whole imagine that you're sitting in a house. And you hear a really loud sound and you get up and go to the next bedroom and the bedroom for all intents and purposes is not there the house is still standing. But the furniture and in this particular case and it's a true story where the person who was lying in the bad has disappeared into a hole. Jeff Brown died in his bedroom in a hole open. Up under his bed and took the furniture. And the bed with it. These are sinkholes. I have never heard of a sinkhole until I moved to Alabama. And the year that I moved to Alabama. Not too far from where I live a sinkhole opened up on the highway. And cars and trucks fell into the HOA and the whole kept growing. And for a couple of days they had no idea how close to home. What does that have to do with being a Christian woman one of the things that I was told in Alabama. When I started wondering with my house the severe. Is that there are sinkhole seasons that there are certain times of year that are sinkhole seasons where sinkholes tend to open up sort of randomly in various places and it occurs to me that we live in a sinkhole season we live in a period of time where people suddenly seemed to have the bottom fall out of their lives they might be spiritual leaders they might be friends. We all know people. Where things seem to be going along just fine where things seem to be working OK. And then suddenly someone's down deep in a hole. And I think as women. We are at risk of sinkholes particularly those of us who are in ministry and trying to do God's work. We're already risk of having high. Roles open up in our lives and our spiritual experience that we didn't see coming forward on a little bit about how our sinkhole develops. How it develops in our spiritual lives and what it is that we can do about it. Basically what happens when a sinkhole develops. Is that underneath the earth a whole is the valid thing. Underneath the earth. The foundations are being eroded and disappearing. And what normally happens is you don't know it. Because it's happening underneath. And so all there may be some kind of tremor. Maybe they're doing construction. Maybe they're digging a well. And suddenly this hole opens up the hole was not caused by the storm or by the digging over it just exposed a hole that was under there is a main sense to you that some time something happens in your life. And the response that you have. Seems so much more dramatic than what happened because that response was not caused by that shaking it was caused by the hole that was developing are in our lives. So we're talking with about how that happens and let me talk about it in terms of a couple of different types of sinkholes in real life. That I think are analogous to a couple of different types of spiritual sinkholes. What happens in a sinkhole is that underneath the surface. There's oil. Different types. Soil. And then there's something called an aquifer. And an aquifer is water moving way down usually underneath the earth underneath the surface of the earth and it helps to make sure that plants grow and other healthy things happen it irrigates the earth and somewhere under here. There's an aquifer. OK And somewhere under here that aquifer is covered with some sort of surface right that hopefully is rapidly the first way that sinkholes happen is when the surface over the course is actually not very deep and so when shaking happens. There's a little sink. And that little saying. Gets deeper and deeper because the surface is not strong enough to support weight does that make sense to you. Let's talk about that then in our spiritual lives. One of the ways that we as Christian women. Sometimes find ourselves in spiritual problems is because that service that we have in our lives. You know how we look really good and we look really Christian and we have the right voice and the right smile. OK. And we say have this area. OK. Is just this deep it's surface. We don't have that deep foundation no relationship with Jesus Christ. That will give us enough. To stand on. And so when something happens we lose that surface and we fall into a hole and we fall into error a mistake or whatever it might be or we just fall into hurt and the oppression. This is make sense you some of us have been there some of us may be there. Now often met happens with the person who has not world to study the world who has not learned to spend time with Christ who has not learned. Sometimes it happens with new Christians. Sometimes it happens with people when Christian a long time. But the surface is there oh we haven't gone deep. We haven't developed depth. Peter ran into that problem. Remember in Mark fourteen. What happens to Peter. They all are coming to get Christ. And Peter who's been Christian and been with Christ for three years and so forth and so on. Suddenly feels his old self rising up. And when they try to get Christ he will be sorry sold and chops off the guy's ear and curses. And I have a feeling that I have some point of look back and say Where did that come from. But it happens to us when we don't own we have trouble building and maintaining that depth based on our time with Christ our understanding of scripture our prayer and our devotional life when we don't have that sometimes the old stuff comes popping up through that nice shiny new surface. Beware of sinkholes. But. Those sinkholes tend to be not dramatically deep and somewhat fixable but there are other sinkholes that are a little different. There are other sinkholes that are caused for other kinds of reasons. And one is called a cover collapse sinkhole. Now in a cover collapse sinkhole. One of the things that happens is that the aquifer gets drained and that water down there is being pulled out. And it's not being replaced with drink water of the Holy Spirit for a minute. The water is being pulled out the water is not being replaced and it creates a hollow. And that hollow keeps growing underneath the surface. And getting bigger and bigger and deeper until some minor thing. Creates this massive hole that there was a cover collapsing the whole watermelon City I believe in the one nine hundred seven these if I recall correctly. That was so big that it took down buildings and several city blocks that. The aquifer. Had drained away. Nothing had refilled it. And by the time they realized that hole was so massive and the knee. Had a very happen in our spiritual lives. How many of you serve serves in some way you serve almost every woman I know serves whether you're serving at home whether you're serving at church. Whether you're serving at work most of us some. Serve. And many of us serve in all those places. So we are giving and giving and giving and giving. And sometimes in that giving what we thought is we're giving so much. We're giving so often in so many give directions blessing so many people that are aquifer is being drained. But sometimes that aquifer is being drained and it is not being replaced. Have you ever been so busy serving that your devotional life suffered. Have you ever been so busy serving that your health suffered that you were getting sleep. You weren't eating well have you ever been so busy serving that your relationships suffered you didn't have time to spend with your family you didn't have time to spend with the people who mattered to you. And suddenly we wake up one day. And we're totally worn out. We wake up one day and we're totally burned out. We wake up one day and we no longer want to serve. We wake up one day and we find we can't serve. Turn with me in the Bible. So first Kings Chapter nineteen first kings. Chapter nineteen. I turn to this passage often as I speak with women as I counsel with women because all around the. As I talk with women. I'm hearing the same thing. I start asking questions. The conversation starts with something light and eventually we get to I'm tired. I'm worn. I don't know how much more. And sometimes we get to it after. Things have fallen apart after there's been a hole after some kind of mistake that we think to ourselves. How could that ever happen to that person. It's not new. Remember it lives our mind karma. In life is on Mount Carmel and he does this amazing amazing thing you remember the story right to life as a monk are now standing by himself for God against all of the prophets of Vale. And he stands strong and he stands firm and he represents God appropriately and God shows out. God doesn't just burn the sacrifice God burns the altar that they poured water on and they it is this one the full victory for God. Eliza is clearly a strong Christian leader. And you know we look at that story and we think to ourselves you know that's what I want to be. I want to be a female in my age or. I want to be the one standing out there. What happens to Elijah after Carmel. But in larger does this wonderful thing he stands up for God by himself and then he gets this message that just as well wants to kill you. And this man who stands as. And all these prophets this man who stands up and. It seems cannot be moved runs because he hears a woman's after him. And he runs. And he runs and he runs. And he ends up and this is the priest to me that is so amazing. When in larger runs he ends up under a tree and my understanding as we've read the descriptions of that tree is the sheer evil does not have leaves almost no leaves it has no foliage. It's gradually and Elijah falls down under this tree. Now he's in the desert. If there are no leaves and if his scraggly is not hiding him from anybody. So he man all that way to just be out there where they can find him anyway. They have horses they have chariot was alive you go in so like you get from that is all scraggly tree. And the Bible says In nineteen verse three alive he was afraid and ran for his life he left his servant Larry when a day's journey into the desert came to that broom tree sat down under it. And he prayed that he might die. Suicidal much. If old that he might die. And he said to God I have had enough Lord. Take my life I'm no better than my ancestors and he laid down under the tree and fell asleep. Have you been or have you been. At that point we like for all this enough I'm done I know that last week I was just on fire doing stuff for you but now when I'm done I can't do it through. For mergers and for Bay. And. Ending there may be various versions that we give but what that means. But the sinkhole has opened and we're falling and we're falling. And I love what happens to Eliza look very carefully with me to what happens to Alija and all that once an angel touched him and said get out and eat and he looked around and there by his head was a cake of bread baked over hot coals and a jar of water and he ate and drank and then lay down again and the angel word came back a second time and touched him and said Get up and eat. For the journey is too much for you. So he got and ate and drank. This is world class dials with burn out. This is what God does with depression. This is what God does when our aquifers are drained and we are in danger of melt down when we feel that you. Let me give you some rest and when you think you've had enough. Let me feed you again and send you back to sleep. Let me feed you and write you sleep until you are stronger. Am I talking to anybody today. Am I talking to anybody today. And so with is that when he had done land. Strengthened by the food he travelled forty days and forty nights until you reach shore up the mountain of God and then he went into the cave and spent the night and then God starts to deal with him then God starts to have that conversation. Why what are you doing here. Why are you here. It was or was this somewhere I sent you. Elijah and I love response because they sound so much like us girls as a larger What are you doing here and the lady says Who are you know what I worked really hard for you. I've been zealous for the Lord Almighty and the Israelites they're doing this and they did this and they did this other thing and on top of this what I'm now only one that's left doesn't sound like us. War I've been working hard and those people. Whichever those people are those people at church or those we will ask oh or those people those we were they just keep and they won't and. And part of the reason why. At that point they have become those people is because we are so worn. So tired so depleted. There are whole perception has been skewed. This is a risk for all workers. This is a risk for all people involved in service and ministry. And God God lets the lives of illiterate speak and God listens to Elijah but you know he doesn't argue with Elijah he doesn't correct Elijah he has a life size. And then God gives the life a new revelation of Himself. God gives a larger a fresh vision of who God is. And when God has given that to Elijah only van. Does he start to talk to a larger about more ministry. So what's the take away from religious story. For those of us who are beginning to feel or maybe more of them beginning to see. All worn burned down. Tired exhausted. And we're worrying that we're losing our first love and we're worrying that we're losing our hold on God what's the takeaway the takeaway is that if we are going to minister and not have those holes open up in our lines that aquifer has to be fed that aquifer has to be continuously. Bad so that it doesn't drain away. Are you serious about poor going into. The instrument that God has given to you for ministry what you need to maintain. So let's talk about it physically. We'll talk about it. Emotionally and we'll talk about it spiritually. Eliza had expended a tremendous amount of physical energy on very little food and so part of his breakdown was Mexico. I'm talking to women. I'm talking to women who serve and who almost by definition nurture and feed other people. Part of our responsibility is to make sure that we are also nurtured and fed. Can I talk to you about eating eating well about sleeping. Sleeping regularly for the right amount of time and. Two hours. Does not count two hours is a map and praise God for them. Now. That we add to the swimming. Why are we so gifted at not sleeping well. Why are we so gifted at staying up late and getting up early. And getting things done and them crashing. All that note I want to come back to that no one else can do it for us. Eat slowly exercise take care of our bodies because God says present our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable. We did not in the sanctuary services the sacrifices presented were not broken worn down a malnourished. Why do we think it's OK for our sacrifice to be broken malnourished say am I making any kind of sense. Someone do the things that God has told us we need to do you know that over and over in the Bible he talks about taking care of your health. About having health so that your body. So that your body for functions and flourishes like your SO flourishes right. We have the words given to us the ministry of healing and all kinds of other sources that tell us how important this is and we think it only applies to other people and not us. There's a passage. Love my neighbor as myself. One of the ways to ask yourself about good self care. Is to ask yourself if you would treat your child this way. Do you let your child not eat for a day. And function with no sleep. Then I would talk about abuse. So take care of your house. Take care of your health. Take care of your health. And I say again. Take care of your health. Sometimes we have given so much emotionally. We've worked with other people we've sat with the young people we've done this in church and we've been with our husbands and our children and given what they need and then when it's all given we wonder why we're empty we wonder why there's nothing left. Are we sitting enough time with God to allow him to feed us emotionally. Are we serving enough time with the people that God places in our lives as companions as intimate friends as other people who feed into us who's in your life that God has placed in your life to help feed into you are you making sure that you spend time with them we can spend time with the people who need us and forget about the people that we need. God gives us gifts. And part of those gifts are to help us from having aquifers that are drained. But if you ignore the gift and you let the gift go them. We find ourselves in those same kinds of positions the last. Thing that happens with Elijah is alive you have to slow down and stop when do you break. How do you break. When was the last time that you took time off when was the last time that you took a break and had someone else carry the load for a while. There's a proverb that says that women hold up half of the world. And I think many of us think that we hold up the whole world. And the reality is we don't hold up half of the world God holds the world up and keep still spinning. And he does not need us to do that God could spend the World Without Us. It sounds obvious but how often have you said to yourself I have to push myself this last little bit. I have to go even further because if I don't do it who will. Because I am the only one who can. Because God is unable to call someone else. And able to provide for his people. Are you hearing me. Does it make sense. We are going back home from G Y C. Energize for new service. Energized to do more for God and I'm excited about that I wasn't to the core and I said to myself ward where else do you need from me. What else do I have to do and I want us to go home energized have been a star. But I want us to minister the way that Christ minister. Think about Jesus. That is asleep. This is not only slap sometimes you feel like you know what you are your I'm with you because I'm going to sleep. This is sleeping in the boat while the disciples are doing things. And queerly. He understood that they could continue to do what it was they did even though he was sleeping. Jesus took himself up into the mountains away from the crowds to spend time with God but also to get away from the crowds. Jesus is Ministry is an image of out and withdraw out and withdraw. So you see him actively working with people giving and giving and giving. And then you see him retreating to Martha and Mary's house where you can just rest and be with friends and be refilled. We want to minister like Christ. If our ministry is such that we are doing so much. And so many things that we cannot be obedient to God's call to take care of ourselves and to spend time with him then something that we're doing. He didn't call us to do because there is time and there is energy for all the things we are called to do so perhaps something we're doing is somebody else's call perhaps something that we're doing. If we were not doing someone else would be able to do I. I can't speak to your life but the Holy Spirit can. I can speak to you in terms of what you are called to do and what you should be doing. But the Holy Spirit handle the impact of running ahead of Christ choosing to do things. That we may not have been called to do. Is that we find ourselves totally the pleaded. Does that mean that God does not sometimes ask us to go that extra mile do that actually thing. Yes but many of us live in that actual way many of us live in that sense of crisis constantly doing. And so as I'm speaking to you today because this is true. Wherever I speak some of you are already there. Some of you know that you're almost there. Some of you are concerned because you know that if you continue the way that you are you will not be able to serve God the way that you want to the way that you're called to. I want to suggest to you. Well before I do that. Let me mention one other thing because I should mention that there is another type of sinkhole. That is created because there is debris and garbage down in the foundation. And so because there are foreign objects that do not belong. The foundation falls apart. So another possibility when we're falling apart is to ask ourselves. Lord is there something here that doesn't. Belong. Is there something here because what they say is those foreign parts decay and as they decay they create spaces and those spaces build up the whole and then the thing falls apart right. And if you think about the story of Cora in the Bible where God actually allows a whole to open up and swallow them. It's based on the idea that there was presence in their lives things that ought not to have been there but what happens if I'm already there. What solution is there for us or what happens if I go home and I start ministry and as I'm working I realize that you know what this is out of balance. First of all let me say go back to the basics go back to the foundational things. The prayer and the praise go back to. I'm looking Lord for the things that you have done and I'm praising you for it. Lord I want to stay in connection with you even though I may not feel as if I can do deep bible study in some but I want to stay in connection with you. There's a wonderful thing about sinkholes all sinkholes can be repaired. All think holes can be repaired. However usually we can't repair them ourselves. Because you know what people try to do to repair a sinkhole. Here's a hoe. So they pour more dirt in it and they pour gravel in it. And they put stuff. What do you think happens. Because the apple for is still empty. What's going to happen with that hole is a little bit down the road. It's going to open up again and the next time it'll probably be better. You can repair sinkholes by yourself and they're actually companies that. Their main job is to go around the repairs because that's where they go and you know how you get in says topics like this if you're reading the Internet and you're all excited about what they're saying. And it's fascinating to look at how they do that one of the things that they do is they get deep down into that foundation and they clear out all the debris they go down and they literally refill the aquifer fill it comes up to whatever level. It might need to be then. They drill their own. And send down concrete or concrete like surface that then this out and covers and rebuilds that top layer. And rebuild that top layer in a way that is strong enough to protect the aquifer. And because they're taking care of the foundational if. The foundational issue. It doesn't reoccur. So on. When I want to say. We cannot solve our own sinkholes. But God is in the business of sinkhole repair. If you're burned out. If you're struggling. If you're exhausted. If you're spiritually in that place where you know that I don't have enough will. To actually even persecute you the way that I would like to. God does think all repair will come in and they'll check. Is there anything in here that stick A in there. I need to clean out. Is there anything here that shouldn't be there and in many cases. That's not the issue. But we'll check because we repair sinkholes. And then as he did for Eliza. Your poor back into you. Here poor back into you here feed you. He'll give you rest and your poor his spirit onto that parched ground in that empty space. God will fill it with His Holy Spirit and as the love all rises in your life. That water will begin to refresh that water will begin to restore that water will begin to change back into the woman that he created us to be but if all you did was put that there and he didn't cover you still have risk. And so what he will do is heal grain in his concrete. And will put over you a protection. That's strong enough and heavy enough and deep enough that when things start to shake. That Holy Spirit in you is protected and we're making sense to you. For us as women. The risk of giving more than we receive. The risk of taking on more than we mean to be involved in the risk of believing that without our earth our service. Nothing will happen is really high. And it means the risk of burnout the risk of the pression. The risk of. Overexertion is also really high. So my prayer for you. First. Is that we live the kind of lives of a by. That preserve us from getting there in the first place that we live the kinds of life of balance movement between service and reception that keep us from getting there in the first place. But if not I pray that you see the signs. That you recognize acknowledge and take seriously the signs because sinkholes not only hurt us. They hurt the people that we serve. And they hurt the God that we represent. And so when you see even signs there are actually signs you know that a sinkhole may be developing in your house and they will slide your door jambs the face. And your windows sometimes are out of sync with really really but they say that that's what it is you can see it in the door you can see it in the windows you can see it because your house is shifting as the foundation changes and a sinkhole expert can solve that problem before it gets worse before the hole opens up you know the symptoms in your own life. Don't you. What are some of the symptoms. When you're getting overextended when you're burning out when you've gone from what does it feel like what happens when you get irritable and cranky everybody and everything gets on our nerves. When you get now above. Presupposing that you are not normally that way. You are talking about beautiful women and beautiful women are not irritable angry angry. So when you find yourself becoming irritable and cranky. That might be an indication what else are we. Crying I'm becoming emotional I'm having difficulty managing our emotions the way we normally would we find ourselves literally emotionally out of control or exploding sometimes extremely angry exploding in ways. What else. Anxiousness I'm starting to worry I'm starting to feel and secure. I'm starting to feel on balance and security. What else. Laziness I just don't have I don't have the energy. I don't have to post I can't go anymore. Which is not necessarily laziness. Although it looks like laziness. OK but often we're just plain exhausted. We don't have the physical ability. And you could give a whole long list of symptoms we know what they are and we're very good at recognizing them in other people and ignoring them in ourselves. When they're. So you know are for you and I'll tell you. You know you really need a break. You know you're going to do the air you really so well can we do for each other. We can help nurture and protect each other. Sometimes when I can feel it in me and you can see it and maybe a time to gently gently. To gently and with love. Remind them. Although it may be better to be reminding us just on a regular basis before we get there helping each other. Exercise helping each other in helping each other. Sleep. When the signs can go back to God. Ask him Lord what do I need to let go. What do I. Need to change. How do I need to change. Do I need to do in a lighter and just let you feed me and give me less and free me. And give me rest for a little while but if at this moment. You are deep. In a hole. If at this moment. You are struggling. I'd like to give you a part of a text. Moved five seventeen. Luke five seventeen. It says and the power of the board was present to heal the power of the board was present to heal. And I want to assure you. Today right now. That the power of the Lord is present to heal. That God is here and willing to heal you will give you a quote from ministry of healing well let me give you something else. Some one forty seven. Let's go to someone forty seven. Some one forty seven. And there are days when I can get where I need to go very quickly in my Bible and using a new Bible isn't always helpful. Some one for forty seven and verse three. He healer the broken heart. And bind they're up their wombs in ministry of healing. There's a quote that says. If human beings would. Open the window of the soul heavenward an appreciation of the degree of divine gifts a flood of healing virtue would pour in. And when you look at that image. If your in a hole it's already open. It's already open and if we would look up heavenward she says in appreciation of the divine gifts after art of healing virtue. Would pour in. What God wants to do for us is to protect us from sinkholes. And to restore us when we have them what God wants to do for us is strengthen and. He and power. So that we can do what it is that we're called to do so that we can be those women that we've been talking about all week. So that we can minister in the way that we need to. When I ask you to take a moment and think about all you've heard so far this week. In the sessions you want to in the planner is in the all of what you've heard this week. What is one thing. That you need to be doing going home. What is one thing that God has placed on your heart. What is one thing that you have heard in all of the listening in ohm of sermons and presentations and so forth. What's one thing. That's one thing that as you go home as you think about ministry. As. You think about what God has for you that you have heard. Of is the tell us one yes. Reading. And believing the promises and if which I believe we are called to do. Once we receive them to share them with other people. If we're going to do that. One of the things that we need. Is clear minds. We need a mind that can hold on to those promises and to have that kind of mind. You need a healthy body you need sleep. You can have memorized when you don't have free. You can't memorize when your stomach is growling. It's really anything that you picked I suspect is affected by the quality of your health. The quality of your emotional health. And thus your spiritual health. Does that make sense. So this message today is a requirement for you in terms of you doing what God has called you to do. It's a strange final message for a freshman like this. But I believe what it's going to do is allow us to better be the ministers that God is sending us out to do. To better be the people that God is calling us to do. I'm going cited about you going home. Because I'm excited about the difference that you're going to make in your church school. Wherever you might be so what I'm going to be praying for you as you go home is flow aquafers. A great outpouring of the Holy Spirit's good. Covering. Strong foundations that you can stand on whole from to serve other people. That is my prayer that God would give you and you would receive. Bountifully the gift that he wants you around in order to do what he has called you to do. Shall we pray. For other. Right now. We come partially Lord. As women who have sometimes overdone it. We come Lord asking forgiveness for those times where. In reality we abuse our bodies. Lord we are asking for forgiveness for those times where we over extended beyond the call. Lord we did. Wanting to serve you. We did it because we wanted to be the woman that you would have us to be and give the gifts that you have given to us to others. We ask for your forgiveness but lor Now we ask for your wisdom because we are not sure sometimes how to take care of our hell. To take care of our families to do what needs to be done at church to work in our communities. To bless other people on our jobs and in our schools. What we don't know how to do it without draining the aquifers that we have been given. We don't know how to do it in ways that allow us to not have those major crashes the Lord you do know. You know exactly. You know because you did it in your own life. And you know because you are the God who designs our lives so speak to us and give us strength to obey speak to us. Help us word not only to use your power to protect our lives and our bodies and but also want to protect each other to nurture each other and then Lord show us how in these final moments that soul need our commitment and our ministry show us how to model you completely and totally in all the things that we do and in all the ways that we do it. We ask that you would give us what we need. And Lord in response we give you love because you have us we give you our trust. Because you are worthy of trust. We give you our obedience because you now so much more and you protect us in so many ways and Lord we give you our future to do with us and through us whatever you wish. We thank you. And we love you and that I promised I think it was yesterday that I would give a few minutes at the end of the presentation. If there were some questions that I could answer. And so I want to give you some time if we needed to answer questions. Otherwise it has been a joy it has been a bit of light for me to be with you and I pray God riches this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference on has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting. Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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