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1. Uber, Space X and Earth 2.0

Jared Thurmon


What is driving so much innovation in the world today? Why has technology become so important in the last few years? Are we going to soon colonize other planets?



  • December 29, 2016
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C went OK we're going to have a good time. I'm so glad. Everyone's here. I what I wanted to do was make sure the computer work. If we could say a word of prayer and then we're going to sing a song together and then we will dive in. So we have the Bambrick trio here with us this morning. And they're going to lead us with the song Turn your eyes upon Jesus. We're going to sing it sing it hearty Sing It Loud we're going have the the lyrics on the screen and then we'll dive in. So if we kid up our heads for prayer. I mean great. Heavenly Father we thank you for this opportunity to be in this room this morning. Lord we pray that you will pour out your spirit in this room. I believe you have a message for each of us individually and I pray that you will speak loudly to us. Bless us as we sing. We pray this in Jesus' name amen. This is going here. Hi Guys can you hear this cool so we got this guitar like ten minutes ago we haven't. On the soundtrack so you're going to sing really loud guys have a deal. By tomorrow it should be better. Now. That. Ah ha meet me not long. I didn't. I was pretty good. Thanks guys. Thank you for your help. I find it fascinating that in the story of David and Sol that we learn the lesson that music can ward away demons fascinating. So we hope they're gone outside of this room now I'm so excited to be here with you can you hear me OK All right. And there's there's plenty of room down front if you guys want to come sit down front. Please join us. We're going to cover a lot of content social media artificial intelligence and Lars. Selfies sharks elephants I mean I've got a whole bunch of stuff I want to share with you. The big picture theme is we live in a world of media. And we should not be afraid of media. We should not let circumstances dictate how we act we should be the masters of circumstance especially seventh Avenue just so I'm and I'm excited to be here with you. I have the Plitt privilege of working. At the General Conference with the administering of you an admin a swirl magazines and we are working on some exciting things one of those is something you'll hear more about tonight during the program called A Our T.V. and I want to show you a short promo about what that is all about I just had the privilege of being in South Africa where we were filming in virtual reality with some great white sharks and elephants and lemurs birds. It was absolutely fantastic. I'm going to show you one of the clips and another presentation virtual reality is about to take off and I were trying to really get in front of that with a our T.V. so you can get it on any device Apple T.V. Roku. Soon Samsung by Amazon Fire. Samsung T.V. and i O. S. Android all the good stuff. So check it out if you've got content. We want to share that content so please find me and if you've got some good stuff to share. I'd love to see it. My wife and I live in Adair's Ville Georgia just north of Atlanta. We just moved there recently we've got a few acres and now the next thing is looking for some goats we've been told and then we need two donkeys to protect the goats from the coyotes any anybody have animals here. OK so yeah we're learning that as we go. I am obsessed with technology our home is gay. Agitated to death if you will after you hear some of these presentations you may wonder why. And that may just be my desire to be connected where I can control what seems like everything in my life from my phone I get notifications on my phone when the temperature is dropping and we need to cover certain plants. When the soil is too dry it's time to water the plants all this crazy stuff so I love technology but we just need to know how we're engaging with technology. What it's all about who's behind it and how we can use it in the best possible way so that this morning we're going to talk specifically about the future of technology but of planet Earth and I'm really excited about this Sabbath afternoon will be kind of a recap of all these presentations. Somehow and some way we're going to try and cram all the little nuggets together and that one is called Lucifer coming soon. And that one's a an exciting one. So I'd love to connect with you if you're on social media. Please find a way let's connect share ideas and let me know how the Lord is leading you during the presentation. I would love to see if we can get some questions going. So if you go on your smartphone to see S D O. And you enter that code in the bottom sixty nine twenty three and you can ask questions that will try and address those at the end I'm trying to shoot for thirty minutes and then we'll have time for Q. and A in each of our presentation. So sixty nine twenty three. There's also a pole there and we will address those at the end. So the program has a few different titles than what I've used but same idea same theme and some may get me in more trouble than others but they will be. I think relevant down here on the left. My wife and I were just as I said filming with. Great white sharks and they put us in a cage and we had a chance to get out of the cage with the camera and. If you've never done that it's it's an adventure or do we go to the future. I'm going to need some interaction. So you just speak loud and I'll try and. Say it again so that the filming in the recording can hear. We're all individuals engaged with society. So what I want to know from you is tell me about the future. I just asked two young ladies in South Africa. Tell me about the future and they told me Well this is probably what the future will look like anybody willing to say that what's the future look like. And maybe I should qualify it. The Lord has not returned in twenty years. What's the future look like the Seventh Day Adventist believe in the second coming. But if he has not returned in twenty years. What does society look like what is culture look like and he brave volunteers are pretty grim decadent cashless controlled divided you notice the theme here with the theme. These are positive things right. Anything else is there anything positive anybody say well in the future. This is positive. We're connected OK telephone number involvement. What else what is it more violent water short we step back to the negative you'll notice. Yes stressed out. Saving it. As in the days of Noah clean energy. The spreading of the gospel out of this country living more people living in the countryside OK. More technology Amazon everything OK So we've got a synopsis from a lot of us. This is the future. I want to show you something from one thousand nine hundred ninety three from eighty and call it was the ad campaign you will. So that's ninety three they were done like ninety three to ninety five. So we're talking twenty plus years ago. How many people were born in one thousand nine hundred three hundred one for that question. That's great. OK so this was the future being portrayed by eighteen C. seeking to be visionary in one nine hundred ninety three. All right. Any of those technologies that you have not actually seen in your life. I can think of only one. The video phone in my pocket driver's license. I just got a driver's license renewed. I don't want that technology. When I call eight hundred eighty and tell them there's one more you haven't figured out but companies have figured a lot of these out and this is the imaginary world of the future we are living at a pace or technology is is going at blinding force every day there are breakthroughs that no one would have imagined absolutely fascinating. Now what I find fascinating is Jesus makes the statement I've told you these things before they happen so that when they do happen you will believe now he's referring obviously to the words that were spoken that are recorded in Scripture. And by knowing what's recorded in Scripture. May I suggest we then have the ability. I subscribed to Wired magazine. It's a fascinating magazine this issue I think is the newest issue. Yeah tales from an uncertain future. They basically wrote articles as if we were in the air like twenty forty five and looking back now Obama is now president. All these different things right where the future and we're looking backwards and then we're talking about things that where we have advanced for me this could be you know kind of just cloudy like OK maybe that's the future if I didn't have Scripture to give me some basis for things right. So then you take something like The New York Times and this is this is last week I read this on a flight and I found it fascinating because there was like eight articles that were very relevant to me as a Seventh Day Adventists the front page article republics and how they in fascinating piece by Paul Krugman basically on this is how the Republic of Rome failed and America is falling in the same footsteps talking about corruption and business. Technological advances the surveillance state when Scripture is your basis and your worldview. You can interpret things and you don't have to be blown about every day by confusing ideas of what tomorrow may bring. Now having said that we still live in a world where technology is moving and we have to know how to engage with it. Someone that is seemingly every single day at the forefront of technology is someone named Elon Musk everybody who's heard of the lawn must get Iran Musk has a number of companies Tesla Space X. think it's solar city. He made a lot of his money with Pay Pal and he how now has a passion to get to where Mars. We're going to Mars right. So I just want you to hear the passion that he shares about going to Mars. Well what it really is you know if there are really anyone who want it all I've ever heard of it what it does feel a bit like this is that it will be the only thing I don't have to do you say if it is if you say that if he were that's only a bit more now he's just talking my language because I also desire a city that is completely sustainable outside of this planet. And what's fascinating he glosses over the I. DHEA that there are two paths for Humanity was the first one stay on earth until when a catastrophic extinction event and thus is his impetus we got to get off this planet. It's absolutely fascinating. So one of the lines that uses what I want to do is make blank seem possible something that we can do in our lifetimes that you could go there. I'll tell you about the most imagine an imaginary thing in Christianity in Adventism you ready for it. That heaven is real. This is the biggest fairy tale in the Advent movement. We don't talk about it. Any time somebody does talk about it it's naked babies on clouds playing an instrument and it never becomes tangible. Because any time we try and touch on it. We usually try and say everything we logged in liked and enjoyed on this earth will not be in that sustainable city and I would like to just put a challenge out there. We need to be thinking and dreaming. On a greater scale than Elon Musk he's got architectural drawings of the city on Mars. I'd love to see someone with artistic talent put some architectural drawings. We have the dimensions of the heavenly city we can get creative. We have to start to dream and talk in a way where people hear us say what I want to do is make paradise seem possible something that we could do or go to in our lifetimes that you could go there. It's got to become real. We have to talk like this in a real way where people hear us and they say that's kind of a lie. Elon Musk's vision because at this point he's got the best idea getting off the planet. Unless people hear the Abbott message. This is the most plausible solution unless people hear the Abbott message. So I have to admire and it's easy to pick people apart and take away all their flaws. I've got an environment Lisa's dreaming. Now he has another thing that's quite interesting. It's called Technological Singularity. This is the idea last night I was checking in the hotel and someone asked him What are you talking about and I have completely switched my vocabulary or at least tried to to where if there are forty five atheists in the back corner this morning. I hope my language actually makes sense to them if they've checked out of faith and they're like you know I don't know this is all relevant to me. I pray what we talk about will become relevant will seem real. So in that aspect. The gentleman checking me and says Hey what are you here for I'm here for this conference I'm really excited at the same conversation with somebody on the plane what are you. What are you doing. While I have the privilege to speak. What are you talking about artificial intelligence and spirituality. Now you think somebody would say OK. He says Oh artificial intelligence that's interesting. The second part doesn't sound so interesting. He says I've developed artificial intelligence. I'm in school for that. And while that's cool I said let me ask you something something I really fascinated with this whole study that I've been trying to get my head around is what's the ethics in the morals we're going to give artificial intelligence. He said Man I haven't given my artificial intelligence any ethics and morals. That's probably why the discussion of Technological Singularity. What's that. I have to be that's pretty accurate because this is like the big issue with artificial intelligence. Well this is the belief. That in fifty five years or less the artificial intelligence we come smarter than the humans and they'll kill us really must shares that fear is that we need to be more afraid of artificial intelligence than we do nuclear weapons and so they're now. Well why is that well because eventually they're going to look at us and say you're imperfect and you should be destroyed like a virus. To me this is so fascinating because as we talk about colonizing another place as we talk about giving artificial intelligence thinking ability. Right. Deep machine learning the big issue that no one really is addressing is will it abide by any set of laws. Will this city on Mars. What will be the laws of this city or if we don't have that we are literally there's no reason to think we're not just going to blow up Mars like we did are right there has to be some logic along that pathway. So so we have to begin to engage with people and say Should we stay on Earth or should we go. I think there's an inroad that we can have with people. With an Adventist mindset. It has never been easier in my opinion to be a Seventh Day Adventist in the United States and other parts of the world very difficult. I was in India recently to be a Seventh Day Adventist this is how it works. You work six days a week and typically that includes Saturday your job does not let you out of work. So to become a Seventh Day Adventist you have to start your own business and I met some young people starting their own businesses. Why do you start your own business because you have to find a way to allow yourself to keep the Sabbath because the Sabbath is is this hot thing right now right. And then you get to keep the Sabbath. And then you could become some of the avenues and it's amazing to me talk about evangelism. If that's the route. I think of fruition lab that was held recently that could be the evangelism inroads into a country like India of Who Wants to enjoy the Sabbath and become a Seventh Day Adventist we're going to start with step one. I want to show you how to start your own business. It's a fascinating reverse of ideas. Unlike perhaps here in America where we have more laws that protect us but the idea that we need to be dwelling in conversation with people is should we stay on this earth or should we go because sadly as we all talked about the future. That's not unique to a Seventh Day Adventist audience grim violent dark running out of resources the climate has changed the ice caps have melted the animals are extinct. This is what secular scientists would tell you the future is grim. We must go. We must do all we can to save it. You see this this issue taking place and this is the case in film. If you've been exposed to trailers or films or you know about what's being described unfilmed it's usually foreboding when you think about our lifetimes seeing our lifetime. I'm thirty five and we go from our year old you are to however old you are we've been exposed to this idea that the machines are coming that war is coming that disasters are coming. It's quite fascinating. What media has embedded into our culture so that if this was a room full of people that that didn't have a faith background or faith foundation. I think we get the same answers that we just came up with which is quite fascinating. So people are thinking people when you think about the future. A lot of times people have this image of a post a pox. Elliptic world. Something has happened as I asked two young ladies in South Africa Tell me about the future. Identical. They said well in the future kind of look like this really that's your view of the future. Now as a Seventh Day Adventist how do we engage with that thought. So here's technology racing down one path and the other path and say wait. If everybody is painting the picture that the future looks grim then people see it should be more open to the idea of there's a better solutions. I want to show you something. This is where scripture comes back in very relevant eyes and fourteen and he's twenty eight or two fascinating chapters in Scripture about Lucifer. And this one. Everyone there will stare at you. So this is into the future right picture we've gone into the future. This is what the world looks like and then this statement is being said to Lucifer everyone there will stare at you and ask. Can this be the one who shook the earth and made the kingdoms of the world tremble. Is this the one who destroyed the world and made it into a wasteland. Is this the king who demolished the world's greatest cities and had no mercy on his prisoners Scripture tells us that the individual responsible for the destruction is Lucifer. So as an admin as you've got to put that under the table of what we're considering. What does the future look like Ellen White makes the statement while appearing to the Children of Men is a great physician who can heal all their maladies which lets us know the world will be very sick in the future. He will bring disease and disaster until Pop. The cities are reduced to ruin and desolation. So this is the humbling thing. Scientists visionary minds like Ilan Musk Ellen White and scripture paint a picture that at some point there is that moment of destruction that takes place. We don't really know how that that happens there's a lot of clues natural disaster climate change seems to portray itself a lot in the writings of Ellen White and even in Scripture and so as we engage with technology we've got to know this is really where a lot of people see this going. How do we engage with it now in a positive way and what do we do with it. So here's how we engage with it. It has to depend on your worldview how we engage with technology and artificial intelligence directly relates with your worldview. If you believe you are God's creation that you were created by a creator or you're going to use technology differently. What technology will do for you will be different but on the other hand if you believe we are gods of creation that the apex of evolution will be robots replacing human jobs then it's a totally different world view. Right. And we've got to figure out where do we fall in this mix technology is somebody put a word there what is technology is helpful a tool powerful revolutionary. Or more. Or is it efficient. It's a good one expensive. All right my thought was technology is time. Think about this for a second technology is time. Why do we. Use technology it speeds things up. It's speed so many things up so many processes up there would take a lot longer technology can speed up. So if you're engaging with this. I want to hear there's a survey on the slide show is technology more good than bad or more bad than good. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Was there technology in Paradise is there technology in paradise. Will there be technology in paradise. I'm going to say yes there was technology in paradise zero hands how many say yes there is technology in paradise. For hands. You are exactly right. How many believe there will be technology in paradise. OK. He's exactly right. What is technology. We really think about our typical definition of technology is something that plugs into a wall or has a battery write. But let me ask you what about something like the soil. That seems to function almost constantly bacteria in the soil. Tom you know about this this is the soil is a technological powerhouse. And we poor poisons on it and hope to get a greater yield that is like pouring water on your computer to hope it gets faster. Soil is unbelievable technology vitamin D. synthesis that I can go out in the sun the chemical reactions can take place and I can lower my cholesterol our bodies are unbelievable technology we don't even have to plug them in right. Re productivity. Might have to check the age limit before we talk about that subject see germination when we put a seed in the ground there is technology. That heats the seed a White describes electricity goes to the seed and the plant springs forth breathing trees we wonder why pollution is increasing. We're cutting all trees down. Trees are unbelievable technology they take our bad act and they give us oxygen. They take the C O two. They give us the oxygen. What a lesson of the Gospel embedded in nature. They take their bad they give us the good hunger hunger is amazing. Anybody ever get hangry around here. Yeah it's like something going on here talks to something up here and then leaves my face to go like this and speak very quickly with people and then love anybody ever been in love in like had this almost sick feeling in your stomach anybody come on like this your stomach just is all in knots and we need more people in love so low I believe love is technology as well. I want technology in history. We often think more of the plug in kind the battery kind of press the press arguably change the world. The press arguably saved the world from utter destruction. Why Gutenberg began per printing Bibles led to the Protestant revolution and reformation and I believe the World's Prosperity is owed to that man what amazing technology the story goes that the gentleman who were learning with him began to print Bibles the same the same the same and somebody said you can't write Bibles the same witchcraft is taking place here. And they tried to shut him down. This is the story of Gutenberg fascinating but the press was amazing technology radio T.V. and Web has been amazing technology we could have been afraid of it but we engaged with it and it has assisted in the mission. Of spreading the gospel to the world transportation think about how much time has been saved with transportation. When someone would have come to G. Y.C. from Australia one hundred years ago would have been on a boat and on the train and maybe on a horse the last few miles. Now it's a short flight or a longer flight if you're from somewhere along the way these I believe we should engage with because they assist in something that we have as a mission a message going out to the world. I find it fascinating that we are witnessing something in society based on our devices. A laptop I would argue is a production device. You're producing it's got half of its guts for production any any video editors out here. Any any graphic designers artists writers you are producing with this but the majority of the world is buying devices that are really just consumption devices. I mean think about it if we just looked at the tools and technologies the majority of us with our phones. We're just consuming information. Never has there been a greater opportunity to use technology to get information into people's lives technology in the future looks like this we won't need health care anymore. We've literally cracked the code. Thanks to the Gospel and Jesus is said by the way there's no death and sickness in this new place human flight. It's all changed. You won't need airplanes anymore. The trees will provide your food and there's going to be a lot of music and arts. That this. Paradise in our future will be I think loaded with technology. Ellen White describe something that we we should embrace technology because it frees up our time we shouldn't shun it. But what we're going to look at in our coming seminars is where where is where do the pitfalls come in because it can't just be all rosy and we can't just look fifty years out and say well it is bad but let's enjoy it while it lasts. We've got to find a way to engage with it is technology our Savior. Did anybody see the poll on on slide oh what's what's what. Or what's our consensus here is it more good than bad more bad than good. What's it. You know active polls will they be. I didn't put the right setting. I'll do that where we're at now. So there's a lot of us right now at an age where we've got to figure out what am I going to do with my life right. Anybody asked that question. OK Well let me be the first every single morning. I ask the Lord. Am I doing what you want me to do with my life and then tomorrow morning agency is this what you call me to do and maybe that's not a good trait but every day I ask myself sometimes at the end of the day too and is this what I've been called to do I want to challenge you continually ask yourself that question. Don't be afraid to pivot. Don't be afraid to say you know what this is a rut. I need to move out of this rut and as you're thinking. Obviously I'm assuming there's a lot a lot of admin is mindset in this room as you're thinking where are we in the stream of prophecy. You have questions you're asking yourself every day. How am I. Engaging with this world I live in how my gauging with the technology is it molding me or am I using it to mold the world around me. And these types of questions circling this. I think are very relevant right now and I tell you why we live in a world of war. We live in a world where I can tell you from my travels in this past year. We are a match away from a rebellion and a revolution like the world has never seen the young people in India are working themselves to death with the thought the only way out is work harder harder harder and and I would argue it's much like the millennial generation here in the states over just work harder just work more. The politics around the world is fragile and the media is driving thought we can see that from this past election Americans on both sides of the aisle were pretty much shocked at the results of the election and many people argue the reason was was because Facebook through the algorithms didn't show us what was going on there was a survey recently done at one of the Ivy League schools in this country where they asked students. How many of you would like to be taught ideas that conflict that disagree with your current worldview. Thirteen percent said yes eighty seven percent said don't talk to me about ideas that disagree with what I already think as I want to ask you as you engage with media. Do you have friends that argue on one side of an issue and argue on the other side of an issue because here's the danger if we're all in our own bubble and we think everyone agrees with us. We won't know how to engage with culture will be shocked when someone disagrees with us and our generation of millennial more than any other does not know. How to deal with conflict. Right. I mean when we disagree. It's usually a fight or I don't like you anymore or unfriend or I'm not following them anymore. It's like Rarely is that why do you feel that way. Right. It's usually I'm tired of seeing that guy's opinions on that issue or that girl's opinions on that get out of my life right when it if we wanted to be balanced. We would start to say I need to find people that disagree with me. And not to prove them on another issue. I need to find out why do we disagree. How do we disagree. Anybody is this relating with anybody anybody really this. Some some of us have. Our world is in social media. Our next presentation going to talk about that but our world is social media my thoughts are what my friends think I wouldn't dare tell them I think differently. I wouldn't have any followers right. So I wouldn't dare disagree with them they would invite me. Maybe in real life to somewhere. And so we're surrounding ourselves in a world where it's artificial. We been trapped into this. And we're going to look at that soon. Why we've been trapped into it. What is the allure with social media. How do we get sucked into this vortex where it's like I cannot go a day without engaging with my social media. Am I. Addicted. Yes when I don't have my phone in my pocket like near the ocean or a pool. Do I Do this a lot. Yes grabbing for my phone or artificial buzzes anybody ever really this will mean I don't have my phone I don't. My pants buzz is the weirdest thing right. I mean your world is this they said eighty seven percent of us now. Wake up sometime in the night to check our phones. It's amazing this culture we live in check this out and the White says satans policy in the final conflict with God's people is the same that he employed in the opening of the great controversy in heaven. That's why we've got to know how did this war began because that's how it ends. He professed to be seeking to promote the stability of the Divine government while secretly bending every effort to secure its overthrow this is why we have to be very careful trusting the sources of information and media that are coming into our lives. Jesus can only tell the truth. Lucifer can do both. He can mix good and evil. This best strategy that's exactly right. So when we're told something often in the news. We believe it. Well I mean they're a big organisation they make billions of dollars. Why would they lie. I mean you can't go around being successful and lying in the world you have to be honest. Of course they're telling the truth. How good you are your conspiracy theorist. You don't think that they're really down the truth but I think this is the principle if you haven't read it go back. There's a book the story of redemption. It's like chapters one into it talks about the origin of the war it was very very smooth. In our terms there were a lot of retreats and half two weeks going on on a shares going on. Lucifer's method was tell me your name. Sophia. His method was this know your name. I've been talking to Sophia. You know this whole issue with the government and this is what we're thinking. Now he has respect for Sophia and I get the back out. Because now he thinks Well there's there's this is an issue going on because they think that and and he share that information and then and he goes over here and says Hey. So you know there's in this thing this you know this kind of thing. This is what's popular you wouldn't want to be in the out crowd and in the nitty gritty details we start to learn that with the words the vast majority of have been was ready to start the revolution. Because hey everybody is in on this we're told it was the highest angels that were leading. He's got all the generals. He's got all the media. He's got all the leaders he's got all the musicians he's got everybody and who would you be to stand against I mean we are the ones people listen to. Right. And so you can see why is this statement relevant. Why do I still put my stock and anything Alan White wrote because this is reality while the world is seeking to promote this agenda of peace and of safety. There is another thing coming and we've got to find a way to engage with this reality in our presentations we're going to talk about just two things. There are two kingdoms. There are only two laws in the universe. I literally believe this. Before this earth was created This is some of the crazy stuff that they probably won't invite me back for I believe there are only two lost in all eternity past one existed for the longest amount of time and one existed for just a few minutes in heaven. We're going to talk about those two principles that these two laws represent. One of them is sustainable. The other is unsustainable. There's something that our generation is all about sustainability. How do we care for what we've been entrusted with is this sustainable we should ask thought about everything we're doing is the thing I'm doing sustainable could it happen for thousands of years is pouring poison on my plant to keep the bugs away a sustainable idea. We should ask ourselves that right. We should consider or is it unsustainable and we really you have to put the Ten Thousand hundred thousand year framework around it because eternity is a big picture will just bring it down a little bit. Could this exist for ten thousand years. And if it can't. It's unsustainable and so as we consider those things are or and world view are we. God's creation or we the gods of creation. It's going to affect everything we do. It's going to affect how we treat sickness and disease. If I'm a random amount of chemicals. I will treat disease with chemicals. If I was designed with principles and given the nutrients to live by then I'm going to treat disease differently than the next person. It should define what we eat and drink it should affect our daily and weekly lifestyle our health and longevity. Why am I concerned about the future because I want to those strange diets that the Blue Zones talks about a plant rich diet. So I am really hoping that I'm going to live like these hundred year olds in Southern California. So that's what sixty five years from now at fifty five years. They're talking about this extinction event. If you're younger than me or if you're exceptionally healthy. We're going to see technology do things that the Lord does not return that are going to blow our minds. So we have to be thinking we have to be the leaders in society people are wondering where we had it. We can't give them a grim future it doesn't help you wake up in the morning to be discouraged that an extinction event is coming. You have to give people hope we have to start to live and breathe this idea of paradise. While we're on this earth so that when we get there. People say oh man this is this is like it was meant only better. And the last thing is the ethics and morals we give artificial intelligence. This is going to be the big issue will these robots and here to law. Our next presentation I think we're going to take a fifteen minute break after our slot here. The selfie generation that's going to be upon We're going to talk surveillance Facebook social media selfies and fame and a whole bunch of stuff. This picture is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken with my wife. We had just got out of the cage we got on to the top of the boat and I'm like there's a shark out there. I want to take fifty pictures and one of them will work and we got the shark in it. So that's pretty exciting. Is there any questions and answers let's talk for a few minutes. Anything I said made sense totally confusing worthless valuable. Yeah should be sixty nine twenty three. Somebody have those questions pulled up. Like when people are putting the code in it's not working. You got to work. OK not to pull. Yeah. What are some of the questions anyone's at the top. All that. It's good to read that just so I don't miss it. On the topic of terra forming Mars is there any scriptural evidence to suggest that this is a few tile endeavor. That's a good question. What do we know as a student of scripture about extraterrestrial life. Is there extraterrestrial life. It's pretty interesting. I can a world that wonders. We're saying in a group of Bible believing students there is extraterrestrial life. We shouldn't be shocked when you see headlines about satellites being formed in China to communicate with extraterrestrial life. We believe there's extraterrestrial life why do we believe that in job. Please. OK So Joe we've got a reference in job to extraterrestrial beings shouting for joy when the earth was created you think they're shouting for joy today. It's probably a sad television show. Like one. I don't think they watch anymore. And on history. Is there any other references that we have in Scripture for why we broadly said oh yeah we believe in extraterrestrial life. OK We've got proof that that two citizens of this earth are now in another place Moses and Elijah with the Transfiguration seen how about Hebrews yet. Please. We cannot say that the doctor said it was OK or not that's for. Hebrews gives us a glimpse. What is that I think it's Hebrews Chapter one Verse two Jesus is this described as the creator of what the world's So it's plural. So there's another bit of evidence Job Job was a good one. We're told that there's these councils in the heavens where the leaders of the planets come to I mean this is very science fiction sounding stuff from our Bibles. So it's a back to the question is it a few tile endeavor. I think I'm not a source of fact on that we humans need oxygen right. So I mean the solution to warm up Mars atmosphere of I've seen you on must ideas drop nukes on it. I don't know where that leads if you drop nuclear weapons on a planet. It could affect things right. So is it a futile endeavor. I would tell you if we decided we're making Australia pretty moderate climate. Our new safe haven for the future that society will collapse without one law that sustains so I would say Mars is a futile endeavor we haven't figured out how to care for this earth. Why do we think we can do it right the next time I can till we figure out the center problem the selfishness problem will keep destroying planets. And I don't think that's what the Lord intended is another question. Yeah we're marketed technology is very sexy. You know a good looking celebrity has a cool gadget. I need that I want to be good looking. The guy running down the street faster has the new watch. I want to be faster. I need to watch the new tennis year I mean and when I was twelve years old. It was those new tennis shoes are the technology that will make me jump higher and you may relate with that those will make me jump higher so. So yeah it's interesting we are marketed in order to buy products the technology in the future is awesome but when you get into the nitty gritty of where does this technology lead us. Well Hollywood shows me we blow ourselves up. So if there is a strange dichotomy it's like at one hand we think this and the other hand we're like yeah but I'm buying that new i Phone to morrow. You know it's kind of confusing I think it's something we should consider why do we. Why do we view the short term in such a positive light. But the long term we're like oh it's bad out there just push bad off into the future. Talk loud. I think that's a good point. I think it's quite interesting that you once again I think it's quite interesting that who are the greatest opponents of caring for the environment in the media who are the opponents. The Christians right. So many back me up. I don't want to say something that's not true. Yet the Christians are Christians are the greatest opponents of caring for nature in the environment and they deny that climate change is even happening. They're the enemy. Right now. Sadly. Here's the other side of that coin. We're going to leave this planet. It doesn't matter what we do with it. Jesus is coming destroy the thing he's going to destroy it any way you can see how that's that's got to to a mind that doesn't understand all the spiritual sense abilities that you have the Seventh Day Adventists or eyes or something. Having us. Does that sounds crazy like destroy something you were intrusted with and told to care for because you're getting a better shiny or toy like what our back here the new lease up here. Yeah. Yes character. Sure. Is more sustainable the new technology but then that's interesting. So I think. Let's not let others define what technology is but I've got a tree that keeps growing and. I keep caring for it and he keeps giving me food each year. That's a sustainable unbelievable piece of technology and from a faith perspective. I've got different sources of sustainable power helping that tree grow the sunshine water. So I think we need to be embracing technology to answer your question. Technology is much bigger than electricity. It is much bigger than that technology is making things happen quicker quicker. Let me give an example I think the Holy Spirit when it's poured out will be technology on a level we never consider technology we're told there were teleportation Zz in the New Testament with Philip like that is so science fiction in the future like beams of light stuff taking you from one place to another we're told that was a reality. OK so the prayer of technology the technology of prayer. We should talk about it sometime. That's interesting. Adventism how it meets the needs of sustainability. I'll try and then you tell me if I'm going in the right direction our views on what we eat are very sustainable very sustainable. If if I went on a rant and I'll give you twenty seconds of going around the Earth will have been destroyed because we ate it to death. We ate ourselves into extinction. We destroyed the rainforests to plant G.M.O. corn to feed the cows. So that we could kill them and if you're on another planet right now you. So confused. They kill these cows by the day with like these electric shock bolts and stuff but they have issues with killing rhinos. But that's weird like they kill these little birds but the big ostrich is the kind of issue killing like we're the most hypocritical planet that ever could have come into existence. It's quite it's insane. So our view on diet is very sustainable our view on climate change we were entrusted with a planet that we should care for and not destroy. That's pretty sensible. Our view on community is very sustainable. Caring for one another. So there I think there are so many areas where you could address. We were given the sustainable message our message on health care was very sustainable. We were going to message that could go on for ten thousand years but sadly we're not living on that system and it's bankrupting the world and so I think so many areas we can go are very sustainable. Are they we're going to take a break and we'll be back in fifteen minutes I don't know what our time is what sort of fifteen minutes we're starting in this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas a supporting ministry at the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W O R G.


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