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4. Mario, the Princess and Bowser

Scott Mayer Jared Thurmon


The most famous video game in history has fascinating similarities to the war in the Bible. A hero seeks to rescue a woman from the clutches of the dragon – sound familiar? Join us as we discuss the intrigue of gamification, it’s influence in pop culture and how technology is influencing it all.



  • December 29, 2016
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online at W W W T Y C. When I'm so glad you're here for some reason I have lost my voice and it is very humbling. To be excited to share to have studied to repaired and then to not be able to do it but I'm so grateful that Lonnie blessed us and now. Scotty Mayer with a little light studios is going to share. He and I had officially. Planned to do this this way. So this works out perfect. As I think about Paul. Who had a lifelong blindness. And he was humbled. It definitely makes you feel your fragile ety in life. I got a parasite in India about ten years ago. And when I got home they thought I had leprosy. And I had been with lepers and to be told you had leprosy. It's very humbling. I then was told I probably had AIDS. And they ran the tests and I was an AIDS. Then they said it's likely cancer and I wasn't cancer seven years later it was a parasite. So. This seminar is not on dealing with trial. But if you go through a trial. God will always bring you out better on the other side. If we can say a word of prayer pray for me. I am so excited to share tomorrow morning. God willing and Sabbath. But I know you're going to be blessed now. And I'm praising the Lord has given me a little bit of voice. I was obsessed with video games video games tickle every fancy in a boy's body. I'm using both hands. I'm using my eyes using my brain I think and I love it. And the statistics show that the average gamer is thirty seven years old right. So my wife will often tell me. I'm so thankful you're not addicted to video games. Many of my friends. Many people are addicted the games. This is a real thing. I think this is just it is ninety eight percent of us play games at some time or another. Scotty is going to open our eyes to this world and it's absolutely fascinating. So thank you for being here. And if you would pray with me and we will begin. Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this day I thank you for trial. I thank you that you have led me and Scotty to bless us this afternoon. Please speak to us. Show us what is true. Help us to leave this place blessed and encouraged and inspired. I pray this in Jesus' name amen. And the craziest thing is I feel great. Well it's an honor to come and. Just come and attend A G Y C. I always love coming here so thank you for even giving me the opportunity to come out and say a few things I don't know if you've heard of our ministry. I work for a ministry called Little Light Studios. People often ask why did you call it Little white. You're supposed to pick some big name that's strong. And I'll tell you what I grew up a Seventh Day Adventist kid just like many of you in this room. My parents were very big on going to church. I went to church every single weekend and I'll tell you when I got of the age of eighteen nineteen years old I threw it out the window and went completely into the world and I had many many friends that I had had experiences with and never ever told them anything that I believed. So I chose when God called me out of the world and back into ministry. I chose to share my light just like the little song says and never hide it from anyone again. So part of our ministry. We have a passion to talk about relevant issues so I think what Jared is presenting and what you what maybe if you guys have been to some of the other presentations in this room is so vitally important. We have to start talking about these things that immersed in today's world and we have to start making some serious decisions. So I pray as we open up this conversation. Many of you. I mean I'm just going out on a limb. I'm sure many of you probably struggle with this topic and so I hope that you hear something today that will just spark something inside of you to just give that to God. But spare heads for a word of prayer. Dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord on this beautiful Thursday afternoon Lord we humbly come before you Lord. This is your. Inference this is these are your words that are being spoken in all of these meetings every single one of them vitally important but Lord. They're worth nothing unless those seeds of truth fall upon that rich soil and take root. So it is my fervent prayer Lord that something that is said today makes each and every individual leave the Jew I see with a deeper truth an understanding of how much you love and adore us. We love you in Jesus name Amen. We titled this controller the counterfeit controversy. I want to see see a raise the hands how many of you play video games. OK. Almost everyone in the room probably at some point in time has played a video game or two right. So I want to tell you I'm going to start of this conversation telling you how awesome new video games are. How many of you have heard of a game called Gran Turismo and if you play this game. You know this game is pretty amazing the designers of the game actually designed the game to be so realistic. That they even put cracks in the videogame that are the same cracks that are out on the courses. So when you play the different courses you actually have a very close experience to what it's like to play that video games are going to go out and actually race in that car so cars and Henri here is one of the game's designers and he wanted to create the game so realistic that he could actually train you to become a race car driver and this is actually what's happening. They have a whole academy that's teamed up with Nissan and they play video games and they train these young kids to actually become racecar drivers and let me tell you there has been real race car drivers that have come out of these academies and act. Julie one real Reese's. That's how powerful this awesome video game is it's amazing. And they have found that it is an amazing teaching tool because you think about it how expensive is it to drive around in a race car very expensive if you crash it big trouble you potentially could get hurt. I mean there's all kinds of things so they found that the best way to train you with the minimum amount of damage to you is through a video game. Now there's all kinds of examples of these kids that have come out and actually done some pretty amazing things but they started out playing video games now video games have also started to be explored in the medical world you see in the surgery world. It is very dangerous to train somebody how to do very complicated surgeries that you might hurt the patient. You might do something wrong. So what they have found is that if you actually train them with a video game you can get them to do very complicated things with minimal damage to those individuals so Video games are even starting to come into the medical world. There's a lot of things on the Internet that talk about this technology in academic medicine videogames take an increasing role in medical education you can look this up on your own time. If you'd like to here's an interesting article that I found. There using video games with stroke victims because what they have found is when you have a stroke you lose certain parts of your brain function. So those certain parts that stop being able to communicate. They have to retrain your brain to be able to communicate the sit in the same way. So guess what they found that if they just hand you a video game that it's an amazing way to retrain your brain. They are an amazing at. Really amazing tool so often we hear video games are bad video games are bad video games are bad. You've probably heard that a million times but you know what there's actually some really really positive uses to video games. They've even used it with older people. They've how many of you played the we right. You know I think that there needs to be a distinction also between a good video game and a bad video game. I do not believe just because you are Plame tennis or something with a we that it is inherently evil in trying to change your mind. I look at a game as much like you do a board game you can play a board game with your friends and have a wonderful time but did you know that the same companies that make a lot of the video are the board games that you've played also made we do boards. So just because it's made by a company that makes a game. I don't necessarily believe that it is bad. They have found that video games can help older people stay alive longer and move increasing their brain function ten hours by only playing for ten hours they were able to increase their cognitive skills. How many of you played a game on your phone called Cut the Rope. And if you love cut the rope. How many of your addicted to cut the rope. You don't have to resume. Just kidding. Did you know that cut the rope actually increases your brain function to multitask and do things faster. It's actually a positive game so to say with your brain after playing twenty hours of cut the rope this particular group that was studied was able to concentrate sixty percent better and switch between tasks thirty three percent. Faster and adapt to newer situations so Brothers I think we have to brother and sister. We have to look at the seriousness of you know what videogames are actually an amazing teaching tool. Honestly and you're probably thinking of that you're going to talk about all the bad stuff. The video games. Look at this gaming in the workplace. This is actually something that they're starting to find out that when you used to get a job and you would go work for a particular corporation that you used to go and they would pop a little video in a training video I don't know if you've ever gotten a job where they do this and people would sit down and they would float off in their imagination and they wouldn't pay attention to the video. So what they have found that in the workplace. If they train you with a video game. Guess what you're going to do it ten times better than if you were to just sit and watch a video. Now there's all kinds of studies on the Internet to talk about the them using it in the workplace how people can master skills the military has long used video games to educate people how to disarm in a very dangerous situation. So they actually have these simulated video games where they go in and they need to get rid of a bomb or need they need to do something now can you imagine working in the military if there was really a live bomb that you had to go disarm you would probably. Freak out and maybe something would go wrong and they would be loss of life. So what they have found is they can achieve some very very high in skills in teaching military people how to disarm those without actually destroying anybody or anything. They can teach you how to fly a helicopter. You can sit and learn how to do these amazing complicated things simply by playing a video game. Now if if you look deep enough into the video into. The military's interactions with video games they have actually the Pentagon has put lots of money and is often associated with some of the top military video games why because they realize if the military puts a lot of energy into the development of it. What they can do is they can train generations of people to be more accepting of the military and therefore teach them how to or desired them to go into the military now. I have a little video clip here. This of this is a guy who wrote a book on how to get people to pull a trigger and kill someone. Now it's a very difficult thing to get somebody who has never ever killed someone before. How do you get them to actually point that weapon at somebody and pull the trigger. So there's a whole psychology that happens in the military to get them to be able to do that kind of a thing and they also teach cops how to do the same thing. So here's a little video clip of the guy talking with FOX News about this training. Hello welcome to hell program Dr Manny whenever we turn on the news we're bombarded with stories in fact according to the F.B.I. this that there were nearly fifteen thousand murders in twenty fifteen alone. What is behind this turn Colonel Dave Grossman is pointing the finger to video games here. Because of your book. Generation video games aggression and the psychology of killing and I think this is a must read for parents especially parents of young children. Let's talk about your background a little bit you know why it's such a personal project for you. You know began the story in the topic of killing your wrote the book On Killing Marine Corps commandant your cord reading after fifteen years of war or mean or for short term and reading it when I began to become aware of how we teach soldiers and cops how we have to. Condition them to be able to pull the trigger on the resistance. We realize the video game we threw in the same things to the kids. You mentioned before the psychology of killing. What is that. You know there is a study of the dynamics of getting healthy people to pull the trigger right. And we have found my book On Killing eight languages half a million copies sold now the same publisher. The the book On Killing outlined how we've got to be able to take soldiers and cops make killing your conditioned responses be of Skinner So operant conditioning. And and we know that we've a science to it. We do it to adults we do it very carefully. We put safeguards of discipline on it but anybody who's been in the armed forces or law enforcement the last fifty years. You don't shoot bull's eye target you shoot a man shoot silhouette photo realistic target. We go to the qualification range and over shoot a bull's eye or goods we shoot at problem gets we hit that target the target drops. It's B. of skin or it's freed up operant conditioning and a frightened human being will do what he's conditioner doing like a pilot in a flight simulator like a child in a fighter and that's exactly what a lot of these video games are doing. So here is a guy that trains military people how to kill people and he's taking a look at this whole video game world and he's going there doing the same thing in the video games. The same ways that he psychologically would teach people how to be able to pull the trigger is happening in many of these military video games. So the video games are an amazing teaching tool they can rewire your brain to do all kinds of different things. Then my question is what is everyone plane. What's the video games that is the most common thing that people are playing. Here's some of the best selling games sold in two thousand and fourteen. This date is a little bit old. But look at this first person shooters take up twenty one percent of the market action games twenty eight percent of the market sports games thirteen percent of the market. So most of the video games that are played are literally first person shooter or action video games where you are being someone or doing those kind of things. Oh so in today's world. This is this is this is coming from last year two thousand or two years ago two thousand and fifteen almost two years ago. What do you think is the top sold video game. Call of Duty. You probably already saw a few of them Call of Duty your correct fallout Star Wars Grand Theft Auto Minecraft mortal combat or Call of Duty. Can I just ask you a quick question how many of you played Call of Duty. A lot of people in this room who have played Call of Duty. Now we'll get to that and we'll talk a little bit about some of these video games is the best selling video games. Call of Duty is very interesting you know the black ops three generated five hundred and fifty million dollars in seventy two hours of its release. Just to give you a glimpse about which money that is that is so much money. It's insane Hollywood can barely do those kind of numbers. So if you think somebody spends a little bit of time watching movies. Guess what you spend tons more time playing these types of video games. Here's the top ten P.C. video games that were in two thousand and fifteen grand theft auto. Can I ask you a question how do you see in grand air play Grand Theft Auto. OK a good number of you. These are all ones that are going to play at Sims anybody play sims. Yeah few of you. OK So let's talk about some of these video games. Oh before I get to that Jared when he asked if I would help him out with this presentation. He asked me to say something about Marc. How many of you played Mario. Is there anyone in this room that has not played Mario please raise your hand. Oh my goodness. Are you guys like ten. Just kidding. You have not played Mario I am absolutely impressed by that because do you know that that is one of the most of the recognized faces next to Jesus. I mean seriously. Listen listen in the world. You look this up on the Internet in the world people have been able to recognize Mario like like they're recognizing religious figures. That's how Big Mario is so I have a question for you. Notice right here. Mario can't what is his job. Do you remember what his job was. He's a carpenter right. OK he's a plumber. But did you know that he was a carpenter before he became a plumber. Look this up. Look at this so. He was a carpenter before he became a plumber and his whole job is to save a woman from something that looks like a. Brothers and sisters do you realize that you see and play the great controversy all the time all the time. I don't know if you as have ever seen anything that our ministry has put out but people always ask how do you see this or that or the other in all the movies. Do you know why is because we are engaged in a full blown war brothers and sisters full blown and we are in this war for our minds. And what is happening here is counterfeit after counterfeit after counterfeit and all it's meant to do is take you away from the truth of Jesus. So I hope that as we get to get into Black Ops Sims some. These other video games that are commonly played even by people in this room. Brothers sisters you will see the great controversy and you will say it's time that we get to be back to the people of the book and to do with the book is asking us to be. Mario Brothers five fifty million downloaded for Super Mario run it's amazing you know if you just type in Mario and Jesus. You'll see arts and all kinds of things that people have have illustrated him in very Christ like poses. It's quite fascinating. How many have played this when no one. You know was fascinated about this particular series that came out what does it say right here. This is the slogan that they came out with the campaign. It says Hunt the truth. What is the truth. Brother and Sisters. Why why did I just ask you to be a people of the book. Why did I just tell you you've got to now know what does this book say who is the very definition of truth. That's right. I am the Truth and the way and the life. Right. So if you see something like this a slogan that says Hunt to the truth. What is that telling you. Interesting where we going with this. So I want to play the trailer to this and I want you to listen listen to the words that are said because it is very important for you to pay attention and the better you know your Bible. The faster you can spot these things and say. I know what they're doing. Listen. Oh yeah. Before I get to this. They leave guy the good guy is named Master Chief right. The Bible tells us who are Master Chief is his name is John one one seven. John one seventeen says for the law was given to Moses by grace truth came by. Jesus Christ. So his very name John one one seven has to do with Jesus. OK When you look at the movie poster it says Son victim orphan soldier warrior hero savior trader they are letting you know who this lead character is that you are playing with they are telling you this is like Jesus. Here's the trailer for it. This is the truth. You should. So they said the Vishal story is the Master Chief is dead but he's not really dead. He's still alive. Now it is your job to go and hunt the truth and that's what you're doing when you're playing this video game. So Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and The Life and the no man cometh unto the Father but by me. Now here's something that's interesting that happens in this video game. This is the master chief wandering in the desert. When he's confronted by this big and jelly bean now who is wandering in the desert. That is confronted by some big dark thing in the video game they're playing with you. Now in Halo five. They came out with something on You Tube that says Halo five the Guardians official believe trailer when you think of believe when you hear these things. What does that do to you. My little spiritual and ten I go up and I say interesting. They must be discussing the great controversy. So here. They're going to show you a video clip of two characters. It's John one one seven fighting against the bad guy and they're listen to the words that they say back and forth to each other. Completely. I believe in protecting I believe words threats require great sacrifice. I believe in taking down a traitor. I believe now John one one seven is saying I believe in completing my mission at all costs. Is that not what Jesus did yes or no. Did Jesus say I believe that great things require great sacrifice is that not what Judge John one seven just said they're messing with you that this is Jesus and what the object of the video game is to hunt down and take out that traitor. And think about it. How did we start this out our video games are a good teaching tool yes or no absolutely. They're amazing. They can teach you all kinds of things and walk in love as Christ also have loved us and have given him. Himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice. To God for a sweet smelling savor says efficiency five first to Call of Duty Modern Warfare if you see a lot of the video games play on biblical themes Here's a trailer for Modern Warfare first ever strike. So what if the brothers. Cried out from has been everywhere but there's silence. I you get the idea. For those of you that couldn't hear he said Cain was the first one to strike down his brother. And since that time of Cain man has been striking down his brothers and sons and fathers since that day and here it is just glorifying killing each other. But you know it's interesting in the end of the world when you really get to the nuts and bolts of what is God asking of us what is he calling out us as Seventh Day Adventists Christians to be and to do is it not to show love to our brothers and sisters. Is it not to constantly putrid a the characteristics the fruits of the Spirit to those around us. Then does this video game have anything to teach you. Other than to hate on those around you. Here's something interesting that Mrs White said in the great controversy page one hundred ninety nine how habits are established. Any one act whether it evil or good does not form the character but thoughts and feelings indoors to prepare the way for the acts and deeds of the same kind it is by repetition of acts that habits are established in character confirmed. Do you know in video games. That's all you're doing is over and over and over and over and by repetition. You see all those things into your mind by that act. You are constantly creating you are putting one little tiny mark upon your character. It is not just because you played one video game or were exposed to one movie or you heard one song. It is repetition of all of those things. Over and over again. Time to stay stablished good habits the character is born to a graphics early years the habits then established have an influence than any natural endowment in making men either Giants or Dorson intellect for the very best talents may through wrong habits be warped and feeble old the earlier in the life one contracts hurtful habits. The more firmly. Will they hold on to their victim in slavery and the more certainly they will lower his standard of spirituality brothers and sisters do you ever wonder why we get so involved in the things of this world and you wonder why am I not feeling like I'm having a connection with God. Why if I play these video games all week long and then I try to go to church and I try to sit and I try to listen to a pastor for one hour were in my going to soak in a relationship with God. If you just flip the model. If you just took as much time as you spend playing a video game and you opened up your Bible and you read the words of God. Would you not have a different experience with God We are at the end of this whole thing we don't have time to waste on these things any longer. You have heard it said of old that Val shalt not kill but whoever shall kill shall be in danger of that judgement. You know I think the devil is very smart. He has created a system of some theme. Where you play with other people doing those particular since you're not really going out and killing anyone. You're not really going out and doing those horrible acts. It's someone else it's in a video game. All you're doing is watching. But you. What Romans one thirty two tells me. It tells me that no in the judgment of God they which commit such things are worthy of that of death. Not only do the same but they take pleasure in them that do them. Translation. If you commit murder. You are worthy of the judgment of murder but if you take pleasure in someone committing murder. You are also in danger of that judgment does that make sense. Yes or no brothers and sisters. That's why it's really important to go back and say everything I do. It's not just media. It's not just music and movies. It's everything does it line up with the Word of God yes or no. Here's something that's interesting about Call of Duty that you may or may not know if you're really into the videogame you might know this but this is on Call of Duty is a website this is the story of the back story what's happening in Call of Duty and let me know if your spiritual alarm bells go off and the one nine hundred forty S. in Morgan City residents four individuals Jessica Rose a burlesque dancer who intends to pursue a career in motion pictures. Jack Vincit a corrupt cop has been dealing with various different mob gangsters. So all of them have committed these heinous deeds in the past in order to achieve their goals. So these are terrible people and at one point. All four of them gather together under the black lace burlesque club and they are somehow put to sleep then they wake up in separate areas of morgue cities each with a mark of beast on their hands interesting. What does that have anything to do with oak videogame at all. Really you're going to throw the mark of the beast in Call of Duty. But if you dig deep enough brothers and sisters. They're just twisting the great controversy all up with side down. There's all kinds of spiritualistic sacrificing rituals and things that happened in the video games. That's not necessarily something that we should even entertain for yet a moment it is finally suppose that the human superstitions have disappeared before the civilization of the twentieth century. But the word of God is and it's Stern testimony of facts declare that sorcery is practiced in this age as verily as in the days of the old magicians the ancient system of magic is in reality the same as what is known as modern spiritual ism. Satan is finding access to thousands of minds by presenting himself under the guise of departed foes. You know what's interesting about this. We think spiritualism is something that happened way back in Samuel's day way back in souls day he went and saw a spiritualist we don't deal with that we don't do that today. But you know what brothers sisters. It's just changed and morphed and all it's being done is interjected into these things that we call entertainment spiritualism is alive and well today. Sims. This is a virtual reality world. Much like. It's a fake sure you know it seems if you don't you can look it up but here's a little clip on what you can do in the Sims and I want you to pay attention to the activities that everybody chooses to get involved in. This. Thanks to our US. Thanks. Thanks to an exit so Question What is everyone doing with their sims. They're doing things. A chin normally probably wouldn't do right question. Honestly I want you to think about this if you've played this game. Have you not been tempted to use your sim. In a way that you know you are not supposed to be or act like in the Bible. Have you been tempted because there's really no consequence to it you can do it live in have be however you want if you want to steal things go for it you want to sleep with as many women as you want go for it you want to steal things kill people. You name it. You do it. Guess what there's no consequence. Do you know what I'm hearing the same lie that was told to us at the Garden of Eden over and over and over again you can do and be an act however you want to be and guess what there's no consequence to you. Do you see how intelligent the devil is. He's created a system where you play with other people seem it's not me. I'm just watching. But you know what Romans one thirty two says that if you take pleasure in those things that that those people are doing. You are worthy of that same judgment thing. About that when you play these type of video games or I hope you don't. But if you do it first. Peter for one and two says for as much then Christ has suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves Likewise with the same mind for he has suffered in the flesh and has ceased from sin but the sisters. God is promise seemed to put his thoughts in your mind. You hear is his news in your mind. I want to or want to read something to you first Corinthians I am I absolutely love this. I share the good second Christians Chapter ten verse three. Four We walk as though we are in the flesh but we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal be mighty through God to point out the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts is self against the knowledge of God and bring it into captivity. Every thought to the obedience of Christ for this is do you know that God wants to bring every flat in your mind into his obedience every fact. I mean I'll be honest with you are. I sometimes catch myself and go hey we were or were of people who read my thoughts right now. Have you ever thought that. Have you ever walked around and caught yourself and said Oh my goodness of people could read more forms. I'd be in trouble. But here the Bible is promising that Jesus wants to bring us into every. Every thought. So plain these video games you know what they're doing they're just prolonging us being here. Presences do you want to go home. If you want to go home then we need to understand how do we surrender our thoughts even our. It's to Jesus. Everything that we think about everything that we get involved in if we play some of these worldly things it's a matter of time that we will be roped in and continue. Grand Theft Auto anybody play this video game and hear the Grand Theft Auto. So I'm going to play you the trailer and once again you will see we wrote on the screen the commandments that are being broken in the video games so you'll see the Ten Commandments popping up every once in a while and this is the trailer to it. Years ago that if you want my advice to Craig in this area go through Robert Phillips enterprises they signed the contract just ignore the body. So we're told we also use the house right there you'll stay here with me because you think it's a little cool cool look when you don't inform the bank. So you basically get the idea. I don't need to show you the whole trailer to understand that all you pretty much are doing in this video game is things that you know your Bible tells you not to get involved with. But I want to show something to you. Remember I started out this conversation saying you will see the great controversy in almost everything that you do or play or watch or see if you start to look at the the media world through the context of the great controversy. If you haven't read that book. In a while I would suggest that you go read that book. It'll give you a great perspective on why we are where we are today. But listen to this the leave guy his name is Michael this Santo Michael De Santo he's the St Michael the saint who in your bible is Michael the saint. So guess what it says here that Michael nine years has passed since his faults death and he basically comes to life. So who basically died and came back to life. It's Michael the same brothers sisters that this. This is interjecting all kinds of things in it that has the great controversy perspective. So this is the lead character. Michael De Santo listen to what this person says about him. Oh Michael or should I say the lag what your real name is you are a king you lived in a clown city but evil forces came and cast you out. Now you are trapped year but soon you shall be free. So who is a king there lived in a brothers and sisters. It's there. They're just toying with you and you know we think these are innocent fun. It's just a game. But yet the makers of these games put these things in their I don't believe by accident. In the end there's all kinds of terrible things that happen in the end of this one. There's a Judas character who plays Judas I'm not going to play this for you because it's just so straight. Evil but he's sitting there calling him Judas and you killed me and blah blah blah and then Michael De Santo has to kill his friend it's just absolutely terrible stuff. Here's coming from the G.T.A. Wiki the police and all other forms of law enforcement and Grand Theft Auto series have been portrayed as corrupt lazy reckless drivers. A bad. Word selfish incompetent. I have little kids so I'm not allowed to say this one would run out anyway but and trigger happy. So what is the games really instilling in your mind to look at the law with as it's nothing more than just blame for the sisters these are little tiny things that I believe played over and over and over again in your mind build a perspective of the law of God It was my privilege of the Jewish nation to represent this is Mrs White speaking the character of God as it has been revealed to Moses in answers to the prayer of Moses show me that I glory of the Lord promised. I will make all of my goodness pass before the and the Lord pass before him and proclaim the Lord the Lord merciful and gracious longsuffering in abundant in goodness and truth. Keeping mercy for thousands and for giving iniquity in transcription and sin. This is the fruit of God that He desires for his people. In the purity of their characters in the holiness of their lives in the mercy and loving kindness and compassion. They were to show that the law of God. The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul brothers the law is that of the law of liberty is the law of the description the transcription of the character of God because God would not kill people. God does not want to harm people. God does not want to do things to others that would. That would separate them from Him He wants to draw us to him. So I believe play in these types of video games are just getting you farther and farther away from the character of God. Assassin's Creed anyone play this video game. So once. Again they made this into a movie. So what happens is all kinds of people play the video game and then they go out and they put they make it into a movie and it ropes people in because they want to see the story of the Assassin's Creed. So here's a little bit of the story line. In the Assassin's Creed you have these people that come from these bloodlines and it is believed that this lead character that you play with comes from this ancient bloodline. And so they want to take him and send him back to using his brain and go back into time and to collect these little pieces that they call pieces from the Garden of Eden. Now this is very fascinating because in the video game. It says the truth right here and this is a thing that you can click on. So whenever I see something that says the truth. My spiritual alarm bells go up because I say well what kind of truth. Are these people really trying to teach me. Now the truth. That's told to them. This is Adam and Eve By the way they have an apple in their hand we know this every once in slavery. I have. So here's Adam and Eve running away from the three beings that created them. And the three beings that created them created them to enslave humanity but yet they want to get away from the slavery of these three beings. So if they. Have pieces from the Garden of Eden. It allows them to get away from brothers and sisters do you see it's not just one video game. It's not just Mario Brothers. It's this one and this one and this one of this one and this one and this one. And if you play a lot of these types of video games they are just dove tailing in error and all kinds of things that are fighting against the great controversy in your mind and of course here is the video or the movie that they're plain nothing but just sheer evil in the end of the movie trailer. It says we serve. We work in the dark to serve the light. Now what is my Bible say about light and darkness is it telling you that you need to work in the dark or is it telling you you need to be a child of the light. Well into them that call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. They're just flipping the story of the great controversy upside down and it is I believe having an impact upon us first. Peter to verse nine says But you're a chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that ye should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light. Can you imagine brothers and sisters. If people were to have a window into the Seventh Day Adventist Church you know that some of them. Mr Cho has kind of gotten a little bit of a limelight in the world stage. So to say whether it be politics whether it be a DOS movie whether it be whatever Adventism is now being put in front of the world stage and many people have no idea what an Adventist is can you imagine if they were to see you or your character and say oh my goodness I want what you have I need to have a relationship with God like. You have YOU are the greatest witness by your life and when we get ourselves involved in many of these dark things. What does that tell the rest of the world that we don't care about the precious truths I believe counsels to parents and teachers and students page two hundred seventy four says this while the youth are becoming experts in games that are of no real value to themselves or others. Satan is playing the game of life with their souls for taking taking from them. The talents that God has given them and place in their stead his own evil attributes and in his effort to lead men to ignore God he seeks to engross and absorb the mind so completely that God will find no place in their thoughts and he does not wish the people to have a knowledge of their maker. He is well pleased if you can set into operation games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the senses of the youth that you that God of heaven will be forgotten and did you know that Mrs White said this and she'd never seen a video game. Can you imagine what she would say today if she saw many of us playing video games. What would she say about that our high calling says this life is short the things of the world must perish with the using Let us be wise and build for an eternity we cannot afford to idle away our precious moments or engage in busy activities that will bring no forth no fruit for eternity. Let the time here to be devoted to devoted to I don't this Fribble T. worldliness be spent in gaining the knowledge of the Scriptures and beautifying our life and blessing and a noble in the life and character of others that work will meet the approval of God and when for us. The heavenly benediction. Well done good and faithful servant. I hope that you just look. At everything around you through the lens of the great controversy is everything you have around you and are fine you for Christ or not does it shock you that we have a great commission. What is our Great Commission. To into the world and do what. To preach and to teach and to heal all and do you find it ironic that Jesus when He sent his disciples out to go to go. What did they do they win out. They preached they teach they healed. They came back to Jesus with power for testimonies and said we cast out demons. I mean can you imagine I can't even imagine. I have not yet seen with my own physical eyes a demon cast out of somebody would that not just be like oh my goodness. Well that demon just listen to me and left that person you would be on cloud nine. Going. Yeah we've got an amazing God knowing. But listen to this. You have a game. That's called pokémon go and what is the object of the game not to go and cast out demons but to collect them and keep them as many as you can find because what this pokémon mean it means pocket demon. That's what it means look it up pocket monster sorry baby not Demon pocket on Stars. Romans thirteen twelve says The night is far spent the day is at hand. Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light but in Sisters I have a question for you. What is the helmet. Helmet of. Ation right. Who is your salvation. Jesus. The belt of truth. Who is the very definition of truth. Jesus the sword the Word of God who is the word Jesus the gospel of peace in the shoes is Jesus. Do you realize that the armor is not to do battle against the devil the war is already been won. You know your job is to put on Jesus. That's it. Put on Jesus put on his thoughts put on his character. And brothers and sisters. Let's be prepared to meet our maker when he comes again. As we close here tonight this afternoon. I want to ask something. I don't want to make a big show you guys don't have to come down here in front but I know because I have struggled with media in my life. If you are struggling and you don't know what to do as we bow our heads and pray to God with every I bowed in every head or every eye closed. I want you to do something that's very simple. I want you to just raise your hand. And I want you to raise your hand and I want you to say God. I don't know how to get away from this if it's up to me I'm going to play that video game if it's up to me I'm going to watch that movie or do whatever but if you want me and you want all of me God. Then I give you permission to change my tastes and desires in my heart if that is your prayer as we are praying I want you to just simply raise your hand and God will see that it's power heads. Dear gracious Heavenly Father. Lord. You are such a patient God. You're such a loving God you're you're you're so amazing to even care about us down here on this little old sinful planet but lord you've given everything so that we may come and be with you. And Lord as this war is raging out of control in these last moments of Earth's history. We have gotten ourselves in trouble. I myself included into this category. And I just want to pray Lord as you see each and every hand that's raised these people are asking for your help. Lord I just want you to syndrom ideas angels to keep around them this weekend. They go home and help us again life source of the living word phrase or name Jesus this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. Do you see a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot G Y C Web dot.


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