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6. Moving The Ship

Kameron DeVasher


In Christian Service, p. 59 we are counseled that, “Many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin.” This final session will highlight some of the fundamental ways individual members can influence their church family to focus on the privilege and responsibility of sharing the Three Angels’ Messages with the world.


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 31, 2016
    4:15 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C twenty six hundred conference has been heard in Houston Texas for other resources like this on line. Right. So once again we make the announcement this is not the digital revolution that's a whole other place across the hall but if you're here for total member involvement. I'm expecting that you are and I'll also remind you that we don't have physical handouts we don't have paper to distribute the emphasis this time is ironically on a digital revolution. So if you have the app you can take out the app and you can go to seminars and you can go to sessions and see told them or involvement that seminar track and this particular presentation is the very last one of the total member involvement once if you click on that one entitled Moving the ship. There's this little thing that's called view seminar resource and you can click on that and up will come the notes that you can now I don't believe you can download them email them copy and paste them. I'm not exactly maybe can take a screenshot and blow it up. I'm not I don't know. You can share them on Apple you can email them. Oh maybe you can. Alright so that's fantastic. You know what you're talking about. I don't. OK That's fantastic. You can do something with them. OK And so if if there's any question about that if you if it's somehow for reasons not working. You can see me afterwards we can talk about other ways we can get hold of them but this one is like I said the very last one in fact this last an hour session of all of them and I thank you for being here. To give you background to this is the total number involvement section elder Wilson was here for the first couple of sessions he did an overview of total member involvement in some experiences that are going on around the world with that did some Q. Western answer session about that and other various button topics in the said Mr Tripp now and then we moved into our third session which was it's time to Grandpa was how many people were here for that particular message. OK For those of you who weren't at that kind of sets the stage for the rest of the seminar series that for quite a long time now we have not been following God's counsel from the Bible in the spirit of prophecy in regards to the job of the pastor and the lay people and we need to right that wrong and we need to get back on track is kind of the premise there that we moved into one called the ministry that died and nobody noticed. And that was about personal ministries that used to be the lifeblood heartbeat of the church and in most churches today it's a literature rock. If that. And we need to get back to that being every member being involved it used to call lay ministries of the lay members we're doing ministry and we need to get back to that philosophy that was that fourth session. Anyway. And we've gone on since then the last session before this one was mining the manual. I had no idea how long that would I thought maybe we might go the whole time and come to find out we had fifty percent more than we expected. So we went an hour and a half and all the people were blessed it was a wonderful time. And anyway so I would encourage if you want to go back and get Like I said all of the notes and handouts are available through the app. They're going to be recorded apparently videoed so all of this information is ready for your perusal at a later time but I thank you for being here for this one. This is our last one in title moving the ship. We're going to take intensely practical look at some things you can do leaving G U I C and going right back to your home church. What can a person do if you're not an ordained minister and not a pastor not a paid clergy or not any kind of a a. Official capacity in your church but you're just a lay member going home to a church that may not be a training center church. It may not be a lay driven movement that it should be. What can you do to get started moving the ship. Bust the tile. But before we begin any study. Let's begin with a word of prayer and that will be off to the races with our heads gently Father thank you so much for this day thank you that it's a sabbath day a day of rest and fellowship worship and service and a lot of this time I would ask that you send your Holy Spirit to be here. Don't just be in the room though be in our hearts be in our mind sharpen our thinking help us to see things from your perspective and give us a new vision of what you would have each one of us to do regardless of whether we are employees and pastors evangelists teachers Bible workers or for lay members with no position of responsibility whatsoever loyal put a burden on our hearts to do more for you than we are now to work more efficiently and effectively to hasten your soon coming for pray this in Jesus' name amen. I am not particularly big on sports metaphors it's not really my thing. I don't talk a lot about the bottom of the knife in this kind of stuff. There is however one analogy one story I want to share with you as we get started here. It was July of one nine hundred sixty one and the thirty eight members of the Green Bay Packers football team were gathered together for the first day of training camp. The previous season had ended with a heartbreaking defeat. When the Packers squandered a late lead deep. In the fourth quarter and last the in F. championship game. To the Philadelphia Eagles the Green Bay players had been thinking about this brutal loss for the entire offseason. And now finally training camp. It arrived it was time to get back to work the players were eager to advance their game to the next level and start working on the details would help them win a championship. Their coach Vince Lombardi probably heard of him before had a different idea. His biographer explains what happened when Lombardi walked into the training camp in the summer of one nine hundred sixty one quote He took nothing for granted he began a tradition. Of starting from scratch. Assuming that the players were blank slates who carried over no knowledge from the year before he began with the most elemental statement of all gentlemen he said holding a pigskin in his right hand. This is a football. They're going to say these were the height highest paid and most trained and and they went to the peak they went to the pinnacle they lost the Super Bowl right the championship game and they were not ready to come back to this coaching a group of three dozen professional athletes who just months prior had come within minutes of winning the biggest prize their sport could offer and yet he started from the very beginning. Lombardi's methodical coverage of the fundamentals continue throughout training camp. Each player reviewed how to block and tackle you would go through every position you're going to put your feet your stand here do this. Put your hands up just like they were like little bitty children. They opened up the playbook and started from page one with the goal of becoming the best in the league. At the tasks everyone else took for granted. Six months later the Green Bay Packers beat the New York Giants thirty seven to zero to win the N.F.L. championship in one nine hundred sixty one season was the beginning of in some bodies reign as one of the greatest football coaches of all time he would never lose in the playoffs again in total Marty won five in F.L. championships in a span of seven years including three in a row and he never once coached a team with a losing record. Now this story isn't about sports. Let's be clear about that. It's about the importance of mastering the fundamentals going back to the basics and starting from scratch the same principle very much applies in the church please take your Bibles out what is the church designed to do. Why does God even have a church on the earth at all. Matthew chapter twenty eight. We've seen this passage several times already. Today it will be the first time in our session here. Matthew chapter twenty eight starting with verse eighteen the closing words of Jesus in the book of Matthew and Jesus came and spoke to them all of forty has been given to me in heaven and on earth go. Therefore And what make disciples pause right there. What does Jesus expect his church to do. Make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded and lo. I am with you always even to the end of the age in the book Acts of the Apostles the opening lines pay. Nine Sr White says the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of men. It was organizes even know for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world. This is why we exist from the beginning it has been God's plan that through his church shall be reflected to the world his fullest insufficiency notice this. Now the members of the church those whom He has called out of darkness into his marvelous light are to show forth his glory there not just to support those who do they themselves are to show forth His glory. That's why the church exists is to get every member to be a missionary for Jesus. And of course the seven having a church we understand let me just make sure in case you don't understand since you have your Bibles out already. Go to Matthew chapter twenty four just a few chapters back I want you to see this for yourselves. We talk about taking the gospel to the world. Jesus prophesied Matthew chapter twenty four. He talks about in times of events and false prophets a nation against nation and all kinds of wars and rumors of wars but I want you to look at versus thirteen and fourteen. Of Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus says after all of those difficult things he says but he who endures to the In shall be what. Does Jesus expect there to be some on the earth who will endure to the end. Yes. Then he adds something about what they will be doing during this time of in durance verse fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then what will happen then it will come. I want you to see a sequence there in Matthew twenty four verses thirteen fourteen. He describes a people who will endure to the end. Then he says the gospel will go to all the world and then the end will come. Is the people the gospel than the end will come. Is that clear. Let's go now to Revelation Chapter fourteen. I don't know if you've ever seen this before but Revelation Chapter fourteen the entire chapter is nothing more than in the large version of Matthew twenty four verses thirteen and fourteen. Matthew chapter of I mean Revelation Chapter fourteen the first five verses describe those who will endure to the end and will be saved then I looked and behold the lamb standing amount Zinah within one hundred forty four thousand having his father's name written on their foreheads and somebody please tell me what does it mean that the father's name on their forehead. They have to build the character of Christ the very thing that this conference is talking about. And it goes on to talk about then skip down to verse verse five and in their mouth was found no deceit for they are without fault before the throne of God. These are those who endure to the end to the grace and power of Jesus Christ they remain faithful and stand for the right though the heavens fall but notice that in their mouth is no what. No there are no lies no deceit so if is not a law is that in their mouth then there must have the truth in their mouth. Thus we read in verses six and onward. All the way through verse twelve thirteen there. The three angels messages. Notice what it starts in verse six then I saw another angel flying limits of heaven having the everlasting what gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people. It's exactly what Jesus said in Matthew twenty four there will be those who endure to the end. The gospel will be preached which we understand is the fullness of the Gospel not just the incarnation not just the crucifixion not just the resurrection it's the intercession the mediation. The judgment and the return of Jesus. Yes it's all of Jesus shit is that amen but I forgive you. OK so you have the people then you have the message. And what's the results verse fourteen and I looked and behold a white cloud and on the clouds that one like the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle What is the rest of crap chapter fourteen talking about the return of Jesus in Revelation fourteen this grand identifying chapter of the Seventh Day Adventist movement that God is raised up to give these three just measure is nothing more than the completion of Matthew twenty four thirteen fourteen. It's exactly what Jesus said would happen. It's just giving the enlarged version of it. This is what our commission is we are to be those who in our personal life remain faithful and in our public proclamation are useful for the Cause of God giving the message and then Jesus will come very simple. OK now this is where the. This is this drive this mission. Mary mandate is why I believe the Lord has laid upon the hearts of our gentle converts leadership to initiate this total member involvement plan. We must as you come to these previous meetings we must get away from the concept of only the ministers do the soul winning. We have to get away from that. Now I don't want to leave you hanging with something that you don't understand. Saw say this cautiously. If I were to send you home and say therefore you should go home and get involved. We all say. Good good. Good hopefully. But there's a problem. We don't really know what involvement entails. This is Have you ever noticed that language can sum to language is supposed to be a tool for communication. But sometimes language can be fuzzy and you hear it and I think I agree with it in general but I don't know what to do with it in real life. OK so I'm going to have a little tirade for just a second you're stuck here now the doors were patients close you got to put up with this but words while supposed to be tools for communication often become tools for. By the way to obfuscate. It's a verb meaning to render up secure unclear or UNINTELLIGIBLE. There are language fads I don't know if you've ever caught on to this but there are fads in our in our linguistics in our conversation even inside the church. I'll give you some examples. You'll probably recall. In the one nine hundred ninety S. to the early two thousand. We heard a lot about seekers. We wanted things to always be done on purpose or a lot about purpose repeatedly pointed out the dangers of cheap grace is a slogan that got tossed around a lot we enlisted the help of prayer warriors write books with these titles and programs and banners and stickers and things but all that's kind of been gone for the last fifteen years twenty years. Today instead of church services how we have new lingo sometimes instead of church services we have worship gatherings. We don't go to church anymore we go to gather for were. Why but it's hip. I guess you know newfangled kids and whatnot. Instead of sharing our faith we desire to quote engage the culture. I don't know who the culture is and I don't know what engage means but apparently we're all about it now. I don't know we can somehow turn almost any noun or verb into an adjective or adverb by simply adding a L. to the end of it to give an example. We no longer have intent or an intention. We simply are intentional or mission ole or incarnational or transform ational or New Testament whole Right. We've we've gone into the passive voice. Instead of the person doing an action. We just kind of are so no one actually does. We all just kind of are so we could all leave here saying we're going to be involved but what does it mean to be involved. We have to get through this we must stop this trend the way. We could we could expand this list we want to we really want to take the time to look at other such linguistic abominations that either don't say anything or say something everybody is already good with in a way that sounds novel I would not be surprised at all if some church now refers to a church business meeting as quote a gathering to engage in intentionally missional dialogue. I don't know what that is but that's where you take a vote on a budget. You know we must stop this trend of using obscure language to hide clear meaning. This is true with total member involvement as well not that the term is obscure but it can be if we don't define it. Clearly we're not careful we can pre people phrase without understanding the underlying concept. What is involvement what does it mean to be involved in the local church. We break it down like this involvement in your local church is not necessarily holding an office or running a ministry. OK involvement is not a position of leadership. It's not an elected post involvement here. This is going to be a little bit deeper. OK but we're good. We haven't had a meal for a few hours now good. Involvement is the gradual accumulation and judicious expending of personal influence. OK I'm assuming you're soaking that in so I'll say it again. Involvement is the gradual accumulation and judicious judicious expanding of personal influence the primary way to build personal influence to move the ship. Thank you very much. It's something radical if you want to go home and do the very first thing you can start building influence and be a mover and shaker in your church if you want to step in and really get involved. The number one thing you can do is start showing up to stuff. I hope there was no like flowery language there that was at all. Unclear start showing up to what. Stuff. Amen. Young people go to church more. Let's take outer bottles Hebrews Chapter ten. This is the quintessential attendance passage. Hebrews Chapter ten. Appropriately this book is all about Christ's role in the same she wary with an OD on the second coming of Jesus and right in the heart of this book the apostle gives this counsel after he says in verse twenty three of Hebrews ten let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful. Even ads ads. Now look at it. Look at the universe twenty three hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for God is faithful that's good but that could be just you personally standing strong and being still but he says and in addition to your faithfulness. He says and. Let us consider whom. One another. Why in order to stir up love and good works. So while you have your own personal walk with Jesus holding fast to your confession is faithful. In addition to that you should then think of others for what purpose to stir up and you get the picture of some fic like you know the peanut butter when it's been separated you gotta get in there are in stirred up sometimes churches can settle down like that. But said you get in there and sister up love and good works. How do you stir up love and good works how do you start moving the shift of the church he goes on to explain verse twenty five not. For seeking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some now I know that you might think oh it's only my generation and no Every generation has young people who skip church. This was the early Apostolate church and already the Apostle was seeing a trend that some were getting in the manner of staying home of voiding the assembling of themselves together so notice what he says you stay faithful and then start to go to work stirring up love and good works and the number one thing he says to do don't quit coming to stuff. Not for sake in the symbol of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another and so much the moon or as you see what. Let me ask you Do we see the day approaching is Jesus coming soon. So you should go to church more is a Biblical concept and you might say well how often can you go to church. We only have it once a week. But when I say attend stuff. I mean more than just the worship service. I'm talking about Sabbath school prayer meeting. Church socials outreach events let's get real board meetings business meetings. Anywhere God's people come together to do the work of Christ. You should be there to. Period. Explain this in another another session but it used the church one currently pastor in but it could be the same for every other want to been to right now the on the books we have three hundred seventy seven members. In the pew on Sabbath morning we have one hundred C.. Average in Sabbath school we have ninety average in prayer meeting we have about twelve and I'm thing is the pastor how can I stir up love and good works. So that let's just start with an honest diagnostic So we're printing in the bills and each week all of those numbers. Here's who should be here who's Here's who is here. And here's the other stuff even they aren't coming to that much in our church board meeting at church business me up our apologize. Our quorum was when I when I arrived at this church just over a year ago was forty people you all know what a quorum is right. It's the minimum you can have to make the meeting be a meeting other than that you're just hanging out the number was forty based on roughly four hundred membership you would think we're up to four hundred members on the books surely you'd want even ten percent to show up so you can vote a budget discipline members open or close a school I mean these are big things you can do it a church business session you want to at least ten percent right. One two three five four business meetings in a row we did not make quorum. We had to do a little trickery to get the quorum a lowered to a twenty five and by God's grace we've hit it every time since then one time with twenty six but it counted friends you want to have a massive load of influence in your church show up to stuff you don't have to be the department leader you don't have to be ordained you have to be certified you don't have to do just be there. You know how you know. Leaders are chosen in the church. It's through a process called the what nominating committee and the nominating committee is built on a group from the selection committee we go through that if you want but it's the right thing to do and they get in a room. Depending on the size of the church and usually like you know five ten fifteen people somewhere out there and they look at all of the duties and responsibilities the church in the say here's all the members who would fit well with this Should we keep the ones we have to make some changes and renegotiate they what fits what works. That's how it works. And who are they going to put in those positions of leadership. Yeah. The folks they see at stuff that's how it works if you want to stir up your Church the very first thing you can do is be there. It's called the Ministry of attendance. It's true that imagine planning a church social expecting fifty people to show up and five show up you might have the same food the same activity the same whatever but it just sucks the life out of the room right. We held a public evangelist and campaign this last year called unlock revelation and I have been told by the leaders of this church that this church is particularly notorious for not showing up to stuff. Well thank you for let me know and but on opening night by God's grace we had over one hundred visitors come out so we had about one hundred eighty people and the place was packed and there were more it was just it was really cool. There were more people there are like on a Monday night than there were on a Sabbath morning and it was awesome and it changed the dynamic you know let's just get real right raw right here. If we were doing this exact same Symon our big. It was just me and you and like one or two other people in back. It would be different. Wouldn't it just being there. You're not leaving out and what we're doing now. But you just being here makes it better. And it stirs up love and one of the great things about you. I see is when we sing those hymns there's thousands of people singing along with us. What if that the same messages but it was six guys and three girls sitting in the back somewhere you know in that big auditorium. Would it change the dynamic absence. You can't think of anything your church does where at the end of it. You're like you know the only thing that would've made it better if you were people were here. They were aware to many people here. What a mess. How we're going to carve those and we need Gideon's Army how are we going to you never think of that the number one way young people can get involved and by the way give credibility to young people show up. Well I should say just show up show up on time. We're going get real for just a second. I would show up on time. Well dressed all the people said amen prepared for whatever the occasion is if it's a study you've studied ahead of time if it's an open invitation to community. You brought a friend if it's a potluck bring a dish. But it won't take long at all before people take note. You don't have to make speeches you don't have to pass out tracks you know you just smile nod and be there and you're starting to stir up love and good works. To the ministry of attendance. By the way I put this little note in the hand outs if you want to see it. Latest little footnote. It's an important note The primary way to lose personal influence talk big but never follow through and whining and no one sits around in the nominating committee and says you know we need some young person who is the whiniest Brad. Who can we put in that office and that doesn't give you any credibility. Even if stuff is wrong just what the speaker say as long as they're not asking you to sin or go against their biblically informed conscience show up smile and participate. Just be there. All right. Influence. So now you've just shown up to things that means in all seriousness. This is a sabbath and most of you will be back by two your home churches this week right in the next day or two most of you have a mid-week service either Tuesday or Wednesday night yes. You want to really change the world for Jesus go to prayer meeting be a young person with your bible in hand go to print meaning. Start this week. Storing up love and good works influence is like change in your pocket by the way they're going to notice to they're not going to forget especially come back the next week in the next week. You can't let him forget. Influences like change in your pocket you build it up you show up on time you get a coin shop another time you get a coin all of a sudden you start to generate a little influence you pick it up slowly over time and you spend it judiciously you pick your spots. So here's some practical ways to build and expand that influence in your local church the best way to build it is to show up to stuff and it's just like an automatic payment right. It's the monthly payments get it. But once you start getting in there. Don't just be a recluse and stay to yourself or hang out with your friend group or just be on your little social media actually be friend of the other people there. And make friends with other influential people. Now to be clear when I say influential. I don't necessarily mean the wealthy or the bossy. I'm talking about the genuinely influential people who are often those who show up and accomplish things often they're quiet. They're unassuming but they're the ones who actually run the church. They're the ones who happen to hold three or four offices because no one else will take it. They're the one they know the history of things that they're happy to see you come in get in with those people they're the other ones build a little network of influential people in your church now and to be clear I'm not talking about undermining the pastor go on the Elders back. I'm just saying you be one of those and look for like minded people and make friends. It's the next step. Look for the other ones. Here's another thing let's go to Ecclesiastes Chapter Nine some biblical principles things you can do in the church include the assays nine. You've probably heard this before verse ten. Whatever your hand finds to do do it how. With your might young people are notoriously. Good at being idealistic pie in the sky big picture of visionaries. With little follow through flip that around look for smaller things. To do and do those things better. OK do small things. Well do small things well and by that I mean after you've shown up. That's the first thing you do. Well after you make friends and you start to just be at everything you're just ubiquitously around inevitably you will be asked to do something more you'll be asked to take on some responsibly could you help us out with and your hope and it's on the board. But what they come with is Pathfinder's you know like you know whatever your hand finds to do. Do with your money. Whatever they ask you to help with if it's not sin. It is that against your conscience. Even if it's not the thing you are aiming for a want to do do that. Well do something. Well except nominating committee positions or even just small duties you volunteer yourself to do if you see a need pick a corner of the shop and start typing it up pick up the metaphor or even a real broom just do something. Pick a thing and just start doing. You don't need permission. You don't need an office just start doing something and then do more with that responsibility than anyone has ever done before you tidy Those little bit boxes those glow tracks make sure that thing is stacked just right every time. No smudge isn't fingerprints you do it right. Any time the literature rack is supposed to have the newest and latest books but it's just filled with old lake Lake Union heralds an atmosphere of use and stuff like that that people donate and nobody ever takes they just give clean that stuff out make it look good. Take a look sharp. If you can to be the Pathfinder guy the or the you Sabu person do that well. Well it won't take long for poor people notice not only this person to show up and their friends or this in this when this when this new kind of hanging out and the other doing things I promise you larger responsibilities will come first. Timothy Chapter four verse twelve. Paul gave this counsel to young Timothy. First Timothy Chapter four verse twelve. Let no one despise your what clearly the Apostle Paul if you have time to study this out. If you want to look it up. I think it's on audio or somewhere I have a message called. I promise I have a message there because you are young. That's it. Don't let anyone look down on you because you're young but set an example for the believers and in life in love and speech in purity right. The apostle Paul was a multi-lingual scholar or missionary extraordinary he'd had a life in risking dangers and stuff. He was a oratory he was an evangelist he was a tent maker he was a he was a member of the sea he was academic he was all of those things. Timothy was home schooled and here comes along. TIMOTHY. Belong behind the apostle Paul and Paul says that hey don't let anyone look down on you because you're young. Don't let it happen. And he does not say the way to diffuse their perceptions of you is to complain. What's the way to set the record straight. To set an example. OK Let no one despise your youth. They're going to look at you and have some pretty low expectations youth of G. Y.C.. By the way that's not them being. I mean they've got some pretty good reason to doubt young people's commitments to Christ. We've given him a pretty good track record. What do you think people in the church expect of young people in church. We already laughed about it but they expect you to show up late. If you show up at all to be dressed a little too sloppy or just for you know attention or whatever to sit in the back to slouch to text and talk with your friends and not take things seriously. Why in the world would they give you a position of responsibility you be a. Exe be an example to counter the stereotype. Paul says they're going to have low expectations. And that might be their fault. It might be your friend's fault but whatever you don't confirm the stereotype. You do something different. Do something they're not expecting show up and do jobs well blow their minds. Here's one. This is not a church office. This is not a special gift from the Holy Spirit. It's just what you're supposed to do as a follower of Jesus and that is give Bible studies give Bible studies to non administers I don't mean just get your friends who are already believers in a room and go through. I mean which is fine. I'm not putting down that kind of thing but more than just the in reach. You've got to outreach go to somebody who doesn't know the present truth and ask them if you'd like to give them if they they will be OK with you gave them Bible studies write a very simple to have you heard about our Bible school and they say no and if they say no. Well let me tell you. And if they say yes well I'm glad you know let me help you know it's a golden way. Or here's here's a great one. I know that people are afraid of so many so many things we can say or. I am pretty certain that most people will say. The reason they don't offer to get bible studies is because people will say No I think the reality is people are afraid they might say yes. And they would know what to do then right. Like we're all prepared to go door to door and get that slam in the face curse word in the air like oh I've been wounded. Now I've got a scar and a story to tell and I go back home and say witnessing isn't my gift but what happens if you actually knock on the door like the experience just shared up front. Right. And they said. Praise the Lord can you start now. And you realize like I was just going through the motions never having any expectation anybody would take me up on it right but have some Bible study guides in your church ready to go in your pocket in your car in your glove box in your purse whatever you care. I have a handy and offer. Hey would you like to study the Bible probably say no. You might say yes and if they do what should you do study the Bible with them start studying the Bible. You know go back to Hebrews. Right in the middle of the Apostle Paul Zz destroy description of Jesus as his priests in heavenly sanctuary in there in Hebrews Chapter five and he's going through some pretty deep theology about the milk as a dick parallel and all kinds of things. And then he kind of brought broccoli stops and verses twelve thirteen and fourteen and look what's bugging him you can. You can read into his writing here frustration with the church membership. Hebrews Chapter five starting with verse twelve. He says for though by this time. You ought to be what teachers. You need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God You have come to need milk and not solid food for everyone. Hooper takes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are a full age and he defines what that is that is those who by reason of what use have their sins is exercised to discern both good and evil. Is like the reason we're always having to go back through and teach the same things over and over and over again is because you're not putting to use the stuff you've already been given. Why do you think that our understanding of theological concepts in our disc discourse in the church is sometimes so much lower than it could be. It's because we're not exercising what we've already got and sharing with anybody else in Paul's like we're just going through and cycling back through the milk in the milk and you should be solid food feeding milk to others. But instead we're just going through a recycling program here it's frustrating. Do not merely distribute literature I know we've talked about giving out glow checks but don't just do that and I know you're thinking well I was already it was a big step for me to distribute literature. I know but take the second step actually lead someone through Scripture this personal labor will give you your own spiritual experience. It will inspire your church family when they hear you talking about those Bible studies you give or praise God they start seeing you attend church with the Bible study interests. That's going to stir up love and good work then I ask you how did you get a visitor Oh I did this radical thing I said Would you like to study the Bible and it will give voice to give your voice credibility in church matters. Now you are a person of significance because you show up you dress well you're on time you're prepared to bring a dish all that kind of a. Stuff you've gone to work and done something well and in your spare time you're winning souls because that's what disciples of Jesus. Do you know if this is a real person. This is a legitimate Christian service page one twenty one when churches are revived. It is because some individual seeks earnestly for the blessing of God A Read that again when churches are revived. It is because some individual seeks earnestly for the blessing of God doesn't say some group or committee but just one person says all right. Lord I want more and I want you to do more with me. I want your blessing I want to be a blessing for me to work here in Meissen me he hungers and thirsts after God and asks in faith and receives accordingly. He goes to work in earnest feeling his great dependence upon the Lord and souls are aroused to assist seek for a like a blessing. They look and say what has transformed your life. And you didn't go get a degree you didn't go pay a lot of money. You just started putting these basic principles. I started showing up to stuff started read mishap school lesson did a little job pretty well. And you just walk into the steps and they're going to look at you. I want what you got again he goes to work in earnest feeling his great dependence on the Lord and souls are aroused to seek for a like blessing and a season of refreshing falls on the hearts of men wouldn't it be refreshing to see even just a couple of people get on fire for the Lord and wouldn't other people want to warm their hands by that fire to the extensive work will not. Neglected. The larger plans will be laid at the right time but personal individual effort and interest for your friends and neighbors will accomplish much more than can be estimated. It is for the want of this kind of labor that souls for whom Christ died are perishing. Now notice she's not against big evangelists again pains in the larger plans and broader work that's often it will come but the real need both in the church and by people outside the church is for individuals to have a walk with Christ not only faithfulness but usefulness for him individually. Go to work for Christ giving Bible studies winning souls bringing friends to church and people will notice it's good for them it's good for you and it's good for the rest of the church body. That's how you build influence and here's the next thing you do your first tip toe into a corporate work. Everything else so far has been individual. Now that's out of the building of friendships OK but let's say that you and your friends are like minded and they're starting to win souls and there's a little bit of a nerve. There's a little momentum building. You're on a course of trajectory and the ship is starting to move. Now what do you do. Start a ministry with a simple specific objective and give it a name my friends Mark and Jim Howard when they were converted to the Lord in their early twenty's. Went back to their church and didn't know what to do with themselves and no offer that even though the churches had officers they knew their pastor and then their people. They said we want to do something for the Lord and so we want to go and get bible studies but they got together just the two of them and they founded highways and hedges ministries. Sounds pretty legit right I think they even had a three ring binder. And they called up I think was voice of prophecy and it is written in amazing facts they said well they're Bible study interest in this area. You know we know that people do mail. Letters or something like that will go and give those Bible studies and they started just doing that and all of that in their church had to deal with the fact that we've got a ministry on our hands. Well who started that thing. What committee approve that. Where's their budget on the calendar what. Oh no it's just people got together and started doing stuff. Please get out of your mind that you have to wait from on high for some you know bumper sticker package before you can do something do something testimonies for the church volume six page to sixty six. Every church is in need of the controlling power of the Holy Spirit and now is the time to pray for it. By the way when we talk it is a good time to talk about this we talk about the prayer praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I'm not against that at all let me be clear I do have a concern however is that we don't know what we're asking for. What is it we're expecting to happen if the Holy Spirit were to be poured out. Let's put it another when the Holy Spirit was poured out of the Day of Pentecost. It was because they were going to work giving the message they were given the gift of tongues because they were talking to people right. You're given the gift of healing when there's someone sick and they need healing. Sometimes I fear that we're praying for the Holy Spirit and what we're expecting is a cinematic demonstration in front of us that will see who's right. And that stuff will just miraculously or more actually magically start happening. The Holy Spirit is not going to be poured out in front of you. The Holy Spirit is going to be poured out through you and you will do things for Christ. That's what the great reformatory movement will look like it's not going to be done in front of us like a show. We're watching. It's going be done in us and will be doing the work for Christ knows this. Again every church is in need of the controlling power of the Holy Spirit and now is the time to pray for it but in all God's work for man he plans that men shall cooperate with him to this in the Lord calls upon the church to have a higher piety a more just sense of duty a clearer realisation of their obligations to their creator. He calls upon them to be a pure sanctified working people. And the Christian help work is one means of bringing this about for the Holy Spirit communicates with all who are doing God's service Christian help work. You can look this up and administers to their Christian help works or they will put them in little groups and call them Christian help bands we think a band is like a guitar and a banjo I don't know where the banjo but you know it's like a guitar instruments a musical band. This was just a band of people doing stuff together. Christian help bands and they would go around the neighborhoods and just see if people needed help. Now that help might be stacking wood or shoveling snow here in Houston. But in Michigan. There's a lot of that. OK or giving Bible studies or whatever the thing is but they would just go around like let's get together and go work for Christ a Christian help band. Now she said to those who have been gauged have been engaged in this work. I would say continue with tact and ability arouse your associates to work under some name whereby they may be organized to cooperate in harmonious action. So you can get all kinds of cred by the way it's a fun planning meeting get through for your friends together. Brainstorm go over these materials think oh right. We've done this in this. What should we do what kind of work. Can we do. Let's make a Christian help band out of it. What should we name it. Let's have some popcorn and talk. It's fun to get the young men and women in the churches to work combine medical missionary work with the proclamation of the thirteen just message by the way medical missionary work is not just giving hot foot baths and stuff and massages. It's just I mean the simplest acts of Christian kindness are the interim wedges of the Christian medical missionary work but the way we would call that preventative care when you help the old lady pick up the sticks in her yard you prevented her back from going out. You've given a little middle medical missionary work and you've established some credibility for your church family at least for that one person and they are that much more open to receiving the Gospel make regular organized efforts to lift the church members out of the dead level in which they have been for years. See if the breath of life will not then come into our churches a new element needs to be brought into the work. God's people must realize their great need in peril and take up the work that lies nearest them. And he was Mark Finley who said God never calls you to be a missionary where you aren't until your missionary where you are. And I love these appeals the mission but it's amazing. We'll have people say I'm waiting to go over around the world and do that. No you're not because you're not doing it now where you are we going to a baptized hundreds over there but we'll get one Bible study here. The work that's nearest you go to work right here and through the daily duties of those little you know responsibilities your influence will grow and you'll have the opportunity for larger work as you demonstrate faithfulness in the smaller Start Where You Are and grow from there. Nehemiah chapter twenty two Let's go there now. Now are we ending in fifteen minutes is that clear is that am I right this time are we already over. Seriously. Will somebody say something. This is twice now you have you know what's going on with the camera you're just watching me do this. Have mercy. How far over have I we all missed whatever the next thing is we write out now. Well then I'm coming in for a landing we're fine. All right. Well we won't look up Nehemiah but trust me it's there go home and read it. Nehemiah chapter two verse eleven rating. Basically when E.M.I. A By the way who is not a priest or the king. It wasn't anything a leader like that he was just a concerned Millais member who went back to the what was the very first thing he did. Yes he prayed that's true. I meant like up off of his knees. He surveyed the project Thank you brother. He toured the city do this in your church sometimes just walk around the thing outside inside look at all the rooms look out and just start noticing that we had a. We've been building a resource desk and it's just getting finished up this week. I'm so excited to get back and count as we can but the thing to use when it comes to person ministries and literature work almost every church has this problem. You go into there's at least one closet or a bookshelf or probably multiple closets and bookshelves plural where we. Each year order new materials and we never distribute them all and whatever's left over. We keep. And we stack them up in order like a tree grows rings. Right. And so you open a closet and it's an archaeal it's a geologic column of evangelism. Right. There's the cassette tapes down there. Then there's the V.H.S. talking about the coming two thousands watch out and all the way through and they'll be in closets and bookshelves and cubby holes and cabinets all over the church. We feel good. Having it but we don't do anything with it. Build a resource that's right there in your four year to house and distribute glow track sharing books D.V.D.'s Bible study guides all of the stuff. So that members can have what they need to go bless other people and visitors alike of course but put the thing for it and just take a look around. We had somebody come in handy man come in and help one of these dear members who is building this he brought his assistant along who is not an abacus and he looked and he said after one day of being in the church for YOUR he turned to the man he was working with who was a member of the church and he said oh you guys really like plastic plants. Like he walked into this church and he said you know what you're all about plastic plants. And I counted I looked around. We have five built bulletin boards. Some are decorative some are randomly scattered with things. Some have pictures on them that but there's no like it's just a random smattering of. Not that anything is inherently bad but it's not collectively doing any good to them saying. So look at the church from a visitor's perspective and think what needs to be done here and how can I be of service and we're all making sense. OK let me just finish this out here. So look at the church for your Does it have clear focus and flow. What's going on with things like bulletin boards tables literature racks plastic. Chancet cetera inventory your church's personal ministry materials noting where they are kept and how they're made available to members and it is visitors are their closets and what we talk about is their center located resource desk for storage and distribution materials scan the bulletin to see what changes might be helpful in communicating church activities and ministries more clearly. Take note of where the church programming is active or appealing or is it cold informal Now let me be clear I don't think that we should ever aim to make our worship services entertaining. Having said that the same behavior in the house of God from testimonies volume five that says we should be reverent and quiet like we were in the sanctuary of old also says that our services need to be quote intensely interesting. What makes church service intentionally interesting or Sabbath school prayer meeting is not entertainment but it's real life blood pumping ministry testimonies sharing your faith having a word in due season. That's what makes it happen and look is the kerchiefs cold formal and if there's something cold don't just say Pastor I want to let you know someone should do something. Don't do that. Say Here am I Send me. I noticed this when I was walking around the wall. Let me help these are just a few of the many many ways you can begin to move the ship of your church toward becoming a training center church. If some adjustments can be made somewhere don't just offer sensible suggestions. Ossie offer sacrificial service. Keep in mind that improvement requires involvement. You gotta be there to have a voice and have any credibility. Have we made since today. Are we clear. All right. There's like four hands so I'm assuming that's a no let me let me tell you about a couple of money. I am supposed to advertise three resources here first of all you'll find these this gentleman is going to help us pass those out. Thank you. From the Emanuel institute the sole winning school there and the Michigan conference I happen to work with them as an adjunct professor so I get in big trouble if I didn't mention this but there is a training summer discipleship program coming up July thirty to August twelfth for one hundred fifty dollars as it. Get more information. There's a manual booth down in the exhibit hall. Let me let you know about this beautiful resource as well. It's called the discipleship handbook and brother you can start coming up. The discipleship Handbook was put together by the committee in Michigan called the Training Center Church Committee. Mark our Jim Howard myself just ring staff Stacy chef because some good people that you might know are on that committee who helped write these materials the discipleship Pan book is. I'm telling you it is not just because I was a part of the Miss together but it took years to put it together because it's been done. Well OK. Fabulous. In fact we have some testimonies of people who are putting it to use that it's good for new members to login to know how to have a personal devotional walk with Christ and how to get involved with soul winning and church life and these kind of things it's good for old members because most of us had been taught this stuff to start with. It's good for prayer meeting it's good for sermon series is good for personal reading just let me let me tell you it just basically it's got twenty six chapters which is one chapter a week for six months and it's got an accompanying mentors guide so that you as a member can help guide a new member into the fundamentals of face. OK I would highly encourage you and let you know the regular the price is twelve dollars if you mention this Symon are when you go to the booth you get two dollars off you get a ten dollar discount if you buy a hundred or more you get in for eight bucks apiece. So I'm telling you this is a resource it's I can tell you that there are conferences and parts of the world field that are buying them by the hundreds now it's a good resource you want to be on the front edge of this. OK. Also I want to let you know about audio adverse events in fact you're going to let. That know about audio verse of it says that OK you want to take this for second go. All right. We just want less you know about audio verse advance. It is a platform that ADI verse is providing basically we have partnered up with a manual Institute as well as Light Ministries and we are offering online training. So if you want to be trained in evangelism or in health. You can visit a V.A. advantage org and would be passing out these fliers so you can know a little bit more about it. We also have discounts on our classes today. So if you visit our booth at six o two six zero four will be there to let you know more more about that awesome so Emanuel Institute Cypress your You're going to register to go to the menu. You're going to purchase at least one discipleship handbook. Not right now after Sabbath when the exhibits are open. Let's be clear. And you're going to investigate and probably sign up for a course or two or all through audio verse advance. All right. So these are just some of the very very many many materials you could look at the it is written bible studies the landmarks of prophecy studies as Bible studies resources or close track there's the resources the digital media all of the tools exist. So it's not for lack of picking up a shovel. We just need to pick it up and work right. I hope that's made sense. Before we leave our heads were pretty Heavenly Father I thank you so much. That you give us in your wisdom. The privilege and the responsibility of being code laborers with you. Or we want to be followers of Jesus but not just his head. We want to be part of his body. Which is the church and we've already studied that the only way the church grows is when every part doesn't share. Or teach us what our part is help us to have the right job in our minds as pastors and help the lay members to see with their responsibility who's helped the young people to set an example for the believe the Lord by your grace help us to do something for you that will hasten the coming and let us see or see your face to face and when that day comes when I pray that not one we prayed in Jesus this message was presented at the G Y C twenty sixteen conference when all has been heard in Houston Texas. I see a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so winning Christians for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. the Web dot org.


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