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Moise Ratsara
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Moise Ratsara

Pastor, Hartford, Michigan



  • December 28, 2016
    6:00 AM


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You're the E.Q. Q. Three zero me your father. We pray that you please increase our need but your promise will be fulfilled from the sold it feels this need nothing is with held. We pray this in the loving name of your Son Jesus all your children say amen. Good evening again. I have the honor and privilege to introduce you tonight Speaker. He is currently the president of G Y C. And we affectionately call him. Mo. Last night I got a text message from Jonathan and he said would you be willing to introduce him always. And I said Of course I would it would be an honor and so immediately I started rehearsing what I say about this and introduction. And it became abundantly clear to me that I didn't know anything about him always as worldly accomplishments. And that may not be different from your opinion and where you said but for me it's a little bit unique because I actually sit on the nominating committee of G Y C. And the board that votes in the leadership of G Y C. So you should be saying amen. I know nothing about his worldly accomplishments and yet he is our president when you have an encounter and an experience with Mo we see you recognize that his passion and his love for his friend and a savior Jesus Christ is contagious. Most is sort of like an onion as you begin to unpeel he grew up as a missionary G Y C has changed his life when you ask him what is the highlight of G Y C. It is being a bus leader. Going out on outreach. He's going to share a little bit this evening as to how G Y C. Has changed him how it is shaped his Christian experience. And I trust that you like me would it's you and counter my we will experience this contagiousness that he has for his friend and Savior Jesus Christ. It is who will give us our message tonight and he is our president and we will welcome him to the stage. Personal Lord. You know it's a real privilege to be here with you want to think certain people that make this happen. The first person I want to think is God Almighty. I also want to think of my family my beautiful wife Amy Amy if you can wave where you are on the fifth row there she is my beautiful wife Amy I want to also think. The churches been so kind to me I serve as a local church pastor to beautiful churches Jackson. Bunker Hill I want to greet you. And I know you're following us on line and I just want to say hi. I also want to say hi to my friends who are in the cotton prison facility with whom we have fellowship every Tuesday praising the Lord together. I want to say hello and I'm glad you're watching. I also want to think especially you can see I'm very grateful to the south western union as specially the youth department led by elder moody who's here with us. I also want to think that Texas conference especially elder Carlos Craig and his team and elder Dan CERN's who have been so accommodating to us and they have blessed us tremendously. I also want to thank all the local church pastors in Texas. If you're a local church pastor here in Texas. If you will please stand and if there are any of them here. Thank you thank you so much to do. I also would like to introduce. Today a special friend of mine. The visit of my church. The president of our church a friend of the young people a very humble man elder Ted Wilson who will share some few words with us from his heart to encourage us. After he's done sharing some words with us. I will come back after a special music to share with you some words from my heart. So I would like to introduce to you. Elder Wilson I like to have a prayer with him to ask that the Holy Spirit may feel him and give him strength as he goes all over the. World to proclaim the truth. Let's pray. There have only father here is your anointed servant that you have called for such a time as this. I pray for him. I pray for his family. I pray for worldwide church that we are so excited. We can be a part of bless him in his ministry and father may you guide him. You give him great wisdom and you give him great health as well as he carries out his duties all over the world. Please be with him in his entire family and thank you so much for him and for his ministry. A man. I want to thank I want to thank Pastor sorrow for that wonderful prayer and the opportunity to be here at G Y C. I'm looking forward to Pastor Rod SARS message tonight. I know the Holy Spirit is going to use him in a very dramatic way he told me a little bit about what he's going to speak about and I know that these are essential truths for this time I want to tell you as a message this evening here at G Y see something important. When all has been heard to see young people around the world those who are watching. I urge you don't give up on the ship for the ship is going through by God's grace. Now I've been very impressed as I have arrived here at G Y C. The infrastructure the organization. You know and you just me. So many people so many people who are on fire for the Lord. Praise God for G Y C. There are all kinds of reasons that you want to be happy but I want to tell you I met all kinds of people I've got some people who are helping me. Bailey and Alex and Christian and our D. and I met a fellow at the airport he said Are you over Wilson I said Yes His name is Diego from Philadelphia Diego I'm not sure if you're here tonight. Yet but the Lord's going to bless you. This is your first time you know I parked my car next to a lovely van appear in the Hilton parking lot and it was from the Canton Seventh Day Adventist Church. I hope Canton you're here tonight and God is going to bless you in a marvelous marvelous way we met a young greeter His name is Jericho. What an exciting name to have Jericho. He's going to shake the place let me tell you. Jonathan Walters vice president for programming has been instrumental in helping us to focus on the right things and Julianna is helping us with photography and all kinds of things. Everybody working together to do something for Jesus. I want to tell you were so impressed at annual Council back in the month of October when so many young people came from souls West and many other organizations to help church leaders distribute Christian literature. What a privilege it is to have many of you who were there with us here tonight. In fact I want to urge you this coming year two thousand and seventeen really read or read if you haven't read it I think everyone here has a full book steps to Christ. One hundred twenty five years ago as of two thousand and seventeen this book was first put out. Distribute this book distribute the great controversy. We're going to see God's blessing in a marvelous way as you become involved in every activity of the church and remember it is all based on our relationship with Jesus revival and reformation which must continue until the Lord comes focus upon Christ and His righteousness upon his beautiful justifying and sanctifying power that he will provide for each of us his sanctuary message. What a beautiful message God has given to us in the sanctuary use it. Preach it share it be faithful to God and to His Holy Word and to the spirit of prophecy and to what God intends for us to do as a people proclaiming the three Angela's messages Revelation fourteen and the fourth angel's message of Revelation eighteen. We are living in on usual times and I want to tell you when all has been heard. Stay with the ship. It's going through to the kingdom. You see total member involvement total youth involvement total everything involvement is what the church is to be all about as we come to the very end of time and that is what G Y C helps all of you to do to be so involved in the month of May of this year still two thousand and sixteen. We had the wonderful privilege of holding evangelist big meetings in Romania in Rwanda. What a marvelous experience it was my wife even had her own meetings. I don't have time to tell you all the details but we saw God's Spirit. Moving in a marvelous way because the membership of the church became so totally involved in everything that was done if you have a chance come to the seminar that we're going to be holding tomorrow to help understand what it means to have pastors and church members working in a united way total member involvement by God's grace at the end of that massive evangelistic meeting all across Rwanda with over two thousand sites. God bless ultimately with over one hundred thousand baptisms and we praise God for it in February in about one month we will be in Ukraine and also in Romania Romania is preparing for over or about two thousand sites about three quarters of those sites will be operated and presented by lay people as were the ones in Rwanda. I want to tell you. God is doing something extraordinary in getting everybody involved total member involvement. Now for the last few moments because we want to hear past about sorrow. I want to talk to you about a ship that you fourteen. We don't have time to really get into the full story but you know that story. The feeding of the five thousand really there are probably about twenty thousand people there including women and children and all that were there. That beautiful experience where twelve baskets were filled at the very end the people were so excited they were about to crown Jesus King it's a marvelous story but I don't have time to get into all of it. I want to focus on some lessons from the sea. Jesus sent the disciples away. They were angry they were bitter they thought that they were going to become one. High generals in an army that was going to take care of the Romans. But Jesus had other plans. He sent them away and you can see in your mind's eye those disciples walking down to the ship because Jesus said Go into the ship out into the sea. You can see them kicking the dirt muttering under their breath. Who is this person. Maybe he's not even the Son of God. He's frustrated our plans want to tell you my dear young friends and all of us because that because I speak to myself. Be careful. That your plans that you focus on so intently and that you think are great plans. Be careful else they be something other than God's plan. Let's stay close to God's word and to the Spirit of Prophecy work together as a family unit. I urge you to be involved with your local church in every way possible support your church don't diverged from your church. Listen to your church work with your church. Well those disciples got into the boat. Jesus went up into a mountainside and he was praying read about it and desire of ages it's an incredible story. Jesus could see them out in the sea and he prepared a special storm just for that sometimes when you run into problems. Maybe the Lord is testing you with your own style unique store as those disciples were struggling with the sales in Matthew fourteen and tells us how they became so afraid. And when the boat was now in the middle of the sea verse twenty four tossed by the waves with the wind was contrary. Now. In the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them walking on the sea. Why could he get to them at that point is because they had given up on themselves. In fact when they saw Jesus. They said it's a ghost. Now I grew up in Cairo Egypt in the Middle East. There are omens that people kind of believe in and if something happens they say old that's that's a sign something terrible is going to happen. These disciples saw this apparition on the water and they thought for sure we're going to die. They had set the sails as much as they could they threw out everything they could from the boat. They tried to keep the boat balance but it was going to sink when you give up on your own plans then is when God can help you with his plans for your life. And then as. That was rocking in the midst of that store and Jesus appeared he said Be of good cheer. It is Do not be afraid. I want to tell you see those are the words that people in this world are longing to hear through your lips and your actions. Let God use you in total member involvement. So that people will understand that you're connected with the heavenly source of power that you're preparing people for Jesus soon return. Don't be afraid to be Seventh Day Adventist. Well he's a spoke Peter answered Lord of it. You tell me to come out. Well you know what happened. Peter went out went over the edge started walking on the water got a little self-confident turned around to see if the rest of the gang was looking at him. He began to sink never take your eyes off. Jesus the one who will take the ship through is the one who controls the store. Jesus himself will take this ship through. Peter learned his lesson grabbed hold of Jesus walked back to that ship and when they got into the ship the sea became like glass and finally those disbelieving angry frustrated disciples who were thinking that they had a better way that their way was the that her approach. Bowed down and said Truly you are the Son of God as we go into two thousand and seventeen. I'm going to take a little license and I'm going to say that two thousand and seventeen is going to be one of the most usual years that you will have ever experienced. We are coming to the very end of time I believe with all my heart that Jesus is coming soon. He is asking for all of us to focus our attention upon him. Desire Of Ages tells us. In Page three eighty two those who fail to realize their constant dependence upon God will be overcome by temptation. We may now suppose that our feet stand secure and that we shall never be moved. We may say with confidence. I know in whom I have believe nothing can shake my faith in God and in His Word but Satan is planning to take advantage of our hereditary and cultivated traits of character and the blood. Mind our eyes to our own necessities and defects and we'll try and do that even right here at G Y C. Even in this wonderful environment. Only through realizing our own weakness and looking steadfastly to Jesus can we walk securely my appeal to you in two thousand and seventy is to walk securely with Jesus Jesus is in the book and Jesus will see the boat through through the Holy Spirit He is present with his church and soon by His grace. He will be coming to take us all I want to do something is just before I walk off. I want to do something a little different than I've ever done before. Most of you will recognize this because I want people to know who you are as a wonderful group of young people. I want to take a group selfie is that OK I want to take this and I want to put it on my Facebook page because I want people to see young people who are totally involved whether God's Church. And if you are involved with God's Church. Raise your hand and let's get a good picture here. God bless you all. We believe in G. Y.C. We love you. Stay with the ship the ship is going through. For them form the sea and formed of the river and the sea your home the names of those how to treat your. And you would you have it word of prayer with me one more time. Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father. We are your children you know me father and I need you I ask that you fill this place with your presence and that at the end of this time together we will never be the same again because we have met Christ. Please be with us. Fathers our prayer. Amen. I want to alert you that I'm going to make an appeal for baptism and of my address to you. The reason why I tell you beforehand is because I want you to make an intelligent decision. I know some of you have been in the value of decision. And I am going to give you know and of my address to make a commitment to Jesus to day. You know G.Y. see as one vision in the book education. Page two hundred sixty two. It says this one thing we do. Success in any line demands a definite aim he would achieve true success in life must keep steadily in view. The aim worthy of his endeavors. Such a name is set before the youth of today the heaven appointed purpose of giving the Gospel to the world in this generation. It is a noblest that can appeal to any human being. It opens a field of effort to everyone whose heart Christ has touched. I'm going to give you a rundown of what God has done through G. Y.C. a brief one through God's grace mercy and help this year alone. G Y C has sent a couple of missionaries to the Middle East. We are present in six different continents except Antarctica. We have eight different affiliates eighteen different affiliates who have planned more than twenty major events this year alone. Countless G. Y.C. years were sent to preach food evangelistic series all over the world including Rwanda to support our beloved church. We have more than five hundred volunteers more than one hundred of them serving here alone spending countless hours waving flags welcoming you giving you water all the way to the person who had to sign to get this convention center all are precious in God's sight. G Y C has reached. The lives of thousands including myself and some people who are here present. Have been won over to the Gospel because of our outreach in Louisville two thousand and fifteen and they are here because of what you have done through God's grace. G.Y. see attendees have knocked on more than half a million doors passed more than a million pieces of literature in the last five days. But G Y C has one mission to finish the work in this generation. And in order to fulfill this mission. We must be all N. for Christ. You see the Executive Committee is not G Y C. Though they are excellent people. The board of G. Y.C. is not G Y C. Though they are excellent people is not G Y C G Y C is you you are G Y C. And this is your movement and this is your time to finish the work in your generation but we have a lot of work to do and the work lays closest to us. There's a story of a young boy in the eighteen hundreds by the name of William. And when William was really young. His father told him William and so sorry but I have no money to take care of you. William now was a homeless boy at the age of sixteen and he decided to go to New York City to make a life for himself. There he went on a canal boat then he would have an encounter that will change his life for ever. The sea captain with a deep voice probably told William said William young boy. What are you doing here and where are you going. William told him his story and the only thing that William could say that he had done that was useful was make soap. The captain looked at him and said I'll give you one advice. One day they will be the best soap maker in New York City. It might be you in my not be you. But whatever you do whatever you make dedicated to the Lord William eventually at the end of his life was giving all of his money to Mission work all over the world to day we know him as William Colgate and some of you probably use his product in the morning. But beyond that brother William Colgate gave all of his money at the end of his life for missions but business people are not the only people that need to be asked that question where are you going. What are you doing here. But profits as well. Need that question. Turn your Bibles with me to first Kings Chapter nineteen and verse thirteen First Kings Chapter nineteen and verse thirteen. First Kings trip through nineteen and verse thirteen and then there it reads. So it was a one in a larger heard it. Then he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entrance of the quay Suddenly a voice came to him and said What are you do. Doing all would you why. So you following me. I know the day has been long but you've got to connect with me. He said Jesus. What are you doing what. Here and I want to ask the same question to you. G Y C. What are you doing here. Where are you going. I hope we are not here to be entertained. We're not here to dance with the devil but we are here to walk with God to be men and women of God We are here to press together not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is but exhorting one another so much more as we see the day approaching. But we have it work to do we must press together like never before friend for we today face tremendous challenges especially as young people young professionals. We are fighting ever the rising tide of secularism and spiritual decay characterized by our generation's religious this a gage meant. We are facing the storms of division even among our ranks in God's family. We have become polarized as a people to the point that we are spiritually naked it and we don't know it. We are blind and we don't know it we lack power and we don't seek it. We are drowning in the ocean of lukewarmness and some don't even care. Gee why see what are we doing here. For if we know more how to argue than to pray like Christ. We are in trouble if we are spending more time being consumed by the cares of the world than understanding the heart of God There is a problem. If we as young people are pursuing a career more than a calling. We are in trouble. If we as young people know more about the issues that divide us more than the righteousness of Christ portrayed in the three angels message whose proclaim ation unites us as a people of God we are in trouble for we are suffocating ourselves spiritually. And there's ever that constant danger of the undercurrent of selfishness. That sways even the best of us into the abyss of self of eternal destruction and impending destruction. We are in trouble but I pray. Oh I pray and I have a dream and I long that we have gathered here together to face the storms in Christ's name that is why we are here we are here because we have gathered from all over the states all over the world. Those of you watching online we have gathered here because we seek to meet Jesus Christ. A young boy and his family were traveling on a boat of Praise the Lord elder Wilson talked about a boat. A young boy who was traveling on a boat unfortunately the mighty storm came and the boat was not able to be stable and it lost its balance and capsized at sea. The next. Day it. The search party came and all they could find was a little boy. They asked the little boy this said Boy are you OK. The little boy looked at them and he says yes or the rock never moved and I tell you friends the Word of God has never moved and as we face the storms to gather we shall stand on the mighty rock of God That is why we are here every year we come together looking for something profound something radical something significant a purpose a vision a challenge. We come to be motivated and energized we come because we want to be the changes our homes our schools our churches our countries desperately need we come to the field more so that we can give more we come because we are G Y C. We are here to bury our idols of self worldliness divisiveness and pride and by God's grace raise an outer of loving sacrifice. Of humility of surrender of total devotion to argue for a remembrance throughout eternity and to raise it up here. We are here to be with Christ to lift our mortal face and look into the face of the terminal who gave everything for you and me who was pierced on a tree falsely accused persecuted rejected and alone but it was. Worth it all for you and me we're simply here to seek to be his disciples in mind and in heart in action to understand serve under and be consumed by the greatest subject of all that is found in all of Scripture and summarized in three simple words Christ Our Righteousness. It is our only hope and we have gathered here because we thirst after righteousness. And the promises given by a covenant God go with me to Matthew chapter five and verse six. We are here because we hunger. We are here because we thirst. We are here because we need more we are here because we we in Matthew chapter five or six. You could read it with me if you have the King James Version blessed which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be what filled it take it to the bank my friend. And I long that this promise will be fulfilled here that young people will be in their Bibles open up their hearts to God. Where they will engage in a relentless evangelism and prayer where they will be active in their communities winning souls visiting the orphans and the widows. The poor and the mighty men of the world and reaching those who are in most need of the Gospel and be active in their beloved church. This is God's church friend. And. This is the apple of his eye. I long that this will be the generation that will finish the work in our generation. You know I want to share with you my heart I grew up in a beautiful Adventists home. I was a missionary kid. I'm glad I have no worldly attainments only Jesus. That is all that I have but my freshman year of college I started to struggle with my faith not because my parents had done something but some of you might understand what I was going through. I was asking questions and I came to a point where I started to question my identity and my faith. I realized that my faith could not depend any more. Upon my parents or my friends I had to either choose the world or the word and I by God's grace said Lord I am going to give you a chance. I thought I knew God but I didn't know God. I told God that I would read His Word. Not only just to read but to abate the word There's a big difference friends. So I started to read it and the first verse in the Word of God says what in the beginning what God created. I hope you understand those words is in the beginning God created and I say Lord if I put you first in my life. You could recreate. You heart. And you mind and you purpose and you life. I started to read the Bible through and through to the point that some pages were about to fall off. You could ask my wife some day about my Bible but I don't say that to boast but I say that to see to you how precious those words are in the word. I started to pour myself into reading the spirit of prophecy like nothing else I know there's a lot of people that questions about the spirit of prophecy about friend look at this you need all the lights you need to finish this journey in victory. God spoke the Bible is clear. Don't be afraid to read the Spirit of Prophecy for even her cell she said if we understood our Bibles as we should we would have no need for writing but friend. It is a blessing and I poured my life into reading her writings and I can tell you that I love the word even more than ever before. For we are a spectacle before men and angels of the cross is where we must be found. We are now called and chosen and ought to be faithful for when all has been heard. May the word have seen a reflection of the true character of God is Spirit filled live for through you and I in this generation for truly judgment has come friends for God will bring every work into judgment including every secret thing whether good or evil. Therefore a friend seeking Him while He may be found. You know I feel your pain. I know some of you don't want to be here. I know some of you are here because of your parents. I know some of you probably are questioning your faith and maybe some of you have even plans to leave the church after G. Y.C. But I tell you friend. We are great sinners but God is a great savior. Do not resist the wooing of the Holy Spirit in your heart but be wooed by God For God is truly coming and God loves you to the author most G Y C. I ask you the question again. What are you doing here and where are you going. I want to share with you to conclude I want to share with you a response from a young person like you who decided to reply to this question where are you. What are you doing here and where are you pulling. This was the reply of this young person a young person like you and I who paid the ultimate price for his response and on that night before he was martyred here other words that he wrote. It's called The Fellowship of the unashamed I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed the die. Has been cast. I have stepped over the line the decision has been made and I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I won't look back. Let up slow down back away or be steel My past is redeemed my present makes sense and my future is secured. I am finished and done with low living sight walking small planet. Smoove nice call of the streams. Small giving dwarf I no longer need preeminence prosperity position promotion planned it or popularity. I now live by presence lean by faith. Love by Patience lift by prayer and labor by power my pace is set my case is FAT My goal is heaven. My road is narrow my way is rough. My companion. If you MY GOD reliable My mission is clear. I cannot be bought compromised deterred LURD away turn back the dude or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice. Has it take it in the presence of adversity. That the temple of the enemy. Ponder at the pool of popularity or midi ender. In the maze of mediocrity. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I must go until Heaven returns give until I drop preach until all know and work until he comes. And when he comes to get his own he will have no problem recognizing me my colors will be clear my colors will be clear for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. For it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who is. For the Jew first and also for the Greek for in it. The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written my friend the just show live by faith. I want to appeal to your heart and if you want to join this fellowship of the unashamed and say that I am here because God is here. If you want to join disfellowship I'll ask you to stand with me and as you stand with me you are in Lord I want to be part of this fellowship of the unashamed I want to be all in for Christ. I want to finish this work for and I want you to think before you stand up for this is calling for your life. It is calling for you to be all in for Christ. If you're saying. Lord I thrust myself in your hands. I am all yours. Take me take me have a second appeal as well. And this appeal is if you want to take it a step further. If you will like to take a public stand for God and beyond ashamed to make your decision for him like this young men. And be baptized. I will invite you to come to the front and as my friends here will sing a song as you come to the fronts they will be people who are ready for you that will scan your badges to make sure. We follow up with you as they are singing to come to the front for now is the time to walk with God and dedicate ourselves to the Lord to be all in all of you here standing making a statement to go before men and angels from this place you are Christ Christ alone. Bear with me as we ask the Lord to seal our decision Heavenly Father Your Holy Spirit is in this place. People have made it turn all decisions for you. Lord we consecrate father that you will fill them with your Holy Spirit and keep the evil want to way Father help us to be all end for you. Lord and help us to be on a shame of the gospel. I pray for all of my friends here that when all has been heard. We will hear the voice of our Savior saying well done. My good and faithful servant welcome into the joy of the Father we longed to see you face to face fill us with your Holy Spirit for in you we depend.


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