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Esau was a Seventh-day Adventist

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • January 1, 2017
    8:00 AM
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What a wonderful. Leaning on the everlasting arms and it's so encouraging to know that this new year and he will sustain us because he is a faithful father. So our next song is leaning on the. And our opening song will be send ups for Jesus to if we can all rise for opening song. The image of the seated. Romans chapter eight. We're going to read verses fourteen through eighteen. The Bible says for as many as a lead by the Spirit of God They are the sons of God. For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear. But she have received the spirit of adoption. Whereby we cry. Abba Father. The spirit itself birth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. And their children then heirs heirs of God and joint as with Christ. If so be that we suffer with Him that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time not worthy to be compared with the glory which shows which shall be revealed in us. Please bear with me in prayer. Holy Father. We ask you to be present with us to have sent the Holy Spirit to be among us to give us wisdom discernment and comforts. Father we give this New Year to you and place it in your hands and prayed to God. That our greatest gift and joy will be the companionship of Jesus Christ himself. Please be without a randy skeet this morning and I pray to God that you a place your words in his mouth. Make us wish to hear. And quick to discern. And father. I pray that you will give us the grace and the power. To go forward from this place as a new creation. Thank you for adopting us in. Family. Thank you for preparing a home for us and to father. I pray that when all has been heard that we will be faithful waiting and ready to be home with you in Jesus name I pray. Amen. And I screw on rich and poor on all my grand. Or the Lord's combo you saw my life. This love. Man's my solo my life my. I will bless the Lord at all times his spray shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord the humble shall hear thereof and be glad all praise the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together. God is good and all the time. Good morning everyone. How is your night. God bless you. Nice to see you. I did so much talking yesterday. You can probably hear the effects in my voice but it was all good. I believe talking to God's people is a privilege it's an honor. It's a blessing. So remember to pray that the Lord will sustain me through this brief presentation. Why do I say brief because I have to rush from the pulpit to a car to the airport to catch my flight. So I will hurry without being too rushed. Let me pause and express my gratitude to the U.I.C. Sanhedrin for inviting me to be a part of this Bless of the experience. I really have been highly honored I mean that from my heart and God knows I am telling the truth. I really thank you and I pray and I hope that something I said smoothly on not so smoothly was a blessing to you somehow. I thank you for loving God I thank you for loving God's word and I thank you for loving God's people. I also am very grateful for the quality of music particularly the music that preceded my coming to this desk where very few people know is that the special music that precedes my sermons have a profound effect on me some all. Was nervous. Who is singing. How will the person be dressed and how will the person behave with the person seeing as though he or she is worshipping or as though he or she is performing. So I'm grateful for those who sign prior to my coming and for those who played. May God bless you and may you always commit your talents to His glory and to the blessing of your fellow man and your fellow woman. For those of you who have been with us who are not seven they haven't just thank you so much for blessing our presence our gathering with your presence we are highly honored to have you and me hope that you will continue to follow share with us. Wherever you find us in your town your city or your village. I thank God for life. I thank him for the honor he gives me to speak for him. While I have this platform. Let me say in God's defense. God has never done me anything wrong never all my blessings of come from God all my problems I have brought on myself. Let me say it again. All my blessings. Have come from God. All my headaches hardships and hernia. I have brought on myself. Are you with me. So God is innocent. In my life and I wanted to make that public statement. I do love God. That him and his lifeless. I love God. I love Jesus. I love the Holy Ghost. I love the angels and I love you. I love you I said. Make me change my mind. Our subject for this morning. Esau was a Seventh Day Adventist. What did I say. For the fire. Time. What is this what is this what do I want you to do with this. How many of you have been rebelling let me see or have a sister don't rebel against God's servant. You will not get a husband. Please cooperate turn the phone off. Now an announcement announcement a sign came up earlier put your phones on silence no no no no. Turns them off until they're dead. Somebody say a man or I have a number two. While I'm speaking pray for me and say Lord put your words in that man's mouth. I told you yesterday I repeated. Today it is an urgent request. When Peter stood me on the day of Pentecost Acts two. The Bible says and Peter standing up with the eleven. That's very meaningful to me there were twelve disciples. Peter stood the Bible says with the twelve. Now it was only the volume of Peter that was heard. But somehow those listening understood that the other eleven men were one with Peter in that sermon and so in verse thirty seven the Bible says. Now when they heard this they were pretty in their heart and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles Men and brethren. What shall we do so while Peter physically spoke the other eleven will one with him when I speak this morning. I want to stand with the eleven Can you see him I am. And so I ask you as a favor. I ask God to put his words where in my mouth. That's based on Jeremiah chapter one verse nine. Then the Lord put forth his hand and touch my mouth and the Lord said unto me Behold I have put my words environment off. It's also based on Second Samuel twenty three verse two the spirit of the Lord spake my me and His word was in my tongue. And favor number three what is that I want you to think I have often said I'll say it now if people would think we would not do the things we do. If we would think. We would not drink the things we drink. If we would think. We would not eat the things we eat. If we would think we would not date the people we date. If we would think that we would not let me change the pronouns if some people would think they would not attend the church is that and. Sink. It is a divine quality you serve a God who thinks Here is what he said still Come now let us do our recent together think. Let's pray. We read for those coming in to take their seats before we praise all is reverent while he has all men to take your hats off his bar is closed our Father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ father when I say the name of Jesus Christ. I mean in the name of the one who is fully God the one who said Let there be light the one who said. Earthly soldier in the Prince of this world cometh and have nothing in me. Further when I say in the name of Jesus. I mean in the name of the one who stood outside the empty tomb and said Oh death. Where is that sting or grave where is that victory. In the name of Jesus the God bless us with your spirit that he may enlighten our understanding grant to me to God. The simple words I humble myself before your father my desire is your glory and a blessing of your people. For the sake of your glory. Use me to God please. And for those listening by television. Even when the Listen to this recorded version. Blessed them the God with the revelation of saving truth. Thank you to God for the high honor of speaking for you. It is an honor angels would love but you have given it a sinner such as I I thank you to God I may always represent you right in and out of the sacred desk now surround us with the angels that excel in strength as we worship you in spirit and in truth. Bless everyone. Let every family represented. Bless your remnant people their God bless the leaders of this country. Daniel two twenty one. He changes the times in the seasons. He removes canes and set it up kings. Not only our leaders best leaders of the world a father who lets them make decisions that are advantages to the advancement of the gospel. I offer this prayer from my heart along with the request that you bless the sick. In Jesus' name and for his sake let God's people say amen and mam what's our subject was a Seventh Day Adventist Genesis twenty five reading from first twenty nine. Genesis twenty five reading from verse twenty nine. And reading from the King James Version of the Bible. The Bible says and Jacob sold pottage and Esau came from the field and he was fate. And Esau said to Jacob feed me I pray thee with that same red pottage for I am free. Therefore was his name called dumb and Jacob said Sell me this day. Vi birthright verse thirty two. And Esau said. Behold I am at the point to die. And what profit shall this birthright do to me. Let's read verse thirty two and Esau said listen to Esau as words. Listen microscopically Behold I am at the point to die. That's physical. That's temporal. That's visible. What profit. Shall this birthright. That's eternal. That's invisible. That spiritual. What is the profit. Of something eternal invisible and spiritual to me in a moment of physical need. Esau was circa. Soon by meeting his physical needs. His visible needs. His temporal needs all of which are legitimate. But this so dominated is thinking that he lost sight of the valuable a VAT which benefits us now and in the life to come. What profit shall this birthright do to me. Verse thirty three and Jacob said Swear to me this day. And he swear on to him and he sold his birthright and to Jacob. When the service first was in the Bible Genesis twenty five thirty four then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils and he did indeed drink and rose up and went his way finished the first for me. Thus Esau did walk despised his birthright some translations accounted it of little value the little. Treated with contempt Esau despise the most precious gift and he were a boy. A descendant of Abraham. A male descendant could look forward to the birthright a double portion of the father's wealth. Headship of the family. The priest of the home. All of these and perhaps other blessings came with the birthright. Jacob understood the value of the birthright Esau did not and so Esau despised his birthright. I feel compelled to reread verse thirty two and he saw said Behold I am of the point. To die. That is called an extremity an extreme situation there are other extreme situations in which we find ourselves. Behold I am thirty six and I have no man. What profit is that I shall not commit adultery due to me. And behold I have five children. Divorced my paycheck is small What profit. I shall bring you all the time I do. Show me. We value God's things in the light of our needs. Let me say that differently. We value God's blessings. When we buy looking through a secular lens. And we see no value at let me offer a possible example. How many of you went on a five K. this morning five K. glad you survived. I don't see the point for running five K. but go ahead. God bless you. Or ten K.. How many of you were late because of the five K. to this service. OK OK. Which one to devalue more highly Don't raise your hands. The five K. or the word worship that can change your life. You in the final year of your P.H.D.. One exam to take to move into your gathering of research materials that exam is placed on the Sabbath. You are in Esau predicament. What profit. Will the Sabbath be to me. When I am staring down the loss of thousands of dollars invested in an education which I regard as the security for my future life. Do you see the profit in being a sense of the absence. Do you see the profit in serving God. George twenty one reading from for seven our subject. Esau was a Seventh Day Adventist. What was our subject. Yesterday morning. What. The morning before that the morning before that. What book did I say what chapter reading for one verse. What verse seven. Wherefore do the wicked in with become old he is mighty in power they see there's a stablish in this site with them and their offspring before their eyes. Their houses are safe from fear. Neither is the rod of God upon them. They bull gender earth and fill if not they call kava. And cast is not her calf. They send forth their little ones like a flock and the children dams. They take the timber and harp and original use of the sound of the organ verse thirteen this pain with their days in wealth. And in a moment go down to the good. Rave therefore they're sent to God depart from us. For we desire not the knowledge of I always read first fifteen with me. Nice and loud. If you have the King James Version read really mean what is the Almighty. That we should serve him and what profit gone should we have if we pray and to him. There are Christians today they go to church physically but they do not see the prophet in serving God. Anyone in that condition requires only the slight nudge to fall over and to leave God a person of that description can never survive the time of trouble my young friends. I ask you again. Do you see the profit. In serving God. Do you see the value of living a biblically upright life. Or are you sort dazzled by the world that you are almost as the point of Esau to say what profit is seven the Adventism to me. And if it is of no profit to you will you engage in more evangelism. We have a health message somebody say a man. Listen to these words in medical ministry page forty nine paragraph two. There are divinely instituted laws or rules which if followed will keep human beings from disease. And premature death. That's. Two images three four five. Listen again. They are divinely appointed rules. What does she mean by divinely appointed what's the source. God can God go wrong. There are divinely appointed rules which if followed what is if mean conditions will keep human beings. From disease and premature death. We have a health message that other people use for their benefit. You see when you do things God's way even if you're an atheist you're blessed. There are I'm talking to myself. You're sleeping how with your eyes open. Listen again if an atheist returns the ties he received the type of blessing. Because God is not a man that he should lie. We have a health message. We despise and. There were Esau. Despised his birthright. We have a message that would keep us out of hospitals. Keep our money in our pockets. Allow us to be fit to serve in foreign lands. Because the healthier you are the more effective. You can be for God God bless all sick people don't misunderstand me. There's a strength coach who says Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and I generally more useful. Do you know how many billions of dollars are lost because of sick days in this country. I say again in the hearing of heaven on earth we have health message. But when that message is brought It is this a pious get rid of those missionaries telling me that there is not even a not to eat that and went to drink and went to sleep and get rid of them they are disrupting our lifestyle. Don't tell me give up meat. Go on is not so narrow minded. As to care if I eat beef or pork or crocodiles. He is not that narrow minded. Yes he has gone is very narrow minded The saw that Senate. We have a complimentary source of wisdom. Her. The writings of whom Ellen White. God in Heaven knows I speak the truth when I say how often I think god. For the ministry of hell and life. Let me say it again on my knees. I say it in the hearing of a God who its allies on find God. For what he did through that woman. And the legacy of light. The Inheritance of truth that has come down to us we despite. Studies are shown. That one of the factors that contribute to spiritual growth among Adventists is reading the writings of L. in a light. Let me talk to the young people. The older ones. It's harder to get to them. Because we have more layers of sin you see you being young. God has just a little work to scrape away the sin but for us. He needs a pneumatic drill. Read the writings of other white. Cherish that wisdom. You got your eyes on a girlfriend read messages to young people. Reading letters to young lovers. Now read Adventists home you're thinking of having a getting married read adventures home. You want to bring a child into the world read child guides not Joyce Meyer. And T.D. Jakes. And Benny Hinn and the others. You smile and you smile beautifully but do you understand the insult to God. Here is a a source of inspired wisdom. And we despise it and seek carnal knowledge. No wonder nobody knows who had been these are as I was telling some people yesterday or the whole world knows who is ISIS. Very few people know who had done this. Are. We have a complimentary. Why do I say complimentary because it supports it. It helps us to understand it in no way conflicts with biblical truth. We despise it. I was in a certain country. On the face of the earth. Preaching a few years ago. A weekend revival I stayed in the home of a minister who invited me. I want to identify the country. For fear of reprisals. He told me the minister in his conference. A letter was circulated among preachers which they had to sign. I will not quote the writings of Ellen White from the pulpit. He didn't sign it. And don't listen to the conference call them in. Why haven't you signed this document. He wanted to know why because one of the conference officials was a member of the local association of witches. Listen to a Bible verse. Don't go there. Just listen. Milly's if in the Lord your God. So shall you be established. Who can finish their. Believe one His prophets so shall ye prosper. Now let's reread that microscopically it says Believe in Love the Lord your God so shall you be established. It does not say believe in the prophets. It says believe them. Which means believe what they say but you believe in God are you following me. There's a difference and why there's not a god. You Missed It is my fault. Believe in with a lot. Your god. So shall you be established. Believe his prophets socially prosper this church. Officially regards Ellen Gould white as having exercise the biblical prophetic gift. As verily as Isaiah or Jeremiah even though her writings are not part of the biblical canon the source is the same. Then when you neglect her light you develop a disregard for this. Then so I appeal to my handsome brothers my attractive young sisters listen to me doing yourself a favor. Build on solid rock read the writings of the prophet. By her books. Every youth should have education. Every youth should have messages to young people. Every youth should have principles of Christian education. Every young person. Should familiarize himself or herself with the conflict of the it is serious. What are the books in the conflict of the ages serious book number one this are all too slow that are all that row. I want to in order this are all. Not that are all. Let's start again this is embarrassing the whole universe is watching the books of the conflict of the ages book number one in Chronicle larger that are all. This are all that are all this are all all together. The great controversy somebody say a man he'll receive those five books and you will you know you educate yourselves. In the essential moments of what we call present truth. But like Esau. We despise our birthright. We despise the health message we despise and white. We despise the Sabbath. And bad you don't see a man this in to me we despise the Holy Ghost. We despise the divinity of Christ. I was in California several years ago one of my favorite places and I had just spoken and some man came to me. Can I speak to me. Virtually cornered me in a room trying to convince me the Holy Ghost is not an intelligent personality. And I was when he left I said Lord why did i waste. My time. Listening to that man we despise the Trinity. With despise the concept of the remnant. We despise the concept of the teaching of victory over seen with aspies the two faces ministry of Jesus Christ. We despise the investigative judgment. Esau despised his birthright. And so in my estimation Esau if he were alive today would make a very excellent Seventh Day Adventist. Because that which God has given to us for our benefit. Now when I say we despise it is not an organisational despising it is not a vote taken a majority vote let's despise not all it is just widespread in the church. In second Corinthians four verse eighteen. Paul says while we look. Not at the things that are seen. But of the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are what temporal. But the things which are not seen are eternal you listen to me carefully. While you pursue your degrees. Oh let me go to something else we despise we despise our educational system. Well let me not say educational system. We despise our truth about education. Because the system is often not what it should be but education paid third in paragraph one the servant of the Lord writes Our ideas of education take too narrow and to lowering. Their. His need for a broader scope in true education means more than the pursuit will of a certain course of study it means more than a degree from Harvard. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being. And with the whole period of existence possible to a man that is now and eternity in the eye and frontiers idea of education is a preparation for eternity. This not to get a job at Wal-Mart. It is the harmonious development of the physical the mental and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this life and for the higher joy of why the service in the life to come. Listen to the final statements microscopically it prepares the soon. For the joy of that word in mind. Of service in this world. And for the higher joy of why the service. Now if you have joy and service then higher joy and why the service. Why should your emphasis be on high a joy and why the service all intelligent people say a man. Most of us we pursue an education to get a job. This deafening silence confirms the accuracy of what I just said. Most young people Adventists pursue an education to get a job. In this life. Is there any sin in the job. No Who created work. God. This work contribute to character. Yes. But listen to what they were doing when the flood came. Likewise not a flood the destruction of a solemn also the flood. Likewise also look seventeen twenty eight as it was in the days of Lot. There it is that they drank there bought this world they planted they build it. Murder is not included and should happen. Carjacking is not written burglaries not mentioned. Adultery not mention. Corruption not mention. Eat me God invented the drink. God invented the bill buy sell. Plant. You know what that is. Life as usual. How can someone be lost. For living a life as usual. Now let me tell you quickly I am I telling you don't go to school. No. Christ object lessons page three sixteen paragraph two every act is judged by the motives. I love to ask young people. What are you studying. I'm studying astrophysics why. Oh I like math good. What are you studying chemistry why I like studying the periodic table OK. What are you studying history wind. I love to study the flaws in human nature. OK. What are you studying anatomy. Why I love the architectural design of the human body points of insertion origin the action. And whatever else OK. But what I'm listening for is I am studying vis of that. Because I see clearly. How I can use it for the Cause of God I never hear the. Let me be extreme. As I continue the close of the song was a seventy AD with this. Listen to a verse you know very well. Whether they're for Eat Me Come on. Audrey come on or what so ever you do. Let's look at that how microscopically. Whether they're for you don't drink. One of the word whatsoever exclude. Nothing. That verse is not in Revelation. Is not symbolic. You know L.-I counsels us take the Bible how. As it reads. Unless of course it is obviously symbolic Now let's take first Corinthians ten thirty one as it reads whether therefore you eat or drink what so ever you do. Do all question for you when you chose Harvard. Were you thinking of the glory of God Don't answer me. When you entered into that relationship with that young man young woman. Were you motivated by the glory of God Don't answer me. The fundamental motivation. For the Christian is the glory of God. There's a quotation from Ella like that. I just love it is the most powerful thing outside of the Bible. When I talk about. Only motivation is God's glory. These are the ideas page twenty paragraph two. There is nothing. Save the selfish heart of man that lives on to itself. No bird that clears the air. No animal that moves upon the ground. But ministers to some other life. There is no leaf of the forest. Or lowly blade of grass but has its ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf poor is for that element of life. Without which neither man nor animal could live. Then man an animal in turn minister to the life of three and shrubs and leave the flowers breathe fragrance unfold the beauty and blessing to the world. The sun shines its light to gladden us thousand worlds. The ocean itself the source of all our springs and fountains receives the streams from every land but takes to give. The mists ascending from its bosom fall in showers to water the earth. That it may bring forth and Bud. That is our of ages. Page twenty. Paragraph to. Everything God created. Was created to serve something else. Extend that to us. Let us make man how in our image there for you and I exist for the overriding purpose of the glory of God in everything we do. Let's not despise what God has given to us. My young people. Let us not despise the church God raised up not in white. Not James why God bless them. And I love. I thank God for the ministries a lot I said and of the pioneers. They did not raise of this church. Abraham didn't call himself. God told him. Ellen Likewise God has called this service in this day as he called in. Since Israel and so as he called Abraham he called this church in eighteen hundreds God Jesus Christ don't despise a privilege that God has given to know of the people on the face of the earth. And that is to be the depositories of present truth. Don't despise the health message. Follow it. Don't despise the educational system. Encourage it. I'm not saying none of our you should go to those schools. Yes Their goal but the goal for the primary purpose of the glory of God. And trust God to make of any deficits that that may create if any. And so today. I call upon you in the name of Jesus Christ. Regard the Word of God. As your most precious possession. Revelation one thousand first thirteen and he was clothed in a vest or dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of God to treasure the word is to treasure Christ. It is the word that's the foundation of our health system. It is the word that's the foundation of our educational system. It is the word. I heard a story. Of an administration a story a couple ministers went to a Sunday preacher. To ask him how he managed to build His Church to those staggering proportions. I'm told I wasn't present but I'm told the Sunday preacher reached into his shelf and pulled out evangelism. And gave it to the ad with the speeches. They should have dropped dead from embarrassment. I have heard. That's a man with this went to a man who ran a school to find out how do you run your school so effectively he reached on the shelf and pulled out what book. Education. We must stop going to the fellas times to sharpen our axes. I have heard some preachers say. Why would you invite these Sunday preachers to your pulpit. Because the Bible says come out of her my people. Are you following me. God said come out. Now the Lord loves everybody come on C.N.N. this you want. Benny Hinn save. Yes. Would you like to save the pope. Yes. Would you like to save the prime minister of the Illuminati. Yes. What I have them in my pulpit. God bless T.D. Jakes. But if his life depended on it. He would not enter the school but. God bless Creflo Dollar. But even if his life depended upon it he couldn't preach from I pulled. God bless all and with his preachers but there are some I know that couldn't preach in my pulpit. Let me. Be nice. You look so depressed. How many of you love Jesus raise your hands. Do you mean that stand up. Now and when I ask you to make a commitment to Christ. I mean if you will say father as I stand where I stand. I really commit myself to my Savior Jesus Christ. Raise your right hand has down. How many of you will say father. I recommit myself to President truth. Which no other church on the face of the earth has Can I see your right hand. Hands down. Young men young women. How many of you will say as I make my choices in life and let me think first of the glory of God Can I see your hand. God is delighted. Hands down. I mean if you will stay with me. As Paul lost his life. Peter lost his life. James lost his life. John the Baptist lost his life. For the truth. I am willing to die for truth can I see your right. Keep your hand up as I pray Father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ who said. Greater love hath no man than this that a man laid down His life for his friends he could say that because he laid down His life for us. Give us the spiritual decency their god. To be willing to lay down our lives for our Lord. But before we get to the point of laying down our lives. Let us live our lives to support the educational system of this church. Let us live our lives to promote the health message of this church let this law. Our Lives. The popularized the writings of Ellen White. Our Father in heaven. Give us a love for what you've given to us let us stop despising our birthright. In the same of she's us the God in the name of Jesus ignite in us. Love for the mission is given to this church. Which is to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ as verily as the Jews were supposed to prepare the world for the first coming and they did not. Let us not repeat that mistake. Father blessed everyone under the sound of my voice but in a particular way. Bless the young men and the young women to God. Let them go forth from this place as Bible base Seventh Day Adventists. With holy pride in what God has given them. And then let the influence bring their friends to Jesus. Let not the opposite occur they got bless all the parents. Who sacrificed so much for these young people. God bless all of us. I pray when you come into your kingdom you loving God save us. Without losing one before that time comes. God keep us faithful. That's the leaders of this church at the General Conference level. Vessel the will someday God His work is heavy. His enemies are many give him the wisdom to simply do what's right and you let you deal with his enemies because you can deal with his enemies more destructively than the gap. Father bless every division president. Every union president. Every conference President every mission president station president three presidents the leader of every hospital. Every publishing that it jumps me moves this movement forward that soon. Jesus Christ may come to take us home here his humble pretty God things are sins. We offer in Jesus' name and for his sake let all God's people say hey man say it again. Hey man say it again. Hey man. God bless you God bless you remember what Jesus said When the Son of man cometh shall he find faith on the earth say father. You'll find it in me. God bless you travel safely. I mean a lot keep you under his care. This through.


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