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  • June 11, 2016
    11:30 AM


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Dear Father God we just love so much. Hell you care for us and how you watch over us and how you desire. Each one of us and Lord I see that same love in that watch here in the heart of Dr Simone Dr Phillips a man he truly is a servant humble servant Lord who loves you and who desires to see others succeed in their walk with you and that that shines through in everything that he does in the ministry of his classroom in the ministry when he's in churches preaching in the ministry of his books lord everything that he does. I see Jesus shining through it. In Lord I long to follow that type of example. And so Lord I just ask that you would bless him this morning he would touch his lips with a live call from your altar they would give him the words to speak in that every heart in this place now would be pierced as we hear what you have to bring to us through your servant just now and we thank you. In the precious name of Jesus. It's such a wonderful. We all the experience to travel around the world and meet my former students. Is such a thrill around the world to me thousands of my students. Like Cory and Cory is going to be paying the Gospel minister me to the president for that and he invited me to come and say a few words. What that awesome say Couldn't the occasion that will be this afternoon right at three o'clock in the main other poem I invite all of you to come and celebrate this special occasion with us when the wife and I have been traveling across the country to speak at meetings a summit and I woke up this morning at the hotel. We got here. But one o'clock in the morning and said Where are my own I'm on in Los Angeles. Am I in Moscow a month in the dawn on me. Maybe it was Michigan. And so this is Michigan is it. And what's it lime now because you know Los Angeles is the person here. Is it now eleven. Is it is authentic not ten only Fernwood is a five when is the twelve. And mice the other past the Bentley horse than there. How many you know Pastor Bentley it as a nice then there are mental and he taught me that the some on. You know I said one do I stop and said twelve o'clock. So then I have five minutes to preach but then he was so gracious that because I gave him the urn and in Mike that he said you can go aren't that well fifteen. Would you like to revise or than a bit of fun and I'm going to allow the respect. OK Anyway I am so glad to be here. I had the week of prayer at this academy three years ago had a great time in the wintertime and words I spoke in the care meeting here every evening three years ago. I'm glad to be back here. And I'm around you here and there they showed a picture of me. Can you imagine our shock. Look up there. Oh don't show with again and I and I felt insecure this morning because I'm getting so all music or was all of my hair whatever I have left. It's wide and I guess I saw this and I said you know something I don't know how to back and so thanks for past that there are my good student. And Co. Boy my good student for doing some Photoshop to make that the summer look much better. I appreciate that. I will not go back and change a grave. Come in any way minus keep it intact as is well. Anyway this sermon today. Is about being anchored all of us need to have an anchor so many people live their lives aimlessly. Floundering. Especially in this last days we need an anchor and the only end can we have is Jesus and so I want to share with you. The main text for this was in parish and that is Psalm Chapter sixteen and verse eight. Psalm sixteen and verse eight. Open your Bibles that we will discuss this text together today and it says what I have set. The Lord. Always before me or in front of me. Because he is at my right hand I shall not be moved. If you look into the original Hebrew who was there. The word move is more than moved. It's more than just moving from point A to Point B.. Actually it literally means shaken. I shall not be shaken. And it is associated with the Abel would have been to do with an earthquake. Not just shaken but shaken as F. you have an earthquake and they're your feet. And there is a big earthquake come into this world. Now. Look at the first part I have set. It's a personal decision. Nobody can said look before you accept yourself. That's what I like you think that. Your father your mother your brother your sister your past your friends can not make that decision for you. It's a personal decision between you and God I have set the Lord. Always in front of me. The focal point of my attention in this world even in our church. We tend to set all kinds of things before us except the Lord Jesus. The average seventy AD than this member spends many many many hours. In front of the screen involved in social media. There are a lot of things we're tempted in and ties the said before us except what we need the most and that's so worn as so here are the steps shows us the locations where the law is to be found our lives in the real estate Asians focus on in seven houses location location location. And this there is a stock about the location location of a house no location of the road. Jesus the first location is where were the first location. Who is the first location after the Lord or always in front of me. So the first location the Lord is where in front of me before me when the South imply I feel like a pitcher glass or a moving around. What does it imply. What's your name. I mean that's a nice name but there's an implied that the Lord Jesus location is white and from the ship the focal point of attention what does it imply. In front of us implying one form of white Exactly. And he is our leader. And he is our God If you want any leadership in your life. Jesus is the best neither. And if you want some guy The first is the best guy the. That's what I think my students and whatever I preach. That Jesus is a best friend. You can ever have you know in the springtime especially I do allow the premarital counseling the callers to you know they want to court. Each Other. And they want to plan on getting married. So they come to see me. Dozens of them. And after I listen to their wonderful language about how they love each other then I ask one important question and that starters and I like the start of people. It has an effect on them. So other know I ask this question. Excuse me my good student. John. Is there anybody else around. You love more than your girlfriend. Of course know what kind of question is that I love the most. Me. Brittany my goods to the think about the fear for me is it anybody around. You love more than your boyfriend only of course the things on I love the most you've got to give people a second chance to respond. Let me ask you both this question is a. Not just on campus but the whole world in the whole world. He is first and foremost in my life I love him the most. I said let me try the certain time. Is there anybody in this bed wide universe you love more than you will you can go to the cinema. I mean are you trying. Do you seem to be dissatisfied with the answers you should be happy for answers. Do you mean. Is it is or Jesus Christ. Of course now we can do no serious business. No young lady should ever marry a young man unless you love Jesus more than her. And more than anybody else and more than anything else. Why because Jesus himself said if you love father mother brother sister include a husband wife girlfriend boyfriend more than me. You are not worthy of me and people look at this text as a hard text to interpret you know this is one of the this occult talks at the start. Difficult. I grew up in that culture the culture of the Holy Lands and I know that then was where Jesus was saying is this if you love me first and foremost more than anyone else are more hours into your heart my genuine A Got The Love you'll be always the plan is by that source the statement less and when you love me. First I feel you by genuine look that you can pour out on others more than ever before the quality the best the quanta think. The most why would you want to marry anybody unless. Jesus is first of foremost in their lives. That's what he meant by that. So then what we're talking about. I have said the Lord in front of me that's the first location where does it apply is my God is my leader he is first and foremost in my life. Let me ask you a question. Do your mother anybody more than Jesus think about it think about quiet now unless this question convict you are do you love anything more than Jesus is or someone in this life that you love the most think of that person right now at this moment you hear my voice and then compare person to Jesus and if you love us more praise the Lord if you discover in your heart and you're convicted. There are some ten somebody you love more than Jesus police. Please we consider and think of our Jews as being first and foremost among And then you will love the most those people in your mind because she is Finns with a genuine a couple of now let me ask somebody else who looks to me like an ace to you know don't look down because you're the person that would ask Hanna. I knew you were new and baby tiny baby like you know a few years old. And now I think you are ninety eight your little twenty two years old. I'm amazed. You've come a long way baby. And this is C.N.N. and he's the name with a memoir and to see you. Was it. And you show me the little donkey. You're all grown up. Can you stand there please don't sell call your. This and your name and Nathan exam. Mohanna says or the new holder and it was twenty. Well that's what I said twenty C. I come from a South and was of saying twenty we say twenty. Can you say twenty. No not the twenty good that we're talking. Of a question for you and this second location of Jews are lower than our lives hears and flung over us as our leader and God. Now the second location is where he is what with the South imply to you. Jesus is not only in front of us our guard and lives. He is walking next to us. He's our friend. He is our companion and also he is our helper. But sometimes we have this expression he is my right hand man. If I work in the scan first and I had been clear on here and I hired him to be assessed then I would say with all my heart he is my right hand man which means what you can depend on him is reliable. I can count on him not worry about other and now it's not any more pastor there ben thing is a Lord Jesus Christ who is our white hand men. Not only to guide us not only to lead us but to stick around and walk next to us in order to happiness. Whatever the board inspires us to do as He leads us. He hands around to help us accomplish it. What are great with a great location. For Jesus in our lives. Do you desire to have him as a leader or please do not be sucked into the culture of the school that entices Oliver Sue duces all of us to focus on everything else except the road use. I want to focus on the word move. And the word shaken. It will be means shaking so many people today are being shaken. Do you know of any seven the others who are being shaken classmates be shaken were told when seven the other stores graduate from college. The majority leave the church. What are problem why our so shaky. I'm looking at you. And you must be want the full of innocent people. You chose the come to meet in the Lord needed to be here. Let me look at you straight in the on us of the question will you be shaken. I sure hope. But the question is how not to be shaken. So many people are being shaken The other than the search will go through a time of the shaking. Especially because of the story. Thus the morning will be shaky other want to be sure other one to be shaken as the murder of sentiment. How can we enter our lives in the Rock Jesus. So we all have to be shaken and the only to us as I can give you for not being shaken. Is this deliberately intentionally decide. It's here and now to have Jesus in front of you. To have Jesus walk by your side as your leader and as you helper who you'll never be. Why because Jesus is never be shaken. Do you believe Jesus will never be shaken and if you anchor the end users. You will never be shaken. Because he's the shares his life has experienced so with you. I think you probably know the story but I want to tell you the story again if you heard it because it means so much to me a pastor have a hobby of collect the shelves as he walked by the seashore his house was that the seashore. You know let me just say this to you. Shells represent us represents you pastors me. Everybody here. What are the shell. Even though it might look pretty. Yet it is movable. It can be shaken. It can be tossed back and forth by the waves. It can be blown our way by the way and it can be covered by this and it can be stepped on by people. That's what we are about were a bunch of selves. Before you get the press and feel bad. You're only a show of step on a pass back and forth on top of the rock in the distance as he was walking he saw this big huge rock situated between the crashing waves and. In the shifting sense. And maybe there was a mountain beneath that rock. And he saw a pretty little show sitting on top of the Rock and he liked that she looked nice and pretty so casually we're trying to pick Michelle who at this collection but it was hard to pin. It might harder. You couldn't move it. He put all the shells aside and with both hands. He tried hard to provide that small from the rock but he could not budge and why because it was stuck. It was stuck in the rock. What are you stuck into obvious that in the world and things of the world. I was stuck in the war now is the time in this last day to be stuck. In nothing else but the rock. And because there are as a movable you become immobile you're stuck in the rock. I have said the law will always in front of me because he's at my white in I shall not be cheek and users is that walk by us in a thing with me. Does this make sense to you. Our only hope in this world is a rock. You know there is a commercial by Prudential Insurance Company anybody here heard about Prudential raise you had. Well some other words you people are going to ensure how can you live in this life without being issued by Prudential because you have a slogan anybody knows a slogan. Nobody knows just no I but Pastor her photos as though I'm putting my storm in the spot like I then on that are tricky question for at the others aren't you glad that finally you got at. It because you got to believe in the spirit of prophecy about you know the slogan you sign up for our program. It's a big insurance company no matter how many earthquakes calamities hit you. You're in good shape you want to make it in the slightest. So the slogan Moses may have a piece in that was passable in the last words have a piece in The He's not new it is Mrs Then the to think. Oh I wasn't seeing it. Why are you hiding from me down there have a piece in the worst because they tell you especially if you live in Southern California. The big one is going to hear that the biggest work have a piece in the Ark The universal. I'm thinking about the really big one. When Jesus comes in the clouds and then Bihu you are queer. It will not affect only Southern California. It will take big mountains dumb them in the sea. It will make some island disappear Prudential company will do you no good. Don't put your trust in things that pass away. Put your trust in the walk with will last for ever have a piece in there we will walk Jesus. And you know they're afraid of any earthquakes what. Comes up on the wall because you and because you're stuck in the rock. Accounts a lot of people I'm smiling. Because. This guy comes to me. And says Oh Dr someone I met this young lady the you know something I said Well I mean the above were there were you feel. Oh not only that I'm stuck on her asthe you seek it. Please be stuck in there ARE JESUS. No stocking will last in any relationship unless you're stuck in Jesus and so. Oh yeah he got Prudential right. I can. That is my students are so smart. A hard they say they were that's why they're me I continue talking about their walk. Now there are credential. But there are of agents because I believe in the rocks. I met a Catholic professor his wife the Netherlands. Who teaches a big university very important scholar. Is wife has been trying to study with the witness to for seventeen years and he is very stubborn. He stuck in his ideas. He said to me. I don't care how much you try. I'm stuck in my ideas. You cannot teach an old dog. By the first observer the dog or in my culture if you first of dog are three bat. But dogs of a respectable in America. I mean people who love. I'm smiling because I mean you know they did that they were adopted as children you graduated the nooses at the end the children. No we don't but we have to what are they a Chihuahua. And a program. That he insists. You cannot teach old dog new tricks. But patients will this has been talked about intellectual things and who confesses. And all of a sudden the Holy Spirit touches hard as we walk together in a subdivision. He said Were you ever to the problems of other. He got himself in trouble. You haven't as cannot be torturers you know why. Because you don't have the rock. What they mean by that he said Jesus told Peter. M.P.V. gave his key to the pope. So the Pope has the authority of Peter he got the keys of Peter you know with Jesus and he now he was getting so big trouble. He had no idea who me was messing with him. He got going. And he was just through that fun it got me and I was just the lands they get is that the summer we'll have this let him dig himself deeper in the hall before you get stuck in the rock. He said and you know what Jesus said to Peter you're Peter on the SWAK I'll build my church. So Jesus build His church on the rock the Catholic Church is built on the rock no other charge was built on the ark because all the Catholic Church has Peter I said. And waited for him to say more. But his stop is what there's no answer to this as a boy or there's an answer. God has an answer to it in the Bible has many answers they happen to be correct answers. I said well I just happen to know a Biblical Greek is not nice. It came in very handy so pastors earth and don't forget you carry your part. You will learn that you are part of our universe if it comes in handy once or so I happen to know the going to come. Yeah so what I said when you saw work. Let's look at that when we got to your house and that's when the greasers. Jesus said to Peter. You are not to us you our paths crossed and on this path who are our build my church. There are no words for Rock really I have no idea. Are you sure. Yes Look at that don't this them divert in a degree kind of looks like unless you say that to us who does that mean. Oh that's nice means. As shifty movable and stable Rolling Stone. That's it meaning of it all of us are that trust the only pathway Jesus Christ. All of us we all are represented by Petros by Peter and I said Who was he really that of course he was and what are you sure. Peter was shifting. Oh you know more than any other disciple. He is the one who gave up on Jews us and the Nijinsky times was swearing and then he gathered all the disciples and that's one for our lives we are a lost cause. If anybody was shifty it must be the. And then the more about Peter told him a lot of than shifty about Peter do you really want the church to be built on such shaky ground. No but Jesus offers us a better alternative. What's your turn to your pet cross. She can't move about as stable at. And by the way in the Bible or in our everyday conversation when you say Pastor bent the you have someone to hook it to the noise but you know something negative is coming something different you know i Pad trust shake a move was the birth something different something that's better. But on this path twelve. I will build My Church under ten will you and the church a bit on the path to uses Christ anybody who has ever visited Petra in the Middle East where is your head that is in Jordan anybody has visited that place and you sure have you heard about it if you heard about that to enjoy the rays you have. You know where the call. Petra because a city built on a rock what not been or built in a rock all the houses all the moments are out of solid granite rock. It has been there for thousands of years. It still then but time stable immovable and Christ is the scribe as a bathroom. So this sophisticated professor. Who wife working one seventeen years. Now he's convicted. To follow the path to are more than that. Not to us is that wonderful oh god sort of the sparkle is in the Change it was wise. One more thing about one more thing about the war. Let me check my notes for a moment see if I'm still doing OK wow I have so many more seems to say I view the way for my not sure. Let's check what time it is asked or Bentley says in go all the way to twelve thirty. Go do that in five minutes. Let me see if I can finish it in five minutes and I want to make an appeal to you know you have one appeal. I don't preach anymore unless I make an appeal. Are you OK with that. That I make appeals. You know I was invited somewhere in the world. I want to say when I said that the seven we heard that you make appeals for people to be Enter the North to give their lives. The Jews and do you still do that. I said yes. Yes of course I do that. Well if you make an appeal. We won't invite you here because our people are touchy our people get hurt when you make up some person the Turks are coming. We want our members took up the church to feel comfortable. I said either I make it appears but I'm not coming. Oliva you know why I got began to preach at him because the devil always makes very seductive enticing for people to accept him. It's high time we. Christians make up to accept Jesus Christ he has nothing to offer the Democrats cept misery and death is a loser Christ is a winner. He offers a bunch of blood. I'm not eternal appears I'm not coming. Well we'll put you in the best hotel. We'll pay all expenses. We give you a hard on there area am I don't care what you give me give me the whole world. If I don't make a Prius. I'm upcoming So I hope you're mission conference. You folks don't mind an appeal are you mind an opinion. How many would desire to have an appeal this morning ways we have I want to know what's one last thing about the Rock N.. Nope. Chapter twenty in look chapter quoting and maybe and I need to give you the verse. So you can put on the screen new chapter twenty in verse eighteen twenty Chapter eighteen What does it say Jesus is making his final appeal to the seas and says You see you're not serious and says You say this but I make an appeal to you whether he said. Chapter twenty most anyone for focus and verse at the Whosoever shall fall upon that stone or that rock shall be broken but own home sort of a chill for it will grind them to the you know something. Some people look at this verse and to them is negative and Jesus cannot talk that way when up. Oh geez all it talks about and conditional love of course just talks about the. Because silence the most simple thing possible but we've got to have all of these not just part of Jesus and that's what he says he says isn't judgment. There is a bruise in there is a broken ness the best thing that ever happened to me in my life is broken as when Jesus brought brokenness to me and I can tell the people I talk to every day and have been broken in the wrong Jesus because a humble and meek humble a meek. I'm only hard and I don't know the people who never been broken the come across over confident arrogant. I'm on top of the world. May God humble us. May God bring some broken us all lives and Jesus is making an appeal for us to make a decision and we got to make a choice. The question is this what do you do with Iraq. What do you do with Iraq. Jesus he gives us two choices right now. He said the first choice. We humble kitchen will fall on the rock G.'s us humility contriteness and repentance. You might be bruised when this happens. But you believe come anchored in them can tell he comes. They're not sure if you do not fall on the wrong in humility and repentance and submission in the law will eventually have to fall on you and me in judgment. This is a hot summer. I mean that's a choice you get now in many things in life we don't have to be good. This is this this isn't every one of us including myself. Of the No one thing the pastor is going to make it for you. You got to take ownership of it. It's your life. It's your salvation. It doesn't matter if your name is workin on the church record it has the written the book of life and the mother of the could do was a righteous man know all the Bible came to Jesus and M.S. you're born again you should never enter the kingdom of heaven. It has to be your own personal decision. You gotta take ownership but you gotta decide that the sooner the better now is the best. Why because you can change your mind about change you measure in crawlers a change you can reuse especially in the western world change your spouse the average American marriage was only seven years Empire no house by no car with a R.V. and chain. And work around except this is when you got to deal with the Rock Jesus no escape from them. The question I want to ask you is no is the victim you to follow the law. What does that mean open you to Jesus. He's your leader he's your best friend who's you open your heart. I'm super Jesus whatever come into my heart I want to fall on you and I know I might be broken or bruise. But I'd rather have your Brewers then that's all the people at the end would say maybe the rocks fall upon us and hide this myspace. I would rather have you with me so this. We have waited for. You save. So this might appear as if we and we have the purpose of how many we're joined mean right now as are the Saudis the fall of Jesus. The fall on Jesus now is acceptable time today. Is there some because the if you use words what if you read a convicted that you want to fall in the wrong. And you know my a few a bruise or broken. Would you please name with me with a proposal. You have a father. They Patra the walkies appealing to us this morning because he loves us with all his heart he would do anything to save us and he is making the very clear and precise appeal and we cannot escape this is the thing about the world. If not when at the end. We don't want to have any regret. We don't want to say the summer is gone and in her honesty when it says now is the moment. This is the mind you know that as you touch on. We choose right now to open our hearts to you. Died of a broken heart your big heart was broken and blurred for each one of us now we offer you our sinful hearts. And the Lord may our sinful little hearts. Fall upon you. Big broken heart and if we need to be bruised so be it. If we need to be broken. So let it be. What we want is to be saved and be ready for your coming that's a big priority right now. As we need together the Lord our hearts need before. So you Lord. Whatever it takes. We want to fall on your walk right now the humbling following brokenness falling being fun. We choose to fall on the walk. And not wait a progress today. And then walk will fall on us in judgment. Let's follow you know in solve a ship would you please think this prayer Quest from our hearts actuate with the much fake with incense of your intercession is was it and to yourself because we want to make you smile. We want to have your heart rejoice and hear kneeling together as one family. We are taught. Following all you do is this is you please think you do know it for the invitation. And for you being happy for this is you with rather have you and you smile. If you had joined because of our This isn't anything else in the in my in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons. Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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