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How Can We Own It?

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 18, 2016
    11:30 AM


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Father God we think you Lord for this opportunity today to worship you already were our hearts are blessed because we're together in Philip ship and in worship and we know the angels are here in the Holy Spirit and we just ask right now that he would enter into our hearts in such a way that we would be like to build the ground ready to be planted whatever it is that you would have to plant their lord that it may take root and hold and that it may grow and prosper and Lord that as we continue on living until Jesus comes that you would help us to grow deeper and deeper into our walk with you and that we would be brought from glory to glory as the Scripture says so. Lord be with our speaker today with Pastor with us. Filling up the overflowing with that which you have for him him to him of self and use of his of this soul in your hands for we pray these things in the precious name of Jesus name in the morning everyone. Are you today. That's bad. Already this morning. Are you sure. Can you convince me of that happy Sabbath. It's a little better. Almost there. But it's good to see you guys and I appreciate pastor her thoughts and the welcome and induction and not much for formal doctrines in fact I'm not much for many formal things at all this morning I was preparing to take my shower and I couldn't find my soap and I think it was gone. I'm out of used it all but I'll add a little bit left and it was gone. So I'm looking around for something to take a shower with and I couldn't find anything. But I went out into the little living area of my camper and lo and behold my eyes fell upon the Dawn dish soap. And so if I smell if you come up to me. And I smell like dish soap this morning there's good reason for that. This one of the let you know so I'm glad to see you guys. How many of you have had a blessing here or can meeting so far and how many of you were here all week. Let me see your hands. I just came for this weekend. All right. And isn't it a blessing to be here. Among guys help me out. I mean now you've got to give me a little something. OK All right. It's a blessing to be here. And so glad to be with you. It seems like this can meeting flew by faster than any other one. I've been to an Obama you but it just went by but I'm It's my prayer that our next can't meeting will actually be not here but in heaven. I think if you look around this world and you see what's happening in the world to date. It's very evidence that we are living in the last days and you've probably heard that all your life especially if you've grown up Seventh Day Adventists but what I find profound is that the very things that Seventh Day Adventists have been preaching would happen for the last hundred fifty years are now happening. If you don't know that or you don't believe that you go read the book great controversy and you go study the Book of Daniel revelation and you'll find that the things we see happening the world today were have been preached for one hundred fifty years our faith is real. Our faith is true. Our message is more relevant today than it's ever been before and today if you think I hope you don't think this but if you think that the church and the message is not relevant. You only need to open your eyes and look around the question is not whether this book is relevant whether the message is relevant whether the church is relevant. The question is are you relevant to the church. Are you relevant today. That's the question. And your relevance to the church your relevance to the message to the Bible to the truth is all dependent upon your decision as you know that because God's already made his decision. Let me tell you down at Lansing we're baptizing on the adults left and right who think that this message has something to offer not just to themselves but to others and the question is whether you believe that or not today. I hope you do. I'm going to believe that this morning. Amen. So what has been your young adult can't meeting thing what is it only its so my question this morning is do you own it. Have you owned it in order to own it you must reach out and wants. You must take it you must grab it. You must at times. Hold on with all your life right with your with your life as if your life depended upon it ever heard the expression take the bull by the horns. Have you done that with your face. Have you done that with the truth. Have you done that will God have you wrestle with God I want to talk to you this morning about five principles that deal with owning it can we do that. I think that it will hopefully relate to you it will speak to you. Of praying about the message all week but we're going to ask the question today how can we own it. I'm going to look at five principles once again. All right. You know I've kind of wondered what is young adult not really young yet really adults. When we go from young to adult. I don't know are we there are we have adulthood yet. So can we speak like adults can we respond like adults. Amen. And we do that you guys awake today we can do that right. So I don't know if as the older you get you just do like you go into you're like a younger adult and then a young adult and then a Nazi. Young younger adults and then sort of like a young adult and then not really young adults how it works. I don't know. But anyway we're all adults here and what it meant. And so we're going to have a message for adults but I just want to share with you my testimony. A little bit and then I'm going to go into our points Alyssa's have another word of prayer together. If you would just by your heads with me and I'm going to kneel will ask those blessing more time Father we thank you so much for this opportunity to be here together we thank you Father for the privilege we have to worship you. And we ask a lord that you would draw close to our hearts that you would speak to us as your children as your people as the ones whom you love when you have sacrificed all for I pray Lord that you would. Move upon our hearts to follow you to live for you to walk with you and we ask father that your blessing would be here today that the Holy Spirit would calm and he will convict our hearts and we ask it in Jesus' name amen. I'm of you grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian most of you. I did not grow up as a seventh Avenue scription I grew up as going to multiple churches sometimes with my grandparents and my family didn't really my parents didn't really go to church. I became a Seventh Day Adventists when I was twenty two years old which was approximately fourteen years ago. So I've been in the administers for about fourteen years and let me tell you the only way to get me out of the administration. Is in a casket some young people today they're just they just can't wait until they turn eighteen. So they can get out of the church some young people the day they CAN'T WAIT TO they're eighteen so they can going to live half in the church and half way out of the church some don't want to be in the church at all but some don't want to be in the church full. So you can only be one of three things today. You can either be in the church. You can be out of the church or be somewhere in between. And every single one of you are in one of those three categories. You're there with Jesus either against Jesus or you kind of want Jesus but you also want this over here. The Bible says we can only serve how many masters one master. I was twenty two years old when I accepted Christ I was twenty two years old when I came into the church. I was twenty two years old when I was an atheist on the verge of suicide. But God saved my life and he opened to me the truth of the Bible and it changed my life forever. Let me tell you when you study the Bible it changes you. I mean I believe that. I have found that to be true in your life when you when you started the Bible. It's speaks to you in a way that no other book on earth can because it's not an ordinary book. It is a book of divine inspiration you believe that this morning. It changes you. It changes your character it changes your heart and speaks to you and the reason the word of God does that is because Jesus is the word. Amen. And when the word speaks to us it's Jesus speaking to us and he draws near to us in such a powerful way that nothing else will. And you know friends when I came into the evidence church when I became a Christian. When I became a seventh Avenue us. I could not get enough of the truth that God had for me I could not get enough of the church. I could gut could not get enough of his people and I wanted to be were ever his people were. I've never been bored in fact all of my boredom This was before I became a Christian. I've never been bored since I've become a Christian if you have been bored since you've become a Christian says you've given life to Christ. That's a problem. I mean believe it. All right so you're disorderly who is this one sees what's he talking about. All right. So I want to give you five haunts I'm going to kind of interweave pieces of my testimony into that. Fine points to own it and I'm going to give you the points up front so that you knew snow we're going OK Number one there for they're all penes because my last name is peppers and I like peas I have three P's and my last name. Number one perspective what is it. Perspective number two participation What is it. Number three is until Number two was long number three presents your presence what is it everyone. Number four persistence or perseverance. What is it. And number five is power. So may repeat them back to me. So mean some is doubt they're right and down. All right. What are they. Number one is respective Number two is number three is number four. And number five power. Amen. How many of you have heard this statement over and over again. So many young people are leaving the church hear that before and I would propose that I wouldn't phrase it that way I would just say people are leaving the church because it doesn't matter if they're young or they're old it doesn't change anything. People are leaving the church. Now if people are leaving the church. Homma be with think that there was a look of that. That's amazing. I'm of you would think that if people are leaving the church. There must be something wrong with the church on the thing. That would be the case. I mean it must be some problem with a church. That's driving people out of the church driving people young people away from the message and etc etc I mean think that would be the case I got no takers. I got a couple takers here. OK So let's take a look at a Bible verse you ready with me to John chapter six. John chapter six and we're going to be looking at verse sixty six. So you have John six six six. That's serious business right John six six six I actually it turned right to it. That's kind of a double sign that's kind of scary right John six six six. Let me just read verse sixty five as well and he said. Therefore I have said to you that no one can come to me unless it has been granted to him by my father. OK Got that is what Jesus said and right after that you have John six six six and it says From that time many of his disciples went back and walked with him how much. No more. So Jesus made this point that no man can come to me except by my father and in Jewish thinking that was big problems wasn't it isn't true and then the Bible says that many of us disciples turned and walked away from him no more. So is that like twenty percent. Yes or no is that like half is it like more than half or is it more like most most so if we follow the logic today that young people leave the church because the purchase problematic and has so many issues. It has so many difficulties. Then we must also use the same logic with Jesus big. Because not just a few not just happen how many most of the business cycles turn and walk with him no more. So Jesus must also be problematic. What do you think is that a wise logic to use yes or no. Now let me ask you a question does the church have some issues. Yeah but did the twelve disciples have some issues. Yeah that the early church have some issues. Yeah. Did the church in its purest form throughout history have some problems yes or no. So the problems are not problems are not the problems. Let me say that again the problems in the church are not the problems. That's not what makes people leave. Are you with me. What is the problem. Look in verse sixty four. But there are some of you who do do not. Who do not believe the issue was not the problem. It was their faith. That was the problem here with me. The problem was that human nature does not like to surrender itself to a higher power. Are you with me. Yes or no. When you think about them for just a minute. One of the our biggest arguments I hear about is hypocrisy in the church some of you. I mean you would make that man these older generation people they're so hypocritical. They say one thing and do another and it's just so frustrating and they think they know everything there is so judgment on their so religious right. Well if you have that attitude and you say I'm just going to leave the church over that you have that attitude then you would have never made it with the twelve. Cycles. They were about the worst hypocrites that have ever walked the earth. One of them betrayed Jesus they all had all kinds of issues they were awful of themselves they didn't really have belief in him. They had all kinds of issues didn't they let me just say this hypocrisy in the church should not drive you further away from Jesus and the church but it should actually drive you closer to Jesus and closer to the church. Do you know why because Jesus told us over and over in Scripture all through the Bible that especially in the last days there would be great. What hypocrisy there would be sheep or I'm sorry wolves in sheep's what clothing there would be a layer just in ism and lukewarmness I mean never read Revelation chapter three the seven churches right. The seven churches in the Book of Revelation and which church is The Last Church the Church of what Laodicea and what is the condition of that church it is lukewarm. What do you think. Yes or no. And so Jesus actually told us before hand that there'd be hypocrisy in the church but there would be lukewarmness in the Church of the B. and difference in the church. So why then when Jesus told us before hand that this would be the case we allow it to discourage us into thinking I'm going to leave the church you know it's kind of like the disciples before the cross. Jesus told them all this stuff and what happened when the when that moment of faith came what did they do they forgot it didn't they. They didn't remember it and they got discouraged when they fell asleep and etc etc etc Let me just say this. Let me say this if you know the truth. Some of you believe that you know the truth. The truth as it is in Jesus. Now we all have room to grow don't we. But if we know the truth and we leave the church because of others who are hypocrites. Then who actually becomes the bigger hypocrite. The one that leaves you know why. That's the case because we want to be quick. We saved those people those those religious if you will right people. There's So Judge Mental they're so this they're so that when in fact those of the actually the people that we should be having compassion on it seems like today we want to have compassion on the people who are going to appreciate us. We want to be kind to the people who are going to be kind to us if there's judgment to religious people in your church who are condemning etc Step up to the plate and treat them like Christ would though leave it because it's God's Church. Let me just say this if you leave the church over hypocrisy. Then you're saying that you don't really believe Jesus has the power to change them or you are thought about them. I'm not saying all of you are planning to leave the church but as young people. I hear these arguments all the time. How many of you do as well. Both me to first Timothy Chapter four First Timothy Chapter four. Check out this passage right here first. Timothy Chapter four. And you've probably heard this growing up all through your life. They quoted teen Pathfinders But I want to point something out here first of the chapter for the first well. He says Let no one do arts despise your youth and everyone focuses on that. Let no one despise your youth just because you're young doesn't mean you're not valuable and cetera et cetera et cetera. And we always want to use this verse to kind of like build up our self-esteem. Everyone wants their self-esteem built up but one of the ways to build up your self-esteem quote unquote is to actually take responsibility and accountability for who you are and you have an identity and you decide within your life within your heart. You're going to live up to that identity and the only way in the Christian walk as a Seventh Day Adventists Christian living in the last days. The only way to truly live up to that identity is to make a complete and absolute surrender to Christ. You won't find power to do it you won't find a soap will to do it anywhere else you can put on a pretty good show for a while in your own strength but after a while that stuff breaks down and it breaks down quick. And when you fall you fall hard. How do I know that because I've experienced it. But with what it says when no one is what do you think but be what friends be in an example to the believers it doesn't just say to be an example to the unbelievers does it does THE BIBLE say that the Bible say be an example to the Gentiles and to the unbelievers yes or no yet does but Paul here is in marching Timothy And the midst of a church that has strife in the midst of the church that has people who are hypocrites. He says Be an example to to the believer earths inward in conduct in love in spirit in faith in purity. Wouldn't be one of our church had a little bit more of that stuff going on the men and it's in can only God but it can only come from God and he only displays it through your life when you make absolute surrender to him. Some say the prophet never heard people say well the problem is just with people wherever you find people you can find problems you hear people say that all the time right. Problems with people. The Church. Actually that's not true. The problem is not with people. The problem is with sin and the problem takes place when sin is in the people that make sense. And so if we could if we could get rid of the sin if we had to get rid of all people say well all the problems would be resolved that we could just get rid of the people. Well we got rid of the people would have to get rid of you and we have to get rid of me right. But God doesn't say the problems with the people the problems with sin in the people. Amen. And the problem can't be with people because God created people. Amen. So I'm here to set a man and he say this God is looking for young people old and young were all young God's eyes but he's looking for people who see the bigger picture of everything God is looking for young people who's seen that he's going to fix the church. He's going to fix the people he's going to fix the problems and he's going to solve every problem that's of driving people out of the church and the only reason that people will ultimately have the church will be because of their on believe and believe that's what it's going to boil down. And who in the end I mean I think we ought to stay in the church women. I think we ought to stay in God's house and the men. You know you can keep yourself busy. Your whole life and this day and age with things that don't matter one bit. You know that you see here's something that's very important people in the old days. So to speak people in the previous generations. They basically worked and they went to church. They didn't have all kinds of stuff to distract them or you with me. Some might say all they had it easier than us but in this day and age that stuff is not your excuse for not living godly lives. You understand that you were not a victim of those things you are a chooser of those things if you find yourselves in gates with them. So in these last days when young people are bombarded with all this stuff you have a more difficult choice to make and the last days than even the generations before you you get what I'm saying here because because you have so many more things who are in your attention. But listen how much more powerful would the glory of God be when you choose what's right and you choose to surrender yourself wholly to Christ and His glory is shining through your life into the lives of others around you. How much more sweet is that surrender going to be knowing that you are giving up those thieves was the world is pulling you to make no mistake friends. Sin is fun. Sin is joyful sin is pleasurable sin is exciting. All those wrong choice. They're exciting at the moment but hunger you have ever found that the concluding moments of sin are always just fun and joyful and we've always found that the consequences are usually more bitter than the joy of the pleasure how many have found it to be true but not to be true. So then why do we keep choosing it. I don't know. Only you can answer that question. But if you choose Christ and we think that's a better choice. Let me make let me say make this statement here from Acts of the Apostles page seventy one. It says money. I'm influence all the gifts that they have received from God's hand they will value only they will be of value only as a means of advancing the work of the gospel. You know you can you can make yourself rich but after you buy your food your clothing your housing and your vehicle money cannot buy more happiness even secular people know that they published articles on it all the time so money once you provide for your basic needs really becomes no of no value to you unless you're giving it away. So maybe we should call for another offering. I preached several a couple years ago out to the one of the group of Advent hope believers I'm at Loma Linda and many of them are doctors and dentists are there becoming those things nurses and I said man God has not called you into this medical field so that you can buy big cars and buy big houses and buy all the stuff you're going to make a lot of money as a medical professional but God has called you to use that for the advancement of his gospel and let me tell you friends. The doctors that I know in the church who use their money to fund the work and I don't say pick on doctors but anybody wealthy to fund the work of God to use it to claim lost souls are much. Happier and more content than those who are buying all kinds of stuff for themselves they are much happier and it same goes it doesn't matter if you're rich because we live in a very self centered society history know everything everything must center around me what I like what I don't like what I think how I feel and that is all contrary to God's thoughts in Isaiah fifty five or Scripture really he said. My thoughts are higher than what. Then your thoughts. If we could just get past our own thoughts and probe into God's thoughts just a little bit. It could radically change our lives radically change our lives radically change your life goes meet a new chapter three. So what was number two. It's what you are what friends. It's part your participation your participation. Some people will say I'll only do something in the church. If I get asked and they've ever had the ever had them point. Only if someone asked me why do something in the church when Matthew chapter twenty eight. What did Jesus do. What's Matthew twenty eighteen or twenty it's the great commission and what does he say goal. Ye therefore right. So when somebody I've heard people say man. They don't ask me to do anything so I'm not going to do anything with Jesus already asked you a long time ago. Didn't he already asked you the already asked me and he's already invited us to come and be a part of his work. You know you've heard the famous saying from J.F.K. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country is it not work the same thing with the church. Ask not what the church can do for. You. But what you can do poor was the church you know why because it's not our Sure. It's who's church. It's his church and if you value him. We will value his church. And if we value his church. We will be a part of a stir church not a dead part but a living part not a black and part but a part that is shining brightly not a rusted part but a moving parts. Amen. I think that's important. Yes you know how many of you are involved you want to raise your hands but I want you to think about this. How many of you are involved in your local church. You don't have to raise your hands. I just want you to think how many of you are involved in your local church and I don't mean you take up the offering once a quarter. I mean you hold the position or you're actively engaged in a ministry. You are moving you're being a part you go to your church business meetings you go to your church board we did you know that you don't have to be a board member to go to the church board meetings and you know that the church board meetings are open to anyone who wants to come. How many of you are actively involved in your church. How have you are moving doing outreach ministry doing enrich ministry. How do you are doing something for the Kingdom of God and your local church we ought to value the church you know. The thought that it's God's church ought to make us want to serve it more. What do you think you think that's true. And here's why because if it was our own church the value would diminish how much. Great. But it's not our church. It's it's search and of Jesus values you. He values his church. We ought to want to be a part of his church you realize that you don't have to have a pastor to do ministry and that you knew that you don't have to have a church position to do ministry home if you knew that you don't have to be a savage cool teacher you don't have to be a department of the Rector all you have to do is go do what God asks you can do the most valuable ministry that you can do is to share your faith with others. I mean that's the most valuable ministry that you can do and you don't need anybody to tell you what to do to do that. What do you say some people say why don't know what to do. Well you should know what to do because it's not you doing it anyway. The right question is What does God want me to do and if you don't know what he don't want you to do then get down on your knees and don't get up until you know and if you wrestle with them. I promise you as a young person who has had that experience you will know because God's eyes are looking to roleplay in the earth and he's looking for anybody who respond to his invitation and if he sees you on your knees with all your heart with sincerity of heart asking him God show me what to do I promise you he will show you what to do because God cannot lie and he cannot resist himself when there is a heart open to his influence I mean you can see him in this morning. So do you don't know what to do. That's OK you know have to know what to do you just need to know where to go. Would you don't know. Still the way you live go with me I'm much after three now. You might chapter three I was reading this verse the other day and it just it just like blew me away in my chapter three in the chapter three it's talking about all the people you member what was the story of Nehemiah right. You Mayas off in this other country and the City of Jerusalem is laying and was ruins and God raises Nehemiah to go up and do what to rebuild the wall and you think there's some kind of parallel between this story and Seventh Day Adventists living at the end of time. What do you think you think there's some kind of parallel we can make there is God calling us to rebuild restores of the breach. Yes or no. What do you think. Yes. So here in the I'm much after three it actually lists all the people that are working on the wall. OK. Imagine if we had a list of people in the church who were working in the church think about that if that was the true if that was the case. What would be your legacy. So right in the midst of this chapter as you find people who are working on building the wall you find this verse. It says verse for next to them with a mirror the son of your of the son of a cause. Who made repairs next to them. Miss Scholem the son of Bharat the son of machetes a bell made repairs next to them sad at the son of bene made repairs so that these are the kind of chapters in the Bible that you just kind of like skip over. Right. You know like the begats But then look at this look at this verse five next to them that I mean not to say it to coitus made repairs. But watch this. But their nobles did not put their shoulders to the word of their Lord. Didn't. Not yet. That's OK I didn't expect you to but imagine your family being listed in the Bible. Amidst like twenty other families who are doing the work this family did their work faithfully did their work faithfully this family did the work faithfully this family did the work faithfully these made repairs these men repairs and then there's your family's name and it says they did not put their shoulder to the work of the Lord like that wouldn't be good would it. I mean you can imagine it wouldn't be too good would it. They did not put their shoulder into the work they didn't give it their all that had not got God to use them in the way that he wanted to but had not do their work faithfully but they kind of skimp the round. They kind of did this or that maybe they were pursuing their own courts. Let me say this young people in the last days of Earth's history let it not be said about you that had not put their shoulder to the work. Is that going to be your legacy as the people of God as this generation of young people they did not put their shoulder to the work. And the list of faithful pioneers reformers missionaries martyrs. Could it be said about could there be at the bottom of the list millennialists that not put their shoulders to the work. But instead they wind they complained they left the church. They pointed out all the hypocrites. Except one which was themselves. I move you think participation the Lord's work is important. What about your presence in the church or anything. Goethe me to Hebrews Chapter ten. You know this verse Hebrews Chapter ten and verse twenty five. Hebrews Chapter ten and verse twenty five will reverse twenty four as well actually read verse twenty three. We got just a few minutes left here. He was Chapter ten and verse twenty three. He says let us do once hold fast the confession of our whole without wavering. For he who promised is was faithful and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Not for seeking the want the assembling of ourselves together as much as is the matter of some but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the once the day approaching. What does the Bible say about church attendance young people. What do you think what is it is that important. Yes or no is it more important to day than it ever has been in the history of the church. How do we know that because he says as so much more as you see the what the day approaching do you go to church. You're in church right. Do you go to church on time. Do you go to Sabbath school you go to Sabbath school on time. Do you go to early morning Sabbath prayer. What is that we have better church probably you go to prayer meeting through the week. Some people say well you know I don't get anything out of prayer meeting. I don't get a people by church members use attorneys to say I don't get anything out of prayer meeting pastor unless you're there doing it. I say that's the reason why I don't always lead it because I don't want you to pen in upon me so I say well let me ask you a question once. Do you do in place of prayer meeting. So what you tell me if you don't get anything out of prayer meeting that's why you don't go you must be going home then and doing something else that's like vibrantly more spiritual and something that's just life transforming because you're not getting thing a preemie so therefore you go home and do something alternative if that's the case. Tell me what it is in we need to have permitting at your house and the like I said are you watching the game on Wednesday nights by conviction right. I said so don't tell me you don't get anything out of prayer meeting and then you go do something that's like. Let's just say if you come to prayer meeting and you you like come into prayer meeting at this certain spiritual level and then you leave prayer meeting at this same spiritual level. You've got nothing out of prayer meeting right. At least you're still a par at least you're still the same level but if you go you're not doing something else is more spiritual What happens to your spirituality. Is going down go to church. Why don't get anything out of it. It's not about you if you can't get anything out of it then at least go to give something to one's go to be a blessing not just to get a blessing and I promise you this every single time you will go anywhere to anybody to any church service to be a blessing. You will get a blessing. You will get a blessing. We need the church what do you think I mean believe that to be true. You cannot own your face. If you don't attend it. We tell you a story when I joined the church twenty two years old I was at State University of New My first experience as an and add this education was in my master's degree. K. through twelve bachelor's degree all in secular public schools never knew wouldn't have been a swamp never heard of an end the US. You showed me veggie me when I was like twenty years old. You wouldn't like the response I'd be like what in the world this stuff right. So I'm twenty two years old in the Admin or in the State University. I'm about to commit suicide. God changes my heart he converts me he brings me to the knowledge and acceptance of his so never forget the moment I accepted Christ never forget that moment every burden of my sin was lifted up and I found peace. I could never found a whole lot. And so I was going to an atmosphere it's near my house but I was attending university so when I was at university I would go to this other church and when I went to the church. I was twenty two and the next person close to my age was fifty five fifty five and then after that there was like two people in their sixty's and then after that it was there was like ten or fifteen in their seventy's and then another ten or fifteen in their eighty's and ninety's and I'm sitting there and there's like all these walkers in the aisle crutches wheelchairs. You know the pot lucks are like this crusty old special Caillaud. I don't just sit in the stall. And they've in the past there was a. Really old he got up and he was like half of it was taken naps during his own sermon. And I was sitting there and I was twenty two man I had just came out of the world. I was I had been listening to Aerosmith and now is like singing Amazing Grace some of your life was Aerosmith. And I was losing to all this crazy music stayed up three days and two nights playing video games. One time I saw them do that died and that was watching all these movies I was into all kinds of drugs and alcohol and here I am after I've accepted Christ sitting in a church and the dude that's next. The closest to my age is like thirty years older than me up to life in these people had been had been alive like more than three times the amount of years I had been alive and I'm just sitting there and you think I'm sitting there thinking Man I wish to repeat pull around my age here. No I was saying Jesus is here. That's all that matters to me I was rejoicing. I was weeping. I was sitting in the pew crying sing of those dry hymns of I love him but it depends on how they're played him and it's kind of like vegetarian food vegetarian food is some of the best food have ever eaten and also some of the worst food I've ever eaten it depends on who's cooking it. And then him can be some of the worst music you ever sing or some of the best the pinning upon who sing and who's playing Amen. But the biggest thing that is dependent upon is what's in your heart. If your heart has been converted to Christ your Worship Experience is not dependent upon what's on the platform. It's a pendant upon what you've experienced all week with Christ and your personal time. Are you with me. Yes or no God is looking for your presence in church. It cannot change on. Unless you were there and your experience cannot grow. Unless you are there and then we got to wrap up its number for your persistence go with me quickly to Acts chapter sixteen. I want to read this to you. X. Chapter fifteen but I say fifteen and sixteen Acts chapter sixteen. You guys doing OK we got started later on. So I would have been it on time you believe that is true or accept a sixteen. Verse sixteen Now it happened as we went to prayer that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us who brought her Masters much profit by fortune telling. Sounds like a modern T.V. show this girl followed Paul and us and cried out saying these men are the servants of the most high God who proclaim to us the way of salvation and she did this for how long many decades. But Paul greatly annoyed turned and said to the spirit I command you to in the name of Jesus to come out of her and he came out that very hour what you think about this this girl who was possessed of Satan followed Paul around. Annoyingly for many days. And she was what persistent persistent persistent if you read the book acts in Apostles you find that Satan was trying to distract the people away from the message that Paul was carrying and he would do anything in the in fact that were will. There for a second time but in Acts Chapter twenty three. It's. Talks about three times in the chapter that there were people men who refused to eat or drink or sleep until they had killed Paul the Apostle they wanted to kill him. I want you to think about this. If Satan is of that determines if he is that persistence. If he is that if he was perseverant that much and that greatly to destroy the work of God that He causes people to fast to destroy the work of God How much more ought God's people to be persistent and to be persevering to see the work of God thrive and move forward. When was the last time you gave a personal sacrifice of war through your time your talent your resources I don't know what was the last time you fasted and said God Not that there's any merit in fasting with God or what I want you to know that I'm serious about this. I want you to know that I'm serious about my friend who needs to know Christ. I want you to be. Whoa that I'm serious about finding a life partner not just going to sleep with a person person that comes along. I want you to know that I'm serious about my future and I want your plan to unfold before me I want you to guide my life I want you to be the priority of my life and God I'm here now fasting. I'm praying. I'm not going to eat or drink. I'm that serious about following you. There's no merit in it you don't do it. So God. You'll get his attention but you do it so that it's a sign of submission and surrender to His will. If those people were willing to submit to destroy the work of God So their master how much more. We be willing to submit so that God's work can go forward and it can go forward in our lives where you think. It's kind of quiet. In a special sense Seventh Day Adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to then as been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn imports the proclamation of the first second and third angels message is the result no other work of so great importance. They are allowed to allow nothing else to absorb their attention is that the story of your life today or is your story like those in need they did not put their shoulder to the work. The last piece in them will close is what friends. Its power. The truth is. You can't do any of these things you can't have the right perspective. You can't have participation. You can't have perseverance. You can't have a presence. Unless you have his presence and His power in your life and in Acts Chapter one. You can just write it down in Acts Chapter one. Jesus was speaking to his apostles and he says you're going to go you're going to wait and he says and you will receive wants power and you're going to seek me for ten days and you're going to receive power to change the world. Have you had the patience. Yes with God to receive the power God. Have you spent time with him because that's only where you're going to receive that power. God gives power for three things for ourselves. Ation to overcome sin in our lives and to lead others to salvation. That's what he gives power but you have to believe that he will give you that power and you have to seek imports not because he he's he's he's withholding it from you because he doesn't love you. It's none of that kind of stuff. It's that he wants to know he already knows but he wants you to know that you're serious about it that's why he asked you to pursue him he's right there and he's ready and waiting. Amen. I remember when I when I first became a Christian in the Seventh Day Adventists I spent. I was a college student I had no job. I just went to classes about four hours a day and I spent seven to ten hours a day in Bible study and prayer and I'm not so new that a credit myself in any way. What I am saying is that the more time I have spent with God the more vividly real he becomes to me. The more real he becomes to me and there were times when I would be rustling with God for hours at a time and I could sense his very presence in the room. There were times he answered prayers every literal miracles were. My whole life is a miracle. It's all due to his credit but you're not going to have power. You're not going to have an interest in any of the spiritual things that he has often you unless you spend time with him. You must become a server. You must become more than what you are the world judges Christianity. Not by what it says what the Bible says. But how the people live their lives more rigid this one statement from this book and then we're going to close on to make my appeal. He says this is from him bones the constraining power of love must be in the Christian as a projecting centric and all commanding and self oblivious force the energy of self-denial must be is being his heart and blood and bones. He must go forth as a man or woman among men or woman clothed with humanity humility abiding in meekness wise as a serpent harmless as a dove the bonds of a servant with the spirit of a king a king and a high royal dependent bearing with the simplicity and sweetness of a child. You must throw themselves with all the abandon of a perfect self and thing faith in a consuming zeal into your work for the salvation of others hearty her ROIC compassionate fearless martyrs must be those who would take hold of and shape a generation for God If we are timid time servers place seekers people pleasers or men fears. If our faith has a weak hold on God or His Word. If our denial be broken by any phase of self or the world. We cannot take hold of the Church nor the world for God. So this morning. Do you own ends. Do you own it. Do you own. I mean if you want to own it. You cannot own it. If the enemy of God owns you. So this morning who owns you. Who owns you. When I accepted Christ. Let me tell you the enemy own to me I can't even tell you all the ways he owned me. But when I gave myself to Jesus. I remember in tears. I said I am yours. Take me I am yours. And there have been many moments since that day. Satan owned me again. And maybe for you today he's owning you in this moment maybe he didn't own you yesterday or last week but today he owns you. But Jesus says there's only one who can really own you. That's the one who has created you the one who sustains you the one who redeemed you we're going to sing our closing song now and I'm going to make an appeal. It's time for us to graduate as young adults. The apostle Peter says something you can come in. Is he ready yet. Also Peter says that we've been taking in the milk. We should have been taking in the needs of the word. Are you with me. And I don't know about you. Maybe you're feasting on the meat and that's right. Maybe you on your faith and you're helping others on I don't know but I would guess there are songs here today was say The Lord does not own me and doesn't own me but I want to and I want to own my faith I want to know him. Maybe today. All these things are talking about just what the day is sense of the spirit of the only way that he owns you going to sing our closing song gentle dance together making this a if you want the Lord Jesus to only he doesn't own you today which is just come forward as we sing. Don't be afraid. Just as not to want for anybody to indicate that Jesus wants you as we sing with you. That's your heart's desire. Brother or i once you know Satan doesn't want to you want the Lord Jesus to say take it and you want him and all that you do if you want to recommit your life. Father this morning we thank you for those who are thankful Lord that you give us the privilege of owning it is a great privilege Lord and the only way for us to truly own it is for you to fully and truly own us and we give ourselves to you a Lord we ask for your blessing. We ask you to make it real for us that it would be wholly von that we would receive that power from on high which you have promised us that the Holy Spirit would move us and draw sweetly to you. We thank you for coming. Jesus never once say this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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