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Sabbath School #2



  • June 18, 2016
    9:30 AM


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Gray for the Sabbath morning to be here can't meeting and they have this time to now to gather to open God's word and study what we're looking at the last days of your life here on earth leading up to New York death on the cross Lord as we spend this next moments focusing on your life and your death and the sacrifices she made her US may be warmed by we come away with lessons that we can apply in our lives their love for you. Be greater and may we serve you best in Jesus' name and well just before we launch into the lesson. I wonder we are talking a little bit earlier and brother Camille was telling us about the components of Sabbath school and how this fit in with that. So just share this briefly how we fit into the four components of Sabbath school here. Yeah I think it's very important we remember what Sabbath school is for it like for example we talked about the the glow is going to the whole world that's really focusing on the mission of the world mission. You know we support the missions with with offering and we want to see the Gospel go to the whole world then we started a lesson. That's what we're doing today. So it starts a reason number two are we have Sabbath school reason number three is fellowship. You know we get a fellowship with our fellow the reason number four. This is you Mike. Reason Number four is outreach. You know imagine when we come together in the summer and we remember you know when I was back in check in a service class and the teacher would go around like so tell us about how did you witness for the Lord this week. That's one of the four reasons why we have Sabbath school and I was sitting there like Lord I don't have testimony Lord give me and I would pray the whole week Lord to give me tested. Because on Sabbath I want to have one. You know. And would gloat like is so simple. Now imagine if every Sabbath every Klaus' would come together to say so how do we minister for the Lord today. Or do this week. You know so for reasons missions fellowship study the lesson study God's ward and an outreach. Amen. Well another part of Sabbath school is checking to see if we memorized our memory verse. How do you know YOUR MEMORY VERSE the Sabbath. OK panelists how many of you know YOUR MEMORY VERSE this Sabbath because they don't have an excuse. I warned them yesterday. Well our memory verse comes from Matthew twenty six and verse thirty one and let's see if our panelist would you like to hear panelists say at the memory verse. Now we're being put on this hearing is a little different. But I'll start the couple words and then we'll say it together. OK choir. We're going to have a memory verse choir here. All right. Get your microphone that's a good mike. Then Jesus said to them. You may just have me this night for it. It's a great sin. I will write it shattered. And machine will be scattered. Amen. Do you know as they went the extra mile. Not only verse thirty one. But verse thirty two as well but you know when you look at this when you look at this verse here where Jesus saying that the shepherd is going to be stricken and then all. The sheep are going to scatter. I mean this really is. We want the Lord to speak to our hearts in this because we don't want to be scattered We know that there's a scattering that's going to come. We may think of that as a shaking that's going to come and we don't want to leave the side of our Savior. And so as we're starting our lesson today we're going to be looking at how different characters and individuals were making decisions because the lesson brought out that God has given us freedom and free will and we all have the opportunity to make decisions but as we make decisions we want to make decisions toward our Savior decisions that lead towards heaven and not towards being scattered away from our Lord. So we're going to get into our lesson here and as we do that we're going to begin with the feast at Simon's house and so if you have your Bibles Let's go to the book of Matthew and Chapter twenty six. Matthew Chapter twenty six. Now if we're at least I can speak for myself as we've been studying this I'll tell you there are so many treasures in this chapter we're going to be gleaning those and our panelists are going to be helping us find those treasures as we go through here but when to start here with Chapter twenty six. I'm going to read verses six through thirteen. And I'm going to ask David if he will read those verses for us. Now when Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper came into him a woman having an alabaster box of every precious of very precious on Mint and pour it on his head as he sat me. But when his disciples saw it. They had indignation saying to it. What purpose is this waste. For this on in my hand being sold for so much and given to the poor when Jesus understood it. He said unto them why trouble you. The woman for she have wrought. A good work upon me for you have the poor always with you but I mean you have not always for in that she have poor at this point and on my body. She did it for my burial. Verily I say unto you where so ever discussable shall be preached in the whole world. There should also this that this woman had done be told for a memorial of her name and so here we see that the Passover is quickly come in the plot is developing and Simon has opened his home for an evening with Jesus and the disciples. So let's let's move into this scene here and let's start to pull out some of the treasures that we have found. Well first of all you notice the chapter twenty six of Matthew is all about apprehend the arrest of Jesus in the beginning of this trial and all of that and it almost seems a little odd that you would have this story sandwich in the middle of it because if you notice in verses three and four of chapter twenty six. This is where they plot to kill him by trickery and to capture him and then after it in verse fourteen when they were twelve Judas Iscariot goes to them and gives him over. So why is the story here and I think the reason it is in this place is it's not just a story about the woman and her experience though that supports very important. This particular scenario this instance serves as a springboard into the betrayal and trial of Jesus. This is basically where you see the characters who will be players in this final drama of Christ life altogether and decisions are being made at this feast. Either for Christ or against him and Christ sees through to the end understands that and thus this serves as the opening act of the final scenes of Christ like. So what's what is developing in here. Let's look at these different bills here and. Let's let's just pull out those treasures about what's happening right here in this. Well one of the things that I noticed was. The emphasis on this very costly gift that she's bringing And Matthew doesn't tell us how much this gift cost but Mark Chapter fourteen tells us that it was three hundred denarii which is about zero zero years wages. Now I don't think many women in Bible times had a lot of money. And Mary must have this money she must have been having collecting for a very long time to have a year's worth of wages spent to buy this game and so this this gift she has given Jesus is really representing everything that she is her life her reputation her career her finances her future. All of it she says lavishly pouring out. And she's not even asked hesitating or asking herself Can I afford this. Can I really do this is this too expensive. She says she's just like throwing it all down there without even the slightest hesitation and I don't think it's because she's just super wealthy. I think it's because she's super appreciative. You know Jesus has done so much for her. You know and delivering her from personal demons in her life and a life of sin and Jesus recently raised her spare brother from the grave and this law. Love in her heart is so great that she just wants to give everything and it makes as ask ourselves. Does our outpouring of love for a god cost us something. And is there anything that we could do for the Lord that would be too great. Compared to everything that he's done for a minute that reminds me of David when you know the angel Lord is hovering over Jerusalem and he goes out in to buy the threshing floor there and he said no. We'll give it to you and he said absolutely not. I will not bring to the Lord that which cost me nothing and you know I thought about that too. And you know of course you have Judas and Judas is saying you know why this why this way just now. I thought why is this a waste to do this. The reason why it's a waste to Judas is because he is her gift was costing him because he was a thief. So she is giving now which cost her something but it was a way to him because he what he did not want to lose that and spend that on Christ her gift was costing him something. You know the Bible says too much is given much is required. And everybody else had the opportunity to show an honor and gratefulness to Jesus. But you have Simon the leper. His house and then you have a woman who everybody was talking about in the town. These people recognise what she's has done for them and that's why they want to show the gratefulness Somebody once said that you can suck if eyes but not love but you cannot love and not sacrifice. And so here's here's a woman just filled with gratefulness and all she can do is just give to Jesus. So one of the Contras that I've seen this. Yes he was giving a feast for Jesus. But Simon he was rich. We know that and but Mary was not rich but though he was paying the feast he was paying the food the kid the gift that Mary gave it was more expensive whether Simon did actually. So in verse six. You see that. How is Simon introduced it says now when Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Simon Del leper. So he said the Bible specifically is showing you know. Remember this. Simon was a leper. And Jesus healed him. But the difference between Simon and Mary and we know we're not and other and the other gospels that Simon complains as well. Right. So he's not happy with Mary. And what happened here is that Simon was healed. Physically he was healed by Jesus but he was not completely healed looks like because Mary was healed inside and that what the point that I'm bringing is like it that a person that can be half converted in still do things for God so I have converted can do things for God. But a full combat a person can do all things for God and that's what Mary did it was not she was not just have converted it was full convert it that she gave it all. Simon did not and in the plot thickens when you understand that I mean the spirit of prophecies inspired commentary on this and not only with Simon had his experience with Jesus. He had also had an experience with Mary desire of ages page two five fifty five sixty six said Simon had led into sin the woman he now despised she had been deeply wrong by him. So he was half converted in that he was physically healed and he had an appreciation for Jesus. But he still didn't have that deep seated art transformation. She had experience but praise God Christ uses this feast at Simon's house to finish the work in Simon's heart. If you continue reading desire pages that Christ looks at him and in the moment he begins to put the pieces together that he has not fully appreciated and realize that he is just as guilty as her and he should have the same level of appreciation and his healing is completed at this house and that his spirit is restored his mind is reconciled to God in His heart is in it together with Christ and that's a powerful thing that that the spirit prophecy gives us in this you know at this feast. Everybody is making decisions so assignment is coming to a point of conversion. Mary is just showing gratitude and love Judas is also making decisions at this feast. Because as he sees what was she's doing. He sees Jesus commending her and in so doing rebuking him for having just put her down the desired ages gives this commentary on Judas at this moment and it says at the reproof from Jesus his spirit turned to God wounded pride and desire for revenge it broke down the barriers in other words for up to this point he had ever expressed some of these feelings had been coming into his heart the greed that was so long indulged to help him and control. This is the experience of everyone who persists in tampering with sent the elements of depravity that are not resisted and overcome respond to say instead Tahsin is in the soul is led captive at his will. So at this moment is when Judas when over the edge like at all these feelings agreed in pride and ambition and in his heart for a long time at this moment when he saw Mary give this lavish gift and Jesus recommending commending her. That was the moment when Judas said OK this is not what I want and he went deep into the path and it's fascinating that the the same truth the same light. The gaze of Christ the truth that hits home can have two different reactions it melts the heart of Simon. But it hardens the heart of Judas that Christ can do all he can do but there is still a decision on our part as to whether we're going to yield to the Spirit's influence or where they're going to push it away. And here in this. This is the tipping point. This is the turning point that been executes the rest of this of these sets up the dominoes that would fall because of the decisions were made at that house. The rest of the story unfolds. Just one other thing that came to my mind in this story which is I mean is blows me away when I look at that I think about my own heart in this. If if just imagine the scenario was reversed. Imagine that it's Jesus in a public arena. All eyes watching and Judas has this costly gift to give to Christ in that setting he would have thought he would have said there's no gift to costly only because he was he would receive honor for giving it. For Judas a gift to Christ would be valuable. Only if he's receiving some glory some praise in response to it but if it's going to be where no one sees no one recognizes no benefit to him to him personally. Then it's a waste in his mind. I think of myself. Lord. You know I don't want to give things to the Lord for the glory of men in that would Jesus said on the Sermon on the Mount. That you know if you don't get your trumpeter out ahead of you to to warn every. Body. I'm about ready to put a hundred dollar bill in the offering plate. But if no one's watching Well maybe I'll slip the one dollar bill in Cohen's watching. It's lord may I see the value in Jesus so much that when no ice are watching. I give my best for him and Judus he only wanted to give to Christ that which he would receive some type of glory some type of benefit back for himself and it's just such a such a different character where Mary she came into that room hoping that no one would notice her. She came and kneeled at G.'s his feet and wanted to do this in secret. But then she breaks open the alabaster bottle and and everybody knows. And so I just I just love her spirit where she wants to do for Christ because she loves him and for her. Nothing was too costly for her Savior. Last coming here and then we're going to move on into the next part of our stores I want to say that you know you see Simon that was like one of the greatest great person in the mire and you see the Apostles. Well got chose. The most sinful person in the place. To teach a lesson. And it teaches me a personally that I might not have the greatest talents. I might not have everything but the Bible says and Corinthians that God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound Weiss and this is what he did this this woman. MARY. She taught one of the greatest lessons and he story that today that converting hearts and amen. Let me just make a little note to my last comment. We want you to put a hundred dollar bills in the offering plate and then these them bolos do but Stacy you brought out there. That. It was at this feast. When Simon was rebuked but he was rebuked in a way that was cutting him to the heart where he would be sensing the call of Christ in the need to surrender to Christ. For Judas it was that tipping point that was leading him to go and betray his Lord and we find that here in the next verses here of Matthew twenty six and verse fourteen A says then one of the twelve called a Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests and said What are you willing to give me if I deliver him to you again. He's looking what am I going to get if I if I do this and they counted out to him thirty pieces of silver. So from that time he saw opportunity to be tree. It's interesting. Both Mary and Judas have this response of money in relationship to Jesus. So Mary is giving this gift to Jesus because she are already acknowledges him as king of her heart. Whereas she had this is receiving money in order to make Jesus keen so he can get a promotion. So both of them are doing something in relationship to money related to Christ while one is acknowledging him as already. The other was trying to force him to become king not recognizing what his that his mission is actually to be king of the heart's not king of. Earthly dominion and as you study this out of this. I've aged you find also that the almost cold logic of Judas in this moment he looked at the what in his mind it is and convert heart was the wastefulness of what he had seen in that and that feast. And he realized that Christ simply did not have the savvy. The business insight to know an opportunity when he sees it to to you know to gain where he could and he was thinking well he's never going to be on his own the guy that we need him to be you know he's never going to be the king. So I might as well. Sell him out and get something for myself since he's still of value at this point but then he justified it but also in doing this. Maybe it will force his hand to become the king. And he'll thank me later on you know that in this I win either way I'll get some cash for it if you isn't the guy we hope and but if you really is the king he's going to look back and say boy you were really wise you pushed my hand good IOU IOU check. So he's thinking how can. If use not the Christ how can I get something out of it if he is the Christ. How can I get something out of it. This whole scheme is predicated on what can I get from him and I don't want to make too much application the Christian life but is it possible that we look to Jesus for what's the most we can get out of him period not the idea of what what happens if he doesn't give you health and wealth and all the things are you still going to be faithful. You know you think about those I'm kind of calling to mind the Hebrew worthies who are the fire a part of the we have no need to answer for this our God is able but even if he doesn't. We're still not going to bow down but Judas had a different mindset his mind was how can I get out of it either way for me. I just want to say that when we end the presence of Jesus. We face our idols and that hurts the hearts of so much. And that's why Judas was experiencing you know he had his idol was money and he was having the issue with money there. And this is the point where. Where he decides to leave Jesus and this is the sad part of that he tries to get his idol in other ways. And he unfortunately he and the the moment in front of Jesus. He has to face his idol. And he chose. To seek for his idleness while. It says here in so you go from this scene and then they enter into the Passover time in the Last Supper and in chapter twenty six verse twenty where Jesus are twenty and twenty one Jesus tells them that he sits down with them and then as are eating Jesus says assuredly I say to you. One of you will be train me. Look at the response of the disciples and says here in verse twenty two in they were what exceedingly sorrowful and each one of them began to say Lord is it I and I just you know I think about that as when they hear the immediate thing that comes to their hearts is that they are grieved by it. The even the very thought that there might be something hidden in their own hearts. That would let you know as as above as our hearts are to see fully wicked they deceive is their question the Lord is it I and I just think Lord I want you to come and search my heart like that. Lord I want you to test me and try me and see if if there's any wicked way in me I want the first thought when when it would come to denying or betraying my lord for me to be exceedingly sorrowful and it's in Luke twenty two twenty one where Jesus even says the hand of my betrayer is with me on on the table. I mean that just I should pierce our hearts that one. So close to Christ is not there. Heart is not being cut to the heart are our pricked and that way like it was the other possible. Where there lean is a lord is it I and then Peter leans over ask him ask him who it is because they don't want to be the one that's going to deny or betray their Lord. And. To delve deeper into it. Even so when he had made his decision. Judas to betray Jesus and he sought out the leaders to range the deal but even. Even at this supper Christ was still trying to win him Christ's discipline is not punitive it's redemptive his goal is to win him back. And this seems to be the very final opportunity. He looks at he said I'm going to a minute we're going to see him we're going to point him out my hand is going to extend it's the one I take bread with that's who it is and in John it's fascinating in that same account. John of course of the Last Supper is the one who records the foot washing and he gives some added detail that the other gospel writers don't give and in John Chapter thirteen there's a fascinating statement about this experience of Judas. If you go to John to verse to start with verse twenty five then leaning back on Jesus breast he said to him Lord who is it that was Peter right. Jesus answered it is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread when I have dipped it and having dipped the bread he gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon. He hands and points him out. So in front of all of their friends. There's Jesus and there's Judas there. I literally hand to hand. In Christ is doing it reminds me of Stephen Look there he is just look. And notice what the Scripture says verse twenty seven. Now after the piece of bread say Internet him then Jesus said to him what you do do quickly. Now the arrangements had already been made but they were still hope for Judas. But there comes a point when you grieved. The Holy Spirit and it's not that salvation isn't available it's that you close down the Avenue of the heart and you simply don't want it anymore and Christ has done every He literally reached out to his betrayer looked him in the eye touched him in the hand and this was the moment that sealed Judases destiny. Yes that's why we have to you know hearts to day is the day of salvation. We cannot delay. We cannot wait. There will be a close of probation. There is going to come a time where every decision that can be made will indeed be made and while Christ in the through the Holy Spirit is appealing to our hearts we cannot delay that decision not only for our own souls but even think about this the influence that Christ would have on us for the work of them of the truth going to all others to our family to our friends and far beyond we cannot miss that that today is the day of opportunity and it tells us that it was not until that point when he left that room he had crossed that boundary. Never to return. You know I keep thinking about giving was really the issue that he was struggling with you look at you look at the woman she was a giving woman you have Judas who was not a giving man and I think we should not underestimate that kind of thing you look at Cornelius you know God looks a corneal is this is the two things that he's known for he loves the Lord and he's a giving person he gives a member. Having a student pope or a few years ago and she's going door to door. She's now getting books out and and she's like living with the Lord Lord what is it. What is and why you're not using me. And then he convicts her about something. You're not a returning faithful time. She went home pay the tithe and boom. She began to do really well as a Cole Porter. You know and so here you have Judas struggling with money and I think I think it's a bigger issue than we sometimes make out of it. It's not the God needs the money we need. It's for us. And so we we see the the work that's happening in Judas his heart. And he goes out from there to finish the work of betrayal and we come down to verse thirty one in Matthew twenty six which is our memory verse and Jesus telling him that all of his disciples are going to be made to stumble because of him this night for his reign I will strike the shepherd the sheep of the flock will be scattered. But after I have been raised. I will go before you to Galilee and noticed Peter Peter answered and said to him even if all are made to stumble because of you I will never be made to stumble. Jesus said to him. Assuredly I say to you that this night before the rooster crows you will deny me three times. Peter said to him even if I have to die with you I will not deny you. And so said not just Peter. But all the disciples. So we see Judas is be trail but here we see Peter he begins to boast and we all know the path from there. But let's trace this path in the few minutes that we have and pull out how did he go from this boast to his denial or one of the things I want to point out here is that a lot is made both Judas and Peter denied. Christ. Right. Both betrayed him in a certain sense but Christ recognized again I'm going to go back to John thirteen that there was a difference between Peter's denial and Judas his betrayal. Right because when Christ was washing the disciples feet and you're going to find that in Matt John Chapter thirteen when he said to Peter. If you can do not wash you have no part with me in verse nine Simon Peter said to him Lord not my feet only but also my hands and my head. He's a man of extremes and he says Oh if I have to be washed and washed me all the way right. And Jesus makes this comment. Jesus said He who is Baby needs only to wash his feet right. So he had not rebelled against God He was coming from a good motive but he still had made mistakes they were still pride they were still temper they were still all these a presumption that was in his life in Christ realizing he washed to be clean. But he had lost his first faith. You know and you had and it wasn't a rebaptised that was needed. He had walked away but he still needed washes feet but then he adds. He said Jesus said to him in verse ten of John thirteen. He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet but is completely clean and you are clean. But not all of you. For he knew who would be tray and therefore you said you were not clean so though Peter would be tray Christ. There was still a sin. Sarat see in his relationship with Christ knew he could be one back with just wash your feet. Let's start again. Let's recalibrate let's recommit we can start this over for Judas. It was a different story. In Christ declared him to be unclean and that no matter how much outward bathing or whatever it was not the genuine heart repentance was not there with Judas where Peter I don't doubt his sincerity. He just didn't know what he was talking about and he in his flesh was weak. He had a fall in nature and he gave in Christ and this is a lesson for all of us we can have a sincere walk with God And yes we can fall down from time to time but crisis let's get back up what it what is that what it would. As the Scripture tell us the righteous Fall seven times but gets back up but the wicked fall by calamity they fall down and they stay down. Judas takes a fall and it's a it's he headlong goes in there he commits to it and he stays down. Peter falls any gets back. And that's a very beautiful picture of God's redemptive grace desire of ages two ninety four tells us just a little insight into Judas his heart. The reason why he was at variance with Christ is she says is that he would not yield his ideas. You know he had thoughts and plans and he had a direction that he thought should happen and that cry should go and when it looked like Christ was going to different way he would not yield his position to the to the will of Christ and doesn't that happen in our lives too where the Spirit of God comes and he's convicting us who are saying no. Lord I have to be this way. We have to have a heart of submission a heart of desire for the Lord's will to be done in our lives. But here's Peter he's boasting. What is going to happen here in the next few moments as a enter into the garden that could have guarded and shielded him from that denial of Jesus. This is the difference between Judas and Peter. If you notice a true the history through the timeline of these these moments of Jesus and Judas and Peter every time that Jesus confronts are scum fronted that with Judas Judas leaves and you can see that and John thirteen twenty seven. You know that those do that. Dollars do quickly. So what are you going to do it do it quickly and what he does is just leaves and even a month of olives when he be traced Jesus. He also leaves. So what Peter doesn't do is lead. Jesus. He struggles and he stays with Jesus he make mistakes but he stays with Jesus even when he's arrested when Jesus arrested is also following Jesus and the moment to what the he actually happens when he betrayed Jesus he is totally destroyed but the desire for ages says that in that moment he saw Jesus and Jesus have made an eye contact with Peter and he saw Jesus in His face was not condemnation. It was forgiveness. Jude US did not see the face. That's why he got lost because in the greatest troubles that we have sometimes we tend to leave Jesus when we face issues we leave Jesus but Peter didn't do that from the beginning though he was he was he was a star and he was all of this but he was with Jesus. The first experience that he had with Jesus was when he was a he did all these miracles you know in the in the fisherman and the bible claims the Bible shows that he goes on his feet and desire for ages shows more and it says that when he said you know the part from me for I'm a sinner this all of it just shows that he goes in COGS Jesus' feet and he says the Depart from Me I am sinner but at the same time he's saying Don't leave me Jesus. And I believe this is the difference when we have problems we should clean to Jesus more than when he saw when Jesus looked at him as he went out went bitterly Where did he go back to where it gets me where he seen Jesus weeping and dropping sweats of blood and I think he at that point realized I could have Jesus tried to save me from C.N.N. He warned me about this even before Jesus told him you know you deny me before the rooster crows even prided. He had said to Peter in Luke twenty two Satan has asked for you but I have prayed for you that your faith doesn't fail and when you're converted. You will be converted Peter and when you are strengthen your brother and Jesus had several times warned him and as what he said to him here in the garden in Matthew twenty six forty one watch him pray enter into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. He knew Peter had a willing heart he knew that people really did want to die for Jesus. But he knew that Peter's heart was weak and he was he was warning him. Don't sleep when you you sleep you're off guard. You're not being watchful you know being alert and and when I read this I asked myself. We're coming to a time of great temptation in the world right we're going to be facing temptations like we've never ever experienced before. And it's going to be our night of trial and Jesus is asking us right now watch and pray so that you don't fall into temptation I know that you want to be faithful to me I know that you are pledging loyalty to me but I know your heart is weak. So you must watch and pray because the times far spend the days at hand cast off the works of darkness put on the armor of light you know because that time and if we don't do that preparation now we're distracted and we're sleepy whatever that moment will come the end will come and we will have to go into it unprepared and we will we could fall like Peter did except that time there isn't. Maybe time to recover. So important it is for us to learn from Peter's mistake watch him pray now so that we will not fall when that time of great temptation comes. You know what I think about that and I read that verse Jesus comes there and he says what could. You know wash with me one hour. I mean Christ he was coming there to find this a poor incursion of disciples and they were sleeping but this is the Savior we serve Jesus there says the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak even right there he saw compassionate and merciful to his disciples. I mean that's the kind of his Savior we serve. He's not there looking to catch us when we fall and well maybe we should say he is there to catch us when we found a pig as back up but he's not there to condemn us. He's there to save us in to warn us and to pick us back up and get us on that path of righteousness. And he is calling us I believe today. What could you not watch with me. Could you not be steadfast in what I've called you to do and he still giving us that word of mercy and compassion the flesh is weak. I know I know your spill spirit is willing but through me. I can help you and crisis calling to get up and stay watchful and in prayer with him in the survey just says that the disciples were in that time I mean this is just fascinating to me. She says that they were when Jesus left them and he went to go pray. Jesus was still within sight and hearing of the Apostles. He was not so far away that he was headed they could still see and hear him pleading and behalf of the work that God had called him to do and I just think Lord help us to keep our eye on Jesus like you said that we might be earnest and watchful and prayerful last comment here and then we're going to close. What throughout this whole thing as the lesson brought out it's about decision making or freedom of choice and you see this thread of Decision after decision whether it's. Marry to spend that money or it's Simon to throw the feast and be converted it's Judas it's Peter. But the quintessential decision to be made is by Jesus himself and he knows when he goes with those disciples when He says the spirit is willing the flesh is weak. He has human flesh he knows the struggle. He's living it out in his own experience and while others are falling away left and right. All of his closest support is retreating he's alone with the father and even the spirit of the sense of the Father's presence is going to leave him. No one is watching. No one seems to appreciate it seems like a hopeless cause and there's absolutely no logical reason to go forward yet Christ says Not my will but yours be done. He gives us the ultimate demonstration of godly decisionmaking then when there's no earthly reason to press forward there's no support. You're not going to get any kudos any reward and this is why even talked about. Later on the cross he couldn't even see the portals of the tomb. But still he went forward because it was the right thing to do. I don't have that yet. But I want to you know and I don't you know it. I hope that there's hope. And that the say Lord I don't have it but I want it and I can only find it in you and I think that he's offering that kind of steadfast resolve that kind of firmness to principle that we don't have naturally we simply don't have it but Christ can give it to us through history. We need to close. Let me close with this desire of Ages three eleven on those choices. Jesus. She's speaking of here he took our nature and overcame. That we through taking his nature might overcome Christ made those decisions and through him. We can make those right decisions too and that wonderful news is in our heads as we prayed together Father in heaven. Thank you for such precious things that you reveal to us. Thank you for your word. Lord please help us to hide your word in our hearts how we want to be like Jesus how we long to have his character reproduced within us. Lord thank you for this time of Sabbath school and if anything is brought from this May it be that we want to see Jesus as the most valuable most wonderful most precious thing in our lives and as we keep our eyes on him that he will help us as we make decisions for it less each one here today. Thank you for the SAT in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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