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Following Fully God's Original Plan

John Dysinger


John Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm



  • January 25, 2017
    6:30 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father. What a privilege it is to be here with all these people who are seeking you. Seeking to return to your garden plan. And Lord we asked for your spirit to be with us. Not only in this meeting this morning but throughout the day and throughout the weekend and we thank you for doing this and for the blessings you have in store Lord use me this morning keep my mind clear and focused and may it be to your honor and glory we pray in Jesus' name amen. So as you all know I hope our theme this year is following fully and I'm sure that the speakers. Hopefully especially David over Miller in the evening meetings will will bring out this theme more but this morning. I just want to look at following fully God's original plan. And I've got a couple quotes here first one from manuscript twelve in one thousand nine hundred it was not God's purpose that people should be crowded into cities huddled together in terraces and tenements in the beginning he placed our first parents where in a garden. Amid the beautiful sights and sounds of nature and these sights and sounds he desires men to rejoice in today and then she says the more nearly we can come in harmony with God's original plan. The more favorable will be our position for the recovery and the preservation of health. And then I have just a little bit alternate version from ministry of the. Heeling three sixty five. Little alternate to the last sentence there the more nearly we come into harmony with God's original plan. The more favorable will be our position to secure health of body and mind and soul there it is that whole PNAS that God is calling as to how do we how do we get back to that the more nearly we come into harmony with God's original plan so let's just review a little bit. What was God's original plan. We have to go back to the beginning right. Genesis Genesis one twenty. Six. Man made in the image of God male and female created He them right. You know where we're kind of forgetting that in this day and age but. God had a plan with. The way he created us in His image and of course in the garden there was also the vague in diet Genesis one twenty nine and you know I feel like as a church where we've caught on to that and we've got lots of programs where we are teaching people the original diet. Right so praise the Lord for that Sabbath rest in sanctification in Genesis two two and three and again. Praise the Lord that our church and as individuals we are emphasizing that that's an important point in these last days bringing people back to God's original plan for the Sabbath and then of course also in Genesis is to first. Any four talks about marriage and you know I think that as a people we're doing a pretty good job of pointing people back to God's original plan in these areas. But this clickers always something's missing here. What's missing. You know I just want to say being involved in agriculture for the last eighteen years I realize that I'm a little biased and probably a little bit over the top when it comes to this but could we maybe emphasize the missing piece a little bit more what what have Did we not talk about there. OK the occupation the God's original plan for our occupation. This is a quote from Education Page twenty two. To Adam and Eve was committed the care of the garden to address it and to keep it. Genesis two fifteen though rich in all that the owner of the universe could supply. They were not to be idle useful occupation was appointed them as a blessing to strengthen the body to expand and to develop the character. Now notice the useful occupation it wasn't just for physical health. It was also to expand the mind and develop the character. And notice also that this way. Before sin. You know working in the garden is not a consequence of sin. This was God's original plan. Now obviously we know that when sin came into the picture the work became harder because we needed the training that came from that hard work. So this if we want to return to God's original plan if we want to follow fully we need to pick up the missing piece here and get back into the garden and I just want to point out. What was the useful occupation. It was dressing and keeping the garden. Right. It wasn't just and now I'm not saying that's the only useful occupation there's plenty of other useful occupations. But this was the original this was the ideal and I don't want to miss that. What about after sin. Scuse my cough. I'm still recovering from a bug. Genesis two two twenty three twenty three. Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taken. So the occupation did not change as a result of sin as I said the work became harder but and here's a quote from Education Page forty three that this is talking about the children of Israel. So of course this was well after the garden. But Mrs White says by the distribution. Of the land and among the people God provided for them as for the developers in Eden the occupation most favorable to development. What occupation is that the care of plants and animals. So. I just want to challenge you. Why are we in the garden more. This is the occupation most favorable to development. This was original ideal plan. We read that the more closely. We follow that plan. The more favorable it is for not only our physical development but for our mental and spiritual development. I challenge you this morning. We need to get back to the garden. Why aren't we in the garden more. You know I'm not one that is into conspiracy theories I'm not saying they're not a bunch of conspiracies out there but I don't want to waste my time on them. But this is one that I believe in there's a conspiracy to keep you out of the garden. And I just want to share briefly. You know years ago as I said we been the Lord led us to farming eighteen years ago. And the first few years were really really hard because we had no idea what we were doing and we didn't have the resources that are available now. So we were literally just. Learning. Through the school of hard knocks. And so one time I spent a lot of time with the Lord and that's the beauty of not having the knowledge and everything because you don't know where to go but to the Lord and so I would just go out with the Lord and say Lord. You've got to help me because I don't know what I'm doing but. One of those times I was just kind of wrestling with the Lord because we knew without a doubt he had called us to do this and I was just saying Lord. Why did you call us to this and then make it so hard. It seems like everything we do fails you know we're trying and we're working hard but yet it doesn't seem to be working. And you know it was one of those light bulb moments in my life. Where the Lord just made it so clear and I felt so dumb. You know like John of course it's hard because the devil doesn't want you in the garden. That's the conspiracy. He knows what we've just been talking about here. He knows that the garden is where God created man to be to work to live. So of course he's going to do everything in his power to keep his out of it does that make sense. And if you look around. Today and I'm not suggesting that all the modern inventions are evil or anything but I do believe with all my heart that everything in this world. Today is trying to keep us from the garden insulating us. You know we live in air conditioned buildings and we get in our air conditioned car and we go to the air conditioned grocery store to buy our our groceries. It's just unbelievable how removed we have become from the garden. And I believe it's a conspiracy. On the part of Satan because he knows that if we get back in the garden God's going to meet us there. And he's going to talk with this and teach us and draw us to him. What have I done here. OK so in wrapping it up. I don't claim by any means to understand completely what following fully really looks like I'm on the journey. We're on the journey. But I do believe with all my heart that following fully includes the garden. And more nearly following God's original plan for me. And so I don't know where each of you are individually. I know we come from a wide variety of backgrounds here I'm sure there's some of you still in the city that have come under conviction about Country Living come under conviction on gardening. There are others who have already made the move but who are struggling not knowing what they're doing. Wherever you are God wants to meet you. Where you're. At's and he wants to take you into the garden and teach you there and just a reminder that when you go to the garden. You are going up against all the forces of Satan. Because his greatest desire is to keep you from God's original plan. His greatest desire is to separate you from God and you know you remember in the garden God came down in the cool of the day and and walked in talked with Adam and Eve and htat them about the garden and many other things. I'm sure. But he he's no respecter of persons he will meet you there. And so that's my challenge to you this morning. Again as as a people you know I think there's there's many people who are doing good work teaching vegetarian cooking in teaching the importance of Sabbath observance and all these things and we don't want to stop that it's. But please please can we can we add the missing puzzle piece. Can we add the original occupation. As part of following fully God's ideal. Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for being here this morning. Lord we realize that we have all fallen short of your ideal plan. But we're here because we want to come closer to that and I just pray that the things that have been shared this morning will be a challenge and a stimulus to to all those who are here. To not allow circumstances or trials to keep them out of the garden. Lord May we work with you there. May we walk with you. May you teach us. May we share with others the special truths. You have for us in the garden go with us throughout this day we pray you know Jesus this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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