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Learning to Be Human Again

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • January 26, 2017
    8:15 AM


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Well good morning. And indeed it is a very very good morning I'm from Michigan so when you wake up in the morning and it's seventy degrees out in January. It's a very very happy experience but I'm also very just happy to be here this is the agriculture conference I've been looking forward to this for quite some time and our message this morning is entitled How to be human again. And I have a villa watts of information in a short period of time. So we're going to dig right in. Open with prayer and let's open our hearts and our and our minds and our ears to what the Lord might show us this morning. Let's pray. Father in heaven. We thank you so much for the goodness of Jesus and His ways we thank you for having our best interests at heart for knowing how we can thrive most in your kingdom and your design. We ask for an awakening. We ask that you would give us motivation desire and a love of the truth of the truth of Jesus and the ways of Jesus. We pray this in Jesus name Amen. I want to take you way way way back and then we're going to zoom all the way forward through the history and look at what a potential near future scenario might look like. But let's go all the way back to in the beginning God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created He them you know the Scriptures well from Genesis. But if you ever noticed this is mankind at our best this was fully human God's design for humankind no sin in this beautiful setting prior to the fall. Now I'm sure it's not lost on the attendees of the ad Agra conference that Adam and Eve were placed in a garden. They were good. Agricultural labor as their occupation tend this garden and keep it naming the animals the care of plants and animals originally God's plan and design. Notice this was not the city of Eden. This is not Adam and Eve had been placed in the Eden townhouses and downtown Eden ville. Now this is not even Eden estates in the suburbs. This is the Garden of Eden so man was that is best in a country living setting doing agriculture. Now contrast that with just a couple of chapters forward. You get the fall of mankind you get the first murder you've got Cain Cain's genealogy is the genealogy of those who became the children of men and then the whole world became filled with wickedness and the only thoughts of man was only evil continually That was a sorry state of affairs for humankind How did it get there. What was the very first thing it says in Cain's genealogy if you ever read it in Genesis four verse seventeen. It says that the first thing he did after he was banished after his murder he had a son who built a city a city interesting to see the contrast being drawn. Adam and Eve in the garden Cain and Cain genealogy those who concentrated in cities they became those who were responsible for the necessity of a flood to come upon the earth. Speaking of which continuing on in the story we get to Noah. You know that no was occupation for many years of course is that he was a ship builder. But what about after the flood the you know what Noah did for a living Genesis nine verse twenty says that he was an husbandman a farmer a man of the soil so God's holy line of people continuing the process of being close to nature close to the earth seated originally in the Garden of Eden carrying on this tradition In contrast when. With those of the world in the end to dilute the and the post elude the world so contrast the Canes genealogy now with what you read in the book education. Page two eleven this would be no was family Methuselah even the patriarchs these are in early ages it says with the people who were under God's direction. Life was simple. They lived close to the heart of nature. Their children shared in the labor of the parents and studied the beauties and mysteries of nature's treasure house and in the quiet of field and wood they pondered those mighty truths handed down as a sacred trust from generation to generation. Now before I read the last sentence in this paragraph. Notice the context in early ages way way back then they lived close to the heart of nature and they labored in such a setting and such training produced strong men such training what kind of training. Well of course agricultural work. Living life as a family passing down the sacred choose to your children. That training produced strong men at the same time as as we heard Keynesian ology here you've got no where you got the folks in early ages Here's another example from these very early time the Tower of Babel. Do you see the two histories kind of running parallel to one another. Notice the tower of able people again concentrating in a megaplex with this massive building project of a tower that would go to the heavens. You could you could You don't get much more urban than that in the ancient world. Fast forward now to the time of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. We read the following The education centering in the family was that which prevailed in the days of the patriarchs so they continued this tradition from the Garden of Eden all the way down to Abraham's time. For the sky. Thus established God provided the conditions most favorable for the development of character. So what were these conditions that he built that he designed that he indicated that his people should do the conditions were it says the men who held fast God's principles of life dwelt among the fields and hills. They were tailors of the soil and keepers of flocks and herds and in this free independent life with its opportunities for labor and study and meditation. They learned of God and taught their children of his works and ways. Isn't that a beautiful picture from the book education. You can imagine this is the scenario of the setting this true education. This being tellers of the soil and keepers of the flocks and herds was that just it says most favorable for the development of character. So we've now heard most favorable for the development of character. We've heard such training produced strong men. Let's continue in the story and see if the trend. Advances in God's plan for Israel every family had a home in the land with sufficient ground for tilling. Thus were provided both the means and incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and listen to this part no devising of been has ever improved upon that plan as from councils to parents teachers and students pays to seventy five digit did you hear though no devising of man has ever improved upon God's Garden of Eden plan but the good that was how he did it originally that was his design. He didn't make a mistake this training produces strong men. It is the training most favorable for development. And no devising of man has ever improved upon that plan I think you're getting the picture country living agriculture as a key part in the broader picture of how we live as. Followers of the most high. Now of course mankind in our age has tried to improve upon this play and we say well we've got a bigger better idea here. Most prominently the two just tools weapons in Satan's arsenal to divert people from God's original plan and design for them. The two things that I spend a lot of time talking about in seminars that I do media on the brain of course the seminar schooled which is the subtitle The deliberate agenda to destroy individuality reduce intelligence and reengineer society. Why emphasize these points so much because these are the things that are capturing the minds of the children from a very early age I want to spend some time talking about these in this session and then at the end will circle back around and see God's plan in action and how it's working today. But if you go back in the history just a bit to the origins of we'll start with the schooling piece and then we'll talk more about media after that but nine hundred thirteen was the year. And the organization funding the public school system in America which was under construction at that time one hundred years ago it was the John D. Rockefeller education board and we'll talk more about the history of the industrialist and what was going on but I just first want you to hone in on the urbanization aspect of this listen to this statement from the Rockefeller education board about what they were trying to do when they build public education in America. In our dreams. We have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect dust to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. Did you hear that rural folk moving to the cities during this era of industrialization and urbanization cons. In trading more and more in city centers in America the rural people coming in they're going to undergo a good schooling if you will at the hands of these founders and architects of modern schooling the people will you will themselves with perfect dust Filippi to our molding hands. They said. Now the rest of the quote goes like this. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors editors poets or men or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists painters musicians nor lawyers doctors preachers politicians statesmen of whom we have an ample supply. So they said we're trying to do something specific with this massive nationwide formation of this public school system and that is we're going to try to create docility that means compliance training to create good automatons if you will in the industrial machine that was developing at the time you will have workers that will be plugged into that serving their function till the Asli and obediently according to the design of the system not businessmen not entrepreneurs not philosophers not men of learning and men of letters and painters and lawyers and doctors and all of these things. No no no no that's not what we're going for the founders of American public schooling said we're going for docility training. You know where this comes from if you go back in the history go to the Dark Ages the power elite of the society if you will the priest class the Roman papal powers in the kings of Europe were very very happy keeping the people in the dark illiterate ignorant of the Scriptures and of basically anything this was the dark ages. So if you can keep people on able to read you can keep them controlled and whatever you tell them they will believe because they are not able to think and question they don't have a knowledge base they don't have the Bible in the calm. But then the most wonderful thing happened which we are celebrating this year two thousand and seventeen. Five hundred years ago. Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation and concurrently with that around that time. Also the great invention of the time which enabled the tracks and the Bibles to be printed Gutenberg's printing press changed Europe changed the world because the Protestant Reformation truths could now be distributed to the masses awakening and Lightman people learning a general reformation and most importantly the Bible in the common tongue coming to the people and knowledge of the truth just spreading like wildfire an amazing time in history that the powers that be were not pleased with of course the counter-Reformation was launched as a response to this reformation the Roman Catholic counter Reformation was led in large part by what they called the Society of Jesus is an order of priests also known as the Jesuit order. And you read from Bertrand Russell a secular historian on this just pointing out what was going on he said the Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world and another for those who were to become the members of the Society of Jesus. So how do you take back. What's been lost by the Protestant Reformation. Well if you're of this power elite mindset you're going to go OK we've got to start an education system because if you can't beat them join them. I mean Gutenberg's printing presses out of the bag that cat is out of the bag. No putting that away. We've got to control the education system then we can have control over the minds of the people again. Ordinary men you read on says this Bertrand Russell speaking of the Jesuit education system of the time. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile I'll industrious punctual thoughtless and contented. Now I can but we can all buy into industrious and punctual those are good things but dust Felicity we've heard that somewhere before with the rocket. Institute thoughtlessness trying to produce thoughtlessness I thought that the aim of true education is to develop the power in the young to think and not be mere reflectors of other men's thoughts. Well that's true. Education This my friends is false education as you know to produce mere thoughtlessness. The Prussians picked this up and have made it famous it's called Prussian style schooling to this day the year was eighteen zero seven YOUR got lead featured in his address to the German nation pointed out what their aim and their civil structures of public schooling in pressure would be he says the education should provide the means to them when you finish that quote There's a lot of wonderful things you could put in there. If you were doing true education right. Education should provide the means to bring children into a knowledge of salvation in the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to train missionaries to train for practical life to develop character all these wonderful things right but here's what the pression schooling mindset said two hundred years ago education should provide the means to destroy free will if you want to influence the student at all. You must do merely more than merely talk to him you must fashion him and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will destroy free will. Now what does that have to do with modern times. Is this something that's just part of ancient history the fifteen hundreds and these these old industrialists and the Prussians and their history know this went global The year was eight hundred forty four. You know that some magnificent things were happening in one thousand nine hundred four. As far as the present truth message in the three angels messages in the heavenly sanctuary in the birthing of the Advent movement. But also in one thousand nine hundred four the founder of American public schooling Horace Mann was returning from Prussia where he had been visiting to learn about their system. And he gave his second annual report to the Boston Massachusetts School Committee and he said. We are going to bring Prussian style schooling here. Which began a turn of events in a snowball that over the next half century brought compulsory schooling laws to every state in the country. But one who followed later very soon after and you had schooling go emerging in America and the year was one thousand nine hundred six when William Torrey Harris who had spent his career trying to bring about this system of compulsory schooling in America where every child from a very early age would be inducted into this and there's a lot of altruism motives here too you know a lot of these people thought they were doing well by the kids and of course public school teachers today most of them are trying to help children but this whole thing was conceived in iniquity William Torrey Harris was the US commissioner of education and he worked to pressurize the American schools during the eight hundred ninety S. the very important decade for the pressurization of schools. I'm holding back right now to not tell you about the the true education movement that's all in the series called Dr unaided for disks that one runs parallel to this and gives that gives a good and true. News but with limited time this morning one thousand and six. William Torrey Harris said the following. Ninety nine students out of one hundred are automata that would be automatons robots. They are careful to walk in prescribed paths careful to follow the prescribed custom this is not an accident but the result of substantial education which scientifically defined is the subsumption of the individual. Now if you're not familiar with that term Subsumption. Basically we are alienating children from their own individuality. We're merging them into the collective mind. It's like if you take a piece of dough that has its own unique character to it and you stuff it into a lump of dough and merge it all in there and mix it all together. It has lost its unique character that's subsuming the piece of dough in the larger dough piece. We're going to subsume the individuality of the children and he says We've done it. This is this is what education is we have the scientific definition of education is to subsume their individuality and we've done it. Ninety nine students out of one hundred are now automatons. They've actually done recent research on this to see what. What age groups have what kind of skills to think independently creatively what they call being a creative genius or divergent thinking ninety eight percent of children aged three to five scored as what would qualify as creative genius and ninety eight percent of them. After five years of schooling though they retested these same children and what they all had virtually all of them had naturally as an endowment from God We are given a power akin to that of the Creator the power to think and to do and it is the power of true education to develop this power in the young so that they will not just be reflectors of other men's thoughts but they will be thinkers. But what does false education do it goes from ninety eight percent of children age three to five having this creative genius innately after five years of schooling they retested the same children and only thirty two percent still had that same ability. After five more years of school on the ten percent still had that same ability and by age twenty five they found that only two percent of the population remains as divergent thinkers is that not tragic and sad the individuality of humanity. I mean the session is called How to be human again. Do you understand that this is a system that is seeking to diminish our humanity our image bearing nature of God It's trying to create an automaton eyes. Population of people and individuals that are no longer able to think. Two percent of the population remain as divergent thinkers so William Torrey Harris was pretty close. He said ninety nine out of one hundred recent research says it's ninety eight out of one hundred but either way the picture is pretty bleak. Harold rug in his book The Great technology in. One hundred thirty three pictured this dystopian future in which we now live. And he called it the scientific reconstruction of our social order in other words we're going to build a new society we're reconstructing it we're tearing down the old building a new Remember the rural folk now they're coming to the cities and we're going to do this thing differently their old ways of education. We're going to teach them docility Here's how. Harold rug put it he said a new public mind is to be created how. Only by creating tens of millions of individual minds. And welding them into a new social mind singular. Group think the collective. What Edward Bernays called the group mind through the schools of the world the quotation goes on we shall disseminate a new conception of government one that will embrace all the activities of men one that will postulate the need of scientific control. So we're going to teach a new position a new viewpoint a new philosophy on the role of government. What is the role of the state biblically Romans thirteen. Of course he's been given the sword to minister vengeance upon the wrongdoer you know thieves murderers etc They get arrested they get tried they get put in prison. This is the proper role of the state to protect life liberty property the Declaration of Independence which is cited in the book the great controversy lays that out but Revelation thirteen posits a new idea that the state would have purview over religious matters and matters of individual conscience and legislating on the day of worship in these things that ought to be up to individual conscience. Well they've got to have a system in place that re wires people's thinking about this this new social mind will accept this idea through the schools of the world. We shall disseminated new conception of government. So you see where this is going with regard to prophecy. Bertrand Russell put it this way it is. To be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality. Then they now have even in totalitarian countries fiction laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils have left school they shall be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished. Diet injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age. I notice that from a very early age to produce the sort of character in the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. There is so much to be said. More on this topic of worldly schooling and the history and the current implementation of it. I've got three hours on it. It's on the D.V.D. set called schooled. I won't say anything more on it but do you do you see now why the statement from fundamentals of Christian education page for seventy is so important. I beg of parents to place their children. Where they will not be bewitched by a false education it be witching it's a Tanach it's a demonic spiritual plot. It's not just human beings doing these things. This is the devil's agenda from the very start. Here's the beautiful part of the quote Their only safety is in learning of Christ he is the great central light of the world all other lights all other wisdom are foolishness a man to that right. But how about this supposedly the dawn of modern media entertainments the year was eight hundred forty four. And the Telegraph the first telegraph ever was sent in eight hundred four. For now you might say well there's nothing wrong with the Telegraph and there's certainly nothing wrong with good schools and so this eight hundred forty four concept is about how the devil is getting involved in these two very things that God wants to use for good. He wants true education. He wants good schools right. We also can use modern media in a very positive and beneficial and God glorifying and soul winning and earth changing way. But eight hundred forty four was the birth of that beginning of the very first of the telecommunications where you can communicate instantaneously simultaneously across this dances with that telegraph which set into motion a series of events which became modern media and telecommunications which today of course as you know is being used not only for good but ninety plus percent of that out there in the entertainment world especially. George Barna put it this way media exposure has become America's most widespread and serious addiction. So this is a big big problem isn't it. Ninety six point six percent of toddlers and preschoolers are now using mobile devices and the American Academy of Pediatrics came out and said you know we're realizing that we can no longer really make recommendations on screen time like we used to be able to. Because screen time has just become time synonymous. People are basically swimming in media all day so they said we're dialing back and reducing some of our recommendations they used to say no to no media for children under two and now they're saying well we take that back because everybody's doing it anyway. Ninety six point six percent of toddlers and preschoolers are using mobile devices total screen time for the average American child is over fifty three hours per week teens now consume nine hours of entertainment media per day by the way it's easy to harp on the teens because that is an obscene amount of entertainment meet. And that's that's there's also academic media on top of that. But the recent study that came out floored me. Parents are spending. Nearly eight hours per day on entertainment media a total of nine hours and twenty two minutes and about ninety minutes of that is for work so that leaves just under eight hours of entertainment media for parents wonder where the teens get the idea from right. The average young person racks up ten thousand hours of video gaming by the age of twenty one and five million gamers in the United States are spending more than forty hours per week playing video games and I've been sharing these statistics in these numbers for quite some time and it's huge it's all encompassing but it's almost to the point where the number of hours is becoming irrelevant outmoded concept and way of looking at this because we're so immersed in it twenty four seven now it's a new way of life. We're starting to become just sucked into this this vortex if you will of constant media three quarters of U.K. children spend less time outdoors then prison inmates survey finds three quarters of the children spending less time outdoors than prison inmates is that not an appropriate and applicable fact for our conference here when we're thinking about how to restore God's original design for humanity and how we live agriculture outdoors country living three quarters of the kids are in a virtual prison. This is a counterfeit reality the Virtual Reality is another place we go now it's a new place we live we immerse ourselves in the social media culture in our minds in our in our in our thoughts and emotions go there and the entertainment and all of it is from a very early age. The picture speaks a thousand words for those listening to the audio it's a baby in a bouncy seat with of course the i Pad attachment. That's not made up this is not sat. Higher that's an actual product out there. The average child will spend more time watching T.V. by the age of six than he will spend in conversation with his father and his entire life will this training produce strong men. Is this the most favorable thing for our development has this devising of man improve upon God's plan. Of course not going back to those original quotes. We've got to get back get back to God's plan. What are we doing to ourselves when we're raised. We're raising our children in this they are raised by screens and raised in desks. They're immersed in this state of inactivity. Passively viewing these things or punching the video game on the i Pad or whatever it is from ninety six point six percent of the toddlers doing it. Children now are not learning practical skills. How about this one from the Telegraph children learn to tie shoelaces later than ever before today's children maybe whiz kids at high tech gadgets but they now learn to tie their shoe laces at a later age than ever before. A new report has found even as late as nine to ten years old. You can telegraph also published a report where they put almost a third of children starting school are lacking social skills having speech problems or not toilet trained the survey of senior primary school staff has found. Now granted these kids are going to school way too early. We're suppose to be waiting till age eight or ten to start formal academics in a true education school of the prophets type of setting but. These are kids usually by age four or five you've got the toilet training thing down. You may have a mishap here or there you know we were nice to our kids about that of course but not toilet trained lacking social skills having speech problems what's going on one head teacher said there is a limited parent parent child interaction. There's the key. Four year olds know how to swipe a phone but haven't a clue about conversations and other primary school leader warned we are having more and more children entering our early years. Stage with delayed speech. The state of education report found four fifth's of teachers were worried about poor social skills or children having speech problems more than two thirds had seen children lacking self-help skills in two thousand and twelve when I first started doing this media on the brain presentation and sharing this with my students and anon I used to be a teacher the numbers were horrifying right it was like one third of Americans are looking at a scream for over five hours per day. That was the vision council found that study Well they didn't other study four years later two thousand and sixteen. The numbers had nearly doubled sixty percent of people now are staring at a screen. For over five hours or more a lot of those are a lot more than five the average American. Now spends four point seven hours on their smartphone per day two point four two hours actually touching and swiping the smartphone. So if you're all up close with the phone like this. I mean your eyes are not that's not how we were designed to live right with all this near work and focus in on the small text of the of the phone and going this way and that. Well what they've seen is a thirty seven percent increase in myopia in near-sightedness just in recent years when you look at Asian rates or East Asia where they're very much immersed in this technology ninety percent myopia rates and it's changing literally our physiological structure our skeletal structure a lot of the chiropractors in the physical therapists and the pediatricians and all of them are worried about the development of children who are hunched over like this all the time they're getting more and more cases of hyper focus is over. That is called has the curvature of the upper spine into the neck area a major problem that they're concerned about which impacts digestion the Longs all of it when you're hunched like that we've got some good counsel on that actually in Spirit of Prophecy but today in today's day I suppose we're going to have to update that old evolution. I mean remember that silly thing with the shadow images of the monkey First he's on all fours like this and then then he gets up and he's kind of like that. The second picture is a monkey up like this the third picture is like Neanderthal Man Kind of over like this a little bit then finally human kind of homo erectus homosapien right. We are standing tall and straight what we have to update that chart because we've now changed apparently what it means to be human as it relates to our shape and our body structure we have to have a picture of a guy like this with his phone hunched over to update the devolution I suppose you would call that or D. evolution of course that chart is not true but if you were to believe in that chart you would have to updated as. In a recent survey internet connection outranks hot water and daylight. In the things that millennia value most for quality of life. Did you hear that you rank the things that you want for quality of life. You know running water indoor plumbing all these things. OK Internet content connection. Outranks daylight in the things millennial value most for quality of life. I could go without ever seeing the sunshine or being outdoors in the daytime ever again as long as I got that Internet connection. What and how water I'll take a cold shower every day of my life but I can't go without it without life. This is good. Scary and actually is very scary because cell phone related injuries are up eighty four percent now. I didn't know there was such a thing as cell phone related injuries but they tell us that you know people are dropping the phone on their face while lying back in bed chips at two thirty you run into something or one guy walked off a cliff and died in San Diego on Christmas Day two years ago. Very sad and tragic in certain municipalities in Australia and in Germany. They're recognizing people are walking into traffic on their phones. And so they said we're going to meet people where they're at to stop these incidents we've had a number of these incidents where people are just walking right into our incoming traffic and pedestrian. Issues happening so they've moved the stoplights from being up at eye level to actually that we're in eliminating that and we're putting the stop lights now for pedestrians at curb level because this is where we live now we're all down here. This is the new place for the human eyes to be focused in the human shape of the body as we talked about it's as if like what we have a generation of people that don't know what the sky looks like or something coming in the near future and you might say well that's that's that I could never happen but you know I never thought I would see the I party for i Pad Yes the I party. Potty training your child now has to become a tech gadget virtually infused experience. You've got the little toddlers potty with the i Pad attachment. It has reached that level. And as we heard parents are on their devices for eight hours a day in an entertainment media so on the children of course. Somebody's got to read them stories right we've got to outsource our parenting to somebody. Well they'll be raised by screens and by by schools but you know there's not much interaction then between the teacher and her many many students and there's not that connection with the mother or the father for that matter. So what they've invented half a million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation robots to tell preschoolers stories. Yes social robots because we have to autumn eyes what used to be a human thing. Are you noticing the trend here we're seeing a chiseling away at what it means to be human a defacing of what it means to be human. That's the social context the face to face. You already knew were all immersed in the social media and people are more lonely than ever. The researchers finding even though they have more quote friends than ever on Facebook and whatever. Here we are now. Needing social robots and same thing for the elderly the Telegraph reported a i Robot friend. Watched. To chat and play games with lonely elderly. That is so sad. I mean what are we doing in this day and age. This is this is not of course God's plan for us to live as families to have this country living experience and the community around. Nope. We've got now such isolation and loneliness that there is emerging in certain like trendy western cities and metro areas a cuddling craze. And I'm not making this up. Cuddling with strangers is one of the trends out there they have apps where you can hook up with people just to have a play tonic cuddling experience. Cafes you can go for cuddling having cuddling parties and there are professional Cutler's because people are lonely they need a hug and so it's a booming business. It's not that large yet but this is a little window into a culture that is sick. That is mentally ill. We are a society that is just breaking down at the very fabric of things and this is one illustration one manifestation of how crazy things can get if you divorce yourself from God's plan. When you follow down this virtual prison and you go to this worldly schooling method. We end up with USA Today reports of lonely this chair will hug you back. Yes you heard that right. You're a little weirded out by a cuddling party and cuddling with strangers and professional Cuddlers like we probably should be give just get the chair. This is a South Korean invention. One of the most tech savvy heavy virtually immersed societies in the whole world. The chair has arms in the back that kind of snuggle you and you can feel a little bit loved and I've been sharing this quotation for a long time and it always kind of like freaked me out a little bit like really this is actually happening in the brain but it's much more real than we even think you'll see in a moment. Martin Lindstrom the neuro marketing app expert at Apple was the one that studied the brain as. How your i Phone interacts with different or logical circuitry for marketing purposes and what they found is what happens is you have a very specific relationship with your i Phone. What we learned from a very recent study we did was that there were actually two activations happening for people who are in love with their i Phones. Did you hear what I said he goes I'm in love. Because we actually realized from the study that the same area of the brain that is activated when you are in love with someone is activated when you are in love with your i Phone. I just don't know what to say about that and literally in line. I like I kind of like my device it's a fish and it's helpful I'm all about using modern technology for the benefit of of the evangelistic work that we're doing in efficiencies and all of that you know that's great but I don't I like it. I don't love my i Phone but what they found actually in another study is that lonely people begin to humanize tech gadgets human eyes so you start to personify you start to act like it's an actual being which used to go oh this is just getting crazy. This is the end road of where we're going with this Would you marry a robot Daily Mail dot com Ask U.K. Daily Mail an artificial intelligence will allow people to find lasting love with machines say the futurists and the tech guru experts. How about this one would you date a robot. One in four. Claim that they would. But only if it looks human all of course OK So they've got these humanoid looking robots that can be just like the perfect mate right it's the perfect match one quarter of people are to the point where I'm just done I can just do without human relationship. I will date a robot say that young people in these surveys. So when we when we lose what it means to be a human. And when we immerse ourselves in this virtual prison the. That reality is what Dr Keith Ablow points out psychologist. He says Is social media fuelling a national epidemic of teen suicide. He says for some time now I have noted that young people are disconnected from the reality of their own existences Facebook Twitter tinder and the like have made them think of themselves as mini reality T.V. versions of themselves too many of them see their lives merely as a series of flickering photos or quick videos they need constant doses of admiration and constant confirmation of their tenuous existence. And of course that confirmation and admiration comes in the form of Facebook likes and Twitter read to eat. This substitution of media for real meaning. Has not only been shown to weaken their self-esteem and their ability to sustain themselves through adversity. But it can cheap in the value they assign to life in general including their own lives. If all the world is a stage of pixels. And young people see themselves as their tweets and Snap Chat photos then taking a fistful of pills could seem like no more than the equivalent of shutting down a Facebook account or turning off a knife is that not make your heart break a generation or so disconnected from reality from God from others even from an understanding of who they are we could go on with these things but human labor is one aspect of this part of what it means to be human second Thessalonians three verse ten if any would not work. Neither should he eat. The Lord has designed it so that we must work labor in order to earn our keep. But the economic minds in the tech guru minds of our time are asking a pertinent question. Will humans need to. Work for a living in the near future already now you for you've heard about this for decades the robots the AI technology going to do all these jobs we're kind of starting to live in that future right now this is a robot of Domino's Pizza delivering pizzas robots now doing the pizza delivery pizza the same thing in some countries in the world that here's a headline for us at the egg conference Washington Post this robot is a better gardener then you know what if everything became mechanized even the very most close to nature human experience of growing our own food that God has designed us to experience. So much part and parcel of what it would it means to live by God's design the Garden of Eden remember all that. What if we had all of that and I'm all about by the way using machines using labor saving devices we all ought to be all about that right. I mean efficiencies increase productivity. That's great but at some point we slide into this thing of the robot is better. Gartner that they are technology will cover everything and they're saying within the next couple of decades literally half of the jobs on planet earth today will be will not exist human won't need to do them because we will have the technology doing the work and so they're flirting with this idea in economic circles and in public policy circles in fact it's already in place in Finland. It's called a universal basic income. Finland is doing a test run of this with a subsector of the population and what the goal is here is to broaden this out to everybody. So the whole country not just of Finland but the all the Western countries are talking about doing this. We've got enough wealth to take care of everybody. The big you know tech firms and robotics companies and they're going to be raking in so much dough will tax them and have a general welfare program not to not to help the needy but for everybody to have paychecks from the government called universal basic income enough. To live on universally so nobody will have to work and you can work on top of that unearned more if you'd like but you don't have to do you see how this might be also altering and debasing part of what it means to be human. What it will just sit and play video games all day write him many people would make that choice under such a setting when there's no necessity. There's no incentive. There's no they're not necessitated is no necessary need here to actually work in order to earn a living. Google robot is the end of manual labor. So it's not just earning a living. It's household duties it's anything this is C N B C reported this the experts are saying it's super eerie in ten years. The idea is going to be would you let this robot put your kids to bed. Would you let it change your kids' diaper. That's how fast this is going to advance they say it's picking up packages right now these are things these things are going to be walking down the road ten to fifteen years from now delivering pizzas they're actually already doing that they're going to be in your office moving packages around etc you get the idea but did you hear the part even about the child care being done by robots. This is absolutely unthinkable. They're actually talking about these are conversations we're going to be having and many people have so seamlessly just merge their lives into the virtual into the into the tech into the social media when you when you merge these two together. There's no there's no distinction between the real in the virtual and we can just bring the two seamlessly together. This is as crazy as it sounds it's about the twenty thirty S from. If you heard the name. Ray Kurzweil he's a futurist he's a big tech guru guy and he says that by the twenty thirties human brains are literally going to be able to connect to the cloud using little nanobots swimming around in the capillaries of our brain. We can just think into the Internet we can download and back up our thoughts send emails and pictures with thoughts. I mean that is futuristic right I mean this is like out of a novel but. He's saying this is a reality in the next couple of decades the technology will be there and give it another couple of decades and it could become ubiquitous Elon Musk refers to it as neural lace he's another tech guy with Tesla. He says the brain will have an actual electronic layer and that will work then with the artificial intelligence to help you instantaneously access online information with the nanobots in our brains giving us new bodily senses and we can then download skills and eventually personality traits what they're saying basically is most thinking will be nonbiological this is basically the end of what it means to be human right I mean if our brain is now. Wired directly in to this they call it. We're going to become godlike but of course we have to surrender our humanity first our autonomy as sizzix illogical spiritual beings has to be surrendered. But I wonder are we are ready on that slippery slope is the phone always on is it always available or are we always picking it up and swiping it when there's nothing else to do and you just have a moment of nobody saying anything doing anything you just pick Why did I just do that. I didn't. It didn't give me an alert I'm just constantly needing to go there. We're already on that slippery slope down into this virtual singularity or whatever they're there. Weird side. You know theories about it are and I don't believe God's going to let it go on this long because this is his children. This is his species human he has created the human race. Whatever you want to call it. These intelligent thinking creative beings who have a social connection a spiritual connection with the divine who have a connection with the nature of around us through agriculture but who will then lose that if we become merged into the tech is technology causing us to evolve into a new species. Expert believes super humans called Homo up. The most will talk to machines and be digitally immortal by twenty fifty. Don't count on us being around in two thousand and fifty becoming gods is in this kind of sound like Isaiah fourteen by the way I will be in the position of the most high. I will be like God he says to Eve you'll be like God this is just the latest manifestation of it. So how can we become human again. That's the ultimate question you've seen the worldly schooling agenda creating unthinking automatons. You've seen the world the media just just enveloping us into this virtual prison and saturating our lives into this cyborg future. How can we retain. And recapture our humanity. Now this statement absolutely floored me. When you think about what kind of a generation we want to be finishing the work. What do we want for our young people for all of us to be like it says how about this a more elevated class of youth and we give you the end of the quote in the beginning. You'll see how you produce this more elevated class of youth to come upon the stage of action to have an influence in molding society. They would have perseverance fortitude and courage to surmount obstacles. And they would have such principles that they would not be swayed by a wrong influence. However popular that wrong influence might be OK That was the end part of the quote from Testimony Volume three page one fifty six. Here's the first part. So what produces that had there been agricultural and manufacturing establishments connected with our schools and had competent teachers been employed to educate the youth in the different branches of study and labor devoting a portion of each day to mental improvement and apportion to physical labor there would now be a more elevated class of use to come upon the stage of action to have an influence in molding society they would have perseverance fortitude and courage to surmount surmount obstacles and they would. Such principles that they would not be swayed by a wrong influence. However popular now that blew me away. I didn't expect that this if we had agriculture and manufacturing work and labor in other words if we lived the true education way where we divide the manual in the mental where we have some physical real world three dimensional labor activity menu all things and it mentioned specifically agriculture. Then we would have a more elevated class of you who have fortitude who have principles who have perseverance who have courage to surmount obstacles. I never would have thought that as a former teacher I taught for eleven years and I know learned about how in the world the schools do things and I never would have in my wildest imagination pinpointed agriculture as a key component in developing this in the U.. Now if you're hearing this going OK well I'm not in school. This is great for the kids and OK so moving on with me. No no no no. It says in the book education that true. Education has to do with quote the whole period of man's existence. So that's your whole life and frankly for eternity. So if you exist the whole period of man's existence if you exist. True education is for you living by God's design as he created in the Garden of Eden and the many multifaceted aspects of what that looks like in practice including agriculture is for you if you exist because true education is for the whole period of man's existence. Now what you're going to hear in the subsequent book quotations here and principals and studies and findings is some of what's in the series called undoctored it. The subtitle of that one is how home education and schools of the prophets will produce the last generation because if God can get us back to this original design following his program. We finish the work I wish I could get into all that right now but let's get into just how do we recapture our humanity in this aspect of Agriculture. First of all Mrs White in education page two hundred seventy spoke out against the pression ization of the schools where the children are put in at a very early age long school days long school years. She wrote here in the classroom little children have to spend from three to five hours a day she was aghast three hours a day for little children in the classroom where I come from. That's called a half day by the way they were all by Levon thirty were off off for the rest of the day but this was something that was not considered healthy. Parents in action is the greatest curse that ever came upon youth you think about those screens in those desks in this twenty four seven experience of just being sedentary being in a classroom being involved in media the greatest curse that ever came upon youth education to await children should not be long confined and within doors. Now we're talking about different age groups here as well I mean if we're talking up toddlers through age eight or ten. We're not even doing the school room thing yet at all. Formal academics comes later. So that's the early years but then the little children who are of school age should not long be confined indoors. And then once we get to youth age twelve and older. We're looking at a fifty fifty mental and physical labor proportions and we'll see if we're going to err on one of those which side you should err on but listen to what the great teacher did capital T. Jesus the great teacher brought his hearers in contact with nature that they might listen to the voice which speaks in all created things awesome that beautiful. And as their hearts became tender in their minds receptive. He helped them to interpret the spiritual teaching of the scenes upon which their eyes rested. So we should teach same way in their gardening question them question the children and youth as to what they learn from the care of their plants as they look upon a beautiful landscape ask them why God clothed the fields and woods with such lovely and varied hues you get the idea as parents and teachers try to teach these lessons. The work should be made practical. Let the children themselves prepare the soil and so the seed as they work the parent or teacher can explain non bullet points in these so you'll see on the on the slide this isn't exactly how it looks in the book but it's the same words I want you to think through all of these items. So the children are doing their garden and they're planting the seed and as they work the parent or the teacher can explain the garden of the heart with a good or bad seed sown there. And that as the garden must be prepared for the natural seed so the heart must be prepared for the seed of truth. The attention required in transplanting that not even a root fiber shall be crowded or misplaced. There's another one. The care of young plants the pruning and watering the shielding from frost that night and sun by day keeping out we disease and insect pests the training and arranging. We've got a good bullet point list right. And these not only teach important lessons concerning the development of character but the work itself is a means of developments how to be human again here you have it and the lessons taught prepare the worker to deal more successfully with other minds isn't that beautiful so agricultural work has a practical benefit you've got food you're learning how to. Do something productive. It's a means of physical development. It's a means of mental development. It teaches spiritual lessons by the object lessons they're in and it prepares the gardener to win souls and you can go on and on and on how about this. You can have a whole conference on the subject. Now this next quote. Is one that really is one of those eye opener quotes it's been a special focus for me as I've done this new series called second beast rising which was just released this month the first volume of it. The rest is coming and we are rapidly nearing the final crisis in this world's history. If you're not seeing it around us. We're not we're not paying attention to the signs of the times because you look across the board global crises of every magnitude from the pestilences from the natural disaster in the geo political strife wars and rumors of wars a cultural collapse disorder like we've never seen before in history. We are rapidly nearing the final crisis in this world's history. What does that have to do with agricultural It's the rest of the quote councils the parents teachers and students fifty six says. And it is important that we understand that the educational advantages offered by our schools are to be different from those offered by the schools of the world. You see it's not just about learning reading writing arithmetic this is about preparing us for the last days part of that being a practical education in doing things that are real and productive to to feed people in times of global crisis. It says a thorough understanding of useful labor is due their children that should misfortune come they could stay and forth in noble independence. Knowing how to use their hands if they have a capital of strength they cannot be poor. Even if they have not a dollar. Then how important that every youth be educated to labor that he may be prepared for any emergency and there is one coming. So if we don't have a practical education. And with the useful skills being learned most importantly being agricultural skills. I've got a bullet point list here of testimonies Volume three education some different statements. If we don't have an education that is practical people are referred to as educated dunces Now that's not trying to be mean I include myself in that because I had the traditional conventional worldly schooling and still learning some basic practical skills myself and really what it says is it's a failure testimonies three one fifty three and by the way I'm not citing every every quotation here just get the Power Point look at all the citations of there. Look him up. You can Google him whatever and put Look it up on your E.G. white search app but if we have a non practical type of you know only theoretical only just academic not useful academic curriculum. It's a failure of an education those who come out of that will be educated dunces they will be quote out of touch with life. There is another one. They will be unprepared for real life. And sooner or later they will be misled. That's pretty serious in terms of the deceptions coming our way. It's also referred to in councils to parents teachers and students as a farce and a waste of money. Wow those are some strong terms we've got to have a practical type of education for our children and for ourselves. It says they should be htat. That the discipline of systematic well regulated labor is essential. Not only as a safeguard against the vicissitudes of life. But also as an aid to all round development. God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden for a reason. When we live this labor life with the mind with the academic but we're dividing it equally we're doing it in a balanced way it's good for all around development that's how God created us to be. Even if it were certain that no one that. One would never need to resort to manual labor for support. Still he should be taught to work. So it's not just for that emergency type of thing where you know where you want to grow your own food. No it's we all ought to do it because it's good for all round development what they found actually in research children who garden regularly have greater self-confidence self-worth sense of self-worth greater patience greater perseverance greater learning ability. They perform outperform their peers in reading math spelling written language all the academic subjects isn't that interesting because they work with increasing energy the mind is more balanced and well rounded they become more intelligent character development self-confidence self-worth perseverance all of it improves the more that with with with children who garden versus those who don't. The research has shown what the Spirit of Prophecy said is correct. No surprise there other research found that they've done hundreds of studies on these outdoor learning programs outdoor education and they found that it improves independence confidence personal effectiveness. Coping strategies some emotional intelligence their social effectiveness. Communication skills. All of these by the way are hugely important for just just becoming an adult and working in the work world ministry and all of these things is just again restoring what how to be human again and outdoor learning programs also produce higher achievement in reading writing and math. So how do you get better at reading writing and math do a little bit less reading writing and math do outdoor learning programs and gardening and then you do those things while you're doing these as well you're reading up on your gardening you're doing some mathematical things as you're calculating your your trap and your garden size and all of this is not to divorce from the academic learning but to do some fusing and to do some balancing green spaces The Guardian reports improve school children's mental development study finds Well that's probably no surprise it boosts short term memory just by having vegetation around the school the. Isn't even a country setting but you get benefits from mental development by having some trees around you who would have thought only the student of the Bible thousands of years ago green spaces make kids smarter the Atlantic reported a new study finds that vegetation around schools cuts down on air pollution and boosts memory and attention. So all the research is acknowledging this and finding this in fact even in the International Journal of Christian in an education. This is an evangelical mainstream out there publication and they're going yeah they call it a harvest of humility. You're going to love the first part of this quotation. But the reason I share this quotation is to show you the pitfalls of if we don't lead with this and where the tale of Babylon takes this and runs with it. It's going to enter into the distortions that you'll see at the end of the quote but let's let's appreciate and embrace the first part here it says humility. This is from the International Journal of Christianity and education talking about agriculture and higher education. It says humility the keystone of the virtues in the Christian spiritual tradition has been dismissed by modern philosophers critiqued by feminists the logins and overpowered by our industrial and technological culture awesome sentence and it says the incorporation of agricultural experience in Christian higher education. Can you believe this is out there that the Christian colleges out there are broadly speaking evangelical Christianity out there and we want to incorporate agricultural experience they say. In the higher education process and this presents the opportunity to cultivate a new the virtue of humility a man write properly understood not as merely a practice of self abnegation but as a relation of the creature to the God who has gifted us with nourishing soil. That's. Great. He's given us this beautiful nourishing soil with of these he may freely eat with the vegetation the wonderful wonderful gift of Agriculture the rest of it goes like this. This is a God who has gifted us with a nourishing soil and deified us in Christ. Excuse me. What did I just say yes agriculture deifies us in the what it makes us Gods. That's not OK right. So that's definitely not Christian. Even though it was published in the International Journal of Christianity and education that was a Luciferian sentiment of loose a verse and I will be in the position of God we can deify humanity. You can be a god unto yourself your own god wait a minute. Where did that come from. So you get the idea we want to be presenting this to the world this beautiful truth which the world is absolutely right for receiving everything these days the trends are going local and organic and back to the earth and more traditional ever a old school is cool. Everywhere you go and people are wanting to just escape from this virtual prison and this this crazy technological culture we've found ourselves just burdened by so people want this truth. We've got to share it. We've got the privilege we've got the blessing. So we've got this idea labor awesome for all around development specially agriculture listen to these quotes. God provided for them. Meaning the his people in the old times. Just as for the dwellers in Eden the occupation most favorable to development the care of plants and animals. No line of manual training is of more value than agriculture. Some do not appreciate the value of agricultural work. These should not plan for our schools. Study in agricultural lines should be the A B. and C. of the education given in our schools. This is the very first work that should be entered upon. Let the teacher call attention to what the Bible says about agriculture that it was God's plan for man to till the earth and the first man the ruler of the whole world was given a garden to cultivate let the teachers share the work with the students return to simpler methods will be appreciated by the children and youth work in the garden and field will be an agreeable change from the wearisome routine of abstract lessons to which the young minds should never be confined helpless starving people could learn self-support by learning agriculture we could go on with quote after quote after quote after quote on this. It is important. And remember it says in the book Education Page thirty that in the highest sense. The work of education and the work of redemption are one so education is not merely the classroom the academics the skills and practical things you learn know no true education is synonymous with the process of redemption so we're all coming to a knowledge of salvation and knowledge of Jesus Christ as we study His word as we study his works in nature as we experience the development redemption is restoring what has been lost through the fall redemption is bringing us back to that original state bringing us into Christ in me. The hope of glory and true education is the process of that redemption it says in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one. What was Satan's goal. MAR the image of God in man tear down what he has created in this beautiful human being God's goal is to redeem to restore our humanity that we had in the Garden of Eden. So true education the process of redemption agriculture the A.B.C.'s of your education one of the first things you set out upon your seeing the importance of this now as the researchers are as well to restoring people's mental health not just you know intelligence and these other things that we saw earlier in the character development but also just mental health green spaces B.B.C. News. Green spaces have a lasting positive effect on wellbeing. They're reporting on a study on that regard. It says U.K. researchers found moving to a green space had a sustained positive effect. Unlike pay raises or promotions which only provided a ship provided a short term boost. So how do you have wellbeing happiness live in the country they call it green spaces connecting with nature offers a new approach to mental health care. A new study has been published by the natural it by publication called Natural England which reviews the benefits and outcomes of approaches to green care for mental ill health side Post reported study finds trees are linked to the reduction of psychological stress you think God knew what he was doing putting Adam and Eve in a garden and calling the patriarchs and men in early ages and designing this for Israel his blueprint for living is what's best for us and we buy they well there's another thing I have to do and it's no no no it's not a matter of that God says I have satisfied the desire of every living thing and I have with Hell no good thing from you. He wants to maximize our happiness right. He wants to make us have as much joy in vibrancy of life. Jesus said I came to give you the abundant life life to the full when we walk with him just like Adam and Eve walked with him in the garden in the cool of the day. Here's a statement in case you were on the fence on this says if the youth can have but a one sided education which is of the greater consequence a knowledge of the sciences with all the disadvantages to health and life. So an academic focus or a knowledge of labor for practical life which includes first and foremost agricultural labor as we saw. If you have to have one sided with which side would you would you choose if it was going to be imbalanced one way. We are in hesitatingly answer. The latter. Another words our knowledge of labor for practical life is more important if one must be neglected which in most cases it doesn't need to be but hypothetically if one must be neglected let it be the study of books as a former teacher again this totally reshaped my view of education. And that's why I put out the series schooled and Dr knitted those two paired up one exposing the worldly schooling program and the other one how we cannot be indoctrinated by the world as schools but undoctored if you will our children and ourselves from this worldly mold and frame of living that is so destructive to physiology to mental health to spiritual hell we can come into a better way. And yes it's kind of radical sounding but that's kind of exciting right when God bursts all of our preconceived notions corrects our ideas and we go. Man I was way wrong on that it's exciting to come into a better way because you know things are going to be improving for everybody who lives this way. So the challenges before us are we going to take this blueprint and own it and say I want to be I want to be a part of it. I want to get out in the garden. It's as one piece one rather large piece of this evening. Style living the restoration of our humanity redemption through education living. We now we believe now we need now to begin over again. Reforms must be entered into with heart and soul and will errors may be hoary with age but age does not make error truth nor truth error altogether too long have the old customs and habits been followed. Every day we are making our history. Yesterday is beyond our amendment or control today only as ours. Though in the past we have come short of doing what we might have done for our children and you. Let us now. Repent. And redeem the time though in many respects our institutions of learning have swung into worldly conformity though step by step. They have advanced or the world. They are prisoners of hope. If they will listen to his voice and follow in his ways. God will correct and lighten them and bring them back to their upright position of distinction from the world is that what we want today distinction from the world in the good sense true progress toward God's ideal true restoration of his original plan that's what I want for myself or my family for all of humanity God's blessing children so many who have who are struggling under this burden under this load in this weight of of what the modern world has brought us. It's a sad state but there we are prisoners of hope. Let's pray Father in heaven. We thank you so much for challenging us. For stretching our imaginations a bit on how you might be calling us to live and we know that we can trust you because you've sent your one and only Son Jesus Christ that sacrifice that immeasurable unconceivable sacrifice that was wrought out at the cross. We just stand in awe and appreciation that our salvation has been purchased for us at such great cost and since we behold the God of Love who so it to my eyes is every every ounce of self sacrificing beneficence a goodness and B. are what we can even imagine we trust you. We trust you with our lives and we ask you to direct us to be inspired to have hope to have joy about living by your plan and each person in their unique station in life where where they live and what they are able to do we know that you just ask us to do our best to cooperate with your. Outworking of our story and in our journey that we are are we thank you for leading us step by step. Help us help us to step forward and to no longer if we've gotten in ruts and we've been stationary to not be satisfied be content with the status quo but to see a bigger brighter vision of hope we know that Jesus is worth every sacrifice we can make so that we can be closer to him. We pray this in Jesus' name this media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it you would like to listen to more sermon Visit W W W or.


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