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Darwin, Hitler, and Jesus Christ

Conrad Vine


Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • February 18, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Good afternoon everybody. It's a pleasure to be here with you this afternoon. It's really sad for me I've only been here twenty four hours and I'm heading out more morning but I feel like coming home already has had such a gracious and warm welcome and I'd like to thank you all cold quickly and individually for for you've done to make me feel welcome here since last night and it's been a privilege to come here and share the Sabbath house with brothers and sisters here in Loma Linda so I'm going to be talking this afternoon about my topic is intitled a Darwin Hitler and Jesus Christ. Which is an interesting title I think the topic today isn't title Darwin and Jesus was a doll when Hitler and Jesus Christ and I'm talking about this because when we serve in missions is very important we understand the world view of the people among whom we serve. When you serve in another part of the world's The temptation is to to answer questions that we have as coming from our own countries and not to recognize that the cultures where we serve have different questions of the hot and so important parts of mission service wherever we serve including here in Loma Linda in Southern California is an important principle is that we understand the community where we live and we do understand how they think and why they think the way they do and the assumptions they have and the values that they have and also perhaps most importantly those is neck culture where they haven't found an answer yet and then give an example about this. One of the missionaries in the Middle East was working in a country where they hang on when somebody has a loaf of bread when they come to the end of the loaf of bread they hang the last slice in a plastic bag from a branch on the tree outside their home and as you walk down the streets in a town in that country you know. Notice there are bags hanging with a slice of bread hanging within the back and you ask a white why do you do this why would you leave a slice of bread hanging from the tree outside your home and the answer is Well there are poor in our community and we want to help them by giving them some of us slices of one of us slices of bread can you think of a Christian analogy to this. The Jesus is the bread of life who also hung on a tree freely available to all who pass by so as you start to study a local culture you start to see where there redemptive analogies or or bridges of understanding where the Gospel can flow if you never took the time to understand the culture or the world through the people way you serve you've missed these things completely so I'm going to talk today about Darwin Hitler and Jesus Christ. Because we live in the West and the West is dominated the metanarrative of the West is the evolution of view and you cannot turn on SCIENCE FRIDAY on N.P.R. on Friday afternoons all you hear is evolution propaganda. Evolutionary terminology has as permeated the language of sociology and anthropology and economics and politics you know it's even infiltrated language into our own church we say that a doctrine may evolve over time for instance and so the people we serve in the communities here in the West whether they recognize it or not many of them have implicitly an evolutionary worldview and this drives how they make sense of the world and when we serve in the West we come across this vista of brokenness in people's lives and often that is results of the evolution will view that they have but they're not quite sure why it is the way it is so say we're going to be talking about Darwin Hitler and Jesus Christ we're going to look at what Darwin said how Hitler put it into practice and then we're going to compare it with the gospel because there is an evolutionary Well view but there's also a biblical worldview. And even though we live in the West that is dominated by the evolutionary worldview we represent the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS we are as Paul said in Filipino three twenty Our citizenship is in heaven above from where we are expecting the Savior our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ so even though we live in Loma Linda we are representatives of the greats of kingdom and we are called by God to represent the values of his kingdom within Loma Linda rather than to adopt the values of this local community here in Southern California so Darwin Hitler in Jesus Christ our heads and ask for God's blessing upon us. Their father as we gather today on the Sabbath hours Father we thank you for this cathedral of time Father I thank you that you give this gift of twenty four hours to all humanity regardless of where we come from regardless of how educated we are regardless of our wealth or poverty we all experience twenty four hours Thank you Father for this weekly date with you. And father today I pray that as we spend this time together our understanding of the kingdom that we represent will in fact be enhanced and shop and. And Father I pray that we will realize that the Gospel we bet truly is wonderful wonderful news to a society that is torn apart by tensions. So Father asked that you speak through me this afternoon that you give us wisdom and understanding as you gave Daniel and his three friends and I pray Father that what we learn here the soft noon maybe for some of us lord's it tool be a rebuke of what's going on in our hearts and minds by pray Father that more than anything else that our witness for you will shine brighter because of who we are because we spend these at this hour together so Father we give these moments into your hands speak through May I ask in Jesus' name. So. I grew up. England as you can tell from my accent and. When I was eighteen my twin brother Cedric who now teaches it Andrew's New Testament he decided to take a year out and go to teach at our seminary in Poland Co place called. And so we drove across Europe and as we drove across Europe we decided once we got to the Polish border we decided to take a detour to southern Poland to a place that on the map is called which in and in history is known as Auschwitz and when you go to Auschwitz the horror of the Holocaust really starts to strike home. You walk through Auschwitz and it is a sobering would be an understatement Auschwitz kind it kind of forces you to look at your own humanity and to ask yourself what would I have done if I had been caught up in the madness of Nazi Germany. What would I have done and so. Darwin Hitler and Jesus Christ there is a relationship between what Hitler did and what Darwin writes in England said seventy years before. Hitler came along so what is that relationship and how does it relates the Gospel Well here's a picture of old Charles Darwin himself eighty nine through eighty two and on the twenty fourth of November nine hundred fifty nine Darwin published a book commonly referred to as the origin of species you will have the Origin of Species is a very famous book in our modern scientific world Darwin it celebrates its We recently celebrated one hundred fiftieth anniversary of his his death and there was a plaque put up there was statues put up in London and other parts of the world but when Darwin published the book origin of species almost immediately there was a philosophical debate raging within the universities of England among the clergy of England concerning this theory of evil. You shouldn't people were concerned not not just about the physical idea of evolution people were concerned about the moral implications of the theory of evolution many people rejoiced in the rival of the theory of evolution very famous American philosopher a guy called What's his name Daniel Dennett he wrote that evolutionary theories the universal assett that deserve dissolves all traditional ideas of religion and morality and Richard Goldsmiths writing there in the actually the early one thousand hundreds of leading geneticists and this is what he had to say about evolution you can see it up there on the screen he said evolution was the key to everything and could replace all the beliefs and creeds which one was discarding there was no creation no God no heaven and hell only evolution and some even within Darwin's life they objected to what Darwin was saying but they objected on moral grounds Alan Adams said Rick was a former mentor of Darwin's at Cambridge University and he wrote Darwin a per a private letter which has been saved for history thankfully and you can see on the screen what Cedric wrote to Darwin he said there is a moral or metaphysical parts of nature as well as physical a man who denies this is deep in the mire of folly you have ignored this link where possible to break it to you manatee in my mind would suffer damage that might brutalize it and sink the human race into a lower grade of degradation than into any which it has fallen since its written records tell of its history so even as Darwin published the book there was immediately a debate going on about the philosophical implications of of evolution and where this might lead humanity. A part of the US The debate was caused by the full title of the book and that's the full title of the book just take a minute and read the full title of Origin of Species is that a title that you have here on N.P.R.. Now you ever hear this in an evolutionary textbook. TEXT But no you don't all region of species is what the book is called but Darwin was not really discussing the origin of life even though he did cover it he was questioning the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life by which Darwin meant white Europeans that's what he was talking about and that is why you never see the full title of the book Origin of Species because the full title would cause most people just to reject the book out of hand even though the book is a seminal book for our western world view that is the full title of the book Darwin actually explains later in his life what he meant by the present the preservation of the species. I go back slide that who we are this what he wrote in The Descent of Man and selection in relation to sex eight hundred seventy one he said at some future periods not very distant as measured by centuries the civilized races of man will most certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races that's Darwin's and writing. That's going to silence in your Dettori right now kind of sense that this isn't something you hear again in public discourse is it but this is what Darwin was writing about he goes on to say now this is the penultimate sentence of the book of The Origin of Species. He said looking to the world you know very distant dates what an endless number of the lower races will have to be eliminated by the highest of lased races throughout the worlds so when I was researching this. I went to the James White library Andrews and I typed in Origin of Species and nothing came up. I was kind of frustrated like why don't we have Origin of Species and James White library under a seminary so I went on I also said Do you have Origin of Species and they said no we don't carry Origin of Species. And so as I I did find a copy of origin of species eventually. I started reading through it I realized why I've been to school would not include origin of species in its library in fact most people in polite society today include claim that they believe in evolution would never want to be associated with sentences like this and yet this is these are from the writings of Darwin himself the was an endless number of the lower races who had to be eliminated by the highest civilized races throughout the world well how did this develop Well I mean England evolutionary theory became more and more accepted but it was mediated by the Jews say the gentle Anglicanism of English polite society in Germany there was what was known as higher criticism and higher criticism source for criticism form criticism and reaction criticism was kind of interesting academic exercise but the net result was that it tended to diminish people's faith in the Word of God as being the Word of God And so in in Germany there was less of a spiritual protection against the theory of evolution and you have one very famous evolution biologist in eight hundred eighty who expounded on the writings of Darwin he was used to dialogue with Dahlan caused him and he said the human state also like every human animal human in every animal community of individuals must reach an even higher level of perfection if the possibility exists and it is through the destruction of the less well endowed individual for the more excellently endowed to win space for the expansion of its progeny the state that is the government only has an interest in preserving the more excellent life at the expense of the less excellent. This is forty years before sixty is called the Holocaust but you already see the origins of the Holocaust starting to take place within the German cultural and philosophical elites. And within Germany too basic movements developed by the early one nine hundred sixty you had social Darwinist so. You had eugenicists eugenics and social Darwinists they argued within German society but society should reject any interest in any institution that prevented natural selection taking place therefore biblical marriage was not inherently a good thing they also argued for eugenics which is the idea that humans should make reproductive choices that promote evolutionary progress and so the constant stress on healthy reproductive choices in the early one thousand hundreds in Germany meant that in Germany there was actually a you might say health and temperance movement here's an advert from a German malt coffee substitute one can only move forward in the struggle for existence if one possesses a healthy body and healthy nerves so you know as Adventists we say don't drink alcohol and tobacco and take drugs etc etc. And in Germany around the one nine hundred they were also promoting abstinence from tobacco and alcohol and caffeine and such products but from a very very different reason altogether. Darwinism offered a secular answer to death and this is really a crucial a crucial point to understand because we are living in America today where we have racial tension on the streets would you agree with me. We have black lives matter we have blue lives matzoh we have all lives matzoh we have racial tension racial struggle we have to admit it this exists as OSS treats and sometimes it exists in our communities as well even some of our own homes and so this is where we're kind of leading to how we get to the states in America Darwinism offered a secular answer to death this is the final chapter final paragraph of Origin Of The Species Darwin says Thus from the war of nature from famine and death the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving namely the production of higher animals directly follows so in evolutionary thoughts was in Christian thought death. Is the final enemy to be defeated would you say amen to that if you bury their loved one if you buried a child you understand death is the final enemy to be defeated in Darwinian thought Death is not the enemy to defeat to be defeated Death is the engine of evolutionary progress and the more death there is the better it is for the progress of the species so Darwinism and the biblical worldview are completely different their understanding of death we recognise death as something the one day will be defeated and it was never part of God's plan for humanity in evolution biology death is the natural engine of evolution progress through which evolutionary progress is possible why because it clears out the inferior variants of the human race thus allowing the superior elements the access to the natural resources to reproduce and to thrive so death is not about thing in Darwin his philosophy. A professor of Munich in Munich a guy called one group a mistake to this one thousand one thousand and nine he said the never ceasing struggle is according to Darwin not useless it constantly clears away the forms to weaken the inferior among the generations and the secures the future for the Fit bus only through the inexorable extermination of the negative variants does it provide living space for the strong and strong offspring and keeps the species healthy strong and able to live. The inexorable extermination of the negative variance. Is quite horrifying isn't. You have a child that maybe have a learning disability you may be suffering with alcohol addiction your call. You are an alcoholic. You are poorly educated all of these became understood in the one nine hundred twenty S. and thirty's and Germany's as Liptak and then lumping you in with the negative variants of the human race it was only the well educated the wealthy and the healthy were really given space to live and so we. Then Europe in the one thousand nine hundred ten one nine hundred twenty nine hundred thirty S. a significant debate erupted about the sanctity of human life because once Europe Germany and Britain in particular were started abandoning the biblical worldview and the concept that all human life is important once people start adopting the evolutionary worldview all of a sudden questions relating to infanticide euthanasia abortion and suicides are now possible you can start discussing on what grounds and when euthanasia takes place should euthanasia be voluntary or should it be involuntary should suicide be assisted or should people just be left to kill themselves on their own infanticide and abortion these became hot topics of conversation in polite society in Europe one nine hundred ten one thousand Twenty nine hundred thirteen because European elites were abandoning the sanctity of human life and the underpinning biblical worldview and we have in America do we not debates about these as well people talk about the rights to dying with dignity people want to be able to kill themselves with dignity they don't want to keep life going as long as possible and you know dropping off a cliff people want to die with dignity and I don't want to delve into it but abortion is a big issue in American politics is it not. And that you have not just a clash of. IDEAS You actually have a clash of worldviews. So in this new brave new world. The individual's life has no significance other than to contribute to the evolution use progress of the human species if death is the natural engine of evolution progress that evolution progress can only be assured through the elimination of multitude Now listen to this very carefully under this kind of concept the healthy you have a moral duty to eliminate the unhealthy. The moral the healthy thus have a moral. To eliminate the unhealthy because the unhealthy are impeding the evolution of the species believing that the fit must flourish and the unfit must disappear eugenicist in the one nine hundred twenty S. and thirty's focused on ways to promote reproduction among the superior and to prevent reproduction among the in Feria eugenicists and psychiatry lists of the inferior those fit for rational elimination we're talking about the disabled the sick the weak the alcoholic the criminal and the mentally deficient and many of the patients at Loma Linda. The Superior in contrast were believed to be the fits the strong the healthy the intelligence the sober and the pure in depicting the killing of such inferior individuals so in depicting inferior individuals as a danger to the survival of the human race killing them is an act is a righteous act of self-defense so attention was focused in Europe not only on evolution thought within Western European societies attention was also placed on the non-dramatic and the non British peoples of the world and British Empire and the German Empire we start to see scientific racism taking place none European peoples were generally considered by evolutionary philosophers to fits into the inferior categories of the human race such peoples cannot adapt or docked to superior cultures arising out of Europe and so the destruction of the Hottentot South Africa the Herrera's of Namibia the Maori of New Zealand the aboriginal peoples of the world Native Americans and Indians Indians of Latin America was generally understood to be necessary to purify the human race A and B. to create living room for the superior parts of the human species and if you read the writings of some of the generals of the early one nine hundred six you'll realize that what they ring gauged in was was ethnic warfare it was racial extermination and they viewed it as a morally blessed and morally praiseworthy thing because they were creating living room for the superior parts of the human. Yes and so thus with this kind of backgrounds we come to Auschwitz. And to. A very famous picture this you see it's popular simply to say the adult Hitler was evil. And somehow pretend the adult Hitler was not the logical conclusion of evolution. When we said out of it was just evil and the fat and the Nazi party were evil which they were but when we say they were just evil. We almost deliberately choose to ignore the facts that I don't Hitler was working with the logical outworking of evolution worldview. Which is what we have in the West today and all fit Lou is only the logical outworking it is too it is too easy and it is intellectually dishonest to fail to recognise that behind the Holocaust was a coherent set of Darwinist ethics there's the selection the people coming in the trains and the S.S. offices say the old the sick the female the children they go straight up they up the chimneys and that the healthy they get put in the labor camps and they work to their death and once they are unfit and they also go up the chimneys. And you go to Auschwitz today in each of the barracks they have filled the barracks with with an item of clothing from the Holocaust there is one barracks these a large buildings that is filled with with infant shoes when mountains when she was there is one that is filled with spectacles and you wonder how many lives to that represent how many families who are represented as being destroyed in this process and they preserved all of this and yet it is it is fashionable side of it who is evil but it is also fashionable to try and pretend that what Hitler did was not connected with evolutionary worldview the fact of the matter is he was the correct outworking the logical conclusion of Darwin's worldview. Try work makes you free. For Hitler as for Darwin himself the Darwinian struggle for existence especially between the races was the sole arbiter of morality the highest good is to cooperate with the evolutionary progress process and if we abandon that struggle we will hinder evolutionary progress and promote the degeneration of our species and as the evolutionary process was abouta of all morality why not improve humanity by speeding up the destruction of the inferior races and what was known as the final solution according to this Darwinian logic the extermination of the inferior races was Molly justified I'm only praiseworthy in practice this meant to two strategies were pursued within Nazi Germany the first was to promote eugenics and healthy Russian reproductive practices among the Germans in practice they spent discouraging abortion and birth control for healthy German women and secondly they were encouraged to gauge and racial struggle and the extermination of those outside of their own racial community and as a result in voluntary euthanasia involuntary sterilization in tournaments in concentration in labor camps abortion and birth control for inferior individuals infanticide for deficient in infants and the Holocaust with a natural outworking of Darwin's writings. And we say that we have different today. While we don't have concentration comes true. But Dahlan ism the shoes that within a given species if this is the species my everything within these these fingers that within that species the species does not evolve in a uniform rate that because of the doctrine of random selection random mutations different parts of the species evolve at different rates that for any given time some parts of the species are better adapted to the environment than other parts of the species and those parts that are better adapted have a more responsibility to eliminate those parts of the. Less well adapted That's the theory of evolution in practice it's all social Darwinism and so in the United States today as in Britain where I come from we children are taught the theory of evolution in their public schools are they not. We teach our children evolution we teach children that we are human animals rather than human beings we teach our children that there is ultimately no gods so there is no such things ultimate rights ultimate wrong and then we wonder why racism is rife in our society you cannot teach children evolution when they're teenagers and then expect them to be not racist when they leave high school if you teach children evolution they must be racists they must follow through on what they've been taught and so we have racial tensions in our society huge racial tensions and this is simply the natural outworking of a society that is abandon the biblical worldview of the sanctity of all human life and has adopted Darwin's evolutionary worldview with the horrific consequences that go with it and we can say a lot more about this but. We won't say much more about that I think you got the point so. How I did have a handout for everybody. And I I realize I have left it on my bed so. I'm going to I pulled it up on the screen here. This is the world in which we live. So I want to talk for a few minutes the softer noon about. How do we as Christians respond to this. And we respond to this by recognizing that our citizenship is in heaven above where we're expecting our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ I thank you very much and. You can see that now all right my apologies. So we recognize that even though we live in Southern California or in Michigan in my case we are in this world but we are not of this world we represent a Kingdom of Grace wherein all. Regardless of their race we represent a kingdom of love and a kingdom of Mercy where every child is welcome and every child has a value but why do I say that when we represent ultimately a biblical world view and I've what I've put on the screen there on the left you have aspects of the evolutionary worldview and on the right side you have here you have the Biblical response to this and it's really important that we as Christians can articulate these things because just down the street from here in the city of Loma Linda in the neighboring cities there are people who are living lives of incredible brokenness and bitterness without hope and when we minister to people in these communities it's important that that we are able to say there is a different way of looking at this world there is a different kingdom we are in the United States but we represent the kingdom that will that will never pass away and these are the values of that kingdom that will never pass away so the first thing we'd say is that in Darwinism or evolution biology now ongoing life and death struggle between the various races of the human species is beneficial and is necessary for evolutionary purposes that means in evolutionary theory them a few racial struggle racial competition and racial extermination that is required by the theory of evolution in Christianity we say there is a struggle but the struggle is between Christ and Satan in which the eternal destiny of every human being is at stake. So rather than saying that some people have to die in order the others may live. One human part public human rights has to be eliminated for another group to have better access to living resources we recognize that there is a struggle but the struggle is between Christ and Satan and it is that every member of the human being human race might have received the gift of eternal life so fundamentally different perspectives in the evolution world view the end purpose is the temple survival of the fittest or the superior elements alone within the human species that is the end game it is for the survival the fit the survival of fittest as. As Darwin coined it whereas from the biblical worldview God's end purpose his desire is to have eternal life for every human child that is ever born it is not the survival of fittest it is the survival of every child not just in this world but for eternity to come that full every child has intrinsic value because of the value that God places on that child no child is inferior or superior to another in the biblical world view. They evolutionary worldview and to spates. Irresistible progress of evolution morality. And we look at the Holocaust to be kind of raise our eyebrows irresistible progress of morality I think nots the Bible anticipates a global descent into utter immorality before the second coming. And generally speaking in the modern era maybe in the one nine hundred forty S. humanity was imbued with a sense of progress technology could solve all the problems the diseases of the world were being conquered and with the arrival of the steamship in the Telegraph and so forth humanity was going to achieve a new era all of utopia the Bible teaches quite the opposite that actually humanity will get worse and worse and worse until Jesus has to step in and intervene to bring an end to all human suffering. About the evolution teaches us that morality is relative to the time and situation which we find ourselves and we discover it through human experience and reason in Darwinian logic there is no absolute morality morality is driven by what is best for the advancement of the species today and so morality is situationally based. That's all we may. Concern at N.P.R. somebody may criticize what adult Hitler did but if that be true to their evolutionary Well view they cannot criticize and because what he did was right in his time and in his context and so people who often evolution ists that they. Sits in moral judgments as if there is an absolute morality when their evolution or worldview denies the possibility of absolute morality they issue McCrystal morality and then they criticize what's happen in the past even though their evolution welding denies that possibility was in the Scripture we find that morality is transcendent it's it's covers all people of all times is revealed by loving Creator God and is based around moral absolutes that are expressed in love to God and love to our fellow man and I was the biblical worldview is a stark contrast to the evolution of well if you will then we finds here that the superior race is within the human species by which Darwin meant white Europeans have a more responsibility to eliminate inferior races now Mintz within human species to create a living room for the superior races or elements and thus foster their ultimate survival as a pretty bleak outlook isn't it and the Biblical world view every individual is morally responsible and accountable for God to love their neighbor as themselves. We are accountable before God's love our neighbor as ourselves when God said to Cain Where is the brother and Cain said My My Brother's Keeper The answer is No you're his brother. You're his brother I called him your brother he's your brother and therefore you have a moral responsibility. To look out for him and to look after him in his hour of need you are not your brother's keeper true you are his brother and so in the biblical world view we are accountable before God to love our neighbor as ourselves. In the bit in the evolution well view the life of any individual has no intrinsic value in fact the best thing you may do to an evolutionary worldview to further the cause of human progress it would simply be to die tonight. You may have a congenital disease you may have a disability of some kind you may be addicted to alcohol you may be poor which means you are not well adapted sure. Environment you may be sick you may be discouraged may be depressed you have a more responsibility to die because in so doing you create a living room and access to better access to resources for the healthy for the beautiful people in our midst in the biblical world view we are creates in the image of God we have purchased with the blood of the Lamb of God and every human being has. Incredible existential value and God will hold accountable any who debts take the life of another human being. Beautiful isn't it. We are important to God and God will hold us accountable when we take the life of another human being and there is no inferior or superior we are all His children. That is why we say Our Father which art in heaven and evolution Well view what is of supremum potence is the survival of the species. As a common phrase yes the survival of the fittest or the survival of the species whereas in the biblical worldview we are saved as individuals not as a species in the biblical Well view God holds as morally accountable for our own sins and our response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and we are not held responsible for the spiritual response of any other individual. We are saved as individuals we are not saved as parts of the human race we are not saved because we happen to be from Korea we're not saved because we happen to be from Congo and we're not saved because we happen to be from company Cambodia we are saved as individuals that's good news yes it means that who your parents are does not determine your tone salvation it means that the society you are raised in does not intrinsically deny you the possibility of eternal life it means to everybody around the world has an as an opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life that's why we engage in missions because everybody God has a plan for all people his intent is that none should perish but that all should have a tunnel life and so we are saved as individuals not as a species. In evolution well view the disables the handicaps the physically defective mentally deficient alcoholics the criminals and non European people groups are to be eliminated. How do we counter this from a biblical perspective what we look at the sheep parable of the sheep in the goats the parable the sheep and the goats a final destiny is to terminate by a loving response or a lack of love from the sponsor those who are in need. And we sometimes forget Matthew twenty five in oh in Matthew twenty five when Jesus comes he already knows who the sheep in the goats are does he not in that parable that implies that there is a pretty out of it judgement he's already determined to the sheep on who the goats I doesn't say he comes and figures it out he comes and he simply divides already knows the president judgment the investigative judgment to some may call it is implicit within that parable but the lesson of that parable is that God is interested not in what we know but in how we treat our neighbor. And how we treat our neighbor is maybe a better barometer a lot walk with God than anything else we may say do will pay. How do we treat our neighbor. And so. That is why as as Christians we do work for social justice. And social justice means different things to different people I understand that. But we can we may say I may not be able to change an entire society but I can stand up for my friend who is going through injustice right now. And I can intervene on their behalf and I can encourage them and I can work with them so they can overcome whatever and just as they are experiencing in the in the evolution Well view marriage in reproduction is to be guided soley by the principles of eugenics and promoting the health and strength of the next generation. And. We but we say to ourselves well that would never happen in America. Really. In America we had programs of compulsory sterilization all way through one thousand nine hundred one over sixty thousand people were compulsory sterilized in the United States between eight hundred nineteen about nine hundred sixty one the first States propose it was actually Michigan and it was turned down in this in the state house back nine hundred ninety S. But we in America had compulsory sterilization for those who i'm physicians deemed to be unfit to reproduce. These are facts that are uncomfortable most of those compulsory sterilizations occurred before the Holocaust after. The liberating forces discovered going to happened in the concentration camps eugenics starts to fall out of favor in North American society. At least in polite society and so eventually by the one thousand nine hundred one was the last involved. Here in America this wasn't just unique as wasn't unique to Nazi Germany it happened here in Protestant America as well as we had abandoned up biblical world view and adopted an evolution Well view so our intellectual elites and so whereas in in the in the evolution Well view principles of eugenics are to guides principles of marriage in the biblical world view marriage as sense into an expression and a reflection of the self sacrificing covenantal love within the Godhead and I should say between one man and one woman and no other option is possible that's the biblical worldview. And so marriage is an expression of the love that is within the Godhead. In the evolution Well if you're marriage really has no value if you can't produce children. In the biblical world view your marriage has intrinsic value whether or not you have children because that is it is still an expression of self sacrificing love and the closest we get to an image of God in our life is a success. For marriage where two become one we have three and one in the Godhead we have two in one in one marriage and so marriage is understood very very differently between the biblical worldview and the evolution worldview in the big evolution world view marriage among the inferior portions of the human species is to be discouraged and reproduction is to be prevented for instance involuntary sterilization programs or high abortion rates minorities as anybody see a manifestation of that's not modern society here. Planned Parenthood. In two thousand and twelve more black babies were bought in New York City them were born. OK. The founder of Planned Parenthood Mary Santa was the leading eugenicists in America in the twenty's and thirty's who had an objective which was to control the birth rate of the Negro race. Mary Santa is the patron saint of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton I'm not arguing for or against Hillary Clinton I'm simply saying listen to what Hillary Clinton says Mary sang it was one of her personal heroes. And we have Planned Parenthood in America which predominantly places abortion clinics and it's a poor brown and black and Latino neighborhoods. And so we say this couldn't happen in America Oh yes it could. Just we're kind of blind to it was so used to it these days. In the biblical world view marriage is intended to be a divine blessing for all of humanity and all children are a blessing from God The very simple every child is a blessing from God No matter how healthy or unhealthy they may be every child is a blessing from God. And sometimes it is the unhealthy children that have the greatest expression of love within their lives and within their families. And so from a biblical perspective marriage is a divine blessing it's for all humanity and every child is important and. Colony. And so we're dealing with families in this area I live in Michigan I work with people that we live in with people who maybe have to carry a sense of guilt what's happened in their past you may be meet children who are separated from their parents for various reasons you may meet ladies who are struggling with a sense of guilt because they had an abortion in the past and they've never got over that guilt. And we can either say to them Well you know good luck there. That was just an expression of your evolution well of you and you should be happy about that. We say there is a God of Love who never intended for any of this to happen and one day he will wipe your tears away and one day he will make all things new again and that truly is the good news for you so the biblical world view this radically different so the evolution of you coming to the end of us here. In the evolution you will view death is a force for good and under Matthews in principles Malthus the philosopher of the the more deaths the better for the human race as death in vast quantities eliminates in greater proportion the inferior elements of the human race evolution progresses facilitated by death is not encouraging. And even spied by a philosophy that says I should die to to improve the human race that is bad or that my whole family get eliminated tonights because I'll create a living room for my neighbors who are smarter than me does not inspire me when you want to be part of a philosophy that espouses that kind of thinking but that is the evolutionary worldview in the biblical worldview death is the final enemy and it will be conquered once and for all the Second Coming and destroyed forever at the end of the millennium as truly good news. God never ICS in designed us to experience death. God never intended us to experience death when we cry at a funeral that's a sign that this was never intended to be for anybody. That has no place in God's creation and death will one day be. Destroyed in that lake of fire and when Jesus returns death will be no more and I'm so grateful to God for that if you've buried a relative if you vary to child if you buried a parent or a sister you will know what I'm talking about my father in law died of cancer last year after a five year battle of lung cancer. My cousin she was thirty two died after a five year battle with cancer in his stomach and brain for a thirty two year old to die of cancer these things should not be at the time she was praying to be married for many years she had a doctorate in statistics from London university she worked in the city of London as an actuary she was a high flyer in the city of London she was praying for years to find a Godly husband she wanted a family. And when she was dying she said to her family she said to her mother you know I think God oncet my prayer and he didn't allow me to get married because had I been married I would have left some children without a mother. Even in the midst of you know the process of dying she saw the hand of God within her life. In the biblical world view death is the final enemy and death has no place in human existence. And so when we minister to people who are grieving to people who I was a marriage has been broken up who's children been have been taken from them one way or another children have been separated from their parents and people who are considering suicide because they live in a culture of despair we as Christians have a radically different on to what they're going through. That we while we live here in Loma Linda and Southern California we are really not pass we don't share the same world view as important so that we understand these things as we live here in Loma Linda because as we come across people becoming prosecutable whose lives are blighted by the evolution worldview where they can articulate it or not. And we represent a different kingdom with a different set of values with a completely different set of principles that are based on the can. Of God who is a loving God and a most full God who delights to forgive the new Younes that each one of us might have eternal life and has made it possible for a soul to have eternal life I'm so grateful that we can be disciples of Jesus Christ and have a biblical world view because in this world in which we live where else would we find hope. So what are we saying conclusion here today it's already five o'clock A.M.. Well to serve together in our western world with with its Darwinian Well you means that we serve as brothers and sisters who citizenship is in heaven above and even these days we hear a lot about diversity. And generally mean racial diversity we don't type we don't talk about ideological diversity. And we don't we're uncomfortable with that. But the Bible talks more about what we have in common as Christians this is a wonderful body here we have people here from most constants of the world I imagine what is it that brings us together we have one hope we have one faith we have one paths and we have one Lord and Savior and we all have one goal and that is eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is more important that we focus on that which binds us together now and that's which would artificially separate us out people who are living in a world such as North America that is straight riven by racial tensions political division and so forth they are looking for a body of people where there is harmony and where there is unity and when there is love. And I believe it is time that we as Seventh Day Adventists would talk more about that which binds us together than that which separates us we have one hope we have one baptism we have one Lord we have one savior and we have one goal that is heaven above. I want to challenge you today. When when when when children play in a kindergarten and when they're about the age of two you can watch a group of toddlers playing in a kindergarten and they're all sitting on the floor but they're not playing with the. Now that they're playing beside each other I think they call it parallel play. That little children play beside each other but they don't necessarily play with each other. Sometimes I think that I Western Christian experience on the Sabbath morning you might call part of worship. We worship side by side but we really do not worship with each other we barely know the people to the left or the rights of US we so you don't know the people in front of us all behind us and we actually have little very little concern for them. This is. This is the truth. We have part of worship there's some smiles on the congregation as I say this we have parallel worship and the question is why would anybody join in a place where there is a parallel washing. I believe that God is calling us not with it with a biblical world view to express that people who will view in a community of faith where we actively care about our brothers and sisters to our left in our right to those in front of us and those behind us in practice that means today or next Sabbath looking at the people behind you in front of you all to the left of the right and finding someone with a different cultural heritage and intentionally going up to them and saying Could we spend time together come to my house for lunch fellowship together and tell me your story what is your story what have you gone through in life because we live on the same planet that we live in different worlds. You can be a physician at Loma Linda driving out of here in a nice car passing a homeless guy living on the streets we all live in Loma Linda but we live in different worlds. And it's the same could be said within our church body as well. We all live in different worlds I don't so we start making those connections and learning what's happening behind those front doors and list learning to listen and learning to empathize and learning to sympathize and learning to love and so. We do that then why would anybody join a body you believe just engaged in part of worship. So I want to challenge you today make a commitment before God that sometime in this next week you will reach out to somebody who may be sitting here today with a different cultural heritage and you want to become that friend not just acquaintance not just friends on Facebook but listen to them. And learn from them. And realize how blessed you are. And covenants in your hearts that you'll never walk by a brother or sister again an issue and everything is OK in their life because often it is not. Let's not have parallel plane let's leave the principles of God's kingdom in a way that is so winsome in the wooing that people want to join. It is by the love that we have for one another that people will know that we have the disciples of Jesus it is by the love we have for one another and until we engage with one another we will never experience that love for one another. In the final analysis in the final analysis there is a struggle between life and death that we all live and die is a given but the solution to this transgenerational struggle is not found in the origin of species but it is found in the Word of God It is not found in Auschwitz but it is found in Calvary. And if I may switch to my final slide here I hope I want to save changes no. OK. In the final analysis if I get to this final slide here. Or my favorite shirt and my favorite passage from scripture. But God proves his love for us that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us much more surely than now that we've been justified by his blood will be will be saved through Him from the rough of God Therefore just as one man's trespass led to condemnation for all so one man's act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all and those two words for all are so beautiful. Because it means that everybody sitting here today through faith in Jesus Christ has the promise of eternal life regardless of where we come from regardless of how sick or pole or educated we happen to be every one of us has the promise of eternal life is my prayer that here in Loma Linda the community around here will catch a glimpse of a community of disciples of Jesus where love is manifest where love is tangible where love is real well if it's something everybody experiences day by day as we start to do as we intentionally build that community of love people will be drawn to it because the people who are not in that community of love are living in a world of brokenness where life has no meaning where life has no hope where the sick should just die thus a decent thing to do and not be a burden on society and where the only the beautiful people have a chance of getting ahead. So will you be that community. Reach out today reach out to him this week reach out next Sabbath to somebody and starts that journey together by the love that we have for one another I will all men know that we are His disciples may that be true for this community of faith. As potheads close we would have prayer. Defiler. I'm so grateful that you are not willing that any should perish. I'm so grateful father that Jesus the Good Shepherd went after that one lost sheep no matter how bats and all sickle bruised he was. I'm so grateful father that your love for us is from everlasting to everlasting and there is nothing we can do to make you love us less will make you love us more. And Father we need to experience that love in our midst and so we confess before you today father that myself and each one of us here maybe we fall in shorts maybe sometimes we walk by like the priest of the Levites and assume somebody else will be the Good Samaritan. But father from. This Sabbath on the words I pray that this community here Advent hope will be known as a community of love a community where people are interested in each other's lives a community where we actually care about one another where we pray for one another when we call each other in the week with a word of encouragement when we look out for one another well we give each other a ride to the hospital or we help each other with the monthly rent. Be the community that you have in mind may we experience it here not find hope and father as we reach out to one another and minister to each other and experience the love of God humble craft or is it you will grow this community you grow this community with people from every nation tried language and people and that this community will be a foretaste of heaven above. So Father may that change begin with each one of us today lead us with your spirit. Fill us with you a lot of people because we are not and hope to be other disciples of Jesus US He's with us just as. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W. Or.


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