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I Am a Multimillionaire

H.M.S. Richards Sr.
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The IF of the trump it unload little dream you Cisco me and cheer look you build resumes be joyful open soon you. Jesus is called Me and this says the voice of prophecy voice crying in the wilderness of these modern days prepare you the way of the lower and clothing their gay or. Jews us is close to me from our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California. We welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music the king's arrows ride Brayley and H.M.S. Richard's voice of prophecy speak. We open this broadcast with a song of happiness. My sins are going to be just tell you my sins are go to sleep where the sins are goal. Underneath the blow to the cross of Calvary remove those darkness is from the Sea Org and follow this. That's good enough for me my sins are leaving my reasons are gold mine are so there. Here's where the whole mile high and I say no my sins are gone on the air underneath the blood on the cross of Cairo Beaudry removed as darkness is from Doug on the sea here. God Forget fullness that's good enough for me. Where is gold. Love my scenes are gone. Our Heavenly Father we thank Thee for all I mercies and die blessings the riches of heaven poured out to me and we thank you for life for salvation for Jesus Christ bless the broadcast today to every listener in his name. We ask you a soft quote as near to the ledge where soon kind I was just going to or Jesus blessed me dreamer sent from one heart of God hold us the phone near to the heart. God loves the earth is green. The. A is the the a. There is where the oh oh oh where you believe me if it is the the from play a a. You still you. This is clear the king heralds and Miss Dell Dell could join their voices not a song by Herbert work inspired by the words of Jesus when He said I am the Good Shepherd believe on the phone he was was. Power and my home the gold grid home. It was broken the. Oh oh oh. This was the. Home I was. Was. Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker his subject. I am a multimillionaire. Not long ago one of my dear friends of many years died he had lived a happy useful Christian life. He was not much short of one hundred years when he fell asleep in Christ. A medical doctor also a minister of the Gospel he'd given his life freely and service to others when he was more than eighty years old he made a survey of his life and took inventory. He said that he found his amazement that he should be listed among America's multimillionaires. One day he overheard a patient in conversation with a newcomer to spittle as they talked in the lobby the patient said That's Dr Christies a millionaire. My doctor friend was amused at the statement because he really was a poor man financially speaking. At that very time he had a three thousand dollar mortgage on his home and less than one hundred forty eight dollars in the bank. But as he thought about things he realized that after all he was a millionaire and brief here is his inventory he had a degree of help that he never expected to possess. For at the age of forty he had readies on a better way it was headed the voice we once heard we shall hear no more. He said it was a delightful account of all the good he had accomplished. And it deplored the fact that one. So promising should be laid to rest so early in life. The writer close by saying. This world can ill afford to lose man like Dr Crafts. Not many of us get to read only but you Aries but he did. Cable messages telegrams scores of matters of confidence came to his wife all of which he had the privilege of reading it was a real surprise. I still am to learn what a fine man he was. Up to this point he had not taken care of his health as he should have. Next to character help is the greatest most valuable possession a man can have. Someone has said in order to live to a ripe old age is necessary to be rejected by a first class life insurance company and then take care of yourself. The doctor said that he had to have a real jolt in order to really appreciate his health and look after it. What would he take for the help the accumulated in those years. Suppose some invalid had said Dr I'll give you a million dollars for your health but there are many invalids who are millionaires who would be glad to make such an exchange. The doctor said he would have turned down the offer without giving a second thought he'd say I'm sorry my health is too valuable to sell for a million dollars Who of us would sell our health for a million dollars and then be an invalid the rest of our days. Surely no one but health was only one of his possessions he had a wife. The report of his inventory says that he would not dwell upon her virtues except to say that she stood by his side faithfully for over fifty years. Nursed him back to help when he was at the point of death and regarded as a hopeless case. What would he take in exchange for his wife a million dollars. No two three four five six ten million No indeed right there. He made the discovery he was not only a millionaire but a multi-millionaire. Anyone who has a faithful and loving wife is indeed a multi-millionaire no matter what his wages may be. Or how little money he has in the bank. But that was not all he possessed the doctor had a son who had been handicapped from infancy. Yet a misfortune when a mere baby to fall from his high chair receive a head injury which resulted in a partial paralysis of one side of his body he could not run errands and do other things as he would like to have done but he could do small things around the house and he prayed a lot for his father. The doctor said would I turn down a million dollars of offer. It for that boy twice that amount would not tempt me that brings a valuation my possessions to over ten million. But I had another priceless possession he said a daughter worth several millions. He went on described her and her work going to side from all this said the good doctor I have an inheritance incorruptible undefiled that fate is not a way reserved in heaven for me first. Peter one for a mansion is being prepared for me there but my Lord and through His grace and Providence he's preparing me also to take possession of it is my future inheritance. I'm a son of the King of the universe. My father is a Richen houses and lands he holds the well of the world in his hands. I'm a child of a king with Jesus my savior I'm a child of a king is it not written in the book that we are heirs of God and join heirs with Christ Romans eight seventeen. I agree with the good doctor there is inventory is right that he was indeed not only a millionaire but a multi-millionaire. And I have made an inventory much like his of my own life and I'm surprised to see how rich I am not how money rich but riches of health and love and friendship and of service for Christ. The doctor said I'm a rich poor man and the Scriptures say something like that and James two five Has not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised of them that love him. Yes it's possible to be a rich poor man. While many a man reckoned as a millionaire in this world is really a poor rich man. But when one comes to the close of his life he must leave all his temporal possessions all of his money. Everything is accumulated he must leave it all behind him. Then comes the question What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul. Mark eight thirty six the Scripture says we brought nothing into this world and it's certain we can carry nothing out first. Timothy six seven. In that day the real millionaires will be revealed for first things will be first in God's sight. We must seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto us now through six thirty three. Dr Chris tells us it was once his painful duty to inform a millionaire patient that his condition was hopeless. This man turned to possess physician and said he had come from the country of Ireland when he was only a boy struggling along working day and night finally acquired great wealth at the sacrifice of his help. He wore himself out to be rich. Now he's always thought he looked up sadly and said Dr I've been a fool money. I hate the stuff I'm no better off than a tramp I can't eat any more than he can get where I am or clothing of what good is my well so it may be with other things we may have the latest and best of all the modern gadgets of our scientific age but unless we have the one thing needful faith which lays hold an eternal life unless we have true friendship love in the whole place in the service of God We are poor. What sort of choice are we making every day. Are we. Rich or are we. Poor I looked over my own life somewhat as the doctor did. I found that God has given me help to know how much I appreciate it after knowing what it is to be in every new day that God gives is like a new world to me every time I preach a sermon over the radio or anywhere else. I consider it another gift from God the privilege of being in His service every day of good health and work how precious each day is worth a million then as I look along the column of my credits I find a good wife a loving wife was cared for me in sickness and in health and it was Mother dark children made whole. My harbor in the storm of life. Yeah she's worth millions. Then I have a precious daughter our first child. Now the mistress of our own home. The mother of some of our grandchildren. She's worth millions. Then there are three sons two of them already in the ministry of Christ and one preparing for service millionaire. I should say a multi-millionaire. And then there are my friends many friends kind helpful loving friends they represent millions more and I have a place in the work of God as the good doctor says the promise of a life which is to come. A home in that land where dreams come true and above all a privilege of seeing the face of the Lord Jesus who died for me upon the cross as redeem me from my scenes and he will come again to receive me unto himself. So you see friends I am a multi-millionaire. And so are you if you have the precious gifts of God I think of Moses the heir of the throne of Egypt. He might have been the possessor of millions of dollars in gold and juice but he for circuit all seeing him who is invisible Hebrews the eleventh chapter esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches in the treasure of Egypt for he had respect under the recompense of the reward you see it was his choice. It was not forced upon him he chose poverty in this world as measured by man for the Supreme riches which one begins to receive in this world in which I receive completely and fully in the world to come. Certainly he made a wise choice. Pharaoh is dead and forgotten today but Moses is alive and join a life which is endless and his name is come down through all generations as one of the greatest man of all history. Jesus told a story of a man who had the wrong idea about wealth he prospered in this world's goods he said I'll put on my bonds Bill greater I'll say to my soul soul I was much good laid up for many years take an easy drink and be merry. What did God say to this man who made his own enjoyment the supreme objective of life. God said that out food. He was a man god. Well to fool this night I soul shall be required of the very first twenty of Luke twelve so Fran why not take an inventory of yourself today. See how you stand in the bank of eternity when up on life's billows you were tempest tossed when you're discouraged thinking all is lost count your many blessings name them one by one it will surprise you. What the Lord has done do not complain about the little you have of the treasure which man called treasure but think about the treasure you have which is real treasure health. Loved ones the promises of God and you may find that you are a millionaire. Yes a multi-millionaire on the other hand if you do not have the love of God in your heart. If you do not have the promise of life eternal as your very own no matter what you have in this life no matter how you're rated at the bank. You may be the poorest of all mean. Poor even in the widow whose entire earthly possessions amounted to only two mites which she gave to the Lord in the house of God. There are many people today who do not have health yet they're still millionaires health is not the greatest blessing it's only the next to the greatest It's a blessing to many people but to some it may actually be a curse. If used in the wrong way and made the basis of disobedience to God you know help though undesirable in itself may be God's providence to bring us close to him godliness with contentment is great gains at the Apostle first time of the six verse six. It should be a source of comfort to us all to know that though we may possess neither wealth nor help. We may yet be numbered among the millionaires Yes the multi-millionaires of this earth with our permanent address on the street of the city whose builder and maker is God. Oh I was home was was was Keith I. It was I was lucky. There are three ways we can look the backward look and the downward look. But how much better is the upward look which reaches to heaven and helps us to go forward in faith. Now here with a final word is H.M.S. Richards a Seventh Day Adventist minister. Thank you. Orville Iverson. Radio friends. We have a special request for prayer from our headquarters today. From January thirty to February ninth our entire radio broadcasting group. Will be holding an evangelist stick meeting. At the White Memorial Church in Los Angles California. We ask that you all pray for this meeting. Pray for us pray for the people who will come that God will give us a successful and blessed and time together. And always say to each and every one have faith in God His riches all divine have faith in God old sayings to us aside have faith in God and all the world is mine have faith. Dear friend in golf. We invite you to be with us again next week at the same time for another broadcast brought to you by the voice of prophecy and we say to each and every one. Lord bless the and keep seeing the Lord make his face shine upon the and be gracious to me the Lord lift up his countenance upon me and give the peace.


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