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Obedient Unto Death

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • June 27, 2009
    7:00 PM
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father this evening as we again contemplate the concepts and the principles found in your word Lord I recognize that I need all the help I can get for the themes the concepts the character of Jesus these are far surpassing my ability to communicate adequately to your people but I am a bottleneck in this process of communication from your throne to the hearts of your people and so I pray that he will supernaturally somehow reach into the depths of each heart that you may open the floodgates of heaven that it will simply fill each heart and I simply asked I won't be in the way MS somehow your truth may make an impact in our lives tonight and maybe learn to have the mind of Christ this is my prayer in Jesus and just before the meeting one of you told me and said oh I wish we could do a little bit deeper in the subject that we started this morning during Sabbath school well that's exactly what organization so let's pick up right where we left off in Hebrews chapter well he was just as well actually will review a little that's where we left off this morning he was just eleven is the chapter known as the hall of faith it is the detailed for a chronicle of men and women of faith can be read at the end of that chapter that leaves all obtaining good report through faith yet they receive the promise of God having provided some better thing for us that day without us should not be made perfect and we put that in the context of the idea of the harvest at the end of time Jesus cannot put in the sickle to harvest the righteous before the harvest is ripe and the right of the harvest is the maturity of the character of Jesus the reproducing the people and Hebrews chapter twelve verse one it gives us this picture of this analogy of the race the work that we as God 's people at this versus Jackson all throughout history is described as a race money down through history running towards this goal and the goal is not a physical destination although the Bible does promise a physical city to be our eternal home that is not physically the race the destination that's not the sum of what this race is about Ms. raised in the race of character development it is a race of accomplishing the will of God on this earth we are to look to Jesus as a denies the title bar method is obedient unto death and I want to take some time now to contemplate in these verses and he was just don't camp as well let's read them together he was twelve let the universal wherefore seeing we also can pass about with so great a cloud of witnesses let her lay aside every weight and this then would stop so he only beset us let us run with patience the race that is set before us the thing about this verse from moment one what is needed in order for us to run and my application to finish this race moving backwards up through the verse it says we need to run with patients the author of Hebrews is very forthright he's not saying that this is going to be the race is not only a short race it is not a raise for the fainthearted it is a race that requires patients in dual rents the fortitude to be able to read this and with the ad SUV constant despite pressure at opposition patience is needed to run but also sad that waterfront to run successfully we need to get rid of some things two things in particular if that let us lay aside every one way add that sin which doth so easily beset us but that well then is the transgression of God said and is immorality rebellion not doing what God told us to do for doing what God told us not to do this activity behaviors what have you and it is clear to us that we are to run this race and to be like Jesus and to make it to heaven alas right set in have to go but what is this thing that is what does Paul mean when he said later site and agree what you when you arriving in your bottom down with lease whether that needs you slow you down I went to submit the Iowa suggests that this is can we have serious trips so that we cannot even run but they are different ways simply slow down they may not be wrong they need not be around looking necessarily and just simply are not what I best for us I never considered that maybe sometimes what God asked us to submit to him to give him may not necessarily be sent the job demands and you request us to get rid of all in our life yes but even more than that sometimes I have to think it was stained and another results are not wrong but they flow with you mind as we continue to reject it well first you looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith what are we looking at particularly in his life who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God we should look to Jesus DVR and finish of our faith he is our example above specifically Hebrews hear him mention a specific specific aspect of life as we are example that we had to contemplate a look at it is across the slide in the shame and he enjoy the cross let's look at verse three verse three for consider him it is similar language in the previous with the previous birth and rebirth that will be indicated and inaccurate at times that are hand that in your such contradiction of sinners against himself lest he be wearied and faint in your minds at the surface this is basically what the verse is saying anything at Jesus he was mistreated to suffer hostility to another way that work on connection is translated possibility of sinners against himself and the author even admonishes that so don't be weary don't think in your mind because of their massive Jesus Christ as industry him is unjust way how do you think your Dmitri don't think into your food Jesus want to think a little bit deeper into this one verse I actually liked that word contradiction this hostility is is just as good but the outward contradiction gives me the idea of a certain irony in the sufferings of Christ what do I mean let's look at verse that we touched on this morning in first Peter chapter two first Peter chapter two beginning in verse twenty one as were contemplating this idea consider him who suffers such contradiction of sinners against himself first Peter two verse twenty one for even here unto you where you call because Christ also suffered for us us leaving us an example that he should follow in his steps could do no sin neither was guile found in his mouth verse twenty three crew when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not to commit himself to him that judges righteously this is an aside just that aside I will come back to this birthday you heard that my favorite Marvel characters Daniel Violeta name means God is my judge and the book Daniel Caldwell being prepared for the end times particularly that judgment and how do you do that you commit yourself to him who judges righteously incidental means guidelines are at Daniel simply was being why Jesus 's effigies is that he committed himself to him who judges righteously no extra charge for that one first Peter chapter two verse twenty one to twenty three we see Jesus leaves of an example an example of suffering an example of suffering even in the midst of which he did not see any single guy was found in his mouth what was the context that Peter is talking about here Peter is saying when he was mean I know you did not send them meanwhile again when you are you suffer at the hands of sinners and get some rest and even though he could have ever had the experience when you've been falsely accused frames maligning smeared whatever the word you want to use to describe it there's no there's no word to describe just how painful this particularly him and when you are falsely accusing misunderstood whatever word you want to use item very usually are trying to help I will how many of us have gone through this experience I believe that the lot of humanity human nature we are we are all crooks and perhaps we done this other people let one where on the receiving end of them feel good sometimes I may be weekend to these asked experiences Warwickshire to help these people were doing our very best hardware will get innocently minding our business is someone falsely accuses of the something that we will did not happen on it was actually placed in a more standing than we say no way does not happen and visit all why are you being on the fence is now anything that you use and how you like that that really know what happened mostly that I don't like let me explain this to all your disrespecting me now have you ever had that experience Jesus if you mean the story of him being false fund from judgment hall the judgment hall I was a heretic AI Susan Addison all of these sources of the trial is what happened Jesus actually was I see what MS does anyone frame to falsely accuse anyone down there and these false witnesses he would contradict each other and he couldn't say anything contradiction of sinners against himself he suffered but he threatened not when he was reviled he reviled not again him slid me when Jesus suffered the contradiction of sinners against himself back to Hebrews chapter twelve is painful sometimes this is exactly their hands tied and watched cheaters when for those of us are very strong sense of justice if you rise us to the point of nearly using our Christianity but Jesus is our example when we are mistreated like that what we can do it come with ourselves to him who judges righteously because one day God has set the record straight and our duty is to be righteous even if it means that we don't get to be proven right right now he was the twelfth but want to verse four and for the remainder of the time I want to focus on this very brief but extremely poignant verse he had not yet resisted unto blood striving against than anyone else find that very very challenging we have not yet shed our blood yet in our war against said what the hell is regarding the effort and the painstaking diligence and vigilance it requires to be like Jesus Yeltsin verse one what did we read about the sins that so easily beset us what are we supposed to do with them we are supposed to the ASI news and so are a couple of burgers down it seems to suggest that some him Theophilus is required a little bit of pain may be a lot of pain maybe it is evenly living in walls pull alarms share that challenge that in order for me to be Jesus it may involve excruciating pain how can this be how are we to not lose all hope out of me to actually live up to this high calling how is that possible I wanted attack of our bags and go home I mean this is impossible from the mind of Christ resisting the blood striving guessing this is ludicrous the Bible says look at Jesus must look at Jesus for less than a Philippine separatist as we continue to try to wrap our minds around this incredibly challenging concept of this thing unto blood striving against sin must look at Jesus Philippians chapter two verse seven aside their Jesus speaking of Jesus but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became told be unto death even the death of the cross out of focus on the last part of verse eight we understand that Jesus did in the shed his blood on the cross arena paraphrase the Lord because of the blood that will try the lamb of God claimed in the foundation of the world is the only means the only substance that any merit to grab his salvation without the blood of Christ my faith amounts to nothing my righteousness is as filthy rags the only hope I have the blood of Christ but it says here what led him to death he was for being here unto the one that tells you that Jesus death on the cross within old BBN 's to God 's will she resisted to the shedding of his life where I can put in this way he will be gone to the point of shedding his own Jesus did but we look at the story of the cross and it seems like that's it for that reason this first method the death of the cross he shed his blood he did what God wanted him to do let's go live the deeper you consider the final moments the days or hours of Christ's life for the closet really the first point where she actually committed himself to go all the way to shed his blood for a sinful race it was in Gethsemane was I find this quote in the book desire of ages page six hundred and ninety paragraph two turning away Jesus sought again his retreat FL phosphate folder the horror of a great darkness the humanity of the son of God 's friend mold trying our he prayed not now for his disciples that their faith might not fail but for his own tempted agonized soul the awful moment had come a moment which was to decide the destiny of the world the faith of humanity struggled in the balance notice the next sentence crimes to my e-mail now refuse to drink the blood of the cup portion the guilty man it was not yet too late to my wife the bloody sweat from his brow and leaving the parish in his iniquity you might say that the transgressor received a penalty within it I will go back to my father and then this is why ask the question below Son of Man and drink the bitter cup of humiliation and will and doesn't suffer the consequences of the curriculum since the faintly guilty will Jesus go through will Jesus accepted their low ability let's think for a moment what actually is the next rice was struggling with him now what the temptation that Jesus have to deal with in our what it have been wrong with it in this wouldn't have been wrong for Christ's to say I am not going to do this would have been wrong prolific blogger I don't want this verse of the ratio from you father I will not drink this cup what had been wrong according to this passage it was I like to have done that so in other words the decision on gene this is not what we sometimes think of as do I say or do I not say if they didn't try to do I do what God has said that I should do over the one I wish could be it was choosing God will versus doing what was absolutely justifiable but not gotten using different in that struggle if it is not as simple as black and white like smoke do I not do I see you are not what I do I not left to struggle with Jesus and what will I break the Sabbath what will I not not at Christ the choice was not whether between a moral growth and birth as they happen I think it was simply will I accept well or will I think we settled for what is okay well I go ahead and follow God 's will into every particular point where I simply let sinful man suffer their own consequence the decision was not a decision between a career sin of the again the ten Commandments versus righteousness but what does Jesus say is obviously six ninety same paragraph the words fault rumbling from the hail lives of Jesus all my file if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it the last four words are high will the guy there is something that Jesus loves you more than falling man there is some say I see the value is an more advanced and you and me before you pick up your soul to stall me think about this Jesus cares more about God 's will then the praise the Lord God 's will is for him to save us in thankful for the because of that was not God 's will Jesus would not have done because you notice when he was struggling in the garden definition is that it was not all is a human being is so godly life in doing this he does not love us I'm not discounting the struggle his father was yelling at me to do and see that at that moment you have to understand this struggle is so much deeper than that it will get father well ID visibility that it was more than that to recognize that father if you do require if I am to follow your will have to give myself the rest of the Zionist cross all be separated from fog I don't want to go to that that was what was rupturing the heart of Christ tell what losing blood out of the war he was thinking either in order for me to fulfill you will need to be separated from you I have to suffer you that father is a possible plea and had thrown me see this one more concern about the will of the him that hath that will mean separation from the one that he is trying to all hay he resisted and blood striving against then and the sin that is simply will I follow God 's will and at its core the temptation is simply this is God 's will for me will I follow Jesus near that following the will of God he would be ministry she would suffer the contradiction of sinners against himself feeling the past from judgment hall the judgment hall people it would try to a irony of ironies what do you want to crucify him and a lot of the disciple Peter would deny him three times daily all of those things he also recognized that he was going to have to suffer the wrath of God even though we can visit and he would have to die and I deserve it and he would have to suffer that separation from the father that he and one with since eons and eons pass an eternity I don't even claim to begin to comprehend how that must have some say over Jesus knew he would be raised fears that elegantly a resurrection on Sunday morning they do desire me to sell this page seven fifty three seats in with his fierce temptations will and the heart of Jesus the Savior could not see through the portals of the town Hall did not present to him his coming forth from the grave a Concord you are telling of the father the acceptance of the sacrifice he shared that then let's still offensive to God that the separation was to be internal has been added I mention she was acting in the garden when you pray father if it be possible let this cup pass from me but nevertheless not my will and I will be gone what do let's say I will follow your will yes even if it means I will be mistreated by the ones I came to say even if I will refrain at fault they accused and betrayed by my own disciple is either the thing I'm willing to die for all humanity I'm willing to suffer the wrath of God and I and he and Maggie it is your well to be separated from you for when Jesus was on the cross crying out my God my God why thou forsaken me I don't think we understand what those words meant to Jesus of course the father was there and the father suffered with Christ but yet unveiled his present because Jesus had to drink that bitter cup alone when Jesus resisted under the life striving against that is the mind of Christ to be willing to use that to mean well into a single wavelength is that he furnished me with Jesus himself and having a minor crime to a I was striving against sin are we willing are we ready to die for those who want to kill those people also falsely accuse us an corner of Center Hill pigeonhole it and don't let them get away are we willing to die for them that's a minor crime are we willing to talk to her separation from Jesus even for eternity if that will that is the mind of Christ does it even if it means giving up our pride of opinion losing our face and looking that having to do something that although not a direct transgression is not that you know things up are we willing to have the mind of Christ to refit the blood striving against sin to do God 's will is for us to go through an experience in which we we experience rejection from and that's all a time of trouble going to be to go through an experience that is so trying that we feel as though God is our main sacrifice answer me this symbolizes striving against sin that is the mind of Christ but friends if we're honest with ourselves the type of Christianity that we often live the type of Christianity that we so I see is entirely different our Christianity is often a yearly selfish one for me why should I come to your church what do I get it if you church expects me to pay my in I think I expect some better customer service and your greeters better be friendlier than that you need a nice time you watch me think of Christianity as an vending machine what do I have to do one do I have to give and what do I get what believes that now I can do and still make it into heaven your life is not a salvation on fish is not a hallucination they don't be so legalistic and it doesn't really matter God will understand we have the concept of Christianity that we can get shot for Christianity which ever one we get in return for the lowest price that kind of Christianity what you let him understand Virginia heaven just because I can't do this once or twice when God is big enough meeting I cannot just be laughing up very naïve in thinking out heaven because of that winter and attitude only demonstrating by demonstrating that Christianity brought you some magic potion some some activity that we could mean me to imagine you are the new and the magic wand and somehow I have to cannot stop hulking allow me to go through to let me know what I read we expect our Christianity to be drawn how did you get my film what will you give me as sometimes we say all it's all about the relationship I'm friends with God Jesus loves me I love to see that all that matters is what I do not have done guy will understand it is a relationship what kind of relationship what a sample that we in the Bible of the appropriate type for a relationship with God JE is not the kind of relationship we have a dog not by rail to find be done that the kind of relationship we have to have with God and I love it how many secrets it the only way to get along with God is to do exactly what he says that the kind of relationship that we need to have gone because that is the type of relationship she had with God and he is our example in all things John the Baptist was a man of God he was born with the Holy Ghost since his birth and if any man could could have lived the life and demanded things of God perhaps it was John the Baptist he was faithful as far as we can tell but when we look at his life some scholars say his ministry lasted approximately six months six John the Baptist is sitting in the dungeon thinking Lord I given everything to you I don't deserve this what was what you doing to me God I would venture to say most of us and we were his situation that's exactly what we would think we does so much for you how could you do this to a but that kind of thinking itself I'm thankful that John did not think that way if you read in the chapter design pages that recount that stories it tells us to suffer with Christ in the most waiting trust and the highest on how can God do this to me sometimes we think yes I reread the first resistance is let's striving against sin yes someday route revelation thirteen there will be a worldwide decreed market movies no man might buy or sell and that he is not the market abuse eventually he will be put to death will die for Jesus that you were not willing to give up even the small areas of our life in where not even willing to die for him now and we think we can doctrine ye have not yet resisted unto the one striving against such I would be failing you if I did not see straight the Christian life yes there are blessings I don't want to discount Jesus does Wallace conference peace that passes all understanding enjoy to God those things but it doesn't remove the fact the reality that the Christian life is one that is largely great difficulties and trials and what does it really take this is what Mrs. White tells us testimonies to the church volume five page two hundred and twenty two the Christian life is a warfare the apostle Paul speaks of wrestling against principalities and power that he fought the good fight of faith I gently declared he had not yet resisted on the blood striving against sin no today sin is cherished and excuse the sharp sword of the Spirit the word of God does not cut to the soul has really been changed at seasons end it's even got a beta of religious life once presented difficulties and demand itself cannot help but all is made very easy now and why is this the professed people of God have compromised with the power of darkness there must be a revival of the straight testimony the path to heaven is no smoother now than in the days of our Savior all hours soon must be put away her a darling indulges that hinders our religious life must be the right eye or the right hand must be sacrificed if a clot partly willing to renounce our own wisdom and receive the kingdom of heaven as a little child ought we willing to hardware self-righteousness are we willing to give up actually worldly associates are we willing to sacrifice the approbation of men the prize of eternal life is a infinite value will be put forth effort and make sacrifices proportionate to the war of the object to be attained that brings our mind that the message we heard in the divine our value of something is determined by how much you willing to pay for and how luckily willing to pay Virginia we have her eloquently stated today how much he paid for us he did everything for us to risk everything for but what do we risk what do we pay for him to often not too often we look at God as Santa Claus in the sky and we say that her life and library nonlinear library and I thought all the things I need to do my God is not helping me know the question is are we willing to make the effort of the sacrifice that meals how much we value Jesus and his will in our lives at three darling indulgent that hinders our religious life must be cut off just think Jesus wrestled with temptation to the point of blood dripped from his pores how many of us have wrestled with temptation like that how many of us have experienced that kind of soul anguish over sin 's two authors said this on waltzes into our lives and we have a little affair within the one night stand and in the next day we ask forgiveness we have not yet resisted on the blood striving against and why did Jesus suffered the costs he cared so much for the will of God the diabetes page four thirty nine when we see Jesus a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief working to save the lost life is scorned derided driven from city to city until his mission was accomplished what do you hold him in Gethsemane sweating great drops of blood on the cross dying in agony and way for you I will no longer clamored to be recognized looking unto Jesus we shall be ashamed and Mark Holderness our lethargy are self-seeking we will be willing to be anything or nothing so that we may do heart service for the master we shall rejoice and bear the cross after Jesus King George trial shame or persecution for his dear sake the mind of Christ the mind of Christ to be willing to be anything to be willing to be nothing if it means carrying out the will of God that this will identify consider him Leslie weary and faint in our minds cool to see that the author and finisher of our faith one has gone through for us example has to do for us the example it he strewn CCA he resisted unto blood striving against he was willing to sacrifice even when the will of God amended that he loses as the real thing are there people in the world that will fulfill this description is it even possible revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve let's read from birth and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now with some salvation and strengthen the kingdom of our God and the power of this Christ for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night and noticed and they overcame him by the blood of the blood of Jesus Ellis says shut on their behalf and by the word of their testimony the experience is Jesus and finally and they love not their lives unto the death they are willing to be obedient unto death to resist the blood if you will but why how can the user revelation fourteen verse twelve here is that Haitians the same what is needed in order for us to run as a finish the race and he was twelve patient care the patient of the things here are they that keep the commandments of God and faith of Jesus there will be a group of individuals who would rather die than to block one inch off the path of God be God 's will is not necessarily thinking about since even if it is simply to lay off the wait staff lowest down is that means sacrificing so much that we are paying her the wrath of God to suffer through the time of trouble as though God was our vast is the level of obedience is of absolute loyalty to God that is needed men and women who are willing to resist the blood striving against we are not enclosed with an appeal before the appeal I want to share with you one final quote from first like the messages page one thirty five paragraph three but I said unto you that he had also seen me and believe not John six thirty six this has been literally fulfilled in the cases of many for the Lord gave them a deeper insight to the truth into his character mercy and compassion analog this weekend have we had the your site see the truth of God 's character I believe some as she goes on instead and yes after being us in light they have turned from him in unbelief they saw that the moving of the Spirit of God and I hope we have seen this week 's when the insidious temptations of Satan came in as they always will come after a feed in our revival they did not resist and the blood striving against and those who might have stood on vantage ground has been made right use of the precious enlightenment they had had for Olmert the enemy they should have reflected the life that God gave to them upon the souls of others they should work and acting in harmony with the secret revealing of the Holy Spirit and in not doing so they suffered loss I believe this have to speak with you this weekend with the whole weekend contemplating the character of Jesus the character of God the deeper insights we have seen the deep moving to the spirit of God we are worn and faded into heroes they will surely come in and after at a revival and what is the only way for us to stand on the ground the only way to reason and to overcome resistant blood striving against we can do this on our own and that is why Jesus was made in the likeness of men being tempted in all points like as we yet without sin so he can be a merciful high priest because soccer offs who are you so that hillside to abuse I know that the audience of this size there are those of us from struggle with sin real thing and I don't say this and I don't claim to be any superior than any individual in this because I'm not I know how vile and evil and wicked I am but standing on behalf of God I have to make is how many of you here want to run this race with patient and you realize that you are not running anywhere at all because you have said I kind out addictions perhaps seeing that you are doing God has told you not to do for you are not the only thing that got certainly have told that we should do perhaps it is too many for a frame of mind your possessions or what ever it is we need to lay aside no sense can't it off pluck out the right I cut off the right hand no more time to mess around how Navy had loosened that you want to say more Jesus I didn't go since tonight I give them to you God bless you those are raising their Jesus is not looking down from heaven saying of the bout time that's how I think he's looking at you and merciful with joy perhaps in his eyes my child and I know all too often we get so discouraged because we go home and we realized on the fifth my house is the same my room the same my friends are the same I have no power to overcome you do have power to overcome in Jesus second if you this one is a little bit more trick it's about those wastes some of us are carrying around a lot of dead weight we see the finish line but we can't make our life move very fast this might not be sinful things in your life but they're not God 's will for you they are not the best it may be a certain occupation the hearing it may be a certain group of friends that you have it may be some decision that you have made that is holding you all and being anything that you want to delete it may be an area of your life that will let you know that Fraser can never even flooded you know what it is a gene is not limited to NGOs that will find a way of the Christian in this however since we have to finish this right in our generation we just have to come if you have weights in their lives you know they are honorable God sees your hands God sees your hands he may be asking you to even sacrifice something that he gave to something that is so good why I was eager are you willing to give that God if he did if he requires that is the level of surrender we need my friends that is the mind of Christ general appeal now I'm nervous it's not want to say I commit my life to Jesus we commit and I believe this place and do everything in my power to resist in the blood by Jesus help yes but also to spread the gospel to my friends my family my colleagues my neighbors every nation kindred tongue and am I to say let's pray father tonight I have felt my other weakness and in adequacy in communicating this message and will forgive me forgive me Lord for the sake of your name glory and honor for the sake of your people meter sphere drive his message home may you walk with us tonight in the cool evening air as relay our heads down on our kilometer holies continue to convict us and may the grace of Jesus Phil and strengthen us that we may resist the blood striving against the sens à la and father may we had a greater quality a more pure quality of faith we are to self this is selfish we ask so much from you we give you so little in return Lord we are through with that kind of Christianity we want to live a hundred percent entirely sold out for you because that's how much you are worth to us we know that and nothing we did even if we did everything even we give our lives it is not anywhere near how valuable you truly are but that's all we can do and were so thankful that you accept that the Lord Jesus we have stood tonight to confirm recommit our lives to you but in the hearts of these people in this tense some have raised their hands flying out for help from the throne of grace to overcome those besetting sin the habits and chain them and ensnare them and improvement of them from running the race that is set before the Lord please we know this is a prayer that you cannot you will not ignore the prayer of help from one of your Saints please Lord strengthen us as we leave this mountain is the face the onslaught of the enemy may we be as Jesus committed fully to accomplishing your will no matter what it costs to us as some of us we have waits dead weight that I was slowing us down and we know it and we have resisted we have rationalized we ask that it's not a moral issue we have said it is no big deal the Lord tonight we realized it is a big we realize that we have been selfish and we want to lay aside the space we wanted she's only your best for us even if the asset the sacrifice of Isaac 's in our lives the blessings and the good thing that you have granted to us and that is what you require from what we're giving and he right now because we know that you even remember after to give up that which is not her best we trust you we know because you were willing to do the same for us as a father tonight my words can never fill the void in the human heart but only your work instantly speak that word to us as we leave this place may it resound in our hearts and minimize me we feel like Jesus may we live according to those incredibly challenging words not my will but fine be done in every aspect and free particular of our lives this is our prayer and we ask it in the powerful name is the name whereby we can make is in the middle of their own in this media was gone audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much warmer and you would like to know more about our universe is more certain than in www. audio person .org


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